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This file contains the story of the three stages in the development of the understanding of the visions that lead to the Venn-mathematical set QF-theory.


This development of the understanding of the visions lead to the book: THE LITTLE SCROLL - The Ultimate Theory of Everything. A Complete Physics Unification Theory in the form of Triplicate-Schell-Membrane Paradigm Paradigm that includes the Fundaments of Life and Consciousness of the Observer.

STAGE ONE: The Contents of the Initial Spiritual Vision depict- ing the Events of the First Second of Creation in Simplistic Venn-mathematical sets.
STAGE TWO: The Initial Analyzes of the Contents of the Venn- set Visions of the First Second establishing the inclusion of the Observer's Consciousness.


The Detailed Analyzes of the Venn-set Visions of the First Second establishing Anthropic Connect- ion and the Life giving Missing Arrow of Time.

The First Verification of the Venn-set Visions of the First Second Fermion Funcamental Triplicate Composition.  --  The Rainbow Proof.

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    1) Historically, we have looked to our religious leaders to understand the meaning of our lives; the nature of our world. With Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), this changed. In establishing that the Earth goes around the Sun, Galileo not only succeeded in believing the unbelievable himself, but also convinced almost everyone else to do the same. This was a stunning accomplishment in "physics outreach" and, with the subsequent work of Isaac Newton (1642-1727), physics joined religion in seeking to explain our place in the Universe.
    2) The more recent physics revolution of the past 80 years has yet to transform general public understanding in a similar way. And yet a correct understanding of physics was accessible even to Pythagoras. According to Pythagoras, "number is all things", and numbers are mental, not mechanical. Likewise, Newton called light "particles", knowing the concept to be an "effective theory" --useful, not true. As noted by Newton's biographer Richard Westfall: "The ultimate cause of atheism, Newton asserted, is 'this notion of bodies having, as it were, a complete, absolute and independent reality in themselves.'" Newton knew of
Newton's rings and was untroubled by what is shallowly called "wave/particle duality".
    3) The 1925 discovery of quantum mechanics solved the problem of the Universe's nature. Bright physicists were again led to believe the unbelievable -- this time, that the Universe is mental. According to Sir James Jeans: "the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter... we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter." But physicists have not yet followed Galileo's example and convinced everyone of the wonders of quantum mechanics. As Sir Arthur Eddington explained: "It is difficult for the matter-of-fact physicist to accept the view that the substratum of everything is of mental character."
    4) In the tenth century, Ibn al-Haytham initiated the view that light proceeds from a source, enters the eye, and is perceived. This picture is incorrect but is still what most people think occurs, including, unless pressed, most physicists. To come to terms with the Universe, we must abandon such views. The world is quantum mechanical: we must learn to perceive it as such. One benefit of switching humanity to a correct perception of the world is the resulting joy of discovering the mental nature of the Universe. We have no idea what this mental nature implies, but -- the great thing is -- it is true. Beyond the acquisition of this perception, physics can no longer help. You may descend into solipsism, expand to deism, or something else if you can justify it -- just don't ask physics for help.

                                                                                                                            Quotation from: Professor Richard Conn Henry


The Final Riddles of Physics resolved through Mystical  thought derived through a
Spiritual Experience.

There will always be truth that lies beyond, that cannot be reached from a finite collection of axioms. Is there a route to knowledge–even “ultimate knowledge” –that lies outside the road of rational scientific inquiry and logical reasoning? Many people claim there is. It is called mysticism…  Most scientists have a deep mistrust of mysticism. This is not surprising, as mystical thought lies at the opposite extreme to rational thought, which is the basis of the scientific method. Also, mysticism tends to be confused with the occult, the paranormal, and other fringe beliefs. In fact, many of the world’s finest thinkers, including some notable scientists such as Einstein, Pauli, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Eddington, and Jeans, have also espoused mysticism...  It is only in dealing with ultimate questions that science and logic may fail us. I am not saying that science and logic are likely to provide the wrong answers, but they may be incapable of addressing the sort of “why” (as opposed to “how”) questions we want to ask.

                                                                                                                        Quotation from: Professor Paul Davis.



On the 12th day of the 12th month 1934, the most important event in the history of humanity took place. It was the first day that the first alcoholic of Alcoholics Anonymous--an American of Scandinavian descent—did not drink in his new found sobriety. It was during the first hour of that day that he had his 'vital spiritual experience', which in turn gave him sobriety for the rest of his life and made him instrumental in creating the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.
    The next day, the 13th of the 12th is celebrated in Scandinavia as the day of the light, or the day of 'Santa Lucia.' St. Lucia is the patron saint of human eyes and sight. This day would also be labeled as Lucifer’s day in some mystic circles but here Lucifer is claimed as the patron saint of the 'sight of the inner eyes'.
    The third day in this sequence is then the 14th of the 12th, but in 1900, this was the birthday of the New Physics when Herr Professor Max Karl Ernest Ludwig Planck announced his strange findings regarding energy to the august body of the German Physical Society. I
n 1503, the 12th of December was also the birthday of Michael de Nostradame, but he is claimed to have prophesied about the coming into being of both: Quantum Mechanics and Alcoholics Anonymous.
    Here following is an account of the experience of a 47 year old pilot on a flight journey that took him from Luxembourg to Kefalvik - Iceland, San Francisco - California, Seattle - Washington, Anchorage - Alaska, Fairbanks - Alaska, Montreal - Canada and San Juan - Puerto Rico. The part that is being dealt with here is an event that took place during the first hour of the 12th day of the 12th month 1984, as it is described by this pilot. His description of the experience is interwoven with the pictures of the visions he experienced.

"It was just after midnight local time on the 12th of the 12th--that I went through a classically indescribable 'spiritual visions experience' in a hotel room in Fairbanks, Alaska, where I had just arrived as a passenger for crew rest prior to a flight-on-duty.
    What I saw, heard and felt, during the experience began by a mild sudden shock walking into the room. This was in the form of an all powerful feeling of presence or an overwhelming sensation that 'someone or something' was in the room. At first I thought this was some kind of paranoia and I started having thoughts about psychiatric disturbances and psychosis and remembered what I had read about such things in psychology/psychiatry. This went so far that in spite of the 'everything is alright' sensation in my consciousness, I looked under the bed and behind the shower curtain.
    I next went out of the room and walked about in the hallways for a while, but as soon as I left the room, the sensation subsided. Again I returned to the room and the sensation immediately returned, stronger if anything. I then left the room the third time and went to the lobby and bought a postcard, but as before the sensation disappeared. Somewhere in the meditation literature I had read that I should not be afraid if such things happened. I returned to my room for the third time with the resolve that I would not be afraid of what ever it was that was in the room.

    After about 5 minutes (I did not time this) all the color visions disappeared, the visual field became pitch dark (darker than normal). What now follows is the strangest of the events, yet it is at the same time somehow a natural process, depending on how one views it. I now entered what too many is known as a 'transcendent state', but it had to do with seeing the room fully with closed eyes in complete darkness and the strong sensation of an indiscernible feeling of pleasure in my whole body while it was being bathed in something like 'golden light'.

    In the room, the presence sensation was still in full force. I undressed, put out the lights and got into my Burmese lotus position on the bed. I immediately began getting a strong sensation of being touched lightly around the head and all of the body and as if I was being bathed in a golden light. With the eyes closed I chanted my mantra and very quickly started to get the blue/read yin/yang patterns tumbling and decreasing into silvered images in the brains visual field.

    The event which took about 18 minutes seemed more like some sort of a show, rather than anything else. In my consciousness sensed the equivalent of the voice of someone who seemed to be a teenager. Inside my head the non-audit able voice began talking to me gently... Somehow I took this 'person' to be a male rather than female.

    The dialogue went something like this: 'OK Paul! Remember the book by Steven Weinberg THE FIRST THREE MINUTES, which you read in 1977.' It was then as if I acknowledge. 'Good Paul! We would like you to remember the last part of the book where Professor Weinberg is talking about the first second under the title The First One-hundredth Second, using metaphors of 'film frames''. Again I responded in the affirmative and the voice came back: 'OK good! We are now going to show you the correct contents of the 'film frames' for the First Second. Just sit back and relax.' Here I remember distinctly thinking; that's just what I am going to do.
    From here on there appeared a series of 18 internal visions of Venn-diagram mathematical sets that described in graphical logic the nature of the events during the First Second of Creation of the Universe. The visions lasted about a minute each, with the strangest effect being in that they seemed three-dimensional and that I was looking at them through a 90-degree arc, this without moving the head. During the transcendent state the non-audible internal voice described the visions in short descriptive statements which are reproduced according to memory below each of them. The descriptions used technological terms which I did not know at the time, but for which I had the feeling that I understood them. Later when I looked up the terms, my understanding of them turned out to be quite accurate. Here following are these unique visions (occupying center-stage in the pictures) with the accompanying remarks, but the scroll-like background and the vision numbers have been added to the original.


Here we have the Venn-diagram expression for the nature of the gravity Singularity of creation, sitting in the 'implicate reality' of infinity and eternity, prior to the creation of the Universe.


The creation process then begins with the appearance of an 'explicate reality spin-wave' appearing in the gravity Singularity of creation and its surrounding infinitely curved 'implicate reality' spatial field.


The second event in the creation process is then the appearance of an 'implicate reality spin-wave' in the gravity Singularity of creation and its surrounding infinitely curved 'implicate reality' spatial field.


The third event in the creation process is the twofold wave function of an 'explicate reality spin-wave' and an 'implicate reality spin-wave' in the gravity Singularity of creation and its surrounding infinitely curved 'implicate reality' spatial field.


The fourth event in the creation process is the twofold wave function of an 'explicate reality spin- wave' and an 'implicate reality spin-wave' in the gravity Singularity of creation and its surrounding infinitely curved 'implicate reality' spatial field, producing the third expansion wave, the 'explicate wave' in the 'explicate field' of the Singularity.


The fifth event in the creation process is the Big Bang disintegration of the Singularity into Leptonic Particles as well as the surrounding infinitely curved 'implicate reality' spatial field into massless 'Virtual Baryons'.


After the event of the Big Bang disintegration of the Singularity into Leptonic Particles, produces in these particles the leptonic quantification of gravity, through their explicate and implicate W-spin-waves.


After the event of the Big Bang disintegration of the the surrounding infinitely curved 'implicate reality' spatial field, produces in its zero negative energy explicate and implicate V-pole spin-waves, the baryonic quantification of gravity in the form of massless Virtual Baryons.


After the event of the Big Bang disintegration the Leptonic Particles continue expanding towards the forming of the Electrons.


After the event of the Big Bang disintegration the expanding Universe consists of the expanding disintegrating Singularity and what has now become an expanding surrounding Negative Gravity Field of explicate and implicate V-poles containing the massless 'Virtual Baryons'.


After the fifth event Big Bang disintegration the Leptonic Particles complete their expansion to form the Electrons  that represent the Quantum Wave of the Universe at the End of the Birth of Time
which physicists claim to contain the answers to all the Secrets of the Universe, Life-itself included.


This is the Quantum Wave of the Universe at the End of the Birth of Time that represents the DNA-molecule of Life, as well as the Brain and Consciousness of the Observer.


At the End of the Birth of Time the electrons formed in the disintegration of the Singularity now begin the sixth event in the creation process, the Exponential Inflationary expansion jump into the expanding surrounding Negative Gravity Spatial Field of explicate and implicate V-poles containing the massless 'Virtual Baryons'. In this process they pull Positrons and out of the Zero Negative Energy V-poles of the Vacuum, which in turn collide with the Electrons and release huge amounts of energy in the form of Photons.


It is during and after the Exponential Inflationary expansion surge of the Electrons and Positrons into the expanding surrounding Negative Gravity Spatial Field containing the the massless 'Virtual Baryons' that an even greater number of Electrons and Positrons are pulled out of the Zero Negative Energy V-poles of the Vacuum. It is then that the massless 'Virtual Baryons' are being mass charged by the antimatter particles (positrons and antimatter photons) being produced.


It is in the charging process of the Virtual Baryons that the rank-position of the triplicate waves of the multitude of antimatter particles that are being swallowed by the Virtual Baryons, is being switched and their mass is fused and the distribution of the waves is gradually evened out.


It are the virtual V-pole V-spin-waves of the Virtual Baryons that dictate the disposition of the multitude of antimatter particles that are being swallowed by the Virtual Baryons. This leads to the formation of the none-independent existing 'triplicate quark mass waves' of the nucleons.


The end stage of this process is the Baryon with the IN waving Z-wave--the Proton--that is permanently stable and provides the mass in most of matter, including our bodies.


The other part of the end process is the Baryon with the OUT waving Z-wave--the Neutron--that is unstable in order for Light and Life to exist in the Universe.

As the 18 slide finished the voice seemed to say 'OK. Thank you for paying attention Paul. This is now yours to present to humanity! You must go show this to everybody. All you have to do is to tell the truth as far as you are capable of it. That’s all..... We wish you all the best!'

Then the whole show disappeared just as swiftly as it had appeared and I found myself sitting alone in the dark hotel room with out any sensation of presence. Although I only understood the overview outlines of the contents of the visions, this was followed-up by an overwhelmingly convincing sensation of; Yes! This is it. This is how it was! This is the ultimate truth!

When this was over the local time was not quite 1 o'clock in the morning so I dressed, grabbed the book I had been reading and went to the restaurant-bar where I was the only customer. The hotel receptionist or waitress came and I ordered a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with coffee. While waiting for my order I grabbed a whiskey tumbler from the bar and drew the QREST FIELD VENN DIAGRAM that describes the Universe at the End of the Birth of Time, or at Second 10-36 in the mathematical sets from the epiphany show I had just witnessed, into one of the cover pages of the book I was reading. This was the wave-function program that contains the Observer (VISION 12). Afterwards I enjoyed my sandwich and went to bed and slept till calling-time. I then flew the aircraft from Fairbanks to Montreal, Mirabel where we rested again for 8 hours."

It was then on the flight from Montreal - Canada to San Juan - Puerto Rico on the 13th of December that the pilot in this story went through some further strange experiences, but after a hotel rest in Puerto Rico, he flew to Orlando - Florida. It was there that he, on the 14th of December, told for the first time to other human beings about his experience in Alaska and on the flight to Puerto Rico. This disclosure would lead to the suggestions that he was not mentally intact and would eventually cause him to loose his job, family and all possessions and force him to undertake to go for a 18 day psychological testings and evaluations. These would show him to be a highly intelligent individual with an even distribution of mental abilities and faculties.

It should be made clear that the individual who had this experience--who only had amateur knowledge of theoretical physics--only partially understood its contents at the time, but without the reference to the book by Steven Weinberg, THE FIRST THREE MINUTES, it is doubtful that he would have caught on to the visions.

The ensuing years after this experience would lead to his attempts at discussing this experience with others and eventually lead to a serious effort at digesting its contents. However, two outstanding questions soon became conscious to him. These were: How was it possible for his brain to remember the experience so clearly and in such detail, long after it happened? Where did the technical terms that were used in the vision come from, since they were not know to him prior to this experience? The answer to these questions would then come to him when he--nine years later--started to construct quantum structural and functional brain models, based on the analyzes of the information provided by the vision.


"I think a very decisive, radical change is imminent, because in the psychological history of mankind there has been something which you can call a new revelation about every 2,000 years. The 2,000 years of Christianity, what might be called the Age of Pisces, is running out, and something will come to replace it; and perhaps to build upon it, as the Age of Pisces built upon earlier, tremendous intellectual probing of the Greeks and also the extraordinary moral force and authority of the Hebrews. I think we are headed for something new."

                                                                                                                                                                            Quotation from: Professor
Robertson Davis.

It would take the pilot who experienced the VISION, 3 and a half years to become convinced that its contents were a serious insight into the creation process presenting a new paradigm that contained the key insights to understanding the basis of Material reality, DNA, Life, the Human Brain and Consciousness. This process began in the beginning of 1985 and reached its completion in mid 1988 when he had reached that stage of conviction that opening the way for further understanding. It would however not be until in the beginning of 1991 that he would come into the position of being capable of beginning his work on the detailed understanding of the VISION.

Stage Two
The first face of the development of the basic QF-theory.


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