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Following is a lecture in six parts depicting the quantum mechanical and biological reasons for, and consequences of, man's consumption of alcohol and other mind altering drugs and chemicals, legal and illegal.
This is today variably known as:

"Alcoholism", "Drug Addiction",
"Pollution of the Human Brain",
"Neuro-transmitter Cheating".

The lecture is the world's first explanation of the functions of the neuronal addiction sicknesses and the recovery from them, but its composite parts are:

01 : Introductions
Prologue and presentation of the subject.
02 : First part Structure and healthy brain programs.
03 : Second part Brain's regularion of the realityperception.
04 : Third part #1 Addiction through use of alien chemicals.
05 : Third part #2 Addiction through use of alien chemicals.
06 : Forth part Recovery and permanent brain-changes.
07 : Epilogue Conclusion and lecture discussions

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The End or Fin! - Endorphin!
Conclusions and Discussions on the Lecture.

We have reached the end of this unique lecture, but what remains are three questions commonly asked by those who have either attended the lecture or read it on the web:

     What will be the future progression in the increase of alcoholism on the planet?

     Will humanity ever be rid of the alcohol and the other mind altering drug

   What is the situation regarding the proof for the connection between the  alcohol and
   the other mind altering chemicals and the causes for the statistical
  sickness as the
QF-theory is suggesting?

It may be impossible to answer these questions with a direct Yes or a No, but the following are our current best.

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What will be the future progression in the increase of alcoholism on the planet?
The lecture offers us a new and in its outlines, reality true views on the prevailing situation and progression regarding the pollution of the human brain, and gives us a new bases for an "educated prognostics" for what we may expect in the future. The future can of course not be predicted with any precision regarding the freedom from the bondage of the alcohol and other mind-altering drugs. However, what the QF-theory offers us is an assurance that the situation is going to get worse through the accumulative filter alterations in our genetic programs and that in all likelihood, this progression will accelerate at an ever-increasing pace, before the situation begins to recover. This has already become our bitter experience of the twentieth century, where the addictions have multiplied five times, with the consumption alterations in the DNA-programs bringing us numerous wars, which we--until now--have erroneously believe to be politically caused. This is now, through the findings of the QF-theory, claimed to be caused through alcohol use malfunctioning "mirror neuron centers", or "empathy faculties" in the spatial hemisphere of man.

Here next we have two graphics showing the two most likely progression curves and their projection, for the past and future progression of alcoholism in the Western societies. Of these two, it is the "exponential curve" that is considered the closer to reality, both past and future, rather than the one with the "linear curve". The basis for both curves are based on in-accurate/in-exact past information and should thus be seen as a best approximation. They are then followed by a graphic combining both curves.



At the end of the 20th century alcoholism had reach 25% of the population in the Western cultures but about 70% of the population now try alcohol (30% are either children or those who never try alcohol). Of the 70% that tried alcohol, 36% become alcoholics today, regardless of what kind of drinking culture they are in. Of these 36% only 56% ever get to know about the only none chemical AA spiritual-solution to the deadly addiction, 44% never do. Of the 56% only 5% to 10% recover, but this is largely do to the psychology, psychiatry, pharmaceutical competition to the spiritual solution.

The ordinary human is not much aware of, or concerned with, the collective rapid changes in our fundamental psychological make-up and most argue alcohol has been with us so long, why should it be changing us in some sinister manner in the last decades. This is not a strange attitude since even many scientists are of similar disposition and even the official agencies such as the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), who are actively studying the health hazard of alcohol and drugs, are of similar view. This is owing to their lack of insight into the fundamental quantum-construction and function of the human brain, but here the ALCATRAS lecture has the advantage through it being founded in the QF-theory's information, which has the missing parts in the quantum theory. This applies in particular to the nature and function of the "collective reality" of the spatial hemispheric subconscious, but without the insight into the correct holistic-function and holistic-arrangement of the 3.2 billion exon and intron nucleotides in the DNA-structure, this understanding is not achievable. This is precisely the reason for our brilliant scientist not having been able to solve the riddle of the human brain.

The reason that neither our scientists, nor politicians are fittingly concerned about the rapid increases in alcoholism in the western cultures and still believe in the old fallacy of man being able to keep it under control through legislation, is due to their lack of the fundamental insights into the functions and malfunctions of the human brain. Here there are two factors that neither our scientists nor politicians are aware of are propagating this extremely dangerous progression, but they are:

FIRST: They lack the insight into how serious the consequences of our--since 1950--steadily increasing consumption of psycho reactive-chemicals in order to regulate our psychological state. They lack the insight into how serious this is for the future of humanity, as they are not informed about the accumulative "functional disturbances" in the DNA-nucleotides of the brain, that this causes, in addition to those produced by the alcohol consumption, which they do not understand either. Much the less do they understand that this is changing the fundamental programs of our brains. These functional disturbances, which are quantum mechanical and holographic in nature and in the form of photons, are in the QF-theory given the name "filter". It is then this filter that is carried from generation to generation through the genetic inheritance process and it is through its accumulation that the, now rapidly growing alcoholic syndrome, as well as a multitude of statistical  sicknesses, is produced.

SECOND: The lack of insight into the consequences of the gigantic revolution in public travel services and communications since the second world war and the colossal collective cultural changes it has brought with it. A large and dangerous part of this is our steadily increasing progression into a global collective alcohol and drug culture of death, that further accelerates our collective addiction progression through its genetic propagation.

It are these factors that are accelerating the accumulation of DNA-defects that are bringing about the exponential growth in the addictions, particularly in the Western cultures. For the few that now know and understand this progression, the psycho-pharmaceutical research and drug manufacturing scientists are beginning to look like some form of Dr. Frankenstein "mad scientists monsters", and Dr. Peter Breggin is beginning to look like some form of a saint. With the world wide information media now available, we should already be aware that our well meaning "preventive measures" and "legal punishment measures",
are not working in the fight against the steadily growing addiction in humanity. We should also be aware that we have lost the war on alcohol and drugs a long time ago. With our intelligence, we should a long time ago have become conscious that it is the alcohol and the legal and illegal drugs that are our doomsday menace, but here the element of "denial" enters the seen, but this is also produced by the addiction chemicals. To really begin to combat this threat to our existence--and that of all life on this planet--we ALL have to begin to learn the truth regarding the effects of these chemicals on our primary life-organ--the brain--BUT WITHOUT THAT INSIGHT THERE CAN BE NO TURNING AROUND.

The steady growth in humanity's unmanageability in all fields of life and the rapidly accelerating frequency of statistical sicknesses, particularly in the young people, such as obesity, diabetics, autism, depression and all forms of psychiatric sicknesses and psychological disturbances, are directly in line with the predictions of the
QF-theory and are claimed as an indication of its validity. In order to make available to the general public, an access to this vital information, the ALCATRAS lecture was developed and its unorthodox presentation is intended to make it accessible to everyone from recovering addicts to the members of the medical sciences. This format enables familiarization of the fruits of the QF-paradigm, which offers a comprehensive view of the creation, leading to an explanation of life itself and then to the QF-brain models that explain the inheritance and effects of the addiction "intron-filters" that are created in our brains while using counterfeit neurotransmitters.

With all the projections that are now being made regarding the future of humanity, such as population growth, health protection decline, mobile energy source dwindling, climatic changes, fisheries and agricultural food production shrinkage, economic sources stability, etc., etc., the alcoholism increase projection may be the most serious one, since it will effect adversely our ability to effectively deal with the negative consequences of the other changing factors in our survival. This primarily through the fact that growing alcohol and chemical consumption and alcoholism will directly effect the collective manageability of our actions that decide our future and will lower the "brake-down of law and order threshold" in human societies, but that may be the biggest threat of all  to humanity.

What is alcoholic insanity?

to repeatedly apply the same method in life expecting
different results
, that is alcoholic insanity

to repeatedly try to correct a mistake in life using
the method that created it
, that is alcoholic insanity


Will humanity ever be rid of the alcohol and the other mind altering drug consumption?
When the balance will be tipped between our addiction creating desire for the false sensations the alcohol produces in our nerve system and our realization of the massive damages and mass destruction this is causing, is hard to predict. The power of the alcohol delusion in mans subconscious-existence is so strong that before we collectively understand, become conscious of and accept as truth that alcohol is the first enemy of life on the planet, a major short term catastrophe caused by the alcohol will have to take place. This is what the graphs here prior are postulating, or that such a catastrophe climax may be reached, or forced upon humanity, sooner than we think possible. What such a collapse in association with other man made catastrophes, such as the sea level rising to "drown coastal cities" will look like, is something which no one can predict. However, it will certainly be something more horrendous that anything humanity has ever seen, or will ever see. No wonder that Professor Albert Einstein--towards the end of his life--declared that humanity "was asleep, floating down the river of death into the sea of self destruction." 

With the up-and-coming alterations in the availability of mobile energy (coal and oil) and the changes in the earth's climate, the addiction state of humanity may be accelerated faster that anyone can predict. On the other hand it is possible that we may--without a massive catastrophe as a trigger--eventually acquire a change in the collective attitude towards the alcohol, similar to the one we are now beginning to experience with the smoking addiction. This might manifest in us being forced to take drastic social measures as the collective DNA-disruption genetic-damages, due to the alcohol, become undeniable. However, this cannot take place without our scientific community having extensive knowledge of the subtle long-term effects of our brain pollution madness, which are here in this lecture are being offered to the public for the first time. Here we are not just talking about the changes in man that take place in alcoholism, but in all  consumption of chemicals that replace the natural neurotransmitters and cause the re-uptake in the exchanges to fail. Without this knowledge, no amount of individual tragedies or collective catastrophes will make us realize that it is our collectively accumulative alcohol induced unmanageability that is causing this. The QF-theory and its brain-models show what the solution is and affirm that the problems can not be solved through any drugs and that any such attempts will only aggravate the situation, due to the natural biological and physical reactions of the neurons to alien chemicals.

Our science of anthropology has shown us that the experience of humanity has been the rise and fall of the cultures. Here the QF-theory shows us that without the ultimate understanding of the functions and malfunctions of the human brain, the relation of these progressions to the mind-altering chemicals man has been and is using, they will not be understood. Another result of our ignorance of the long-term accumulative effects of alcohol and other mind-altering chemicals on the human brain, is manifested in our inability to control their consumption and resulting behavior changes. This has left us with the useless and costly "rehabilitation punishments" doled out by our legislative bodies and the useless and costly "preventive scare-lectures" by our educators for our youngsters. Neither works to prevent the addition progression in the Western cultures, but 36% of those who try alcohol will become addicted and this ratio is growing. It is only "hell and high water" can make us awake us from the sleep of denial regarding the truth about alcohol and other mind altering chemicals. Here the irony is in the fact that with the ALCATRAS lecture we have a foundation for the understanding which can possibly change our course from that of death-march to a life-march, but we are unfortunately not ready to start reviewing it for action, but persist in our "aprés moa" attitude, which is originally caused by the neurotransmitter cheating by our ancestors and by ourselves.
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What is the situation regarding the proof for the connection between the alcohol and the other
mind altering chemicals and the causes for the statistical sickness as the QF-theory is suggesting?
The questions regarding the validity of the QF-theories suggestion for the relationship between man's consumption of alcohol and other mind-altering chemicals as the causes for the statistical sicknesses, is in fact closely related to the subject of the ALCATRAS lecture. Obviously we can not expect all attempts at show these connections with scientific experiments that satisfy the requirements of the scientific tradition, but already in 1932 Professor Niels Bohr highlighted this problem in his famous LIGHT AND LIFE lecture. In it it becomes clear that it is as good as  unthinkable to make quantum experiments on living cells. Apart from that, quantum mechanics as a science, is something that deals wit something which no one sees and takes place mostly in the brain of the scientist in mathematical form, but again, with the projected increase in the problems of humanity, a radical attitude change may take place in the human mind, leading to radically altered methodology. However, scientific research is more manufacturing profit dependent than most scientists like to admit, but for many scientists the only problem with alcohol and other mind-altering chemicals is how to manufacture more of them faster and cheaper. 

As the QF-theory is solely of a quantum mechanical theoretical nature, it will--when it comes to biology--have to seek its verifications in research findings which are in a reality that is a step above the quantum reality. This is the reality where the causes for the statistical sickness are not discernible, but here many research findings in the last decades have indirectly verified the projections of the QF-theory regarding a faster growing number of statistical sicknesses, mainly in the younger generations, such as the fast growing number of obesity sicknesses, diabetic sicknesses, depressive sicknesses and mental sicknesses and disorders. This is a warning indication which should produce an interest in the medical professions to look into the QF-theory regarding the creation of, the
inheritance of, the function of. the intron-filter in our brain's DNA-nucleotides.

Here it is the QF-theory projection for the filter, that the increase in the statistical sicknesses will be accelerated and the maladies getting more viscous, while nothing will be done to prevent the neurotransmitter cheating and its filter-consequences as long as doctors and drug-manufacture scientists unknowingly continue to support the growth of the problem. It is expected that this problem will be met by steadily increasing consumption of psycho-pharmaceuticals, which not only means growing profit and power for the pharmaceutical industry, but also growth and accumulation of the drug induced-filter in the DNA-molecules of the human brain. The overall outcome is a collective carousel of growing problems, in the same manner as the individual addicts experience them, with no one getting wise to or connecting the causes to the brain pollution in the neurotransmitter cheating. The last thing the humans will be willing to acknowledge is that the "godly-nectar" is to blame for our evil evolution, but none the less we rejoice in the knowledge that the necessary about-mind in humanity has become viable through the initiation of the new insights through the QF-theory which this lecture offers.

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The science community is already aware of the fact that it are the answers to our questions regarding the brain that decide the fate of humanity. Professors Gerald D. Fischbach, a one time rector of Harvard University, confirmed this in his 1993 statement in the Scientific American: "Philosophical inquiry must be supplemented by experiments that are now among the most urgent, challenging and exciting in all of (the history of) science. Our survival and probably the survival of (all life on) this planet depend on a more complete understanding of the human mind."

Obviously, this lecture is not intended to "save the world", that the world will have to do by itself, individual by individual, but our culture, primarily in the west, is modulated by the consumption of alcohol, which has progressed us into the consumption of other false-neurotransmitters, legal and illegal. This produces enormous amount of work in our society, but if the consumption of alcohol and other mind-altering substances were suddenly removed from society and man would achieve healthy symmetrical brain functions, this would mean a total economic collapse.

The QF-theory offers numerous new physics insights whose verifications have already been found, but the most important of its products are the brain programming models and the brain-function-models it offers. It is this model creation that is the most important of its findings, since it points out the growing menace of the consumption of alcohol and other mind-altering substances to homo sapience. This in spite of the fact that these suggestions will land at the bottom of all popularity lists in humanity. This means that considerable amount of courage is needed in presenting the lecture, since the first purpose of the QF-theory is to attempt to break the ignorance and denial of the science community regarding man's consumption of alcohol and other mind-altering substances. In other words, it is intended to try to open the eyes of man for the greatest threat to humanity and life on planet earth, the most powerful weapons of mass destruction. The DNA-disrupters, which we have to pay for with hard earned money, but which we could have for free in the form of the natural ones, if only we knew how to produce them in our brains. The brain pollution in the neurotransmitter cheating is thus far from being as harmless as it is made to look in the alcohol advertisements. This since the question of the alcohol and other mind-altering chemicals in humanity is not a question about some behavioral or social problems, it is the question about the survival of humanity.

Our experience of the twentieth century is that the neuro-addictions have quadrupled, but only the QF-theory can explain to us why this is so, and at the same time it shows us that there is no such thing as a "harmless consumption of alcohol" for humanity. The QF-theory and this lecture may change something regarding this problem in the distant future, but most likely a major mass-catastrophes will be necessary to show humanity the relationship between the accumulative genetic changes, which the consumption of false neuro-transmitters produce, and these catastrophes. Before such events it is highly unlikely that the general public and the governments of the Western cultures, will acquire the humility to be prepared to begin to learn the reality concerning the true “weapons of mass destruction” in our midst and their subtle long-term maiming and killing functions.

As we think you for your attendance to this lecture we close by expressing our hope that it first and foremost serve to open you inner eyes and ears, and that it may be useful in your personal life and as source of inspiration, At the same time we like to reminding you that: "You are a Child of the Universe and the Universe Lives in You!", or  if you like it better: "You are a Child of God and God lives in You!". That you have all the ingredient to live your life in health, happiness and joy, no matter what your circumstances may be or whether your fellows on the planet know this or not.



You have been permitted an Insight.
An Insight into the greatest Mystery in Human Existence.

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