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Following is a lecture in six parts depicting the quantum mechanical and biological reasons for, and consequences of, man's consumption of alcohol and other mind altering drugs and chemicals, legal and illegal.
This is today variably known as:

"Alcoholism", "Drug Addiction",
"Pollution of the Human Brain",
"Neuro-transmitter Cheating".

The lecture is the world's first explanation of the functions of the neuronal addiction sicknesses and the recovery from them, but its composite parts are:

01 : Introductions
Prologue and presentation of the subject.
02 : Firsti part Structure and healthy brain programs.
03 : Second part Brain's regularion of the realityperception.
04 : Third part #1 Addiction through use of alien chemicals.
05 : Third part #2 Addiction through use of alien chemicals.
06 : Forth part Recovery and permanent brain-changes.
07 : Epilogue Conclusion and lecture discussions

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We are now entering into the last part of this lecture, which by the nature of its progression must be about the solution to the problems discussed in the previous part. This is indeed the case, but as we scrutinize the solution to the addictions, we should gradually realize that we are at the same time discussing the very mystery of life, health and happiness itself. The discussion is thus in fact dealing with the greatest mystery that man I faced with. Through the ages only very few individuals, usually separated from the public mainstream, have been freed from the clutches of the neuronal-addictions and when this has happened, then it has been through a strong "vital spiritual experience", which was achieved without any specific methodological processes. From these rare happenings the individuals usually moved into some form of religious orders or communities, where they usually did not talk much about their former lifestyle, other than perhaps that they had lived in sin. Not many of them were keen on dedicating their lives to selling active alcoholics some form of God-ordained cure. However, we can now understand this with reference to what we learned in the last part regarding the faith centers in the brains of the addicts, which obviously had become inactive from the alcohol failed re-uptake created filter.

It is not until in the thirties of the 20th century that humanity finally acquires a "systematic method" for "throwing" the filter out of the introns in the spatial-WE-hemisphere, into the exons in the matter-I-hemi- sphere and through it restore the neuro-inhibitor production of the spatial-WE-hemisphere. Through this the addicted individual--the alcoholic or the drug user--acquired the choice which he had lost. The choice whether he wanted to stay sober and live some form of normal life, or suffer in the addictive consumption, loose his health, become insane and die a premature death. It is the quantum mechanical and neuro-biological of this "systematic method", which we are going to review in the course outline in this part of the lecture. What we are talking about here is obviously the 12 and 12 system of the AA-fellowship, which appeared in 1935 and soon proved itself through a permanent foothold in humanity. This was then verified 65 years later, or at the 2000 millennium, when TIME Magazine made a list of the 100 most remarkable events of the century, where the birth of the AA-fellowship was listed. The AA-birth was also listed as one of the 10 events that were likely to return the most into the future of humanity.


It may be said that it was psychology pioneer Dr. Carl Gustaf Jung, who sowed the seed of the AA-fellowship and it's a systematic recovery method. In his psychology Jung saw the fundamental character properties of man as "archetypes" and their fundaments in the male concept of "animus" for the exon programs in the matter-I-hemisphere, and the female concept of "anima" for the intron programs in the spatial-WE-hemi- sphere. These fundaments were then sharply employed in the mythological analyzes by the co-creator of the "Star Wars" motion picture stories,  Dr. Joseph Campbell, professor and master interpreter of mythology. Dr. Campbell traveled all over the planet where he sought out the local mythology and collected them. In this it became clear to him that the same stories and metaphors, in different versions, were found everywhere, even though there were no connections between the peoples and cultures of the mythology. Dr. Campbell's findings were that it was the soul, or the higher self, or the collective/cosmic consciousness that was trying to convey some important messages to man via the mythological metaphors. Here was the story of St. George and the Dragon the most popular one, but in it the knight slays the Dragon and frees the princess from the Dragon's curse, or spell, and in turn gets to marry her.

The motives of animus and anima are found all over the earth and in the Eastern Hindu interpretation of man's psyche, we find these entities in descriptions of the enlightenment denoting the unification of the two hemispheres in a metaphorical marriage ceremony, in which the prince is--animus--and the princess--anima. This is also found in the Biblical Book of Revelation where the New Jerusalem, the enlightenment, comes to earth--animus--the matter-I-hemisphere, from heaven, and the filter-freed spatial-WE-hemisphere--anima--is the bride meeting the bridegroom.

This is a part of the reason for starting this Part with the Dragon and the Knight motive in the sculpture by Einar Jonsson, which is especially fitting to the subject at hand. This is the liberation of the soul from the filter, which is essentially the removal of the erroneously deposited holistic photon quanta the programs in the introns of the spatial-WE-hemisphere. This is portrayed in a brilliant metaphor of the anima, or the princess--the spatial-WE-hemisphere --pushing the "filter", or the "garb of the spell" away from her, once it has lost the power it derived from the now slain Dragon. The victorious Knight is then of course the animus, the prince--the matter-I-hemisphere--and the sword with which he has slain the Dragon, is the metaphor for the 12-steps (spiritual program), but the shield the metaphor for the 12-traditions. The Dragon is obviously represents the neuronal addiction syndromes, the alcoholism, which is as "Merlin the Wizard" exclaims in "Excalibur", the mythological tail of King Arthur; "The Dragon breaths Everywhere!".



Before we go any further into the discussion of the recovery process and its quantum mechanical and neurological mechanism, it is both helpful and necessary that we look at the controversies regarding the faith-faculty of the human brain. This involves the questions whether the brain's faith-faculty, the Jamais vu center, is something our ancestors have developed through evolution, or something that is given to us through the nature of Nature. The suggestion that Man, in order to ease the struggle for survival, has himself created God through some evolutionary process, as a self-calming or spiritual-masturbating faculty through religious practices, seems to be the more popular one. However, there are some unusual arguments against this suggestion.

In the 1980s the research into the endorphins family of neuroinhibitors had lead to the discovery of peptides that were produced during death that had a 700 times more powerful effect than morphine, but they were given the name "dynorphine". These neuroinhibitors were only produced during death and their discovery brought innumerable questions in the mind of the scientists, in particular since any chemical that was 200 times more powerful than morphine, excluded all possibilities of any physical pain perception. These discoveries then lead to the creation of a motion picture fiction in which some medical students in the United States where making experiments where they took each other into clinical death-states in order to experience the rush-effect of the dynorphines and the accompanying psychological visions. This motion picture is known as FLATLINERS. It was also during the 1990s that Professor Michael Persinger of the Laurentian University in Ottawa, Canada, conducted most remarkable experiments where he applied magnetic fields to the temporal lobes of his subjects. This gave many of the experience of the "tunnel of death, with light at the end", which also raised a lot of questions. However, to those who have had near-death experiences, none of this was any surprise.

The question of what nature is doing with such powerful chemicals in the death process, is a difficult one, but even more difficult is the question; "How have such tunnel-vision experiences and neurotransmitter production processes been developed in our central nerve system, if these are only activated during death?" If they have been developed, then it is clearly very difficult for anyone to visualize some "selection of the fittest" process here at work. Men would have to die repeatedly for such evolutionary selection... no, no,… to try to rationalize this with logical thoughts becomes some rubbish. For us this is the strongest proof that we have not developed the Jamais vu center in the brain, as for example Freud and Dawkins suggest, rather that it is something that nature has given us. Something that has a natural correspondence to Nature, or the Universe, and science has not yet connected.

The other question; What is it in reality that demands that we have this brain faculty. Since this has to do with the brain's Jamais vu faith faculty's, then the question whether the God-concepts of Man are just a brain faculty, or whether this brain faculty is some form of a receiver for some form of a higher reality, collective or cosmic? This question, which is material and objective, scientific and subjective, is answered by the QF-theory in both physics and neurological terms, which are at the same time the focal point of the QF-brain models shown in the lecture.

In as much simplification as possible, the QF-explanation suggests that the two "virtual energy poles", of the vacuum--the ones out of which the Universe has emerged--are the foundations for the Jamais vu and Déjà vu areas of the brain. As a partial explanation we can look at a well-known and simple physics experiment, but this involves an electron that is held in a vacuum chamber. Around it a field of virtual positrons is formed out of the vacuum and around the virtual positrons another field of virtual electrons (negatrons) is formed. These poles of virtual particles are called the V-poles in the QF-theory, and it is in them that the photons of light dance in to produce light, but it is out of these poles that the Universe jumped in the Big Bang. The QF-theory then suggests that it are the positive V-poles surrounding the electron in the experiment, that produce order, including that of the order that is life--the missing arrow of time--but the negative V-poles produce the disorder--that produce the Universal arrow of time. According to the QF-theory, then both of these poles are to be found in ALL matter and energy particles, in the so called W-membrane-strings. They then manifest in the DNA-double helix, where the reality of the negative W-strings corresponds to the reality of the exons, and the positive W-strings to the reality of the introns.

Both of the spatial V-poles are "connected" into the Jamais vu - Déjà vu area of the brain, but the effect from this field-connection is obviously very different in different individuals, due to the effects of the filter. The phenomenology involved in this connection is clearly almost infinite, but here we stop our discussion regarding the existence and nature of the faith faculties of the human brain.


One of the most remarkable events in the history of man is the story of how the AA-fellowship was born, but the spark that ignited it was the compassionate effort of two sober alcoholics to help the third one, William Griffith Wilson. This took place through a society called the Oxford Movement, which today bears the name Moral Rearmament. One of the two helper alcoholics, Rowland Hazard, had been twice in therapy with Dr. C. G. Jung in Switzerland, where he got the information that the only way to be rid of the addiction sickness, was through a "vital spiritual experience". They passed this information on to Bill Wilson, who on the 10 of December 1934 was delivered for detoxification for the third time in a relatively short time span. It then lead to his "vital spiritual experience", in the first hour of the 12.12.1934, when he begged God in desperation to help himself, claiming that he was ready to do what ever was needed of him. This "vital spiritual experience" then resulted in him never drinking again fro the 36 years he lived after this. When this individual then succeeded in "infecting" another alcoholic, Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, with his sobriety, which lead to him drinking for the last time on the 10.06.1935, but that is the official foundation date of the AA-fellowship. Later the fellowship published its systematic spiritual method for recovery, which is known as the 12-steps and 12-traditions.

The goal of the methodology of the AA-fellowship is to achieve a "conscious contact with God" as each individual is capable of understanding that concept. This is achieved by beginning by helping the active alcoholic through "compassion",  but this is a neuro-inhibitor production through the Déjà vu WE-compassion center in the brain, but as soon as the alcoholic has recovered sufficiently, he begins to work the 12-step system of the fellowship. It is through this work that he then achieves the conscious contact with God through the "biofeed-recovery" of the Jamais vu faith faculty centers, or the removal of the filter from this nerve center. This faculty is at the same time the most powerful neuro-inhibitor production area of the brain and the up-keep of its functions will then render him capable of remaining sober under all conditions. What is more, it may render him free of all emotional swings and be happy, joyous and free. Even though an alcoholic may remain sober on the compassion endorphins produced by the Déjà vu centers but that is not sufficient and may lead to depression and suicide.



The prime foundation of the recovery program of the AA-fellowship is through its meetings where the 12-step recovery program is passed from one alcoholic to another, or those who have already been through the steps, "guide" the newcomer into the program and leaves him there. The word "step" is suggestive for a staircase leading "up" into a spiritual world, or a spiritual consciousness, but the nature of the application of the steps is usually divided into three groups: First steps 1-2-3 for surrendering. The steps 4-5-6-7-8-9 for cleaning up consciousness and the past. Last steps 10-11-12 for maintenance and growth. It is the steps in the first two groups that get the addict into the recovery and the solution, but then it is the last group that keeps him there. It is usually during the application of the second group that the alcoholic-addict moves out of the black hole of the addiction depression, through a biofeedback of the filter leading to a conscious contact with God. However, it is the recovery of the Jamais vu faith faculty that initiates the biofeedback, but how and why this happens is the great mystery of the program. This is somehow achieved through the interplay of the contents of the wave of consciousness and its interplay with the Jamais vu faith faculty in the introns in the spatial-WE-hemisphere, directly behind the filter, or more likely through the infinity of the implicate spatial reality itself. As it is not the intention of this lecture to teach the AA-program, we let it suffice to offer an age old religious-mythological tale from the Middle East.

The Seven Spirits of God : the Seven Virtues.
The Seven Evil Spirits of the Devil : the Seven Deadly Sins.

Unconfirmed spiritual myths have it that the word alcohol is from the Semitic word “alcool,” which in the ancient languages meant "evil spirit". It was suggested that in the days of the Old Testament the sages had thought that when the alcohol entered into man, then it meant that the "King of the Evil Spirits"--usually called the Devil on our times--was admitted into him. This meant that this "King of the Evil Spirits" brought with him "Seven other Evil Spirits", or the "Evil Spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins", which were also admitted into the one who drank the alcohol. Then, when the "King of the Evil Spirits" left the drinker in the form of the alcohol dissipation out of the nerve system, then the "Seven other Evil Spirits", or the "Evil Spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins" remained in him. These evil spirits would then call for their "führer" or master, the "King of the Evil Spirits" to return to them again and again. The sages thus thought that the only tot stop the drinker from drinking ever more frequent and ever greater amounts of vine and beers, was by being rid of the "Seven other Evil Spirits", the "Evil Spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins". If this was achieved successfully, then the "Seven Spirits of Virtue", or the "Seven Spirits of God" would appear in that man. They even vent so far as to suggest that the "Seven Spirits of Virtue", or the "Seven Spirits of God", had been in the drinker all the time, but had been kept in bondage by the "Seven other Evil Spirits", the "Evil Spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins".   Santé! - Cheers! - Prosit! - Nastrovia!

The amusing side of these metaphors is that they fit perfectly to the QF-theory's brain models for the addictions and its explanations for the mechanism in the 12-step recovery program of the AA-fellowship. This is what the program teaches; spiritual cleaning of ones own psyche and moral programs of the past, apologies and amendments for the wrong deeds of the past as much as possible and the lost son or daughter returns to their fathers care. The other option is that the alcoholic does not work the steps and remains dry on "white knuckles", which leads to him becoming restless, irritable and discontent and starts to have "dry-drunk" symptoms, which in turn lead him to seek the help of psychologists and psychiatrist, which in turn diagnose him with a second decease and serve him with psycho reactive drugs that permanently prevent him from recovering.

After some years of development and experience of the 12-step recovery program of the AA-fellowship, it became apparent that the recovery came to the alcoholic-addict in two distinct manners; sometimes suddenly and fast, but in the rule, gradually and steadily (Big Book, Appendices: II SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE). Prior to this, such change- and recovery evolution processes were well known in different Yoga and Buddhist disciplines. We thus proceed to review the overview-outlines in the quantum- neuro-physiological mechanism that is activated by the 12-step program of the AA-fellowship.



What is it that drives the slow biofeedback recovery? In the slow recovery it is first and foremost the neuroinhibitor production of the Déjà vu compassion-center of the brain, which brings about the corrective biofeedback recovery process. The effect of this are usually altered attitudes and the individual succeeds in refraining from drinking or using, but this effect may be in progress without the individual being aware of it. In this slower recovery the classical dangers involve  the 12-steps being insufficiently or not at all executed and the function of the Jamais vu only partially activated or not at all. This may in turn lead to a long drawn out recovery process without any form of a significant VITAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE and may be accompanied by considerable mood swings and even lead to depressive episodes, but with the meeting attendance, this is usually, sooner or later, corrected through revitalized step-work.

This is suggesting that the slow quantum biofeedback recovery where the filter is removed from the introns in the spatial-WE-hemisphere, can thus manifest in many different forms and may extend over different lengths of time.

According to the QF-theory, then the strange and bizarre metaphors in the Biblical Book of Revelation, are descriptions of the brain's quantum processes involved in the addictions. We therefor venture to include some of these descriptions here, but one of those that fit to the   brain's biofeedback recovery process is found in the 127+8+9 chapter of the prophesy and is as follows. "7) Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his an-gels fought against the dragon, who fought back with his angels; 8) but the dragon was defeated, and he and his angels were not allowed to stay in heaven any longer. 9) The huge dragon was thrown out-that ancient serpent, named the Devil, or Satan, that deceived the whole world. He was thrown down to earth, and all his angels with him."

After we have gained the quantum- and neurological explanations for "heaven", "earth", "hell", "filter", "dragon" or "devil", it becomes easy to set-up the same metaphors in the language of these disciplines, but then the story sounds something like this. "7) Then a great production of excitatory neurotransmitters began (Michael and his angels) in the spatial-WE-hemisphere of the brain (heaven) with an increased electromagnetic flow to consciousness (the war), with its negative charge, the greatly increased flow was directed into this hemisphere and then across the corpus callosum. It then took with it the negative-polar holographic photon-quanta that formed the "filter"(the dragon or the devil and his angels); 8) out of the positive-polar intron nucleotide bases. 9) This flow of the holographic photon-quanta that formed the "filter" (the dragon defeated) over to the matter-I-hemisphere (earth), then deposited it into the negative exon-nucleotide bases, where it should have been in the first place."

How this process looks is portrayed on the center of the slide in a vertical cut of the brain and to the left of it in a horizontal cut, but on the right are the functions in the twofold wave of consciousness. These are asymmetrical in the IN-phase and the OUT-phase of both hemispheres and in opposition to each other, but in this process it is very likely that the wave is NOT split during this process. In the lower half of the slide is a simplistic "mood-swing" graph that covers an extended period of the initial recovery, but this is obviously quite individually oriented due to the properties of the filter. During this recovery process it is quite common that alcoholics, addict and others going through this precious process experience considerable cravings for "glucose", mainly in the form of chocolate and other sweets, but at the same time complain of poor memory recall. The decisive parts of the initial recovery process may last from six, nine or up to 12 months time for those who are working the program, during which the patients need to remember that "Good thing usually take time, but Bad things usually come in a flash!". For the addict the bad things come with the first sip, joint, reef, pipe, line, dosage or injection. 


What is it that drives the fast biofeedback recovery? In the fast recovery it is first and foremost the neuroinhibitor production of the Jamais vu faith faculty of the brain initiated through the "working of the clean-up steps", which brings about the corrective biofeedback recovery process. Usually this is accompanied by extensive support of the Déjà vu compassion faculties, but the decisive factor is the individuals VITAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE, in which the Jamais vu faith faculty of the brain throws of its filter and begins to work again. In this process it is quite common that some form of prayer and meditation practice, usually from some Yoga discipline accompanies the step work of the individual. After the initial experience, the fast recovery process may produce radically altered attitudes and mentality in a relatively short time, during which the patient may have numerous spiritual and neuro-physiological experiences, some of which may be quite powerful. This progression may present danger to the novice patient who may tell it to the wrong persons, which then leads to him being labeled as "insane" and to be put on "psychoactive drugs", which then may permanently ruin his recovery. The individual himself who may have little or no understanding of what is taking place in his brain, may become scared and seek the help of a psychiatrist, who himself does not understand the process or its quantum mechanical reasons and may react by prescribing drugs. Obviously this means that the biofeedback process is stopped and may be extremely difficult to restart again, but this usually leads to the alcoholic-addict returning to his adduction usage, which in turn creates a filter worse than before. In the bigger picture the alcoholic-addict is labeled as suffering from some form of a psychiatric illness and becomes a psycho-pharmaceuticals consuming psychiatric patient for the rest of his unnatural life

Although the initial recovery phase may be different from the slow one, the continuation is usually very similar. The initial progression may take place with considerable more force than the slow one with the decisive process lasting about 3 x 28 days, or 84 days altogether, with a peak-progression somewhere in the middle of this time. As an explanation, in the lower half of the slide is a simplistic "mood-swing" graph that covers the three month period of the initial recovery, but this is obviously quite individually oriented due to the properties of the filter. During this period it is important that the recovering person attend meetings daily for at least 3 months, or 90 meetings in 90 days as the saying goes.

A fast and powerful quantum biofeedback process is well known in the Far-East, but in India it is called "Kundalini Ascension", but those who there engage in chanting and meditating in order to achieve this, are warned that without a guiding "guru" this practice may be fraught with danger. Guru means teacher and his role is most important in case the pupil should go through strong spiritual experiences and severe mental and physical withdrawals. According to the QF-theory and the experience of many AA-fellows, this is not necessary and the individual is not in danger, if he has access to an experienced "fellowship sponsor", is conscientiously working the 12-steps and attending the meeting daily during this process.

The danger is present if people are alone practicing spiritual "consciousness quantum change" techniques where only the Jamais vu center, "Higher Power function" is involved and little or no Déjà vu compassion function is involved. This may lead to a severe imbalance in the "neuro-transmitter production" and may lead to severely malfunctioning, or imbalanced reality perception. It may even lead to psychosis condition in consciousness that may have unforeseen consequences. If on the other hand, extensive compassion function is involved with the Jamais vu function, the neurto-tranmitter production will be stabilized so that the individual will not be endangered. This means that the two-fold correction and recovery program of the AA-fellowship, with its appeal to both "faith" and "compassion" or "empathy", is the most perfect such system, which the creative powers of the Universe--what ever you like to label them--have to offer, but this fits the "Christ Commandment" perfectly.

In recent years some cognitive scientist in the Western Cultures, such as Professor Dr. William R. Miller, began to--correctly and most fittingly--call this biofeedback recovery process "Quantum Change". Professor Miller holds a Ph.D. in both, psychology and psychiatry and is at the same time a major adviser in the detoxification and rehabilitation field for addicted people. In 2001 he published a book about the subject of the "VITAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE", but the book was labeled "Quantum Change", but in the book he complains that our sciences have no conclusive insights into this phenomena.

In the Biblical Book of Revelation we find a most interesting description of the fast recovery quantum biofeedback. This is a description of the quantum flow from the spatial-WE-hemisphere, through the 200 million neurons in the bridge between the two hemispheres--the Corpus Callosum--over into the matter-I-hemisphere. This description has been a great mystery to biblical scholars through the ages and has lead to the concept of the "Yellow Peril", but it is found in the last part of 913-17 chapter of the prophecy, but this is how it appears in our shortened version. "13) Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet…. 14) The voice said to the sixth angel, "Release the four angels…. they had been kept ready to kill a third of all mankind. 16) I was told the number of the mounted troops: it was two hundred million. 17) And in my vision I saw the horses and their riders: they had breastplates red as fire, blue as sapphire, and yellow as sulfur."

These prophesy words describing what is suggested is the "last battle", became the idea behind the talk of the "Yellow Peril", but no one could imagine a nation, other than the Chinese, powerful enough to produce such a colossal army. Not many realized that an army of 200 million horses and 200 million rider-soldiers is not conceivable in reality, since that act of feeding this is almost insurmountable. However, if we on the other had approach this as some form of a metaphor for the final battle against King Alcohol and the filter in the brain and consciousness of some alcoholic, then it may possibly be interpreted. The first thing that comes to mind is the talk of "a third of all mankind" that is about to be slaughtered, as being the "filter addition" in the spatial-WE-hemispheric introns, which according to the QF-theory is located precisely "where we perceive other people", perceive humanity. It is the holistic photon quanta of the filter that has to be "killed", but this is done by transporting them over to the matter-I-hemispheric exons through the bridge between the two hemispheres--the Corpus Callosum--which has 200 million nerve fibers. It is through these 200 million neurons that the electromagnetic field of consciousness flows during the biofeedback correction, but here the three elementary colors of the Universe are the colors of the electromagnetic field. This means that the colors of its energy quanta, the photon, are red, blue and yellow as described in the prophecy.


As the QF-theory is suggesting that ALL the psychiatric illnesses and psychological neurosis are caused by a "filter" in the DNA-nucleotide introns of the brain, then it obviously becomes necessary to look at the major phenomenas in this category of human suffering. The QF-theory suggests that ALL these phenomenas with the exception of accidents, prion defects, virus and bacteria infections, have their origins in the neurotransmitter cheating brain pollution practices of man. If they are not caused through direct usage, then through one of two, or both; They are inherited through the intron-programs in the DNA, or they are acquired through the consumption of others in the environment. It is for this reason that we can't escape discussing briefly the psychiatric deceases and the reasons why the scientific discipline of psychiatry is utterly powerless in curing or recovering these sicknesses.

In the slide we have a typical psychosis-insanity state defined as "schizophrenia", but in this condition all sorts of hallucinatory perceptions are common, both in the reality-perception thought and the logic-analytical thought. According to the QF-theory, all this has its origins in the electromagnetic field flow to the brain, being regulated by the intron-nucleotide programs in and around the Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers. The flow is disturbed and the wave of consciousness may be "broken" into different units, but this depends on how the filter is deposited in the introns. Here we need to remind ourselves that according to quantum mechanics it is for the most part, a "throw of the die", where the filter is deposited, but psychiatry classifies five different families of schizophrenia, with variations found within each family. In the slide we see how the wave of consciousness is disrupted and forms 6 smaller consciousness fields. In antiquity and the middle ages, this condition was said to be caused by the individual being possessed by evil spirits as it is for example described in the New Testament story of the encounter of Christ and Legion.

It is not uncommon that alcoholics and addicts experience a temporary schizophrenic state in a fractured wave of consciousness when awakening out of a long and severe alcohol and drug binge where they may experience themselves as being mentally torn-apart. If nothing is done about it the wave-flow will gradually be restored and the wave becomes whole as the day progresses and he will be feeling normal. However, most alcoholics-addicts do not endure this without doing something about it and usually get themselves a "pick-me-up" something or other and by this return to the intoxications state which then continues in the vicious circle. This is not the case with a pure schizophrenic who may be stuck in this state for an indefinite period of several days, but this is mildly put, severely painful and dangerous and the only current remedy for this condition is psycho-pharmaceuticals, which does not heal, only dampens the pain. Such individuals would need to learn about their sickness themselves and learn to get rid of the filter, at the same time they gradually progress out of the medication consumption.



Here we have 3 PET-scan view of a temporary "repair" on a schizophrenia broken wave of consciousness, but the wave to the left is obviously the "control" reference of a whole wave, the famous "butterfly pattern" wave. In the middle the is the untreated pathological situation with the "broken" wave, but then on the right is a PET-scan of the same wave after it has been somewhat "repaired" through medication. This "repair" is obviously incomplete and can only be defined as a temporary respite, but if we talk to the individual in this state, it is just as likely that he is experiencing himself as being quite normal. The main drawback of the "drug repair" is the fact that the "filter accumulation" is continued, as the "re-uptake" in the synaptic exchanges continues to fail, just as in any other consumption of chemicals that replace the natural neurotransmitters. Added to this is the fact through the filter, the nerve system builds up tolerance for the meditative chemicals at individually different rates, which in turn gradually diminishes the effectiveness of the long-term drug repair. Unfortunately, this is "The best we got!" as the only answer the psychiatrist have to offer to the critical queries. This is also the reason that psychiatrist are no apt to withdraw the diagnostic "labels" or "etiquettes" they place on their customers and so far modern psychiatry has not succeed in "curing" a single case of any psychiatric illness.

Here the QF-theory suggestion is that it is indeed possible for the schizophrenics to be rid of the ailment of the schizophrenia, as well as ALL other psychiatric illnesses and psychological neurosis on the same basis at humans get rid of alcohol and drug addiction inanities. This would obviously have to be on the bases of these individuals getting rid of their filters. This has already been partially confirmed through the experience of the AA-fellowship and has leas to the founding of the EA-Emotions Anonymous fellowship. On the other hand, great difficulties have been encountered in getting people into this solution, mainly due to the ignorance in the neuro-physiological sciences of man. These sciences do not known what mechanism causes alcoholism and psychiatric illnesses, much the less what quantum-neurological processes are behind the recovery from these. There are no brain-functions models such as the ones presented in this lecture available in our sciences.

In order to recover a schizophrenic individual or other psychiatric illness sufferers, much preparations and detoxification may be needed, accompanied by the learning of spiritual techniques, but most psychiatrists are not very keen on any "God nonsense". This may be caused in the fact that many have had to listen to such reality deprived nonsense from people in psychosis, this without understanding its reasons, since no neurological explanations are available for the Jamais vu centers. In this is found one of the strongest hints for the verification of the QF-models for the brain-functions and malfunctions, but these models make predictions for such phenomena as the "filter" is deposited directly into the brain's faith and compassion faculty. It is thus no wonder that when a copy of the matter-I-programs in the spatial-WE-programs becoming active, it produces the Jesus, the Virgin Mary pregnant of the Jesus-child in the Western Cultures. In other cultures, some other spiritual personalities such as the Buddha, but the grandiosity adopted personalities are culture connected such as the great number of Napoleonic syndromes in France.



This psychiatric sickness we scrutinize here is on of the strangest of the all, but this is the Manic-Depressive syndrome, but its depression side is the same as in Slide #5-11. It is probably the most frequent psychiatric illness that is directly caused by the addiction sickness, but the QF-theory explains why this is so and what its causes are.

According to this explanation, then this is a case of an extreme filter having been accumulated and become "top-heavy". Then the intron-programs of the brain's nerve system all by themselves begin to start a biofeedback process through the Jamais vu centers, as is described in Slide #5-07, in order to be rid of the filter. In this spontaneous involuntary process the flow to the wave of consciousness then becomes imbalanced due to the failure of the Déjà vu (the WE faculties) centers to participate in this action. It then fails to produce the necessary biofeedback, but instead produces a psychosis in which the individual looses his proper reality perception. In a healthy such biofeedback process, the Déjà vu participates and the individual achieves the "quantum change" retaining a true reality perception as described in Slide #5-07.

It is most unfortunate that psychiatry does not differentiate between the nature of the two different processes but that is a particularly sad side of this filter caused psychiatric illness. This leads to individuals going through correct biofeedback recoveries being given psychiatric drugs, which then destroys the recovery and usually leads to a "mood-swing" re-occurrence of this process that now becomes a manic episode alternated with a depressive one. The reason for this is the same as with the other psychiatric illnesses, but that is the fact that our neuro-physiological sciences do not have a clue to what is going on and why, in these phenomenas. The "tragic-comedy" or cynical side of a successful quantum change biofeedback recovery, is that the pseudo science of psychiatry talks about a one-time-occurring manic-episode.

An individual who is subjected to a spontaneous biofeed recovery attempt by his nerve system for the first time in his life, understands even less than the doctors of what is happening to him do. Such individuals usually become completely delusional accompanied by a "total loss of contact with reality" and is then diagnosed as being insane and put on drugs. He is then condemned to repeat the manic episode alternatively with depressive ones for the rest of his life, unless he is successful in being rid of the drugs and the filter. For the one who "escapes" from the mania through a biofeed-recovery, another inherent danger lurks. This is the fact that the removal of the most of the filter, will produce a totally altered personality, which in turn can mean the threat of being accused of being "crazy" and may require considerable efforts at adjusting relations with relatives and close associates. Descriptions of such successful quantum change recoveries are common in the religions, where they are explained through a variety of spiritual concepts, such as "healing by the holy spirit", or "kundalini awakening", but the QF-theory explains this process as coming primarily through the Jamais vu faith faculty. 

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This slide offer a view of the most common sickness in modern man, regardless whether we define this as a psychiatric illnesses or a psychological neurosis, but this plagues relatively more people than the public is commonly aware of.

In the QF-theory the definition of many of the older and experienced members of the AA-fellowship in the United States as "Separation from God", is the closes to the reality behind the sickness, which in QF means that the Jamais vu faith faculty neuro-inhibitor production is not functioning. It is thus no wonder that the scientists are not finding what is wrong in the depression, but in the sciences the question why it is that we have this brain faculty is hotly debated. Whether we have created this faculty through centuries of spiritual masturbation, or whether it is natural to us through something in reality that demands its existence. What is worse is that science does not know how this faculty functions, but here the religions have hampered the discovery of this insight, since they are badly tainted by filters that causes illusions and delusions regarding spiritual reality. In view of the information regarding the DNA-inheritance- and the consumption- created filter, which have been presented here in this lecture and if we accept that they are correct in its outline, then it becomes obvious why the sciences have had such difficulty in discovering the causes for and functions of the depression. However, the suggestion by many psychiatrists that alcoholics are individuals who have learned to self-medicate the depression with alcohol, is essentially correct. None-the-less in this explanations is missing the clarification as to why they became depressive in the first place and why it is that not all depressives do not learn to self-medicate the depression with alcohol, or that it does not work for them. In this problem the solution is the same as in the discussion with the precious slides.


As already mentioned, the alcoholic mentality condition of the functional disorders--or “filters”--of the human brain are originally created through the failed re-uptake of the neurotransmitters in the synaptic exchanges, and are then carried forward into the of springs of the consumer through the DNA-inheritance. To this mentality is then added a further “filter” functional disorders through the individual being raised in a alcoholic mentality environment. Strangely enough, this happens mostly through “lying” and other wrong doings, where the matter-I-hemispheric exons create the lies whose “photon memory copies” are then deposited into the spatial-WE-hemispheric introns.

The quantum mechanical details of this process are quite complex and will not be scrutinized further here, but the net result is growth of the intron filters. The growing individual will then be riddled with psychological insufficiencies due to his inherited-filter, or co-dependency-filter, which creates a state of decreased neuro-inhibitor production in the neurons in the seat of consciousness and he will eventually progress into consumption himself, which he usually experiences as great relief. This usually starts around puberty when the added testosterone and estrogen production comes into play, usually creating considerable upsets in the state of consciousness.

The inherited dependency-filter and or the co-dependency acquired-filter, will from then on begin to progress the individuals tolerance, requiring ever greater amounts of alcohol, or other substance, to satisfy the shortcomings in neuro-inhibitors, until a state is reach where they no longer satisfy, This is the 8th step in the third stage of the alcoholic progression of J. M. Jellinek, which signifies the onset of the irreversible condition of the addiction. On the other hand--in the case of small amounts of DNA-inherited filters--this progression may not take place and the individual may remain in the co-dependency state.

#5-12 on the opposite page is a reminder of one of the most tragic effects the neuron-transmitter cheating produces--regardless whether it be alcohol or something else--is the mental disturbance the co-dependency -filter creates in children. The plight of the children is in proportion to the filter they have received in their genetic inheritance. In this is one of the worst and saddest delusions regarding the effects of the alcohol drinking of man; one of its many subtle destructive effects.

Most parents do not realize that it makes no difference how they behave while drinking or how they treat the children while drinking. What is decisive is the fact that the child senses--particularly its spatial intron half--that the parent is not normal and natural and this plants “the seed of fear filter” in the child’s intron-nucleotides of the DNA in its spatial-WE-hemisphere. With time this filter will effect the endorphin production adversely, which in turn lead to reduced dopamine and serotonin production, but the endorphins are a sort of “master neuro-inhibitors”, which trigger the other neuro-inhibitors production. The outcome is a depressed child or a teenager, or a hyperactive child or a teenager--in extreme cases, an autistic child--but for these the solution is the same as for the other effects of alcoholism: to get rid of the filters through the natural 12-step recovery program of the alcoholics, supported by yoga-chanting and mediation techniques.

A major tragedy in this is the general ignorance and denial of the public, as well as health professionals who maintain the status quote through their self-serving motives. Without their none-solution of anti-depressants and amphetamines, they would be out of business, or would have to adopt to the natural correction programs. Currently the “downers” repress the filter, while the “uppers” speed up the slower part of the field of consciousness and make it whole, artificially restoring concentration, but this is “The best we got!”, but not a cure.


As it is still a controversial subject where the perception in of the personal-self is the brain and no particular area has been found that serves this perception, then we have taken two scan-graphics of the phenomena of multi-personality. In it we can see how the functions on the left side, a round the sylvian-fissure, seems to be broken to form more than one personality. This is in agreement with the predictions of the QF-theoretical models for the brain, which say that the perception of the self is taking place in all the exon-nucleotides of the brain--even those who form the protein-production blueprints--but that the focal-point in this I-perception is situated in the speech centers bearing the name of Dr. Paul Broca, and facing the WE-compasion (empathy) center, and which is shown in Slide #5-13. It are the complex and disturbing effects of the I-copy forming the filter in the intron nucleotides, which "reach" into this program of the brain resulting in the individuals perception of more than one SELF. The presentation of this slide here is mainly for the benefit of those who are skeptical regarding the claims made by the QF-physics and brain theoretical models for the I-perception, being located just over the matter hemispheric temporal lobe.


One of the most frequent questions the QF-theory settles is the common misconception regarding the difference between relaxation and meditation. Individuals trying to achieve changes in their conscious perceptions---or are trying to be rid of their filter--are not always clear on the differences between these two nerve system techniques. The findings of the QF-theory are that the two represent a radically different processes, but this is also matches the teachings of "his holiness" Maharishi Mahesch yogi, but from his book, TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, we have taken a graph that explains this somewhat. All relaxation is obviously good for our nerve system and body, on that we all agree. Relaxation on the other hand does not produce filter-removing biofeedback in the brain, but that is what makes the difference. Relaxation may produce a feeling of well being and may lead to people who for a long time have been feeling bad, to confuse this feeling with recovery.

I may go into the Jacuzzi or the hot-tub and relax there while I ogle the girls, that surely is good for my body and may even have effects into the brain, but it does not produce any quantum biofeedback in the brain functions. Should I on the other hand sit in the Jacuzzi or the hot-tub with my eyes closed, while I chant or meditate in the mind--even though there is noise all around me--the wave of consciousness in my brain becomes whole and slow, which leads to two beneficial processes taking place in the brain. One is the production of neuro-inhibitory neurotransmitters that make me feel good, the other takes place parallel to this, but that is a filter removing quantum biofeedback. This is a part of what is know as "krya yoga", but to swim or walk the dog is good for my body and my dog, but it does not "clean my soul".


The many Yoga disciplines are in essence the same as the spiritual, prayer and meditation side of the AA-program but the Sanskrit word "yoga" means simply "connection", or "connection with God", or "Higher Power". However, in Yoga the  emphasis is working with or through the "the spiritual side", or the "Jamais vu faith faculty", with much lesser emphasis on the Déjà vu compassion side although this work will lead to the individual becoming compassionate. The AA-program is a discipline that exceeds the Yoga-technique in that its emphasis are in working wit both "Jamais vu and Déjà vu" centers in the brain. Meditation and chanting techniques are not directly thought in the AA-fellowship literature and leads to many members becoming interested in the Yoga-techniques, which is in agreement with the program. The newcomers into AA and the public in general in the Western Cultures quite commonly misunderstand Meditation and chanting techniques, where many see meditation as being in some form of a "half-a-sleep" state. In addition to this, in many religious groups, in particular the fundamentalists, Meditation and chanting techniques are seen as being something evil, or some form of worshiping evil, but this is founded in ignorance where the saying "Ignorance breeds prejudice!" fits the case. Through the insights into the QF-brain functions models--particularly those dealing with the recovery--it becomes clear how this prejudice comes into being. Its roots are found in the ignorant meditation-beginner, with huge amounts of filter, who suddenly succeeds in getting biofeedback going, which in turn leads to the filter appearing to him during meditation, in the form suggesting the "Devil" or in the form of some monster. This is especially common around the time that the filter is leaving the introns and the individual is becoming "enlightened". It is then that the "higher self" may present these visions into his consciousness as did happen to the Christ in his 40-day desert wandering and to the Buddha as he sat under the bode-tree. For those who have no forewarning or guidance, or do not know anything of this, it may come as quite a shock and lead to condemnation of the meditation and chanting techniques as being something evil, even though they become better persons after the experience. A transcended state visual image of something evil is usually a message from the "higher self", or the "soul", or "God", telling the individual that the filter is removed from his Jamais vu area and through this a page is turned in his life and a new era beginning. That era is what the New Age spiritualists call the Age of Aquarius.

The picture on the right is of an "electronic biofeedback" technique and should not be confused with "electric shock treatment" which according to the QF-theory is one of the maddest and most desperate method employed by the psychiatry profession. During this process the thalamus and the hypothalamus are shocked into producing neurotransmitters through the pituitary gland and in the process makes more damage then repair and which leaves the patient worse of than before. The "electronic biofeedback" is on the other hand an effort at "moving the filter" across the Corpus Callosum and may in this restore programs to the consciousness functions. It has been used with some success in improving the functions of brains that have suffered some form of hemorrhage or aneurysm. However, no information could be found where this is being used to recover addicted brains, but such would require extensive understanding of the filter phenomena.


In the previous part we talked of how the primary neuroinhibitor production of the brain in the intron nucleotides of the spatial-WE-hemispheric DNA becomes disturbed through the effect of the addiction-filter, but this is show in a schematic presentation in Slide #4-13. In this slide we have a presentation showing a brain whose filter in the primary programs, has been "moved" over into the other side of the brain, the exon-nucleotides of the matter-I-hemispheric DNA. This is where it should have been in the first place and where it does not produce any functional disturbances in the reality perception and event reactions of the brain functions. This has taken place primarily through the effect of the arrest of the use of false-neurotransmitters. Then the attendance to meetings and the sponsor assisted 12-step work the AA-fellowship suggests will do the rest. It is through this that the "Jamais vu" and "Déjà vu" center functions have been started and which then removed the filter through the biofeedback process, but in this it may be decisive for success whether it included prayer, meditation and chanting techniques.

In this a removed filter--removed character defects--of course means a totally changed individual with totally different attitudes, this through quantum change. Above all, it means that the individual has achieved "conscious contact with God or Higher Power" and has thus a restored neuro inhibitor production in his brain, mainly that of the endorphins, which in turn restore other such features. This is described by the recovered addicts in the AA-fellowship literature, when they say that: "they have tapped an unsuspected inner resource", which means that the alcoholic-addict is no longer condemned through the lack of neuroinhibitors to consume false-neuroinhibitors and thus pollute his brain continuously more and more.

However, the situation regarding the filter in the "secondary intron-nucleotides in the matter-I-hemisphere DNA" is still the same. This means that the individual will continue to have a reduced neuroinhibitor production in that hemisphere, but these erroneously deposited holistic photon quanta will not be corrected through any sort of biofeedback that we know of. In addition to possible permanent neuronal damages (deaths) that have to do with the neurotransmitter production of this hemisphere, this means that the situation is such that the individual will not be able to refrain from false-neuroinhibitors by thinking with the matter-I-hemisphere side only. It means that he will be restless, irritable and discontent and not experience a satisfying existence, but in addition may expect any form of lose of health due to lack of endorphins in his brain.

If the alcoholic-addict wants to ensure a happy and content existence free of any drinking and drugging and being bothered with desires for it, he will "have to" live his life so that he is thinking with the spatial-WE-hemi- sphere. In other words, the intron programs in the spatial-WE-hemispheric DNA will have to be active in his thinking. This is in fact the "altruism" that the AA-program is suggesting he live, but the denial of this leads to misery, suffering, insanity and premature death.


This then is what the end product of successful recovery looks like, but in it the three phases of the neurotransmitter-consciousness triangle are in an ideal balance. The center vertical-cut of the central nervous system shows it to be free of all filters in the primary programs. However, the filter in the secondary intron program are not shown, but it will be a threat the life of the recovered addict as long as he lives, should he not keep-up his "living in the program". This situation means that the brain can manufacture sufficient excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters for the individual to live an emotional-swing free balanced state of consciousness, which is symbolized by the ball in the corpus callosum. The balance is then founded in a balanced flow of the wave of consciousness.

The left horizontal-cut then expresses a healthy and whole wave of consciousness, but in the right hand horizontal-cut is shown how the IN and OUT sides of the wave are in balance. An addict that has achieved this state of consciousness, is an individual that has entered into the "The Bill W. Utopia", as many AA "old-timers" in the United States describe it. This is a reference to the closing words in the story of William Griffith Wilson in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. The metaphor is further in agreement with the laws of live, as the QF-theory interprets them, and is how the rest of humanity should be, without the alcohol and drug DNA-disrupters polluting our brains.

Here ends the Fourth and Last Part of the lecture which has given us fundamental insight into how the recovery from the neurotransmitter cheating takes place through the methodology offered by the AA-fellowship. This system offers the participant access to the creation reality, or Higher Power, or God, which is the only reality that can remove the addiction filter in the intron-nucleotides of the addict.

We then move to the finale of this lecture, which is the:

07 : Epilogue.


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