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Following is a lecture in six parts depicting the quantum mechanical and biological reasons for, and consequences of, man's consumption of alcohol and other mind altering drugs and chemicals, legal and illegal.
This is today variably known as:

"Alcoholism", "Drug Addiction",
"Pollution of the Human Brain",
"Neuro-transmitter Cheating".

The lecture is the world's first explanation of the functions of the neuronal addiction sicknesses and the recovery from them, but its composite parts are:

01 : Introductions
Prologue and presentation of the subject.
02 : Firsti part Structure and healthy brain programs.
03 : Second part Brain's regularion of the realityperception.
04 : Third part #1 Addiction through use of alien chemicals.
05 : Third part #2 Addiction through use of alien chemicals.
06 : Forth part Recovery and permanent brain-changes.
07 : Epilogue Conclusion and lecture discussions.

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The authors claims and disclaims.

On the entry page for Part Two of the lecture we have aligned three of the best known symbols for consciousness balance, but these obviously have their origin in the religions. The symbols are incorporated into the Venn-mathematical set, which also has its origin in the fundamental organization of the human brain, but here the blue color represents its negative- matter-I-field, but the red color the positive-spatial-WE-field. In the center we have the well known East-Asia Jinn-Jang symbol, but in our presentation we take it apart in order to show how its composition is founded in a twofold brain and twofold consciousness, which then are unified in the "eye" of the set, where the symbol becomes whole. It is an especially noteworthy that the Jinn-Jang symbol shows fraction of Jinn in Jang and Jang in Jinn, which is obviously an allusion to the holographic nature of its foundation. On the left we then have the swastika symbol, which originally comes from India, but Imperial Rome used this symbol and a unified version even appeared on its coins. However, it is the negative half of this symbol, which through its use by the Nazis, is the best known political symbol in history, but this is fitting, since it as a consciousness symbol represents the EGO. The worlds Theosophical Societies adopted the swastika as a part of their symbol-emblem, but there the positive half, the opposite to that of the Nazis, was used. The six-point star also originated in India, but the Jewish religion adopted early in its history this symbol, which is now found in most of the planet's religions. A remarkable twist to the employment of this "Star of David" symbol is that the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous has adopted the positive side of this symbol as its logo, but as a consciousness symbol this half represents the WE, or collective and cosmic half of consciousness. 

Here our scrutiny of the workings of the healthy human brain and consciousness begins, where we, as in the preceding part, make an extra effort at achieving the greatest simplicity and clarity in the description of its programming and functions. To simplify this complex subject we have mounted it in the simple Venn set-mathe- matical form but here on the slide the set circles are drawn on a vertical slice of the brain. As before, the circles express at the same time the brain's "event horizon", which is in the cortex outer layer, but it is through this boundary that the consciousness interacts with the Universe. In this arrangement the blue ring represents the matter-perception hemisphere--usually the left--and a read ring expressing the spatial-perception hemisphere-- usually the right. Information on the origin of these ideas presented in this lecture are found in The Origin of the QF-models presented under the UNIFICATION FILES, found at the PEACE-Files Master Index Page at:

A generalized comparison between the models of Molecular Biology and those of the QF-theory for the brains functions and malfunctions, offer quite considerable differences in perspectives, findings and results. It is, however, not our intention to deal with these differences here to any extent beyond introducing to the reader the threefold fundamental differences between the models of the
Molecular Biology and those of the QF-theory. The differences are insights that surpass the traditional models of Mole- cular Biology and to accentuate the importance of this difference, we repeat their fundamental nouvelle insights here in the shorter version under the titles: The First Novelty, The Second Novelty and The Third Novelty, with the explaination for these ideas being found in the lectures Parts and Slides as indicated:

The First Novelty:
      QF-model presents a new twofold (holographicly founded) and at the same time evenly distributed role of the nucleotides in the whole of the
      genome in the pyramid neurons of the brain's seat of consciousness. In this arrangement one set of nucleotide-fields produces excitatory
      neurotransmitters, while the other produces inhibitory neurotransmitters.

                                                    This is shown in: Part-One, Slides  #2-05, #2-06, #2-07, #2-09 and Slide #2-19. In Part Two #3-09.

The Second Novelty:
      QF-model presents a new holographic model for the brain's field of consciousness that includes the cognitive process and the mechanism in the
      thoughts in the form of holographic photons and coordinates the function of the homeotic genes and the spliceosomes in the brain's
      neurotransmitter production.

                                          This is shown in: Part-One, Slide#2-14 and #2-15. 

The Third Novelty:
      QF-model presents a new holographic model for the fundamental reality program of the human brain that contain regulatory programs for the
      homeostasis (the cell's work) of the cells and nucleotide transcripts for protein production.

                                                  This is shown in: Part-One, Slides #2-15, #2-16, #2-17 and #2-19.

The meaning of the concepts that are being used here will be clarified in the lecture.

A general assessment of the two different models and views is found in the fact that the models of Molecular Biology do not contain any comprehensive, consistent and conclusively explanatory insights into the fundamental workings of the brain and almost none what ever, explanations for consciousness and its workings. Neither do they produce explanations for the multitude of fundamental disturbances in functions of the brain such as psychiatric disturbances, psychiatric sickness and psychosis. The same is true for the numerous functional disturbances appearing in the addiction and compulsion syndromes. This means that they cannot offer us any explanations for the brains cognition process; including the form of thought and its memory storage and retrieval. However, these are on the other hand subjects that the QF-models claim to explain, including its fundamental causes.

The reader should be made aware that if there existed no differences between brain models of the QF-theory and the current brain models of Molecular Biology, the information presented here would not exist.


This slide is a very simplistic overview drawing showing the three components that regulate the reality perception of the brain, but in this the most important part is the contents of the wave of consciousness itself. Since the field of the wave of consciousness is extended into the all the nucleotide bases in the DNA-molecules in the seat of consciousness, this means that the reality of the wave, is at the same time the reality of all the neurons in the seat of consciousness. In turn it is in the neurons of the seat of consciousness that the neurotransmitters that "adjust" the state of consciousness, are produced, but these have, as has been mentioned, either one of two kinds of effects. They are either excitatory or inhibitory.

Hard at work in the neurons are two kinds of most remarkable complexed molecules called "homeotic genes" and "splicesomes" which carry out the selection of what kind neuro- transmitters should be created, but this is regulated in accord with the contents of consciousness in the twofold wave of consciousness. Strongly religious people, those who practice meditation and individuals who practice 12-step programs, become especially conscious of the fact that what they are thinking has effect on their state of consciousness. However, most people are not conscious of the fact that the question how or by what attitude, they take the everyday experiences into their consciousness, decides the brain's production of neurotransmitters and thus their reality perception and mental states. The basic functional rule of this reality perception triangle is that if one part of it is changed, then, the other two have to change also. This takes place through the introduction of all kinds of artificial, or counterfeit replacements, for the natural neurotransmitters being consumed by man. This is done in order to effect a change of their reality perception and mental states, but in turn this changes the contents of the wave of consciousness and gradually the basic programming of the genome in the neurons.

The slide offers us a schematic model of a cell, which can be either a regular cell or a neuron, but for our purpose we shall be considering the model as being that off an exemplary neuron. In the center of the neuron's body we find a spherical structure, the nucleus, containing the main object of our interest. This is the DNA-molecule, where copies of RNA are continuously being taken from the ACGT biochemical letters of life that form the genes, but only a relatively small number of these nucleotide bases form the genetic chains. In the neurons these gene-chains are the codes for creating the neurotransmitters. These copies of the gene are known as mRNA, or "messenger RNA", but they eventually come out of holes in the nucleus where they re met by a very complex molecule known as "ribosome". The ribosomes then "read" the mRNA-chain and then, with the help of other molecules known as tRNA, or "transport RNA" molecules, begin to tie together amino acid blocks to form the protein chains that in the case of neurons, form the new neurotransmitter molecule. When the peptide is ready, the neuron can use it to practice commercial exchanges with the neighboring neurons and through this, alter their electric-state polarity. Through this the state of the neurons is regulated, but the neurotransmitters act at the same time as a source of "work-energy nourishment" in the excitatory form, and as "reward for work well done" in the inhibitory form. Much of the items seen in the graphic filling the space between the nucleus and the outer membrane, are forms of storage, but they may be filled with cannabis-oil and chemical-drug leftovers, which are hard to be rid off. Some of these chemicals, such as the cannabis-oil, the neurons are know to rid themselves of through some form of "radiation", where the radiation "half-life" rules of physics are at work.


Here we see in greater detail the cells work, the homeostasis work, in process in the cells creating either proteins or neurotransmitters. This is initiated by the homeotic master regulatory gene locking on to the DNA-spiral, where the copying is about to start, but at this the double helix opens itself. As the helix opens, nucleic acids for the copying of the gene-copy,  known as hnRNA, stream into the gap. When then the copy is complete, it comes out of the helix, to meet with the miraculous "spliceosome" molecule, which then cuts out the introns that are not a part of the gene-chain and then ties the ends together forming a pure mRNA copy. When the mRNA chain then comes out of the nucleus it is met by the ribosome molecules who begin to read it coding instructions and then, with the help of the tRNAs begin to splice together the protein or neurotransmitter chains. As the chain is formed it assumes a specific structure which is then the final product.

In this process there appear three different, but most remarkable and mysterious management processes, which are far from being explained by sciences, but had previously been believed to be some form of blind electro-chemical reactions. The management questions have to do with; What regulates the actions of the homeotic-master regulatory gene? What regulates the actions of the spliceosome molecule? What regulates the structuring of the protein chains? Initially, it was believed that some form of "program" that regulated and directed it, was contained within the homeotic gene itself. Through the homeotic gene that directs the forming of the eye in a fruitfully being exchanged with a homeotic gene that forms the eye in a mouse, in respective meiosis, the creatures got the right eyes. This meant that the "management directives" came from somewhere else. The explanation that the QF-theory offers is that the management of the homeotic gene is coming from outside the gene itself, and this is then valid for the homeotic genes in the brain's seat of consciousness. In this arrangement it is suggested that the "management directives" are being decided by the contents of consciousness and are then coming from the introns, through the twofold wave of consciousness. This means that René Descartes was not all that far from the truth when he said "cogito ergo sum", but without the proper neurotransmitters in the brain, this is no longer valid and we cannot exist.

The second riddle regarding the management of the "spliceosome" is so complex that we have to defer it until later. The morphic-structuring of the protein chain, after it leaves the ribosomes had, been believed to be solely decided through the electro-charges of the molecules in the chain, but recent research suggests that this may not be the whole story and some other factors are involved. This becomes specially pronounced in research into deceases such as BSE or Mad-Cow-Deceases in animals and Creutzfeld-Jakobi deceases in humans, where apparently no external live forms such as bacteria or virus are involved, but the structure of the proteins mysteriously "de-structures" itself forming so-called prion-proteins which are useless to life.

In the addiction sicknesses, the neurotransmitter production processes are disrupted, primarily on the neuro-inhibitory side and the addict is forced through his semi-conscious brain-functions to repeatedly return to the consumption of artificial-, counterfeit- or false-neurotransmitters. This in turn suggests some form of disruption in the management of the homeotic genes or spliceosome functions.


It was then discovery that the same gene forming nucleotide sequence, or the same gene, was hnRNA copied many times over--as often as 38.016 times, in the most extreme case recorded. This was then cut in numerous different ways, forming numerous different proteins or neuro- transmitters, was, mildly put, a big surprise in molecular biology. This meant that it was possible that not all statistical sicknesses were caused by specific inherited mutations forming the wrong nucleotide sequence, but that they might have their origin in the wrong "cutting and splicing" of the hnRNA by the spliceosome. The discovery influenced heavily the stock-market prices of biotech companies.

As it became clear that not some form of blind electro-chemical reactions were responsible for the work of the homeotic genes and the splicesomes, but some form of choice-management, the researchers began looking for it. The precise whereabouts of this management have not been found but many brilliant suggestions are being offered. In this the riddle of the spliceosome management is the most mysterious, since the "exon-nucleotides" and "intron-nucleotides" all look exactly the same. Researchers can only know the nucleotides as some of the ACGT-nucleotides of the DNA-molecule, but through brilliant techniques in monitoring the gene's copying, the have succeeded in mapping the genome into exons and introns. How the spliceosome molecule KNOWS what is exon and what is intron, or what nucleotides it should excise from the hnRNA, is an unsolved riddle. Part of the recognition of the exons and introns has come from observing the work of the spliceosome.

The QF-theory suggested as early as 1993--while the theory was in development--that each regular body cell's nucleus contained a standing minute electro-magnetic filed, similar to that of the consciousness of the brain. It was then through this field that the management commands from the intron programs came, but in the neurons of the seat of consciousness, the management commands came form both the exons and the introns, through the wave of consciousness field. Things begin to look up for this wild unsupported explanation, when on the occasion of the formal completion and publication of the mapping of the human genome, molecular biologist announced that they were planing to tackle the question regarding the intron management role, but this we look at next.


It was in August of the year 2000 that the two gigantic United States corporations, The Human Genome Project and Cellera Genomics, presented to humanity their findings regarding the counting of the of the nucleotide bases in the human genome. These turned out to be Then in Februar 2001 these same corporations presented their findings regarding the maping of the human genome. In this announcement it was made known that the number of genes required to produce the human body, was only about 30 to 35.000 genes, and only about 3% to 5% of the nucleotides of the DNA-molecule were used to form the exon-nucleotide chain-sequences used to form the genes. The multi repetition of the copying of the same genes explained the low number of genes, but the great number of unused nucleotides corresponding to the low number of exons surprised many and raised a lot of questions. It also became no longer feasible to explain the introns and the remaining non-coding-intergenetic DNA away as "leftovers from evolution", but many scientists began to see these nucleotides as candidates for the management side of the DNA, which fitted the 8 year old explanations of the QF-theory. This suggested that the management of the cell or the neuron, the homeostasis, came almost exclusively from the non-coding-intergenetic DNA nucleotides which the QF-theory classified as introns, but the reality of cells and neurons is fundamentally the same. In Slide #3-06 we have copied a part of an announcement of one of the giant biotech companies made on the occasion of the publication of the genome mapping, but the statement agrees with the findings of both companies involved in it. This general agrees with the QF-theories, 8-year-old findings, released great jubilation in the QF-camp and is the reason for its presentation here.

The main reason for this discussion, is in the fact that the reality of the introns-non-coding intergenetic DNA, is at the same time the reality of space itself. This is the conclusion of the QF-theory, but space is the original creation and management origin of reality, or the reality that men call Higher Power or God. This is the reason for the QF-theory's intron-exon management programs presented in Slides #2-19 and Slide #3-19, but in the first slide the explanations were left out until we had shown what is here being presented. Some years ago, the molecular biologist, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake had come to the conclusion that the management of the cell homeostasis came form space, but here is fitting that we remind ourselves that the Universe, in the Big Bang, jumps out of space in less than a second. It is also fitting to be reminded that we are her facing the age-old question; What is Life?, but this question we scrutinize closer in the next slide.



(Videoclip #06)

Nowhere do the questions for the blueprint, the architect and the building-contractor of the living organism, than in the scrutiny of the conception and fertilization of the egg and the consequent evolution through the pre-embryonic stemcell stage to the formation of the embryo. During the first three days the cells in the egg divide without acquiring any specific specialization character, but they are all exactly the same as their homeotic genes have not began to work. These are the miraculous pre-embryonic stem-cells, which medical science is now pinning on high hopes for being usable in the repairs of the human body, primarily neurons and heart muscles.

On about the third or the fourth day, about a 100 to 200 cells have been created, but then the miracle happens; the homeotic genes go to work and the cell begin to specialize themselves and to collectively form the fetus. The miracle begins by one cell starting to divide itself into forming the central nervous system. Then the next one forms the heart and arteries. Then another, the skeletal spine and scull to house this and so on, but here the homeotic genes in each cell, have to act in co-ordination and unison with the work of the homeotic genes in the other cells, so a deformity does not come about. This process is one of the most majestic wonders of nature, which we can ever witness. There are no "managerial cells" anywhere and the scientists are beginning to accept that this is all somehow managed from the introns in the DNA. This was as predicted in 1993 by the QF-theory, but the reason for this discussion of the reality of the introns which is defined as the causative- and creative-reality, but at the same time it is in the introns of the neurons in our brains that the faith-faculties are found. This is the reality we call Higher Power or God, and its perception faculty has much to do with the production of inhibitory neurotransmitters, but its proper function is altered and stopped in our consciousness, through the use of counterfeit neurotransmitters, regardless whether this involves addiction or not.


A logical division of the neurotransmitter production into two categories is based on the fact that the involuntary nerve system has priority for the peptides at all times, otherwise life would cease to function. This is the "primary neurotransmitter production of the nerve system - the neurotransmitters of life", but in the other system we have the peptide production of the seat of consciousness it self, which is the "secondary neurotransmitter production of the nerve system - the neurotransmitters of consciousness"

Here we scrutinize the "primary neurotransmitter production of the nerve system - the neurotransmitters of life production", whose neurons it serves must obviously have priority for neurotransmitters at all times, as these are the neurons of the involuntary systems who regulate the vital functions of life and thus keep life going. This neurotransmitter production is carried out by the pituitary gland and is regulated by the programs in the thalamus and hypothalamus, which are all three situated at the top of the spinal cord, or the medulla oblongata. It is in the hypothalamus that the "rhythm-clock of life" is situated, but the two hemispheres are also connected into the thalamus and hypothalamus. This means that what is taking place in them can effect the function of these vital neuro-centers and thus the production of the pituitary gland, particularly in the response to the instincts. It is for this reason that disturbances in the spatial-WE-hemisphere can effect this neurotransmitter production and produce all kinds of "psychosomatic disturbances" of which gastritis and ulcers are the best known.

The work of this system of the thalamus, hypothalamus and pituitary gland, is mostly carried out while we sleep and it is thus correct to consider the beginning of the day at the time we go to sleep, rather than when we awaken. Our condition the next day depends to a great extend on how we rested, but this should make clear the importance of a good nights rest for a healthy state of consciousness and life in general.

One of the most viscous art know for of torturing people in the middle ages, was to rob them of sleep. This was sometime achieved by shaving the top of people's head and then confining them into tight cages, which kept them rigid under spar droppings of large water-droplets onto the top of the head. The unfortunate individuals were given food and water, but were robed of all sleep and then after about 10 days they began to hallucinate and would then eventually go into delirium tremens, which ended in death a few days later. At about the middle of the last century, medical student in a university in the US volunteered to a research program that denied them all sleep, but they were removed from the test as soon as the began to have delirium tremens. It became clear that as the involuntary nerve system ran out of neurotransmitters, neurotransmitters were taken from the brain, whose Jamais vu and Déjà vu faculties became uninhibited and started producing hallucinations. This same process takes place in people drinking alcohol for extended periods of time and it is a significant symptom of the end-stages of alcoholism.


Again we are facing the twofold holographic arrangement of the brain's seat of consciousness where an overview of the "secondary neurotransmitter production of the nerve system--the neurotransmitters of consciousness" takes place, regulating consciousness and the reality perception. Here again we have a twofold system, a primary one and a secondary one. With such complexities it is no wonder that it has been difficult to decipher the brain's riddles.

It is through the dual spiral construction of the DNA's-double helix that the brain becomes a holistic system, which means that the matter-I-reality in the matter hemispheric exons, is repeated in the background of the spatial-WE-reality in the spatial hemispheric introns. The opposed is then repeated in the spatial-WE-reality in the spatial hemispheric introns, which are repeated in the background of the matter-I-reality in the matter hemispheric exons.

In this arrangement it is the exon side of the nucleotide chains in the DNA-double helix, with their executive matter-I-reality function, which undertake the primary production of excitatory neurotransmitters. Complimentary is then the intron side of the nucleotide chains in the DNA-double helix, with their management spatial-WE-reality function, which undertake the primary production of inhibitory neurotransmitters. With this holistic arrangement, it becomes obvious that in a healthy brain free of functional disturbances, each hemisphere can produce both kinds of neurotransmitters. This means that the exon matter-I-hemisphere produces primarily excitatory neurotransmitters, but can produce inhibitory ones as well, and that the intron spatial-WE- hemisphere produces primarily inhibitory neurotransmitters, but can produce excitatory ones as well.


This slide is intended to give an overview of how the electromagnetic wave of consciousness in the brain's seat of consciousness, creates a twofold reality through its oscillations in the V-poles of the vacuum, and its oscillations between its matter state and antimatter state. Through this it is in interaction with both realties of the genome at the same time, but we experience this reality as one under normal circumstances.


Based on quantum mechanical QF-theory's physics unification models, which were published in 2002, the QF-brain models claim the "I-perception" and the "WE-perception" fields to be situated as indicated in Slide #3-11. These are the respective focal points for  the exons of the matter-I-perception hemisphere's DNA and the introns of the spatial-WE-perception hemispheres DNA. These are the primary everyday "neurotransmitter-production poles" of conciseness, of which the "WE-perception" side is generally poorly, and even not at all (autism), functioning properly in modern man. In the QF-brain theory, this defect is caused by an accumulation of functional disturbances, which it defines as a "filter", and which is either inherited or acquired,and whicht is claimed to be the cause for a variety of sickness phenomenas. Sicknesses from the Autism Syndrome to the phenomena of the Déjà vu experience, as well as ALL the statistical sickness of man.  The Déjà vu experience is seen by the theory as a momentary malfunction in the "WE-perception" of the brain, caused by a filter accumulation (Déjà vu means; "Have seen this before" and in a healthy state, has to do with the experience of: "Have seen you before and I can identify with you, or have even have compassion for you" ). The causes for these functional disorders, or defects, and their accumulation and DNA-inherited carriage through the generations (reviewed closely in the third part of the lecture), is the central theme of the QF-theory, but this dissturbance is responsible for the entire human anti-social behavior known to man. 

Most people accept the fact that man is basically a social being and that our ancestors and consequently we, would not have survived our evolutionary history, without sticking it out together. However, there is every reason to believe that had our ancestors been like modern man, as concerns the social-character endowments, which have written modern history and which require the force of law to keep societies together, it is doubtful that we would have survived evolution and would be here. The suggestion that wars produce the greatest technological advancement is here doubted. It is rather the unification and co-operation that the wars impose on man. The  QF-theory maintains that the filter disturbance is the cause for the need for the laws and the law enforcement to keep society together, but the western scocieties are now facing ever increasing brake down of law and order, due to the "generation-time exponentilaly increasing" accumalation of the inherited filters in the intron side of our DNA. A rapidly growing problem that our sciences have not a clue to explain, much the less of how serious it is. The phenomena of the filters is the central theme of this lecture, but we shall be looking closely at this in the third and the fourth chapters of this lecture.

This is suggesting that we have been and are collectively changing in this respect, but in the QF-theory, it is the balance between the functions in these two "neurotransmitter poles" (mirror neurons) of the brain that decides the mental conditions of the individuals and thus society as a whole. This neurological function is reflected in the famous commandment of Christ, where he tells us that we should love God and our Fellow as we love our selves. In this and other respects, the teaching of the Christ becomes neurotransmitter regulating central theme of all the "quantum psycho-biology" of man. We should thus all be thinking; "What am I thinking?", but according to the QF-theory, the brain's "WE-perception" faculties are interwoven into its faith faculties, or the Jamais vu center. We thus need to revise the philosophical foundations of the western cultures, but Descartes, although a Jesuit, did not quite hit the top of the nail when he said: "cogito ergo sum", or  "I think, therefor I am!".  He would have been more precise if he had said: "I think WE, therefor I am!".

QF-theory's Verification Notes:
July 2004--20 years after the author's first theoretical discovery of the brain's "WE-reality"--two Italian scientists in Parma Italy, Dr. Giocomo Rizzolati and Dr. Laila Craighero, published in the Annual Review of Neuroscience, their experimental discovery findings of what they called the MIRROR NEURONS. A year later these findings are seen as sensational and some go even as far as equating them with the discovery of the DNA, but most claim them to be most promising for future understanding of the human brain. For the author of the QF-theory's physics unification models and the QF-brain models, this is a vital verification of his theoretical work, since they partially fit his findings. The scientists, who made the discovery through happenstance, correctly identified the "mirror neurons" neurons in the spatial hemispheres as the compassion, or empathy centers. This is what the QF-physics theory predicted already in 1984, and first published in 1993, 1998 and 2002. In 1993 the QF-brain models were first published--on the internet--where these predictions locating the "spatial hemispheric mirror neuron empathy center", which the QF-theory calls the "WE-reality compasion center", a 1/2 centimeter further towards the back, as the currents scans show it to be.

However, the main differences between the QF-brain model theories and the "mirror neuron findings", is in the matter hemispheric function of the "mirror neuron area" involved. This according to the QF-brain model is the focal center for the "I-perception", as well as the Brocka's speech center. These findings are further seen here as an important support-verification for the QF-theories symmetrical distribution of the DNA-molecule's nucleotide functions. The obvious uniqueness in the QF-theories suggestions for the existence of these brain centers, is in the fact that they are discovered through the creation of quantum mechanical physics models for the events of the first second of creation, using Venn-set mathematics in stead of differential equations.

The reader can view an excellent NOVAsciencNOW presentation
introducing this marvelous discovery, with the marvelous journalist, Robert Krulwich, first aired on the 25th of January 2005. The URL to the side is:



We can now turn to the viewing closer of the neurons comprehensive neurotransmitter exchanges, which we like to refer to as the "commerce" of the neurons. The brain's neurons produce over 300 different protein-molecular neurotransmitters, which are classified into two main groups, the excitatory and the inhibitory peptides, but even though they are further divided into many different families, this is as far as we take the classification in this lecture. In the slide we have two neurons, each in different colors for separation distinction, but from the neurons body a number of tentacles known as "dendrites" extend, with one long distance tentacle called "axon", braking out in further dendrites. These dendrites may number anywhere from a 100 to a 1000. but it is through them extending to the surrounding neurons that the electrical neurotransmitter exchanges take place. Between the dendrite endings and the next neuron is a very small gap known as the "synaptic cleft", or the "snaps-gap" as we sometime call when we are discussing the addictions it in this lecture.

Before we leave this slide, it is fitting that we mention the insulation around the long axon tentacle, but this is to prevent the electrical action impulse leaking out during discharge, but this insulation is created by special glia cells which roll themselves around the axon-line. For some in science unknown reason, the intron-programs of the immunity system is disturbed in such a way that it begins to "see" these insulation as an alien invasion and attacks and kills them. This is the MS - Multiple Sclerosis and the ALS-Aminotropic Lateral Sclerosis syndromes.

Here we have the interactions in the synaptic cleft, where we see how the electric charge, or the action impulse, takes with it the peptides that are waiting in specific containers in the dendrite endings and move them out through specific "discharge keyholes". They then cross the gap, into corresponding "receiving keyholes" in the receiving neuron. This action, amongst other things, alters the electric charge polarity state of the DNA in the receiving neuron. At the end of the action impulse discharge, a re-equalizing impulse flows back and takes with it the neurotransmitters of  what is known as the "peptide re-uptake", which is a form of repayment for the neurotransmitters emitted.

We have drawn a detailed simplistic schematic presentation of the synaptic cleft where we can see some details of the hypothetical shapes of the "discharging keyholes" and the "receiving keyholes", as well as the hypothetical structure of the discharge and re-uptake neurotransmitters themselves. It is through the specific keyhole shape that the specific kind of neurotransmitters for the neuron are regulated, but non the less, there is a number of molecular structures in nature that fit into these keyholes, although they are not neurotransmitters. Of such counterfeit neurotransmitters the alcohol molecule is the best known, but it seems to fit all forms of such neuronal keyholes. In the slide we see the action impulse neurotransmitter flow contains the "red-blue" hypothetical initiation neurotransmitters and how the re-uptake equalizer returns "yellow-green" re-uptake neuro- transmitters, which can also be the same as those from the initial impulse.

What the total consequences of the neurotransmitter exchanges are is not known conclusively and many complex suggestions are being offered, but what is known is that it alters the static electric polarity state of the receptor neuron's DNA. It is through this that the reality perception of the 24.000 to 30.000 million neurons of the seat of consciousness is regulated, since every second during the awakening hours, this polarity change is taking place between millions of neurons. In the QF-theory, the polarity changes "opens and closes" the exon and intron nucleotides according to the inhibitory peptides being positive and the excitatory ones, negative. At the same time as the excitatory neurotransmitters serve as energy for the action impulse and the inhibitory maintenance material in payment for well done work. It is this distribution- and reward- system that keeps the neurons living and working.

The next three slides show science-artists drawings of the action impulse and neurotransmitter exchanges of the brain's neurons, but the dendrite endings and the synaptic clefts are too small for detailed electron-microscope photography.


These four graphics show a single action impulse process for a single pyramid-neuron. The long carrier lines are the axon neuronal connections.

Here we need to explain that according to the QF-theory the answer to the question what it is that decides whether a neuron in the field of consciousness, discharges an action impulse, is decided by the DNA's partaking in the accepting and discharging of holistic-photon memory or information-quanta to and from the wave-field. Obviously such quanta may be coming from the perception neurons or instinct neurons in the brain. According to the QF-brain model it is then through this "service rendered" that the neuron is permitted to discharge an action impulse and through it, engage in the "neuronal commerce", or the "buying and selling" of neurotransmitters with the neighboring cells, but it is by this process that the neurons thrives and are collectively regulated.



This is the action impulse process through a single neuronal dendrite end and synaptic cleft, and in it we can see how the neurotransmitters are lined up awaiting the discharge, but the fourth graphic shows the neurotransmitter re-uptake taking place. The long red "pipes" are hair-veins.


The six graphics show the action in the synaptic cleft itself, during a single action impulse discharge. In it we can clearly see how the neurotransmitters are coming out of the discharge keyholes and are sucked into the receptor keyholes. It is the fifth and sixth graphic, which shows the neurotransmitter re-uptake. The long red "pipes" are hair-veins.


This slide is a clarifying overview of the work of the nerve system's triangle of consciousness management, but this was started in #3-02. On the top left we have a cutaway of the brain showing the areas in the autonomic nerve system that produce the neurotransmitters that keep life going from second to second. Around it is the consciousness seat of the brain itself, which regulates its own neurotransmitter production  through its thought contents of consciousness. On the top right we have a graphic showing the general flow of neurotransmitter in the brain, but this is pretty much in tact with the flow of the electromagnetic wave of consciousness. Bottom left is a symbolic presentation showing a balanced OUT and IN wave-action in the twofold wave of consciousness, but at bottom right the symbolic presentation is that of balance in the exon and intron programming of the seat of consciousness. Center stage is an overview of that which we primarily are, our nerve system around which the body is constructed, with the skeleton at its center to keep it upright.

With this is the main part of our extremely simplistic presentation of the healthy functions of the brain and its bodily extensions, but here at the end of this overview, we shall have to briefly review closer the fundamental functions- of the brain's faith-center programming. This is necessary for our fundamental understanding of correct programming of the brain's intron nucleotides in the neuronal DNA-molecules. 

The most important findings of the QF-theory are the fundamental programs of the introns, but it is this conclusion, along with the twofold IN and OUT nature of the electromagnetic field of consciousness, that makes the QF-brain models constructions possible. A model that produces explanations for both healthy and malignant functions of the brain, as well as for all its creative and mystical experiences. The main reason for this is the fact that the QF-intron are the brain's causative and regulatory reality of the brain, as well as being the reality that men call Higher Power or God. This is represented in the top brain program shown in Slide #2-19 and repeated here in Slide #3-19, with its founding QF-arguments presented in Slide #3-06 made by the scientists of one of  the giant biotech companies that completed the mapping of the genome. This includes the area of the brain that represents the greatest riddle of neurophysiology and thus of all of man's sciences, through the riddle of the observer and his involvement in quantum physical research and the analysis of the findings of the New Physics.

Already in the year 1993 the QF-theory had produced findings (not known in the worlds scienctific comuni- ties) regarding the fundamental program of reality and the human brain. These findings then produced projections that suggested that its basic functions should be in agreement with the findings of the binding problem free will-experiements of Dr. Benjamin Libet, which acompanies Slide ##2-19. This is the first ALCATRAS lecture verification of the QF-theory's findings regarding the programing and distribution of the role of the nucleo- tides in the genome, as well as a verification of the fundamental program of the introns. This model suggests that the human brain contains two indipendent wills, which are shown previously in Slide #2-19 and are now repeated here in Slide #3-19. Is one of these wills the executive-will or the I-will, and the other the causative-will, or the WE-will, or the Higher-Self-, Soul- or God-will and is--according to the QF-theory--at the same time the disputed "voice of the conscience" or the "voice of the moral ethics". It is the WE-will that always manages our life; however, the question is whether it is regulating our lives through inherited or acquired functional disturbances, such as the super-ego of  Dr. Sigmund Freud, but it is in the next part that we shall see how the QF-theory postulates the creation and propa- gation of these functional disorders--which it labells as "the filters".  If this intron situated WE-will is free of all functional disorders the individual may talk of his life being directed by a Higher Power, the Soul or the will of God, but in the QF-theory, this corresponds to the human concept of a Living God. In some psychiatric illnesses this will may become hyperactive in psychosis, through huge amounts of accumulative functional filter-disorders, which in turn may lead to the individual committing atrocities which he later claims were ordered by God, and which is related to the religious-fanaticism atrocities, which are committed in the name of God. However, here the QF-theory suggests--contrary to teh philosophy of Tomasar Hobbs--that the moral ethetical attributes of man are nature given and natural to him, but not created by man on the basis of its pragmatic value. This also applies to man´s faith in a Higher Power, or God, which also is natural and given to us and which--through the QF-theory--may be traced all the way back to the Big Bang creation of the "quantum wave of the Universe" at the "end of the birth of time"This property of our brains is not just created and evolved by us for its pragmatic social-survival value--as  the Dr. Sigmund Freud and Dr. Richard Dawkins suggest--rather are the reasons for the disputes in humanity regarding this attribute founded in the, by us created accumulated functional filter-disturbances in our brains, which we--so far--little or not at all, understand, and which this lecture explains for the first time. Here it is fitting to be reminded that Freud wrote his 1927 ZUKUNFT EINER ILLUSION after he began using morphine for his cancer-ailment.

If on the other hand the intron-nucleotides contain massive functional filter-disturbances in the WE-will functions of the brain, then we talk of the individual being governed by evil, where the
voice of the conscience begins to suffocate. These are the character defects of man, which we shall be scrutinizing in the next part where we see how the neurotransmitter cheating--brain pollution--of man causes the suffo- cation of the voice of the conscience, and which the QF-theory suggests is the direct and indirect cause for at least 70% of the cancer in humanity. It is also these functional filter-disturbances of the brain that produce  all the disturbances in the function of consciousness and life, all the neurosis and psychiatric illnesses and addictions. This is also the area in the brain that produces the greatest geniuses, sages and thinkers. What it is that produces the enormous difference between the individual brain performances is also the riddle of the future of humanity, but this will be dealt with in the nest  two parts, the latter half of this lecture. In the next slide--Slide #3-20--we shall be looking at the latest research findings of science--along with the findings and suggestions of the QF-theory regarding this enigma. It is claimed here that these research findings presented in Slide #3-20 may be seen as the most remarkable and important of the twentieth century discoveries, but the explanations for them are not yet available in the sciences. The explanations that the QF-theory offers centers around the existence of the brain's faith faculty and its healthy functions without the presence of the accumulative functional filter-disorders.


It was fitting that the year 2000 saw the public verification of the existence of the brain's faith centers in the spatial temporal lobe area, counting what corresponded to the brain's faith and spiritual faculties. This area is to be found around the "sylvian fissure", which creates the temporal lobe and contains the focal areas of the well-known "Jamais vu" and "Déjà vu" functions. This faculty and brain function has been and is the center of much classical controversy, which has now been localized in this faculty, but this is the old argument about God. The arguments are focused on the two questions: "Did God create Man, or did Man create God?", or whether we men have created this faculty ourselves through evolution or whether it is natural to us in accord with something in reality that demands it. Whether this faculty is just the result of our creation the concept of God in order to strengthen us in the harsh struggle for survival, as Sigmund Freud suggested. Is God then just "The Opium of the People?", or something more? If not, then the question appears: "What is it in reality that demands that we have this faith- and spiritual- neuronal faculty?".

Here the QF-theory anticipates that the existence of a "faith faculty" and an "compassion faculty" area, should be found in the spatial hemisphere. Here the "Jamais vu" area corresponds to the "faith faculty", but indications are that this area is responsible for the production of the brain's first neurotransmitter family, the endorphin family, the most important neurotransmitters of life. The "Déjà vu" area corresponds then to the "compassion faculty", or the "WE-perception" area, but scientific experimentation has little indication for this except the "sense of presence" in the famous magnetic scanning experiments of Dr. Persinger. In  the QF-theory it is maintained that this area corresponds to the "consciousness compassion spirit" which the teachings of the Christ express.

The most brilliant experiments carried out on this area in the brain, have been conducted by Dr. Michael Persinger at the Laurentian University of Ottawa in Canada. The main brilliance in his experiment is in finding that in his excitations of the brain faith faculties, he should be using magnetic waves, rather than electromagnetic ones. With this he has succeeded in producing most kinds of "artificial spiritual experience" in his subjects, though not all of them, but the important part is that in this experience the individuals do not achieve permanent alterations in their personality, as in a natural such experience. Fighter pilots that hit 9-Gs in centrifugal accelerators, experience such "artificial spiritual experiences", but are not changed persons afterwards. Many who experiment with LSD or other acid-substances also experience "artificial spiritual experience" and have their personality altered in a negative manner. People who go through "death experiences" also have "natural spiritual experiences" and are profoundly altered in their personality, as are those who have "natural spiritual experiences" through yoga and other spiritual exercises. Why is it like this? What is behind these phenomena is not conclusively known in science, but as said before, the QF-theory offers detailed theoretical neurological foundations that anticipate the spiritual experiences and explains them.

Finally, it is this are of the brain that is the final mystery of science and it is still unexplained, but as we pointed out before in this part, this is the area where the functional disorders of the brain congregate. At the same time, this is the area of the brain where we find the greatest genius of man, as well as mans greatest love and hate for his fellow. Why is this still unexplained? That riddle is the grandest paradox that is known in the sciences of man? The QF-theories explanation for this question is the next undertaking in this lecture, but it is there that we fittingly  meet with the famous Demon of René Descartes.


Here ends the Second Part of the lecture, which has endeavored at giving a simplistic overview of how the brain regulates its reality perception, through the production and exchange of and how this takes place. Next, in the Third Part of the lecture, we shall investigate how man disrupts this balance in the brain through the consumption of "false neurotransmitters" and what are the biological consequences of this pollution of the human brain.

The next part of this lecture is:

03 : Third Part #1.
Addictions through Alien Neurotransmitters.


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