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It should be obvious that the filter may be deposited anywhere in the brains introns and that it is collected into specific regions, depending on the addicts thoughts during intoxication, but since much of our instincts become poorly inhibited in this state. This is primarily the sex-drive instinct, but the regions in the brain that serve this drive, become a specially endangered with filter accumulation. According to the QF-theory, this is the reason for the Freudian "libido" thesis and what is more serious, the enormous frequency of cancer in the human sexual glands and organs. The slide shows the overview of the extremes in the filter syndromes in humanity, with a filter free brain-state for comparison. Here it should be clear that this is only intended to give a broad insight into the effects of the filter and that there are all kinds of intermediary states in-between. We should be aware of the fact that the drawings do not include the biofeedback recovery states, since they belong to the next part on recovery.

On top in the center row we have an individual that is free of any filter, but this is the enlightened "weirdo", who in the western cultures, can only be different from the average personality. These are individuals such as the authors of the religions, but in this state, the brain's faith-center is fully operational and undisturbed. These are also most of the creative geniuses of our history (but not including the "military geniuses"). These are individual which have not been exciting their brains with false-neurotransmitters, such as Albert Einstein, who had a spiritual experience as a teenager and never drank. In this brain the neurotransmitter production is in such balanced state that it keeps the focal point of consciousness--expressed with a ball--steadily in the center of the brain, or around the corpus callosum.

In the middle of the center row we have the "modern man" of the western cultures, who uses alcohol as he is "supposed to drink", or is a tempered drinker who "knows how to drink" and generally does not loose control of  his behavior and consumption. Most of us have inherited some filter, but those who have the most of this become gradually addicted. In this person the neurotransmitter production "summary line" shows two dips in it, which means that the focal point is primarily in the matter-I-hemispheres exon programs, but may "quantum jump" over to the spatial-WE-hemispheric intron programs producing a "split wave of consciousness". This in turn leads to lack of discipline, lack of concentration and lack of attention, which are the causes for our mistakes and accidents.

Many such "average" individuals have spiritual-awakening experiences, but later take to exciting their brains with alcohol or cocaine and some even run their consciousness altogether on this, such as the case of Dr. Sigmund Freud and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Many of these individuals then progress into one of the four psychiatric illnesses or some of the two other psychiatric brain functions disturbances.

At the center bottom we have the neurotransmitter balance state of the far advanced drug-addict, which has reached its extreme limits, but in this state the filter has become so dense that most of the neurotransmitter inhibitory production has ceased. The addict is thus condemned to do everything to ensure his supply of false-neurotransmitters, legally or illegally, no matter what it takes. He will thus not withdraw from any "necessary" criminal acts in order to achieve this. The brain's neurotransmitter production "summary line" has left his brain and all such chemicals must come from the outside in order for the consciousness wave to achieve some sort of balance, but in this state its focal point may at the same time land anywhere in the brain. This individual is very close to "quantum leaping" into one of the four "psychotic states" of the psychiatric illnesses, and at the same time makes regular excursions into the other states of psychological imbalance.

In the top right hand row is the psychiatric illness of "manic-depressive" of which there are variations classified.

In the center right hand row is the psychiatric illness of "schizophrenia" of which there are at least five variations classified.

In the lower right hand row is the psychiatric illness of "catatonic schizophrenia", which was portrayed in the famous "THE AWAKENING", movie, with Robby Williams playing Dr. Oliver Sachs and Robert DeNero as the "star" patient.

In the lower left hand row is the psychiatric disturbance or illness,  of "depression", which is well known to many addicts.

In the center left hand row are states that are not classified as psychiatric disturbances or illnesses, but as forms of psychological disturbances. These are phenomenas such as: the "sociopath", the "psychopath", the "multi personality" or even the "serial killers", which to the addicts are well known.

In the top left hand row is the psychological phenomena of the "ego-manic", who is a most enthusiastic hero with great drives, but lesser moral responsibility. This personality is usually a co-dependent or a descendant of addicts with great amounts of filter, but does not necessarily drink any alcohol.

Finally, there is nothing that says that it is not possible for anyone to get rid of his filter and achieve a state of consciousness similar to the one in number #1, at the top center. This is indeed what the yogis, such as Maharishi Mahesch and Schri Chinmoy, are telling us. The conscious state of the enlightened can however be differently difficult in achieving and may require great understanding of what is involved and require much help and careful guidance.


The top scan is intended to give an idea of  how the average "clean and sober" individual looks with his "average-filter", but during the last century the collective inheritance-filter has now grown and spread out, particularly in the western cultures. Oddly enough, it is this "average-filter" that may be the most lethal one since its consequences appear in all kinds of extremist behavior, which all are caused by the sub-conscious efforts of the spatial-WE-hemispheric intron-programs to somehow compensate for the reduced endorphin production of the brain. In this a great number of unmanageability compulsions appear, such as that of the compulsion to eat without need, compulsion to gamble against the odds, compulsion to change sex-partners, compulsion for abnormal sexual-behavior and we could go on for several pages. This "average-filter" creates great unhappiness and leads to premature death, just like all other filters. However, in recent times the obesity-filter is growing in full measure with the false-neurotransmitter addiction-filters in the western cultures and is now being recognized by the health authorities, even though they do not recognize that they are powerless over this killer. Recently the US-medical association has corrected its records on this insanity, by revising the figure of its sufferers from 30% of the citizenry, to 69%, but this reflects the situation in most other western cultures. The most pathetic side of the filter plague of man is the idiotic effort by delusional individuals, such as the psychology profession, who claim to help others to overcome this through all sorts of rubbish dialog, which temporarily produce compassion endorphins. This deludes the "customers" into believing in this useless practice and in turn produces just more filter. The practice of treating the filter by drugs is not pathetic, it is but criminal. In this we fail to recognize the fact that we cannot cure something by the same method we used to create it, while at the same time our sciences fail to recognize the correct fundamental program of the human brain and its workings.

The lower scan is on the other hand intended to give an idea of what the far-advanced addict and his scan look like. Here a contradiction appears in the possibility that this individual may be in a better position than the average individual in regard to being rid of the filter. His suffering may lead him to the correct solution. Since the average "clean and sober" individual with his "average-filter" is not an alcoholic or addict, he is not likely to realize that he may have to give up his stress-relief recreational drinking and go about being rid of his filter in the same manner as the addict. This may be the only way he can alter his thinking and attitudes in order to stay stress-free.


The Brain’s Normal Balance Perception.
Abbreviations from the writings of
Psychology Professor Andrew Derrington.

balance functions: The Brain’s Normal Balance Perception.

In Slide 17 we have some graphic that show us a simplistic explanation/description for the mechanism and functions of a healthy version of balance perception in the outer and inner ears, plush a graphic showing us the QF-holistic dual-field of consciousness in the brain it self. Integrated into the channels in the middle ear and inner ear are the exquisite sensitivity and sensor control circuits in the brain that enable us to enjoy the sensation of stability that we feel commonly in our daily business and generally do not seem to raise any question to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       4-17_Alcoho-Body.gif
    Three sources of information are used to provide the brain with the balance references. In the middle are found the main neuronal sensory reflexes and then in the inner ear we find the main motion perception mechanism in the form of liquid filled the semicircular channels and the cochlea. These are; the accelerations of the head, detected by the semicircular canal in the vestibular organ and the Cochlea in the inner ear VOR = blue channels and canals); movements of the neck and body, signaled by the muscles and joints; and movements of the objects about us by the visual system (Malleus, Incus, Tympanic membrane), Sables). Information from the different sources is rigorously cross-checked before it reaches consciousness, and before we (consciousness) take sober corrective action.   
    A famous example is the head rotation in the brain of pilots, which can be dangerous to rookies. This is detected by a part of the vestibular organ called the semicircular canal, a loop of fluid-filled tubing embedded in the skull bone. The tube is blocked by a barrier called the copula (copula). When the head rotates in the plane of the canal the fluid tends to lag behind, pressing against the copula. The pressure, detected by special neurons called hair cells, gives you the signal that your head is spinning. We have three semicircular canals on each side of the head. Each is positioned to signal rotation in a different direction. The VOR responds to rotation with the compensating oscillating pattern of eye-movements called nystagmus. Because the input (head movement) and output (eye movement) of the VOR can be measured precisely it is one of the best understood control systems in the brain. But even in spit of this fact, the system is still throwing up new surprises.


Intoxication imblalance functions: Alcohol exerts its effect on the vestibular organ reflexes (VOR).

It is also one of the best commonly known fact of nature, that one of the first organs the alcohol disturbs in the intoxicated human nerve system are these two nerve clusters in the middle and inner ear.
    The alcohol in the bloodstream stimulates the semicircular-canals and make the copula lighter, causing it to float. The upward pressure on the copula is sensed by special neurons called “hair cells”, which send wrong signal to consciousness demanding wrong corrections and give us the “drunken gate”, make us “fall down stars” and "have auto accident" where we kill our selves and others. Any inaccuracy in the VOR functions shows up as dangerous instability in the visual world.
    Another common warning example is the vertigo we experience when we change our spectacle prescription. Changing spectacles changes the magnification of the eye, and hence the size of the eye movement that perfectly compensates for a given head movement. As we get used to the spectacles we adjust the VOR and the world becomes stable again.
    The compensating oscillating pattern of eye-movements called (heat vectors) nystagmus was thought to be caused by convection currents, but experiments on Skylab showed that this cannot be so. Caloric (heat vectors) nystagmus occurs in space, where there is no gravity to produce convection currents.
    In contrast--although it has not been tested in space--the spinning sensation induced by alcohol depends on gravity. Otherwise its direction would not depend on the position of the head. Alcohol stimulates the semicircular canal because alcohol in the bloodstream makes the copula lighter than the surrounding fluid, causing it to float and produce the wrong signals.
    The resulting upward pressure on the copula is identical to that caused by rotary acceleration of the head, and is interpreted by the brain as such, producing the “drunk gate”. Mixing 2 parts of heavy water (deuterium) with 1 part alcohol neutralizes this effect. Unfortunately, the high price of heavy water and the effects of alcohol on the nervous system make this an unrealistic way of keeping a clear head.

Detoxification: Alcohol may be removed from the VOR by heavy water.

It has been proven by having test subjects drink a mixture of 2 parts of deuterium to 1 part alcohol, that it turns of the “the drunk gate” quite rapidly.


     The Brain’s Abnormal Balance Perception in the Drunk Spin.
Abbreviations from the writings of Psychologist,

Karl S. Kruszelnicki

What happens when the “Room Spins when Drunk”.

The other consciousness imbalance is the “Drunk spinning Room”, which with a few exemptions closely resembles the imbalance associated with the “copula/hair-nerve” imbalance interactions. We shall now see what Dr. Psychologist, Karl S. Kruszelnicki has to say about this phenomenon, where a person who gets drunk enough, before retiring to sleep, gets the sensation of the room spinning. Why does alcohol do this when you're trying to get some sleep?
    To a chemist, ethanol, methanol, propanol and butanol are all part of a family called the "alcohols". But every chemist knows that there's only one alcohol you can drink - ethanol. The rest of the alcohols are poisonous. Ethanol, the alcohol you can drink, is a very powerful drug. It's used as an industrial solvent, a powerful disinfectant, and as a pickling agent to preserve dead things in bottles. Seeing as how it's such a potent drug, it's surprising that it doesn't have more side effects.
    Man has been swigging beer for at least 6,000 years. There is chemical evidence for this in the 6,000-year-old Sumerian trading post of the Godin Temple, in the Zagros mountains of western Iran. This trading post later became a fortress on what would become the fabulous Silk Road. In 1991, in one of the rooms of the trading post, archaeologists found chemical evidence for wine. In 1992, in other jars in the same room, they found chemical evidence that beer had been stored in these jars.


    Now the world has turned a few times since the Sumerian traders drained these jars, and we're still not really 100% sure how too-much-alcohol makes the room spin. There are several theories, but one of the more popular ones claims that it's because the alcohol changes the density of some of the bits of your balance system.
    Your ears do more than just hear (by turning sound into electricity) - they also hold your balance sensors. This happens in each inner ear on each side of your head. In fact, in each inner ear, you have two separate systems dealing with balance.
    First, in each inner ear there are three hollow circles joined together at right angles to each other. These three semicircular canals pick up rotatory acceleration in liquids in each of the three planes - up-down, left-right and backward-forward. Second, right near the base where these three circles join are two swellings - the utricle and saccule. They give you information on vertical and horizontal acceleration.
    This is the important bit - the trigger for the balance mechanisms, no matter whether they are the three semicircular canals, or the utricle-saccule pair, is a small blob of jelly.

This blob of jelly is attached to the VIIIth Cranial Nerve which runs back into your brain. Besides doing hearing, the VIIIth Cranial Nerve is also responsible for balance. This blob of jelly is called the "otolith" in the utricle and saccule, and the "cupola" in the semicircular canals.

Either way, blobs of jelly in each of your inner ears are responsible for your balance (cupola/hair-nerve cell” imbalance interactions). When you move your head, the blob of jelly moves, and this triggers tiny hairs (which are attached to the jelly) into bending. When these hairs bend, they give off electricity, which runs into the VIIIth Cranial Nerve, and then into your brain - and suddenly you have the sensation that you're moving.
    It seems that when you drink a little too much, the alcohol (which is a terrific solvent) gets into your blood stream, and then into the cupola, where it change its density. This distorts the shape of the cupola, and makes it bend those little hairs. These hairs then send an electrical signal to your brain that you are undergoing some kind of rotary acceleration - or that the room around you is spinning. This effect is stronger when you are on your bed in a darkened room, and there are no other signals (such as from your eyes) to tell you that the room is, in fact, perfectly still. -- The direction in which the room “seems to spin” depends upon which way your head hits the pillow.
    As the night wears on, the alcohol gradually diffuses out of the little blobs of jelly, so the electrical signals slow down and the sensation of spinning lessens. After a few more hours, the alcohol has almost entirely left the blob of jelly. But your brain has spent several hours thinking that your head is spinning. It has got used to it, so it interprets NOT spinning as seeming to spin in the opposite direction.

    So you could go to sleep with the room spinning one way, and wake up with it spinning the other way.

                                                                                                                                                            End of Dr. Karl’s quotations.


As Dr Karl said: There are several theories explaining this, but one of the more popular ones claims that it's because the alcohol changes the density of some of the bits of your inner ear balance system (cupola/hair-nerve cell” imbalance interactions).” This is the explanation that the QF-theory accepts to be in all probability to the closest, or reality, but is still open to some of the other; consciousness quantum spin based explanations.

Many quantum spin phenomena have similar properties as become apparent in the “drunk spinning room” phenomena. These are highlighted in Slide 17X. here prior.   
    This acceptance owes it acceptance to the strength of the “deuterium sobering experiment”.
    This dispute and associated doubts can in all probability not be settled without re-re-re-research, and in all probability, not without experiments carried out in the gravity free field of space.

    The QF-theory claims that the physical health side effects of alcohol are much greater and severe than we have bee aware of through out history: It further claims that these health side effects are now increasing at an exponential rate. The apparently trivial question as the interaction relationship between the quantum spin of consciousness and man’s use of alcohol, as it appears here, may be more important that we are aware of today. This is what this "ALCATRAS" lectur is all about.


Here we begin our scrutiny of the different states of an incorrectly or abnormally functioning wave of consciousness by the investigation into the "split-wave" phenomena. This is of course caused by the  filter, which is either inherited, gained through the environment during the upbringing, or both of these with the addition through consumption of false-neurotransmitters. The filter causes shortage of neuroinhibitors in the spatial-WE-hemisphere so that the wave of consciousness in that half of the brain becomes faster and goes our of "sync", or out of "phase" with the one the matter-I-hemisphere, which means that the hemispheres do not communicate with each other as well. The consequence is decreased concentration, which is best known in cases where people in this state are reading something starting with the focal point of consciousness in the matter-I-hemisphere, which is the brain-half where the reading is located--shown in Side #2-18. During the reading the focal point makes a quantum leap over to the spatial-WE-hemisphere where it stays for a while. When it then makes it leap back, the reader becomes conscious that he has "read a whole page without having any idea about what he was reading" and almost nothing of this reading is stored in the long-term memory. The opposite of this is reading with a whole-wave, where the reader is concentrated and also "reads between the lines" storing the material in both hemispheric long-term memories.
   The split wave of consciousness is in many cases the culprit when people have "accidents" where they are "absent minded" and hit the back of the car in front before they know it, or even something worse. This filter caused split state of the wave of consciousness is in fact the main cause for the accidents in humanity and this explains why active alcoholics and addicts--regardless whether they are intoxicated or not--are the most accident prone and accident causing individuals.

Students in school who frequently suffer a split wave of consciousness, have greater difficulty in learning, than those who enjoy a whole wave, who seem to learn without effort. A well know "trick" employed by university students is to go on "speed" during the preparation studies before the examination, as well as during the exams, but the better performance justifies the ensuing "down-tour" from the speed. This is also the plight of the "hyperactive children" (ADHD) but theirs is an inherited filter, which causes great shortage of neuro-inhibitors (dopamine) and a split wave of consciousness. Unfortunately the only solution modern psychology-psychiatry has to offer is to correct the hyperactivity through giving the children "speed" medication (usually Ritalin), which then speeds-up the whole of the wave on the both sides and makes it whole, but this is not always sufficient. The pathetic side of this is the fact that our scientists do not have any whole and comprehensive working models for the functions and malfunctions of the human brain, consequently they can offer no other solutions than the ones that caused the problem in the first place. Much the less do they have any idea of the filter or its coming into existence, consequently no insight into the need for the parents, who usually suffer from an alcoholic-addict, or co-dependent filter, to get rid of their filter before their child's hyperactivity filter can be removed.

QF-theory indirect verification suggestion:

QF-theory has been suggesting this since 1994.

 Monday, August 6, 2007

Brain Studies Show ADHD Is Real Disease

Condition appears linked to dopamine function, experts say

MONDAY, Aug. 6 (NIH News) -- Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a real disease linked to changes in production of the brain chemical dopamine, two new reports suggest.

The findings suggest reveals that the neuro-inhibitor dopamine that serves a key role regarding attention deficit and hyperactivity (ADHD) and may throw a light on the reasons for people with ADHD tend to abuse alcohol and drugs. It turned out that grownups with ADHD had less amounts of dopamine in their brains than those who did not have  ADHD.


One of the better-known mystery-phenomenas associated with the practice of consuming false neurotransmitters comes about when one side of the wave of consciousness collapses completely. This produces a condition known as the "blackout", but it may appear to the addict in many different time frames, both during intoxication and when coming out of it in the withdrawals. This can be in the form of many short-term temporary blackouts, which are sometimes called "Swiss-cheese blackout". Long term black-outs may last a whole day, or even several days, mainly in addiction to pharmaceutical mind altering chemical, both during intoxication and in withdrawals, which are more frequent. A part of what happens in the blackout is a collapse of the functions in the spatial-WE-hemispheric hippocampus, through which a part of the wave flow of consciousness is regulated. This then leads to the collapse of the IN-phase of the wave of consciousness, which disappears resulting in no long term memory holistic photon quanta is being "deposited" or "laid down" in the memory banks of the DNA. In this state, the OUT-phase of the wave of consciousness remains and the individual who has full action abilities and access to all his faculties such as instincts, perceptions, senses and long term memory, with the short-term memory being full intact during this state. It is only the long-term memory deposits that are being disrupted, but this can give the individual quite a shock jolt when he snaps out of it and realizes that he does not remember parts of the past, such as the day before. Added to the feeling of terror produced by this experience is the fact that the people do not know what is taking place in the brain. It leads may to believing this to be a very dangerous condition, which it is not, other than the regular dangers involved in the intoxication. The other side of this phenomena is the collapse of the wave regulations in the other hippocampus serving the matter-I-hemispheric, which means the collapse of the OUT-phase of the wave of consciousness and an intoxication "drunk-death" or "drunk-collapse" and "drunk-passing-out" as it is called. Obviously, in that state there will be no train of events taking place and consequently, no memories, which in this case is normal.


In this slide we have drawn two science originated graphs showing research findings of the evolutionary progression of the false neurotransmitter addiction syndromes--or alcoholism as it is  generally referred to--through its four stages. Parallel to this we have incorporated what we believe to be a 1950 year old prophetic picture of this evolutionary process, but this is the "Four Knights of the Apocalypse" or the "Apocalyptic Riders" from the Biblical Book of Revelation. This is a brilliant and poetic spiritual description of the four stages of the sickness of alcoholism, where each stage in the alcoholic syndrome is perfectly matched in the horses and its riders, along with the accompanying regalia.

The science research on the progression was carried out from 1945 to 1950 in the United States by Dr. E. M. Jellinek and in it 2200 recovered AA-fellowship alcoholics were interviewed. The results showed that the alcoholics went through four distinct stages, which consisted of 44 steps, with the last step being into the grave. The strange and apparently incoherent religious gibberish in the Book of Revelation appears at first to be widely alien to any scientific research. Added to this is the fact that science has failed to answer the question of Professor Hawking; "Why is it that we only know the past, not the future?". This is one of the questions of the science discipline of theoretical physics, which also asks the question; Are prophesies possible, and if so, then by what means? The answer the QF-theory gives is in the affirmative and the theory further explains how this takes place and why it is so seldom. It was indeed this result of the theory that lead to research into different kinds of prophecies amongst which some remarkable insights into the prophecy of the Book of Revelation were gained. It was discovered to be a description of the progression of an individual into the final stages of the alcohol addiction, then his remission of the symptoms of the sickness through the AA-fellowship and then his life after his recovery.

The natural correspondence between the progressive description in the prophecy and the four stages of the progression of the alcohol addiction, is unmistakable. The progression into demise of the four "knights of the apocalypse", from a victor on a white horse to a terminal looser on a pail horse is the actual beginning of the prophesy, with the metaphors being the experience of the addict. In the first stage he experiences himself as the "prince on the white horse", in the second he is the "knight with the sword of aggression on the read  horse of the angry warrior". The in the third stage, which is the entry into the sickness of addiction, he begins riding the black horse of the depressive moods and the scales of judgment" since now he begins to judge everyone, including himself, in the severest terms. The fourth and final stage is then best described in the poetic metaphor of the "knight on the pink hours of death, with Hell as his companion". The graphic on the top left shows a portion of a brain at the beginning of the drinking career, the on eon the right shows the same brain at its end where such symptoms as delirium tremens and Korsakow psychosis are experienced. The intoxication state of high or rush graphic line against a quantity consumption line, show the gradual increase in alcohol tolerance.  They then show how this is rapidly dissipated as the liver starts to succumb to the toxic accumulations and damages. Then as the livers stops removing the alcohol from the blood with this loss of alcohol tolerance, the addict may need only small amounts of alcohol to stay intoxicated, in which case it is said that the alcoholic becomes a "vino".


In June 2003 a British Medical Doctor, Harold Shipman, who for years had been a morphine-addict, was interned in the Wakefield prison in England, but he was believed to have murdered about 400 of his patients. He then committed suicide a year later so that his wife would be legal to receive his pension. Without an understanding of evolution and function of the alcohol addictions, with the accompanying DNA-alterations in the filter, as presented by the QF-theory, it difficult to understand that this man who had made it his calling to help his fellows, was capable of "deliberately planing" to become the greatest serial killer in the history of Great Britain. This fact then became the reason for the British Sky Television station to call in a prominent psychiatrist on the occasion of the internment of Dr. Shipman so he might explain to the viewers how this was possible. The psychiatrist began his explanations by telling the viewers that "It was not because Dr. Shipman was a drug-addict that he committed the murders. It was because he was a psychopath". The good psychiatrist did not explain to the public that the word "psychopath" is just a label for s specific pathological behavior and that the discipline of psychiatry does not know what neuro-physiological malfunctions are behind it. Much the less does this science know what causes it, but the same is true for the addiction sicknesses. Had the psychiatrist been honest and told the truth, then his explanation would have been; We simply do not know why this happens. If he on the other hand were familiar with the QF-theory, he then would have been able to tell the viewers that the reasons for Dr. Shipman's behavior was to be found in the inheritance- and consumption-filter and the alteration it produced in the programming and thinking of his brain.

It is the lack of insight of the drug-founded psychiatry into quantum mechanical brain-functions models such as the ones produced by QF-theory that this pseudo science cannot realize the creation of the filter and its functions, nor can it realize its through the generations collective genetically inherited background. This is in reality a catastrophe for humanity, not just because it is daily costing hundreds of individuals their happiness and life, but because of the inability of our science and academic institutes to do anything about the ever-accelerating growth of the DNA-disrupting filter. This means a continued steady growth of the addictions and psychiatric illnesses, with continued dumbfounded academics and scientists observing this and continually deluding themselves that they are doing something about this. In stead their methods are producing more drunks, more filter and deaths. This is in particular apparent in view of the fact that the "scientific methods" being employed are not changing the psychopaths, but this is not strange since this method is the same as the one that was originally used to created the condition.

On the slide we can see at least 16 different undesirable behavioral characteristics, which ALL are commonplace character defects in alcoholics and addicts. Most recovered addicts recognize these "filter caused" behavioral patterns from their drinking and drugging times, but in their language the filter is called "character defects".


At the birth of the QF-theory suggestion for the causes for cancer in 1994, there was not much optimism that some scientific research that might support it was forthcoming soon. Never-the-less, the here accompanying shortened version of an article by Dr. Ögmundsdóttir describing the nature of cancer, it was included in the ALCATRAS lecture in the year 2000. In early 2001, the mapping of the human genome was completed leading to strong indications that the management of the cells might be in the non-coding-intergenetic-DNA. These are nucleotides that account for 98% of the DNA, and off which the QF-theory classifies 50% as QF-introns. As the introns and the non-coding-intergenetic-DNA in the genome were not found to code for anything, they had been explained as leftovers from evolution, or as plain genetic junk, which nature had forgotten to be rid of. With the scientists added insights into the homeotic genes and the splicesomes, and the new insight into the possible intron management of the cells, researchers began taking new directions, which amongst other things produced the remarkable "DNA-computer-chip". Through this scientist can now "see" how a great number of genes, or as many as twenty, have "gone a wry", or are somehow disrupted in their management functions. That fits perfectly the QF-theory picture, although it is no "proof" for its cancer causes suggestions or the theory of the filter. It is thus no longer possible to use the radiation mutation explanations as the causes 70% of the cancers. The likelihood for a single radiation-mutation in two different genes at the same time is extremely small, but this taking place in three or more such cases at the same time, statistically destroys this possibility. It is for this reason that the medical manuals on this subject are now being revised as is indicated in the short video clip here following.

In QF-theory suggestions regarding the statistical sickness and the filter, the main issue is the adverse effect of the filter on our body's immunity- and defense-mechanism, which according to the theory has reduced capacity through it. The filter disturbed neuro-transmitter production of the brain, effects the endocrine system functions throughout the body. Through the brain pollution consumption of false-neurotransmitters--mainly alcohol--the counterfeit peptides becomes the most massive DNA's "epigenetic disrupters" on the planet or its greatest "weapon of mass destruction". Here at the end of this Part and as support to the QF-theory ideas presented in Slide #4-21, we now look at a short "cut-out" for the BBC-television program, "AFTER THE GENOME" that deals with cancer and its DNA-chip analyzes.

(Videoclip #09)

One of the most shocking claim by the QF-theory is that the causes for all the so called "statistical sicknesses" is through inherited of acquired "neuro-transmitter caused cheating filter", but this is about as bold a suggestion as they come. Statistical sicknesses are sicknesses where there is no virus or bacteria, or known outside agent in the body, causing its malfunctions or sicknesses, other than inherited genetic defects and normal aging. All we know about them is that they happen so and so often in a specific number of individuals. In this category are found all the neurological disorders such as the psychiatric- and addiction illnesses, including all the mental disturbances. There we also find depression, autism, epilepsy, hyperactivity, sex-, gambling- and obesity-addiction syndromes, as well as the psychosomatic disorders. This also goes for the more viscous and usually terminal ailments, such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Parkinson's, MS-Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes but here the list is much longer and includes all the Degenerative Phenomenas.

How is this possible? How can anyone make such suggestions? This has its foundations in the  QF-theory's suggestion that the reality of each and every "QF-intron-nucleotide base" in the DNA-double helix molecule, is the same "quantum reality as for all introns" and that of space itself at the same time. If this is correct, then according to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics by Professor Niels Bohr and his co-workers, all events that take place inside this reality, are surely a "throw of the dice". This then suggests that those who have acquired a false-, or a filter-program on top of the natural "life management program" in their neuronal QF-introns, may have this "false filter-program" make a "quantum-leap" into the QF-introns of a regular body cell. The filter then "takes over and interrupts its management", so as the cell becomes isolated in its surroundings. This means that the cell acquires the same kind of "egoist mentality" as the alcoholism addict and the psychiatric-ill person. This suggestion becomes quite clear in the metaphorical description, which Dr. Helga Ögmundsdóttir presents in the shortened version of her newspaper article in our slide, but in it she paraphrases human behavior to that of the cancer malignant cell to facilitate our understanding.

Obviously this is quite subjected for discussion but that field is in another forum. Our discussion here at the end of this Part is intended only to show our audience the latest situation in cancer research regarding its causes and how its findings are gradually move in the direction of the suggestions made by the QF-theory. The amusing part is that this is also the case in physics. Today cancer is defined as the sickness of the genome and every third person in the western cultures ends life in the horrors of cancer, but this fully justifies our scrutiny of the QF-theory's suggestions regarding its causes.

Medical science has been dividing cancer into two groups depending on its probable causes; One group of about 70% of the cases was believed to be caused by spatial radiation triggering mutations in one gene, but in this the most common cases involved the sexual glands and organs in humans. The other group of about 30% of the cancer cases was then caused by toxic-mutations, but there the smoking is considered to be the most common cause. Since 1994 the QF-theory has been making suggestions where a "theoretical connections" between the statistical sicknesses - mostly cancer - and the filter were established. A leading indication was the connection between the behavioral patterns of the filter in the brain and the behavioral patterns in cancerous tumors, but these are being portrayed in the 2000 newspaper article writings of Dr. Ögmundsdóttir. The reading of this article gave the author the final realization that the QF-theory had all along been suggesting to him that alcoholism and the addictions in general, were representing "the cancer of the soul" (the pathological condition of the subconscious half of the brain) and he decided to include it in his lecture that year, but 4 years later the information in the BBC-television program, "AFTER THE GENOME" convinced him of its validity and 2 years after this the epigenetic discoveries provided the insight into how the filter went about altering the DNA's functions through the faulty epigenetic marks.

The leap this insight represents is in the realization that cancer in the multi-cellular eucaryotic cell represented revision back to the single-cell procaryotic life form. The cell did not fit into the collective household of the multi-cellular organism since the collective
management programs in its QF-intron management side were blocked by the filters which also destroyed its self-destruct programs and made it incapable of dying, just like the single-cell procaryotic organisms. This theoretical discovery, this insight, is altogether new and the scientific community is not aware of it, but as far as the QF-theory is concerned, it represents the strongest argument for the QF-theory's even division of the DNA's nucleotides into 50% QF-exons and 50% QF-introns, as well as the theory's arguments that the fundamental organization of the DNA and the Human Brain are essentially the same. Further information on this argument is found in the Eighth QF-Letter under the URL:

The filter, which is deposited into
QF-intron management side produces a multitude of functionally disturbed management survival programs which in turn send the wrong signals for epigenetic markings. In humans these are mostly created by life experience thoughts during intoxication--no matter whether mild or strong--since the presence of false neuron-transmitters causes failed re-uptake in the synaptic clefts and wrong polarization of the receiving neuron (post-synaptic). The QF-theory drew the attention to the fact that the consumption of false-neurotransmitters, mainly alcohol, began in connection to the first sexual interactions in late puberty. This produced the wrong polarity in the neurons, while the wave of consciousness contained thoughts about sex, which in turn begins the creation of a strong filter in the part of the "seat of consciousness-DNA" that dealt with the sex-instinct. The practice of mixing sex and alcohol then becomes the rule and a great number of the population fits the "libido-description" produced by a 20th century alcoholic-addict psychology pioneer. A great number of married couples in the Western Cultures use alcoholic drinks to enhance their sex-life, this without any alcoholism being involved, but these cultural practices are then the reasons for the cancer being so common in the sex glands and organs of modern man. According to the QF-theory, this takes place through the complex QF-intron-filters in the brain, which eventually make their quantum leap into the QF-introns of the corresponding glandular body cells. Since the filter is spread into a wide range of QF-introns, then it alters the genetic program of the host-cell malignantly, not in just a few genes, but for numerous genes, this through the faulty epigenetic markers.

QF-theory's Verification Notes:

This suggestion by the QF-theory's brain and biology models has been on the web since at years end in 2000 but now in April 2007 the following news was published on the Reuters-web. These finding are now seen as the strongest supporting verification of the QF-theory to date.

Reuters-news from April 2007

"Vine drinking related to breast cancer"

Women who drink what amounts to two bottles of vine a week increase their risk of getting breast cancer.
A new Danish research undertaking carried out on 17.647 nurses shows that the danger of breast cancer is doubled
for women who drink 22-27 glasses of alcohol, that is bear or vine compared with those who drank 1-3 glasses a week.
The risk is the highest if the alcohol is drunk in a short period of time.
The women partaking in the research were all considered to be tempered drinkers.

The Morning paper 15th August 2006.

“A greater number than before of Danish children are now
diagnosed with cancer in the brain”

The Newspaper 4th August 2006.

  “The number of cancer patients fast growing in Iceland”

Epigenetics and Disease


In the finely tuned world of the nucleus, even the slightest misstep can produce devistating results. Here, we've gathered a selection of sites on diseases caused by some mistakes in epigenetic control.

National Cancer Institute

Clearinghouse for cancer research and information, including study of cancer epigenetics. Features the superb public-outreach gateway site CancerNet.

International Rett Syndrome Homepage

Contains a primer on Rett Syndrome (a neurological disorder thought to be related to X-chromosome inactivation), research news, support links for sufferers, and Rettnet, a moderated online forum for all persons interested in Rett Syndrome.

Rett Syndrome Research Foundation

Information about funding opportunities and current research concerning Rett Syndrome.

How Does Methylation Control Synthesis of Proteins?

Part of the National Fragile X Foundation Web site, this page offers a plain-language discussion of "good" and "bad" methylation -- and explains how the latter plays a key role in fragile X syndrome.

FRAXA Research Foundation

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Fragile X Syndrome - What Is It?

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Molecular Pathology Programme

Cancer Epigenetics Group

Group LeaderManel Esteller

Overview Last update 31/03/2006

An Overview of Our Research 

Cancer is an epigenetic disease characterised by the breakdown of DNA methylation and histone modification patterns. The stability of our genome and correct gene expression is maintained to a great extent thanks to a perfectly preestablished pattern of DNA methylation and histone modifications. In cancer this idealistic scenario breaks down due to an interesting phenomenon whereby the regulatory regions (CpG islands) of certain tumor suppressor genes (such as BRCA1, hMLH1, p16INK4a, and VHL) become hypermethylated, inactivating the gene as a consequence, whilst a wave of hypomethylation occurs in the genome. The development of new methodologies coupling bisulfite modification with PCR techniques now allows us to study these alterations in all types of biological fluids and archived material.

Epigenetics and Cancer: Targets and Machinery

DNA methylation is the main epigenetic modification in humans. Tumor cells show aberrant methylation of several CpG islands and global genomic hypomethylation. Our results show that CpG island promoter hypermethylation has a tumor-type-specific pattern, where each gene tends to be methylated in the cancer cells driven from a particular tissue, but not from others. Epigenetic silencing affects all cellular pathways. We have also developed procedures for massive genomic screening to find new hypermethylated genes in cancer cells. From these assays we have identified new candidate tumor suppressor genes with important potential roles in the pathogenesis of human cancer. We have also studied the global methylcytosine content of a large collection of normal tissues and tumors. The picture that emerges shows that 85% of human cancer cells are hypomethylated compared with the original normal cells. This loss involves environmental factors and genetic predisposition.

It is also widely accepted that methyl-CpG binding proteins (MBDs) couple DNA methylation to gene silencing through the recruitment of histone deacetylase and chromatin remodelling activities that modify chromatin structure. We perform restriction nuclease accessibility analysis to identify changes in the chromatin structure of a number of promoters of tumor suppressor genes. Furthermore, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays demonstrate how the vast majority of tumor suppressor genes with CpG island promoter hypermethylation-associated inactivation also present histone hypoacetylation and histone methylation. There is also an exquisite specific profile of different methyl-binding proteins (MBD1, MBD2, MBD3, MeCP2) according to the gene studied.

ICELAND STATE-RADIO BROADCASTING : First published: 30.October 2007

“Scandinavian Research: Farmers get Less Cancer”

Farmers are much better situated here in Iceland what concerns cancer. The likely hood that farmers, both males and females, acquire cancer than males and females in other professions.

The research was made concurrently here in Iceland and the other Scandinavian countries. Here it encompassed 120.000 individuals, focused on what profession they belonged to, from 20 to 64 years of age in the 1981 census. An older local research show a similar result.

In this sample are 8.000 farmers; about 4.500 men and about 2.500 women. The number reflect that for every 100 men in the nation that got cancer, then of his, only 70 men framing would get cancer and that the same would be valid for about 100 women on the one hand and 80 women in farming on the other. Farmers smoke and drink less than others. If 100 men would acquire lung-cancer, only 42 in farming would acquire this. About fifty percent women in farming against 100 in other professions acquire cervix-cancer. Colon-cancer is only half as likely amongst farmers than other professions. The findings from the Scandinavian research will be presented next year.

Note: The bold, underlined italic writing is by the webmaster as a reminder that the web author has been saying since 1994 (first published on the internet 2000) that cancer was caused by wrong brain programs -- "the filters" -- originally formed in the brain through the consumption of alcohol, but these then produce wrong "epigenetic markings" in up to 70 genetic templates in cells in different parts of the body. This trend is then genetically inherited and accumulative with the consequence that eventually one of the cells becomes cancerously malignant and starts the cancer-tumor.

Here then ends our Part Three of this lecture, but it should have given us simple elementary insight into the mechanism and processes of the through the false-neurotransmitter use caused neuronal addiction syndromes. It is thus clear that all we have left to do is to scrutinize the recovery of this ultra-strange terror in the human experience and how it may be overcome. As we then take a simplistic look at this process, we at the same time parallel the major psychiatric illnesses that await the alcoholic addict, if he does not achieve some degree of recovery.

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Recovery and Permanent changes in the Brain. 


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