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Multidimension Superstrings-
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The next pages contain general descriptions of the progression of Theoretical Physics, Reductionism and Quantum Mechanics during the years from 1950 to 2000. In this review the emphasis is on the failure to include the Observer in the analyses of the Ultimate Reality of the Universe, the Theories of Everything. The review parallels the theorisations presented in the newly published book: THE LITTLE SCROLL, which presents a Theory of Everything that includes Life and Consciousness of the Observer. Parts of this file are taken from the writings of: Johann Grolle, F. David Peat, Richard Restak, Stephen Hawking, John Boslough and others.

The PHYSICS-Files are:

00-Entries Introductions
01-Part One A The Progression of Physics 1900-1950
02-Part One B The Progression of Physics 1950-2000
03-Part Two The Demand for the Anthropic Connection
04-Part Three The Stalemate in the Progression of Physics
05-Part Four The Alternate Mathematical Approach
06-Part Five The Spiritual Connection to Man's Quest
07-Epilogue The Conclusions and Discussions

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"I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-43 second. It is there that the ultimate answers to all  questions about the universe--life itself included--lies."

Quotation from: Professor Stepen Hawkings.


Part Two:

In the first years after WW-II, the physicists of the world were busy preparing the cold war nuclear stockpiles of the capitalist and communist camps and much technical knowledge was acquired in nuclear physics, but not much sensational theoretical progress was made. It was not until the 1960s that the world began to receive news of new theoretical discoveries that promoted the search for the Recipe for the Universe.

Black Holes and Singularities

Sir Roger Penrose
1931 - 20??
   In the mid 1960's Roger Penrose and Stephen Haw- king collaborated on mathe- matical theoretical work on the  consequences of Gene- ral Relativity, showing the nature of Black Holes and Singularities.
   The work yielded valuable new insights into the nature of gravitational interactions between space and matter in extreme circumstance. 
Stephen Hawking
1942 - 20??
The findings of their work was in particular interesting in regard to possibilities for future theoretical work on analyses of the Big Bang creation process.


Grand Unifyed Theories
Murray Gell-Mann
1929 - 20??

   In 1963 the American physicist, Murray Gell-Mann and, independently, his colleague George Zweig, advanced the quark theory; they hypothesized that the hadrons were composed of smaller particles, the quark, particles carrying fractional electric charges. These were the smallest particles of matter. In 1969 Gell-Mann was awarded the Nobel Prize for this magnificent discovery that recreated the old dream of the physicist for progress to The Recipe for the Universe. With the discovery of this inner construction of nucleons, the quark fractions of atoms, this mathematically defined the so called Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD) theorisations, which made it possible to classify the baryons into three families.

    The theory of the quarks was soon verified by experiments and the next ten years saw experimental physicists make enormous, but futile efforts, at trying to separate the three quarks in the baryons, or the two in the mesons. This has tovthis day been impossible and according to the QF-theory, which predicted this, will never be possible. In fact, the inseparability of the quarks, is one of the main pillars of the QF-theory.

    Another major milestone towards the Recipe for the Universe was reached in theoretical terms when two American and one Pakistani phyicists presented a two-fold unification theory. This was the unification of the Weak and Electromagnetic Energy exchanges into what is now the Electro-weak-force--a unification, which at the same time will be a kind of ancestor to any future Grand Unified Theory of three of the four forces--EMF+WNF+SNF, (wich according to the QF-theory is not possible). The three physicists shared the Nobel Prize in 1979, this even before the experimental proof was presented in 1984. This unification, along with Quantum Chromo Dynamics, is the backbone in the Standard Model, as the physicist now call their present theoretical constructions of the physical Universe. This achievement is a major steppingstone on the roead to any future Recipe for the Universe, will depend on it.


Steven Weinberg
1935 - 20??
Abdus Salam
1926 - 1996
Sheldon Glashow
1932 - 20??

    No other theories have enjoyed such general acclaim. Every time which new discoveries come from the accelerators, then they fit perfectly into the puzzle of the complexed picture of the Material Universe in the Standard Model. The latest trend in theorization, since the beginning of the eighties, is the addition of two new routs The String Theories and The Super Symmetry Theories. The fourth then is a combination of these two, or what is now called Superstring Theories, which is leading to theories with the grand title of Theory of Everything.

    In spit of many attempts at including the Observer in the outcome of the experiments, this has not succeeded. There has not even been anything, which can be classified as being close to some kind of success and the popular Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, the ALS-victim, Dr. Stephen Hawking, laments that: "Although we know the basic equations which bring together all of our biology, we have not been able to bring together any investigation of human behavior into the branch of applied mathematics."


    The brilliant Hawkings, who has set it as his life's goal to find the ultimate Unification Theory of the Universe, has made several profound declarations regarding this search for The Ultimate Recipe for the Universe and the hope for the ultimate Theory of Everything. A 1984 interview with John Boslough produced the following announcement: "I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-43 second. It is there that the ultimate an- swers to all questions about the universe--life itself included--lies."
     In view of the findings of the QF-theory, this is one of the profoundest remarks regarding the search for The Ultimate Recipe for the Universe ever made by any phyicist. 
Stephen Hawking
1942 - 20??

As it turns out, this is precisely the resault that the QF-theory is presenting in the book THE LITTLE SCROLL.
       However, his "NEWSWEEK remark" on the subject of the final theory, where he expressed his opinion that it will be possible to explain--in one mathematical equation--all that is observable in creation and that the solution would be in the "language of mathematics" and that he was convinced that "God spoke that language", is in slight dissagreement with the resaults of the QF-theory. This has to do with the here much disscussed Kurt Gödel Incompletness Thorem from 1931, which places restrictions on mathematics in such a manner that the ususal diferential equations will not be able to present us with the final truth, or The Ultimate Recipe for the Universe. The QF-theory suggests that the language God uses to deal with the simlistic processes of creation, are in the form of an alternate mathematical process.

    Professor Hawkings may be able to explain to us all about the black-whole phenomena's of the Universe, but he does not know why he is suffering the ALS-black-whole affliction. Who it is that throws the dice that giving him the statistical-sickness of Aminotropic Lateral Sclerosis? ALS does not involve any bacteria or virus (not entero-virus either), but is caused by the cellular DNA-programs in the neurons, having gone wray. The QF-theory claims to know why and how this happens and that it is a quantum mechanical process at the very foundations of the life-mangaement in the cells. It insits that this is is essentially--though effecting different genes in a differnt way --the same malfunction as cancer, with the same causes as 70% of the cancer cases.


Superstrings and Theories of Everything
    The latest major progress in physics can now be traced back to the year 1968, but then the particle physicist, Gabriel Veneziano, created a very special and strange mathematical model for the heavier matter particles. The model, which was reminiscent of strings, worked well and lead to an improved later version, which the physicist Yoichiro Nambu introduced in 1970.

    In Nambu's model, the basic particles were no longer dimension less point particles, quarks or smeared blobs, but one dimensional strings which vibrate and rotate. The theory now acquired the name the string theory. This model began first to gain notice when the physicists Michael Green, John Schwartz and Eduard Witten, continued to develop it, and with the incorporation of Super-Symmetry, the model was now named Superstring Theory. This then evolved into the so called Theory of Everything, which first saw daylight in 1984. Although such a theory does not include the observer, Man, it has been seen as theoretical miracle, and is by many expected to be the route to produce physics final answers to everything in the Universe. In the past years, this theory has been one of theoretical physics prime endeavour.  Many different bodies of physicists worked on this theory, and in Princeton University, a group of four physicists was given the nick-name, The Princeton String Quartet. This group, under the guidance of David Gross, connected the string theories to other applications of mathematical theoretical physics. These are symmetrical equation transformations, which have become quite a curiosity.

    The most amusing part of the string theories appears when they are connected to the super symmetry equations, then "presto", two Universes appear, not one. Here the basic symmetry equation, E8 x E8, divides in two in the Big Bang and creates two identical Universes, E8 and E8-shadow. We live in our Universe with its planets, stars and galaxies, but according to these ideas, another Universe exists parallel to ours, invisible to us but basically the same!

F. David Peat
1938 - 20??

   Each Universe has it's own electromagnetic force, weak and strong interactions, protons, electrons and neutrinos. These particles can form atom's out of them selves, later these atoms form molecules. Finally the molecules form rocks, planets, stars and living systems such as theoretical physicists and persons with interest in physics. Still the electromagnetic force and the nuclear force of either one of these Universes will not have any influence in the other. It is as if E8-shadow was indicating an invisible Universe, another World which has a parallel existence to--and which trans- cends--ours. The electrons of the shadow Universe cannot influence the electrons in ours. Protons and shadow-protons do not see each other; shadow rocks pass through the walls in our living room.
    Since the strong nuclear force and the electro-weak forces are isolated inside each E8 group, then they cannot create any influence between our world and that of the Shadow-Universe. Still both Universes have their existence within the same space/time, and since gravity is a commodity of the whole E8 x E8 symmetry equation, then it remains unchanged through the all breaks in the symmetry and the compactification of dimensions.  Gravity connects both Universes; They have their existence within one space/time, which is collectively curved by the mass and energy of both Universes. At this moment we could be sitting in the same chair as someone in the other world Or, we could be sitting on the bottom of the sea in the shadow-world, or in the middle of shadow-sun. As F. David Peat points out: “Physics has finally succeeded in outdoing the science fiction novels.”


Physics, Mysticism, Meditation and the Observer
    In the seventies, some physicists presented a model of the Universe, The Holographic Paradigm, and for a time there was much to do about this model. This further lead to the first--in modern times--connections between the so called real sciences, that is physics and biology, and real believes, believes where Men say not just that they believe, but that they know. Here the reference is to the spiritual sciences: Theosophy and the wisdom which Men gain in a changed state of consciousness that is now sometimes referred to as “quantum changed”.
    In 1978 Lawrence Beynam made the following claims "We are currently undergoing paradigm shift in science--perhaps the greatest shift of its kind to date. It is for the first time that we have stumbled upon a comprehensive model for mystical experiences, which has the additional advantages of deriving from the forefront of contemporary physics."

    Six years later, the grand commentator of mystical phe- nomena, Ken Wilber, wrote a brilliant critical appraisal of these ideas and called it PHYSICS, MYSTICISM AND THE NEW HOLOGRAPHIC PARADIGM, found at URL: http://members.aol.com/Mszlazak/NewParadigm.html
   Wilber, who has written a multitude of excellent books on the subject of the Observer and his relationship to the findings of physics may have wiped out the hopes of those who saw before them the marriage of mysticism and physics, through the holograph-parallels. In his article Wilber paraphrased Master Eckhart who once said "If your God is the God of today's physics, then where ever that physics goes (tomorrow), that God goes with it."
Ken Wilber
1949 - 20??
   It is the observation and opinion of the QF-theory author, that Wilber may be the planets foremost authority on the questions of the physics and the Observer relationship. Thus in the he late 1970's and the beginning of the 1980's, some physicists began to see the paradoxes, the coincidences and the statistical possibilities, as well as the requirement for the observer in quantum mechanics, as having been projected in the writings of Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. Quantum mechanics, they suggested, is just a rediscovery of Shiva or Mahadeva, the triple horned Hindu god of destruction and cosmic solution. Shiva, which is mentioned as early as the third or fourth century before Christ, adopts several forms. One of them is Nataraja, the four armed lord of the cosmic dance and he is shown as dancing on a vanquished and flattened devil. The dance of this god is symbolic for the repeated universal creation and destruction. Matter has no form; it is only dynamic, rhythmic gyration of energy coming and going. In the late 1970's some physicists beginning to see connections between their work and the
Fritjof Capra
1939 - 20??
philosophy behind Eastern Mysticism, and here soared the writings of Fritjof Capra THE TAO OF PHYSICS and Gary Zukav THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS. In his book Capra used the ideas of Professor David Bohm "Quantum theory forces us to see the universe not as a collection of physical objects, but rather as a unified whole... 
Gary Zukav
19?? - 20??
All [physical] particles are dynamically composed of one another in a self consistent  way, and in that sense can be said to 'contain' one another. In [this theory],"Quantum theory forces us to see the universe not as a collection of physical objects, but rather as a unified whole... All [physical] particles are dynamically composed of one another in a self consistent way, and in that sense can be said to 'contain' one another. In [this theory], the emphasis is on the interaction, or 'inter penetration,' of all particles."
David Bohm
1917 - 1991
   In the 1980's Professor David Bohm sought out Jidu Kristnamurti, in his search for an insight into the huma spriti and reality. Their dis- course produced a book con taining their discourse THE ENDING OF TIME. This discourse ended up asking the same question as did Arthur Costler: "What happ- ened to humanity? Did we take a wrong turn som- ewhere on the way?"
J. Krishnamurti
1895 - 1986

    Bohm had produced theoretical concepts: THE IMPLICATE ORDER, that now serve as a part of the main foundationsconstructing the QF-theory. In continuation of this came the criticism of David Bohm, after he had consulted Kritnamurti and he had become conscious of the limits in the nature of the scientific method; that is that the scientist does not turn his attention inwards. Bohm's remark; "The human minds ability to grasp higher realities is denied or ignored by conventional science. Standard science is a dead end because it analyzes experience into discrete pieces. The human mind--and particularity the mind of the physicist--has an overwhelming need to impose categories on experience. As a result the seamless web of physical reality is divided into separate events that seem to occur only side by side in different parts of time and space."  By understanding Eastern mysticism, Bohm suggested that physicists can free their minds, at least briefly, from the self-created prison in order to attain an instant of scientific creation.

Brian Josephson
1940 - 20??

     At Cambridge, Brian Josephson who had for some time actively practised Eastern meditation techniques, abandoned physics in the early 1990 and turned to Transcendental Mediation in his search for The Ulti- mate Recipe for the Universe. He won the Nobel Prize in 1973, but has now as a meditation target, the relationship between human intelligence and the world it observes. He believes that with increased under- standing of Eastern mysticism he will gain insights into objective reality.
     In the mid-nineties Professor Josephson announced publicly that he was abandoning classical physic, in pursuit of solutions through spiritual techniques. He is a discipline of Maharishi Mahesch and practices Transc- endental Meditation.
     Many physicists showed reactions of disgust at this evo- lution and claimed little sense in the writings of Capra and Zukav. Professor Bohm, got of course, some sneers of criticfrom other physicists, for his stand. "I think it is absolute rubbish. It's pure rubbish!" exclaimed Professor Hawking in a discussion about the relationship between the Big Bang and God and the Anthropic Principle. When he was asked what he thought of the interest of some physicists for finding the connection between the energy-matter exchanges of quantum mechanics and creation-dissolution cycles of Eastern-mysticism, his reply was; "The Universe of Eastern mysticism is an illusion. A physicist who attempts to link it with his own work has abandoned physics." Hawking reminded us that the quantum pioneer, Niels Bohr, had at one time asserted that it was useless to try to use quantum mechanics as a springboard for religious, mystical, or parapsychological speculations.


The Dead Accelerator and the Final Theory
     In 1977, the soon to become a Nobel laureate and one of the high priests of theoretical physics, Professor Steven Weinberg, had written a brilliant book titled THE FIRST THREE MINUTES. This book was at the time one of the best introduction to the layman of the subject of man's search for The Ultimate Recipe for the Universe. most interesting book, Then in 1992, Weinberg again presented another book on the subject, DREAMS OF A FINAL THEORY. This book was at the time also a plea to the government of the United States for the financing of the building of the last accelerator of Man--the initially estimated 11 billion dollar SSC accelerator in Texas--whose plans were soon to be scraped. Physicists hoped that this accelerator would give hints of the existence of invisible E8-shadow world of the Susy particles, which is supposed to exist along ours, as well as the so-called Higg's boson, or God-particle. The doubters asked at the time: "What is gained if the search should ever be successful?""Everything!" was Weinberg's reply in his book and he promised humanity; "The greatest advance in human knowledge since the birth of science." What Winberg envisioned was, within reach, the end of the search of the centuries, the search for the ultimate explanation for the Universe. The Ultimate Recipe for the Universe. The answer to Einstein's question; "Did God have a choice when he created the Universe?"

     In  his 1992 book Weinberg expressed his doubts when he came to face the metaphysical fields where all and nothing lie closer and closer to each other. Again and again he has had to face the metaphysical questions that appear in his investigation. Already in his student years Weinberg became disappointed at the "incomprehensible inability of philosophy" to answer his questions, but on the other hand wondered about the "incomprehensible ability of mathematics" in this field. Disappointed Weinberg abandoned philosophy and theology and turned to face the shortcomings of religion and philosophy by counter them with his faith in a physics Grand Unified Theory of the Universe.
Steven Weinberg
1935 - 20??

    This attitude has pointed him in the direction of acknowledgment of the reductionist method--regardless ofits cynical view of the Universe--that says that it can only be understood through ever more fundamental truths, until it reaches the absolute. Now that the electro-magnetism and the weak-interactions have been unified into the electro-weak force, why should the strong nuclear force refuse unification? Why should not Einstein's dream then eventually become reality, with gravity being fused with the triplicate force, once that unification has been achieved?

   However, just as the physicists exclaim that the candidate for the final theory hadd appeared on the horizon; The Universal Recipe of the Superstrings, the Theory of Everything, then came the shock. The SSC was scraped. -- What remained was the story from the hearings for the financing of the SSC, where the president of the committee brought up the question whether the scientists expected to find God in these final experiments. At this, it is said, the prime opponent of the bill had exclaimed; "If that is the case, then I shall immediately recommend the bill!"

The Crisis of the Superstrings Theories.
The Emergence of the Membrane M-Theory.
    During the early 1990's the Superstring Theories, with their Theory of Everything promiss, had gained the upper hand in the theoretical wrangling of the physicists. In these theories and others of the Standard Model of the theoretical physicists, the nature of the phenomena of creation is now controlled by just one initial kind of force and instead of a poor Universe, built just in four dimensions, the physicsts have greatly imporved on creation. In sted of our Universe being in only for dimensions--the three spatial and one temporal which we are used to--the physicists have now created our Universe in 6, 10, 26 or even 32 dimensions. Unfortunately up until now, no one has been able to show us where the extra dimensions are to be found. Another major problem with the superrstring theories was the fact that the laws of physics are said to brake down at the Singularity at the beginning of the Big Bang, which meant that no "quantum wave of the Universe" could be established and thus the theories could not produce any connection to Life and the Observer’s Consciousness. Unfortunately, no experimentation are possible in proving or settling the questions regarding these theories; The energies required are simply unatainable and will be unatainable for man forever.
Eduard Witten
1951 - 20??
     However, the main crisiz in theoretical physics was--as Gödel prophesied--a mathematical one, but the fault became transparent when at the onset of the 1990's, no less than 5 Superstring Theories, with their Theory of Everything, had appeared. As these theories--all equally mathematically correct--had been presented and it became obvious that by using this--just adding dimensions method--the number of such theories was only limited by the number of competent mathematicians working to create them. The "bogged down situation" became too obvious and in 1995, the extraordinarily brilliant mathematician, Dr. Edward Witten--who is seen by many phyisicts as the new Einstein--came to the rescue of the embarrassing situation.

    What Witten came up with was a 11-dimensional mathe- matical Superstring/Membrane Theory, or just Membrane Theory--The M-theory--where the superstrings were traded out for super-membranes and through this, the five, superstring theories, were unified into one Membrane Theory.
     Since the appearance of The M-theory, other physicists are attempting to use this model to create a new explanation for the Big Bang and with help of the 11 mathematical dimensions, intend to make the final analyzes of the creation process. This is the Parallel Membrane Universes Theory, which postulates a new type of Big Bang where two Membrane Universes collide and through this, avoid the "braking-down" of the laws of physics--expressed in differ- ential calculus equations--no longer become incalculable.
    This is the most recent model of our Universe, where at the moment of creation it manifested in 11 dimensions, but at the present work is being carried out in order to create mathematics to roll up the seven extra dimensions. This is reminicient of the creation of the renormalization mathematics, which was used to sweep the infinite energy states of the electron under the rug, instead of trying to clarify why the immaculate art of mathematics permitted it self the suggestions of the extra dimensions. In this theory an extra invisible Membrane Uni- verses may be hovernig just by your nose, but if this Membrane Universe should touch ours--presto--our Univers will dissappear and a new Big Bang will start.

    All this is reminsicient of the Antimatter Universe and the E8-shadow Universe theorisations, in which hoards of invisible resident particles, super symmetry particles as they are called, or the nicknamed Susys. These are the particles which the physicists had hoped they could find with the new Supercon-ducting Super Collider, or the SSC accelerator. The advantage of the QF-theory in this situation is that it is not effected by the limits set by Gödel's Incompletnes Theorem and in it the realizations is made that it are not the laws of physics that brake down at the Big Bang Singularity, it is the mathematical process that brakes down. The laws of physics are just as vibrant as ever, but they are in fact going through their birth-process in the Big Bang.

    Now that physics is suggesting another mathematical mirror copy of our world--which also could be extremely dangerous to us through the danger of disturbance to the ecliptic path of the earth around the sun--then we become relaxed in the explaination the QF-theory offers for these mathematical discoveries by the physicists. This explaination has to do with the models for the fundamental cosntruction pricnciple of the human brain. This explaination describes the holographic mirror construction principle of the brain, where the brain's holographic mirror mathematical program may be accessed throught the employment of extra dimensions. It is this deslusional matheamtical brainfunction that plays havoc with the differential equatons of the physicists, who know nothing of the fundamental construction principles of their own brains. This mathematical mirror function of the brain has produced the E8 x E8-shadow Universe, which is just our old antimatter Universe, in a new mathematical form. Once we get to the very edge of reality, it may become extremely difficult to see what mathematics is realy telling us, without the ultimate insight into the fundamental construction principle of reality and the human brain. Here the many different interpretations of the reality of quantum mechanics bear witness to this suggestion. This is particularily risky for those mathematiscians that ignore the warnings presented by the Gödel Incompleatness Theoreme. What is here most interesting in these ideas, is that in the terms of brainfunctions, they are using mathematics to enter the metaphysical faculties of the brain. The equations are entering the quantum realites expressed in the metaphors of the ancient theology, mythology and traditional stories, that we not forget the metaphysical world of Plato's perfect forms.

   What of it, there are many who believe that any Recipe for the Universe, or any Theory of Everything, which does not include the Observer, Man, must be judged, not only as quite strange, but as a very doubtful Recipy for the Universe. We therfore endevor to look next at the realm of the Observer at the onset of the twenty first century, or as it is labelled in theoretical physics, The Anthropic Connection. There we intend to look with a critical eye at theoretical physics them selves; The brilliant and untouchable physicists, who are dealing with the fundaments of reality, without knowing the last word about their own brains and consciousness, not to forgett the mysterious "filter" in their brains.

"The human mind's ability to grasp higher realities is denied or ignored by conventional science. Standard science is a dead end because it analyses experience into discrete pieces. The human mind --and particularly the mind of the physicist--has an overwhelming need to impose categories on experience. As a result, the seamless web of physical reality is divided into separate events that seem to occur only side by side or in different parts of time and space."

Quotation from: Professor David Bohm.

The next part offers the third brief overviews of the situation of the Anthropic Connectionat the Leading Edge of Physics in the beginning of the 21st century. This is:

03-Part Two
The Demand for the Anthropic Connection


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