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The Following is the PEACE-Group’s Statement of Intent and Purpose, as well as its Claims and Disclaims, for the “peace-files.com” Website.

The members of the PEACE-Group are just ordinary individuals with an average education as it applies to the western cultures. They are not scientists of any specific science discipline. However, the members of the group have become keenly aware of the fact that the New Physics, or the science discipline of Quantum Mechanics, represents Man’s most fundamental effort at understanding the Universe and its reality. This includes the explanation for the phenomena of Life itself and its perception of reality, as perceived through Consciousness.

As the group members are convinced that all the missing answers in Man’s knowledge and insights in our science disciplines are at the Quantum Level of Reality. They are also convinced that the reason for Man not having achieved these answers, lays in the fact that Quantum Mechanics are incomplete in Man’s current knowledge of Quantum Reality, as well as in its interpretation. The reason for this being the fact that the functions of the human brain are asymmetrical, which is a phenomena know in science as the Asymmetry of the Human Brain. The causes for this condition are in turn found in the brain’s Quantum Fundaments and they represent all the known functional disturbances and disorders in the Human Brain.

The asymmetric condition of the Human Brain is in turn the cause for all of Man’s problems and suffering. They are the causes for all his past and currently mounting mental and physical health problems. They are the causes for all his past and currently mounting problems of unmanageability and conflicts. The causes for these problems are not known by our scientists, who themselves suffer from the same problems caused by the Asymmetry of the Human Brain. They--as others--generally believe the common asymmetry caused delusion, that “Humanity, or we, are the way we are supposed to be by our evolutionary inherited nature”. This in turn is the cause for our sciences being unable to solve the enigmas of the Human Brain, since the solution requires the prior correction of this asymmetry in the brain of the scientist who intends to solve this riddle. Added to this is the fact that the scientist will first have to solve the fundamental riddles of Quantum Mechanics, in order for him to acquire the fundamentally correct understanding required to solve the riddles of the enormously complex organ that is the Human Brain. This is the organ that is trying to solve the riddle of it self. None of this can be achieved without the brain first ridding itself of the functional defect known as “arrogance”, which in the scientists is usually known as the “arrogance of excellence”.

The foundations for these bold claims is in the QF-theory of Everything, which is introduced in the book THE LITTLE SCROLL and which is presented in the Unification Files on this website. The website is then an arena or a forum for the introduction, presentation and discussion of the theoretical paradigm that ensues from the QF-theory. In this effort at publicizing these ideas, the members of the PEACE-group have become convinced that the causes for the Asymmetry of the Human Brain are correctly and conclusively explained by the findings of the QF-theory and its ensuing theoretical constructions. The presentation on the website of this material is aimed at being accessible by the average educated individual in the western cultures and is by no means intended to follow the traditional formalism of scientific presentations. Such an effort would ensure that the material would never see the light of day or be seen by the general public.

The causes for the Asymmetry of the Human Brain--as the QF-theory explains them--are caused by what the theory describes as “the DNA disruption”, which in turn is also described as Man’s“pollution of his brain” by his consumption and use of “counterfeit neurotransmitters”, or chemicals that replace the natural neurotransmitters in the brain. The consequences of this “pollution” are only partially known in the sciences, with the most devastating consequences not known at all. Here the QF-theory offers the first science founded explanations in humanity, showing the causes for these collective, accumulative and genetically inherited functional disorders carried forward through the generations. The changes that this practice brings about in the Human Brain and thus in the affairs of Life on this planet as a whole, are the root cause of all of Man’s problems, but without this knowledge, all talk of “peace amongst men” continues to be a futile--but well meaning--pathetic repetition of Man’s hopes.

The intent and purpose of these strenuous publishing efforts of the PEACE-Group are not aimed at saving the world or humanity form its self imposed “hell” of the Asymmetric Brain caused, by the DNA-disruptors. The only thing that will bring that about is the ultimate and correct understanding of the human brain. This the group members have already achieved for themselves, which in turn has given them the access to their natural “emotional intelligence”, “moral intelligence” and “creative intelligence”, which is generally disrupted in the Asymmetric Brain Condition. It is through the reacquisition of these faculties that has given the members of the group the courage and endurance to work at these publications.

It is therefore the “moral and compassionate” intent and purpose of the PEACE-Group's effort, to make assessable to humanity the extremely complex analyses of the creation of the Universe, Reality and the Human Brain, in the simplest manner achievable. A part of this intent and purpose is to make known to the scientific, academic and religious communities on the planet, the extremely subtle relationships and connections between Man’s pollution caused DNA-disruptions, resulting in the Asymmetric Brain, and that of all of Man’s problems. This in the hope that it may lead to some form of a “paradigm change” in humanity and alter the direction and motives of scientific research, the interpretations of religious doctrines, as well as the collective political conduct of Men.

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May the force of the endorphins be with you!

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