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Following is a lecture in six parts depicting the quantum mechanical and biological reasons for, and consequences of, man's consumption of alcohol and other mind altering drugs and chemicals, legal and illegal.
This is today variably known as:

"Alcoholism", "Drug Addiction",
"Pollution of the Human Brain",
"Neuro-transmitter Cheating".

The lecture is the world's first explanation of the functions of the neuronal addiction sicknesses and the recovery from them, but its composite parts are:

01 : Introductions
Prologue and presentation of the subject.
02 : Firsti part Structure and healthy brain programs.
03 : Second part Brain's regularion of the realityperception.
04 : Third part #1 Addiction through use of alien chemicals.
05 : Third part #2 Addiction through use of alien chemicals.
06 : Forth part Recovery and permanent brain-changes.
07 : Epilogue Conclusion and lecture discussions

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As an entry remark we have drawn up a symbolic picture for a regressive progression of mankind to the time we separated from the other primates, but it is intended to express the degeneration of man due to his growing consumption of alcohol and other artificial-neurotransmitters and the consequential increase in addicted individuals. This is of course an unrealistic comparison since such an evolution is unthinkable, but the satirical picture is at the same time an insult to our innocent relatives in the animal kingdom, the apes. They never behave as we men do, under the direct or indirect influence from counterfeit-neurotransmitters but in this lecture it is revealed that the apes are using all of what has been given to them in the form of brains, but we, homo sapiens, are only using about the half of what has been given to us and do not even have a clue to the reasons why this is so.

The main contents of this lecture are in the findings of the last part of the twentieth century, that changes are taking place in the in the human genome through the consumption of what here is defined as artificial-, false- or counterfeit-neurotransmitters, and that these changes are then collected into the DNA and carried to the next generation through the genetic inheritance propagation. The changes that take place in the individual also change those in the environment of the consumer and thus the society as a whole. All indications are that these changes are more serious than the scientists have until now realized, but now—at the onset of the 21st century—the first of them are becoming conscious of this in some form. On the other hand, the governments and health authorities in the western cultures have not been able to come up with any better ideas to confront this evolution other that to face them with the classical—but useless—approach, to introduce more punishment law codes to suppress this malady in humanity. At the same time they are totally at a lose, as to how to suppress the so called “illegal” side of this, while men continue to believe that there is actually something that can be described as “harmless consumption of alcohol”. This, as the governmental institutions ignore the fact, that they have lost the war against the illegal drugs a long time ago. 

In this chapter we shall be looking at—in as much simplicity as possible—what it is that takes place in the human brain, when the neurons are infiltrated by artificial-, false- or counterfeit-neurotransmitters, and how their fundamental programs are changed. Parallel to this we shall be looking at the consequences of this, but we believe it safe to assert that nothing constitutes a greater thereat in the future of man than this evolution, which our scientists—so far—comprehend little or nothing. The reasons for this it the fact that molecular biology has not been able to solve the riddle of the human brain, but this has its causes in their fundamental models for the brain functions, which now are being employed by molecular biology, are fundamentally wrong. The main cause for this is in the fact that the “missing answers in the science of neurology” are insights that belong to the New Physics of Quantum Mechanics and which are still missing, 

It is not necessary to elaborate here in this lecture on the claim that it is founded in the first correct model for the brain functions presented in humanity and that it is producing the first correct answers to the multitude of still unsolved riddles regarding the human brain and its functions. 

We then close this introduction by expressing our hope that the lecture may be useful to the reader.


Sometime around 1920 a German psychiatrist was visiting in a steel mill in Munich, where he was shown how the steel was stretched by rollers into thin sheets. He was told that this required considerable skill, since if the sheets were rolled to fast, they might become brittle through being "zu schnell gestretched", or "stretched", or "stressed" too fast, and through this, brake, which meant that they had to be re-melted with great extra cost. This information remained in his mind where he connected it in a metaphor to his patients of modern men, which appeared to be stretched too fast by the competitive struggle of life. Through this they were then "broken" and lost their health. He began to use this concept of people being "stressed", for those who showed signs of being under much pressure from life, but this concept has now spread worldwide.

What then is behind this state we call stress? Neuro-biologically speaking, stress is a shortage state of neuro-inhibitors in the brain, primarily that of endorphin and dopamine, which men come to grips with by the consumption of chemical that are the equivalent of being "false-neurotransmitters" and which replace the natural ones. The drawback of this solution is that the consumer looses gradually the natural ability to produce natural neurotransmitters and they become dependent on the "artificial neurotransmitters". In severe cases this leads to such inability to produce natural neurotransmitters that the individual is defined as an alcoholic, but alcoholism is a sickness that steadily gets worse with the individual, as well as steadily growing in the population. This is the phenomenon, which we examine here in this part, but according to the QF-theory, then this is the greatest problem in humanity.


In the slide we see a typical  group of people exercising the "neurotransmitter cheating" which we are talking about, but this usually produces a great deal of release of repressed emotions such as resentments and anger. This neurotransmitter sheeting is not only in the form of alcohol consumption, but all kinds of other chemicals, organic as well as purely in-organic, but it should be obvious that the one with the sunglasses in the picture is using something more than just alcohol. The practice of the "neurotransmitter cheating" with alcohol is the oldest known, the most widespread and the most popular recreational practice of man. It has probably been practiced for more than 7000 years, but the oldest known warnings regarding the alcohol are found on the walls of the temple in Karnak by Luxor in Thebes, Upper-Egypt and are more than 5000 years old.

Medical doctors have in later times advised "stressed" individual to try to achieve "endorphin release" by consuming "two shots of snaps" daily, but modern man does obviously no longer know how this is achieved naturally. But what then is the neuro-physical definition of this  "neurotransmitter cheating"? In all simplicity the definition is that "stress" is mental-spiritual pain and the "artificial-neurotransmitters" represent painkillers, or narcotics, for that pain. This requires us to look at pain and what it is, next.


In nature, pain is the friend of life, but without it evolution and existence of living animals is impossible. Pain is the first reaction of live to something that damages or destroys it but we can see this in a metaphor where life is going through a life-tunnel, where the walls are the pains. If the organism begins to move out of this life-tunnel, then pain appears and turns it back into the centerfold of life again. This is the logic behind the well known claim that “Pain is the Pearl of the Alcoholic!” That only through pain that the alcoholic will want to return to sanity. The use of painkillers--in what ever form--is the equivalent of a pilot going on a flight and beginning by switching of the firewarning system of the aircraft and declaring that; “Now we wont have any firewarning disrupting our flight!”

In the slide we have a man that has some form of a wound to his hand and we are shown how the neuronal ending in the hand send action impulses to the hippocampus in his brain. This is where the pain is perceived and it is a part of the field of conscious sensing. The pain leads to some form of reaction for the treating and protecting of the wounded hand, which then heals. This is different for the brain, which in an operation does not need to be administered general anesthesia, only local anesthesia, while the doctors are getting to it. The reason for this is that the brain it self, as the general receptor of pain, does not perceive pain itself when it is being cut. However, the brain has its own kind of pain that is of mental or spiritual nature and which can be no less painful than whatever physical pain. The problem with the mental-spiritual pain of the brain, is that people do not generally deal with it correctly, do not even know how, but instead numb the pain with alcohol, painkiller drugs or other artificial-, or counterfeit- neuro-inhibitors.

A further consequence of this is the fact that should man not deal correctly with his mental-spiritual pain, this creates an imbalance in the consciousness with decreased powers of concentration and renders the individual more accident prone than not. In this the general rule is that mental-spiritual disturbances and pain comes first to man, then the state of consciousness leads to physical pain. In other words: mental pain lads to physical pain. What then is the correct treatment or solution for mental-spiritual pain? We will obviously be looking at the mental-spiritual pain solutions next.


It was in 1960 that the Chinese American, Dr. Ho Li, isolated for the first time a neuron-transmitter that turned out to have 40 times the inhibitory powers of morphine. He gave it the name "Beta-endorphin" and completed his scientific reports but failed to show--the most important--that it actually was the brain's number one neuro-inhibitor and mental-spiritual pain relief and at the same time, the reward for positive altruistic actions; he thus missed the Nobel Prize. It would be 15 years later that two Aberdeen molecular biochemists, Dr. John Hughes and Dr. Hans Kosterlitz, were awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery.

At the discovery of the endorphins and their roll in the brain, the reaction of many biochemists was that now we had found the solution to all-mental pains and problems of man and soon they would be history. Most drug manufacturers began a frantic effort to copy the molecular combination and to investigate their effects on central nerve system prior to application for permission and marketing. It soon became clear that the endorphin copies had an excellent pain-killing attribute, but at the same time that they produced strong states of intoxication rush and had a high degree of addictive properties. The state of  intoxication rush was such that the individual wanted to remain in it, but most of his instincts had become inhibited and he had no need for food or sex. The most negative aspect of the endorphin-copy drug was that the individual needed only to be using it for a short time in order to produce a permanent addictive state in his nerve system. In other words, they had become alcoholics after just few weeks of consumption, but the consequence was that endorphin-copy drugs are only permitted as painkillers for far progressed cancer patients who no longer fully respond to morphine. Prior to the discovery of the endorphins, closely related drug-combinations were already known, and today they are manufactures by psychopathic chemists in Eastern Europe under the name "Ecstasy", or "E-pills", with devastating effects, mostly on young people.

Research into the endorphin family of neurotransmitters has had a fast progress and in the eighties a variation of it that was 700 times more potent than morphine was discovered and given the name "dynorphine". This molecule was produce in the brain during death and it has raised a lot of questions amongst the biologists since any chemicals that are, say, about 200 times stronger than morphine, will wipe out any conceivable sensation of physical pain in the brain, but what is does to mental or spiritual pain we do not know. The discovery lead to the creation of a fantasy movie-fiction where medical students in the US were undergoing experiments producing states in each other that represented a technical approach to an actual death-state, this in order to experiencing the near death experience and the intoxicating rush of the dynorphines. The motion picture was  given the name "FLATLINERS". A major question associate with experiment was; "What is nature doing with such powerful chemicals in the death process?", was not answered in the movie and neither was the even more difficult question addressed; "How has such a process evolved in the nerve system, if it only takes place during death." If these chemicals are only produced during death, then obviously, we can envisage no "selection of the fittest" process being involved here. Men would have to die many times for such an evolution to take place... no, no,,,  to try to rationalize this ends in irrational rubbish. What this is telling us is that if this is correct, then it constitutes the strongest proof that we have "NOT evolved the Jamais vu faith faculty of the brain", as for example Sigmund Freud and Richard Dawkins are trying to tell us. Rather that it is nature who has given this faculty to us. This is indeed something that our sciences have no explanation for. Many of those who have gone through a "near-death experience" are not surprised at this discovery. Here the famous experience of Dr. David Livingstone being bitten by the lion comes to mind. Just before his guides came and shot the beast that was killing him, he began to feel extremely well and to have pleasant feelings of kinship with the lion and even of loving it. In the QF-theory, this production of the powerful dynorphine neuro-inhibitors, is explained through the Jamais vu center whose "program" is in every DNA-molecule, down to its atomic reality, with its focal-area in the brain's spatial temporal lobe.

Through this explanations have been produced for the practice of Thracian women in Greece, 2500 years ago, who practiced Eleusinian mysteries in the forest, where they drank vine and sacrificed a man or an animal by cutting its throat and drinking the blood with the vine. The suggestion is that they may somehow have been getting the death dynorphines through the blood and achieved a very strong intoxication rush. It was generally believed that they were given the gift of prophesying while in this condition. Similar suggestions have been produced for the madness of the human sacrifice in pre-Columbian Central- and South-America, where the priests ate the heart of the victims and drank their blood, while drinking bear and eating hallucinogen plants and mushrooms. Through this they were believed to have received the gift of prophesying. What the truth in these suggestions may be, is not known, but is neither archaeologists nor anthropologist know practically anything about addictions and the workings of the Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers of the brain.

At the end of the 20th century between 60 and 70 different versions of the endorphins had been isolated and chemically analyzed and it shown that this family of neuro-inhibitors decided the collective function of the central nervous system, the endocrine system and the immunity system. This means that this is the first family of neurotransmitters in the living organism and that they decide first and foremost our mental condition, then our physical one. They decide who and what we are and how our lives are.

The most remarkable and serious aspect of this in respect to the enormous stride made in brain research, is the fact that in all the findings, our scientists have an enormous difficulty in accepting the repeated suggestions to us, by nature. This is the message saying that the closer we come to copying the natural neuro-transmitters in our "pills", the worse they are in regard to addiction dependencies, but here the E-pills are the latest warning from nature. Over any extended period of consumption of artificial-neurotransmitters, our nerve-system will always build-up tolerance for these false-peptides, which then require larger dosages to achieve the same effect and with ever increased difficulties in detoxification and recovering for the ensuing collapsed functions of our nerve-system. What are even more serious are the long-term collective alterations in the genome of man, which our scientists are only beginning to suspect.



Man has been practicing all sorts of mental techniques through the ages in order to achieve the best state of consciousness, more performance in consciousness, better performance in thought with increased creativity, as well as a better overall mental and physical well being. In this practice, many kinds of praying, chanting and meditation techniques have and are being employed, even electronic gadgetry has and is being used to assist in its. In the Far East, this is very much the practice using meditation techniques and in Japan the Zen technique is commonplace, in particular those who have greater responsibility. Much of this technique has been introduced in the western cultures and for a time, this was a part of the so-called "flower power counter culture", mainly in California. Unfortunately there was rotten apple in the barrel in the form of the use of the drugs, or artificial neurotransmitters, that accompanied it. In the famous "hippie era", many practiced chanting and meditation combined with drinking and drugging and believed themselves to have achieved conscious contact with a higher reality. The results were not the ones sought and many were destroyed through addiction or became psychologically sick criminals.

It is not commonly fully understood what people are intending with the chanting and meditation practice and many see this as some form of mental masturbation or neurosis. Unfortunately the general public is not aware that this provides a choice between being "stressed" and to respond to the stress by the consumption of "false-neurotransmitters", which invariably have to be paid for with money. The other option being rid of the stress through prayer, chanting and meditation practice that produces a natural high through the enhancement of the endorphin production in the brain, without anything being paid for it. It is not common knowledge that prayer, chanting and meditation are mental techniques that "tune" the split-wave of consciousness in the stressed brain, make it whole and connect the two brain-halves, so that they can speak to each other. Much less do they know that this in turn triggers the production of endorphin and consequentially, dopamine, and that a "biofeedback" self correcting  process begins to take place in the brain, resulting in thinking improvement and  improved states of feelings and health. In order to understand this we first have to understand how the practice of using false-neurotransmitters, changes the brain's fundamental programming and will eventually lead to addiction, if not in the lifetime of the individual himself, then in his descendants. For this insight we now scrutinize some of the biggest questions know in our science of neuro-physiology and in scientific world in general.



What may be one of the most important science discoveries of the 20th century, is the insight into what takes place in the neuro-transmitter exchanges in the synaptic clefts, with a special importance attached to the abnormal exchanges in intoxicated neurons. What is it that is different in the neuro-transmitter exchanges of a neuron that contains false or counterfeit neuro-transmitters? Here we have taken the simplistic schematic graphic in Slide #3-19 from Part Two of the lecture that shows normal neuro-transmitter exchanges and altered it to show neuro-transmitter exchanges in an intoxication, or a "high-rush" of false or counterfeit neuro-transmitter exchange. Here we may see how the electric action impulse is moving the neuro-transmitters across the gap, but can see that in addition to the normal peptides, alcohol molecules are mixed into the discharge. In addition to this we see that in this, the repayment transaction, or the so-called "re-uptake", is not taking place. According to the QF-theory's model of the brain-functions, this is not only a significant alteration in the process, but a much more severe abnormality than our scientists generally realize. The consequences of this may even extend into brains that are not in an intoxication state but in the environment of the intoxicated brain.

Here we need to be aware of the fact that during everyday thinking processes of a normal brain, of the 24.000 to 30.000 million neurons in the seat of consciousness, up to 6-7.000 million with their 100 to 1000 dendrite endings, may be going through synaptic exchanges every second. This is obviously also taking place in the intoxicated brain, but with different overall results in that this not only produces the "false-high", but also alters the fundamental programming of the brain, regardless whether the individual is an alcoholic or not. Before we go any further, we look at a short animation by science graphic-artists that give a good insight into what is being discussed here.

"Neurons interact with each other by chemical-messengers, neurotransmitters, but one group of them is called neuroinhibitors. When neurons discharge neuroinhibitors, they bind to the neighboring neurons, which produces for the neurons the sensation of pleasure. At the first consumption of the individual of false such neuroinhibitors, the natural production of natural neurotransmitters is greatly increased and so is the sensation of pleasure. However, as the re-uptake of the neuroinhibitors is denied through the presence of the false-, or counterfeit- neuroinhibitors, this creates flooding of the brain of by natural- and false-neuroinhibitors, which in turn creates even more intoxication-rush sensation of pleasure making the user want more."

If we review in a simplistic metaphor, what is taking place in the first-time intoxicated brain, and during the beginning of regular use, then the appearance of the false-neuroinhibitors is the equivalent of a message to the neurons, telling them that they have carried out some good deed. The neurons are then "permitted" to produce more neuroinhibitors as a reward. The neurons in turn begin to produce great quantities of natural neuroinhibi- tors, which due to the effect from the false-neuroinhibitors, leads to an intoxication-rush flooding of the brain, with false and natural neuroinhibitors. This first intoxication-rush is thus, for the most parts, a natural one, which is initiated by the false-neuroinhibitors and the failed re-uptake changes, but relatively small amount of intoxicants is necessary to initiate their use. This means that the first intoxications requires only small amounts of alcohol and since most of the intoxication-rush is from natural inhibitors, the "hangovers" are for the most parts, rather mild, but most know these experiences of the beginning of alcohol use.

However, this low alcohol tolerance and natural intoxication-rush does not last long and the individual soon begins to need steadily increasing amounts of alcohol to achieve the same amount of intoxication-rush. This obviously differs with different individuals and is usually a clear indication of the individual's progression into alcohol addiction, but with the alcoholic to be, the tolerance is usually rapidly increased right at the outset of the drinking practice.

What takes place in the neurons during the increase in alcohol tolerance is at the same time the beginning of the forming of the functional disorders of the brain. This is one of the biggest riddles regarding the brain-functions and at the same time, one of the most complexed ones. A simplistic explanation of the QF-theory suggests that the interactions between of the IN and the OUT sides of the wave of consciousness and the mater-hemispheric- EXONS and spatial-hemispheric-INTRONS nucleotide bases in the neuronal DNA, is disturbed through the wrong polarity change in the neurons. The consequences are then that a copy of the fundamental programming in the mater-hemispheric-EXONS, is erroneously deposited into the spatial-hemispheric-INTRONS. The consequences of the steadily increasing disturbance in the spatial-hemispheric-INTRONS programs, is then manifested in a steadily deceased ability of the neurons in producing natural neuro-inhibitors, but the consumer compensates by a steadily increasing alcohol consumption. A closer view of this evolution is presented in Slides #4-08,  #4-09, #4-10, #4-11, #4-12, #4-13, #4-14, #4-15, #4-16, #4-17 and #4-18, but next we shall be scrutinizing the consequences of this programming-error, through the false neuroinhibitors of the alcohol molecule and other drugs and chemicals, but this is the main subject of this lecture.


(Videoclip #07)

In this slide we have another science-animation artist presentation showing in great detail how the re-uptake fails and how the re-uptake neurotransmitter is rejected, or thrown back. The question this raises has to be; What does this mean in the collective function of the brain when thousands of millions of neurons, with their 100 to 1000 nerve-endings, are discharging action impulses every second and are being hindered in this process. Here we need to remind our selves of the fact that in the seat of consciousness, we have to neurons that are being disturbed. This means that through the false positive neuroinhibitor neurotransmitters, they change the polarity in the positive introns erroneously, so that they receive negative programming information. In short, the polarity change in the neurons becomes wrong in the form of program errors between the exon and intron nucleotides, but this is at the same time the birth of lies and delusions in the language of the brain, in the brains programming.

It is thus no wonder that it used to be believed that most of the neurons in the brain's of advanced alcoholics, were dead and people became surprised to see these individual recover their wits, after the appearance of the AA-fellowship recovery methods. What has changed in the brains of in the advanced alcoholics is that they have acquired massive functional disorders in the manner that has been described here, but they may be corrected with the spiritual methodology of the AA-fellowship. What now--around the turn of the century--is being discovered, is that these functional disorders are inherited and accumulative between generations, but if that is true, then this is more serious than we have up-until now been capable of realizing. This may explain the Western cultures fivefold increase in neuro- transmitter addiction in the 20th century and means that if this progression is not altered or halted, it may spell the doom for humanity, but we shall have a closer view of this serious matter in the next slide.


This slide is actually an altered version of  Slide #2-19, but it is intended to express the inexpressible neither in large or small graphics, but it represents the central theme of this lecture. It is intended to give an overview of the findings of the QF-theory regarding the long term individual and social consequences of the neurotransmitter counterfeiting, where the fundamental program of the matter-I-hemispheric-exons is copied an deposited into fundamental program of the spatial-WE-hemispheric-introns. This false-program is expressed by the dense diagonal line circle, which is drawn on top of the spatial-WE-hemispheric-introns program, with the Freudian title, "SUPER-EGO". Additionally, we have incorporated the classical "bell curve of intelligence" and on the right, the two QF-expressions for the brain's consciousness and programming condition, both showing an imbalance. In the wave-graphic the OUT-phase of the wave is "stronger" than the IN-phase, resulting in more confusion and impulsive actions by the individual, but the fundamental hemispheric exon-intron program imbalance, shows the overwhelming matter-I-exon program influence, which the Jinn-Jang symbol expresses in brilliant simplicity. What this expresses is no small matter, but the question is simply this; Can this possibly be right? As it may well be impossible to investigate this directly, we may have to accept indirect evidence, if we can find them. -- Yes, we can!


We have now seen how false-neurotransmitters, or addictive drugs, legal and illegal, produce what we call "failed re-uptake of neurotransmitters" and how this produces the phenomena, which humanity has given many different names and descriptions, which we in this lecture call the "filter". The consequences of the filter is a seriously reduced ability of the brain to produce neuro-inhibitory neurotransmitters as it is deposited into the intron nucleotide programs of the DNA-double helix, resulting further in a negative alteration in the reality perception and personality of the individual. The means a stressed and unsatisfied individual, which is forced to return to the false-neurotransmitters in some form, over and over again, even against his better judgment and decision not to do so. This is the root cause of the addiction sicknesses, for which the collective concept of alcoholism is most commonly used. The pathological addiction state of the individual then continues to get worse as the consumption is continued and the filter grows, but this is accompanied by a need for ever increasing amounts of alcohol. This is known as the addiction tolerance in which the addict needs only small amounts of alcohol during the first months of his drinking, but soon begins to need more alcohol in order to achieve his desired intoxication. Since reality is also collective for us all, then the resulting personality changes in the addict, the alcoholic mentality, is transmitted to those in his surroundings, mainly relatives which also acquire a filter on the basis of wrong thoughts but without acquiring the physical allergy symptoms to the alcohol. However, these individuals which already have acquired some filter, are in special danger of becoming addicted, should they start to frequent their drinking. In the final stages of the addiction sickness the performance of the liver begins to decrease, leading to the user needing ever decreased amounts of intoxicants, as they are not broken-down in the metabolism at the same rate as before.

In addition to the QF-theory's suggestion for the disruptions of the addiction filter, there are possibilities for specific neuronal damages in specific "re-lay neurons". These are neurons that get their "food" for relaying messages involved in the neurotransmitter production of the matter-I-hemispheres exon programs, but are not directly involved in the thinking. They die due to not having any work to do during extended periods of drinking, consequently get no substance. This is the rule of: "If you don’t use it, you loose it!", but his goes for all organs who wither if not used.

From this it should be obvious that an individual that has acquired these alterations in his brain, will have great difficulties in arresting his use of false-neurotransmitters, without being rid of the filter in the spatial-WE-hemispheric intron programs to some extend. Any continued use will then immediately increase the filter and decrease the natural neurotransmitter production, returning the individual to his addiction state. In the next part we are shown how we can be rid of the filter in the spatial-WE-hemispheric intron programs, but not in the matter-I-hemispheres exon programs, but that, along with the possible relay-neuron damages, make the addiction condition permanent, if false-neurotransmitters are consumed. Here it also becomes clear why it is that the talk is of a three-phased sickness; spiritual, mental and physical. It is the filter in the spatial-WE-hemispheric intron programs that causes the spiritual defect and mental obsession, but the background matter hemispheric, spatial-WE-intron programs, along with the specific neuronal damages in specific relay-neurons, that is responsible for the physical allergy which cannot be removed, only arrested.



QF-theory's Verification Note:

The word “epigenetic” literally means “in addition to changes in genetic sequence” and is used for the imprint markers in the DNA structure which were first identified in 1910 in corn and in 1991 confirmed in mammals.  With the completion of the mapping of the DNA and the acceleration of the search for the management of the genome and the untangling of the clues that suggested that the gene function could be altered by more than just changes in nucleotide sequence the epigenetic marks have provided the explanations. Many types of epigenetic processes have been identified--they include methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation, ubiquitylation, and sumolyation, but of these the best known is DNA methylation. Epigenetic processes are natural and essential to many organism functions, but if they occur improperly, there can be major adverse health and behavioral effects.

Today, a wide variety of illnesses, behaviors, and other health indicators already have some level of evidence linking them with malfunctions of the epigenetic mechanisms, including cancers of almost all types, cognitive dysfunction, and respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, autoimmune, and neurobehavioral illnesses. Known or suspected drivers behind epigenetic processes include many agents, including heavy metals, pesticides, diesel exhaust, tobacco smoke, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hormones, radioactivity, viruses, bacteria, and basic nutrients, with the alcohol consumption of man being the worst according to the findings of the QF-theory and which is explained in Part Three, Chapter Seven.

In the past five years, and especially in the last two, several groundbreaking studies have focused fresh attention of molecular biologists on epigenetics. Interest has been enhanced as it has become clear that understanding epigenetics and epigenomics--the genomewide distribution of epigenetic changes--will be essential in work related to disease etiology and basic mechanisms in toxicology and evolution not previously appreciated and this has already become apparent in relation to cancer as well as many other topics requiring a thorough understanding of all aspects of genetics, such as stem cells, cloning, aging, synthetic biology, species conservation, evolution, and agriculture. One startling aspect of the epigenetic research so far are the reports that the epigenetic changes may endure in at least four subsequent generations of organisms.

According to the QF-theory the healthy gene-expression is regulated by the "DNA's survival programs" contained in the QF-intron nucleotide-side of the DNA-structure (See Figure 179 lower part, and figure 183 on page 459) which means regulating the correct epigenetic markers. This means that any toxic chemical interference with these programs are in turn causing the improper DNA epigenetic markings to be deposited in the DNA-structure, in particular in the human brain, from where these errors are quantum mechanically transmitted to the corresponding body organs, primarily the glands. This is the brain's functional disorders--called "the filter" in the QF-theory.

A future of a comprehensive epigenetic research in relation to the multitude of diseases caused by faulty epigenetic markings, is a lot more complicated than the Human Genome Project, which was a worldwide effort that took more than a decade and billions of dollars.

The QF-theory recognizes indirect evidence from many quarters. They come from the psychological and psychiatric research investigations. The are found in most of the doctrines of man's religions. They are in all of the character defects defined by the AA-fellowship. They have been detected in some experiences of the pioneers of quantum mechanics. Last but not least, they appear in recent research investigation into the asymmetrical difference in brain functions between men and chimpanzees. Additionally, we review the Mendelian genetic inheritance table, but here following is our list of these indicators:

The First: Functional research investigations reviewed in Slide #4-10 and Slide #4-11.
The Second: Doctrines of man's religions  reviewed in Slide #4-12.
The Third: Character defects by the AA-fellowship, reviewed in Slide #4-12 and Slide #4-19.
The  Fourth: The "filter" experiences of the quantum pioneers, reviewed in Slide #4-12.
The Fifth: Asymmetrical difference in brain functions between men and chimpanzees in Slide #4-13.
The Sixth: The genetic inheritance of the false intron-program, reviewed in Slide #4-13.
In the following pages we review the major indirect indicators in the human experience in the order that they appear in this table. It should be noted here that each of these by them selves, represent a whole academic studdy on the univerity level.

The First field of investigation into the possibility of false intron-programing;  Indications through 20th century psychological and psychiatric research.
We begin by reviewing some popular findings of the psychology pioneers, but in Slide #4-09 we have taken the well known division of the brain's faculties by Dr. Sigmund Freud, where the brain is divided into three main realities: "EGO", "SUPER-EGO", and the "ID". In his work Dr. Freud suggested that the sub-conscious contained what he labeled as the SUPER-EGO and believed that this SUPER-EGO was natural to us and at the same time, the cause for our psychological problems. His suggestion was that there were only two ways to deal with the SUPER-EGO problems, of which the first was a visit with "psychoanalyst", but the psychoanalyst was his invention. The second solution was a visit to the bar, or in other words, to drink alcohol. Dr Carl Gustaf Jung--who sowed the seed for the AA-solution--was not in agreement with Dr. Freud and this issue became one of the causes for their ideological and association split.

During the last century a multitude of intelligence- or IQ-tests were conducted on all kinds of people, but the average outcome as is shown in the curve imposed on the brain graphic in Slide #4-09. This is the famous "bell curve" of the IQ-testing, where increasing number of participants is set against an increasing amounts of tested intelligence. On a scale which allowed a maximum of 200 possible intelligence units, the average IQ was about 100, but this in turn suggested that people's consciousness, generally, had access to about half of their brain's capacity, which in turn supports the findings of the QF-theory. It is only towards the end of the century that some psychology researchers, such as Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard, begin to become conscious of the fact that their IQ-tests have been far to much matter-I-hemispheric oriented, but that in it self corroborates the QF-theory findings. In addition to this, then psychology talks of the spatial-WE-hemi- sphere as the "sub-conscious" and psychologists are constantly trying to figure out what is going on in that brain realty, but that in turn suggests that this is in it self a hint of some form of a "Vail of Deception". This is then topped by neuro- physiological research findings that suggest that we are using the matter-I-hemisphere in solving most of our everyday engagements, but this is know as the "asymmetry of the human brain". In the QF-theory, this asymmetric phenomenon is considered so important that we dedicate Slide #4-11 to investigate it. Many suggest that the average human has generally access to 50 to 60% of his brain's capacity and that on daily basis, he uses 15 to 30% of that capacity, but of this there are several versions.

The graphics in Slide #4-09, Slide #4-10 portray the creation of the filter alterations in the human brain's DNA programming that throught the epigenetic errors discussed in Slide #4-11, bring about the addiction syndromes with all the consequential effects it has on man's health. happyness and well being.


The Second field of investigation into possibility for false intron-programing; The doctrines of man's religions.
If the religions are reviewed in the light of the QF-theory, we may see that all of man's religions revolve around this question. Before we look into what the religions have to say about the false intron-program of the introns that are the spatial hemispheric reality in the QF-theory, then it is fitting for us to look at what the great natural-psychologist, Fyodor Dostoevsky, has had to say about this. The evil, which is not found in nature outside of man, is expressed in the slides symbolic metaphor as the evil in man, in us, and the words of Dostoevsky are here especially fitting and confirming the QF-model for our own creation of the evil. He expressed this by saying: "If the Devil does not exist, but Man has created him, then he has surely created him in his own image and likeness", but this represents a complete correspondence with the picture that the QF-models offer for the false intron-program.

When we then come to the religious doctrines, they appear to us to be almost all about this false program in the intron-nucleotides of the spatial-WE-hemisphere, but we shall now review what their suggestions in relation to the QF-theoretical brain functions models are. If we begin in East-Asia with the Taoism, then we come across the talk of the Dragon, which is said to be either positive or negative and man should take care to keep good relations with it. Next we have the Hinduism in India, but there the false intron-program is known as either the law of "Karma-", law of  causes and effect, or as "Maya-", the great Vail of Delusions, or as the "Mara", which is the title of the Devil himself. As the Buddhism is born out of the Hinduism, it uses the same concepts about this false intron-program. Now we come to the Middle-East, but there we find the oldest living religion in Judaism, which in part has grown out of the archetypal religions of Ancient-Egypt, as one of the prime writer of the Judaism was raised by priests at the court of the Ancient-Egyptian Pharaoh. In Judaism we get relay close to the creation of the false intron-programs in Mosses' tale of the fall of man from Paradise. In this metaphor the forbidden fruit is nothing other than the alcohol, although he does not have the courage to say it directly in fear of becoming unpopular and not being read. It is the consumption of this metaphorical fruit, which the snake say will lead to men becoming like God and know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. This is of course the opposed to the effects of the alcohol and no wonder for these are the words of the snake, or the dragon, or the devil, which is the liar, but the consequences of its consumption are the dismissal from the state of bliss in "paradise". This is again a metaphor for the reduced ability to produce the endorphin neuroinhibitors and consequent mental and spiritual misery in stress. An additional metaphor is the concept of the "Sins of the fathers", or the "inherited sin", which represents the inheritance of the false intron-programs through the generations. These are all metaphorical descriptions of the false intron-programs that has been deposited into the  Higher-Self-will in the introns and our own creation of what we then call the Devil, but these metaphors fit the findings of the QF-theory. As Christianity and Islam are religions evolved out of the Jewish religion, they use the same concepts as that of Judaism.

The Third field of investigation into the possibility of false intron-programing; The AA-fellowship definition of character defects.
It is in Dr. Jellinek's research findings on the progression of the alcoholism syndrom--portrayed from page #32 to page #52--that the chemically caused progressive creation of the "filter" becomes the most obvious. This progression is also reviewed in Slide #19 on page #278 to #281 in this chapter, where it is also portrayed with its Biblical Book of Revelation metaphorical graphical description generally known as the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These functional filter disturbances are in the AA-program generally referred to as “the character defects”. The general nature of the progression is towards negative attitudes and behaviours over an extensive periode of time making it difficult to detect by both the suffereing chemical dependent and his co-dependents.

The existence of the filter is then verifyed in its alcoholic-addict's recovery program removal, but there it becomes very much real to the persons associated with individual going through it's biofeedback, who observe the changes gradually taking place in his personality, attitudes and trades.

The foundation of the AA-fellowship's addictionrecovery is precisely in the claim that these character defects--QF-theory's false spatial-WE-hemispheric program--can be removed through the intervention of a “God of the individual’s understanding”, or through a “Higher Power”, which is a will or a power, stronger than that of the individual. According to the QF-theory this is indeed the case and it takes place through the recovery of the functions of the Jamais vu faith faculties in the spatial hemisphere of the brain, but the explanations for the process are the subject of Part Four of this lecture.

The Fourth field of investigation into possibility for false intron-programing; Some experiences of the pioneers of quantum mechanics.
One of the more remarkable findings of this non-precision research, are the experiences of some pioneers of the quantum mechanical discoveries during the early years of research. Some of them became conscious that in their investigation of the quantum phenomenas--which only took place in their brains--it was as if they were looking at reality through some "filter". A filter that reminded of some form of a color filter placed on a camera lens. According to our information, the famous Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Wolfgang Pauli in his 1930 visit to Dr Carl Gustaf Jung's in Zurich, is said to have raised this issue with Dr. Jung, along with his other questions. The "filter" concept for "the Devil" or the "character defects", is different from the ones found in religions and psychology, since it is not victim-associated and without any accusations towards the individual and free of any suggestions that he is somehow worse than other persons. The concept of the "filter" is thus solely a suggestion that something is not functioning properly in the brain, but it is for this reason that this lecture uses this concept in its discussion of the false intron-program.

The Fifth field of investigation into the possibility of false intron-programs; Comparative neuro-physiological research on men and chimpanzees.
It was first after the middle of the 20th century that medical researchers and chemists succeeded in chemically analyzing and dissect human brains with any detail efficiency. This eventually included special research into the question of what it was in the brains that accounted for the enormous performance difference between individuals. Amongst some famous people who gave their brains for this research, was Albert Einstein, but the research findings were that no appreciable difference was between the brains of those who we defined as dummies and those we defined as geniuses. It was also about this time that it was established that no specific damages were found in far advanced alcoholics, so long as they had not began to experience seizures and delirium tremens, but it became known that it was then that neuronal death started setting in. This in turn confirmed the experience of the AA-fellowship, which showed that badly confused and distraught alcoholics, which had been believed to have great amounts of brain-damage, recovered and became clear in their thinking. In other words, polyneuropathy, or brain death was not the problem of the alcoholic, it was rather some form of unexplained functional disorders, or in the QF-analogy, the "filter". However, later a shrunk hippocampus was discovered in far advanced alcoholics.

In the last decades of the 20th century great strides in brain-scanning by the neuro science were achieved in which the tests of those who we defined as dummies and those we defined as geniuses, were now conducted on the living. These individuals were fitted into individual scanners where the amount of brain activity and locations could be monitored as they took place and both of them were then asked the same question. The results were that the one we call the genius answered the question immediately and correctly with the scanner showing little extra activity in his brain. The one we call the dummy had on the other hand to think and think without any reply coming, but the scanner showed during this time great amounts of increased activity throughout the whole of the brain. No conclusions could be drawn from this other than that we were looking at two brains with different amounts of functional disorders. In the language of the QF-theory, these functional disorders are known as the "filter".

The findings of another most remarkable scanning-experiment is offered in the slide, but this is the man and monkey comparative experiment of the so-called "Asymmetry of the Human Brain", which was previously mentioned.  This experiment is seen as verifying the QF-theory equal to the "Binding Problem Free Will"-experiment, which we showed accompanying Slide #2-19. The scan-photographs show comparative results for the brains of a man and a chimpanzee, in which both are solving the same simple computer puzzle. Although the quality of the pictures is leaving something to be desired as they are digital-pictures taken directly from a television screen, they are clear enough for us to see that the human brain is using almost exclusively the left half of his brain to solve the riddle. The chimp on the other hand is using both hemispheres about equally. The reasons for this difference are not known in the neuro-physiological sciences, but the QF-theory has clear answers; the chimp and his ancestors have not been, and are not, practicing neurotransmitter cheating and brain pollution for recreational relaxation. They are producing neuro-inhibitors such as endorphins and dopamines in a natural manner.

The Sixth field of investigation into the possibility of false intron-programs; The genetic inheritance of the false intron-programs.
The hierarchy chart below the man and monkey photographs, depict the famous findings of the Czech-Austrian monk, Johan Gregor Mendel, showing the laws of genetic inheritance, which he discovered in the nineteenth century and which have required only little adjustments since. As an example for this law, we can consider the case of a black man and a white woman having a child together, it may become white and its child as well, but then a black child may appear in the third or fourth generation. In recent research into acquired behavior, it has been discovered that it is inherited through the generations in accord with the Mendelian law and in this category of inheritance, the addiction sickness are clearly involved, but that is at the same time the suggestion of the QF-theory. In other words, the genetic inheritance causes for the addictions may have  roots that lie 5 to 7 generations' back.


(Videoclip #08)

One of the strangest suggestions that the part of the QF-theory that deals with life and consciousness, is the confirmation that prophesies are indeed possible and how they function, but this happens also to be on of the questions of Professor Stephen Hawking. In continuations of this it becomes clear that with reference to the QF-brain-models, we can now get a continuous and reality true interpretation of the strange and outrageously abstract visions described in the prophesy of the Biblical Book of Revelation. This if they are interpreted on the bases of the brain's anatomical concepts and the QF-modeling for the quantum functions of the brain. It was discovered that on this basis the prophesy could be interpreted as describing the evolutionary progression of an individual's brain into the fourth and final stage of neuronal addiction and the its withdrawals and recovery into the a new reality perception and a new life. In other words, the prophesy was describing the experience of an alcoholic in the three classical phases of; How it was!, What happened! and How it became!, in the sickness and recovery progression of this individual.


One of the interpretations of the Revelation lead to translation into a graphical metaphor describing the creation of the "filter" in the brain of the addicted person, but this was the 13th chapter in the prophesy. It is thus fitting to incorporate this interpretation into our discussion of these phenomena, with a brief extract from this hitherto impossible to understand metaphor. This describes three stages in the creation of the filter:

The First Beast "comes out of the sea with the power of the Dragon", but this is a description of a poorly inhibited functions in the instinct brain, "the sea", or the right hippocampus into the spatial-WE-hemisphere of the introns.

The Second Beast "comes out of the earth and talks like a Dragon, with  the power of the First Beast". This is a description of the poorly inhibited functions in the instinct brain, "earth", or the left hippocampus into the matter-I-hemisphere of the exons, which through the alcohol "enjoys" increased neuroinhibitor production of the spatial hemispheric introns.

The Second Beast has a image of the First Beast created and "new life is breathed into it" so that all would worship it… Eventually "no one can buy or sell without the permission of this Beast Image", but this is the addiction filter regulating the neurotransmitter production and exchanges in the spatial hemisphere.

This means that the "filter" is regulating most all of the neurotransmitter states of the neurons of the brain and thus its realty perceptions and interactions, but this we shall now scrutinize here following, though not in prophetic language.

If the suggestions of the QF-theory, that the human brain contains a Higher Power, or God-consciousness faculty and a disturbance in its functions be the cause for all our problems. The statically sicknesses and degenerative ones are what makes it the most serious issue in humanity and not strange that it is the subject of a major prophesy. This of course, provided that phenomenas such as prophesies, is really possible. As it is the "filter" that is the cause for these disturbances in the causative-half of our brains and at the same time it represents a copy of our individual ego (exon-program) superimposed on to the faith and compassion faculties (intron-programs) of our brains, then it is not a wonder that we have individuals who in a "psychosis-awakening" of this program, begin to believe and declare that they are Jesus, Buddha, Virgin Mary or Napoleon. Neither is it a source of wonder that many people find what they call "the God-nonsense" as abhorrent, where the psychology and psychiatry professions are in the forefront, after having heard many mentally ill individuals utter much confounded rubbish of this sort. Neither is it strange that Christ did warn about impending appearance of many such "false Christs" in the future, but this suggests that he must have had a good "foresight" into the future psychiatric problems of man. He may have known somehow that man's future pollution with "false neurotransmitters" would eventually produce many "false Christ's".

The QF-suggestion for the "filter" also explains the enormous variety and frequency in the functional disorders found in the spatial-WE-hemisphere, or the sub-conscious. It also explains the relative rarity of music, panting, sculpture, poetry, and insight and creativity functions in the general population, that we not forget our "put-on" sense of morality and material oriented compassion for each other. All this confirms the QF-theories functional models of the human brain.

This means that the "filter" is regulating most all of the neurotransmitter states of the neurons of the brain and thus its realty perceptions and interactions, but this we shall now scrutinize here following, though not in prophetic language.

If the suggestions of the QF-theory, that the human brain contains a Higher Power, or God-consciousness faculty and a disturbance in its functions be the cause for all our problems. The statically sicknesses and degenerative ones are what makes it the most serious issue in humanity and not strange that it is the subject of a major prophesy. This of course, provided that phenomenas such as prophesies, is really possible. As it is the "filter" that is the cause for these disturbances in the causative-half of our brains and at the same time it represents a copy of our individual ego (exon-program) superimposed on to the faith and compassion faculties (intron-programs) of our brains, then it is not a wonder that we have individuals who in a "psychosis- awakening" of this program, begin to believe and declare that they are Jesus, Buddha, Virgin Mary or Napoleon. Neither is it a source of wonder that many people find what they call "the God-nonsense" as abhorrent, where the psychology and psychiatry professions are in the forefront, after having heard many mentally ill individuals utter much confounded rubbish of this sort. Neither is it strange that Christ did warn about impending appearance of many such "false Christs" in the future, but this suggests that he must have had a good "foresight" into the future psychiatric problems of man. He may have known somehow that man's future pollution with "false neurotransmitters" would eventually produce many "false Christ's".

The QF-suggestion for the "filter" also explains the enormous variety and frequency in the functional disorders found in the spatial-WE-hemisphere, or the sub-conscious. It also explains the relative rarity of music, panting, sculpture, poetry, and insight and creativity functions in the general population, that we not forget our "put-on" sense of morality and material oriented compassion for each other. All this confirms the QF-theories functional models of the human brain.


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