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This file contains the story of the fourt stage in the development of the understanding of the visions that
lead to the Venn-mathematical set QF-theory.


This development of the understanding of the visions lead to the book: THE LITTLE SCROLL - The Ultimate Theory of Everything. A Complete Physics Unification Theory in the form of Triplicate-Schell-Membrane Paradigm that includes the Fundaments of Life and Consciousness of the Observer.

STAGE ONE: The Contents of the Initial Spiritual Vision depict- ing the Events of the First Second of Creation in Simplistic Venn-mathematical sets.
STAGE TWO: The Initial Analyzes of the Contents of the Venn- set Visions of the First Second establishing the inclusion of the Observer's Consciousness.


The Detailed Analyzes of the Venn-set Visions of the First Second establishing Anthropic Connect- ion and the Life giving Missing Arrow of Time.


The First Verification of the Venn-set Visions of the First Second Fermion Funcamental Triplicate Composition.  --  The Rainbow Proof.

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"I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a convenant between me and the earth.
And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud."

                                                                                                                                                        Quotation from the First Book of the Bible:
                                                                                                                                       THE GENESIS, The First Book of Moses
, Chapter 9 : 13-14.

The Final Riddles of Physics and the Human Spirit.



"And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heven , and one sat on the throne. And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: amd there was a tainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald." -- "And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaqven, clothed witha  cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire."

                                                                 Quotation from the Last Book of the Bible: THE REVELATION of St John the divine,
                         Chapters 4 : 2-3 and 10 : 1.

    Following is the final stage of the analyzes of the vision experienced by the 47 year old pilot on a flight journey stopover in Fairbanks - Alaska during the first hour of the 12th day of the 12th month in 1984. Out of this the pilot has been able to developed a complete and comprehensive model of the creation process and the fundamental matter particles and the energy carrier particles of the universe. This on the form of a string-membrane physics theory employing an alternate mathematical form in its analyzes of nature. This theory is the QF-Theory of Everything and here following is the simplistic end of its verification or proof.

The simplistic presentation here fo--are the detail analyzes describing the relationship between the properties of the rainbow and the field of consciousness in the human brain. These are in essence analyzes of the properties of light and at the same time analyzes of the composition of matter. These analyzes, which may be seen as first being attempted by the brilliant nature philosopher, Sir Isaac Newton, some 340 years ago, are the ultimate and final answers to the composition and properties of light.

Isaac Newton, the illustrious natural philosopher was born at Woolsthrope Manor in Lincolnshir. He was the greatest mathematician of 03_Newton-Framed.gifmodern times. He discovered the binomial theorem, and method of fluxions, and in 1666 the contemplation of the fall of an apple led to his greatest discovery of all, that of the law of gravitation. The same year he discovered the composite nature of light while seeking distance from the ravages of the Black Death plague at Woolsthrope Manor. He held the Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge for 33 years. In 1699 he became Master of the Mint. He represented his University in Parliament, and was elected President of the Royal Society, a post which he occupied for 24 years. He was knighted in 1705. He lived to his eightieth year, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Bishop Burnet described him as the "whitest soul he ever knew."

Only one book of Newton's about the Bible was ever published. In 1733, six years after his death, J. Darby and T. Browne, published Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John. With his prodigious knowledge of ancient history and languages and his unequalled mental powers, Isaac Newton is the best qualified individual in this millennium to have written about the prophecies. His study of the Book of Daniel began at the age of 12 and continued to be a special interest throughout his life. Moreover, he writes of the prophecies with a modesty that indicates that he, himself, is in awe of the words he has been given an opportunity to read. Isaac Newton concluded that it was intended that Revelation will be understood by very few until near the end of history, the time of judgement, and the beginning of the everlasting kingdom of the Saints of the Most High.

There are many stories about Sir Isaac and many of them have a strong tone of folklore and superstition which did not subside after his death. After it became known that John Maynard Keynes had purchased a trunk full of Newton's papers at an auction and had found it full of notes on alchemy, biblical prophecy, including twenty different versions of the Book of Revelation, as well as a reconstruction from Hebraic texts of the floor plan of the temple of Jerusalem, which Newton had taken to be "an emblem of the system of the world," the stories multiplied. The shaken Keynes told a gathering of the Royal Society, "Newton was not the first of the age of reason, but as well the last of the magicians, the last of the Babylonians and Sumerians."

Several fictions circled about an encounter of Newton and Lucifer, where these debated physics and creation. The reference was sought mostly in the fire of London and Newton's discovery of the Calculus and the Prism, which along with the greatest discovery of all, that of gravity, took place in the year 1666. Many of the fictions are likely to have been initiated by students at Cambridge and Oxford. As is so often is the case, older fictions were redressed and applied to the celebrity.

    Newton  is for many the first prime witness in the search for The Theory of Everything. Newton may be described as being enraptured by the beauty and simplicity of his laws of motion and gravity, and hoped that he would stumble on an all encompassing theory, even though he kept this secret, and that this would only be known after his death. Through this it may be said that Newton had laid the cornerstone to all the endeavor of modern physics: To show and prove the logical necessity of the Universe as we experience it. It is thus not the declarations of progress that are the struggle of physics, but the dream of Newton, which was, and which is, the goal of the foremost physicists. The guidepost to this goal, say the physicists, is to be found in the beauty of the equations. Beauty according to Shakespeare is something "In the eye of the observer." Beauty according to the physicist is the "The logical invariance in Nature."

At the age of 24--while still a student--Newton refuted the so called “Modification Theory of Light”which maintained that colors were modified forms of homogeneous white light. His experimentations showed that light is made from three distinct colors spread out through the Prism and not produced by the Prism’s modification of light. It would take him 15 years to get the “academy” to accept this as the “truth of the matter” and he was even accused of “stealing” ideas from others. Here the QF-theory set-math diagrams show the final explanation.


The First Quantum Experiment.

a) The QF-theory set-math diagram for the boson quanta of WHITE LIGHT, the quanta of the photon “in flight”, flipping between in and out of the V-poles of the vacuum “explicate” and “implicats” states, presenting both its matter and antimatter sides....

b) The QF-theory set-mathematical diagram for the quanta of THE SPECTRUM OF LIGHT. The quanta of the photon is now “arrested” in it’s “explicate state” (matter side), spread out and the mass-energy of it’s composite three waves re-distributed so that they become visible. According to the QF-theory, these three colors represent the fundamental units of ALL fermions, or matter particles in the universe, so this is perfectly in agreement with its findings.

c) The QF-theory set-math diagram for the quanta of “THE NEWTONIAN FRACTION OF THE  SPECTRUM OF LIGHT”. Only the selected quanta-fraction of the photon continues through and it becomes impossible to produce a new triplicate spectrum with the Prism. This is in perfect agreement with the QF-theory predictions for “explicate” wave behaviour.


The Basic Prism Diffusion of Light


The Prism Experiment showing the Composite Quantum Wave-spin Directions

From Newton to the
U. S. National Center for
Atmospheric Research.

What makes the colors in the rainbow?

The traditional description of the rainbow is that it is made up of seven "Primary Colors" - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Actually, the rainbow is a whole continuum of colors from red to violet and even beyond the colors that the eye can see. Of these many labell the three collors of Yellow, Red and Blue --which cannot be mixed from other colors but from which all other colors can be mixed--as the "Primitive Colors", or as the "Fundametnal Colors"

The colors of the rainbow arise from two basic facts:

  • Sunlight is made up of the whole range of colors that the eye can detect. The range of sunlight colors, when combined, looks white to the eye. This property of sunlight was first demonstrated by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666.
  • Newton noted that regardless of whether light was reflected or scattered or transmitted, it stayed the same color. Thus the colors we observe are the result of how objects interact with the incident already-colored light, not the result of objects generating the color.
  • Light of different colors is refracted by different amounts when it passes from one medium (air, for example) into another (water or glass, for example).
Descartes and Willebrord Snell had determined how a ray of light is bent, or refracted, as it traverses regions of different densities, such as air and water. When the light paths through a raindrop are traced for red and blue light, one finds that the angle of deviation is different for the two colors because blue light is bent or refracted more than is the red light

This implies that when we see a rainbow and its band of colors we are looking at light refracted and reflected from different raindrops, some viewed at an angle of 42 degrees; some, at an angle of 40 degrees, and some in between.

The three Fundamental Riddles embedded in the
Fundamental Colors of the Rainbow, but they are
the Fundamental Colors of Nature.

Apart from the fact that the fundamental colors of nature are ONLY THREE and that from only these three colours, about a 1000 different colors may be perfectly blended to match the 1000, or so, energy stages of the hydrogen atom, there are four other major mysteries involved in the "Colors of the Rainbow". These riddles are as follows:

01)   Why are there only three funcamental colors in nature? Why not 2, 5, 8, 12, or any other number?
         What is it in nature that demands that the fundamental colours be only three?

02)   Why is it that only between the Blue and the Yellow color bands a clear band of Green-blend
         appears? Why is there no clear Orange-blend band between the Red and the Yellow?

03)   What would an "Antimatter Rainbow" look like?

04)   Is there any possiblity that there is a relationship between the fact that the Nucleons are made out of
         three Quarks and White Light is made out of the three funcmental colors of Nature?

It may not be obvious at first glance that the fundamental colors of nature represents these four major riddles that have not been answered by physics to-date. However, a little contemplation will make us realize that although they seem quite ordinary questions, they obvious ALL have to do with the first causes in reality, or the causative in reality. What is here the main theme is the fact that t
he simplistic answers that the QF-Theory of Everything provides have to do with the solution to the riddle of the mystery of creation of the Universe itself. The answers to these four simple riddles that are here presented, represent the simple end of the theories verifications, or as the theories first-proof. Proofs that come straight from nature's collorful composition. The other proofs that the theory claims are much more complicated and are not of the kind that may be observed bay anyone, anywhere, since they hvae to be sought in the findings of experimental physics.

We now turn to a review of a normal rainbow and an antimatter rainbow, after which we look at both of these together with the QF-theories Venn- set descriptions for the ingredients in each of  them following next below.


 A Normal Rainbow.


An Antimatter Rainbow.


A Normal Rainbow and an Antimatter Rainbow.


QF-effective Matter/Antimatter Rainbow Ingredients.


QF-effective Atom Rainbow Ingredients.

The QF-models for the Electron and the Proton.
Top-row shows 2-dimensional cut-awy expressing
the 6-dimensional QF-models for the particles.
Botom-row shows the 2-dimesional QF-Venn-sets expressing
the 6-dimensional QF-particles in
set-mathematical symbolic logic.

Our two rainbow drawings have been unified into one showing the matter and antimatter rainbows as the QF-theoretical models for the matter particles see them. Obviously we are only able to see the matter version of the rainbow since no antimatter is floating around in our skys, which is very fortunate as that would lead to gigantic explosions if matter and antimatter clouds came into contact with each other.

It is then the left hand side of our graphic here above that shows how this matter particles are constructed, both in a cut-away and a QF-Venn-set. A close examination of the Venn-set for the matter electron that we shows us that the "yellow Z-negative mass wave" and the "right-spinning-blue W-negative polarity-graviton wave" are out-waving in the same direction, where as the in-waving
"left-spinning-red W-positive polarity-graviton wave" is going in the opposite direction.  This is the cause for the blending of  the blue and yellow bands into green, and instead of a band of orange forming through the blending of the yellow and the orange, only a thin line of orange is formed. Wow! These are really child's play analyzes of nature.

Now with the antimatter side we only need to reverse these analyzes in order to get the picture for an antimatter rainbow and with it we are now--with reference to the previous pages on the subject of the interpretation of the QF-visions--
ready to answer the four questions posed here prior. Well then, here are the four answers.

The Simpleton Answers to the Fundamental Riddles embedded in
the Colours of the Rainbow.

01 Question:
Why are there only three funcamental colors in nature?
Why not 2, 5, 8, 12, or any other number? What is it in nature that demands that the fundamental colours be only three?
01 Answer:
This is found in "frames" 01A to 07A in the first 10 scroll-graphics describing the beginning    of
creation, but this is found in the register at the beginning of this page under the title
STAGE THREE or via this link.
02 Question:
Why is it that only between the Blue and the Yellow color bands a clear band of Green-blend
appears? Why is there no clear Orange-blend band between the Red and the Yellow?
02 Answer:
The answer to thees question has just been presented here prior on this page.
03 Question:
What would an "Antimatter Rainbow" look like?
03 Answer:
The answer to thees question has just been presented here prior on this page.
04 Question:
Is there any possibility that there is a relationship between the fact that the Nucleons are made out of  three Quarks and White Light is made out of the three fundamental colors of Nature?
04 Answer:
This is found in "frames" 15A to 20A in scroll-graphics number 24 to 29 describing the nucleon
synthesis in creation, but this is found in the register at the beginning of this page under the title STAGE THREE or via this link.

The insights expressed in this page and the analyzes of the four questins shown here lead to the decision to develop the QF-theory and eventually to the mammoth task of writing the first edition of the book, THE LITTLE SCROLL, which was then completed in 2002.

    "There are works which wait, and which one does not understand for a long time; the reason is that they bring answers to questions which have not yet been raised; for the question often arrives a terribly long time after the answer."
                                                                                                                                                                                              Quotation from: Oscar Wild

The Book

The Little Scroll.


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