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The next pages contain general descriptions of the progression of Theoretical Physics, Reductionism and Quantum Mechanics during the twentieth century. In this review the emphasis is on the failure to include the Observer in the analyses of the Ultimate Reality of the Universe, the Theories of Everything. The review parallels the theorisations presented in the newly published book: THE LITTLE SCROLL, which presents a Theory of Everything that includes Life and Consciousness of the Observer. Parts of this file are taken from the writings of: Johann Grolle, F. David Peat, Richard Restak, Stephen Hawking, John Boslough and others.

The PHYSICS-Files are:

00-Entries Introductions
01-Part One A The Progression of Physics 1900-1950
02-Part One B The Progression of Physics 1950-2000
03-Part Two The Demand for the Anthropic Connection
04-Part Three The Stalemate in the Progression of Physics
05-Part Four The Alternate Mathematical Approach
06-Part Five The Spiritual Connection to Man's Quest
07-Epilogue The Conclusions and Discussions

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“The deeper we penetrate and the more extensive and embracing

our theories become, the less empirical knowledge
is needed to determine those theories.”

Quotation from: Professor Albert Einstein.


The Introductions:

The New Physics
The Anthropic Connection

    Is there such a phenomena possible in the experience of the human consciousness, that it may be said to represent a; Recipe for the Universe, or a Theory of Everything? This is the main theme and subject of this File. In this Document is found an Introductory Lecture on the Progression of Physics in the 20th Century--Primarily the New Physics--and the Relationship of the Observer--his Consciousness--to the Discoveries and Findings Representing the Paradigm of the Physicists World View in the Onset of the 21st Century.

    The reader may ask, What is a Theory of Everything? An attempt at presenting a simplistic answer will be made here: A Grand Unified Theory/Complete Unified Theory in Theoretical Physics that includes the Observer is a Theory of Everything. Such a Theory will not only show that the four forces of the Universe have the same origin, but will explain the fundaments of Life and Consciousness of the Human Brain. Since there is only one Universe we are observing, then there can only be one such Theory of Everything. Only one solution can produces the Fundamental Reality Program for the Human Brain. This suggests that the Theory of Everything is the most important information, or knowledge, Man can ever achieve.

    The Apocalyptic Files are an initiation and introduction to the questions and suggestions for the only possible solution involved in the formulation of the Theory of Everything. The Files suggest that the solution will have to be based on Kurt Gödel's 1931 Mathematical Incompleteness Theorem and Roger Sperry’s 1981 Human Brain’s Functional Programs, plus the Standard Model of Theoretical Physics. Purpose of these Files is to show that the work of these men proves that the current methods used by Physicists and Neurologists, cannot alone solve the Ultimate Mystery of the Universe, Life and the Human Brain.

The Demand for the Grand Unification of
Man’s Deterministic and Spiritual Sciences!

     In the opening chapter of his brilliant 1979 book, THE BRAIN, Professor Richard M. Restak planted this reminder to us all: "Two former Nobel Prize laureates in physics were recently asked to guess what area of research would win the Nobel Prize for physics in the year 2000. Both of them, without prior consultation and with hardly a hesitation, said brain research. The human brain, they concluded, is our ultimate intellectual challenge in the last quarter of the twentieth century." He also reminded us of the 1931 words of Professor Max Planck, who had this to say about the observer in the experiments: "...it is impossible to obtain an adequate version of the laws for which we are looking unless the physical system is regarded as a whole."This theme is the core of all the writings presented in the PEACE-Files.
    The contention in these fielse is that we cannot solve the enigmas of physical reality, this meaning the physical universe, without solving at the same time the riddles of the spiritual reality -- the spatial universe.

    From the time the British physicist, Sir Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson and Cambridge (1871-1937), began the bombarding of matter with Alpha particles--to investigate its inner structure--theoretical and experimental physics have been developing this method into ever larger and more sophisticated machines, now known as accelerators. To-day, the accelerators are the biggest machines Man constructs, the most expensive machines Man builds and create the highest energies Man is capable of. In this they are in reality asking the biggest and most profound question Man can ask of Nature, as they are making images of the smallest things Man can discern. The huge accelerators are in essence nothing but a form of microscope. The most powerful microscopes Man can build–the electronic microscopes–are limited to looking at things that are smaller than the width of one wave-phase of an electron. It can only resolve images of structures that are larger than the length of the waves of of electron-quanta that are reflecting of them. With smaller objects the waves is not refelcted and pass around it, which means that no image is received at the microscope. The ingenious method employed in the accelerators is the acceleration of mass/energy to speeds close to the speed of light, and then this mass/energy is directed to hit a target, or shot into a beam going in the opposite direction of electronquanta that are reflecting of them. With smaller objects the waves is not refelcted and pass around it, which means that no image is received at the microscope. The ingenious method employed in the accelerators is the acceleration of mass/energy to speeds close to the speed of light, and then this mass/energy is directed to hit a target, or shot into a beam going in the opposite direction. In such experiments one of the beams may be composed of antimatter. The collision usually takes place in hydrogen plasma, situated in socalled accelerator bubble chambers. It is there that pictures are taken of the particle tracks created by the ensuing disintegration and these then analyzed with a mathematical theory. However, in this process nothing is seen anywhere, only the tracks left by the particles are seen in the plasma, which are then analyzed with the theories of mathematical physics.

    The results of this is that physicists find themselves “moving towards the discovery of nature’s first law” which is variably referred to as, "The Unified Field Equation”, (UFE), or “The Grand Unified Theory”, (GUT), or “The Complete Unified Theory” (CUT), depending on its scope. Whereas the UFE would be a mathematical unification of the four forces of nature, then the GUT is a unification of three of natures forces. This means  a unification of the electromagnetic force with the weak and the strong nuclear forces. A unification without gravity, in a mathematical theory, possibly also experimentally. However, according to the QF-theory -- which is introduced later in these files -- then the GUT theory only existed in the imagination of the physicists, not in nature. The CUT would mean theoretical unification of all four forces (not experimentally), along with the unification of the two great theories of our times: The Quantum Theory and the Theory of Relativity. An ultimate theoretical construction would be achieved by the inclusion of explanations for Life itself in a CU-Theory. This would constitute a paradigm known as the Theory of Everything, of which a compulsory part would be inclusion of Life and the Observer’s Consciousness. However, this search has not been able to come up with anything that resembles a connection to either the phenomenon of Life, or Consciousness, but it is precisely this subject that these files are engaged in scrutinising.

At the same time that the files depict the outlines of the fundamental riddles of all of man's sciences, they make references to what is claimed to be the first and only Unification Theory in physics that includes the Observer of the quantum processes, that includes the explanation for Life and that solve the fundamental riddles involving Consciousness. This is published in the book:



The book presents--in utter simplicity--what is described as a 6-dimensional superstring-membrane relativity connected, quantum mechanical Venn-diagram mathematical theoretical models for the creation of the Universe. The simplicity is achieved by the use of a graphical Venn-diagram set-mathematical approach, but this approach makes the models accessible to the average educated man and anyone who is interested enough. In an abbreviation the theory is called:

"The QF-theory".

Since the theory is connected to Life-itself--the DNA-molecule's functions--
it is claimed as a:

"Theory of Everything"


“Philosophical search has to be implemented with experiments which are now amongst the most important, challenging and exciting in all of the sciences and history of science. Our survival, and probably of all life on this planet, depends on a more complete understanding of the human brain.”

Quotation from: Professor Gerald D. Fischbach

The next part offers the first of two brief overviews of the progression of the Leading Edge of Physics in the 20th century. This is:

01-Part One A
The Progression of Physics 1900-1950


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