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The Contents of the:
MR. 666"

Following are the contents of a seven part book presenting the worlds first continious and comprehensive interpretation of the Christiona prophesy commonly known as the Apocalypse. This is thus claimed as:

"The Ultimate Explaination for the
Biblical Book of Revelations"

Although the Subject of the Book takes References in Religious Prophesies, it is not Religion Oriented.
The Interest in--and the Connection to--the Religious Prophesies, is Purely on the basis of Physics and Neurological Theoretical Considerations regarding Man's Perception of the Phenomena of Time. This is explained throughout the Book in it's following 7 Parts:

00 : Introductions
The Presentation of the Book.
01 : Preface The Interpretations Quantum Mechanical, Neurological and Spiritual Justification.
02 : Premises The Reality Justification for the Book.
03 : Revelations Introductions The Prophesies Anouncements. The Indications for the Place of Manifestation and the Prophesy Message.
04 : Prophesy's First Part The Rupture of the Seven Seals.
The "How it was!" Part.
05 : Prophesy's Second Part
The Blowing of the Seven Trumpets.
The "What Happened!"; Part One.
06 : The Intermezzo
The Consequences for the Person recieving of the Prophesy .
The "What Happened!"; Part Two.
07 : Prophesy's Third Part
The Seven Bowels of God's Anger
Project Asignments;
The "How it is!" Part.
08 : The Conclusions: The End of the Prophesy.
09 : Epilogue The Conclusions and Discussions.

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The book Autobiography of Mr. 666, presented here

has not had any proofreading.

The Premises

“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.
The Book of Revelation 10-7

A Brief History of the
Quantum Change/Kundalini Ascension
of the Mysterious “Beast of the Apocalypse”.

The following simplistic account is the briefest possible review of the life events of an individual, who goes through the dramatic events of the unexplained phenomenon of a "spiritual experience" that may be fitted to the grotesque visions, described in the Book of Revelation and form the premises for the interpretation presented in this book.

Prior to the mysterious “quantum
change” initiation on the 22nd of November 1984.
I was born on the 22nd of January 1937, on the largest of the Vestmen’s-islands by the south coast of Atlantiz. The place is known world wide for the fact that a volcanic eruption began at the edge of the town on the 23rd of January 1973 and that the island was for a while the home of the cosmopolitan Free Willy “movie star” killer whale “Keiko”. I am the first of five children of the island’s hospital superintendent doctor and chief surgeon for 36 years, for which he was made honorary citizen. My parents gave me two Christian names whose initials are P and J, but my father’s first name with the “son” reference, became my family name in accord with the Atlantiz tradition. The initial for my family name thus became E.

My childhood was a happy one with good grades in school until the early teens where my father’s gradually growing and concealed alcoholism started adversely to affecting my learning performance, which eventually resulted in my own initiation into the use of alcohol in 1950 at that age of 13. This resulted in a late entrance into and early dropping-out of college, but the decision to leave the academic trail at the age of 18 came about through the desire to become a pilot and “see the world”. Two years later, in 1957, I started flight training and in 1960 I completed this in Fort Worth, Texas, USA and on return to Atlantiz I completed Flight Navigator’s training. At this time it was difficult to find a position with the airlines as they were going through the transition from piston engine aircraft to turbine powered ones, requiring fewer pilots.

In 1962 I went to England where I worked for the US Navy for a while, but finally in the spring of 1964 became employed by a small British air carrier where I worked until its bankruptcy at the end of the year. I then got a year’s contract flying for Saudi Arabian Airlines with residence in Jeddah. In 1966 I was on my way to immigrate to the United States, but stopped on the way in West Germany, where I was offered a job with a new charter airline. The result of this was that I fell in love with the continental European alcohol and recreational-sex culture and consequently never made the immigration to the US. The next 18 years were then spent working for 8 different European carriers of which, oddly enough, most engagements ended in the airlines going into bankruptcy, but my carrier ended abruptly in 1985 with what later was termed by a continental labor court an “illegal and abusive dismissal”, but my record with my last employer was free of verbal or written complaints in my employment. The dismissal was caused by my going through the process of a "spiritual experience", which is a part of the “quantum change”, or “Kundalini ascension” phenomena. These are mysterious and unexplained rare events in the human experience of which our sciences have no understanding.

In and around 1970, after about 20 years of semi-controllable alcohol use of none-addicted alcoholism, I started changing and progressing into the third stage picture of Dr. Jellinek’s alcohol addiction syndrome. Being somehow semi-conscious of the changes taking place in me I decided to get married to a divorcee, who was already experienced as a co-dependent. The progression of my alcoholism then started to manifest several classical psychosomatic disorders, which were crowned by an initially erroneously diagnosed “osteoporosis”. The osteoporosis would gradually lead to innumerable fractures of the bone structure in the thorax, kidney stone spasm and eventually my urinating out the substance of my bone structure in the form of calcium grains. My German kidney specialist suggested that I should take-up drinking a lot of beer to help my kidneys. During numerous attempts by the medical profession at helping me, I gradually progressed into painkiller consumption in the form of codeine. As a true alcoholic, I eventually progressed into consuming alcohol with the painkillers, this despite of all what I knew. -- “It did feel so good when prolonged sever pains subside!”

In 1980 I transitioned from DC 8s onto 747s and my alcoholism transitioned into the fourth phase of the Jellinek progression. Now it became ever harder to get out of the hangover-hell in order to be fit enough for flying. In November-December 1983 I finally went through a thorough check-up with Germany’s foremost osteopathic surgeon, who came up with a correct diagnosis: “far-progressed osteoporosis”. In the spring of 1984 I entered the City Hospital in Luxembourg for calcitonin injection therapy.  During consultation at the end of the treatment, my doctor, a French Rheumatology and Osteopathy specialist, asked about my use of alcohol (which no other doctor had before). I told here about two thirds of the truth, which she promptly declared to be alcoholism and told me I could only drink one small bear, or a glass of wine, a day.

In my ignorance of my alcoholic condition I accepted the suggestions by Mme. Le Doctor and set about living the life of “two beers, or not two beers”. It would then take me two months and three, three-day binges, to come into the realization that this was something I had tried unsuccessfully to achieve for 14 years. On the 12th of August 1984 I “hit bottom” with this realization, but my psychological state was such that I could only make a decision, "that I would make a decision", about going for therapy. It would however, take another 18 days until I fully surrendered and asked for help, but what was needed for me to take action on my condition was a further scare. This came in the form of a painkiller withdrawal black-out lasting the whole day of the 15th of August, but I had not drunk for the two days prior and did not drink on the day of the black-out, so that when on the 16th, I became aware of what had happened, I decided to act but prior I would finish the vacation I was on and which terminated on the 31st.

During this time my combined toxicant state condition had accumulated in my limbic system to the extent that the aperture of my eyes (iris diaphragm) would not react to the amount of light in my environment and remained in a widely open posture most of the time and consequently I carried sunglasses all the time but this would later become most alarming to me as I realized that I had not found anything in particular suspicious about this condition. By this time I was going through “medication sleeplessness” episodes where I would go into “rem-sleep” for an hour and then awaken abruptly. This then would continue for the 12, 14 or 16 hours I tried to sleep, leaving me just as tired getting out of bed, as I was when I got into it. In spite of this condition I went for a FAA airman’s medical check-up with a professor of medicine at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. He found nothing suspicious about my condition and gave me a First Class Medical qualification rating, but for what I later would experience in the form of withdrawals, I realized that I might have collapsed in front of the doctor at any moment during the examination.

It was then on the 30th that I called up a colleague pilot who had been for alcohol therapy, and asked him for guidance as to what I should do and on his advice I then the next day flew to Atlantiz for detoxification and rehabilitation. This was on the 31st of August 1984. When the flight started descending into Keflavik, going through 34 thousand feet, I took the last drink over the same spot I had taken the first drink 34 years prior. At this moment a fellow passenger took my picture, which would come into my possession three years later.

I spent two weeks in detoxification and four in rehabilitation. I recovered well during this phase and was an ardent student of the material presented. During this time I regained normal sleep and took down the sunglasses. The only thing I considered unusual during the rehabilitation happened during the last week of the process, but this was in the fact that three weeks prior to my entering into the therapy I had completed reading Carl Sagan’s THE DRAGONS OF EDEN, which expanded on Dr. Roger Sperry’s 1981 Nobel winning research on split brain patients and his consequent discovery of the human brain’s Fundamental Functional Program.

During my life as an adult I had been an enthusiast about the proceedings of Man’s sciences at its leading edge and this was a part of these proceedings. Ever since meeting with some King’s College physics gratuities in London in 1964, I had become a particular enthusiast about the final riddles of physics. This came about through me becoming conscious of the fact that I lived in times where Man faced the possibility of making the ultimate discovery: The Recipe for the Universe. This had lead to my reading of considerable lay-material regarding this search, although not much was available for the layman until after about the time Steven Weinberg produce his famous THE FIRST THREE MINUTES in 1977.

Since I had been in a bad mental state reading Professor’s Sagan’s book, I had a fellow bring me another copy of it. It was then during my second reading that I made a most remarkable insight-connection between Sperry’s discovery of the absence of mathematical abilities in the spatial hemisphere and the 1931 Incompleteness Theorem of Kurt Gödel. The realization that this had to be the explanation for the unexplained shortcomings of mathematics became clearly conscious, but I had no idea where to take this insight. Writing science papers was something for which I had no insight or inclination and after trying to discuss this with others and getting repeated questions like “Gödel who?”, or “Sperry what?” I soon gave it up. I came out of the alcoholic drying-mill on the 11th of October 1984 and went for Atlantiz CAA medical the next day. There I informed the physician of my detoxification and rehabilitation internment and passed with a First Class Medical. In the evening I met an AA-fellow who had some sobriety time and who told me that he was using eastern meditation techniques as a part of the 11th step to support his sobriety. He claimed this to be a powerful method and suggested to me that I should learn to chant mantras and to meditate as a means of relaxing. It made sense.

On the 14th I returned to my flying profession and was for the next two months given the rout: Luxembourg - Miami - Houston - New York - Luxembourg, with a week’s Miami-layover in Fort Lauderdale. During this time I attended AA-meetings with the American servicemen in Bitburg and Frankfurt the week I was in Europe and meetings just of the Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale when I was in the States. My psychological condition should be described as “being on a pink cloud” and seemed stable. I was enthusiastic and optimistic about the future and fell promptly into the trap that I had already recovered, and that all I would need to do was to attend these funny AA-meetings, listen to the strange AA-talk and occasionally do some funny AA-talk myself. I became convinced that this would keep me for the rest of my days in the natural high state I was enjoying.

It would be about the end of October that I had my first anxiety attack. Driving from Luxembourg to my family in Frankfurt; suddenly it was like all hell broke loose inside me. From the consciousness to the guts the painful state seemed to poor over me and I did not even know what the cause for this was. I had to pull over to the side of the road and stop for a while, taking deep breaths and chanting my mantra. I would have this same thing happen returning from flying a week later that in turn lead to my opening my mouth about this at an AA-meeting in Fort Lauderdale. This then lead to an “old timer” coming to me after the meeting and suggesting that I had not worked the steps, suggesting that this meant that I would in all probability return to drinking soon. I knew that he was right and upon my return to Luxembourg, this lead to me getting a sponsor and starting work on the 12-steps. In this I would have first class guidance by the members of the groups in Fort Lauderdale and Frankfurt. In the afternoon of the 22nd of November 1984 I then got busy executing the 7th step of the AA-recovery program. Without me knowing it at the time, this was the event when I “Ruptured the Seventh Seal” described in the Biblical Book of Revelation. During the process I chanted, went into a semi-transcended state for about half an hour and then experienced an “Out Of Body Experience” which was the initiation of my “quantum change”, or “Kundalini ascension” experience. The surprise shock stopped the perception and afterwards I remembered Sir Arthur S. Eddington’s experimentation with this. I had however, no understanding of the mechanics of such a perception. I certainly had no insight into the fact that this meant that my brain’s Jamais vu centers had started functioning normally again after years of malfunctions. It was after this experience that I started experiencing the invisible spirals entering my head, mostly through the right ear. On two occasions these spirals would become audible as the sound which one hears when the lama monks chant the “ohm”. The spirals lasted for 42 months, or 3 1/2 years, or 1260 days, but gradually decreased in intensity to the end.

After the mysterious “quantum change”
initiation on the 22nd of November 1984.

The rest of the month and into early December I completed my 4th to 9th step-work and during this period progressed into even higher state of high than I had enjoyed coming out of the therapy. Parallel to this I gradually became aware of my altered and expanded state of consciousness and correctly analyzed it as the beginnings of what the AAs described as “conscious contact with God”. During the earlier part of this time the Sperry/Gödel riddle had on repeated occasions returned to my consciousness. Eventually this would lead to my realization that since the accelerator analyzes in experimental physics were all done through mathematical theory, the reasons for the missing “whys” in the New Physics were due to the lack of mathematical reality in the spatial hemisphere of Man. I had come to realise that Man cannot analyze the fundaments of reality with just one hemisphere. This had to be the reason for the inability to connect Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. The main subject that occupied my consciousness became the questions: “If we cannot look at the fundaments of reality with mathematics alone, then how must we look?” “What system must we use?” Somehow I felt that the clue to this riddle had to be found somewhere in the works of Dr. C. G. Jung. Gradually, however, I pushed the question to the side. It seemed hopeless that I could ever come up with such a system. During this time I had begun with proper meditation techniques trying to learn this from books, but without a “guru” or teacher who knew of the latent--still mystical--quantum-flow energy within Man. I certainly did not know anything about this and neither did my sponsor nor the company counselor, or the company psychologist. I had no way of knowing of the connection of this to quantum changes to the danger of psychosis, nor did I know that I was fast approaching the peak-period in my “quantum change”, or “Kundalini ascension” process.

It was then in the early afternoon of the 5th of December 1984 that I left on a flight via Reflavik, Atlantiz to San Francisco. It was during the flight that the series of strange coincidental events that would continue for the next two months began to take place. The first event came during the night flight to San Francisco when I was alone on duty with the Flight Engineer sleeping in his seat. This was a huge asteroid coming vertically down just in front of the aircraft’s nose. I notified Gimli Radio and another aircraft acknowledged seeing the asteroid. I then spent the rest of the flight thinking about the mathematical odds for this happening. We arrived in San Francisco in the late evening and I went straight to rest while the other crewmembers went for the usual drinking “debriefing” before retiring.

After a good rest on the 6th I then on Pearl Harbor day went to a bookstore to buy a book on child hyperactivity, but instead found myself in the science section buying numerous books I had not intended to buy. I later realized that during this I had been in what I sometimes call a spatial hemispheric guidance state. The books I bought were updates on quantum mechanics and psychology. I spent the next two days mostly in the hotel reading and during this time I gradually became conscious of a new kind of conscious state where I constantly had the feeling that something awfully nice was in my presence watching over me. In the evenings I went up to the Sutton Street Alano Club for AA-meetings. In one meeting I introduced myself and told the fellows that I had been warned that since I was painkiller and alcohol cross-addicted, I could expect that between 90 and 100 days of sobriety I might experience withdrawals. I ended by asking that if there were any persons in the meeting that had experience with this; could they please talk to me after the meeting. This was followed up by two gentlemen talking to me after the meeting and the older one who claimed to be an 18 year sober bum, advised me that when the withdrawals came, I should stop working, go somewhere I had plenty of meetings and rest well. Above all I should not take any medication for the withdrawals, no matter how painful. That I should go through the withdrawals and then I would become “clean and sober”.

On the 10th we flew to Seattle and spent the night in the airport hotel where I became aware of the gradually increasing quantum biofeedback processes taking place in my spine and consciousness. This manifested in an odd state of pleasant feeling accompanied by fine spinal vibrations, with a distinct sensation of some form of motion in the brain from the spatial to the material side. Even though I had no explanation for, or fundamental understanding of, what was happening with my central nervous system, there was a strong suggestion somewhere in my consciousness that this was all right and no danger present. In the evening the next day we took an Air Alaska commercial flight to Anchorage and on to Fairbanks. During the flight the biofeedback processes seemed to increase from what it had been the day before and during the night, but since my thinking seemed fully intact and I feeling well, I decided that since there were no reserve company pilots available, I would continue without complaints. Any failure on my part would mean up to 24-hour delay for the flight that was coming from Taipei and Tokyo.

It was then around midnight between the 11th and the 12th of December 1984 that we entered the hotel in Fairbanks. Strangely enough, the other crewmembers decided to move to the hotel across the street, but I decided to stay in the empty hotel where I turned out to be the only guest.

The mysterious “quantum change”
peak-event on the 12th of December 1984.

It was then on this day--the 12th of the 12th--that I went through a classically indescribable “quantum change” experience in a hotel room in Fairbanks, Alaska. This was the day, which the first alcoholic of Alcoholics Anonymous had been sober for the first day, fifty years earlier, or the day from which the 12-steps and 12-traditions had sprung. As soon as I walked into the hotel room it was as the feeling of presence that had been with me had been tripled and I got an extreme sensation that someone was with me in the room. This went so far that in spite of the “everything is alright” sensation in my consciousness, I looked under the bed and behind the shower curtain. I then started having thoughts about psychiatric disturbances and psychosis and remembered what I had heard in the therapy about addiction paranoia, and to mind came what I had read about such things in psychology/psychiatry. I next went out of the room and walked about in the hallways for a while, but as soon as I left the room, the sensation subsided. Again I returned to the room and the sensation immediately returned, stronger if anything. Again I left the room and this time I went to the lobby and bought a postcard, but as before the sensation disappeared. Somewhere in the meditation literature I had read that I should not be afraid if such things happened. I returned to the hotel room for the third time with the resolve that I would not be afraid of what ever it was that was in the room.

In the room the presence sensation was still present an in full force. Next I undressed, got on the bed in lotus posture and turned out the lights and started chanting in my mind. What now follows is the strangest of the events, yet it is at the same time somehow a natural process, depending on how I view it. However, in the description I shall leave out the emotional or hedonistic sensations, as well as the description of the “transcendent state” in which I now entered. This had to do with seeing the room fully with closed eyes in complete darkness and the strong sensation of my whole body being bathed in a “golden light”. The event which took about 18 minutes seemed more like some sort of a show, rather than anything else. It began by the classical none-audible inner voice, which seemed to be that of a young person. Somehow I took this “person” to be a male rather than female. The dialogue went something like this: “OK Paul! Remember the book by Steven Weinberg THE FIRST THREE MINUTES, which you read in 1977.” It was then as if I acknowledged this question in the affirmative, to which the voice replayed. “Good Paul! We would like you to remember the last part of the book where Professor Weinberg is talking about the first second under the title “The First One-hundredth Second” this using the metaphor of ‘film frames’.” Again I responded in the affirmative and the voice came back: “OK good! We are now going to show you not only the correct film frames, but also the missing ones. Just sit back and relax.” Here I remember distinctly thinking; that’s just what I am going to do. From here on there appeared a series of internal visions of Venn-diagram mathematical sets. The strangest about these was that they seemed three-dimensional and that I was looking at them through a 90-degree arc. The number of slide I was shown was about 10 to 12, although in THE LITTLE SCROLL I have added to them to depict 20 slides. Finishing by showing me the end stage in the baryon creation, the voice seemed to say “OK. Thank you for paying attention Paul. This is now yours to present to humanity!” Then the whole show disappeared just as swiftly as it had appeared and I found myself sitting alone in the dark hotel room with out any sensation of presence. This was then followed-up by the classical sensations describe in the book QUANTUM CHANGE. The overwhelmingly convincing sensations such as; Yes! This is it. This is how it was! This is the ultimate truth!

An Artists Impression of the Author’s
Spiritual Experience, on the 12th of the 12th 1984.
The Metaphorical Passage through the Arch of Liberty.


Figure 001.

When this was over the local time was not quite 1 in the morning so I dressed, grabbed the book I had been reading: THE HOLOGRAPHIC PARADIGM AND OTHER PARADOXES by Ken Wilber, and went to the restaurant-bar where I was the only customer. The hotel receptionist/waitress came and I ordered a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with coffee. While waiting for my order I grabbed a whiskey tumbler from the bar and drew the Venn diagram depicting the Observer in the mathematical sets from the epiphany show I had just witnessed. Afterwards I enjoyed my sandwich and went to bed sleeping like a log until calling time.

From Fairbanks we flew to Montreal-Mirabel where we again went to a hotel while the aircraft was being unloaded and a decision was being made in company headquarters whether we should return to Luxembourg or go to Puerto Rico. During this 5 hour 40 minute flight we took turns going back to the empty passenger upper-deck lounge and sleep. When it came my turn I could no longer sleep and I lay in the lounge alone thinking about my strange experience. However, the strangeness was not over and I now started to get the sensation that I knew what would happen the next hours. Although it had not been decided whether we should go to Luxembourg or Puerto Rico, I somehow knew it would be the latter. What I also knew was that something very special--although I did not know what would happen--going through the “Bermuda Triangle” on the way to Puerto Rico. At this stage I was no longer comfortable with myself suspecting onset of withdrawals.

It was the 13th of December when the “Day of the Light” (Lucies Day) is celebrated in Scandinavia when we got the order to go to Puerto Rico. It did not fail, as soon as we entered the “Bermuda Triangle” with the empty 747 at 39.000 feet east of New York, it seemed as if all hell broke loose. The aircraft started shaking like in moderate to severe CAT (Clear Air Turbulence). What was strange about this was the fact that no indications for wind sheer were seen on the INS and both the OAT (Outside Air Temperature) and the MAC-number remained constant. What was even spookier was the fact that I started “seeing” a grayish St. Elm’s fire like activity on the window and airframe, which the others apparently did not see. To top it all of, I got a strong sensation on and around the top of the head, as if I was wearing a helmet of a sort. I talked to an aircraft 2000 feet below us, but they were having a smooth ride. I also called New York radio trying to get a lower flight-level, but none were available. I was not feeling too happy about all this and started thinking all kinds of absurdities such as; Next, I will probably start seeing aliens and be abducted! Perhaps the aircraft will disappear into some other dimension! However, nothing happened and the shaking subsided as soon as we started the descent into Puerto Rico.

On the way to the hotel the other pilot told me that his digital watch had gone totally erroneous. I had also noticed this with my watch, but it was usually set to GMT. He then confided to me that he had been dead scared during the shakes at 39.000 feet. In the hotel I found that I could no longer sleep and felt the onset of the withdrawals distinctly. These were both in what I later would understand to be an extremely strong quantum biofeedback processes in the head, as well as onset of growing cramps in the intestines, in particular the down-colon. The left hand started involuntary shaking and it became clear to me that these were the prophesied withdrawals. Since the flight was finished and another crew had taken the aircraft back to Luxembourg, I decided that I would go to Orlando to see the company addiction counselors. There I would stay in a good hotel, eat and rest well and attend the plentiful AA-meetings there. Additionally I would have the benefit of the free counseling service, which would provide me with a medical attest during the expected 3 to 4 days withdrawals. I called the counselor service and told the chief counselor what I had been going through and what my condition was. He agreed that I should come. Since I could not sleep I took the first morning flight via Miami to Orlando, but by now the withdrawal symptoms was getting severer and severer by the hour and I had become quite hyper due to lack of neuro-inhibitors in the neocortex.

By the time I was alone with the two counselors, I had become very dilapidated and since I had been told in my spiritual vision to tell everything, I told them everything I had experienced, even though I had some reservations about their understanding of this. Afterwards I managed to sleep through to the early morning hours of the 84th birthday of quantum mechanics (14th of December) when the chief counselor came and told me that he had been “on the phone all night” with the chief psychiatrist in the nearby Florida Hospital. He told me that he would now take me to see him and on meeting the doctor I had to repeat the story I had told the counselors the night before. After I completed this, the doctor told me that it was his opinion that I was a manic-depressive who had been self-medicating on alcohol. That in fact I was going into a manic episode and that he wanted to put me on psychiatric medication. I told the doctor flat out that I knew enough about the psychiatric disorders to be convinced that this was not the case. That I was just going through a spiritual awakening process as described by C. G. Jung, and that this had now released the withdrawal processes in my neurons. At this I told the counselor to take me back to the hotel during which the counselor told me that since I did not follow his instructions, he would not be able to provide me with a medical absence attest for my employer. When I then told him that I would get one from the detoxification center in Atlantiz, he told me this would not be valid in the face of his report. At this I decided that I would do as he bad and he turned around to the Florida Hospital. He then explained to me that I would only have to stay there for two days since a newly constructed detoxification and rehabilitation complex would be opened on the 16th. On the admission the psychiatrist again suggested medication to me but I declined this, telling the doctor that if it made him feel better I would take Lithium, since it did not enter into the neurons. I was aware that the Lithium served to create an artificial wave of consciousness, thus stabilizing it. What I did not know was that the Lithium also served to “freeze” the withdrawals.

I left the hospital on the 18th of December, flying via New York to Atlantiz. Just before seeing me of for the airport the chief counselor called me into his office where he advised me “Do not tell your superiors about this. It is doubtful that they will understand it” at which I started suspecting that there was something wrong with him. When I parted the counselor gave me the doctor’s report, which I read on the way to New York. There I saw the doctor’s suggested diagnosis. It read: Manic-psychosis, or Painkiller withdrawals. It was at this stage that I realized the ignorance and sheer folly of the chief counselor. He was not aware that he was advising a pilot to break the law. He was not aware that he was suggesting that a pilot--if the diagnosis were correct--would hide his condition and thus break the law and risk the safety of his flights. He obviously had not read of the Japan Airlines Tokyo bay depression-mad pilot DC-8 crash on the 12th of February 1982. He was obviously not aware that pilots are obliged by law to show such reports to the aviation authorities issuing him with his license. He was not aware that should he fly without complying with these regulations, the insurance for the 120.000.000 aircraft he flew would become invalid. As I became aware of the legal aspects of the situation, I would eventually consider the fact that the counselor was working for my employer and through this he would have to inform my supervisors of the medical report, which was obviously his duty. However, neither the counselor, nor I, was aware of the other dangers inherent in the report by the Florida Hospital psychiatrist. That it would serve to ruin my carrier and family life. Destroy my economic and social situation. That in spite of the fact that psychiatrist would write another report 46 days after I left--changing the diagnosis to painkiller withdrawals--the report would in the end leave me a pauper. This was in part achieved through the chief counselor’s and his associated clinical psychologist’s failure to present me with a copy of the second report.

I got to New York and decided that I would make as stop in Atlantiz for two days on the way to Frankfurt. In New York I got stuck for two day due to all flights being full with Christmas vacationers, since I had second right to a seat with my free ticket. After being stuck for two and a half days I finally got a cockpit seat on the 21st of December. In Atlantiz I consulted with the alcohol addicted recovering psychiatrist who ran the detoxification ward I had first attended. I showed him the first report from the Florida Hospital psychiatrist to which he exclaimed, “Rubbish!” You are just going through the painkiller withdrawals. “Go home over Christmas and check with me in ten days. We will then see how you are.”  Once home I showed the report to my wife who became very upset predicting troubles galore. She would turn out to be right. I did however not tell her of my spiritual visions quantum change experience. In the beginning of January it became apparent to me that I was stuck in the withdrawals and at the same time the company was getting impatient asking why I was not returning to flying. The strange Lithium consciousness and intestinal spasms persisted. On top of everything it turned out that the chief counselor had only provided a ten-day medical absence certificate. What a revolting development this was? I would have to take this matter of the Florida Hospital psychiatrist report up with the aviation medical authorities and I had not even completed the withdrawals. 

I went to the only doctor in Luxembourg that knew anything about addictions and she gave me a ten day medical absence attest. I turned this over to the operations manager and told him that I was going to Atlantiz for consultation. By this time employs of the company were beginning to wonder what the heck was going on with me. I got to Atlantiz and the next morning I went straight to see my alcohol addicted recovering psychiatrist at the detoxification ward. He promptly agreed with me that I was stuck in the withdrawals and admitted me to the ward terminating the Lithium. His suggestion was that I would probably go through a 3 to 4 day withdrawals once the Lithium effects subsided. Then it would be all over. A few hour after I stooped the Lithium I was doubly folded up with intestinal cramps. From there on they would come every four hours and last an hour and a half each time. This was to last uninterrupted--day and night--for the next 21 days, during which all I could do was to try to sleep between the spasms. During this time I sent two medical attests to justify my absence and twice called the company trying to explain my prolonged recovery, which by now no one understood. This included my wife who had become desperately worried.

It was then on my birthday, the 22nd of January 1985, that while the other patients were attending lectures, I was sitting alone on the lowest floor of the detoxification ward, that I started hearing the “ohm” sound of the spiral coming down from above. Initially this sounded like a gigantic fly, which I looked for, but when the gigantic spiral spiraled into my head at the spatial side (right) temporal lobe, the sound stopped. So did the prevailing cramp and at this I went to my room to sleep, which I did for the next hour when my roommates came from the lectures. One of them noticed lots of dry blood on my matter side (left) temporal lobe and I went to the bathroom cleaning it away and at the same time looking for some wound where the blood might have oozed from. I found none. After this the spasm started subsiding, but the consciousness had stabilized prior to this. Six days later it was all over. The alcohol addicted recovering psychiatrist now suggested that I should stay for another four days to see whether the spasms reappeared. After this period he then advised me that it would be responsible for me to go for a full check-up of my colons to ensure that the spasms were not caused by something other than the withdrawals. I agreed to this and spent the next four days waiting for the check-up which was completed on the 11th of February 1985 showing nothing abnormal about my colons. In the waiting room of the doctor I would then find a Pentecostal magazine through which I made the first, surprising and shocking connection of my initial Venn-diagram analyses for the alcohol syndrome (from my quantum change spiritual vision), to the grotesque figures in the 13th chapter of the Biblical Book of Revelation. The next morning I was advised of my father’s death. I loved my father very much, but in view of my circumstances and the preceding events, as well as the advice of my detoxification ward doctor, I decided to stay away from the funeral and returned to Luxembourg, where my job and the sorting out of the problem of the psychiatrist report awaited me. Things were looking grim. While in Luxembourg trying to solve the problem of the psychiatrists report, I spent some of my free time at looking into the “curios coincidence” of the connection between the riddle in the 13th chapter of the Revelation and my Venn-diagram QF-brain models for the alcoholic syndrome. This meant that I would make my first reading of the whole of the Book of Revelations in my life, where I found the second major “curios coincidence”, or the matching of the poetic-prophetic descriptions of “the four horsemen of the apocalypse” to the four stages of Dr. Jellinek’s description of the progression of alcoholism. When I then at a glance made an effort at solving the most famous riddle in history; or the translation of the number 666 into a mans name, I would obviously begin by trying out the PJE initials in my name in relation to the Atlantiz alphabet. When I saw how this could fit by removing always six letters and reading the initials from right to left, I became quite skeptical about the situation. Perhaps I was insane after all? This I could only have decided through complete psychiatric testing.

However, since this time in February 1985 I have enjoyed 22 years of a continuous state of natural high, void of any emotional swings. This has been the case no matter what has happened in my life, but plenty of outrages have happened since I quit cheating on the neuro-transmitters in my brain, including two extensive psychiatric tests and evaluations at the time of my dismissal and suspicions of insanity, coming up with results suggesting that I am psychologically better of than most people. So, if this is being insane, then there is something very wrong with the whole picture, but most of the misfortunes I experience during this time I owe to the ineptitude of persons in the pseudo sciences of counseling, psychology and psychiatry. These are pseudo professions, which will remain pseudo sciences until Man achieves the ultimate fundamental insights into the construction and reality programs of the human brain, its functions and malfunctions. I have now enjoyed good health and have not sensed any osteoporosis effects since about this time in my life. My only complaint is the smoker’s asthma, which I acquired when quitting the cigarette. After 40 years of smoking I finally succeeded in quitting through the aid of my Higher Power. This was nine years after I quit the alcohol. Mme. Le Doctor, the French rheumatology and osteopathy specialist turned out to be right about the alcohol. She still does not understand why I bring her a bouquet of flowers each time I come to Luxembourg. I do not try to explain what she has to do with the fact that I consider myself to be a happy, joyous and free person (Alcoholic if I am in an AA-meeting).

The next morning I returned to Luxembourg and now faced the sorting-out with the aviation authority of the medical report I was in possession of. Of the second report I would have no knowledge until in mid June 1985. To my surprise I discovered that my employer had knowledge of the first report and was never the less going to let me fly without any further consultation with the aviation authority. This despite of the fact that my medical was not valid and the aircraft would be uninsured. To this day I have been unable to establish whether this was due to my former employer having knowledge of the second report. However, this did not seem to be the case at the time since from the moment I confronted my supervisors with the situation they did not come forward with the second report. In stead their initial reaction was to try to dismiss me, but then agreed that I would have to sort out the legality of my licenses with the aviation authority in Atlantiz, when they were shown the illegality of a dismissal action. In the discussion I insisted that I should have the right to an independent psychiatric testing and evaluation before I confronted the aviation authority presenting the Florida Hospital psychiatrists first medical report. My supervisors agreed to this, but little did I understand what I had bargained for.

First I tried to get independent psychiatric testing and evaluation from the company psychologist in Luxembourg. The first reaction of the psychologist was to ask why I was asking for such a examination, but when I told her the story she indirectly suggested that there had to be something very wrong with me since I had gone for addiction therapy. The next question was regarding payment guaranties for the testing since these were not paid by the national health insurance. I told her that I would post guaranties for payment. She then told me that the test would take 6 to 8 weeks and she could only begin the testing in three weeks. At this I declined further negotiations siding that by that time I would be dismissed by my already out of patience employer. All this had taken from mid February until the 7th of May. When I now told my supervisors the situation, adding that I was going to Atlantiz to try to enlist the help of the company psychologist there, they seemed totally disinterested in what I did or did not do. All they wanted was for me to present a medical absence certificate. On the 8th of March 1985 I then flew to Atlantiz, still clinging to the hope that I would somehow be able to show that the report of the Florida Hospital psychiatrist was wrong. The first thing I did was to make an appointment with the company psychologist for the next morning and then spent the evening with my mother who I took to her favorite restaurant for dinner.

It was during this dinner that I tried to explain to my mother why I had not attended the funeral of my father and all what had been happening in my life. I then told her about my withdrawals and my visit to the Florida Hospital and the ensuing psychiatric report on the possibility for me being afflicted with a psychiatric illness. I tried to give her a metaphorical picture of my insights into the alcohol syndrome and how fortunate I had been in achieving the corrective biofeedback processes in my brain. Later I would see the beautiful metaphorical descriptions of this in the 12th chapter of the Revelations. I then told her that this was the reason for my visit to Atlantiz and that this was in order to comply with the aviation laws. Although she enjoyed the dinner and my talking, she became skeptical about the part regarding the report and when I then told her of my spiritual vision experience at the onset of my withdrawals, she became even more skeptical and asked me to take her home.

The next day I met with the company psychologist who began his services by informing me that I was undoubtedly insane. He did not offer me an insight into the--at the time in his drawer locate--second report written by the Florida Hospital psychologist. However, at my instance that I should at least have the benefit of an independent scientific investigation before this was decided he agreed to give me a MMPI. When the he then advised me that the test was invalid since it showed me to be a “truth telling psychopath”, my reaction was to ask whether I would have to lie in the test for it to be valid. At this the psychologist--who was getting 50.00 USD from the company each time I came to see him--bad me farewell and told me to come again on the 12th. At the opening of that session the psychologist told me that he was not going to give me any further testing since it was useless. I was totally insane. I then asked him what he suggested I should do, to which he replied that I should visit him regularly for about six weeks, after which I would be given a thorough physical examination and then be issued with papers that made me a legal invalid. From then on I would have it made and receive an invalid pension for the rest of my life. To this I responded by saying that I was really nuts if I should accept such findings without any tests. I then told him that my medical absence attest would expire on the 17th and that the company would dismiss me if they got the slightest legal justification for such action. He, or the counseling company in Orlando, would have to send a medical absence attest extension for me. This attest would eventually--either deliberately or by negligence--be sent by these parties to my employer much too late.

My next appointment with the company psychologist was on the 18th, but when I got there the access to his office was closed and thinking that he was not there I went away. I called him the next day when he told me that this closed door had been a mistake, but did not tell me whose mistake it was. He gave me a new appointment for the 22nd of March. At noon on the 21st of March I received a telephone call form a friend who was a friend of the secretary to the CEO of my employer. She had told her that a notice of contract cancellation had been sent to me that morning. At this I immediately realized that my carrier as a pilot was at its end. For me as a pilot, to be dismissed under this circumstance, meant that I could forget trying to get a job flying elsewhere. I would never escape the doubt about me planted in the minds of others. It would not make any difference what I was or whether I was completely sane or not. People would always have their doubts and the cockpit of an airliner is not the place for such doubts. Crewmembers have to have full confidence in each other. There can be no speculation such as; what will he do next? To be suspected of insanity after going through detoxification and rehabilitation, and then dismissed is not a recipe for continued employment in aviation. It is a professional death sentence.

In the afternoon of the same day, the 21st, I went to see the alcohol addicted recovering psychiatrist in the detox, telling him of my dismissal, asking for a complete psychological testing and evaluation program authorization request for the State Psychiatric Hospital. He in turn told me that this he could not give me, but a CAT and EEG scan (whose findings showed nothing abnormal) orders for the morning of the next day. After the scans on the 22nd I then went to see the psychologist not telling him that I had been dismissed. By this time I had made a decision that I would use him to gain access to a complete psychological testing and evaluation program in the State Psychiatric Hospital. From my previous experience I believed that all I had to do was to tell him about the Venn diagram mathematical sets in my quantum change spiritual visions. By this time I had solved the riddle in the 13th chapter of the Revelations and now decided to start by allowing the psychologist to enjoy this insight with me. I gave him a lecture on how I had created some models for the failed re-uptake functional dislocations in the brain of the alcoholic and how I had matched these to the grotesque descriptions in the 13th chapter. I further gave him the solution to the riddle of the mystical and scary number 666. How this fitted my initials in the Atlantiz alphabet. At this the poor fellow just stared at me in stupor for a while, as if staring into empty space and then told me to come again in four days.

In the next session on the 26th I again tried the same, this time with absurdities and sarcasm owing to my disappointment with his reaction at the last session. When he asked question such as whether I heard voices, I replied that I heard his voice. When he explained that he meant hearing voices when no one was present, I told him “Yes, If TV or radio is on in my presence.” When he then asked me questions feeling for some “Jesus complex”, I told him, “Yes. I have walked on the water like Christ did.” When he then asked for details I told him. “I walked on it when it was frozen.” For good measure I later added that I had changed wine to water, but explained that I did not know how I had done that. My glass had used to be full of wine, now it was always full of water. I suggested that maybe this was due to the fact that I was an Aquarian and gave him a whole lecture on how the ideas I had received in my vision would serve to lunch the real “Age of Aquarius”. Again--as the day before--the poor fellow stared at me in stupor without any sings of internal reactions. My entire endeavors at getting into the State Psychiatric Hospital were to no avail. When I then saw the poor psychologist on the 29th and he began by telling me that I had been dismissed, I sternly told him that his mouth was like a rectum and passed the same things. Then he finally reacted and called my Atlantiz family telling them that I had become very angry at my surroundings and this made me dangerous both to others and myself. This information was then passed on to my wife who now lost her head. My Atlantiz family then came to see me and I realized what was in store for me, so I played along by giving them the same show I had given the psychiatrist, knowing full well that they would not understand an iota of what I was saying.

It was then in the early morning hours of the 1st of April that I was taken to the State Psychiatric Hospital. On the next day the hospital’s psychologists and psychiatrists came on their morning visitations. The chief psychiatrist started by asking me why I thought I was in the hospital, but I told him that I had been going through severe pain killer withdrawals and that this had lead to a psychiatric report that suggested that I might have become a Bipolar Manic-depressive. In turn this had caused me to be illegally dismissed from my employment and that now it was my hope that in the hospital I would be given tests that decided the issue and that I could have a scientific decision on this question, rather than the prejudicial opinions of ignorant individuals. This apparently came down well with the professionals and I was given a private room and allowed to come and go as I pleased during the testing. I then underwent 16 days of rigorous testing and evaluations, during which my fellow AAs came twice a day taking me to meetings. On the 14th day in the hospital the chief psychologist then told me that the test--as well as the staff--so far showed me to be in a “healthier mental state than most of the general public,” adding that people should be happy if they were anything like me. This in particular considering the fact that I was at this time going through the loose of my wife and two daughters, especially my five year old which I loved very much. Manic individuals going through such things do not have the stability to undertake stern mental tests, much the less perform as I did. I asked to complete the tests and was allowed to do so. I then had quite as struggle to get a written attest confirming the findings of the tests. However, through perseverance I eventually got this document, which served as the main foundation for my lawsuits against my former employer. These lawsuits were all won by me, although the compensation did not turn out to be that which my lawyers had given me to believe.

During a later discussion with my brother--who is a professional actor--I bragged that during this experience with the company psychologist I had shown that he was not the only actor in the family. I further told him that if I was insane, then the experience in the hospital as well as the results made me the first madman that went into a psychiatric hospital and succeeded in “playing a mentally healthy person”. However, personally I do not consider this quantum change story to be special until its parallels with the Book of Revelations become evident and THE LITTLE SCROLL appeared. All the relevant experiences and the parallel Revelation interpretation are now collected into this book, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666. In this I see a continuous picture of the prophesies interpretations, rather than common interpretation fragment that do not fit together, as all interpretation attempts up-until now present. The QF-theory presented in THE LITTLE SCROLL does provide explanations for the phenomenon of the prophecy. It explains how this is possible and why such prophecies often come in a dreamlike and bizarre language. What to me is the most remarkable and the most important part about the prophecy in the Book of Revelations is the fact that it deals with the only problem humanity has, which is the problem of the pollution of the human brain. Once I had gained sufficient understanding of the QF-Venn diagrams, it became clear to me that the subtle effects of humanities use of alien compounds replacing the natural neurotransmitters, was the cause for all our problems. This throughout its not so subtle--only indirectly detectable--effects on the “intron programs” in the DNA, It thus does make sense that Jung’s “Collective and Cosmic Consciousness” would be trying to convey this truth to us and it became easier for me to accept that this was my personal dharma. Through this I would gradually be rid of the--Why me?--bug and come to accept it with all its innumerable dangers to my personal well being, this including the labeling that goes with the stand I have taken. After all I used to be just like those who do the labeling.

After the “Bitter in the Belly” Digestive Interpretation.


Figure 002.

Since THE LITTLE SCROLL came out of the printing press, my consciousness has become more at ease regarding my concerns whether my life would last to complete this work. Although I am apparently in good health, there is no telling what my numerous hangover states have done to the veins and arteries in my brain, in the form of creating near-aneurysms. Many middle age alcoholics are found to have numerous such scars and I have after all reached the “suddenly drops dead” age.

Throughout the 22 years since my peak “quantum change”, or “Kundalini ascension” experience, I have worked with recovering alcoholics of all ages. In this I have seen all the tragedies of failed recoveries, but the suggestions that the 12-step program of AA did in the first decades of the history of the fellowship, recovered up to 75% of those who sought AA-help and that this has supposedly dropped to between 5% and 10%, in later years, is of concern to me. This I ascribe in part to the newcomer’s difficulties with the God/Higher Power concept. For me, it was the insight into the Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers of the human brain, and the suggestions that they might possibly represent the now proven brain’s faith and compassion centers, that set me on the 12-step recovery road. This then culminated in, and was confirmed by, my spiritual vision quantum change experience, whose public presentation is my main motivation.

It is possible that all psychiatric evaluations are worthless according to a 1973 investigation by Dr. David L. Rosenhan, professors in psychology and law at Stanford University. He achieved world renown for his excellent “pseudo patient” investigation. Rosenhan, had eight “perfectly sane people” (Rosenhan himself, one graduate student, three psychologists, a pediatrician, a psychiatrist, and a woman who was a homemaker) (Judi Striano, How to Find a Good Psychotherapist, Santa Barbara, CA: Professional Press, 1987, p.79) admitted to 12 different mental hospitals. The attending psychiatrists were told that these “patients” were hearing voices. Otherwise, these normal people, mostly graduate students, gave completely truthful histories to the psychiatrists. They were all diagnosed as “schizophrenic,” except one who was diagnosed as “manic-depressive.” Once admitted they acted perfectly normal1%, yet were field for 7 to 52 days (the average was 19) and were given over 2,100 pills total. Without exception, the journal of these patients always read “symptoms in remission,” never that the patient had “recovered.” The true patients on the wards often recognized them as pseudo patients but the staff never did. Once labeled, the staff’s perception of them was apparently so profoundly colored that normal behavior was seen as part of their psychosis. In an even more [revealing] postscript to the experiment, Rosenhan told one hospital what he had done. He then told them that he would try to gain admission for another pseudo patient there within the next 3 months. Ever watchful for the pseudo patient, who was never sent, the staff labeled 41 of the next 193 admissions as suspected pseudo patients; over half of these were so labeled by a psychiatrist. The experimenter concluded: “Any diagnostic process that lends itself so readily to being fooled in such a manner, and to massive errors of this sort, cannot be a very reliable one.” (E. Fuller Torrey, The Death of Psychiatry, Radnor, PA: Childton Book Company, 1974, p.47)

This sad situation in humanity is not just an isolated affair but the tragedy of man in a nutshell. Our lack of the ultimate insight and understanding into the healthy basic programming and healthy functions of our brains, as well as its pathological functions, is our biggest problem. It is what prevents us from becoming a healthy and happy humanity that is capable of mastering its existence and future, and thus the most important knowledge. This does indeed make us realize that if there is a causative all knowing God-reality that is producing life and partaking in our existence and not knowing what the matter with us is and what the fall of man constitutes, then it does not have much meaning. We would then be nothing more than electro-chemical reactions robots representing a meaningless existence.

My quantum change experience and the insights gained, or rather received, through it, and their consequential verification through the prophesy of the Book of Revelations show me that this is not the case. The collective, cosmic consciousness of the spatial vacuum quantum potential God-reality, or the Universe, exists and is not just producing the life in our beings, but also partaking in it. It has been trying throughout the history of humanity to show us where we went wrong, how we went wrong and what the matter with us is, but we have now finally become capable of understanding it, which makes our collective redemption possible. This knowledge is now available in the two books, THE LITTLE SCROLL and THE ANGELL OF THE ABYSS, where it is presented in the maximum simplicity possible.

This then is the story of my quantum change experience that in continuation fits and connects to 1930 year old Book of Revelation and whose matching is the subject of this book, but here the Creator of both stories is the same.

The next part of the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666 is:

03 : Revelations Introductions
The Prophesies Anouncements. The Indications for the
Place of Manifestation and the Prophesy Message


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