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Following are the contents of a seven part book presenting the worlds first continious and comprehensive interpretation of the Christiona prophesy commonly known as the Apocalypse. This is thus claimed as:

"The Ultimate Explaination for the
Biblical Book of Revelations"

Although the Subject of the Book takes References in Religious Prophesies, it is not Religion Oriented.
The Interest in--and the Connection to--the Religious Prophesies, is Purely on the basis of Physics and Neurological Theoretical Considerations regarding Man's Perception of the Phenomena of Time. This is explained throughout the Book in it's following 7 Parts:

00 : Introductions
The Presentation of the Book.
01 : Preface The Interpretations Quantum Mechanical, Neurological and Spiritual Justification.
02 : Premises The Reality Justification for the Book.
03 : Interpretations Introductions The Prophesies Anouncements. The Indications for the Place of Manifestation and the Prophesy Message.
04 : Prophesy's First Part The Rupture of the Seven Seals.
The "How it was!" Part.
05 : Prophesy's Second Part
The Blowing of the Seven Trumpets.
The "What Happened!"; Part One.
06 : The Intermezzo
The Consequences for the Person recieving the Prophesy .
The "What Happened!"; Part Two.
07 : Prophesy's Third Part
The Seven Bowels of God's Anger
Project Asignments;
The "How it is!" Part.
08 : The Conclusions: The End of the Prophesy.
09 : Epilogue The Conclusions and Discussions.

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 The Prophesy Part Two
“The Sounding of the
  Seven Trumpets”

Part Two Introductions.

Where the spontaneous forceful awakening of kundalini takes place, the gravest danger threatens the life and sanity of the unfortunate man or woman. This, so far little understood, morbid awakening of kundalini is the root cause of several forms of insanity about which psychiatrists are still groping in the dark. In those in whom the cerebro-spinal system has attained the required degree of maturity the powerful psychic energy set free by kundalini invariably makes its abode in the head, raising the consciousness to transcendent planes.
                                                                                                                                Gopi Krishna.

The Chemical Addiction Recovery Mechanism.

In order for the reader to understand the QF-interpretations of the Revelation’s Seven Trumpets, it is imperative that he has an insight into the QF-brainmodel’s holistic arrangements, but without this arrangement, neither the brain models, nor the prophecy’s interpretations are possible. As already explained in the Part One Introductions, these brain and consciousness models are based on new insights into the fundamental nature of the quantum world, described in the QF-theory of everything, which is presented in THE LITTLE SCROLL and which was gained through the transcended vision of the Aquarian, that is described at the end of this part.

This makes it oportune for us to continue the QF-brainmodel description which show at its end, the addiction creation quantum processes and integrate these to the Aquarian’s recovery the best we can. After his successful completion of the Amateur Angel’s Seventh Step—Revelation’s rupture of the Seventh Seal—the Aquarian is for the most part ignorant about the changes that have taken place in his brain functions. To him the OOBE was just some quirk of his brain’s perceptional mechanism for which he has no explanation and is not particularily interested in. He only has a vague notion that his central nervous system needs to be rid of the character defects in his personality, which he is later to know as spatial hemispheric filters or erroneous quantum deposits. These, along with the accumulated pharmaceutical chemicals, primarily analgesic, in his autonomic nervous system, he has to be rid of if he is to overcome addiction to alcohol and painkillers. The filter disturbances, which are trades that are developed--to a greater or lesser extend--in all addicts and which also carry numerous other labels such as: “seven deadly sins”, “negative karma”, or just “devil”, can only be removed from the primary spatial hemispheric intron side, not from the secondary matter hemispheric intron side.

The Intron Addiction Filters in Active Addicts and Co-dependents.

Figure 035

It is then the filter in the secondary side that remains in part of the neuronal DNA-structure, rendering the return of the addict to a non-addicted state impossible. This secondary filter will remain dormant if the addict produces enough endorphins and dopamines, but will become replanted into the spatial side introns in relatively short time if drinking is resumed. This graphic should give an idea of the diminished production of neuro-inhibitory peptides and the state of pressing need for some outside artificial relief and the grumpy personality that goes with it until it is achieved.

What the Aquarian has been told is that he cannot achieve the filter biofeedback through any human intervention, only through the intervention of the Higher Power within him, which to him means that this is the master regulatory nerve center, in the central nervous system. This cleansing action to him is just a normal bodily function, which in his mind has no connection to any spatial creative God-reality, but what he is most curious about is in what form the functional disturbances may be and by what quantum mechanical process they may be removed by the Higher Power. His psychiatric doctor from the detox could not tell him what neuro-functional mechanism was involved in the functional disorders and the recovery from the addiction. The recovery of the alcoholic-addicts was know to come in two different versions, slow and fast, but the causes for the two different recovery process was not known.

The Slow Biofeedback Addiction Recovery.

Figure 036

The best the Doctor could give him was a suggestion that the pyramid neurons of the brain developed new dendrite connections in the recovery, but this was not a conclusive explanation. These two different tempos for spiritual awakening are also known for the enlightenment processes through other disciplines such as Yoga and Zen.

The Fast Biofeedback Addiction Recovery.

Figure 037

At this conjuncture in the Aquarian’s life he has no insight into the fact that if he is to live, he will essentially have to achieve the fast version, which is a process that is well known in ancient cultures, such as the Hindu Mysticism described phenomenon of a “Healthy Kundalini Awakening”. This life threatening situation is due to the fact that he has been severely cross-addicted on codeine (morphine base) and alcohol and this substance has found its way into the neurons in his autonomic nerve system that regulate his life’s vital functions. He will not become conscious of this until he has been through his late-in-coming withdrawals, which to him come in the form of the Kundalini-process described in late 20th century western psychiatry as “quantum change” and leading to a healthy “expanded and altered state of consciousness.” In the various spiritual disciplines of Man, a great variety of terms regarding this experience is available, though essentially what they describe is the same phenomena or phenomena closely related to it. Here are some of the terms that are commonly applied, depending on your particular culture, philosophy, spiritual discipline or science: -- Spiritual Awakening, God Consciousness, Samadhi, Godhead, Shatori, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Yogi, Transcendental Consciousness, Atman, Nirvana. This then is the recovery the Aquarian achieves; otherwise he would obviously not be around to tell us this story.

The Background Filter in Recovered Addicts and Co-dependents.

Figure 038

Once successfully recovered the addict will have to keep his life in a specific frame of thought and action--independent from his socioeconomic circumstances--in order to produce enough of gratification inhibitory neuro-transmitters of the endorphin and dopamine class, with just the spatial hemispheric introns, in order to stay sober. This means that he will have to live a life where he is for the most part of his time in a state that can be truthfully described as being “happy, joyous and free” spiritually, but this can be achieved if he has succeeded in getting his primary spatial hemispheric filter removed--either slow or fast--by his Higher Power

What do our Sciences really know about Addiction Recovery?
Due to the fact that our neurological sciences have not been able to produce a comprehensive overview working model for the human brain’s functions, we still have no explanations for the brain’s addiction malfunctions, which in turn mean that we obviously have no explanations for its recovery, which has been known since 1935. Neither do we have an explanation for the fact that recovered addicts, which may have become to appear perfectly normal, have in them the latent mechanism that returns them to the addiction almost immediately upon returning to the consumption of the counterfeit neurotransmitters.

The consciousness (mind) explanations, based on the electrochemical interactions amongst the pyramid nerve cells in the brain, that would have the recovery explanations based in new dendrite pathways amongst the neurons, cannot explain this fast return to the addiction. It is even further from explaining the common phenomena of a sudden disappearance of the addict’s powerful craving upon being introduced to the spiritual program of the fellowship of the Amateur Angels. Perhaps it is the failure to explain the mechanism in the accumulative character defects of the addicts and their rapid decrease with the application of the spiritual program of the Amateur Angels, but this is in the program credited to the concept of a Higher Power of God.

This is perhaps the heaviest on the scales when it comes to explaining in neuro-physiological terms, the effect of the reality in the brain functions, but it will not be explained through any God-gene concept. A gene is simply a protein or neuro-transmitter blueprint in the form of nucleotide sequence in the DNA, which has to be switched on to produce the gratification peptide, but any such “switch on mechanism” is not known and neither is the function of the polarization switching of the receiving neuron. All the “neuro-theological ventures” by neuroscientist’s, whether be excitation of the brain’s faith faculties of the MRI scanning of nuns and monks, are thus still lost without a working model of the human brain and their malfunctions. All explanations for the addict’s recovery are thus still written in the stars of the neuroscientist’s heaven.

A final understanding of what the real nature of this phenomenon is, in the terms of Man’s disciplines of the sciences, is still not know and is in fact seen by many cutting edge scientists as the final frontier of science; the ultimate mystery of science. That our anti-hero, the Aquarian, is to become the first human to provide a comprehensive explanation for the fundamental construction of the human brain and the function of consciousness, is as far from the Aquarian’s consciousness as the Andromeda galaxy is from earth.

QF-brainmodeling Explanations for Addiction Recovery.
The foundation for the QF-brainmodels explanations for the addiction recovery is founded in its explanations for the phenomena of the Kundalini Ascension (awakening) or the Quantum Change as it is now being called. This requires a brainmodel that has a dualistic field of consciousness in the brain that is independent of the brain but interacts with its DNA nucleotides to store and retrieve information in the form of holographic photons. In that model the electrochemical impulses between the neurons serve to discharge the neurotransmitters to other neurons in order to switch its polarity so as to open either the exon or intron fields in the DNA-structure and admit the holographic photon information to be stored in the proper place. The theory’s claim that the addictions are not just malfunctions of the neuronal electrochemical interactions portrayed in the failed electrochemical interaction in figure #020, but that the “filter producing” wrong storage, which is shown in figures #021 and #039, in turn disrupts the programs that regulate the neurotransmitter production. This has primarily to do with the gratification neurotransmitters—the neuro-inhibitors—but most of the addiction producing chemical and drugs have to do with the consumption of chemicals that can replace these in the nerve system. Reviewing graphic #035 it becomes obvious that the intron filters in the primary and the secondary programs, will have to be cleaned in order to return the neuro-transmitter production back to normal. This, however, is only achievable for the brain’s primary DNA intron programs, as shown in figures #036, #037 and #038, as the kundalini flow—quantum change flow--is always through the spatial hemisphere to the matter hemisphere. Added to all these complexities so far described in this introduction is now the suggestion that the only way to get this “biofeedback” flow going is through the brain’s compassion faculty and faith faculty, but this takes the discussion into the realm of the spiritual mystical, which should not be mixed with religion.

The Spiritual Mechanism in the Transcendent Recovery States.
Since there is a great part of the modern educated humans in the western cultures that have rather abstruse ideas about what mysticism is, it is fitting to plant Richard Restak, M.D. comment form his brilliant brain writings; “Why should it be surprising that the study of the human brain often leads to mysticism? Consider the paradox involved: The inquiring organ, the brain, is itself the object of its own inquiry. The brain is the only organ in the known universe that seeks to understand itself. Looked at from this point of view, one might expect an even greater number of brain scientists to turn towards mysticism... No matter how much we learn about the brain, we can never learn it all. The human brain is simply the most marvelous organ in the known universe.”

This is appropriate here, as it is now necessary to touch lightly on the subject of mysticism, but this is necessary in dealing with the discoveries that are being described here in this book, precisely the ones at the end of this Part in Chapters Seven and Nine (Revelation Chapters 10 and 11), titled “The Angel and the Little Scroll” and “The Blowing of the Seventh Trumpet”. The subject of these theoretical discoveries, have now been published in two books; THE LITTLE SCROLL in 2002 and THE ANGEL OF THE ABYSS in 2007.

In view of the insights that are presented in these book, these is really no more mysticism to be had, as there are no more miracles to be experienced, since once we have the explanations for mystical or miraculous phenomenon, they cease to be mystical or miraculous and become laws of nature that have been hitherto unexplained.

As the slow recovery process is not presenting a threat to the recovering individual, but as Gopi Krishna points out, it is the fast “spontaneous forceful awakening of kundalini… that threatens the life and sanity” person involved, but it is for this reason that the Yogis insist on the aspirant for enlightenment to be at all times through out their awakening process be guided by a Guru. This is to forestall any imbalance in the ascension energy that might lead to grand mal seizures or either manic or schizophrenic psychosis, or creating severe imbalance in the neuro-transmitter state of the brain. This is especially likely to happen in brain’s that are severely imbalance with accumulative matter-hemispheric program copy filters in their spatial hemispheric introns, as is indicated in figure #021 on page 77, and who are not doing anything to correct this imbalance. This is the reason for the brain’s central regulatory machinery to go out of balance in so many addicts, who are catapulted into un-controlled manic--figure #039--or schizophrenic psychosis. In the manic psychosis state the machinery then makes a desperate attempt at restoring the balance (same mechanism as Prigogine discovered in specific collapsing systems and which is described in ORDER OUT OF CHAOS), but unfortunately the individual has not the right guidance, nor is he in the right environment. In modern cultures, the individual ends up in the psychiatric quackery, which has not a clue as to what is happening, with the only treatment available which amounts to locking him with drugs in the imbalance, which results in the psychosis being alternated with depression by the hypothalamic biorhythm.

The Manic Side of the Bi-polar Mental Disorder.

Figure 039

The amazing thing about the program and organization of the fellowship of the Amateur Angels is that—unknown to the founders and members—it is so oriented that it prevents this fast state of recovery imbalance, or recovers it gradually, if the individual stays away from the psycho pharmaceutical chemicals. This, however, requires the individual to have knowledge of what is taking place in his nerve system or to be under the guidance of someone who processes such knowledge. The reason for the effectiveness in the program and organization of the fellowship of the Amateur Angels is that it is focused on the removal of the filter in the two spatial hemispheric neuro-transmitter centers; the Jamais Vu Faith Faculty and the Désjà Vu Compassion (Empathy)Faculty, but these are the parts of the brain that get the worst filter deposits. This nerve center is the complimentary mirror part of the matter hemispheric EGO-self Perceptive Center, which intertwined with the Brocka Speech Centers, but they are the brains dual polar reality perception regulatory machinery. They have now been given the name “mirror neurons” by neuroscientists, which discovered this experimentally through co-incidence in 2004 but the QF-theory, published in THE LITTLE SCROLL, had already presented this as a theoretical finding in 2002.

With this knowledge now public in humanity, the teaching of Christ in his only commandment, change him from a morality teacher into a neurological- and neurotransmitter specialist, in addition to what ever else he may have been: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depends all the law and the prophets.” The first and the second parts tell us how to produce the neurotransmitters for enlightenment, but the claim that the consequences are the foundation for “all the law” means that we shall return to knowing the truth, which was the case before we started polluting our brains with counterfeit neuro-transmitters. The claim for the “dependency of the prophets,” refers to our return to the “sixth sense” perception, which our brains also lost in the same way and which is, like the rest of our failings, carried forward and accumulated through the generations.

The Mathematical Incompleteness Theorem
and the Functional Programs of the Human Brain.
040_Kurt-Godel-2.gifBefore we continue our research into interpretation of the Book of Revelation, it is necessary for us have a look at two Twentieth Century discoveries, which have a profound bearing on the events that are being assimilated to the prophesy. These are the 1931 by Kurt Gödel published mathematical Incompleteness Theorem and, the 50 years later appearing, 1981 Nobel Prize award for the "split-brain research" discovery of the human brain's Functional Programming by Roger Sperry.

The Incompleteness Theorem, which shook the very foundations of mathematics supported logic, was discovered by the 25 year old Kurt Gödel. Gödel, who was born in Brno, (now the Check republic) in 1906, had as a young man become famous as a magnificent pure mathematician gaining his Ph.D. in 1930 at the University of Vienna. From 1926 to 1931–metaphorically speaking–Gödel 'asked the discipline of mathematics whether it could be used to prove everything'. The answer he got was that mathematics could not tell him all truths. The apparent reason for this–in a metaphor–was that; all by it self, mathematics did not represent the whole truth.

Sperry's Functional Program of the Human Brain.

Figure 041

Figure #041 shows the 1981 Nobel Prize award wining research findings by the neuropsychologist Roger Wolcott Sperry who was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1913. He received his master’s degree in psychology in 1937 and his Ph.D. in 1941, with his post-doctoral research with Karl Lashley at Harvard University. In his Nobel-winning work, Sperry separated the corpus callosum, the area of the brain used to transfer signals between the right and left hemispheres, to treat epileptics. Sperry and his colleagues then tested these patients with tasks that were known to be dependent on specific hemispheres of the brain and demonstrated that the two halves of the brain now had independent consciousnesses. This research contributed greatly to understanding the lateralization of human brain functions, but this Part deals with the process in which the Aquarian becomes convinced that this represents the solution to the riddle of Gödel’s theorem. The consequential insights would eventually lead the Aquarian into the question; what system does the spatial hemisphere of the brain require in order to look in unison with the mathematics hemisphere at the quantum nature results from the particle accelerators. It would render him capable of becoming the recipient of THE LITTLE SCROLL, as well as turning him into a pauper and almost lead him into premature death.

The Status of the Interpretations.
As already suggested in the Preface and the Premises of this book, the Book of Revelation is here looked upon as a futuristic prophesies of the contents of consciousness, the psychological and the spiritual condition of one human being who makes this most important insight in humanity. This means that the prophesy is considered to be the story of a man who in a transcended state of consciousness is presented with a vision, or an insight, that leads to the discovery of the final equation in physics, the equation that forms the description of the “Quantum Wave of the Universe”, which means the final Complete Unifying Theory, the ultimate knowledge possible for Man. The receipt of this vision is in the Revelation THE LITTLE SCROLL of this Part, which in turn lays the foundation for the Ultimate Theory of Everything that contains the theoretical explanation for Life, the Human Brain and Consciousness, but if this were not the case, it would not merit the title Theory of Everything. It would then at best be a Theory of Something, which is the case with the current theory’s of everything physics is producing. This is a discovery that represents the Unified Field Equation that Einstein is said to have searched after during the last 30 years of his life. It thus represents a discovery that will provide the basis for nature’s permission of the unification of the understanding of physics and spirituality, as both Eddington and Einstein suggested would be possible; however, this does not mean the unification of science and religion, as the latter is a human institution subject to the collective fallibility of the human thinking processes.

That the deciphering of the visions in the Revelation has been so far from having being realized in the past two centuries, as history tells us, is in the fact that it requires comprehensive insights into quantum mechanics, molecular biology, addictions and their recovery, Jungian psychology and modern mythological interpretations. This is in part owing to the fact that the Revelation prophesies have to be seen as themes in a symphony or poetry that is interwoven from all these subjects. The visions are however, a continuous order of events describing at different phases, the life of the individual that is given the insight that produces the theory that our sciences started looking for as far back as Newton in the seventeenth century.

The chronological phase of the interpretation in Part Two is now stepped up as the contents of the prophesy go into greater detail as the order of events now get into what we might call the thick of the action; which in turn is what may be alternatively referred to as: “Quantum Reality Perception,” “Sixth Dimensional Reality Perception,” “Cosmic Consciousness Perception,” “Holistic Reality Perception” or “Transcendental Perception.” This further means that all time, the future and the past, is present in the passing moment, the now, as far as what some people refer to as the “Cosmic Consciousness” is concerned. This being further related to the nature of “Quantum Reality,” which in physical experiments on occasion’s presents the physicists with timeless, reverse time or half-time spectacles. The observed Quantum Reality is therefore sometimes being described as being macabre or bizarre.

However, at the beginning of this period in the Aquarian’s recovery being dealt with here in Part Two, he has no idea that he has just begun the quantum change recovery process that is to save his life and change him and his personality profoundly. Much the less des he have an idea that he is about to go through a transcended state of consciousness, that will produce the first comprehensive explanations for the recovery from addictions and the quantum change phenomenon. It is not until in the last chapter, chapter nine (Revelation Chapters 11), that he begins to comprehend what has really happened to him, but this is titled “The Blowing of the Seventh Trumpet”.

Well, it is time we are of to this most important event in the history of humanity that dwarfs all other accomplishments of man, be they military achievements, or in political achievements, or scientific achievements.

“Quantum mechanics appears to describe a universal order
that includes us in a very special way. In fact, our minds may
enter into nature in a way we had not imagined possible....
Perhaps the appearance of the physical world is magical
because the orderly processes of science fail to take the
observer into account. The order of the universe may be
the order of our own minds.”

                                                                                                                        Fred Alan Wolf.

Part Two, Chapter One
(Book of Revelation Chapter 8.)

The Blowing of the
First Trumpet

The Beginning of the Quantum Change
Biofeedback in the Aquarian's Brain and
its Accompanying Gödel-Sperry Insights.

Gödel’s theorem, the 75-year old mathematical demonstration, shows that any moderately complex system of  axioms yields statements that are self-evidently true but cannot be proven with those axioms. This means that no deterministic, ruled-based system--that is, neither classical physics, computer science nor neuro-science --can account for the mind’s creative powers and ability to ascertain truth. The mind must exploit non-deterministic effects that can be described only by
quantum mechanics or “a new physical theory that will bridge quantum and classical mechanics
and will go beyond computation.

                                                                            Roger Penrose

Book of Revelation Chapter 8.

6) Then the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow them. 7) The first angel blew his trumpet. Hail and fire, mixed with blood, came pouring down on the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees, and every blade of green grass.

                                                                                                                                        Revelations 8.

The Aquarian has now, unknown to himself, succeed in gaining contact to the sixth dimensional side of his brain, which is the Jamais vu center, but this has been initially engineered through the Desja vu centers. The central action responsible for this was the Aquarian’s Seventh Step work, which resulted in a "Vital Spiritual Experience" in the form of an OOBE. His recovery is now gradually progressing from a slow process to a fast one, which is 043_Filterbrain.gifnecessary if the Aquarian is to stay alive. He will now be going through a series of increased "chi or prana virtual energy spirals" (hail and fire, mixed with blood) in his spatial hemispheric ear, which triggers the withdrawals from his brain pollution through the crossing of codeine and alcohol, accompanied by increased brain activity and flashes of insights.

"6) Then the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow them. 7) The first angel blew his trumpet. Hail and fire, mixed with blood, came pouring down on the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees, and every blade of green grass."

The metaphor for the "third of the earth" denotes the matter hemispheric exon programs erroneously deposited in the spatial hemispheric intron programs forming the filter, in the pyramid and glia neurons, denoted by "trees and green grass". This additional program in the spatial hemisphere serves as being the equivalent of an extension of the matter hemisphere by what amounts to approximately one third. This is being portrayed in the metaphoric graphic in figure #041, here to the left.

The metaphor for the "trumpet blowing" relates to the ancient method of public announcements made through blowing into sounding devices, such as a ram's horn (shofar), or a long metallic pipe. The announcement that is being made through the trumpet blowing concerning the consciousness of the Aquarian is basically the same for the seven trumpets. It has always to do with the insight into the fact that the mathematical abilities of the human brain are only found in the matter hemisphere and that this is the reason for the 1931 mathematical Incompleteness Theorem of Kurt Gödel. In the Seven Trumpets the Aquarian gets to see how this is the reason for the stalemate of physics and biology.


The Beginning of the Quantum Change Biofeedback in
the Aquarian’s Brain and its Accompanying Insights.

The Blowing of the First Trumpet.
Narration by “Merlin the Wizard.”
Well then, it has been agreed by all parties that we, Merlin, now continue the recount of this, mildly put, strangest of stories. Although we are fully aware of the fact that we are by no virtue qualified to percent this story with any amount of clarity, elegance or style, we shall not let this fact hinder us, but simply do our best, which is the most anyone can do in all cases. An opportunity at partaking in affairs where realities, other than the ordinary grey ones of everyday life, are being presented is to us a delight. This  especially in realities where our ancient foe, the Dragon, is a part of the seen.

In the following, both in our descriptive narration as well as in our analogies, we have dispensed with all attempts at an elegant and spiritually high flown art of presentation. This belongs to the past, the ages of Dante, Milton, Göethe and other such masters of the eloquent rhetoric of the fall of man. The reasons are simple, only a small portion of humanity really cares to understand or appreciates any longer such glorified prose. Most ordinary people have not the time for developing and perfecting the mastery of language, this having become, at the best, an exclusive luxury of the educated and the wealthy. Humanity, for the most part, is individually busy enough with the occupation of securing its existence.

Since our account is in alignment with the Revelation, it will be dealing with man’s concepts of the Devil and Hell and their creation by man, as well as the concepts involved in “driving out the Devil” of the human constitution, which is precisely the subject that the prophesy is now entering into, we have decided to begin this account by bring you one of our many tails of the evil powers. We might call this story “The First Tale of the Devil” (Not to be mistaken for tail, his Lordship has but one), which is really a simple, naive and childish anecdote, a tale that we believe might further prepare your understanding and help you digest and bring you up to date on the mysterious powers of darkness. This is now a particular necessity since the reader has already been given to understand that the Master of Disaster, the Devil is in fact created by Man, as Dostoyevsky postulated it when he said: “If the Devil does not exist, but man has created him, then he has surely created him in is own image and likeness.”

First Tale of the Evil One.
Our story is known as, “The Story of the Foundational and Operational Secrets of Hell,” and it is a tale of a man, who in the late twentieth century, has the good fortune of winning the first prize in a lottery, but this prize happen to be; “A Guided Tour of Hell.”
The lucky winner wasted no time in taking advantage of this good fortune and upon his arrival in Hell; was promptly greeted by the Devil himself personally. After formal introductions, as the Devil then ushered the visitor into the foyer of Hell's main building, the curious visitor asked him a question that had been burning in his mind; “Venerable master! Who created you?”
The Devil, being of self-content disposition, laughingly replied; “Indeed, I love being asked this question. The answer always baffles those who ask it; God created Man and Man then created me. I am thus Man’s only addition to creation, and should Man ever find out how and why this is so, that will be my end. This is the only thing in the Universe that threatens my existence.” This quite the tourist since he could sense that he had entered upon a most sensitive subject which would obviously not yield further answers.
The Devil now took his baffled visitor by the arm and leading him on, he began the excursion by pointing out the three founding ideological principles forming the constitution of Hell. These were written in diamond studded golden letters in the foyer, just over the entrance to the three main departments of Hell and the visitor stared in awe at this unusual ideological foundation of this vast and powerful world empire;
Hell’s First Law:......      The Devil does NOT Exist.
Hell’s Second Law:.....      Should the Devil, however, Exist,
                      then his Home is either in Deep
                          Space or Deep in the Earth.
Hell’s Third Law:......      Should the Devil be in Man, then
                      he is NOT in Me but in My Fellow.

The visitor could not conceal his amazement at how such a vast world power could be based on such simple laws. The Devil offered his explanations; “You see, my good man. It is by these basic decrees that I derive my powers and it is by them that I rule the world. It is by these simple principles that I, not God, am the real master of the world. It is through my non-existence, my invisibility--just as God is invisible--that I may enter the minds and hearts of Men, harden them and break. As you know, many things which become too hard easily break. It is by these rules that my vehicles may enter Man. When I enter, I bring my servants, and then I may leave again. My servants, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ stay behind after I have left. It is them that call for me, their master, again and again. They insure that I may repeatedly enter, as long as I wish. It is not without reason that I am called the Great Deceiver,” the Devil proudly concluded unable to hide his concedes.

After this the Devil now took the visitor through the “First Department of Hell” but this was its armory where the Devil kept his arms for gaining control over human beings. First and foremost were to be found in great varieties the mind altering agents; The alcohol, the narcotics and the drugs, and here the visitor was surprised seeing that the “Devils Vehicles” carried on them prize labels. Here the greatest surprise was to see that the alcohol carried the highest prize and the so called hard drugs were relatively low prized. The tourist made a stop and hesitantly asked the Master of Deception some questions, to which the Devil gave explanations; “It is with these that I initially enter Man, but this is the stuff that Moses talked about when he squealed on the case of my dealings with Eve. These are the forbidden fruits of the Tree of Life. Nowadays these are called different names in order to disguise them, names ranging from; ‘Chemical Compounds,’ ‘Psycho-pharmaceuticals’ or ‘Controlled Substances’ but what they do is to replace the natural endorphins and dopamines in Man’s nerves system. I told Eve that if she and her husband ate of the tree, they would become like God and would be able to discern between right and wrong, good and evil; this of course being my grandest lie, since it is the other way around. Man, who through his continuous audience with God at the time, had ‘Free Will’ and could  choose between good and evil, lost this when he started eating, drinking, swallowing, sniffing and injecting these ‘fruits’ into himself. He quite frequently acts as though he were God himself. The full effects, on the psychological processes in the brain of Man--of so much as little alcohol entering it through Man’s bloodstream or spinal fluid--is not even with today’s scientific knowledge, fully understood by Man. Much less the extremely gradual collective effects these chemicals have on the reality perception of Man. This, our fabulous achievement, our coupe with Eve, is what started me and my Hell going and through ‘the inherited sin effect,’ or ‘the all embracing Maya effect,’ the collective alteration in Man’s perception of reality, has kept us rolling ever since and will until we destroy humanity.”

Upon the Devil’s explanations, the visitor managed an insight into a puzzle that had been burning in his consciousness and he exclaimed; “Well Sir, this does indeed explain why the alcohol is the highest prized article. Why your prizes are in reverse to the prizes we are accustomed to on Earth. The alcohol is of course ‘Drug Number One’ since it appears relatively harmless and works so slow on changing the individual which eventually leads Man to the quicker working agents, the different drugs; it greatest power obviously being in its filter accumulation through the generations.” This insight on behalf of the visitor greatly pleased the Devil who smilingly remarked; “Precisely, my bad man, precisely, but to further insure the continuation of our powers, we have our auxiliary weapons; weapons which enter the seen when someone gets behind our schemes. This way please.”

The weapons which the master of darkness used for maintaining the status quo were kept in the “Second Department of Hell,” and these were next on the agenda. Again the weaponry was priced and the price labels were attached to each, and again the visitors met with an amazing discovery. This time the surprise manifested in his finding that the weapons commonly known as ‘The Seven Deadly Sins,’ were labeled with relatively low prices and most surprising of all was the fact that the weapon of “Arrogance” was the cheapest in the lot. The visitor again turned to the Master of Deception asking why this was so. With a cunning grin the Grand Deceiver replied; “A simple age old principle, which is today called modern marketing, my bad man. This weapon we sell the most and can therefore keep it at such a low price, it is high turnover, fast turnover, that is what counts now a days my bad man.” This satisfied the visitor, but again, at the sighting of the last three arms in the collection, he was even more amazed than at what he had seen so far. The weapons that carried the highest price were labeled "The Denial Arsenal" and contained; “I am Homo Sapiens, Man the Wise and I possess Knowledge,” “Man’s Denial of the Truth about him-self,” and “Man’s Refusal to Side with the Truth” with the last being the highest prized of all. Mephistopheles who saw the visitors continued puzzlement, again obliged and offered him the explanation; “You see, it is with these weapons that I keep Man in the dark. It is with these--after all the others have failed--that I finally break even the strongest of men.”

Last the visitor was now shown the various means and devices that the Devil used to torture Man, which was a most informative and interesting tour. These items were to be found in “Hell’s Third Department.” In this department most all of the horrors encountered in the human experience were on display and it was here that the visitor spent the most of the time. It was like seeing all the horror movies of Earth all at one go. All the sicknesses and premature deaths of Man, all neurological disorders of Man, all the religious disputes of Man, all the quarrels of Man, all the accidents of Man, all the wars of Man, all the wasted resources of Man and all the tragedies of Man. We could go on for ever, it was all there. When the visitor was leaving the department he simply gave the Master of Evil a puzzled look and again got a brief but satisfying explanation; “Yes indeed, all this is achieved through the creation of an ‘individual and collective subconscious-unconscious in the human brain and the initial key to it all is the alcohol. This situation alters the whole of Man’s reality perception and further renders him incapable of understanding what is going on, since it knocks out the part of the brain that would render him capable of understanding it all. Remarkably simple indeed, too simple for Man to understand and this is the base for his inability to understand that he will never be able to overcome his problems with the so called ‘Hard Drugs’ until he has overcome his problems with the alcohol first;” thus ended this excursion.

When being taken back to the entrance, the visitor suddenly turned to the slick Master of Deception and said; “Your grace, it has been most interesting, amusing and surprising, to see how you operate, and I must admit that I have done your highness an injustice and by far underestimated your cunning and baffling powers. There is however one last question that I would like to ask, if your lordship permits.” The Devil replied approvingly; “Do go on!” and the visitor continued; “I have been looking for and noticed, the absence of the sign which Dante described as being over the main entrance to Hell, it was supposed to say something like, ‘Whosoever enters these doors, abandon all hope!’ Can you explain Sire?” At this the Devil sneered; “I was afraid you would ask this. Actually Dante did us great service in his spreading of this lovely lie for us. You see, there is hope, there is hope at the bottom of Pandora’s Box, there is hope in the redemption of Man and that has to do with the other side. I do not care to elaborate on that subject. It is better for us here, if Man continues to believe that he has gone past The Point of No Return, so to speak. It is better for us that the secret of the proper redemption of Man be the worlds best kept secret. For this end we have the weapons known as shame and denial, and additionally a vast number of pseudo redeemers operating in the world, but these lead men from the real redemption with their ineffective methods. These pseudo redeemers are people who--without knowing or admitting it--cannot redeem anyone, continuously pretend to redeem or cure other men in order to redeem their purses. They cannot even redeem themselves otherwise they would obviously not be in our service. Fortunately they do not know that it is only my former boss, God himself, who can redeem the human spirit, and are there for a prized asset in our arsenal and a major part of our insurance for an all embracing final victory where we shall destroy the psychological programming of the human genome.”

The visitor now ended his visit with a final question. “Your eminence, is there anything that does worry you concerning your authority, or threatens the future of your sovereignty in the World?” At this the Devil scratched his head and his balls, then replied; “Well, in connection with the facts that I mentioned at the beginning of our tour, there were reports of a new and most threatening type of disturbance, in the form of the Worlds most powerful redemption system, based on the man know thyself’ method, combined with man’s return to spiritually.’ This was a fellowship that labeled itself with the outrageous title, the Amateur Angels or something to that effect. At the outset of this organization--but only temporarily--did it cause us some concern that some of these, despicable Amateur Angels, might succeed in spreading their system all over the place. Our fears have, however, proved to be unfounded, since their method could easily be dealt with, this through weapons which were primarily employed through some none alcoholic humans. These weapons were; Ignorance, Prejudice, Resentment and Hate from our classical tactical weapons, which in turn force the Amateur Angels to hide themselves in anonymity and not many humans really want to know their ‘Truths,’ only a few of those who are actually dying by my tortures, manage to escape into their ranks. But on the whole, we have been successful in making their despicable ‘Truths,’ some of the worlds, if not the worlds, best kept secretes. It would indeed be a most grave and serious threat to our existence, should it leak out that the Amateur Angels, have the only perfect key to the restoration of Man’s endorphin and dopamine production. This they achieve through the removal of the filters produced in their brain through its pollution by my counterfeit neuro-transmitters. That this is achieved through a direct intervention of my former boss and that they are in direct conscious contact with him, fortunately only extreme few believe. People are even more likely to believe in my existence than in this claim.” Thus ends our; “First Tale of the Evil One.”

Well, so much for our anecdote, but we were of the opinion that this need to be included, this since the story we are about to begin narrating, is a story of specific events leading to an extraordinary discovery. This is the actual receipt by the Aquarian into The Little Scroll whose seals he has already been broken, but before this takes place, he is going to have to go through the battle of Armageddon, which marks the end of the world. This ballet has obviously to do with some radical changing process in the brain of the Aquarian which will lead to a totally altered reality perception--a totally altered world view—in which the old views will be discarded. This is in the classic end of the world metaphor of the Revelation, whose correct interpretation was first made by the brilliant Joseph Campbell, the American Professor of Mythology, who expresses his interpretative insight thus: “The world, as we know it, is coming to an end. The world as the center of the universe, the world divided from the heavens, the world bound by horizons in which love is reserved for the members of the in group: that is the world that is passing away. Apocalypse does not point to a fiery Armageddon but to the fact that our ignorance and our complacency are coming to an end…..  The apocalypse is an inner event, it is out of time. The whole idea is a metaphor for what happens inside when one person or everyone makes a transformation.”

This is indeed what is now about to take place in the Aquarian’s brain, with the actual “battle” being prepared and announced by the enormous increase in the amount and frequency the Aquarian is receiving the “pranic spirals” in his right ear. This is the not only the personal beginning of the real redemption for him personally, but the beginning of the destruction of the Devil in humanity, since through his recovery he will be handed the ultimate Theory of Everything in the form of THE LITTLE SCROLL. This Theory of Everything will include the Observer and thus permit the creation of the first comprehensive brain models, the QF-brainmodels, which will in turn make it possible for man to begin to become free from ALL of his brain’s functional defects, character defects, unmanageability defects and psychiatric illnesses, plus a host of statistical DNA-malfunctions in the coming decades.

Ladies and gentlemen, madams et monseures, damen und herren, senoras e senores! We now proudly present the beginning of the "Chronicle of the Trumpets," with the first blowing of trumpet in the Aquarian’s brain.

Friday 23rd November 1984.
The morning of the 23rd of November the Aquarian arose before his wife in the early morning hours, and after his morning meditation, he prepared breakfast for the family; he was I feeling better than ever before in the recovery. His wife, who was quite surprised at him getting up so early, soon left for her work taking the two girls to the kindergarten and he then cleaned up and went back to reading THE BRAIN, The Final Frontier, swallowing every word, stopping in between and contemplating what it all was telling him. In addition to the now increased number of spiraling sensation that he was experiencing in the right ear, he now started noticing periods of strange sensations inside the head; it seemed to be within the brain it self. The sensation was without any pain or disturbance, but rather felt like some momentum of something indefinable. When this continued throughout the day, he decided to give it special attention in his meditation.

He did indeed sense this new sensation better in the quietness of the long meditation period in the early afternoon and the feeling that he got about it was that this was something good, something that had to do with the progress of his recovery. Since it became clear to him that it did not act disruptive to his thought processes, he did not develop any further concerns regarding it. He did however notice a marked clearness of his thought processes as well as an improved ability in achieving alteration in the frequencies of the wave function in his brain entering into the meditation for which he used chanting. It felt as though he had become better capable of achieving the “quantum leap” into the theta-state of the wave of consciousness. There was to be some time before he would come up with some sort of plausible explanation to himself as to what it was that was going on inside his head. The explanation would be in the form of an understanding of it through the biofeedback models which he would later develop once he had gained the theoretical insights of The Little Scroll.

There would be even longer time before he would be capable of understanding that this was the beginning of the development process of the capacity for transcendence to an awareness of higher realities. He had heard and read something of higher realities before but never taken any of it seriously and concepts of these he little or had none at the time. Through the meditation he achieved a calm disposition towards this added sensation and in fact felt marvelously all about his being. That this was the beginning of a process that would move the negative photon-quanta out of the intron positive side of the genetic structure in the brain’s spatial hemisphere over to the exon negative side in the left brains hemisphere, of this he had no knowledge, not even a hint. This was just as well as it might have caused an alarmed consciousness. It would also be some time before he would become conscious of the fact that the process that was going on in his brain was giving him a gradually increased capacity for making clear inferences regarding that which he was reading and learning about the human brain. An even longer time was to pass before he would achieve true humility and gratitude towards this process, but that would gradually come with the insights that came with The Little Scroll.

In the late afternoon the Aquarian’s wife and children returned and he made the regular visit to his stepfather in the hospital before he went to his evening meeting with the Amateur Angles. The things that were now beginning to happen to him were difficult to understand and throughout it would be the advices and the consolations of the Amateur Angles that would carry him through them. Their main counsel was always, it will pass; you will go through it and come out improved. Do not crack your head open with too much thinking about what is happening, if you are resting well and feeling free of anxiety. Do not complicate things too much. Keep it simple stupid. On returning home after the meeting the Aquarian spent an hour an a half telling his wife what he had learned in the therapy and what he was learning in the meetings and his readings.

Saturday 24th November.
During the afternoon the Aquarian's wife went with their daughters to her father in the hospital while the Aquarian remained at home. After the visit with her father his wife was then called into the office of the treating doctor who told her the findings from the tests that had been carried out on the patient. The test results showed him to have cancer of the liver and that the cancer had already gone through the metastases (spread) into the lymph nodes and the brain. The doctor told her not to expect any recovery for her 84 year old father, but this did not come as a surprise to her as she had been given to understand that she could expect the worst.

While his wife was in her hospital visit, the Aquarian used the quietness in the house for his afternoon meditation during which he noticed that the questions that he had been asking himself during the last days in the rehabilitation home, the question regarding what possible laws of physics might be infringed on by man's use of alcohol. He knew of course that there existed no laws of physics that dealt with human behavior, but something inside him insisted on playing this game. A game where he lived in a world where all of human behavior was written down in laws of physics; laws that decided whether man was to stay alive or die. Whether he would enjoin good health, happiness and material sufficiency or would suffer sicknesses, unhappiness and poverty.

During the meditation the Aquarian found that the contents of his consciousness was back on the Sperry split-brain discovery that was being presented in the human brain books by Dr. Restak that he was reading. The simplistic graphics depicting Sperry’s findings (figure #45), showing the linier thinking, with the speech, writing and the mathematical abilities on the material perception side of the brain kept coming into his consciousness. This was indeed odd and from his short sobriety experience, he now saw this as representing some form of a Higher Power, consciousness guidance.

After a while of this, he all over sudden came to think again about Eddington, the controversial genius, whom he had been thinking about two days prior, when he had his OOBE. Eddington had, from 1920 until his death in 1944, unsuccessfully tried mathematically to unify or reconcile Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity in connection with his “fundamental theory," which was intended to be a unification of quantum theory, relativity and gravitation. Even during the year’s form 1920 and until 1930 while quantum theory was still being developed--mostly in Copenhagen--he worked profusely on this, even after the limits of mathematics were presented in 1931. The Incompleteness Theorem was discovered by the Austro-Hungarian mathematical genius, Dr. Kurt Gödel. This mathematical exercise said that mathematics it self declared that it was limited in its scope and could not solve all problems--that there were incalculable situations--but the reasons for this was not understood or known in science. No one had ever succeeded in the endeavor of Eddington and this obviously had to do with the Incompleteness Theorem of Kurt Gödel.

Here the Aquarian was now--in his mind--looking at the Sperry chart of the functional programming of the human brain that showed that the mathematical ability was only in the matter hemisphere of the brain. In a flash of insight he had realized that here was the explanation for this profound declaration by mathematics and his consciousness started shooting up flames of contemplative insights regarding the consequences of this truth, which apparently was not commonly realized or known--if at all--in the scientific community. His prime focus would gradually come to the theoretical and experimental physics where men were obviously looking at the fundaments of reality with just one half of the brain. It was the question of the obviously limiting consequences of this and how it should be counteracted, which were the main thoughts that darted about in his consciousness. These questions would return to his consciousness during the coming days as if someone was deliberately trying to draw his attention to their importance and consequences. In the end they would lead to something larger than himself, his person and his life.

On the return of his wife and children the Aquarian got the new of the health situation of his father in law and the excitement tendered within him  wiftly died down. His wife was in a gloomy mood and she spent the evening watching television while he attended his meeting.

Sunday 25th November.
Sunday was spent quietly at home by the family, with the Aquarian attending the joint American and German meeting on the airport. These meetings were his favorite meetings in Frankfurt as they contained the same crowd of old-timers as the Wednesday Intergroup Meetings. The Aquarian who by now had become “teachable” had also learned to “stick to the winners” and asks them questions when ever he had any. This behavior had already saved his life without him knowing it and it would later save him again; that time from the biggest danger of all. This would be the danger involved in allowing someone to cure chemically his alcoholism.

Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th November.
The first two days of the working week were spent in the same routine the Aquarian had now established when the was at home, with him adding the beginning of his work on the Eight Step list during the afternoons. After the evening meetings, they would end the day with him giving her a lecturing her on alcoholism and its recovery.

By this time the Aquarian's biofeedback recovery process is gradually getting under way, but this requires altogether 22 days from the time of the vital spiritual experience on the 22nd of November, that shifted the workings of his Jamais vu-spiritual faculty into a higher gear. With this comes the Higher Power conscious contact insights which are the "trumpets" in the prophesy but they are throughout the first four "trumpets" pretty much all the same.

                                                                              The Blowing of the Second Trumpet.

Part Two, Chapter Two
(Book of Revelation Chapter 8.)

The Blowing of the
Second Trumpet

The Beginning of the Aquarian’s Fifth/Sixth
Dimensional Reality Perceptions.

The human mind’s ability to grasp higher realities is denied or ignored by conventional science. Standard science is a dead end because it analyzes experience into discrete pieces. The human mind.... has an overwhelming need to impose categories on experience. As a result, the seamless
web of physical reality is divided into separate events that seem to occur only side by side or in different parts of time and space.

                                                                                                                David Bohm 1917-1992

Book of Revelation Chapter 8.

8) Then the second angel blew his trumpet. Something that looked like a huge mountain on fire was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea was turned into blood, 9) a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.
                                                                                                                       Revelations 8.

The second stage of the series of increased "chi or prana energy spirals" (mountain of fire being thrown into the sea) in his spatial hemispheric ear, is now triggered by the death of his father-in-law, but these are also accompanied by increased brain activity and flashes of insights.

044_Fast-Recoverybegin.gifAs before, the "third of the sea, living creatures and ships" being killed or destroyed, denotes that the matter hemispheric exon programs erroneously deposited in the spatial hemispheric intron programs, forming the filter, but since the filter is located in the spatial hemispheric intron programs, it is not just representing one third of the matter hemisphere, but also one third of the spatial hemisphere, which is given the metaphorical name of "the sea". The "living creatures and ships" are then the pyramid and glia neurons being "prepared" for their biofeedback back to the matter hemispheric exon programs.

"8) Then the second angel blew his trumpet. Something that looked like a huge mountain on fire was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea was turned into blood, 9) a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed."

This metaphor for the second trumpet is as in all the trumpets after the first, the consequence of the Sperry-Gödel connection which now keeps coming up in the Aquarian's meditations. In the Second Trumpet this becomes the question of the physics fundaments of reality and it stalemated attempts at describing it conclusively.

The Beginning of the Aquarian’s Fifth/Sixth
Dimensional Reality Perceptions.

The Blowing of the First Trumpet.
Narration by “Morgan le Fay.”

Greetings, honored follower of the strangest of all tales. My compatriot, Merlin the Wizard, allowed himself to start his account of the First Trumpet with an introductory tale of the Master of Disaster. His justification was that the Trumpets represented the heralding of the beginning of the end for the Empire of Darkness, which suggests that I should follow suit and present some insights into the nature of the force that this World Power wields. We shall indeed oblige with a short anecdote, but its message may describe a part of the nature of Evil that has far reaching consequences.

Second Tail of the Evil One.
A reliable source has it that one sunny afternoon Mephistopheles was out walking with one of his subjects when they observed a man bending down and picking something up. The Devil’s subordinate asked his master what it might have been that the man had picked up, to which the devil replayed; “It was a peace of truth you disgusting rascal”. At this the subordinate felt obliged to enquire; “Is that not bad for our cause, Sire?” “No, not at all.” replied the Devil smiling, greatly pleased with his angels ignorance. “But how may that be master?” enquired the puzzled sub-devil. “Elementary, my filthy goblin, elementary, replied the Devil. You see, I shall now be able to make that man write a book about this peace of despicable truth or I shall have him start an organization or a political party centered on this peace of abhorred truth and then men are sure to quarrel over it. Thus I shall put them asunder and sometimes I even succeed in getting wars started on such seemingly inconspicuous triviality; at the best I get the discoverer murdered by his supposed-to-be brethren, because of this truth.” replied the Devil.

The Devil and his subject continued walking on with the latter in deep contemplation of the wisdom that had just been revealed to him. A little further they came to where an another man bend down and pick something up, and again the sub-devil asked his master what it had been the man had found. The Devil now sneered at his subordinate; “It was a explanation and an understanding for a peace of lie. At this the devils adjutant joyfully exclaimed; “That must be good for our cause master.” To his amazement the Devils sneering reply was; “No this is bad, the man can now watch out for the lie and we thus have a lesser hold on him. He may actually become of no use to our cause.” -- Well, so much for my anecdote, you may understand it better when you have managed to plough through this book.

It is during the time period from the Aquarian’s spiritual experience on the 22nd of November and until the full action of the withdrawals three weeks later, or on the 13th of the December, that he notices that he is going through some changes and experiencing altered perceptions. These are manifested in gradually increasing perception of the spirals in his spatial hemispheric ear, gradual increase in a new sensation in his head and gradual increase in clarity of thought and insights. He is however, not aware of the fact that it is now the “inner voice” of the higher self, or the Higher Power contact of consciousness which is now being gradually “defogged” of the filter and that he is coming into conscious contact with the universal and personal creation reality, the God-reality. The Aquarian has no insight into the true construction and programming principle of the human brain as these are not known in the neuroscience of humanity and are consequently not presented in the Richard M. Restak MD literature on the brain that he is presently reading at this time. That it is the nucleotides in the DNA-structure of his brain’s neurons are evenly distributed between the exon-self-perception-matter reality and the intron-collective-we-perception-spatial reality, of this he has no hint, much the less of the fact that it is the intron-spatial reality which initiates all his thought. He has no idea what ever that it is this reality-half of his brain that always controls his life and that its manageability depends entirely upon the question of how much “functional disturbance”, or filter is logged in his brain’s intron nucleotides as shown in figures #024 and #039. As the Aquarian is about to be shown the correct equation equivalent for the “quantum wave of the universe”, which is the key to producing proper brain-modeling, he has to be prepared in order to become capable of making the initial comprehension of the set-mathematical description of reality.

With the insight given to the Aquarian on the 24th of November, into relation of the Roger Sperry Split-brain Discovery to the Incompleteness Theorem of Kurt Gödel, the foundation of this understanding has been laid. However, this understanding will have to be expanded in the brain of the Aquarian through his asking of questions regarding its consequences and through the insights given him as the reply to these questions, but that is what this trumpet has been all about and so will the next four trumpets The Aquarian is of course not aware that his thinking is a dialogue between his brain’s intron-causative-reality—the WE-reality--the exon-executive-reality—the I-reality, with the former producing the thought initiations which is the equivalent of the “angels blowing their trumpets”. This will then eventually lead to the Aquarian being shown the ultra simplistic methodology for getting around the problem of the mathematical unification, or the reconciliation of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, in connection with the formulation of the fundamental unification theory of physics Theory of Everything, that includes Life and the Observer. However, the path of the Aquarian is fraught with subtle but fatal dangers, which are actually manufactured by the arch enemy of humanity, the Master of Darkness himself.

Once the Aquarian has achieved this insight, he will become a special concern of Mephistopheles as indicated in my “Second Tail of the Evil One”, since he will have done both; picked up the “description of the ultimate truth”, as well as the “description of what lies are”. He will thus present a unique threat to the Powers of Darkness, as he has come into procession of the ultimate truth and the ultimate lies, and can thus use the knowledge of the ultimate truth to avoid the perils of the ultimate lies and eventually serve his fellows with the ultimate insight into reality that he has been given.

It thus need not be explained here what the Aquarian’s discovery will mean in terms of countermeasures by the Forces of Evil, as he now enters into the beginning of the decisive part of his recovery, but this is preceded by the first four trumpets of the trumpet epoch. He will now have to go through several different perilous situations where the wrong decision may cost him his sanity and eventually his life. However, as the Aquarian at this stage has managed to surrender and has sough refuge with the Amateur Angels, where he has turned his will and his life over to the care of God, he has already escaped the worst threat facing the chemical addicts; outright insanity. He is however, at this stage still subject to the most threatening part of the journey of recovery, which actually is one of the favorite destruction methods of the Master of Disaster and reserved especially for cross-addicted alcohol or drug recovery candidates. This is to turn their brains into a cabbage-head through a total collapse of the neuro-transmitter production balance in their brains, through the inadequate understanding regarding of it’s fundamental functions, in all phases of the addiction recovery, psychology and psychiatry industries. These are the cases which the Indian sage, Gopi Krishna, is referring to here at opening of the Part Two Introductions on page #262.

During the important recovery progression period of the "trumpet epoch", the Aquarian is not aware that his brain's Jamais vu-faith faculties and Désjà vu-empathy faculty, who were “reawakened” in his spiritual experience on the 22nd of November, are now begin to become clear of the filter caused functional disturbances in the introns of the pyramid neurons in these faculties. Neither does he have any knowledge of what the strange sensations in his brain signify, but as he is feeling quite well mentally and has this inner sensation that this is something good that is happening to him, he is not too concerned. What is now taking place is that these brain centers are becoming capable of triggering the kind of endorphin and dopamine neuro-inhibitor production that will “switch on” ever increasing number of pyramid neuron introns, to become involved in the brain’s field of consciousness. Such a condition is known as a transcended state and it connects the filed of consciousness to the dual reality of the spatial vacuum--the two fundamental dimensions of the creation reality, the fifth and the sixth--but in the Aquarian’s brain these represent the reality of the “collective consciousness” and the reality of the “cosmic consciousness.” A healthy and balanced such condition is also the state in which the brain achieves the greatest amount of filter removing recovery biofeedback (figure #044).

In the recovery it is imperative that this process be balance between the brain's Jamais vu-faith faculties-Sixth-Dimensional Connection and the brain's Désjà vu-empathy faculty-Fifth-Dimensional-Connection, since in the case of this condition being imbalanced, the danger of a psychotic state or mental illness is present. To secure a healthy recovery, both of these brain faculties have to be involved relatively balanced, but just one of them being active in a brain with a high degree of functional disturbance imbalance--in particular the Jamais vu-faith faculty--produces a high risk of the brain and consciousness going into psychosis rather than a transcended recovery state. This is the reason for the Yoga disciplines insisting on the “enlightenment aspirants” being guided by a “Guru” (a guide from darkness to light), as well as many novices, who start practicing spiritual techniques on their own--even with the help of drugs--end up in the psychiatric wards.

However, through the fact that the 12-step program of the Amateur Angels is oriented on both these faculties of faith and compassion, those using it properly are protected. This is the reason for the fact that relatively few recovering addicts loose their neuro-transmitter balance in the recovery and become insane, which is one of the many unexplained mysteries regarding the magic of this fellowship.

During a healthy transcended recovery state from a severe filter dysfunctional program, the brain and consciousness usually go into a state of natural high, not dissimilar to that of the manic-psychosis. However, in the healthy transcended recovery state the consciousness does not loose the contact with reality, even though the individual may seem strange to those who do not understand what is happening, including the one going through it. This state of consciousness is well known in the oriental spiritual practices and recovery techniques, in Sanskrit as “Samadhi” and in Japanese as “Shatori”. The tragedy in our ignorance of these functions, is that we do not realize that the “manic-psychosis” is the human nervous system failed attempt at being rid of its intron filters and we thus remain incapable of dealing with it properly, instead lock the affected individual up in this state with drugs.

Good then! Now that I have explained this to the reader, I can continue my account of the Aquarian’s progression through the epoch of the trumpets to The Little Scroll central moment of this prophecy. This is the Eureka moment for all of humanity; the description of the fundamental reality of the Universe and Life, including the Observer and his Consciousness.

Wednesday 28th November.
It was the middle of the week and the Aquarian was approaching the end of his contracted of monthly-days, which he spent on the work of his “8th-Step amendment list”. This was the listing of all the people that he had in some way harmed in his lifetime, subjectively or objectively, mentally or economically, but its purpose was to use it as a guide for his approach to the individuals on the list for the purpose of apologizing or to make restitution payments. In the late afternoon his wife returned from work with their daughters as usual and vent about making supper for the family, but as they sat dining a call came from the hospital announcing to his wife that her father had just passed away. This meant that the Aquarian stayed at home with his wife during the evening, but her father who was a charming man, had been most kind to him throughout their sharing of time.

Thursday 29th and Friday 30th of November.
The next days saw the Aquarian’s wife quite busy making arrangements for her father’s funeral, preparing the legal documentation for her overtaking of the inheritance property with the family lawyer and making arrangements in the household for the overtaking of her father’s apartment. The Aquarian assisted the best he could, taking care of the daughters, attending his 8th-Step amendment list in between. In the evening they would sit together discussing the future, but the Aquarian, with his new susceptive sense, noted some marked changes in his wife’s spirit; there was no more interest in discussing alcoholism and co-dependency, or attending the meetings of the dependents of the alcoholics. There was a different breeze blowing of that there was no question in the Aquarian mind, but throughout the time since the death of his father-in-law he also noted yet another marked increase in the spiral sensations in his right ear. He had not told his wife about this so far and now he felt sure that this was definitely not the time to bring up that subject. As the Aquarian retired, he noted with satisfaction, that he had not had a drink for three months and what seemed more pleasing; he had not had craving for a drink during this time, nor had he been in a grumpy mood wanting a drink. This had not happened for twenty years or since his days in Saudi Arabia; it was obviously possible to live without alcohol.

Saturday 01st December.
In the early afternoon the Aquarian’s wife took the two girls shopping and the Aquarian, who had not had much time for chanting and meditating, again used the opportunity of the quietness in the house. Coming out of the chanting and settling into the meditative state he noted that the Sperry-Gödel connection he had made came almost immediately into his consciousness and this was being accompanied by all kinds of questions regarding its meaning in relation to the physics fundaments of reality.

The Aquarian, whose favorite science subject was theoretical physics, had ever since his London days been keen on its proceedings and kept himself reasonably well updated on the latest state of the art, now turned to asking himself how this discipline might be effected by this truth. This time the realization that mathematics were looking at the fundaments of reality with just one hemisphere, the matter hemisphere, which obviously represented the reality of quantum physics, and that any mathematical connection over to the almost mathematical void of the spatial hemisphere, would be impossible, which was already an established fact in theoretical physics. This was obviously the reason for Einstein’s declaration that the equations of his General Relativity theory were written on the one side in marble, and on the other side in straw, meaning that the gravitational curvature of space was proven through the Riemann mathematics, but the curving effect of space through the presence of matter, was not explained. It was simply an arbitrary statement or just another of physics “just because” explanations. This interaction between matter and space was best described by the marvelous metaphor of John Archibald Wheeler, which simplified this theory by saying that “space tells matter where to go and matter tells space how to be”. That meant that the mathematical approach could not show us what properties in matter demanded that its presence curved space and this was one of the main goals of physics to discover through a unification theory for the four energy fields of nature. This connection between space and matter constituted the very fundaments of reality itself, thus it was not strange that the mathematical approach was running into incalculable situation in its attempts at unifying the forces generated by matter, to the force of gravity.

As far as the Aquarian knew, there was no talk about Sperry’s discovery presenting the blame for this difficulty. Was there something that he was missing? Where these questions not this simple? Anyway; what was he thinking about such things? His education and brain capacity was obviously not of the caliber required to be making such grandiose speculative contemplations. He was a recovering alcoholic with a brain in tatters from pollution with toxic chemicals; this thinking was in all probability some alcoholic insanity residue.

What the Aquarian of course does not know is that the reasons for unusual thinking processes are caused by his conscious connection into the fifth and the sixth dimensions now becoming really active, but this will now be his lot until he has passed through the perception of the Seventh Trumpet.

The Aquarian’s wife and children returned and the family settled into its routine with him attending a meeting in the evening where he briefly mentioned his two last meditation experiences leading to the connection of Sperry-Gödel and its relevance to physics. Justifiably he got quite a staring at but was still shown the tolerance that prevailed in these meetings; he was after all getting relief from his inner confrontations of ideas in order to keep calm and sober.

Sunday 02nd December.
The day was spent with the family with the Aquarian only having an opportunity for chanting and meditation in the morning and evening, but his evening meeting he would not miss for anything. He simply had to have this, just as he had been dependent on the cocktails and long drinks in the evening during his drinking days, but now, after the death of his father-in-law his wife seemed not to care any longer if he went to the meetings every night. Perhaps she had by now accepted this as she had accepted his drinking?

Monday 03rd December.
The day of Aquarian’s father-in-law funeral came with the attendance of relatives who came from verthe televisiondifferent corners of Germany. This occupied the family throughout the day as after the funeral the relatives were invited to accept refreshments at the house by his wife. In the evening the Aquarian started reading a information pamphlet on the children of alcoholics published by the Hazelden Foundation of Minnesota, USA. In this pamphlet he had found information suggesting that the risk of alcoholics having hyperactive children was 20% higher than the average and he immediately associated this with what he had read in DER SPIEGEL while he was in the therapy. This again brought his thinking to the condition of his daughter, but he had by now become convinced that her ADHD condition was due to his drinking, he would however seek out some literature on the subject next time he was in the USA.

Tuesday 04th December.
The Aquarian again spent the day with his family and while he was having dinner with them, he perceived for the first time how deeply he loved them all and how wonderful it was to have come to perceive them in this way. The reminiscence of how he had felt about them before was vivid in his mind and the comparison gave him an indescribable feeling of joy. This was unquestionably the way on should feel about ones family; the alcoholism had robbed him of this feeling. He was going on a trip in the morning and he felt proud that he was now going to become capable of becoming a good provider and a father, but the inheritance of his wife would now make it possible for them to return to their new house in Luxembourg and rent out the three apartments in the house, bringing their finances in order.

Little did the Aquarian know that in the morning he would start his last trip as a pilot for the company he had hoped to spend the rest of his working days with. Much less did he know that he was now embarking on a journey that would take him through events that would eventually separate him from his family, as well as all other things he had aspired to achieve in his life.

                                                                                The Blowing of the Third Trumpet.

Part Two, Chapter Three
(Book of Revelation Chapter 8.)

The Blowing of the
Third Trumpet

The Beginning of the Aquarian’s Last
Fligh-tour as a Pilot with Cargolux.

How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.

                                                Niels Bohr

Book of Revelation Chapter 8.

10) Then the third angel blew his trumpet. A large star, burning like a torch, dropped from the sky and fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11) (The name of the star is “Bitterness.”) A third of the water turned bitter, and many people died from drinking the water, because it had turned bitter.

                                                                                                                        Revelations 8.

The third stage of the series of increased "chi or prana energy spirals" (large star, burning like a torch, dropping from the sky) in the Aquarian's spatial hemispheric ear, is now triggered by an actual experience with a large asteroid, burning like a torch, dropping vertically from space, just in front of the nose of the aircraft he is flying. This steps up the biofeedback process returning the matter hemispheric exon programs erroneously deposited in the spatial hemispheric intron programs--forming the filter--back to the matter hemispheric exon programs.

"10) Then the third angel blew his trumpet. A large star, burning like a torch, dropped from the sky and fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11) (The name of the star is “Bitterness.”) A third of the water turned bitter, and many people died from drinking the water, because it had turned bitter."

The thinking that is accompanying this third trumpet metaphor has to do with the Aquarian's bitterness over having, through his drinking caused filter alterations in his DNA, produced a girl-child, severely afflicted with ADHD and having then made it worse through the amphetamine drugging advised by the medical profession. This makes him determined to get all the information available regarding this syndrome. His further thoughts pertain to the Sperry-Gödel connection as before, making him wonder if physics is really capable of ever producing a true unification theory.


The Beginning of the Aquarian’s Last Fligh-tour
as a Pilot with Cargolux.

The Blowing of the Third Trumpet.
Narration by “Merlin the Wizard.”

As the Aquarian now leaves his family on a westbound trip across the USA, all the way to Alaska and back. This is also to be his last trip flying for his current employer and at the same time his journey to meet his destiny, or his dharma, but of this he has no knowledge what ever. His mind is set on acquiring as much literature as he could find on the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD for short, but he had become bitterly convinced that it was his alcoholism that caused the condition of his nine year old daughter. He had further realized that beyond what he had read in DER SPIEGEL during his rehabilitation and recently in a Hazelden pamphlet, he knew nothing about this syndrome. His main motivation was his desire to do al what might be done to help her and now he was going to look for literature on the subject in the USA, but at this time the internet instant-mega-library had not come into being.

This disorder (ADHD) is a condition that becomes apparent in some children in the preschool and early school years. It is hard for these children to control their behavior and/or pay attention. It is estimated that between 3 and 5 percent of children have ADHD, which means that in a classroom of 25 to 30 children, it is likely that at least one will have ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was first analyzed in 1902 by Sir George F. Still who published a series of lectures to the Royal College of Physicians in England in which he described a group of impulsive children with significant behavioral problems, caused by a genetic dysfunction and not by poor child rearing—children who today would be easily recognized as having ADHD. Since then, several thousand scientific papers on the disorder have been published, providing information on its nature, course, causes, impairments, and treatments.

Now, twenty two years after the Aquarian’s search for literature on the ADHD causes, this is still not known, but one of the first questions which parents ask is “Why? What went wrong?” “Did we do something to cause this?” There is little compelling evidence at this time that ADHD can arise purely from social factors or child-rearing methods. Most substantiated causes appear to fall in the realm of neurobiology and genetics, but a lot of other factors are erroneously being associated with the syndrome such as: Environmental Agents, Brain Injuries, Food Additives and Sugar, but the Genetic factor is the most prominent culprit in research. Recent long-term studies on causes of ADHD with MRI to scanners the children’s brains, which is also the case for other neurological methods of evaluating the brain, such as PET and SPECT. The causes for this are in the fact that the neuro-scientists do not possess the proper models for the brain’s field of consciousness, the brain’s construction as well as its functions.

What the Aquarian finds on the ADHD, turns out to be only “how” information, no “why” explanations. However, never the less his search for the literature on the subject will lead him to literature that eventually will help him to become the first human being that can explain the fault in the DNA-programming that causes the ADHD, as well as the mechanism in the hyperactivity. Without it being known to the Aquarian at the time, the answer to the ADHD riddle has also to do with the “trumpet blowing” consciousness inductions he has been experiencing since his spiritual experience on the 22nd of November. This is the insight connection between the Kurt Gödel 1931 Incompleteness Theorem and the Roger Sperry 1981 Nobel Prize winning Split-brain Functional Program discovery, but it is going to be popping into the Aquarian’s consciousness until he has succeeding in understanding its significance and learns to ask the right question regarding its powers.

The Aquarian is now entering into the blowing of the third trumpet phase of his progression toward the goal of his existence; his receipt of the little scroll. During the first two days of the eight day trip to Fairbanks Alaska, his thoughts now center on his daughters condition and its causes in his drinking, as well as the continuation of the Sperry-Gödel connection, which no involve the question of the viability of the Unification Theories in Physics without overcoming the consequences of the mathematical limitations described in the Incompleteness Theorem and explained in the Split-brain Functional Program.

Wednesday, the 5th December 1984 - The Asteroid Flight.
The 5th day of December 1984 came around and the Aquarian kissed his wife and two daughters good by in the mid morning hours. He was on his way to the Luxembourg where he was to depart on another round-robin of the United States. The three hour drive seemed like only a few minutes in the state of consciousness in which he now perceived time. As before the Aquarian noted the absence of the anxiety before the coming long hours of flight as it had been ever since he returned from his major overhaul in Atlantiz. On the way his thoughts were spent thinking about his older daughter and her disabling ADHD, but he was determined to make a thorough search for literature on this subject once he got to San Francisco.

The Aquarian arrived at the operations office well in advance of the check-in time and the flight preparations were without any major considerations of anticipated weather or snags. The Captain, an Atlantizian nick-named Gee Gee, was one of his favorite co-workers. An able pilot and generally liked amongst the crews as a flight crew manager but with somewhat disputed manners as company for going out drinking or to restaurants. The engineer, also an Atlantizian, was the only one of the co-workers he had experienced problems with. Taking care of the passengers was the English ex loadmaster that had become chief steward. Another cabin attendant, a girl from the City of Light was deadheading on the flight.

The structurally reinforced 747 freighter, LX-ECV--call sign CV 774--was airborne on the scheduled departure time at 15:03Z, with its first intended stop, Atlantiz. Gee Gee flew the first leg with the Aquarian assisting and the flight arrived in Atlantiz three and half hours later for loading of frozen fish freight. Locally it was quarter past six in the evening and while the aircraft was being loaded the Aquarian got a chance for a local call to his parents and brothers and sister. Soon after the loading it became apparent that the aircraft had been incorrectly loaded and it now had to be unloaded and reloaded but this would cause an unscheduled 5 hour delay. It was then 23:15Z when CV 774 was re-airborne heading west for San Francisco. The over 8 hour leg was now flown by the Aquarian who climbed the 747 on course to it causing altitude and settled down to managing an monitoring the cruse. Shortly after reaching cruse, Captain Gee Gee left the flight deck and went back to the cabin for sleep. On the flight deck were only the Aquarian and the engineer.

The sky was clear and the stars reminded the Aquarian--as they had done so many times before--of the wonders of the Universe as he at the same time reflected on the experience he had made 13 days before. Somehow, the space above and the stars in it seemed closer. Somehow he felt as a part of it all. Better not think too much about that. The Aquarian’s contemplations and stargazing was only interrupted by his reporting the progress of the flight over the radio. About four hour into the flight, shortly after CV 774 had made landfall on the Westside of the Hudson Bay, and just past Gimli, the old settlement town of the first Atlantizian immigrants in Canada, a most unusual thing would happen in the environment of the flight. Suddenly the sky became bright as at daytime as an asteroid came falling vertically down and literally burning like a torch. This he had never seen; asteroids always fell in an arc. It appeared to be only a few hundred yards in front of the aircraft and for lack of references it was difficult to access its size and distance from the aircraft. It seemed very near.

The circumference of the asteroid appeared the size of the moons face and it brightness could only be compared to be about half that of the sun. The Aquarian involuntarily exclaimed “Wow!” but the engineer who was sleeping in his chair did not stir. Without much contemplation he picked up the microphone and called Gimli Radio and told the controller or radioman of his sighting, who in turn enquired further at which he gave him the INS position and magnetic bearing to the asteroid, which was the heading of the aircraft. A short while later another aircraft confirmed the sighting and gave its position and bearing to the asteroid. The other pilot agreeing with the Aquarian; the asteroid must have reached the ground with-out burning up. Maybe some scientists would go out looking for it to further unravel the secrets of the Universe the Aquarian thought.

The Aquarian now spent some time thinking about this sighting and how close the asteroid had come. What if it had hit the aircraft? What a freakish way to go? The odds must be one to an unbelievable number; one in unknown trillions or some outrageous numerical value. Wow! One would not even have any knowledge during the last seconds of ones life, of what the hell had happened. Hit by an asteroid in flight. Crazy! Who so ever would have to end his life that way, would have to have been a real goner anyway, but the Aquarian did not believe that such co-incidences were being anything other than a mean quirk of the statistical laws of nature.

The arrival of CV 774 in San Francisco half an hour before midnight local time was routine, but this was the same local time in Atlantiz as the CV 774 flight had departed. Atlantiz was on Greenwich Mean Time as local time and San Francisco was GMT-8, which meant that the 8 hour flight time caused CV 774 to land at the same time it departed if one only used local time as a reference. An hour later the crew was in the Meridian Hotel by the Moscone Convention Center in the middle of the city, but by now it was 90:30 in the morning of the 6th in Frankfurt am Main Germany, but that is where his body was. It was thus not a surprise that the Aquarian found it a marveled how good it was to get under the sheets in the hotel after going through his newly acquired techniques of reciting mantras and meditating in order to relax out of the flights tension. What a wondrous way to end the day without having to de-stress with alcohol!

Thursday, the 6th December
The Aquarian slept well into the morning hour’s local time of the 6th of December, with no conscious awareness of the effects the flight incident with the asteroid from the night before was having on the subconscious part of his brain. Had someone told him, he would not have believed it anyway.

In spit of the long flight the Aquarian only needed 8 hours of sleep and felt fit and fine and wide awake as he got into his Burmese lotus position for his morning chanting and mediation. He had hardly gotten into the lotus posture before the theme of the past days--the Sperry-Gödel connection--was in his consciousness. This time it was the realization that the limits of mathematics were affecting the analyses of the particle tracks in the high energy accelerators of experimental physics which were only indicating the path of the fundamental particle. The high energy accelerators were the biggest, the most expensive machines men built, producing the highest energies, fastest motion, and greatest density men could muster, all for the purpose of investigating the smallest objects man could discern. The high energy accelerators were thus a sort of man’s biggest microscopes trying to answer man’s biggest questions by looking at the smallest fragments of the Universe. The particles in the experiments were far too small to be seen by any means whatever, since they were too small to reflect anything for an indication or measurement of some sort.

When the Aquarian now meditated the Roger Sperry findings with his focus on the fact that all the creativity, intuitively and imaginative properties of the brain were in the spatial hemisphere, he got to the conclusion that the spatial hemisphere had to contain the “causative” programs. This now brought into focus the fact that Quantum Mechanics did not offer any causative explanations, only described “events” and “interactions”, and was thus not a theory of the “whys”, only of the “hows.” No wonder that Professor Stephen Hawking described it by saying, “Quantum mechanic is essentially a theory of what we do not know and cannot predict”. The “events” in the accelerators were being analyzed via mathematics which meant that the experimental physicists were looking at the foundations of reality by looking with just one half of the brain; the causative half of the brain. This had also been the case with all experimental particle physicists, all the way from J. J. Thompson and Ernest Rutherford to Leon Lederman and Carlo Rubia.

The “half-brain” limitation of mathematics, expressed by Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, were keeping both theoretical and experimental physicists bogged down and would do so for all foreseeable future, as this brain programming arrangement would prevent mathematics from ever connecting Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. This would mean that the New Physics would not produce a Grand Unified Theory or a Complete Unified Theory in the near future, if at all ever. The Aquarian got a momentary negative feeling of disappointment as this would mean that he was not likely to be a witness to humanity’s discovery of the ultimate truth about God, the Universe, Life and the True Nature of Humans. The lack of the “causative” reality in the New Physics was now obviously behind the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, where no causes other than the “statistical random events” were behind reality and the Universe. The Universe had thus originated in nothing and was expanding into the nothing of heat death, without any purpose; and so was the nature of life. No wonder that Einstein had said “Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice tells me it is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us closer to the secret of the old one.” and had then rejected Bohr’s statistical conclusion by saying “I cannot believe that the old one would choose to play dice with the universe.” In this had to be the key to his genius; he was using his spatial hemisphere more than the rest of us; no wonder he said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

The Aquarian got out of his meditative state, shaved and went down for breakfast; he was feeling quite excited, jet quite calm. His state of consciousness had of late become somewhat different that what it used to be, but that this was a change that would grow and become permanent, of this he had no idea. All that matter was that he was feeling great. In the restaurant he found Captain Gee Gee who just arrived and he joined him. During the breakfast the Aquarian told his colleague about the incident with the asteroid in great detail getting the equivalent of a major “wow” in response from his friend, who could not recall ever seeing an asteroid fall anywhere close to the aircraft on any of his flights, much the less vertically. They had always been streaks slanted to the horizon and always far away, but Gee Gee, who was as superstitious as the average Atlantizian, told the Aquarian that this was unquestionably an omen of some sort; hopefully a good one. The Aquarian did not believe in omens although he had by now begun to notice some odd coincidences in his life since his therapy, but they were still explainable by the synchronicity concepts of the Jungian psychology.  

After breakfast the Aquarian went to the bellhops in the lobby and asked for direction to the biggest bookstore in the neighborhood. He was directed to a bookstore not to far away on Kearney Street where he was given assistance in looking for literature on the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but none was found. The search ended in the science section where the assistant pointed out a recent book, THE BROKEN BRAIN, by Nancy C. Andersen and then left the Aquarian browsing. The Andersen book, which dealt primarily with the more severe psychotic sicknesses, did not offer any information on the ADHD problem. However, the Aquarian decided that this book would be of help understanding the malfunctions of the brain in general while having no idea that he himself would soon be reading it with great interest, trying to figure out if he was suffering from one of the more severe psychiatric illnesses. Next to the Andersen book the Aquarian saw a book with a most curious title, THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BRAKEDOWNOF THE BICAMERAL MIND by a Princeton psychologist, Julian Jaynes and something inside him told him that he should buy this book to.  All over sudden it was if he wood be looking at all the books in the science section at once and that this someone inside him was pointing at books, one after the other, and telling him to buy them. THE ENDORPHINS, NEW DISCOVERIES IN BRAINWAVES by Joel Davis, TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP by Fred Allan Wolf, THE HOLOGRAPHIC PARADIGM by Ken Wilber, THE LIMITS OF SCIENCE by P. B. Medawar and STEPHEN HAWKING’S UNIVERSE by John Boslough were all on the cashier’s counter before the Aquarian had time to think much about why he was buying these books. At this stage in his recovery’s spiritual development, the Aquarian was not so far advance that he would see this as a the guidance by the Higher Power which was brokered through the 3rd-Step by his “turning of his will and his life over to the care of God as he understood Him.” However, later, when he had read the books and knew the association of their contents to his personal “dharma”, he would recognize this book buying as spiritual guidance from the God-reality.

On the return to his hotel room, the Aquarian soon discovered that the subjects of these books were high on the list of his science topics of interest and he began looking them over which lead to him becoming unable to decide on which book he should start. In the end the book by Joel Davis became his first engagement, but the topic of the endorphins had been heard quite often in Doctor Wolfsfield’s lectures in the detoxification center, as well as appearing frequently in Doctor Restak’s books on the brain. The Aquarian now spent the rest of the day devouring the contents of THE ENDORPHINS, NEW DISCOVERIES IN BRAINWAVES, being left in total fascination, braking for evening dinner with Gee Gee, who was having his bier with the meal and telling the Aquarian that he was going to the crew’s favorite bar after the meal. No, the Aquarian was not going to the pub this time he would see him for breakfast the next day.

After dinner the Aquarian returned to his room where he by coincidence switched on a channel where Billy Graham was preaching and this time he decided not to dismiss this as some fanaticism, but to watch and listen to this famous spiritualist. Perhaps he could learn something from him that he might use for his own spiritual development? This was indeed the case and much to his surprise, the Aquarian got on several occasions the feeling that Dr. Graham was talking directly to him personally. When he then got into his before the sleep chanting and mediation posture, he was feeling unusually content and happy and then fell asleep as soon as he had his head on the pillow, totally free from all worries about the future.

                                                                            The Blowing of the Fourth Trumpet.

Part Two, Chapter Four
(Book of Revelation Chapter 8.)

The Blowing of the
Fourth Trumpet

The Beginning of the Aquarian’s Crucial
Sperry-Gödel Insights into the Failure of
Theoretical Physics to Include the Observer
in its Equations.

It is known that the natural sciences have arrived at the boundary of the objectively knowable. They recognize a boundless mysterious field behind all life, a transcendental and autonomous order, to which the psyche of the observer, as well as that which can be observed are subordinate.

                                                                                Aniela Jaffé.

Book of Revelation Chapter 8.

12) Then the fourth angel blew his trumpet. A third of the sun was struck, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that their light lost a third of its brightness; there was no light during a third of the day and a third of the night also.
13) Then I looked, and I heard an eagle that was flying high in the air say in a loud voice, “O horror! Horror! How horrible it will be for all who live on earth when the sound comes from the trumpets that the other three angels must blow!

                                                                                                                            Revelations 8.

The fourth stage of the series of increased "chi or prana energy spirals" is a continuation of the effect of the "the large star, burning like a torch, dropping from the sky" event in the third trumpet. This step is thus describing the clensing action of the filter in one third of the DNA-introns in the Aquarian's brains Jamais vu-faith center (the sun), Désjà vu-empathy center (the moon), as well as rest of the introns (the stars), with other functions. This disrupts the brain's endorphin and dopamine production spordiadicly, and produces strange sensations in the Aquarian's consciousness. This means that the three "last trumpets" fullblown "Kundalini-quntum change" biofeeback surges are about to beginn and will be horrific for the novice Aquarian as 13) indicates.

"12) Then the fourth angel blew his trumpet. A third of the sun was struck, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that their light lost a third of its brightness; there was no light during a third of the day and a third of the night also.

13) Then I looked, and I heard an eagle that was flying high in the air say in a loud voice, “O horror! Horror! How horrible it will be for all who live on earth when the sound comes from the trumpets that the other three angels must blow!" During this period the Aquarian's meditaions produce thoughts concerning the physics search for the ultimate equiation describing the Universe, Life and the Observer's consciousness, in the light of the Sperry-Gödel connection.


The Beginning of the Aquarian’s Crucial Sperry-Gödel Insights into the Failure of Theoretical Physics to Include the Observer in its Equations.

The Blowing of the Fourth Trumpet.
Narration by “Morgan le Fay.”

Yes, it’s me again, Morgan. We are going to continue the narration of the turning of the tide in the life of the Aquarian and his headlong hurdle towards his destiny; his dharma. This is the process which was unleashed with his spiritual experience in the re-awakening of the intron faith and empathy faculties, which do not contain the self-perception of the individual. This re-awakening was accomplished by the all encompassing sixth dimensional spatial creation reality, or God-reality, or Higher Power reality, during the Aquarian’s 7th-step work as it is known in the fellowship of the Amateur Angels, or the rupture of the seventh seal as it is known in the Revelation. Through years of alcohol consumption, creating a drastically reduced ability in producing the vital endorphins and dopamine, which are normally created through the thinking process that take place IN-part of the wave of consciousness, interacting with the brains compassion- and faith-centers. These are the parts of the pyramid neurons primarily faculties responsible for the brain’s neuro-inhibitor production, which were severely disturbed by the fact that the positive intron-side of the DNA-structure have become programmed with negative experiences (negative photon quanta). A great number of them are thus not functioning and some of them are the equivalent of being dead; this through being in a state like where they do not partake in the consciousness interactions. This is the part of the brain that has to be reawakened, or brought back to live, or has to “rise from the dead,” in order that the Aquarian may continue to live. In other words, this will have to take place through the negative “karmic”, or “filter” functional disorders in the DNA-introns of his neurons in both hemispheres, being removed. This is only pertaining to the dominant program of the spatial hemisphere, but its removal from the matter hemispheric background DNA-introns is not believed to be possible. In addition to this the Aquarian will have to go through the withdrawal removals of residual chemicals in the neurons themselves, primarily in the autonomic nerves system. This is the process that is now going through step-incremental progression that is described in the “blowing of the trumpet” metaphors, but unknown to the Aquarian—who has no idea from where his thoughts originate from and who is not even speculating on the question—he is being injected with specific thoughts pertaining to the Sperry-Gödel insight he made two days after his initial “awakening.” As Merlin has already explained these thoughts are parts of the Aquarian’s preparation for the receipt of The Little Scroll, but he himself has no idea of this whatever. To him, he is just thinking as always, however, he is conscious of the fact that these thoughts are rather unusual.

Now that we are to be looking at the unusual thoughts of the Aquarian, we are in need for some preparatory information, since most of these will be dealing with subject which the general reader is not much acquainted. These are thoughts which have to do with the riddle of the Observer’s connection in the New Physics of Quantum Mechanics, which is a subject of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. Through the 20th century scientists have failed to include the Observer in the analyses of the ultimate reality, which should be produced by the ultimate unification theory of physics, which should climax in the Ultimate Theory of Everything that includes Life and Consciousness of the Observer. We thus think it helpful to begin this chapter with a brief account of the New Physics of Quantum Mechanics and the demand for the inclusion for the Observer.

The New Physics.
At the onset of the 20th century, on the 14th of December 1900--the official birthday of The New Physics--Max Plank presented the findings of his investigation into the ultraviolet blackbody radiation and solved the enigma of the so called ultra-violet catastrophe. At this time it was generally assumed that physics could explain every thing, which did lead to the closure of the Kaiserliche Patentoffice in Berlin and the Royal Academy’s consideration for closing it self down. The reasons; nothing more would be discovered since the causes for everything were known. There was only one thing that seemed to throw a shadow on the deterministic sciences, but this was the fact that ultraviolet radiation violated the known laws of nature--all of which were believed to be known. Plank’s findings that energy came in individual units—quanta-- destroyed this believe of Man. With the evolution of The New Physics, Man now acquired two classes of Physical Laws, instead of one; Classical Mechanical and Quantum Mechanical. This would, forty-five years later, lead to detonation of the plutonium bomb in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and thereby the onset of The Age of the Atom. The story of the evolution of the New Physics, quantum physics, is a story of a discipline which tells us that the material part of the Universe, even Space itself, are composed of matter/energy units whose smallest division is one quanta. This story is seen by many as the most magnificent part of the evolutionary history of Man’s search for knowledge and understanding

Ever since Rutherford, at the beginning of the century, began his famous experiments by firing alpha particles at thin gold foils, and along with Bohr, created our new ideas of the Atom, this method has been evolving in the building of ever larger accelerators, with ever increasing energy. In this we have been asking nature questions and she has been replying to us. - In turn we have had to use the discipline of mathematics to understand the answers. This has been relatively successful but none the less critic on this method has appeared in the form of metaphors which suggest that this is like someone taking a sledge hammer and with it, granulating grandpas watch, then getting someone, who has never seen a watch, to investigate the fragments and ask him to tell what they once were and how they worked together. The critic is connected to doubts about our interpretation and understanding of nature’s answers.

The Ghost in the Machine.
The physicists have pointed out that Nature does not deceive us in her replies and that mathematics is a language which does not permit delusions. On the other hand the minds of Man are quite often caught being delusional. However, a problem is still associated with our understanding of the replies of nature in the symbolism of mathematics and in spit of the unquestionable and grandiose success of quantum physics, it is still, as Stephen Hawking has said “Basically a theory about something which we do not know and can not predict.” Here the reference is to the fact that although we can control the outcome statistically, we do not know what is happening. This was described by the late Professor, Dr. Heinz R. Pagels when he said: “We can imagine that quantum reality is like a sealed box out of which we receive messages. We can ask questions about the contents of the box but never actually see what is inside. The principle of complementarity asserts that in describing reality we must invoke complementarity concepts that exclude each other--they can not both be true. The road to quantum reality may go on far into the future of physics, and new insights may be found. Perhaps quantum theory is experimentally wrong or incomplete, something that is not logically impossible.”

Quantum mechanical investigation of the physical world has brought with it a ghost which has proven difficult to exorcise. This ghost has repeatedly reappeared and has caused many a physicist to sneer in disgust when ever it has been mentioned. The ghost is in the form of the demand for the Observer, the scientific investigator, Man himself, be included in the outcome of the experiment. Even that he be included in the mathematical equations of quantum mechanics. Here enters one of the most famous of all physics thought experiments, that of the cat in the box by Erwin Schrödinger; a metaphor whose focal questions are till open for debate in science, but whose solution is nowhere in sight. The trail of the ghost is found in remarkable remarks of many of the physicists and it can be said that Plank himself initiated this in 1931, when he said “Science can never solve the enigma of Nature, and this is because that in the final analyzes, we our selves are a part of the puzzle which we are trying to solve.” This is still being echoed in numerous such remarks. Right at the onset of the evolution of the discoveries of quantum mechanics, the British physicists Sir James Jeans quipped “The Universe begins to look more like a great thought than a machine.” Later, Adolf Portman commented on this; “It is now known that the natural sciences have arrived at the borders of the physically knowable. They have had to acknowledge an infinite mystical domain behind all life.” The temperamental 1945 “exclusion principle” Nobel laureate, Wolfgang Pauli, is said to have raised the question regarding the understanding of the connection between the observer and the experiment when he visited Carl Gustaf Jung in Zurich in 1930. Later Pauli was quoted saying “Behind reality there is an elevated and independent order which both the spirit of the observer, as well as the object of investigation, are subject to.”

When Professor David Bohm later sought out Jiddu Krishnamurti, then he was not the first physicist of The New Physics, who turned to those who investigate the spirit of Man. Their discourse ended up with Arthur Costler’s old question; “What happened to humanity? Did we take a wrong turn somewhere on the way?” The physicist Brandon Carter has pointed out; “According to the basic laws of physics, we have to include the characteristics of the instruments. Here, the observer must be counted amongst the instruments.” Here we must take care not to forget the grand old man of physics, Professor Emeritus, John Archibald Wheeler, who has emphasized the fact that quantum theory forces us to look inward by the comment “Nothing is more important about quantum physics than this: it has destroyed the concept of the world as ‘sitting out there.’ The universe will never afterwards be the same.” These remarks are not new in the history of Man and have been heard at other times in history. Here we are reminded that 2400 years ago Protagoras pointed out that “Man is the measurer of all things.” However, this being the crux of all the riddles of physics, is a claim that not may are conscious of, neither do all agree with that claim.

In spit of many attempts at including the Observer in the outcome of the experiments, this has not succeeded. There has not even been anything which could be classified as being close to some kind of success and Stephen Hawking says “Although we know the basic equations which bring together all of our biology, we have not been able to bring together any investigation of human behavior into the branch of applied mathematics.” The physicist and Nobel laureate, Eugene Wigner, claimed in the early part of the century that “Man will never understand physical reality unless he takes into account the self reflecting properties of his consciousness.” Spiritual giants have also tackled the riddle of the Observer and centuries ago Francis of Assisi had described these difficulties thus: “Who is it that does the knowing? What we are seeking is that which is seeking.” Bishop George Berkeley is also known for remarks of this nature.

In the seventies, some physicists presented a model of the Universe, The Holographic Paradigm, and for a time there was much to do about this model. This further lead to the first--in modern times--connections between the so called real sciences, that is physics and biology, and real believes, believes where Men say not just that they believe, but that they know. Here the reference is to the spiritual sciences: Theosophy and the wisdom which Men gain in a changed state of consciousness that is now sometimes referred to as “quantum changed”. In 1978 Lawrence Beynam made the following claims “We are currently undergoing a paradigm shift in science--perhaps the greatest shift of its kind to date. It is for the first time that we have stumbled upon a comprehensive model for mystical experiences, which has the additional advantages of deriving from the forefront of contemporary physics.”  Six years later, the grand commentator of mystical phenomena, Ken Wilber, wrote on the subject and it maybe said that he wiped out the hopes of those who saw before them the marriage of mysticism and physics. In this article Wilber paraphrased Eckhart “If your God is the God of today’s physics, then where ever that physics goes (tomorrow), that God goes with it.” None the less, this model lead to some physicists beginning to see connections between their work and the philosophy behind Eastern Mysticism, and the writings of Fritjof Capra THE TAO OF PHYSICS and Gary Zukav THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS soared.  In his book Capra made reference to the ideas of David Bohm who said; “Quantum theory forces us to see the universe not as a collection of physical objects, but rather as a unified whole... All [physical] particles are dynamically composed of one another in a self consistent way, and in that sense can be said to ‘contain’ one another. In this theory, the emphasis is on the interaction, or ‘inter penetration,’ of all particles.” In this search the director of the max Plank Instituted in Göttingen, physics Professor, Karl von Weizecker, sought out the Indian “Kundalini-quantum change” expert, Gobi Krishna, with whom he exchanged ideas regarding the Observer’s inclusion.

Virtual Matter/Energy of the Vacuum.
But there are more ghosts on the trail of the New Physics in the twentieth century, and here we should primarily name the so called mathematical renormalization technique which is used on the energy exchanges of the fermions (permanent matter particles). In the last years of the twenties, experimental physicists succeeded in seeing the energy exchanges of the electron. It was discovered that for this the electron exchanged the photon as a force carrier, or by sending and receiving a photon. As an aid in this the electron borrowed some virtual energy from the surrounding space. Virtual energy of space is something which physicist, Karl von Weizecker, has refer to as prana or chi energy and at the same time claim that Man had access to this energy.

When the physicists began to investigate the energy exchanges of the electron, it was discovered that the mathematics told them that it (the electron) was endowed with infinite energy while it was engaged in the exchange. This was of course an absurdity for the physicists and to solve this problem a mathematical renormalization process was created to whip this out. When the father of Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED), the Nobel laureate Paul Dirac, heard about this, he sternly protested claiming that this meant that something was being swept under the rug. The causes were not investigated and the phenomena not explained. There are still doubts about this solution. But what is all the search of the New Physics about? On the 13th of June 1988 NEWSWEEK presented an interview with Professor Stephen Hawking on the occasion of the publication of his book A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME. In this interview he expressed his opinion that it will be possible to explain--in one mathematical equation--all that is observable in creation. That the solution would be in mathematics and that he was convinced that “God spoke that language.” One of the prime components of this equation requires the unification of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics; thereby the unification of the classical laws of physics/the mechanical laws, with the statistical/quantum mechanical laws, but the 85 years of failure of this achievement is the subject that is now fascinating the Aquarian as he goes through his blowing of trumpets epoch. Hawking has none the less expressed his believes in this final search of Man with his statement; “I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-43. It is there that the ultimate answer to all questions about the universe--life itself included--lies” but it obviously is referring to the Observer in its inclusion statement. To sum up the demand for the Observer’s inclusion, we close this account with the words of the 1979 Nobel Prize physics Professor, Steven Weinberg, but he describes the problem squarely and simply by his 1992 declaration; “What one needs is a quantum mechanical model with a wave function that describes not only various systems under study but also something representing a conscious observer.”

We now turn to our observation of the Aquarian as he spends Pearl Harbor Day in San Francisco contemplating this most important of all physics riddles in the light of his Sperry-Gödel insight. He is of course thinking that it is his curiosity nature that is driving his thinking and has no clue what ever that this is being run by his Higher Power, through the Jamais vu-spiritual connection.

Friday 07th December 1984.
The Aquarian awoke early for his morning chanting and mediation session and right at his achieving the inner calm, he found the Sperry-Gödel connection floating into his consciousness. This time he was asking himself what consequences this had for the inclusion of the Observer into the new physics theorizations and quantum mechanical experiments, but he did not spend much time on this and went down for breakfast. His mate, Gee Gee, did not show up, but this was not a surprise to him as it was still quite early. When he returned to his room he began reading another of the books he had bought without having finished the first book; it was like having a bit of several different deserts at the same dinner party. This was TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP, The New Physics for Nonscientists by Fred Allan Wolf, but much to his surprise he found that the book’s introduction seemed to fit his thinking in the mediation earlier. It seemed to be another of these strange coincidences which he was now beginning to become conscious of were happening in his life; maybe it had always been like this and he had simply not noticed them due to his brain having being so foggy from drinking. However, he realized that he could not make any assessment of his brain’s consciousness performance since he did not know what the perfect thought performance might appear like.

In the afternoon meditation his thoughts were now sharply focused on the question of the Observer’s connection, but Dr. Wolf’s book was all about this mystery and the mystery of quantum reality. His meditation took him to the Light and Life address Niels Bohr delivered in Copenhagen in 1932; a discussion which he then reopened 30 years later in a lecture in Cologne in 1962. It took the Aquarian’s thoughts to the 1944 book by Ervin Schrödinger, WHAT IS LIFE? and his famous thought experiment with the cat in the box and all through the physicists contemplations on the Observer as the creator. It gradually dawned on the Aquarian that this mystery seemed now impossible to solve without first finding a way around the Gödelian obstruction. Thought in the form of question’s darted around in his consciousness as he came to think about the reality of the DNA nucleotides, which had fundamentally to be functioning in quantum reality. How was the brain organized? How did the neurons know whether they should deal with material reality or spatial reality? The DNA-structure and programming was the same in all neurons! This was the Gödelian riddle all over again! Somehow the DNA had solved the riddle of connecting objective material reality with subjective spatial reality and the Sperry, Gödel connection seemed like a gigantic hint into the direction of solving that riddle.

How did the brain store information from consciousness? How did the brain submit information to consciousness? How did the DNA-carry survival selection-acquired and genetically stored information through just a half of its structure in the meiosis? This was definitely not in the “genes” which served as blueprints for the protein production; this had to be in a different form. The Aquarian had already made up his mind that it was not the neuron’s action impulses and their neuro-transmitter deliveries which constituted the thoughts; these were secondary reward-system and interaction polarization consequences of the thinking process. The mystery was in the field of consciousness and its interactions with the neuronal nucleotides, which were at the core of the riddle.

There was no doubt about it in the Aquarian’s mind that the problem of Grand or Complete unification in physics was in the inability of connecting Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, or simply; the connection between matter and space. There would be no physics unification until man achieved the solution of this problem and the meant that the same was true for the explanations for Schrödinger’s “negative-entropy” of the “missing arrow of time” and the order in the living organism it brought with it. The same was also true for man’s fundamental understanding of the quantum reality of the DNA and consciousness. Quantum theory was not just inconclusive; it was incomplete. Hawking was not just right in his 1980 statement; “I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-43.  It is there that the ultimate answer to all questions about the universe--life itself included--lies” but the insight was brilliant. The riddle of consciousness and the brain was the riddle of the Sperry-Gödel insight, the riddle of quantum reality, which was the riddle of unification, which was the riddle of the DNA and of Life.

During the meditation the Aquarian again noticed an increase in the spiral’s in his right ear and also noticed reoccurrence and an increase in the recent strange sensation in his consciousness; these were as before, intermittent but without any unpleasant sensation or thought distraction that he was aware of. He now spent the rest of the afternoon reading and in the evening he walked up to Sutton Street where a large Alano club was situated. These clubs are in all major cities of the United States and are non-profit organizations housing Amateur Angel’s meetings, social gatherings and even snack bars or fast food restaurants, which was the case at Sutton Street.

When there, the Aquarian went to the restaurant and ordered a hamburger, but while he was waiting for it an elderly woman sat down at his table and introduced herself by saying that she was a Jewish alcoholic and when he asked if they were different from other alcoholics, she laughed and said; “No, we are the same all over”. They went together into the evening meting of about 80 to 100 people where the Aquarian introduced himself as a newcomer from Luxembourg and Atlantiz. He was then invited to share after the speaker and he told about his dual-addiction to alcohol and painkillers, or “cross-addiction” as it is known in the fellowship. He then told the meeting that now had 95 days and that he had been advised that he might expect withdrawals anywhere from 90 to 100 days and asked for people who had experience with withdrawals from such cross-addiction who were willing to meet him after the meeting and give him advice.

After the meeting, two men came to him and brought to a private room where they gave him advice. One of them was in his primes, the other at about retirement age, but it was the older one who did most of the talking. He had been a skid-row bum, but now he ran a half-way-house having been sober for more than 30 years. The other had also been sober for extensive time and both were known as “old-timers”. The main contents of their advice was that once the withdrawals started, he should not take any medication for the symptoms, nor let any medical doctors talk him into taking drugs to relieve them, no matter how discomforting. He was repeatedly reminded that the Blue Book of the Amateur Angels suggested that no human power could relieve the alcoholic symptoms, only the Higher Power. The final advice they gave him was to stop working as soon as the withdrawals started, go someplace where he had access to many meetings and rest all he could.

It would later be the sticking to this advice that made the difference in the balance between life and death for the Aquarian.

                                                                              The Blowing of the Fifth Trumpet.

Part Two, Chapter Five
(Book of Revelation Chapter 9.)

The Blowing of the
Fifth Trumpet

The Beginning of the Aquarian's Insights into the Failure of Science to Explain the Human Brain's Addictions and Psychiatric Malfunctions in the Light of the Sperry-Gödel Connection. This is the First Surge of the Aquarian’s Massive Biofeedback during "The First Horror."

The introspective study of nervous impulses and analyses of thought in the highly penetrative supersensual states of consciousness or shamadhi, has revealed amazing knowledge of the
nervous sysem’s flow of two kinds of currents of nerves energy.... It is obvious that the brain
actively participates in inducing trensendent conditions of consciousness in a way which is a
mystery at present.

                                            Gopi Krishna

Book of Revelation Chapter 9.

1) Then the fifth angel blew his trumpet. I saw a star which had fallen down to the earth, and it was given the key to the abyss.* 2) The star opened the abyss, and smoke poured out of it, like the smoke from a large furnace; the sunlight and the air were darkened by the smoke from the abyss. 3) Locusts came down out of the smoke upon the earth, and they were given the same kind of power that scorpions have. 4) They were told not to harm the grass or the trees or any other plant; they could harm only the people who did not have the mark of God’s seal on their foreheads. 5) The locusts were not allowed to kill these people, but only to torture them for five months. The pain caused by the torture is like the pain caused by a scorpion’s sting. 6) During those five months they will seek death, but will not find it; they will want to die, but death will flee from them.

7) The locusts looked like horses ready for battle; on their heads they had what seemed to be crowns of gold, and their faces were like men’s faces. 8) Their hair was like women’s hair, their teeth were like lions’ teeth. 9) Their chests were covered with what looked like iron breastplates, and the sound made by their wings was like the noise of many horse-drawn chariots rushing into battle. 10) They have tails and stings like those of a scorpion, and it is with their tails that they have the power to hurt people for five months. 11) They have a king ruling over them, who is the angel in charge of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon; in Greek the name is Apollyon (meaning “The Destroyer”).

12) The first horror is over; after this there are still two more horrors to come.
                                                                                                                             Revelations 9.

The sounding of the fifth trumpet is the first of the three biofeedback surges, described as the "three horrors", which are at the top and the end of the Aquarian's five month recovery curve--"torture... for five months"--from the 1st of September 1984 until the 31st of January 1985. These surges are accompanied by a marked increase in the "chi or prana energy spirals", which began with the "the large star--key to the abyss--dropping from the sky" event in the third trumpet. During the first surge peak period--which is rather short--starting on the 8th of December with the fifth trumpet, and ending in the evening of the 9th of December, the Aquarian experiences intermittent strong surges of fractionalized electromagnetic field--"darkened by the smoke"--flow from the spatial hemisphere to the matter hemisphere.


Figure 045

This is the biofeedback electromagnetic field flow that removes the filter, or the erroneously deposited holistic memory photons in approximately one third of the DNA-introns in the Aquarian's brain. It is the first surge of a full-blown "kundalini-quantum change" consciousness field "positive virtual electromagnetic energy" or "spiritual energy," acting in the brain in unison with the brain's normal electromagnetic field flow. The spiritual metaphors for the quantum properties of the quanta in the flow are in verses 7), 8), 9) and 10). During this period the Aquarian's meditations produce thoughts concerning the failure of science to explain the human brain's addictions and psychiatric malfunctions in the light of the Sperry-Gödel connection.

The First Massive Biofeedback Surge in the
Aquarian’s Brain during “The First Horror.”

The Blowing of the Fifth Trumpet.
Narration by “Merlin the Wizard.”

It is indeed a great honor to be here again, but at the same time a horror to have to deal with this most difficult subject that carries the complex title of the heading; it even deals with a very special kind of horror which our Aquarian is to go through.

The Quantum Biofeedback Surge.
The rare experience of going through a non-malfunctioning Kundalini-quantum change biofeedback surges in ones own personal brains, without having any idea of what is going on, can only be described as horrific. This is said to be still quite a nerve racking experience to go through for an individual who is under the guidance of a Guru, or a Spiritual Master of the transcendent arts. For a cross addicted drug addict to go through this all on his own and without any knowledge of the phenomenon, or without expert guidance, is a deadly risky undertaking; but our subject has only just heard of this fleetingly in discussions on mysticism by others. However, although the Aquarian is not under any form of guidance labeled as transcendent art, he is not quite without guidance although it is not classified or labeled as such. As a matter of fact, he is under possibly the best available guidance in the Western Cultures for achieving a safe spiritual awakening brain condition, but this is the fellowship of the Amateur Angels and it 12-step program. This program uses different terminology than the oriental transcendent arts do, where the terms “spiritual experience” and “spiritual awakening” are the equivalent of the transcendent Samadhi, or Shatori states. The advantage the 12-step program of the Amateur Angels has over the other brain and consciousness improvement systems is the fact that it is focused on both, the Jamais vu-faith faculty and the Désjà vu-empathy faculty of the spatial hemisphere, not jus on the Jamai vu-God-connection. This prevents imbalance in the biofeedback flow in brains with accumulated functional disturbances—filters--and thus the danger of total brake down of healthy brain functions. Additionally, the program’s use of a “sponsors”, serves as a further aid in the prevention of imbalance. This is verified by the great success of the program in recovering safely the alcoholics-addicts with their severe program imbalance, so our Aquarian is indeed under safe guidance as long as he is in the hands of genuine Amateur Angels. The danger comes about when the Kundalini-quantum change biofeedback surge process is being “treated” by modern allopathic medicine and may result in permanent insanity and even premature death.

The five month recovery process of the Aquarian is now approaching its culmination during which he will experience the surges in the biofeedback cross-flow from the spine and into the spatial hemisphere and across the corpus callosum to the matter hemisphere (the neuronal mechanism that regulates this is the same which malfunctioning, causes the grand mal seizure convulsions in humans). During the strong peak flow surges, the field of consciousness in the Aquarian’s brain will occasionally be broken into two or three sections due to the filter obstructions, which produces a most unusual sensation of awareness, but for someone who has extensive experiences with severe hangovers; this is not at all unfamiliar. However, since he is not drinking and expecting the withdrawals to be starting any day now, this is of considerable concern to him, in particular since he is flying. The problem being that he does not know what to expect in the form of withdrawals.

The Poverty stricken Neuro-sciences.
That he is now beginning to go through a fast Kundalini-quantum change biofeedback, of this he has no idea and even if he did, it would not have any meaning for him as he does not know anything about this phenomenon. The high degree of likelihood that he will have to recover in this manner in order to live, is even further from him, but that is just as well since all forms of fears are a sever hindrance to recovery.

These are phenomena which are a part of the numerous functions and malfunctions, whose causes the medical sciences of man has failed to figure out. Our neuro-sciences only have the description of the consequences of the malfunctions. This is due to the fact that these are quantum mechanical phenomena and have their roots in the quantum mechanically written “programs” in the nucleons of the DNA-structure. These “programs” are not the 2.75% of the nucleotides that are generally referred to as the “genes” and which are the blueprints for the RNA-transcription of the DNA for protein production. These “programs” are a part of the remaining 97.25% of the nucleotides which are currently described as genetic junk. In the QF-theorizations these programs are quantum mechanical information contained in the “intron nucleotides”, which comprise approximately 50% of the DNA-structure, but without an insight into this arrangement, the neuro-scientists are unable to resolve the riddles of the brain. Our anti-hero, the Aquarian knows nothing of all this as he now goes through his first of three biofeedback surges, but never the less his ignorance does not prevent him from speculating on the situation in the neurological sciences. He is now gradually becoming aware of the fact that our neurological sciences have no conclusive knowledge regarding the original causes for the addictions and even less is known regarding the mystery of the addiction recovery. The same situation is the case with the psychiatric illnesses and the neurosis for which psychology and psychiatry has no cures what ever, with the firs group selling the services of a “friend for rent” and the second one selling the services of inhibition of symptoms through “educated drugging”. So let’s get back to the speculating novice where we find him about awaken in his hotel room in San Francisco.

Saturday 08th December
Beginning of first biofeedback surge.

Again the Aquarian awoke early and got himself into his morning chanting and meditative posture, but now he soon became aware that the strange sensation in his brain had increased considerably and now he had no doubt that something was moving inside his head. It seemed to be inside his brain, but thinking about it, this seemed ridiculous; according to what he had been reading the brain had no sensing and could be operated on with the patient awake and talking to the surgeon. Again he calmed himself with the fact that he was feeling good and his thinking seemed undisturbed and quite normal; this had to be a part of the withdrawals he was expecting. He cut his session short and got dressed to go down to the restaurant; maybe this would go if he had some breakfast.

He now took with him THE BROKEN BRAIN, by Nancy C. Andersen; perhaps this would give him some clues as to what was happening in his brain. Even while taking his meal he plowed through the book in his usual speed-reading manner and now, in addition to what he had already been reading in the brain-writhing of Richard M. Restak MD, he became again conscious of the poverty situation in the neuro-sciences and what a colossal enigma and challenge the human brain presented. How ridiculous he thought, as he noticed that the sensation in his brain was unquestionably increasing; reading about the broken brain with such sensation in ones own brain had to be most unusual, but he found that he was no longer free of thoughts of concern.

As he returned to his room where he continued reading without interruption at the same time thinking how weird his condition was; he was continuing his reading and thinking about what he was reading, while at the same time he was having the strange sensation in his head, apparently in the brain. When he now got into his mid afternoon mediation brake he found that the sensation slowed down and his flow of insights came uninterrupted as before. Obviously to him the meditative flow was associated with what he was reading and what was going on in his life. Here he was trying to get information on what was taking place in his head and all he was getting was more insights into the shortcomings of the neuro-sciences. Again the inner voice brought up the subject of the Sperry-Gödel connection and it seemed as if it was saying to him that this was the cause for all the problems of science; not just in physics, but in the neuro-sciences as well. When it came to the addictions, the neuro-sciences, as usual, could only produce the descriptive “how” information without the causative “why” explanations.

According to what the Aquarian had read, it seemed to him, that all the problems of the brain were in the spatial hemisphere and that this hemisphere housed the greatest mysteries. It was obvious to him that the mathematical matter hemisphere was the quantum mechanical action reality negotiator and the non-mathematical spatial hemisphere the spiritual reality negotiator. This suggested to the Aquarian that the mysteries of the spatial hemisphere—the brain as a whole—was closely related to the physics riddles of gravity, which were not mathematically solvable as the Gödel theorem demanded.

In the evening the Aquarian again walked up to the Sutton Street Alano club for some snacks and a meeting and again he met the two men who had given him the advice the day before; they were obviously attending a lot of meetings. Afterwards they came to him asking how he was with a reference to the possibility of the withdrawals and the Aquarian told them about the strange sensation in his head and the again reiterated their advice from the day before, but also suggested that if this got to be much worse he should stop working and sticking to the meetings. When he got the hotel the Aquarian went back to reading and then to his meditation before retiring; the strange sensation continued and so did the strong perception of the “spiraling nothing” as he was now beginning to think about the mysterious spirals.

Sunday 09th December
End of first biofeedback surge.

As before, the Aquarian awoke early and turned to his meditation and again the insight processes that were now regularly accompanying the meditation were producing strange thoughts about the inefficiency of the psychiatric professions in “curing” any neurological problems founded in “functional disturbances” and then only being capable of drugging the individuals who were suffering from these. The thoughts continued as he went down for the breakfast and now he was feeling the strange sensation in his head stronger than ever. He was also beginning to sense that he was thinking differently from the way he was used to; he was beginning to feel connected to other people around him, even if they were total strangers. This was getting really strange and when he returned to his room and switched on the TV; he now bean to see himself as part of the seen that were taking place on the screen. He now spent the rest of the day in his room alternatively reading and watching television, but as the afternoon progressed, his concentration for reading seemed to decrease and the consciousness attachment to the TV events increased and so did the strange sensation in his head. Towards the evening he began to get the strange perception that in the subject that was talking place on the screen, there was somehow a message for him and he began to try to understand this message and at the same time this strange thinking.

In the early evening the Aquarian got himself into his routine meditation posture but somehow the strange sensation of momentum in his head seemed to make the meditation state almost impossible to achieve; this even by chanting for longer periods. The sensation in his head and the strange association thoughts was all that he perceived and this seemed to be on the increase and so were the spirals. He was now beginning to become concern and began to ask himself whether he was really being responsible in this situation but what kept him from panicking was the fact that he was feeling really good and he felt connected to reality. He was certainly not having any paranoid thoughts. When the Aquarian had been reading Dr. Andersen’s book, THE BROKEN BRAIN, he had given special attention to its fourth chapter titled; WHAT IS MENTAL ILLNESS?: Four Major Syndromes.” There he found descriptions of symptoms attributed to two of the syndromes discussed--Bipolar Affective or Manic-Depressive disorder and Schizophrenia—which seemed to be similar to the perceptions and thoughts he had been and was experiencing. This pertained in particular to the schizophrenic symptom of “unusual sensations in ones body” but his spiral sensations could possibly be one form of this; however, his were on the body, not in it.

At the same time the Aquarian became quite pleased with the information gained from reading Dr. Andersen’s book, he also experienced a profound disappointment in reading about how limited knowledge of the causes for the psychiatric illnesses. His reading of Dr. Restak’s book however, showed him what the main cause for this was; this was the lack of having solved the riddle of the human brain. The lack of having a proper model of the normal brain functions necessarily lead to the lack of models for the pathological brain functions. What amazed the Aquarian the most in his reading of Dr. Andersen’s book was the fact that it suggested that most of the causes were “at least in part biologically caused” and that the good doctor declined any discussion of “alcoholism, drug abuse, and personality problems”. However, she was honest enough to explain this by saying “because we know much less about them.”

After returning from going to the restaurant for supper and suffering his strange sensation all the time while dining, he returned to his room asking himself about the situation. He was to fly in the afternoon on the next day; what should he do? Should he advice Captain Gee Gee about his condition? There was no company reserve pilot available in San Francisco and the only possibility would be for the incoming First Officer—who was by that time out of legal duty time--to continue to Seattle where a full compliment of crew would take the aircraft over. This was all very difficult to decide. If he claimed to be sick, the question of what would no doubt come up. What would he say? I am going insane! I am going crazy! I am having these strange thoughts. Was he going insane? What was happening to him? It all seemed like asking for more trouble; claiming sickness just before the flight would raise eyebrows. They would all think that he had been drinking or that he was drunk or in a state of severe hangover like the Bad Boy pilot a month before. It would be a mess if he turned the flight down. He gradually got to the conclusion that as long as he was keeping his reality contact undistorted, he would go on. Yet the question how would he know it if he was loosing his reality contact kept bugging him; it had to be something like being drunk and he would be able to recognize that. Anyway; all he had to do was to assist Gee Gee on a two and a half hour flight to Seattle and then he would be back in a hotel for rest. What could go wrong on such a short trip? Anyway; he was yet to sleep the night in San Francisco and it was not until in the afternoon that he was to fly and a lot could change during this time; his consciousness state had by now been changing quite a bit over short time spans. Even now, the strange sensation was changing; it seemed to come intermittently.

In the late evening the Aquarian gave up trying to read and just sat watching the television, but the strange momentum sensation in his consciousness seemed stronger than ever. The Aquarian had no idea that what was going on in his brain was a strong surge of quantum change biofeedback moving holographic photon quanta from the QF-intron nucleotides in his spatial hemisphere, to the QF-exon nucleotides in the matter hemisphere. Much the less did he know that this is what he had been praying to his Higher Power for in his Seventh Step prayer and the Sixth Dimensional causative reality was now indeed making this happen. However, it seemed to the Aquarian that he had some inner feeling that in spite of what was happening was doing him good and all this would sort itself out in the end.  After switching channels for a while he found a program where the evangelic preacher, Billy Graham was just starting to preach, in a large stadium with thousands of peoples. It was not his practice to watch such programs, but now it seemed the most appropriate one to watch; perhaps he would find some bits of altruistic truths in the preaching of Dr. Graham? Indeed; as the Aquarian now began to listen to what the famous preacher had to say, he again started to get the feeling that the sermon contained a special and personal message for him and he found himself understanding every word the preacher said. How strange he thought, that he had never discovered this before? How strange that he had never found this preacher interesting before? It was all very profound what he was hearing. However, the “special message”, or “dual interpretation” of the TV programs he had been watching, especially in the sermon of Dr. Graham, seemed suspicious, but with these strange perceptions he was definitely getting intermittent sensations in his head. This was unquestionable his inner “insight voice,” which until now had been beyond reproach; was this some form of beginning of delusions leading to hallucinations as apparently was the case with either or both, the schizophrenic and the manic syndromes? Ah! What the heck? How could he be playing a psychiatric doctor diagnosing himself? This was outrageous; a pilot trying to decide whether he was going insane or not before going on a flight. That alone was nuts all by itself. Well, he was not going to solve this riddle to-day; it would have to wait until to morrow. His state to-morrow would decide whether he would have to force the incoming pilot to take the leg to Seattle, but for the company to send a pilot from Luxembourg to replace him, for this there was not enough time without causing an expensive delay. His thought was; well, he would see what the situation was to-morrow, his Higher Power would decide what was to be. This was now beginning to seem like some form of hallucination to him; reading this nut brain book by Dr. Andersen was now making him nuts.

As he continued watching the hour long sermon late into the evening, he started noticing the momentum sensation in his head was decreasing; however, the spirals continued coming into his right ear at about twenty minutes intervals. After the preaching had finished, the Aquarian got into his before-the-sleep meditation posture and by now he found that his chanting was bringing his consciousness into clear focus and that the motion sensation had subsided to a trickle in comparison to what it had been in the afternoon and evening. All the strange sensation seemed to be dissipating and so did the strange connecting thinking; good thing that he had not panicked. After the meditation the, from thinking, exhausted Aquarian, fell with ease into the sleep of the just and sleeping through for eight hours.

                                                                             The Blowing of the Sixth Trumpet.

Part Two, Chapter Six
(Book of Revelation Chapter 9.)

The Blowing of the
Sixth Trumpet

Aquarian's asking the Ultimate Question; What is the Solution to the Sperry-Gödel Dilemma in Physics? First Half of the Second Massive Biofeedback Surge in the Aquarian's Brain; the Beginning of:
"The Second Horror."

The mystical state is still an incomprehensible phenomenon of consciousness. The range of its expression is so varied and the area of its manifestation so extensive that it is difficult at this stage of knowledge to assign any well-marked limits to it. In its most common form the time of its occurrence and the duration of its operation are unpredictable.
                                    Gopi Krishna

Book of Revelation Chapter 9.

13) Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet. I heard a voice coming from the four corners of the gold altar standing before God. 14) The voice said to the sixth angel, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great Euphrates River!” 15) The four angels were released; for this very hour of this very day of this very month and year they had been kept ready to kill a third of all mankind. 16) I was told the number of the mounted troops: it was two hundred million. 17) And in my vision I saw the horses and their riders: they had breastplates red as fire, blue as sapphire, and yellow as sulfur. The horses’ heads were like lions’ heads, and from their mouths came out fire, smoke, and sulfur. 18) A third of mankind was killed by those three plagues: the fire, the smoke, and the sulfur coming out of the horses’ mouths. 19) For the power of the horses is in their mouths and also in their tails. Their tails are like snakes with heads, and they use them to hurt people.
20) The rest of mankind, all those who had not been killed by these plagues, did not turn away from what they themselves had made. They did not stop worshiping demons, nor the idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone, and wood, which cannot see, hear, or walk. 21) Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic, their sexual immorality, or their stealing.

                                                                                                                                    Revelations 9.

The sounding of the sixth trumpet is the second of the three biofeedback surges, described as the "three horrors", which are at the top and the end of the Aquarian's five month recovery curve--"torture... for five months"--from the 1st of September 1984 until the 31st of January 1985. This second period, which start on the 10th of December and ends on the 18th of December, begins with a strong surges of fractionalized electromagnetic field flow across the corpus callosum in the Aquarian's brain. It is then interrupted by an indescribable spiritual experience, corresponding to "The Angel and the Little Scroll", Chapter 10 in the Revelation. After this the field flow returns stronger than before, leading to the Aquarian's meeting with "The Two Witnesses" of Chapter 11 in the Revelation. As with the seals after the sixth, these events require two extra chapters in the QF-interpretation.

046_Horrorcurve2.gifThis trumpets describes the release by the sixth dimension, or God, through the --"voice coming from the four corners of the gold altar standing before God"--, which corresponds to the brain's spatial hemispheric Jamais vu-spiritual-faith-creativity faculty. The--"Release the four angels who are bound at the great Euphrates River"--corresponds to the DNA's-master regulatory gene's (homeotic genes) collective initiation of a strong electromagnetic field flow from the base of the spine and up through the vertebrate which in the metaphor is--"the great Euphrates River." The --"four angels... bound"--are the field flow consisting of the two, positive-negative W-matter/energy waves and their corresponding two spatial virtual energy waves; four waves in all.

What the four angels are up to is the removal of the erroneously deposited matter hemispheric photon quanta in the introns in the primary program of the spatial hemisphere (figure #035) forming the filter. This matter hemispheric quanta deposited in the WE-hemisphere amounts to about a one third addition to the normal brain program--"a third of all mankind"--for this hemisphere and the metaphoric description thus becomes--"The four angels.. released...  ready to kill a third of all mankind." Next is the --"the number of the mounted troops: it was two hundred million"--but here the description is commensurate with the number of neurons in the corpus callosum being two hundred million (figure #016). It is across these neurons that the electromagnetic quantum field flow will bring the erroneously placed photons, but these--"horses and their riders:... breastplates red.., blue.., and yellow"--but the same goes for the--"horses’ heads....  from which comes fire (red), smoke (blue), and sulfur (yellow)"--are the field flow with its filter photons, but the QF-physics quantum unification theory, describes the photons as being in the three fundamental colors of nature; red, blue and yellow. Although the quantum nature of this QF-interpretation may seem difficult to understand, it is certainly more acceptable than trying to imagine an army of 200.000.000 horses and 200.000.000 soldiers. The feeding and upkeep of such a horde is hard to envisage. The last part--"rest of mankind, all those who had not been killed by these plagues, did not turn away from what they themselves had made. They did not stop worshiping...."--pertains to the false filter program (figure #038) in the introns in the matter hemispheric back-up spatial program, which is not removed and remains in the brain to re-kindle the addiction and gradually return the filter to the spatial hemispheric introns, if the addict does not adhere to the altruistic living which produces the necessary neuro-inhibitors required to maintain his sobriety.

During this period the Aquarian's meditations produce thoughts concerning the question of a solution to the Gödelian limits on mathematics and the stalemate of physics, which is further the cause for the failure of science to explain the human brain's addictions and psychiatric malfunctions in the light of the Sperry-Gödel connection. He fails to see any hope for finding an alternate solution to this grave problem.


The Second Massive Biofeedback Surge in the
Aquarian’s Brain during “The Second Horror.”

The Blowing of the Sixth Trumpet.
Narration by “Morgan le Fay.”

Hi! Morgan here to continue the horror story Merlin started reciting. The Aquarian is now to go through a more severe biofeedback in his brain, which is especially amusing to him as he does no know what is happening in his head. This inescapably produces a conflict within his consciousness as he does not know whether he is just going through some form of withdrawals or whether he is progressing into some form of psychiatric illness. However, as he is feeling quite well, he manages to keep his calm, but he happens to have acquired a book on the psychiatric illnesses and has already been making diagnosis of himself with references to its descriptions.

In order to understand better the background of what is now about to happen in the life of the Aquarian, it is of advantage to go through a abbreviated review of some evolutionary events in the Renaissance history of the western cultures, particularly of the British thinkers, mathematicians and logicians.

The late 19th century Irish born poet and playwright Oscar Wilde is quoted as having uttered the following sharp insight; “There are works which wait, and which one does not understand for a long time; the reason is that they bring answers to questions which have not yet been raised; for the question often arrives a terribly long time after the answer.” This remark is most remarkable for making us aware of the fact that it is more common than we realize that some thing, or some methodology, may have been created without its full potential being realized until years or decades later. This truth has a particular application in the events we are about to describe to you in this chapter, but is subject is amongst others, the formulation of a fundamental question which in all simplicity makes a demand on the art of theoretical physics which is founded in the insight given us in the late seventies of the last century, by the late Professor Roger Sperry.

The order of events that manifest the foundation for the contents of The Little Scroll, which the Aquarian is about to receive, go through on two occasions prior to this taking place, the process where something has been discovered before one understands it full application potential. In other words; they manifest two cases where “the answer has appeared before we know the question.” This takes us to the story of the “working class boy who made good”, but this was George Boole (1815-1864) in his early years struggled with Isaac Newton’s ‘Principia’ and the works of 18th and 19th century French mathematicians Pierre-Simon Laplace and Joseph-Louis Lagrange and soon mastered the most intricate mathematical principles of his day. At the age of 24, George Boole published his first paper (‘Researches on the Theory of Analytical Transformations’) in the Cambridge Mathematical Journal and by 1844 he was concentrating on the uses of combined algebra and calculus. Boole soon began to see the possibilities for applying his algebra to the solution of logical problems and his 1847 work, ‘The Mathematical Analysis of Logic’, not only expanded on Gottfried Leibniz’ earlier speculations on the correlation between logic and math, but argued that logic was principally a discipline of mathematics, rather than philosophy. In 1854 he then began the algebra of logic now called Boolean algebra and in 1859 presented his influential Treatise on Differential Equations and in 1860 its sequel, Treatise on the Calculus of Finite Differences which were initially his most important discoveries. The remarkable evolution that Boole goes through, highlights the founding influence Newton’s calculus has on the development of his analyses of the relationship between algebra and logic.

The Boolean algebra was fully appreciated by mathematicians but in other circles in Britain it was for the better part of a hundred years used as a reference for knowledge that was utterly useless, until during the Second World War years, the founder of computer science, mathematician, philosopher, code-breaker, strange visionary, Alan Turing (1912-1954) used its binary digits system as a foundation for the firs computer. This manifested in the 1 and 0 digits form the Boolean algebra being used for differentiation, but they corresponded to the differential and the integral sides of the calculus, which is reflected in the fundamental analyses of the A and the B circles of the Venn diagram, which is based on Boolean algebra. John Venn (1834-1923) is remembered chiefly for his Symbolic Logic of the Venn diagrams, introduced and 1881. It should be noted, however, that Geometrical Representations to illustrate syllogistic logic was not something Venn created; in fact, Gottfried Leibniz (who is involved in both the thinking of Boole and Venn) used them consistently. Venn became critical of the methods used in diagrams in the nineteenth century, especially those of George Boole and Augustus de Morgan and wrote the book Symbolic Logic mostly to interpret and make his own personal corrections on Boole’s work. Prior to the publishing of this book, Venn wrote a paper entitled On the Diagrammatic and Mechanical Representation of Prepositions and Reasoning introducing diagrams known today as Venn diagrams. This paper was published in the Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science in July of 1880. In Symbolic Logic, Venn further elaborated on these Venn diagrams, which is what actually became the most consequential part of his trilogy, rather than his attempt to clarify what he believed to be inconsistencies and ambiguities in Boole’s logic.

The Universal Reality Division.
The connected thinking between, the Newtonian mathematics, Boolean binary digit logic and the Vennian graphical-set analyses, eventually leads to the discovery of the their relationship to the fundamental construction principle of the human brain. This is founded in an even distribution of the specific realities and roles of the DNA’s nucleotides--beyond the ACGT classification—into exons and introns for the whole of the nucleotides. Here the exons represent the material-reality of the matter hemisphere and the introns the spatial-reality of the spatial hemisphere. The fundaments of the mathematical-logic reality of the mater hemisphere is in Newton’s differential calculus, the 1 digit of the Boolean algebra and the A circle of the Venn diagram, with the fundaments of the mathematical-logic reality of the spatial hemisphere being the ones described through the material hemisphere, by Newton’s integral calculus, the 0 digit of the Boolean algebra and the B circle of the Venn diagram. With the acquisition of the QF-theory in THE LITTLE SCROLL, the fundamental nature of these two founding realities becomes even clearer in its classification of the reality of the vacuum into its un-manifested explicate and implicate realities of the two virtual matter/energy into the V-explicate pole and the V-implicate pole, as well as all the fundamental particles of matter/energy into manifested OUT-explicate and IN-implicate realities.

This is the story of this book and this is the discovery which is about to take place in the next chapter. However, once the discovery is made, the individual making it—here the Aquarian—will realize that this is not something that he is discovering; rather something that he is being “handed”, or “given”, and which he is the custodian off. This is something Carl Gustaf Jung’s 1930 ‘Psychology and Literature’ describes for the artist, most eloquently; “The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purposes through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is 'man' in a higher sense - he is 'collective man,' a vehicle and molder of the unconscious psychic life of mankind.” This has a wider application and scope in the case of the transcended spiritual experience as describe by Albert Einstein; “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of the true art and true science.”

Off all this the poor Aquarian has no clue and is expecting only some form of withdrawals in line with the descriptions he heard in his detox and therapy days. Had he known that the events at this stage in his life were already known somewhere in his sub-conscious, or the cosmos, or that his subconscious and the cosmos were the same reality, would have been considered to be a psychosis state; not just by others but by him as well. However, his mission in this stage of the devolvement is to receive the sound from the sixth trumpet, which no longer consists of any direct insights but of a trigger to try the formulation of the right question—this not knowing that the answer is already at hand--concerning the overcoming of the Gödel-Sperry shortcomings in mathematics. This is a question that eventually becomes; in what manner must men look at the fundaments of reality in order to compensate for the Incompleteness Theorem? Well, we are of to follow the poor Aquarian, who will now be asking the most important question in all of man’s sciences, at the same time as he goes through his biofeedback ordeal of “The Second Horror.” What an outrage?

Monday 10th December.
The Beginning of Second Biofeedback Surge.

As the Aquarian awoke he noticed that the sensation in his head had decreased considerably and as he got into his meditation posture his and his thoughts came into focus, he began to think that what he had been experiencing had simply been the withdrawals symptoms he had been expecting. It was all in decline and probably over by now he thought, little knowing that what he had been experiencing was just the overture of what was to come. In the meditation he again found that the Gödel-Sperry connection was still coming into focus and this time it was not analyzing the problems the legacy of Gödel’s discovery presented, but the question; how do we get around this hindrance. The theoretical physicists were apparently using extra dimensions in their attempts to get around this and taking their reference in the Kaluza-Klein super-symmetry extra dimensional approach.

As the Aquarian left his room for breakfast, he took with him another of the books he bought, this time it was THE HOLOGRAPHIC PARADIGM edited by Ken Wilber, which he continued reading until at noon, when he went to the Sutton Street Alano club for a lunch hour meeting. During the morning hours and after the meeting the sensation in his head was quite mild and did not interfere with his reading and he became convinced that this had been withdrawals and that they were in remission. In the late afternoon he was to fly on duty taking the incoming CV-774 to Seattle, but the hotel allowed the crew to use the rooms until their pick-up time at 1500 local time, so the Aquarian got himself dressed, packed his suitcase and sat down riding the new, most interesting book from Ken Wilber, which introduced to him for the first time the possibilities for connection of physics to mysticism, for the purpose of solving its fundamental riddles. As he read more into this book tits contents seemed to connect more and more to his morning meditation thinking and it gradually dawned on him that the alternate approach for the connection between quantum mechanics and general relativity had primarily to do with perceptions through the spatial hemisphere. This meant no doubt mystical or metaphysical, or parapsychological perceptions and had to do with the unresolved spatial hemispheric riddles, primarily concerning the Jamais vu and the Désjà vu center focused around the spatial hemispheric Sylvian fissure. In agreement with the findings of Dr. Roger Sperry, this was definitely the area that the Swiss psychiatrist was the greatest expert on and had no doubt to do with and whose language was to a great extend in a symbolic form. Men had begun his writing endeavors through graphical symbolism and the answer to the riddle of an alternate logical expression approach for the spatial hemisphere, had to be in some form of the symbolic expression; however, in the Aquarian’s mind there was no sight of the logical form of the Venn-set. Soon he became discontent with his thinking deciding that it was ridiculous for him to believe that he could simply think-up an answer to such a strange and complex riddle. 

The Aquarian and his crewmates left the hotel at 0300 in the afternoon for the airport and the flight, CV-774, rolled of the blocks at 0600 getting airborne a few minutes later for a two and a quarter hour flight to Seattle where it arrived on the blocks at 08:15 in the evening. Going through the aircraft handover the Aquarian met one of his favorite friend in the company, Captain Judge, to whom he told about the fascinating book he was reading and forty-five minutes later, the crew was in the airport hotel. The Aquarian who had eaten on the plain did not go to the restaurant with the rest of the crew and settled into continue reading his new book, but now he was sensing that the strange sensation in his head was again increasing and so was the spiral sensation in his spatial hemispheric ear. This time it seemed to be increasing faster than the last time and now put the Aquarian into a state of alarm. In a short while the same sensations as during the peak of the last surge had returned, with all the accompanying strangeness of thinking. The only thing the Aquarian now could think of was to get into his bed and execute all the chanting he could muster which after a while calmed him into falling asleep that lasted a couple of hours.

Tuesday 11th December.
Throughout the night the Aquarian would awaken after about two hours of sleep, to which he responded by the returned to the chanting and again he would fell asleep, but this would be repeated throughout the night and into the early morning with the biofeedback surge being continuous in-between. As he finally got out of bed it was getting close to noon and he had to get ready in a hurry to leave the hotel at noon for the airport to catch Air Alaska flight to Anchorage, which left at two thirty in the afternoon for a three hour and forty minute flight.

During the flight the strong sensation remained in his head and he found it too difficult to keep concentration for reading, just as it had been in the first sensation spell, so he passed the time attempting to think about the question of the alternate spatial hemispheric view for the fundaments of reality; it really fascinated him. When the dinner was brought a small bottle of wine was served with it, which the Aquarian offered to a passenger sitting next to him, who accepted gratefully looking at him with a questioning look. In Anchorage the flight arrived at five thirty in the early evening where the Aquarian and his colleagues had to wait for two hours for their Air Alaska connection to Fairbanks. An hour and fifteen minutes later they landed in Fairbanks and about an hour after arriving they were outside of the little terminal building where Captain Gee Gee got a taxi which brought them a while later to the hotel where they had been booked; a hotel which they were not used to use. The strange sensation in the Aquarian’s head was now decreasing rapidly and a good feeling growing proportionally. He was now getting the strange sensation of knowing beforehand what would happen next and when Captain Gee, Gee and the flight engineer decided that they did not want to stay in this hotel and wanted to go the regular one; citing its restaurant which also was an excellent stake house, it was something the Aquarian had known beforehand. The amazing part of this for the Aquarian was that at the moment his colleagues started talking about moving across the street, the sensations in his head started decreasing even more rapidly and his inn-consciousness voice, which he seemed to have begun to hear clearly in the past two weeks, seemed to be saying loudly; “stay here in this hotel. Do not go to the other hotel.” He now told his colleagues that he was tired and did not want to spend more time on traveling between hotels; explaining that it was shortly before midnight local time and the crew rest in the hotel was only four hours anyway. This seen would later come to his mind in a most unusual manner and with a strong undertone of the mystery of the coincidences and of his personal life-experiences.

It was about 10:30 in the evening when the Aquarian had checked in he spent some time loitering in the hotel lobby, looking the postcards and the tourist booklets, with all the fascinating pictures of picturesque Alaska. It now seemed to him that the sensation in his head had disappeared altogether and he again became convinced that what were happening to him was, just withdrawals sensations. After a while he made his way to his room and the meeting with the strangest experience anyone can have in a lifetime; a transcended experience where he went through a spiritual process, during which he took receipt of The Little Scroll.

                                                                                          The Angel and the Little Scroll.

Part Two, Chapter Seven
(Book of Revelation Chapter 10.)

The Angel and the
Little Scroll

The Aquarian’s Profound Transcended
Vital Spiritual Experience on the Fiftieth
Anniversary of the Spiritual Experience of
the Founder of the Amateur Angels.

If this law is found, it could prove almost meaningless, or it could lead to a new golden age of science. Scientists don’t know just as they had no idea that Einstein’s unification of mass and energy would lead to the age of the atom. Or that quantum mechanics, the mathematical system used by physicists to explain the movements of sub-atomic particles, would be used to make the first laser. Yet, a unification theory remains an almost religious vision to some scientists, a Zen-like view of reality in which all the forces and all the matter in nature come from a single source.

                                                John Boslogh

Book of Revelation Chapter 10.

1) Then I saw another mighty angel coming down out of heaven. He was wrapped in a cloud and had a rainbow around his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like columns of fire. 2) He had a small scroll open in his hand. He put his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land, 3) and called out in a loud voice that sounded like the roar of lions. After he had called out, the seven thunders answered with a roar. 4) As soon as they spoke, I was about to write. But I heard a voice speak from heaven, “Keep secret what the seven thunders have said; do not write it down!”
5) Then the angel that I saw standing on the sea and on the land raised his right hand to heaven 6) and took a vow in the name of God, who lives forever and ever, who created heaven, earth, and the sea, and everything in them. The angel said, “There will be no more delay! 7) But in the days when the seventh angel blows his trumpet, then mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants, the prophets.” 8) Then the voice that I had heard speaking from heaven spoke to me again, saying, “Go and take the open scroll which is in the hand of the angel standing on the sea and on the land.” 9) I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, “Take it and eat it; it will turn sour in your stomach, but in your mouth it wilt be sweet as honey.” 10) I took the little scroll from his hand and ate it, and it tasted sweet as honey in my mouth. But after I swallowed it, it turned sour in my stomach.” Then I was told, “Once again you must proclaim God’s message about many nations, races, languages, and kings.”

                                                                                                                                    Revelations 9.

This is the core of the prophesy and it describes the events during the lull in the second strong biofeedback surge on the Aquarian’s brain--the “second horror” of the “three horrors”--during which he takes receipt of THE LITTLE SCROLL. In this vision the consciousness of the one receiving the prophesy and the consciousness of the one experiencing its manifestation 1900 years later become the same in timeless space. The reality of the two becomes the same reality, but the description of the “angel coming down from heaven”  pertains to the spatial IN-side of their field of consciousness, which corresponds to the soul for both individuals, while the receiver of the prophesy and the one manifesting it, pertains to the matter OUT-side of their field of consciousness. The 047_Durrer's-Scroll.gifapparitions being “wrapped in a cloud with a rainbow around the head and a face like the sun”, is a spiritual metaphoric description of someone in transcended state of consciousness. Legs like columns or pillars of white marble, may pertain to a vision of someone in pants, which were not used by men in the Middle East; had not been invented in the days of the prophesy receipt. The “fire” description is believed to be a reference to the shoes the one in the pants is wearing, but this is believed to be the same apparition as the one described in Chapter 1, verse 15. In other words, the apparition is dressed in white jeans and wearing highly polished cordovan colored shoes, which would look like “shining brass that has been refined and polished”, or being on “fire” to someone seeing this through a transcendental vision 1900 years ago. The spiritual metaphor of the “right leg of the apparition being placed on the see and the left on the land” is to indicate that the consciousness of the individual is evenly distributed between the matter-OUT-land and space-IN- sea hemispheres. In view of this QF-metaphorical interpretation, the Durrer’s literal interpretation in figure #047 becomes quite amusing and serving as a reference for the objective reality’s comparison to the subjective reality.

The reply of the “seven thunders” is a reference to the achievement of an enlightened consciousness of the “Seven Spirits of God”, or the “Seven Virtues of Men”, meaning that the individual has become rid of enough of the “filter in his brain’s introns” and is about to enter the service of the God-reality. This is thus the announced of the coming of the Seventh Trumpet, which is the Aquarian’s Seventh Consecration described in the ninth chapter. he deference from describing in the prophesy its central mystery should be obvious; it would rob it of much of its grandiose mystery. The wows of the angel and his declaration that; “There will be no more delay! But in the days when the seventh angel blows his trumpet, then mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants, the prophets.” is very much in line with the contention that the Aquarian has been handed down the ultimate Unification Theory in Physics, congaing Life and the Observer and his Consciousness. It is thus a true Theory of Everything, but this should eventually bring about the unification of the material sciences and the spiritual sciences, objective and subjective reality. This is what the God-reality has been promising humanity through the spiritually enlightened individuals of the past and where it not like that, the God-reality would be a cheat, a roguery, or a hokes of the human sub-conscious; a spiritual masturbation as Sigmund Freud suggested in his 1927 morphine sponsored book DIE ZUKUNFT EINER ILLUSION or THE FUTURE OF AN ILLUSION.

When the witness to the prophesy hears the voice tell him to “Go and take the open scroll which is in the hand of the angel standing on the sea and on the land” this is the spatial hemispheric reality consciousness preparing the Aquarian’s matter hemispheric reality consciousness for the receipt of THE LITTLE SCROLL, which he is told “Take it and eat it; it will turn sour in your stomach, but in your mouth it wilt be sweet as honey.” This is what the Aquarian does--metaphorically speaking--and the information it contains “are indeed sweet in his mouth”, meaning they seem exciting and grand to talk about, but their detailed understanding; digestion, is a real challenge and hard work, hence the metaphor of “the sour digestion”. This turns out to be the experience for the Aquarian through the next 18 years or until he manages to publish the first edition of the book THE LITTEL SCROLL.

That publication and the accompanying brain-model sequels of the QF-theory which it contains are then an effort at complying with the command he gets when he is told “Once again you must proclaim God’s message about many nations, races, languages, and kings.” This is obviously a suggesting for the Aquarian to do all in his power to present these physics and biology models to humanity, with the sole purpose of guiding men into taking a hard look at what it is saying about the collective long term effects of alcohol and other consciousness altering chemicals on the human brain, primarily the Jamais vu-faith faculty and the Désjà vu-compassion, empathy faculty.

This is the main importance in the message of the QF-theory contained in the book THE LITTLE SCROLL; to show humanity that with the changes taking place in the human genomes and consequently in the human culture, men is not going to survive. Neither in civilization or the brake down of law and order barbarism. It shows men how the use of alcohol has caused all the wars and al the misery in the history of man, through the subtle alterations in the functions of the human brain brought about by the alcohol. These are functional alterations that are passed on through the next generations and they are the cause for the aberrations of all the religions and all the human relations; from the political seen to the family structure. They are the original cause for all the statistical sickness of man, both the psychological and the psychiatric, as well as all the unexplained malfunctions in the DNA’s expressions. This should make it clear to all, that if there is a creation reality as the God-reality and it does not know about this and does not do something about it, then it is just an illusion as Freud and Dawkins suggest.

The main insight in this is the fact that the first thing the alcohol distorts in the human brain, is its Jamais vu-faith faculty, hence the great diversity in man’s religious leanings. It is also the reason for it taking so long a time to get this message to humanity, requiring first 100 years of quantum history.

The Aquarian’s Transcended Experience during
a Respite in “The Second Horror”.

The Angel with the Little Scroll.
Narration by “Merlin the Wizard.”

Well then, we have come to the crux of this story. The moment of truth for those who might believe that the prophesy of the Revelation is not just a gibberish from the mouth of someone in manic psychosis, but something else. That it may be some form of metaphorical message from the collective subconscious of men, or a message from a cosmic reality, a higher reality, higher dimension, or for that matter, from the God-reality. From the creation, causative reality, that is behind the order, the positive entropy that is the cause for all life. Indeed; a most interesting event if that is its nature.

That this is the moment when man makes the spiritual connection that enables him to take receipt of the truth that represents the much sought after Holy Grail of physics and molecular biology, and indeed, the Holy Grail of all the religions of men. This is not a moment of discovery, but a moment of acceptance of information from another dimension, or another reality. This is the moment that men is shown how to combine the reality of quantum mechanics and general relativity, the moment when man is shown how to combine the quantum mechanical models of physics with a wave function that describes not only various systems under study but also something representing a conscious observer. This is essentially the explanation for the mystery of life itself and at the same time the Recipe for the Universe, but to accentuate this, the causative reality makes this event take place on the 12th of the 12th, 50 years to the date after the founding father of the Amateur Angels had the spiritual experience that became its foundation and the beginning of the 12 and 12 solution discovery.

It is some time since Men have begun the talk of one such Recipe for the Universe--one general knowledge and wisdom. Our history has many accounts of such intellectual desires. After having had his famous “cogito ergo sum”, spiritual experience on the 10th of November 1619, Rene Descartes became enthusiastic about what he called the admirable scientific method. This would be a sort of a collective general method that would unify all of Man’s knowledge, into one all encompassing wisdom. This took place at the same time when Galileo was in his prime and the Second Age of Enlightenment in its birth throes with the Dark Ages in growing retreat. About this time, Sir Francis Bacon began to see the knowledge of Man as if it was “structured like a pyramid with a specific top stone.” The top stone alone, being as a pyramid and the pyramid not a pyramid without it. It may be said that the physical sciences--with theoretical physics at the forefront--have now been evolving in its search for this top stone during the 388 years elapsed since the renowned mystical experience of Descartes. Sir Isaac Newton is for many the first prime witness in the search for The Recipe of the Universe. Newton may be described as being enraptured by the beauty and simplicity of his laws of gravity, and hoped that he would stumble on an all encompassing theory, even though he kept this secret, and that this would only be known after his death. Through this it may be said that Newton had laid the cornerstone to all the endeavors of modern physics: To show and prove the logical necessity of the Universe as we experience it. The guidepost to this goal, say the physicists, is to be found in the beauty of the equations. Beauty according to Shakespeare is something “In the eye of the observer.” Beauty according to the physicist is the “The logical invariance in Nature.”

Einstein’s Search.
Albert Einstein is here an example of a physicist who revolutionizes physics, only by following his sense of aesthetics. When Einstein began, he found two shining theories: Maxwell’s Theory of Electro-magnetism and the Gravitational Theory of Newton. Nothing indicated that these theories might be erroneous--only a small aesthetic discrepancy; they did not fit together. Maxwell’s equations did not permit anything traveling between places faster than the speed of light. On the other hand, the gravitation of Newton distributed itself over cosmic distances with an infinite speed. Einstein’s cure for this malady was a new theory of gravity, relativity--which is, to this day, no doubt the most beautiful of all science theories. Smitten by this beauty, also Einstein, like Newton, fell for the desire after the last theory of the complete unification of the Laws of Nature. He dedicated the rest of his life to this endeavor; to melt together into one theoretical structure, Gravity and Electromagnetism, in the form of something which has been called the Unified Field Equation. This goal however, eluded him and he died rather disappointed having not reached it.

Grand Unified Theories.
It was first towards the end of the seventies that a row of magnificent discoveries, recreated the old deem: The American physicist Murray Gell-Mann, made predictions of the inner construction of the nucleons; the quarks. With the help of these fraction fractions of atoms, mathematically defined in the so called Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD), it became possible to classify all fundamental particles into three families. Success in reaching another goal was registered, but any future Recipe for the Universe will depend on this: This was the unification of the Weak and Electromagnetic Energy exchanges into what now is known as the Electro-Weak-Force, a unification which at the same time will be a kind of ancestor to any future Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of the three of the four forces of nature. This unification of the EMF, WNF and SNF is the primary goal of physics and is today, along with Quantum Chromo Dynamics, the backbone in the Standard Model, as the physicist now call the present theoretical constructions of the physical Universe. However, according to the QF-theory which is the fruit of The Little Scroll, which is the subject of this chapter, this is not possible.

The Super Symmetry Theories.
At about the same time that the GUT-Theories were being developed, the so called Super-Symmetry Theories, or Susys, began to be created. These are theories which have evolved out of what is known as the Kaluza-Kline discoveries, which first appeared in 1919, and which are very special solutions to the equations of general relativity from 1916. In 1919 the Koningsberg mathematician, Theodore Kaluza, was experimenting with writing the General Relativity equations in the “5th dimensions”. To his surprise the equations transformed into those of Maxwell expressing electromagnetism, showing for the first time a connection between gravity and electromagnetism. In combination with mathematical models known as Group Theory, these solutions have now evolved into the Supersymmetry mathematics and have lead to the mathematical discovery of twice the number of particles observed. These are known as the Susy Particles, but these have never been experimentally detected.

The Superstring Theories/Theories of Everything.
In the year 1968 the particle physicist, Gabriel Veneziano at CERN, created mathematical models reminiscent of strings, which worked well and to which the physicist Yoichiro Nambu produced improved versions in 1970. In Nambu’s model, the one dimensional strings vibrated and rotated and acquired the name “string theory.” The model was then developed further by the physicists Michael Green, John Schwartz and Edward Witten, and with the incorporation of Super-Symmetry, the model became Superstring Theory. This model then developed into the so called Theory of Everything in 1984. Although these theories do not include the observer, Man, they were by many believed to be on the route to producing physics final answers to everything in the Universe. However, ten years later, or in 1994, this method had produced five Theories of Everything that all employed six additional dimensions in order to get around the mathematical limitations imposed by the Incompleteness Theorem of Kurt Gödel. This became an embarrassment to the string theories physicists, since in their mathematical details, their experimentally un-provable theories were all different and suggested that all that was needed for a Superstring Theory of Everything, was a good mathematician. Were many reminded of the 1980s warnings by the late Nobel physicists, Paul Dirac, that superstrings were just some fancy mathematics.    

The Membrane Theory/Theories of Everything.
Ten years after the 1984 birth of the Superstring Theories of Everything, the embarrassment of their 10-dimensional mathematical foundations, was in 1994 rectified by the brilliant Edward Whitten’s by the production of the so-called 11-dimensiona M-theory, or Membrane Theory. However, no signs of any connection to Life and the Observer’s Consciousness are anywhere visible in these theorizations. Unfortunately, no experimentation is possible in proving any of these theories. The energies required are far too high. It would be this 11-dimensional format of theoretical mathematical presentat-ion for the fundamental particles that eventually would fit the closest to the 6-dimensional graphical format given to the Aquarian in his vision.

The Search in Eastern Ideas.
In the beginning of the nineteen eighties, some physicists began to see the paradoxes, the coincidences and the statistical possibilities, as well as the requirement for the Observer in quantum mechanics, as having been projected in the writings of Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. Quantum mechanics, they suggested, is just a rediscovery of Shiva or Mahadeva, the triple horned Hindu god of destruction and cosmic solution. In continuation of this came the criticism of the late David Bohm, after he had consulted Krishnamurti and he had become conscious of the limits in the nature of the scientific method; that is that the scientist does not turn his attention inwards. Bohm’s remark; “The human minds ability to grasp higher realities is denied or ignored by conventional science. Standard science is a dead end because it analyzes experience into discrete pieces. The human mind--and particularity the mind of the physicist--has an overwhelming need to impose categories on experience. As a result the seamless web of physical reality is divided into separate events that seem to occur only side by side in different parts of time and space.” By understanding Eastern mysticism, Bohm suggested that physicists can free their minds, at least briefly, from the self-created prison in order to attain an instant of scientific creation. At Cambridge, Brian Josephson has for some time actively practiced Eastern meditation techniques. He won the Nobel Prize in 1973, but has now as a meditation target, the relationship between human intelligence and the world it observes, but he is a discipline of Maharishi Mahesh and practices Transcendental Meditation. At these proceedings professor Hawking declared; “I think all this is absolute rubbish. Its pure rubbish! The Universe of Eastern mysticism is an illusion. A physicist who attempts to link it with his own work has abandoned physics.”

The Wave-function of the Universe.
The Fundamental Program of the Quantum Wave.

In all this, the previously mentioned demand for the inclusion of the Observer in the findings of Man’s investigation of the physical reality has disappeared completely from the arena of the material world’s investigating sciences. This means that the most  important insight in physics is the one previously quoted from Professor Stephen Hawking. In this he expresses his believes in this final search of Man “I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-43. It is there that the ultimate answer to all questions about the universe--life itself included--lies.” What is here the foundation of this deceleration is the hope of the physicists to find the “program” for the wave-function of the Universe. That would then represent the “program” for all wave-functions, as well as the wave-function of the human brain.

While Einstein partook in this search, he was quoted “I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in the phenomena of the spectra of this or that element; I want to know his thought; the rest are details.” This in turn reflected his remarkable focus on what is relevant, or what matters most, when it comes to knowledge. Here it is Fred Alan Wolf who has the sharpest comment; “Quantum mechanics appears to describe a universal order that includes us in a very special way. In fact, our minds may enter into nature in a way we had not imagined possible... Perhaps the appearance of the physical world is magical because the orderly processes of science fail to take the observer into account. The order of the universe may be the order of our own minds.” This remark is one of the most intuitively brilliant according to our understanding. Oddly enough, the drug addicted doctor Sigmund Freud did in fact hit the nail on the head when he said “The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing. Ultimately, after endless rebuffs, it succeeds. This is one of the few points in which one may be optimistic about the future of mankind.” This is just what we are about to witness in this chapter, as the Aquarian--our most unusual, if not outright questionable hero--is about to  gain a personal hearing with God himself, in which he is to take receipt of the most important information in the history of man.

Wednesday 12th December.
There were no other guests to be seen in the lobby nor did the Aquarian ever see any other guests in the hotel. After registering his lodgings with the woman at the desk she gave him the key advising that the room was at the end of the corridor she pointed to. He grabbed his suitcase and flight kit and walked down the hall, but by now the sensation in his head had completely disappeared and had been replaced by the sensation that something special would now take place. Sure enough, it started the moment he closed the door to the room; a powerful feeling of not being alone overwhelmed him. He placed his suitcase on the luggage-rack and as he started taking his jacket of, he began to wonder at this presence-sensation which now was growing. It was the same as he had experienced in the hotel rooms in San Francisco and in Seattle, except this time it was more powerful than ever before. Mindful of his previous experiences, particularly the one of the O.O.B.E., he decided to stay calm and see what would happen. He could however not help the tendency to secure that there was really no one else in the room so he looked in the bathroom behind the shower curtain and under the bead. No there was no one in the room; how silly of him. The Aquarian’s knowledge of paranoia made him want to check this further; he had to convince myself that this was not some kind of paranoia attack. The solution would be to leave the room; but if he was having some paranoia fit; the feeling should follow him everywhere as it would be in his head.

Again the Aquarian put on his jacket and went to the reception but the presence-feeling left him as soon as he locked the door of the room. In the reception he made up an errand of asking for tourist brochures, but there were no other available than those on the postcard rack. As he returned to the room the same thing happened gain as soon as he closed the door. Well, if there was something in here, it was something that was supposed to be there, he decided; he was not going to let it disturb or create fears in his consciousness. He took of his cloths and placed the pillows on the middle of the bed and sat on them in his Burmese lotus posture, but he had put out the lights. As he started receding his mantra and gaining tranquility in his consciousness with his eyes closed, he moved the focal point of consciousness back to the visual cortex in the back of the head and “looked” for the colors inside the brain. He saw no colors but he sensed the room full of something that seemed as soft silvery light that was wrapping itself around him and he started sensing the prana spiraling into his left ear and after a while he got under the covers and put a rolled up pillow under his neck continuing to recite his initiation mantra. He immediately got a pleasure sensation in his guts and the heart started beating in a changed powerful rhythm, pumping the blood to the brain so that the head jerked. His consciousness slowed further down into the “theta phase” and onward into un-conscious slumber that lasted about twenty minutes. When he came out of it, the pleasure feeling in the body was overwhelming and the state of consciousness was of indescribable joy over nothing that he could attribute it to but his existence. He now saw the colors of the yin and yang (indigo blue and magenta read) rolling alternating and slowly into a silver ball. He knew the wave in his head had become holistic and slow, so he again got back into the Burmese posture on the pillows sitting still in the dark with the eyes closed. After a while he placed his consciousness into a state of examining its contents but did not have to wait long for thought visions to appear. They were most unusual, but strong, clear and unexpected.

The first sensation was the none-audible voice within, which came on in unusually strong clarity, but this voice was not that of his personal ego-will. The voice, which seemed to be a lovely soft voice of a teenage boy, now said; “Apallo! Remember the book by Steven Weinberg you read seven years ago; The First Three Minutes”. He thought of the book and he remembered it. Next the none-audible voice said; “Now remember the seventh chapter in this book, the chapter titled; The First One-hundredth Second. Remember the way Weinberg took it a part into second fraction frames, as in a movie film.” The Aquarian felt as if he was answering; Yes, I do remember, but at this the voice said; “All right, we are now going to show you the missing slides in Weinberg’s presentation.” At this the Aquarian thought; What is this? How strange? This has nothing to do with the questions that have been predominant in my consciousness during the past days. Or did it? Yes, it did have to do with Quantum Physics. It was too far fetched. These thought shot through his consciousness in a fraction of a second as he continued monitoring for the none-audible voice, but it did not come again. After what could not have been more than a couple of seconds, a series of visions started to appeared inside the Aquarian’s brain and the focal point of his consciousness, where it was sitting in the visual cortex, watched with interest. It would be many hours later that he would start to become conscious how unique these visions were. Shortly after the series of visions started, the none-audible voice appeared as to explain the visions. The visions, the voice said, were a series of movie film frames describing the standard model of the Big Bang theory. The visions gave no idea of any measurements involved in the events the described, just simple pictures, jumping as the events progressed. The whole experience was over in 15 to 20 minutes after which the none-audible voice said; “Well, this is it, there is no more. Now you show everybody” at which the voice disappeared. Nothing more came and the Aquarian became conscious of the change in sensing of his consciousness; the feeling of something being in his presence was gone. Everything was back to normal. It was just after midnight and he felt a slight hunger sensation and jumped out of the bead, switched on the light and put on his trousers, shoes and a shirt. The local time was about 00:30 as he went to the lobby where he asked the woman innkeeper about some food. Yes. Certainly he could have a sandwich and some coffee. “You can take it in the bar” she said as she pointed him to a small lounge where he sat down after having ordered grilled ham and cheese with coffee.

He had taken with him the book; The Holographic Paradigm, but somehow it had presently lost its interest; his consciousness being preoccupied with the experience he had just been through. The main questions in his mind were cantered around trying to understand what these visions had to do with his brains occupations in the past days or weeks; he had not thought of Weinberger’s book for years. Why was it now cropping up through the subconscious? What had this part of cosmology and particle physics to do with his attempts at understand himself, his brain, the nature of nature of his consciousness, the nature of his alcoholism and the nature of reality? The Aquarian was not fully aware that he was no longer up-to-date in the proceedings of physics and was not informed enough about the theories regarding the GUT AREA in the standard Big Bang model. As he waited for his coffee and sandwich, he continued contemplating the whole seen. When the innkeeper lady brought his order, he asked for some mustard and she smilingly obliged. After he had become alone again, he decided that he would write down the central visions in the series of visions he had just perceived; they had been in a form similar to what is known as a Venn diagrams. He got up and got a whisky glass from the bar and drew the last Venn diagram on the last page of the book he was reading.


Figure 048

Hum. Yes. This is how it was. Here was the Strong Nuclear Force. This was the Week Nuclear Force and the Electromagnetic one. Hum. Yes; and here was the force that controlled the most how the Universe was, Gravity. These were their relations of these forces. The whole process was equivalent to mathematical processes, the frames being the equivalent to mathematical differential equations in a simplistic form. Now then, all he needed to do is to add the Observer and his DNA. Hum. Yes. Here is the analogical “I”, here the analogical “We” and here is the combination of both. Simple! That was that. The answer was there. Symmetrical and beautiful, yes it met the truth and beauty requirements as well. The Aquarian sensed that the answers to all the questions of the past days and weeks were here; he simply would have to sort them out. That would be the next in order of his contemplations. It all seemed so simple; nothing to it, since he had acquired this system of talking to his Higher Power through his subconscious. It was really outrageously simple. Why had he never thought of this before, but he knew the answer to that question. He paid for his sandwich and went to his room to catch some sleep during the couple of hours that were left till calling time, then sleeping like a log during this short time. At this stage in his evolution the Aquarian was completely unaware of what the real meaning of his visions had been and it was just as well.

Captain Gee Gee called about two hours later, “I pick you up in half an hour” to which the Aquarian responded “I’ll be ready boss.” Arriving at the airport the crew proceeded with the preflight routine; no problems were anticipated for the next leg to Montreal Mirabelle. A telex awaited the crew, confirming that after Montreal they were to position the aircraft to Puerto Rico. There they would end the duty and were given the option to continue home to Luxembourg, deadheading aboard the aircraft, or to take crew rest and return commercially after taking full crew rest. The aircraft arrived on the blocks and the incoming crew informed the outgoing one that it was in top shape; no snags were reported. The Aquarian got the computer plan for the flight, collected the whether briefing and other papers and filed the flight plan. The flight would have one passenger; a deadheading company captain.

As the Aquarian took his seat in the cockpit and started going through the flight preparations, starting and aligning the INS-navigation computers he found himself alone with the flight engineer and realized that this was an opportunity to apologize to him for the rough reactions to the unjust accusations that he had some months prior leveled at him. He would ask the engineer forgiveness without looking at what his attitude had been; that was no longer the criteria. The Aquarian apologized for his behavior asking the engineer his forgiveness. It probably was no surprise to the engineer whose former wife was an Amateur Angle, but the Aquarian was keenly aware that the engineer looked on this as admission of guilt on his behalf. Though the Aquarian knew that the engineer had been in the wrong, this mattered not; it was his own behavior that now mattered. The engineer looked at him with a grinning face replying “I shall have to think about this.” That was to be the end of this matter. It was not the Aquarian’s business whether he would forgive him or not; his was to seek the forgiveness.

Is this Eureka or have I gone Nuts?
A short while later captain Gee Gee appeared with the dead heading captain who would sit in the cockpit during the take-off and departure. Again it was to be the Aquarian’s leg to fly and shortly after the engines had been cranked up and the check-list completed, the 368,000 kg Boeing 747 aircraft, CV-flight 908, was at the end of the runaway with an airway and a take-off clearance. When airborne the Aquarian executed a climbing turn on course to Montreal. It was the middle of the night but as the aircraft climbed the light from the sun began to light up the night sky across the polar region. They were flying into the twilight part of the midnight sun in the higher levels of the atmosphere. When the flight go on course at the cruising level, Captain Gee Gee turned to the Aquarian and asked whether he would like to be first for the berth in the passenger cabin, but they were to take turns at sleeping in the back as usual. As the Aquarian thought about the fact that the first part of the flight was more of a bore than the last, he accepted.

The Aquarian got out of his seat and went back to lie down on the long bunk that stretched a cross the cabin against its rear bulkhead. The dead heading captain was already snoring on one side of it. As he calmed down he sensed that the strange motion sensation in his head of the past days seemed to be reoccurring and he came to the same conclusion as before. This had to be some sort of biofeedback associated with some sort of transfer from one brain hemisphere to the other; that was what it felt like. Well what of it, he had no power over it.

While the Aquarian laid there for a while thinking about the experience he had made in the Fairbanks hotel, he found it easy to get into a meditative state with the colors appearing when he had moved the focal point of consciousness to the visual cortex. The more he thought of the Venn diagram “equation” and observed it in his thoughts, the more it seemed to tell me and he began to get the suspicion that this might actually have something to do with the Gödel-Sperry connection he had made. While going through this, the none-audible voice of the subconscious came around and this time it brought the information that something was to happen on the next leg from Montreal to Puerto Rico and it would happen in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. He got this information a couple of times without further explanations. What was to happen he wanted to know, but got no answer and eventually fell a sleep for a couple of hours. He had no idea that he was now beginning to go through the full force of what the occult sciences call “Awakening of the Fire of the Kundalini”. However, knowing that would have been of little use for him since he knew nothing about this and neither did anyone else. It was enough that he knew roughly what was happening in his brain; enough to keep him calm.

When the Aquarian awoke from his two hour sleep he returned to the flight deck and relived captain Gee Gee and for the reminder of the cruse, the cockpit remained quite. There was not a word out of the flight engineer who dosed in his chair and the Aquarian amused himself by watching the stars in the slightly illuminated night sky so that only the first magnitude stars were visible. His thoughts again centered on the visions in Fairbanks and he began to attempt a systematic analyzes of their meaning. The visions were sure to be just around the moment of the creation of time, parts of the first hundredth of a second and was sure to be just either side of the Plank Wall; most likely just prior to it. It was after these thoughts that he started to re visualize the series of visions backwards in the process and it was then that it happened that he realized that the Venn diagram “was telling him” that the fore forces known to Man, had originated in one. Yes, the visions indeed expressed a Complete Unification of the four forces. Wait a minute! Hang on! That was what the leading physicists of the world were seeking. That is what Einstein, while in Princeton, had been seeking for the last thirty years of his life. This was outrageous; he could not have been seeing this. No way. These were sure to be some deletions. This simply could not be. It was out of the question. He left the subject out of his thoughts since he was now getting into VHF contact with the controllers and it was time to get the whether at the destination and start to plan the descend into Montreal.

As usual, Gee Gee’s sixth sense awoke him just in time to appear in the cockpit just before top-of-descend and a little while later the dead heading captain came on the flight deck. The whether was nice and the Aquarian was advised of a long descend before the approach, with one turn to finals. He noticed making a slight miscalculation in his descend planning due to an INS error and this in turn resulted in the aircraft arriving at the initial approach altitude a couple of minutes to early. This meant a couple of hundred pounds of unnecessary consumption of fuel, which was something the Aquarian’s pedantic disposition did not like. This would later bother him and he would take it as a sign of possible lack of judgment but turned out that he was wrong; it would have happened no matter how perfect his thinking processes.

After a smooth landing the Aquarian--which unknown to him was to be his last landing of a 747 aircraft--he rolled the aircraft into the freight bay and the crew prepared to spend the next seven hours on the ground, of which six were to be spent sleeping. It would be good if he were able to utilize them for sleep, considering the accumulated jet-lag in his nerves system. For the crew rest the crew went to the airport Hilton and as soon as the Aquarian had showered and shaved, he was in the restaurant having some coffee and light snacks. His thoughts were now centered on the outrage that had cropped up in my mind during the last leg. Found the Unified Field Equation; how nutty can you get? Maybe this is what the deletions of the mind look like. Well, if this was some process of the subconscious conjured up to get him to drink; how far could such a “fata morgana” go? Did it have to go all the way to the Big Bang? Ridiculous! It was all too far fetched. An outrage! Utter rubbish! It could be nothing else. Just think of it. It would mean the Nobel Prize in most of the disciplines of the sciences. Apallo what is happening to you? Then the information regarding the next leg; something would happen in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Apallo, where is this all leading to? What is going on? He got back to his room and recited his mantra for a while before getting into his horizontal posture. Now again, from out of nowhere and all over sudden, the strong sensing of something being present, came over him and he felt strong currents of the pranic spirals twisting into his right ear and something like a light breeze touching his body.

Sleep came shortly after he got under the sheets and he again awoke, feeling fully rested, about three hours later. There was an hour to go before calling time and he spent it lying in the bead further contemplating the processes of thought that he had been going through the past hours. This time he tried to take a positive view of what was going on. So what if you had been given the Unified Field Equation in an alternate format. What if he had discovered a Complete Unification Theory for the four forces of nature? At any rate, this could not be a Grand Unified Theory unifying just the three forces; it unified them all and included the Observer. He could see that. So what of it? It did not mean the end of the world. Well, what if these were all delusion, then they were his punishment for his interest in physics. Well, he would find our as time passed. It was all in the hands of his Higher Power. Why was he to worry? It was not his business. It was a God-reality business. It would all sort it self out anyway. God, what ever you are up to, it’s your business; this is too big for me he thought.

He spent the rest of the time before the pick-up to contemplate how the Venn diagram matched the knowledge he had already gained about the construction of the human brain; his brain. Here it showed him that it was fully consistent with all what he had learned as well as all the insights that he had gained. Perhaps that was just what it was; new insight into the fundaments of reality and the human brain. However, why the cosmic consciousness or the God-reality or what ever one called it, had to deliver this Big Bang model to him, was beyond his present understanding. The spookiest part about this “equation equivalent” was that it clarified all his concepts of God but at the same time it seemed sort of blasphemous. God’s existence, concepts of God, clarified through a Venn-diagram set equation. Somehow this seemed preposterous. He did not know what to think here. The awareness that the equation might eventually be capable of answering all conceivable questions started creeping into his consciousness and again put him on guard against self deception. The situation again started to create doubts in his mind as he thought; let’s have a look at what this is that will happen in the Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda Triangle; was he turning into a nitwit, idiot or cook? It was all starting to smack like a wacky fiction at the best and getting a tone of sensationalism. Was this to be another episode in Berlitze’s book? The crew-call came and they were off. Dam the torpedoes! At the airport they found the aircraft empty, fuelled and ready for flight. The paperwork was at hand and after the briefing they left the blocks at 20:20 Local Time, or 01:20 Zulu Time (GMT).

Captain Gee Gee rotated the 747 in the short, reduced thrust take-off run and CV 788 was airborne and cleared on course for the three and a half hour flight to Puerto Rico. The sun was setting as they headed in the direction of Long Island, New York, climbing straight up to 39.000 feet with the empty 747. The Aquarian diminished biofeedback activity in his brain had been continuous since the experience in the hotel in Fairbanks but now he was beginning to feel its reoccurrence and this time with occasional stinging sensation in the guts, nerve-end itching and some light vibrations in his left arm. However, the sensation in the brain was nothing compared to what he had experienced during the last day in San Francisco and during the night in Seattle, but it was there. As both pilots were well rested, neither one wanted to go to the bunk in the cabin, but the Aquarian wanted to be up front during the whole flight. He was not going to miss this--what ever it was--that was to happen in the Bermuda Triangle. Of course he did not dare mention this to his fellow crew member. What a ridicule that would prompt? Apollo the nutcase! Yech! For a moment he thought about how he and one of his brothers had repeatedly dreamt of the volcanic eruption on Dragon Island in detail and as it had happened in reality, years later. Well, this was an improvement. He was now getting premonitions awake and on short notice. No need to wait for years to see whether they would come true or not.

Thirty seven minutes after becoming airborne CV 788 crossed the eastern seaboard of the USA, shortly after passing overhead JFK setting course heading south across the Atlantic for Puerto Rico. The track would take the flight smack through the center of the mystical area forming the notorious Bermuda Triangle. This was exciting since the Aquarian did not believe in the spooky tails of the Bermuda Triangle; the lost USN flight 19 and all. The flight had been a smooth ride since it had reached its cruising altitude of thirty nine thousand feet twenty five minutes before leaving the coast. The sky was clear, there were no high clouds and the moon, an almost full face, could be seen through some mist in the general direction of the flights heading. Captain Gee Gee was flying the leg and the Aquarian was monitoring the navigation and making the position reports. There was not much to do now that they were on the ocean track and the Aquarian relaxed in the seat for the next hour and thought about the past days, but by now the sensation that something was about to happen was rapidly increasing.

When CV 788 had past a checkpoint called CHAMP--an hour and a half before midnight local time--it entered into some mild clear air turbulence or CAT as it was commonly called. The Aquarian switched momentarily all the INS-navigation computers to the wind position where he could get a direct indication of the wind; it indicated 270 degrees at 23 knots. He had already noted that the wind was different from the forecasted and they were not getting the tailwind component forecasted. The CAT effect increased slowly but steadily for the next thirty minutes but by this time the Aquarian had started to notice that there was something odd about this CAT. The wind indication on the INS was steady all the time and the outside air temperature and the MAC number and airspeed indications were steady. These three indications invariably fluctuated when CAT was encountered and the more the stronger the CAT activity. During this time he started noticing a gradual build up of a sensation of being touched all around the head which he had experienced before, but not as strong as now. Occasionally he noticed the pranic spirals entering his right ear but most amazing was something that seemed like a thin veil of grey radiation extending about five to ten inches out from the surface of the aircraft where he looked out of the windows. It seemed something similar to the Saint Elmo’s Fires that he knew when flying through thunderstorms, but this radiation was gray, not blue as the SEF. It was all very spooky.

An hour before midnight local CV 788 crossed point SWAPS and now the strange CAT effect doubled in intensity and so did the sensation around the top of his head. It did now feel like that he had a heavy helmet on his head; a helmet that was a size to small. The strangeness of the situation now became apparent in the fact that none of the indications normally associated with a CAT appeared on the INS or the instruments. Flight CV 788 was now entering the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and the Aquarian now, for the first time since he had gone fore therapy, got a feeling of fear. The feeling seemed alien, since had had not experienced it for such a long time; 100 days at least. The strange CAT effect could now be classified as moderate and stile there were not even the expected fluctuations in the airspeed and temperature or the wind-shear indication on the INS. This continued for the next forty minutes until passing point ENDER where the CAT effect became moderate to severe and sitting in the aircraft became like bronco busting. The pilots had both been sitting quietly up until now watching the instruments and trying to make some sense out of what was happening. In addition to this the Aquarian had his weird sensations to add to his questions; the flight had become most unpleasant. A short while after CV 788 passed ENDER, the Aquarian turned to Gee Gee and said “I’m going to call New York and ask for a lower level.” Gee Gee nodded his head and the Aquarian had to repeat the suggestion for a verbal confirmation since he did not know whether he was really nodding his head or whether it was just shaking. “Ye, by all means get us a lower level. This is not flying any more. This is camel riding.” The Aquarian called New York on the HF and New York came back with the information that there was an Eastern flight from Puerto Rico to New York yet to be cleared, advising that when CV 788 had passed the next position, KRAFT, it would be cleared down. The Aquarian acknowledged and asked for the flight number of the Eastern flight which was 2000 feet below at 37.000 and now he got on the VHF radio and called the Eastern flight which immediately responded. The pilots reported a “silk smooth ride” for their flight. “It’s a good night for flying,” the Eastern pilot added and the Aquarian thanked him for the information. CV 788 would have to stay in this mysterious CAT conditions for the next half an hour and the CAT effect increased and reached severe proportions shortly before reaching KRAFT at midnight local time. By now the Aquarian had enough to do in dealing with his thoughts; there had come plenty of fears into his consciousness and all kinds of speculative visions of impending disasters, but other than the severe shaking of the aircraft, there were no signs that indicated that the flight might be upset. His main worries were connected to thinking of some conditions that might deprive us of the generators and thus place the flight in jeopardy, but these fears were connected to the strange visual radiation on the airframe and the, by now strong sensation around his head.

Thursday 13th December.
Seven minutes after midnight local time CV 788 passed point KRAFT and was cleared to descend to flight level 370 or thirty seven thousand feet and shortly after leaving flight level 390 the bizarre CAT disappeared as did the sensations that the Aquarian had been experiencing. Seventeen minutes later CV 788 crossed point LENNT and began the descend into Puerto Rico where there were broken clouds about 2000 feet above the field and once  through these the lights of the city of San Juan and its surroundings became into view. The sight looked beautiful and felt good and Captain Gee Gee touched the 747 smoothly down a few minutes later. The flight, Charley Victor Seven Eight Eight, had come to an end and so had the Aquarians flying carrier, but of that the Aquarian had no premonition at the time. The local time was 01:07 in the night, 05:07 GMT and the new day was the 13th of December which was Lucia’s Day in Scandinavia when our hero arrived in the city that was named after the apostle which had received the prophesy the Aquarian was living. However, of this the unsuspecting Aquarian knew nothing; the other experiences he was going throug sufficed.

                                                                                                    The Two Witnesses.

Part Two, Chapter Eight
(Book of Revelation Chapter 11.)

The Two Witnesses

The Aquarian’s seeking of Counsel resulting in a Deadly Label. Second Half of the Second Massive Biofeedback Surge in the Aquarian's Brain and the End of: "The Second Horror."

Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of Nature. And it is because in the last analysis we ourselves are a part  of the mystery we are trying to solve.

                                        Max Planck.

Book of Revelation Chapter 11.

1) I was then given a stick that looked like a measuring-rod, and was told, “Go and measure the temple of God and the altar, and count those who are worshiping in the temple. 2) But do not measure the outer courts, because they have been given to the heathen, who will trample on the Holy City for forty-two months. 3) I will send my two witnesses dressed in sackcloth, and they will proclaim God’s message during those 1260 days.” 4) The two witnesses are the two olive trees and the two lamps that stand before the Lord of the earth. 5) If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes out of their mouths and destroys their enemies; and in this way whoever tries to harm them will be killed. 6) They have authority to shut up the sky so that there will be no rain during the time they proclaim God’s message. They have authority also over the springs of water, to turn them into blood; they have authority also to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they wish. 7) When they finish proclaiming their message, the beast that comes up out of the abyss will fight against them. He will defeat them and kill them, 8) and their bodies will lie in the street of the great city, where their Lord was crucified. The symbolic name of that city is Sodom, or Egypt. 9) People from all nations, tribes, languages, and races will look at their bodies for three and a half days and will not allow them to be buried. 10) The people of the earth will be happy because of the death of these two. They will celebrate and send presents to each other, because those two prophets brought much suffering upon mankind. 11) After three and a half days a lifegiving breath came from God and entered them, and they stood up; and all who saw them were terrified. 12) Then the two prophets heard a loud voice say to them from heaven, “Come up here!” As their enemies watched, they went up into heaven in a cloud. 13) At that very moment there was a violent earthquake; a tenth of the city was destroyed, and seven thousand people were killed. The rest of the people were terrified and praised the greatness of the God of heaven. 14) The second horror is over, but the third horror will come soon!
                                                                                                                                Revelations 9.

The events in the life of the Aquarian described in this part, are events that must take place in order for him to undestand the purpouse of the vision he experienced in Alaska. These are, like in the other QF-interpretations, descriptions of that which is taking place in the Aquarian's consciousness and brain, with secondary reference to what is taking place in his environment, as well as in his interactions with others. However, as this part deals with the Aquarian's dealings with two individuals--addiction coucellors that are working with psycholgists and psychiatrists--whose wrong approach to the correction of the functional dissorders in the human brain, lead to him loosing everything and severly thretten his life, these metaphores are seen as covering an esxtended period, or three and a half years. This is what makes the QF-interpretaion of this chapter one of the most difficult of all the chapters, to explain clearly.

1) As indicated in the first verse, this has to do with the Aquarian's efforts at getting councill on his condition including that of getting an acessment of what is taking place in the spatial hemisphere of his brain; the "Go and measure the temple of God and the altar, and count those who are worshiping in the temple." This measuring of the "temple and the altar" takes place as the Aquarian tells the two counsellors that he seeks the healp from, about his experience in the hotel in Alaska and on his journey through what is known as the bermuda triangle. 2) However, little does the Aquarian know that this is a phenomenon which no one on planet earth knows what is, much the less understands or can explain. The only response he can get is that the counsellors think that he may be going through a psychotic episode of some sort; in all probability, a manic-psycosis episode. At this stage the Aquarian is beginning to continuing to go through his "second horror" or the seocnd half of the second biofeed surge in his brain, but from now on he is to go through 42 months of mild biofeedback--"trample the Holy City"--accompanied by stong virtual energy spiral perceptions.

050_QF-Paradigm-simbol1.gif3) The "two witnesses dressed in sackcloth" are the two counsellours to which the Aquarian goes for help and the "sackcloth dress" is a metaphor for the false humility mask that these people carry. The Aquarian, will during the "forty-two months" or "1260 days" of his biofeedback, be strongly concerned with the important learning that the actions of the two "witnesses" teach him and the seriousness of the error in their teaching. 4) The accompanying metaphor of the "two olive trees and lamps beforee the Lord of the earth" are the selve-perception faculties of the matter hemisphere--"the earth"--and the corresponding fliter copy of this in the spatial hemispheric introns; this is better known as the EGO and the SUPEREGO. This is a metaphoric description of the condition of the brain of recovered alcoholics, which do not belive in a Higher Power and have not achieved spiritual awakening.

5) The main insight that the Aquarian derrives from his association with these "two witnesses" is the danger that is involved in the oposition to their counselling methods concerning what is known as "dual diagnosis", which is later to become one of the fundamental issues in the Aquarians work. 6) The three different "authoirity" powers given to the "two witnesses" and the effect they have in the life of the Aquarian, through his acceptance of their councelling on alcholism and addictions--"proclaim God’s message"--are the "no rain", "springs of water into blood" and "earth with every kind of plague" is a metaphor for the effect of the drug the Aquarian reluctantly agrees to take through their counselling.

7) It is not untill the Aquarian fully understands that he had to go through the experience with the "two falsce witnesses" in order to become fully capabel of understanding the error of   modern allopathic medicine, that he eventually owercomes his "filter centiments" for them, "the beast... out of the abyss.... fights... and kills them" 8) For the Aquarian it takes a long time to understand this and his "filter induced centiments" continue talking of their lack of proper knowledge and the serious damage the erronious councelling wrought in his life--"bodies lie in streets of the great city, where their Lord was crucified.... Sodom, or Egypt".

9) As the Aquarian continues his membership in the fellowship of the Amateur Angels, his experience with the "two witnesses" will reoccure in his consciousness--"people from all nations, tribes, languages, and races.... will not allow them to be buried", the main reason for this is his conviction that the attitude of the "two witnesses" is precisely what is disturbing the effisciencey of the fellowship in saving addicts and is threttening its very existence. 10) The attendence of the Aquarian to the fellowship keeps him constantly aware of this fact and it becomes one of the main motives for his future work--"people of the earth will be happy because of the death of these two. They will celebrate.... because those two prophets brought much suffering upon mankind" 11) Eventually, after the three and a half years, the 42 months, the 1260 days, the Aquarian achieves forgives in his spatial hemisphere for the "two witnesses", which produces--"three and a half days a lifegiving breath came from God and entered them, and they stood up; and all who saw them were terrified"--which is the filter in he matter hemispheric background program (see figure 039-seconday program).
12) Here the forgiveness is manifested in--"the two prophets heard a voice say...., “Come up here!” As their enemies watched, they went up into heaven in a cloud"--but this is as before the filter in he matter hemispheric background program. 13) At the time of the Aquarian's forgivenss--three and a half years later--he goes through the end of the biofeed corrections to his brain's fundamental programs, but this is accompanied by strong quantum change vibrations--"At that very moment there was a violent earthquake; a tenth of the city was destroyed" During this process the rest of the filter in the spatial hemispheric neurons are removed, or--"seven thousand people were killed."

14) With the Aquarian's agreement to take lithium the second massive biofeedback surge in his brain is stopped, or "second horror is over", however, his third and last massive biofeedback is yet to come--"third horror will come soon"--but this is in reality a continuation of the second surge, which is now effectively being put on hold through his lithium consumption


The Second Half of the Massive Biofeedback Surge
in the Aquarian’s Brain during
“The Second Horror.”

The Two Witnesses.
Narration by “Morgan le Fay.”

Well, well, well! Here we are in the city named after the apostle that is credited with the Book of Revelation; the Apocalypse of St. John, as many know it. It is one thing for anyone to go through to brake the seventh seal and get to receive the little scroll talked about in the Revelation, through a major spiritual upheaval or transcendent state accompanied by the onset of major chemical withdrawals; it is yet quite another to comprehend what has happened to one self in such circumstances. This is not just unusual but disturbing to say the least; disturbing to the extent that most people going through such an experience for the first time, would seriously question their own mental health. This is just the case with the Aquarian who has no idea about what is happening to him, other than that he had been expecting withdrawals from his cross-addiction of codeine and alcohol; which is something he does not have experience with either. The Aquarian at this stage knows nothing about the phenomenon of Kundalini, or Quantum Change and consequently has no idea that if this process goes wrong, then it may produce any one of the major psychiatric illnesses. Obviously, he does not know that if this process is successful it will cure him not just of his addictions, but most other defects as well. He knows of course nothing about this being what is known as a fast recovery and the he is in relative protection from it going astray, due to the fact that he is working both of his brain’s neuro-inhibitory faculties; the Jamais vu-spiritual faculty and the Desja vu-empathy faculty. He knows nothing about the danger for a severely functionally imbalanced brain working only the Jamais vu-spiritual faculty and the danger of psychosis it can produce. Neither has he ever heard of the “shamady state” or the “satory state”, which are achieved through the fast version of this phenomenon and although he has heard talk of enlightenment; he does not know how that comes about and what that is.

No, our poor little recovering alcoholic addict angel of light to be, the Aquarian, contrary to what he thinks himself, does not know anything; and understands even less. Flying a Boeing 747 is not a proof of knowledge; nor is it proof of understanding. He does not know in what life threatening situation he is in and much the less does he know how much more life threatening the situation is going to get when he endeavors to seek expert explanation for this, as well as advice and guidance. How could the poor Aquarian know this; no one on the planet does know what this is or how it comes about, except perhaps some mystics or oriental witchdoctors who may be able to explain this in the form of mythological metaphors at the best. In the terms of physics and biology, nothing is to be had in the form of explanation anywhere on the planet.

Fundamentally, the reason for this ignorance is found in the fact that man’s sciences of physics and molecular biology have not been able to produce the correct models for the human brain (and for that matter for all other central nervous systems) and its basic functions as well as its malfunctions. This in turn leads to man’s ignorance of how the functional disorders of the human brain are created and how these will eventually, once they have produced enough imbalance in the brain’s fundamental programming, produce anything from neurosis to severe psychiatric illnesses. In other words, the most serious consequence of the ignorance of the Kundalini, or Quantum Change phenomenon in humanity, are the psychiatric and epileptic disorders in man and the consequential modern “witchdoctoring” that is being applied to this problem. This means that hundred of thousands of humans are subjected to insolvable dysfunctions in their thinking and subjected to the consumption of chemicals, which are alien to the human brain and which causes the functional disorder imbalance in the first place.

No, the Aquarian does not know any of thee things, but what is worse is that he does not know that through all the confusion this ignorance produces is that the psychologists and the psychiatrists cannot differentiate between a healthy recovery Kundalini, or Quantum Change. This results in a deadly “dual diagnosis” treatment for alcoholics and addicts, on top of all the other deadly depression “dual diagnosis” of these professions; but this is the part of the ignorance the has to do with the missing neurological explanations for the “miracle of the recovery process” produced by the 12-step program of the Amateur Angels.

This is the reason that on the next day after his arrival in Orlando it will be the 14th of December 1984 which is the 84th birthday of the New Physics or of Man’s Quantum Mechanic view of reality we have the poor Aquarian in dire straits with this Quantum Change phenomenon taking place in his central nervous system. Here the Aquarian is totally ignorant of both the anniversary and its connection to his condition, but he, like the rest of humanity, does not know that half of his life’s events are predestined and that he has for the past two months been gradually inching into adjusting his actions to the predestined part. This had begun during the weeks before the Aquarian’s going for the detoxification and rehabilitation, and was taking place through the guidance of his subconscious, which since the spiritual experience on the 22nd of November had been coming stronger into his consciousness to regulate his behavior ever since. This means that what now takes place in the Aquarian’s life is something that the collective- cosmic consciousness has planed for him in order that he may become aware of this problem in its widest scope. The insight into these problems has to be a part of his “digestion” of the little scroll, which he has now—metaphorically speaking—has swallowed.

These predestined events in the Aquarian’s life surrounding the experience he had made in the past 24 your, now crystallize in his meeting with “The Two Witnesses”, but they have to do with the immediate events following his discovery and leads to his withdrawals being erroneously arrested. This chapter tells how he begins to realize the meaning of his discovery and at the same time starts to go through the final withdrawals from the painkillers. He initially refuses to believe the possibility of him having made the discovery of the final Grand Unifying Theory and begins doubting his sanity. He then goes to see a couple of Chemical Addiction Counselors in Florida, who are working for his employer and also working with psychologists and psychiatrists dealing with addictions, which in this case becomes detrimental to his recovery. His reasons for seeing these counselors are twofold, one to obtain a medical certificate while going through the withdrawals and at the same time he intends to consult the counselors on his psychiatric condition. They in turn, most naturally, declare him insane and advice him that there will be no medical certificate unless he voluntarily enters an open psychiatric ward. After some contemplation he finally finds himself forced to agree and he then stays for three and a half days in this ward. The counselors are further instrumental in getting a psychiatrist to write an erroneous report concerning his mental condition and the Aquarian goes through the experiences of meeting “The First Nutcracker.”

Thursday 13th December.
The Day of the Return of the Dragon.

The Cargolux Boeing 747, flight CV 788, arrived on the blocks in San Juan Airport at 01:07 Local Time, or 05:07 Zulu (GMT) on the 13th of December. An hour after their landing in San Juan, the Aquarian and Captain Gee Gee found themselves in a taxi on our way to a hotel on the beach. They had both, for different reasons, decided to take the crew rest in San Juan and commercial afterwards home, but the engineer decided to continue on the aircraft. They got to the hotel and the Aquarian started thinking about the numerous questions lodging in his consciousness as he went through the business of checking into the hotel and getting to my room. As usual, the shower felt unusually good but now he noticed that the biofeedback sensation was back in his head and this time it seemed much stronger than the last days in San Francisco and Seattle. He also noticed that his digital watch had gone crazy with its readings all garbled. His next questions would be whether he had also gone crazy and he felt an urgent need to find someone to talk to about his experiences in Fairbanks and in the Bermuda Triangle, even though he was aware that there were only a few physicists on Planet Earth that would be capable of understanding what he was talking about when it came to discussing the insight into the so called GUT AREA in the standard Big Bang model. What had happened in the Bermuda Triangle was all clear to him the CAT had been Schrödinger’s Cat. That was all clear. It had been the hidden variables. He laughed to himself. It was all really funny he thought. The sun bombarding the Earths ions in the upper atmosphere with high energy photons on the other side of the earth and the downwind spirals had been hitting the aircraft on the opposite side of the planet. The effects of these downwind spirals had to be working to such low levels though investigations indicated that they would not go below 100.000 feet. This was an exception of course. It had to be something like that if it was ever to be explained. It was no ordinary high altitude wind shear, the indications on the instruments supported the sensations he had been experiencing. What a coincidence! What a synchronicity! The only other conceivable explanation was Schrödinger’s Cat, the hidden variables; an explanation at the border of the logical sciences.

The hotel room was on the fifth flour and had a lovely view from its window over the beach and harbor entrance, but held no interest for the Aquarian who pulled the thick curtains to darken the room. He now found that the state of sensation in his brain was increasing in intensity and he knew that he would not be unable to sleep with this, what he now took to be some sort of biofeedback action in his brain. Even the short bursts of fine vibrations in my left arm which he had experienced in Montreal were coming back. Maybe he was about to have a heart attack, or maybe he was starting to develop Parkinson’s syndrome. He decided to sit in his mixture of Zen and Mahayana, Burmese Lotus posture and meditate the past on-goings and see if he could come up with a decision on what action to take. There was no doubt about it, the on-going in his central nerves system and body where withdrawal symptoms from the painkillers and other medication that he had been using in ever increasing and uncontrolled dosages the last seven years before he entered detoxification. These chemicals must have begun to radiate out of the neurons. The time was right as it had been suggested by the Amateur Angles that this might occur between 90 and 110 days after stopping consumption. No one could tell him what this would be like in precise details, how severe it would be or how long it would last. When he had made the decision to get of in Puerto Rico, it had been with thoughts of returning home to Luxembourg via Atlantiz and to consult the addicted psychiatrist in the detox in which he had been initially interned in.

As he now sat in the meditative posture and started to get the wave whole and slower, he found his thoughts to contain the strong sensation of something being present but this did not bother him any more. The thought processes centered on a decision as to what he should do and the advice of the elderly Amateur Angle in San Francisco came to my mind. “When the withdrawals start, stop working and attend a lot of meetings. Eat well and rest well. Take a hot bath and pray while you are in it.” Even the last strange suggestion made sense to him now; the hot bath would calm his nerves system and the praying would produce endorphins and dopamines. Yes it all made sense but how long would these on-going last? How severe would they get? He would need a medical attest for his employer to cover him while he was going through this. The personal manager was sure to start creating difficulties for him after all the other sick-leaves during the year. He was sure to try all to make life difficult for him after he had “lost face” on the salary issue after his six weeks away from work during the detox and rehab. He was one of the natives of Luxembourg that “wrote the law” himself as he went along, when he was dealing with foreigners.

To the Aquarian’s thoughts were added the need for discussing his insights into the GUT AREA, the possibility of a Unified Field Equation the included the Observer; preferably someone who could evaluate this and at the same time his mental condition. It was all quite confusing and he decided that he would have to deal with all this slowly. The withdrawals were first on his list the Aquarian thought, but he would not be capable of dealing with anything before he had gone through the withdrawals; thinking this he now laid turned on the television and soon as he started viewing he noticed that the double interpretation of the program had again started in his brain. He soon started to get the same feeling as in San Francisco as if someone was trying to get some important information to him through the television and at the same time he found himself identifying with all the persons in the program and seeing himself as each of them. He did of course not know that this was a continuation of the return of the function of his “mirror-compassion- empathy neurons” in his spatial hemisphere. This was not much fun observing as it gave the Aquarian a bad feeling to which he reacted by laying down on the bead and sleeping for about a half an hour.

When he awoke his thoughts were somehow with a sense of disgust; starting to go through withdrawals that are both psychological and physical, accompanied with a series of extraordinary insights that culminate in some sort of a discovery; an outrageously rare sort of discovery. This was then followed by a series of bizarre and spooky experiences; it all seemed quite outrageous mildly put and there was no question that he needed to make decisions on what to do. First decision would be regarding the withdrawals.

He again sat in my meditative posture and examined the content of his consciousness and after he had gotten the wave function in the state he wanted he became amazed at how easy it had become for him and how much power he seemed to have over his state of consciousness. It did not take long and the none-audible voice was there and it gave him one key word; Cornerstone Institute. That seemed to be all he got from the voice, it came no more but he took the hint and meditated it. Yes, this was sure to be the solution; the Cornerstone Institute was on the intended route back home via Atlantiz and he could get of there and consult Hanjoson and his wife. They had a consulting contract with his employer and were sure to be able to provide a sick leave attest that would cover him against the personnel manager’s assaults. Since they were both recovering addicts and trained as counselors on addictions, they were sure to possess knowledge regarding his late appearing withdrawals from chemicals. A couple of the Amateur Angles in Luxembourg had spoken very highly of them and told him that they were running a detox and a rehabilitation center in Orlando. That would be it; he would stay there while going through the late appearing withdrawals. He would be in a protected environment and amongst other addicts and he thought of how comforting it might be to talking to Mr. and Mrs. Hanjoson who additionally to the councilor’s code of confidence, they as members of the fellowship, could be trusted to keep confident all what went between him and them. He could tell them all without risking that they would tell others.

It was indeed a brilliant idea that his Higher Power had through the none-audible voice provided him with thought the Aquarian. He picked up the telephone and called their number at home in Orlando; he had the number from the brochures on the “Family Assistance Program” they were selling to his employer. It was in the middle of the night in Orlando as in Puerto Rico, but this was an emergency and he soon had Hanjoson on the phone and he could hear that he had awakened him. After apologizing for calling at this hour and excusing this with explanations of the urgency of his condition, the Aquarian told him his position and what was going on and further that he wanted to come to Orlando and go through the withdrawals there using his counseling and that of his wife during this time. He would truly appreciate it if he could meet him at the airport reiterating that if he had ever needed consultation in his life, then it was now. Hanjoson agreed to meat him at the airport and the conversation ended. To the Aquarian’s surprise he could detect something that seemed like a grudge in his voice all through the conversation and he ascribed that to the fact that he was calling him up at four o’clock in the morning. The phone call made him however feel better and he sensed the good feeling after having made a decision and acted on it; it was a feeling of being responsible, responsible for himself and his sickness. One thing was for sure, he was not doing any further flying while going through these withdrawals. He would remain grounded until he was fully through them and for that he needed a medical attest. Hopefully the withdrawals would not last too long but he knew that he would be much better of afterwards. He got out of the room and went out of the hotel for a walk and found a nearby outlet for food and drink and sat down there and sipped fruit juices for about an hour after which he walked a round in deep thoughts. A homeless tramp that was lying on a bench and asked for money without rising up, brought him out of his thinking and he gave him a dollar and returned to the hotel. The time was getting close to six local when he got to the room and he laid down for a couple of hours of sleep before Gee Gee would call him for breakfast.

The morning light of the 13th of December, Lucy’s Day, came to Puerto Rico, but this was the day of Santa Lucia which the Scandinavian’s celebrated, mainly in Sweden as a part of the advent. It was the day of the celebration of the candle light; however, that it was the day of Lucifer to some he did not know. It was a lovely sunny day and unknown to him it would be a good day for him personally, even though he would not understand for a long time what was so good about it. He noted that it was the one hundredth day since he had been given the last psycho-pharmaceutical in the detox in Atlantiz and his 104th day of official sobriety. It all matched what I had been told by the Amateur Angels.

Captain Gee Gee called shortly after eight and told the Aquarian that he would see him in about a half an hour for breakfast; after which they set about getting their ticket for the flight home. The Aquarian advised Gee Gee that he would probably not be continuing through to Luxembourg and was intending to go to Orlando and see there the company’s counselors of the Cornerstone Institute. There he would make a decision whether he was continuing on to Atlantiz or back to Luxembourg. Gee Gee made no comments, the flight was to have an intermediate landing in Miami and the Aquarian was to fly from there to Orlando where he might spend a couple of days there before continuing home. The biofeedback sensation was now going the same way as it had in San Francisco and Seattle and he sensed that his thinking processes were amazingly clear but unusually fast. Somehow he enjoyed this; what fun it would be if one could be this clear and fast at thinking all the time. He was still feeling short bursts of vibrations, mainly in his left arm and hand; short sensations of spasms were occasionally felt his abdomen. The physical effect of the withdrawals did not bother him, it was the thinking about the experience during the past days and the night before that did. Here the experience in the hotel in Alaska and the possibility that he might have found the “ultimate equation” or alternatively, the possibility that he might be temporarily or permanently insane, that was troubling him. In spite of all this he felt amazingly rested though he had only enjoyed a couple of hours of sleep after the last leg. After coffee and some toast and rolls the two pilots walked up the street to the Pan Am office for their tickets. On the way Gee Gee started talking about the “CAT” they had experienced on the flight the night before; to him this was not a natural Clear Air Turbulence and he made no bones about it. “The Bermuda Triangle screwed-up my watch; it was all crazy after the flight, I had to reset it when I awoke this morning”. At this the Aquarian told him about his experience with his watch to which he exclaimed. “See, it is no nonsense what they say about that triangle; there is something mysterious going on there”. The Aquarian agreed with him and told him so, even though he did not tell him of the experience which apparently, only he had made during the flight. It did feel comforting to know that someone else, not just he alone, had been experiencing the strangeness and aberrations. A couple of hours later they were on an Eastern flight to Miami where their paths parted.

The Aquarian felt “the strong spirit” or the strong biofeedback action with-in his head and was now becoming conscious of his consciousness expanding although he did not define it as such. There was no question in his mind that he was rapidly becoming more and more conscious in the subconscious part of his brain; the left hemisphere. The feeling of joy was strong, but was at the same time accompanied by the conscious awareness that he might be experiencing some form of delusions that accompanied the withdrawal. His logic told him that he was acquiring massive amounts of endorphins and dopamines which sealed of his Limbic System and that the Limbic System along with the Pons and the Medulla were starting to get rid of the accumulative residue of chemicals. On the way the “strong spirit” would get unstable for brief periods and he was conscious of it when it happened; this was always caused when-ever he began to think more about the possibility that he might have made the insight that would eventually answer all questions that could be asked by man. The big disturbance centered on the thought “Why me? Why me?” He was comforted by the thought that he was on the way to meet with friends in a little while, friends who would know and understand; knowing the solution would be to talk to some Amateur Angels and to attend their meeting continuously while he was going through the withdrawals. He knew this all had to do with further increased cleansing of his nerve system and the reorganizing of the bits in his spatial hemisphere and he was convinced that he would be even stronger mentally and spiritually after he had been through this. This put him at ease, but the questions loomed; how long would this take, and how painful would it be going through it? Maybe the counselors would be able to shed some light on it all, after all they had been sober for 6 and 8 years and had further been through training in Minnesota at the Hazelden Foundation. They were sure to know the answers; however, it would later turn out that he had been too optimistic about these individuals and it was just as well that it was so. It was just as well that he did not know their true character and false nature; he was later to learn about this, after they had destroyed the basis for his family life, profession and economic existence with their pretentious knowledge and abilities. It would take him three and a half years to overcome his sense of loathing of what they were doing and what character they had; however, the resentments that he would acquire for them did not have to do with his emotions; they had to do with his logical view of reality and human frailty. It would however not take him long to understand why he had to go through this experience; why this would all have to happen and the reasons why. He would later understand that all that was happening, even that which would later seem as a negative experience, had to happen; otherwise he would be incapable of understanding the outcome of the experiment that he was going through.

It was late afternoon when the Aquarian arrived in Orlando, where Leon de Ponz had heard the Indians talk about the Fountain of Eternal Youth. Hanjoson awaited him as he came out of the arrival lounge and he recognized him from the description he had given him on the phone; a huge man with a beard making the Aquarian seem like a midget next to his side. When they met, the Aquarian gave him a hug in tact with the tradition of the Amateur Angels, which he immediately sensed that Mr. Hanjoson did not like. He noticed also that he was scrutinizing him closely but he decided not to let it disturb him. When they were out of the terminal they got into his car and drew of to where he and his wife sold their counseling in a rented one store wooden office building. Their counseling covered just about any conceivable life management problem human beings have for which they had ordinary, none addicted psychologists working on, but they themselves were supposed to handle the addiction problems. Once inside the building the Aquarian met Mr. Hanjoson’s polish wife, Rimano, who did not show any aversion to his hugging here but Mr. Hanjoson gave him a strange look while he did. After the greetings, the two of them sat down on a leather couch and a chair around a table in the center of the building with him sitting on a chair in front of them. The Aquarian had decided tell them everything; to make them his confidants no matter what their reaction would be. No matter whether they would understand what he was taking about or not, but that was in keeping with what had worked best for him on his emotional upsets in the beginning of his rehabilitation.

The situation smacked of emotions to the Aquarian as it had now become and having secrets was detrimental to his state of mind. When the Aquarian now began speaking he spoke rather fast compared to his normal speech but fast speech was a part of his every day character trade; however, his dialogue was quite coherent, though he had to jump on the main points, but this was further in keeping with what was recommended by the Amateur Angles. He went through the whole story of his flight journey and showed them the books that he had been reading ended his undisturbed dialogue by going briefly over the crucial findings that he had so far derived from the Observer including “equation equivalent.” This was the state of the Big Bang at the so called “quantum wave of the universe, or the end-stage of the birth of time” in his vision and generally considered by physicists as the moment of Theory of Everything. The Aquarian then finishing his dialogue by asking the question that he had been asking himself most for the past hours; “Why me? Why me?”; but at this point in his outpouring he came at one point briefly into tears that did not last. The whole time he watched how their faces turned grimmer and grimmer, particularly that of Mr. Hanjoson.

Had there been any outsider to the seen the Aquarian would have looked funny, to say the least with the outpouring taking about an hour and with the star of the show afterwards simply getting up and asking for a hotel to go to. They all got up and as they waked out to Mr. Hanjoson’s car, his wife Rimano exclaimed “I always knew there was something mystical about you Atlantizians!” They took now drew the Aquarian to a nearby Days Inn and as Mr. Hanjoson left, he advised him that he would see him the first thing in the morning. It was seven thirty in the evening when the Aquarian had completed the checking in and brought his things to the room; he was feeling much better and noticed that the biofeedback action in his brain had subsided somewhat; he also noticed for the first time fore days the strong sensation of hunger and returned to the lobby where he was given direction to a steakhouse across the street. The he had a large New York cut with baked potato and made two trips to the salad bar and heaped the plate. While having the meal he observed a young pregnant woman drinking alcohol at the next table and noticed that this gave him a feeling of pain of some sort; this was not supposed to happen, this was not his business. An hour later, after having a shower, he was in his bed praying for recovery and guidance. The time was about ten o’clock when he crawled under the sheets feeling indescribably well and as he was falling into sleep he sensed again that he was not alone in the room. He got the feeling that someone was there watching over him and he fell into a deep eight hour sleep for the first time in eight days.

Friday 14th December.
The Aquarian awoke in the early morning hours of the 84th birthday of quantum mechanics (14th of December 1900) and just after he had finished his breakfast the chief counselor of the Cornerstone Institute Inc. Mr. Hanjoson came and told him that he had been “on the phone all night” with Dr. Lumier, the chief psychiatrist in the nearby Florida Hospital. He told him that he would now take him to see this psychiatrist and on meeting the doctor he would have to repeat the story he had told him and his wife the night before. This then took place and after the Aquarian had completed telling the doctor his experience, doctor Lumier told him that it was his opinion that he was a manic-depressive who had been self-medicating on alcohol; that in fact he had been going through a manic episode and that he wanted to put him on psychiatric medication. The Aquarian heard himself, much to his own surprise; say to doctor Lumier flat out that he knew enough about the psychiatric disorders and the psychiatric profession to be convinced that this was not the case. The told the doctor that he had been going through a spiritual awakening process as described by the Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, and that this had now released the withdrawal processes in his neurons. Hearing himself say this he became convinced that this was what was happening to him and from that moment on, he stopped doubting his sanity. At this he asked Mr. Hanjoson to take him back to the hotel, but during the drive the counselor told him that since he did not follow his instructions, he would not be able to provide him with a medical absence attest for his employer. When the Aquarian then told him that he would get one from the detoxification center in Atlantiz, the counselor told him that this would not be valid in the face of his report. At this the Aquarian decided that he would do as Mr. Hanjoson bad and they turned around to the Florida Hospital where the doctor explained to him that he would only have to stay there for two days since a newly constructed detoxification and rehabilitation complex would be opened on the 16th. On the admission the psychiatrist again suggested medication to the Aquarian but he again declined this, telling the doctor that if it made him feel better, he would take lithium, since it did not enter into the neurons; only acted on the nerves-membrane stabilizing the field of consciousness. At this the doctor looked at the Aquarian as if he had just arrived from the planet Mars, but what the Aquarian did not know was that the lithium also served to “freeze” his withdrawals. However, on taking the light element of the lithium salts, the condition in his brain changed within the hour and soon he became conscious of the stable condition of this consciousness. 

During the next two days the Aquarian stayed in the open psychiatric ward where after a medical check-up by doctor Lumier, he underwent two questionnaire admission tests; in which the first a nurse asked questions such as name two presidents of the United States, to which the Aquarian gave the first and the present. In the second test a nurse began by asking his to remember three words which she told him would be asked of him at the end of the test. Sure enough, as the nurse was walking out of the room, the Aquarian asked her to wait and told here that she had forgotten the short term memory questions for the Korsakov syndrome test, at which she looked at him obviously embarrassed. The Aquarian then told here smilingly the three words she had forgotten, but during his questioner with this nurse he had told him about his experience with Dr. Roger Sperry’s discovery and its connection to the work of Kurt Gödel. Much to his amusement the nurse told him that it had been in this hospital that Dr. Roger Sperry had been working and made his split-brain discovery. She also told him that Dr. Karl Pribram had been doing research work at the same time as Dr. Sperry, at the hospital, but this information turned the place into a shrine of a sort in the mind of the Aquarian. After playing pool in the ward for two days and attending a meeting of the Amateur Angels, the Aquarian was on the 16th moved to the new detox and rehab ward where he stayed for a day and a half and had the amusing experience while walking on the wards grounds, came across a young fellow fishing in a pond, who offered him a joint. This was about a hundred yards from the addiction ward.

Tuesday 18th December.
At midday on the 18th of December, Mr. Hanjoson came to pick-up the Aquarian who was given the medical report of doctor Lumier as he left the Florida Hospital for his flight via New York to Atlantiz. His bill would be paid by the representative of his company in Miami. Before taking the Aquarian to the airport, Mr. Hanjoson took him his to his office where he kept his flight kit, but there the chief counselor called him into his office where he advised the Aquarian; “Do not tell your superiors about this. It is doubtful that they will understand it”, but on hearing this the Aquarian became quite surprised and started suspecting that there was something wrong with Mr. Hanjoson. He could not be serious in what he was saying; he was talking to a pilot and the suggestion hinted that the Aquarian should continue to fly as if noting had happened. Surely he was not serious; did he not know that insane or mad pilots were not allowed to fly airplanes and that no insurer would insure such aircraft operations; and what about Mr. Hanjoson’s report to his company, but the Aquarian said nothing. Mr. Hanjoson now took the Aquarian to the airport and he was on his way to New York to try his luck with Atlantiz Airlines, since he was on stand-by basis with a free ticket during the peak of the Christmas holiday season.

On board the Eastern airlines aircraft the Aquarian began reading doctor Lumier’s report and sure enough, its suggested diagnosis read: Manic-psychosis, or Painkiller withdrawals. It was at this stage that that the Aquarian realized fully the ignorance and sheer folly of the chief counselor in its full consequence; and became utterly disgusted. Mr. Hanjoson had totally bungled his “counseling” and was not even aware that he was advising a pilot to break the law. He was not aware that he was suggesting that a pilot--if the diagnosis were correct--would hide his condition and thus break the law and risk the safety of his flights, as well as canceling its insurance. He obviously did not know about the Japan Airlines depression-mad pilot who deliberately crashed the DC-8 he was flying into Tokyo bay on the 12th of February 1982.killing 24 passengers, nor about the Avianka 747 pilot who one year later misread his altimeter and struck high ground on the approach to a ¬Madrid, killing 181 people. He was executing an approach to minimums while talking about his domestic troubles when the accident happened. Mr. Hanjoson was obviously not aware that pilots are obliged by law to show such reports to the aviation authorities issuing him with his license. He was not aware that should he fly without complying with these regulations, the insurance for the 120.000.000 aircraft he flew would become invalid. At this stage, neither the counselor, nor the Aquarian was aware of the other dangers inherent in the report by the Florida Hospital psychiatrist, to the well being of the Aquarian and his family. That it would serve to destroy his family, ruin his carrier as a pilot and destroy the trust of others in him. That it would eventually destroy his economic and social situation. That in spite of the fact that psychiatrist would write another report 46 days after he left--changing the diagnosis to painkiller withdrawals--the report would in the end leave him a pauper. This was achieved through Mr. Hanjoson’s and his associated clinical psychologist, doctor Lumier’s, failure to present the Aquarian with a copy of the second report.

As the Aquarian now read the report about himself for the first time carefully, he became seriously critical of it. There was something very wrong about it all; a diagnosis of an incurably broken brain when he was himself believing that he was going through the final stages of recovering from the functional disturbances that kept his alcoholism going. He was personally much more inclined to believe that he was recovering rather than going insane; but why the paradoxical situation? What the Aquarian did not know at this time was that this experience and this report would be his initiation into the mystery of the manic-depressive disorder of the brain and his discovery of its real causes and functions. Once he began working out his quantum mechanical models for the brain’s functional disorders—the filter--produced by the alcohol, he would discover that the manic-psychotic state was in essence an attempt of the brain’s management programs to restore its program balance. This process would be very critical in several aspects and could easily go wrong resulting in the individual’s intron filter being locked in its position resulting in the reappearance of the manic-psychosis on the limbic system’s biorhythm. Here the surest way for this to happen was for the individual to take psycho reactive drugs that got into the neurons and caused failed reuptake and wrong polarization of the receiving neuron; but this was what psychiatry was doing to individuals who got into spontaneous un-controlled manic states. For a recovering alcoholic addict, this meant that he had become the most difficult of all addicted case to recover. What the Aquarian would learn was that it this process came through correctly, the individual would only go through this state in the biofeedback phase once in his life, but would become a totally different person afterwards as he would once and for all be rid of all his spatial hemispheric functional disorder filters; be they inherited from his ancestors, acquired in his upbringing or accumulated through the pollution of his brain through the consumption of counterfeit neurotransmitters. Once the Aquarian had understood this, he would have his prime proof through his own personal experience; but the lithium salt drug that he was taking was practically the only drug that he could take safely, without destroying the recovery process that was taking place in his brain. Sure enough; the Aquarian would change and become the personality that he should have been all along, never having to go through another manic-like condition again and never having to go into a depression as is the lot of ALL maniacs. That is why they are classified as being “bi-polar manic-depressive”.

At this point the Aquarian has now passed through the Second Horror in his biofeedback surge in his wave of consciousness, as it is described in the Book of Revelation, but of this the Aquarian has no knowledge. Before he is allowed to know about the connection of the life events that he is going through, to the prophesy in the Book of Revelation, he will have to complete his withdrawals, which are described as “The Third Horror” in the prophesy. However, before that happens he is to become convinced of the validity of his vision and to have the last Christmas with his family.

                                                                               The Blowing of the Seventh Trumpet.

Part Two, Chapter Nine
(Book of Revelation Chapter 11.)

The Blowing of the
Seventh Trumpet

The Aquarian becomes aware of the Fact that he has been shown the Solution to the Quantum Mechanics General Relativity Connection Riddle that includes the Observer Connection.

When the great innovation appears, it will seem muddled and strange. It will be only half-
understood by its discoverer and a mystery to everyone else. For an idea that does not
appear bizarre at first, there is no hope.

                                            Niels Bohr

Book of Revelation Chapter 11.

15) Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The power to rule over the world belongs now to our Lord and his Messiah, and he will rule forever and ever!” 16) Then the twenty-four elders who sit on their thrones in front of God threw themselves face downward and worshiped God, 17) saying: “Lord God Almighty, the one who is and who was! We thank you that you have taken your great power and have begun to rule! 18) The heathen were filled with rage, because the time for your anger has come, the time for the dead to be judged.
The time has come to reward your servants, the prophets, and all your people, all who have reverence for you, great and small alike.  The time has come to destroy those who destroy the earth!” 19) God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the Covenant Box was seen there. Then there were flashes of lightning, rumblings and peals of thunder, an earth quake, and heavy hail.
                                                                                                                        Revelations 11.

The seventh and the last seal is the Aquarian’s realization of the fact that he has been shown the solution to the riddle that had been gradually building up in his consciousness eve since his connection of the Rodger Sperry discovery to the Kurt Gödel discovery made 50 years prior. He realizes that he has been shown how to approach the problem of connecting Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity in the models of the first second of creation and thus solve the riddle of the inclusion of gravity in the physics unification paradigm. He realizes that this will produce a creation paradigm that will include the two arrows of time; the second law of thermodynamics arrow and the missing arrow of time that creates life. This means that he is, through the QF-Venn alternate mathematical set, is in a position to create a unification paradigm that will include the fundamental program for the DNA-molecule and its God-reality/Higher Power reality management connections. This in turn means that it will include the much sought after Observer connection and will thus explain the fundamental programming of the human brain and how it’s implicate spatial side is fundamentally the God-reality/Higher Power reality. This is described in the 15) verse in Chapter 11--"loud voices in heaven, saying, 'The power to rule over the world belongs now to our Lord and his Messiah, and he will rule forever and ever!'", but here the last parts suggest that the God-reality/Higher Power reality will from now on regulate the consciousness of the Aquarian and eventually the whole of humanity. This is accentuate by the 16), "the twenty-four elders who sit on their thrones in front of God" which is a reference to the Aquarian's 24 hour consciousness in the "now". 17), "saying: “Lord God Almighty, the one who is and who was! We thank you that you have taken your great power and have begun to rule!" is a meatphorical reference to the Aquarian's--and eventually of all of man kind--continued conscious contact with the God-reality, or the Higher Power, as it is defined in the Blue Book of the Amateur Angels 18) "The heathen were filled with rage, because the time for your anger has come, the time for the dead to be judged. The time has come to reward your servants, the prophets, and all your people, all who have reverence for you, great and small alike.  The time has come to destroy those who destroy the earth!" is a metaphorical reference to the coming of the final explanations for all of human behavior, in utter simplicity and the language of contemporary physics and biology. The coming of the final explanations for mysticism and prophetic gifts, the ability to have faith and the inability to believe, as well as the difference in the character of men and their mental abilities; this in utter simplicity and the language of contemporary biology. Most important is the coming of the explanation for the destruction of those who destroyed the earth is the first and final explanations for all of the human addictions and how they have their origin in man’s use of alcohol. Finally, the 19) verses of Chapter 11 "God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the Covenant Box was seen there. Then there were flashes of lightning, rumblings and peals of thunder, an earth quake, and heavy hail" is a metaphor for the future Kundalini awakening, or Quantum Change events in humanity, which manifest through the proper restoration of the functions of the "temple in heaven", which is the brain's Jamais vy-faith faculty in the spatial hemisphere (heaven).

The Aquarian’s First Full Realization of the
Meaning and Importance of the Contents
of his Transcended Experience.

The Blowing of the Seventh Trumpet.
Narration by “Merlin the Wizard.”

In the 10th Chapter, 6th and 7th verse of the prophesy, it says “There will be no more delay! But in the days when the seventh angel blows his trumpet, then mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants, the prophets.” This is now the time that in our recount has come in the life of the Aquarian; the days of the angel blowing the seventh trumpet. This is also the beginning of the time that the angel of the 10th chapter also described regarding the “swallowing of the little scroll” when he said, “in your mouth it will be sweet as honey”, as he now begins to try to discuss this with others. As the Aquarian now leaves Florida for New York and Atlantiz, he is beginning to draw up sketches of the visions that were shown him in the hotel room in Alaska and to intensively meditate their meaning, but at this stage he does not have any idea that this has to do with the prophesy in the Book of Revelation. In these meditation sessions he begins to see how the Venn-set is a method in which the process of creation is described in 18 graphical images that eventually may be understood by anyone. He sees how this system seems to be composed by the findings of physics expressed in a totally new manner and although he only comprehends its detail in the most rudimentary manner at this stage in the, he can see that it makes sense. Most importantly he becomes keenly aware of the inclusion of the Observer in the set, just where it should be, or the moment at the end of the birth of time; the moment that is supposed to produce the “Quantum Wave of the Universe.” This is supposed to represent the ultimate description of all quantum waves in the Universe for the rest of its existence. This description, which physicists hope to achieve in the form of differential mathematical equations, is a physics unification theory for either three out of the four forces of nature (GUT), or all four of the forces (CUT) and is thus is expected to produce the answer to just about everything regarding the material Universe. Should it including the explanation for Life and the consciousness of the Observer, then it will merit the title; Theory of Everything, otherwise it is just a Theory of Something.

Finding the Grand Unified Theory or the Complete Unified Theory, which includes Life and the Observer, has been the dream of many prominent physicists and Einstein himself spent the last 30 years of his life looking for it. This has also been the pronounced goal of the British physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking who in 1980 had this to say about this search: “So far I have implicitly assumed that there is an ultimate theory. But is there? There are at least three possibilities:

1)    There is a complete unified theory.

2)    There is no ultimate theory, but there is an infinite sequence of theories which are such
        that any particular class of observations can be predicted by taking a theory sufficiently
       far down the chain.

However, regarding the nature of this search, many critical views have been expressed and many doubts have appeared, but the better known ones appear in the following manner:

1)    Perhaps there is no such thing as a Theory of Everything. The question; Why?, could end
       in an infinite number of questions. The ultimate truth about the Universe could consist of
       pure co-incidences.

2)    There is no theory. Observations cannot be described or predicted beyond a certain point
       but are just arbitrary. Man’s capacity for understanding creation could be too limited
       to be capable of understanding the recipe for the Universe. Surely a dog is incapable
       of understanding quantum mechanic.

3)   It is possible that physicists will in the end have to contend themselves with the Anthropic
      Principle, which is a sort of a back door for God: The Universe is as it is because it is the
      only Universe where humans exist and can ask the question; Why is the Universe like it?

Ending up trapped by the Anthropic Principle the only explanation that man will have is; The Universe is as it is, because we are as we are and we are as we are because the Universe is as it is. This would put the physicists in the same spot as the children, which have an answer for everything they can’t answer; the well known “Just because.”

During the year that the Aquarian is going through the awesome experiences, which we have been reading about so far in this book, the branch of physics that is known as the “superstrings physics,” began to produce unification theories galore. Many of these theories were even labelled as “Theory of Everything”; this, even without their inclusion of Life, and the Consciousness of the Observer. Ten years later, or in 1984, this had produced the crisis in physics which I myself, told the reader about in Chapter seven, page #363. At the turn of the century physics had then become “bogged down” and stale mate as Professor Hawking had speculated might happen, with even the Membrane Theory of Edward Witten having become a disappointment. At the onset of the 21st Century the only hope on the horizon of physics has been in the lap of the experimental physicists trying to catch the Higgs boson, or the X-boson, or the God-particle as some like to call it.

It is in this light that the novice amateur physics enthusiast, amateur biology enthusiast, Apallo Aquarian is now beginning his digestion of the vision which the angel in the 10th chapter had shown him. This is the angel that had this to say about this vision; “Take it and eat it; it will turn sour in your stomach, but in your mouth it will be sweet as honey.” This is indeed what is now begin to take place in the life of the Aquarian since for him this will be a lot of fun talking about—sweet as honey in his mouth—but it will soon become clear to him that understanding it is not as easy as he thought; “it will be sour in the digestion”. Never the less, after leaving the Florida Hospital this process of “sweet taste” and “sour digestion” is now beginning to take shape in the life of the Aquarian and the first face of it is for him to get a truly realistic appraisal of what it is that he has been show; he will even have to sort out whether this was just a hallucination, or something meaningful. This will now be in its first face for the 21 days from the 18th of December until the 7th of January 1985, when he again returns to the 144.000 people of Israel, which means that he will be again going into the detox he went to on the 31st of August 1984.

What the Aquarian will realize during this time span is that he has found, or been shown, the only route out of the dilemma with the connection of quantum mechanics and general relativity, which includes the fundaments of the Observer. What is even more is the insight this brings regarding the twofold, or two dimensional, fundaments of the creation reality of the vacuum and its extension into all matter and energy particles. This is the insight that physics lacks and this is the insight which is only one and cannot be fidgeted with; it can only be understood in the terms of the Venn-set, which is at the same time the founding frame for our brains. It is the Gödel described shortcomings of the mathematical approach that prevents the physicists from achieving this all important insight and it is the lack of it that tempts them to create ever new “invisible” mathematical dimensions in order to get around the incalculable situations to overcome them. This short-changing of nature leads the physicists into creating only fancy mathematical models that all come up with unification conclusions that describe the Universe in different details; the problem is however that we only have one Universe.

This is suggesting that connecting the vision of the Aquarian and his experience surrounding its manifestation to the prophesy in the Book of Revelation, is not just some form of fanatic or delusional thinking, but a serious presentation of the ultimate truth for humanity. With out the Aquarian knowing it at this stage, he has been made a custodian of the only possible formula for the Theory of Everything; this by the reality that is behind the creation of the Universe and all life in it. Amongst men, this reality, which is commonly called God, is the most controversial concept in all of man’s vocabulary and this is caused by an accumulative and collective malfunction in the human DNA-structure. It is the discovery of this malfunction that is the most important of all of man’s learning about nature and himself, and it is this insight that the Aquarian has been made the custodian of, but fortunately for him he does not know the dangers that are associated with this knowledge. The more it becomes clear to the Aquarian during time he is going through the “blowing seventh trumpet”, the mere he asks himself; why me, but this in turn serves to raise doubts in his mind. However, later, as he begins to look closer at the vision and what it tells him about the human brain and the addiction sicknesses, the clearer it becomes to him that the person making this discovery has to be an alcoholic-addict. It also shows him why physicists and others considered as ordinary healthy humans, are not capable of achieving this insight, but later he will understand this even better when he discovers that the brainmodels he makes for the alcohol addiction fits perfectly the 13th chapter metaphor in the Book of Revelation and that he can make sense out of the prophesy applying the story of his life, his knowledge about alcoholism and his knowledge about quantum mechanics and molecular biology.

The magic of the Aquarian’s experience is nothing short of the achievement of the greatest fundamental knowledge in human experience, something which will eventually lead him to the insight of the initiation mechanism of life itself and the DNA’s correct programming and the correct distribution of that programming. This knowledge is the key to the correct understanding of; life, human nature and psychology of man, which means that it will be the key to understanding the mechanism behind the DNA’s gene expression and why this program goes awry, producing the statistical sicknesses such ac cancer, where no toxic mutations are to blame. Is it any wonder that the realm of the none-polluted spirit describes knowledge as the “mystery of God” which he has promised to give onto men in the time men has become capable of comprehending its subtle truth?

The insight in the Aquarian’s vision is not just something prophets have been trying to describe, but also some profound knowledge which the mystics of history have known about and tried to express. Of these the most fitting one is that of the British lawyer and parliamentarian, Sir Francis Beacon (1561-1626), but his description of it was in the form of a pyramid with a top-stone containing an eye symbol. To Beacon, this represented man’s search for knowledge of nature, with a final an ultimate truth at its end, which was symbolized by he top-stone with the eye; but obviously the pyramid was not a pyramid without the top-stone, but the top-stone a pyramid all by itself. This idea was then embraced by the Freemasons of which Bacon was the integral leader and regenerator, but the Freemasons developed a great interest in the learning mythology and using symbols as part of their education. The “eye in the pyramid” is a well-known Masonic symbol. At the constitutional founding of the United States on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress passed a resolution authorizing a committee to devise a seal for the United States of America. This mission, designed to reflect the Founding Fathers’ beliefs, had a clear influence by the Freemasonry, but the design of the Great Seal was approved by Congress on 20 June 1782, and the seal was introduced to the dollar bill in 1933.

The Great Seal of the United States.

Figure 048

The reason for the connection of this symbol to the United States of America to the discovery of some novice alcoholic Atlantizian is obviously not a coincidence, since it is the “melting pot of the nations” that produced the methodology that saved his life, that gave him the vision and that gave him the knowledge to be capable of receiving it. On top of this, the Aquarian then receives his vision at one end of the United States and is cared for at the other. Now, at this stage is becomes the most important achievement for the Aquarian to make, is to achieve enough fundamental understanding of his vision discovery that he may believe enough in it, not to throw it away.

Tuesday 18th December.
As the Aquarian now sat comfortable in his Eastern Airlines aircraft seat during its approach into New York’s Kennedy Airport, he is perfectly without any conscious knowledge that he is now entering the time of “the days of the angel blowing the seventh trumpet”. Although he is thinking about the physics consequences of his vision, he is at this time in our story not knowing anything of what we have been discussing here prior regarding the future of physics. As a matter of fact, he does not even know what happens the next month, next week, next day or next hour in his life; but trying to know the future has now become something he has given up. He is now trying to live his life with his consciousness in the present, the “now”; anything else is for him encroaching on the reality that is the one belonging exclusively to God.

At this time he has become conscious that the most important part of what he has been shown in his vision is the Observer connection. During the days he spent in the Florida Hospital, he had good time thinking about and meditating on his experience, and he had clearly seen that what had been shown to him was the answer to the question regarding the Sperry-Gödel connection. Yet it was clear to him, that what he had been shown was not just a product of his subconscious; of this he was certain. There were simply too many new angles and aspect to the problems of physics which he had no information about and these had all been solved in the vision in utter brilliant simplicity. There simply had to be some sort of a connection through the subconscious part of his brain, to some other reality beyond his everyday experience and what was even more remarkable was the fact that there was another will inside his head, completely independent of his own ego-will. The best bet was that the spiritual experience transcended state connection was into either one or both of Jung’s consciousness states; the collective consciousness, or the cosmic consciousness.

What he had become primarily conscious of in his thinking and meditating was the all important Observer connection and it that this was the key to the rest of the unification efforts of physics. He became convinced that the failure to include the consciousness of the Observer was the reason why thing were going so slow in theoretical physics. The words of Max Plank kept ringing in his head; “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of Nature. And it is because in the last analysis we ourselves are a part of the mystery we are trying to solve.” The more the Aquarian thought about these words, the more they made him aware that the strength of Planck was in his humility towards nature, but further, they showed him that men cannot simply go out and make a fundamental discovery. This was the folly of the physicists; fundamental discoveries were never made on deliberation. They were always made through co-incidences, or serendipities; usually when men were looking for something other than what they had discovered. This had been the case with him; he had been looking for understanding of the hyperactive syndrome in children and their relationship to alcoholism. Now he had discovered, or been shown, something that might more then likely lead him to the understanding of the true fundaments of the properly functioning human brain and eventually to and understanding of the malfunctioning human brains. This was all too big; all too much; all too grandiose; all too messianic thought the poor Aquarian.

The aircraft came on its blocks and after a while the Aquarian was on his way over to the Atlantiz Airlines check-in in the main building but he had decided that he would make as stop in Atlantiz for two days on the way to Frankfurt. He would have a good consultation with Dr. Wolfshield; he was the only university educated person he trusted in his addiction matters. However, the snag was that he was on a free ticket and thus on “stand-by basis” for the one-a-day flight to Atlantiz, but normally that was not much of a problem except it was just before Christmas and hundreds of US living Atlantizians and Atlantizian students were on their full-fare paid way to Atlantiz for the holidays. What made the situation worse was the fact that much of the Atlantiz Airlines staff and their relatives was also traveling to Atlantiz just before the holidays, but hey would have priority for the two cockpit seats. This meant that he would have to show-up each evening for the flight to try his luck getting on it and that evening it was full, cockpit jump-seats and all. Luckily he got to know this in time to get a free ride into New York with the incoming crew, but the Cargolux crews used the same hotel as the Atlantiz crews; Low’s Summit Hotel on Lexington Avenue. The Aquarian went early to bead, but the effect of the lithium on his consciousness had reduced the biofeedback surge and the withdrawal symptoms in his guts and the shaking of his left arm were markedly decreased.

Wednesday 19th December.
The next morning the Aquarian was up early and walked up to the City Corp building for the early morning meeting of the Amateur Angels in its basement, but he had heard that these were very good meetings split in two; one for newcomer step-work guided by experienced old-timers and the other for open discussion, also containing experienced old-timers. The Aquarian liked the meeting enormously and decided to go the lunch meeting which he did. There he met a fellow that had been sober for a year and a half and they got together after the meeting in the open terrace restaurant in the middle of the building. There the Aquarian told him about his spiritual experience to which he responded with congratulation telling him that this was happening all the time in the fellowship and that it might lead him into a powerful spiritual awakening if he stuck to the program. However, when the Aquarian tried to tell him of the vision, he was not so interested; Sperry and Gödel were completely unknown to him. Before long the fellow was 12-step talking to a young woman who obviously was highly intoxicated; most likely on drugs. He gave her a speech about how he had been just like hear a year and a half ago, but was totally free from the alcohol and the drugs now. This was for the Aquarian quite an experience from which he learned a good deal, but afterwards they exchanged addresses and 3 years later they would chance-meet in a meeting in London.

In the early afternoon the Aquarian sat reading his books until the outgoing Atlantiz Air crew left for the airport and again he was trying his luck, and again he had to return with the incoming crew. In the late evening the Aquarian found himself in his meditation and now there was no more Sperry-Gödel connection talk by the silent-inner voice; it had switched to talking about the meaning of the vision. The session lasted into the night and he slept like an innocent child until the early morning mediation.

Thursday 20th December.
Again the Aquarian upon awakening took a morning walk to the City Corp building for the early morning meeting of the Amateur Angels. Again he made the lunch meeting and again he spent the early afternoon reading his books until the outgoing Atlantiz Air crew left for the airport and again he tried his luck, and again he had to return to the city with the incoming crew. Returning to the hotel in the late evening the Aquarian again found himself in his meditation and as the day before the silent-inner voice was now talking about the meaning of the vision. The session lasted into the night and again he slept until the early morning mediation.

Friday 21st December.
By now the morning actions of the Aquarian had become a routine morning walk after the meditation to the City Corp building for the early morning meeting of the Amateur Angels. In the lunch meeting a young woman chaired the meeting, but she made the remark that should Jesus Christ ever return to earth, he would have to come through the fellowship of the Amateur Angels. This would stick in his consciousness and he would find himself thinking about this and agreeing with it. In the evening he again tried his luck and this time the aircraft had a technical delay, which lead to a company staff traveling in the jump-seat, decided to take another flight to mainland Europe and finally the Aquarian was on his way to Atlantiz.

The delayed flight arrived in the late morning in Atlantiz and two hours later the Aquarian was asleep in his favorite hotel in the capital of Atlantiz. When he made an appointment with Dr. Wolfshield for the next day and called his brother who invited him to come for the evening dinner with him and his wife. The Aquarian had noticed how much need he seemed to have for taking about his vision, even though people did not have any idea about what he was talking; he would let his brother have a proper lecture on the wonderful insights that he had made. He should understand at least the outlines of what he was talking about; he would at least know about Sperry and Gödel. After all he was a college graduate and had been two years in the university and had read everything and knew everything.

The Aquarian arrived at his brother’s mansion early in the evening taking with him THE HOLOGRAPHIC PARADIGM, the book which he had been reading when he had his transcendent vision and in which he had drawn the Venn-set for the Observer. Before sitting down to dinner, the Aquarian showed the set to his brother and now he heard himself telling someone for the first time that he considered it to express the complete unification of the four forces of nature. As he told his brother “this is how everything is made in the creation” continuing by telling him that this was the expression for the “quantum wave of the universe” and thus contained within itself the key to life itself, as well the foundation for the human brain and consciousness, he could see the startled look and skeptical expression in his face. No, his brother did not know about Dr. Roger Sperry’s research, neither did he know about this Kurt Gödel and his confusing theorem, but oddly enough, he did not find it strange that his brother was so involved in the subject. The Aquarian did not tell his brother about his dealings with Mr. Hanjoson and doctor Lumier, or his stay in the Florida Hospital and left early to attend an Amateur Angel’s meeting. Before he left his brother invited him to come for lunch in two days; it was the traditional Thorlock’s-mass dinner and their parents would be attending.

Saturday 22nd December.
In the morning the Aquarian went to the Creek-detoxification ward which  he had entered on the 31st of August for detoxification, but he was now beginning to like the name of the ward; for one he had certainly “been up the creek” when he came there. Now when he came there to consulted with the alcohol addicted recovering psychiatrist, Dr. Wolfshield, who ran the detoxification ward, it was beginning to look like that he was again “up the creek,” but this time in a different way.

The Aquarian showed the doctor first report from the Florida Hospital psychiatrist to which Dr. Wolfshield exclaimed, “Rubbish!” “You are just going through the painkiller withdrawals. For a psychiatrist to diagnose you like this, he would have to look at you in a closed ward, without any medication, for a considerable time.” “This he has not done and I think you can go home over the Christmas and then check with me in ten days. We will then see how you are and if necessary give you a lithium check, but I think it is not a bad idea for you to stay on the lithium; it may dampen any mood-swings during the withdrawals.” As they whished each other Merry Christmas the doctor gave the Aquarian a prescription for slow-release lithium and he left to spend the rest of the day on meetings and mediation.

By this time the Aquarian found himself to being drawn in his meditation into the question whether the Venn-set could give him an explanation for the phenomena of addiction; it seemed to like with his Sperry-Gödel riddle. Would it now be the same as with that riddle; he be going through days of meditating this, and then, through a major transcendence state receive the answer to this riddle? This was becoming ridiculous. Never the less, he noticed that the soundless silent-voice in his consciousness was at it again and this time it was clearly engaged with the riddle of the alcohol syndrome, but to the Aquarian that is what he called all addictions.

Sunday 23rd December.
At midday the Aquarian went to his brother’s “rotten skate” traditional dinner which in Atlantiz was the day before Christmas Eve. There he met also with his parents and his brothers and sister and their family; it was an annual reunion of sort for many families who wanted to spend the Christmas alone. In many families this called for alcohol and that had been the habit of the Aquarian but now the thought of alcohol had become vulgar to him. He left early in the evening not realizing that this would be the next to the last time he would see his 84 year old father alive. The rest of the evening he then spent on a meeting and retiring early in order get the early flight to Luxembourg in the morning.

Monday 24th December.
The Aquarian was through the two flights from Atlantis to Luxembourg and Luxembourg to Frankfurt arriving in the mid afternoon in his home with his family just in time to get ready for the Christmas Eve roast goose dinner at six in the evening. Distributing the Christmas gifts after the dinner, the Aquarian could sense the heeling that was taking place with his wife and family and this gave him an added sense of resolution to continue doing everything to keep this going. As the Aquarian had realized that if he told his wife about his stay in the Florida Hospital and showed her the report from doctor Lumier, it would ruin her Christmas mood, he decided to defer this until after the Christmas Days. He, however, told here that he had begun in the painkiller withdrawals and that he was taking lithium to dampen the possibility of strong mood swings; this was why he had stopped in Atlantiz for consultations.

The Aquarian spent the day, as he did the rest of the holidays, with the family, and now, instead of sitting gloating over the television, he sat reading in between his morning, midday and evenings meditations, which were being carried out with zeal; additionally making an excursion each day for a meeting with the Amateur Angels. He now spared his wife the teaching-sessions about alcoholism in the evenings and instead sat reading the book he had started just before his vision experience in the Alaskan hotel. This was Ken Wilber’s THE HOLOGRAPHIC PARADIGM and other paradoxes; Exploring the Leading Edge of Science, but it had a special attraction for him and somehow seemed to contain information on some key development in physics and biology; ideas that seemed to fit the Venn-set paradigm foundation of his vision. Wilber’s prime targets in the book were the parallel ideas of neuroscientist Karl Pribram of Stanford and physicist David Bohm of the University of London. Strangely it was beginning to look more like some sort of an act of deliberation rather than a coincidence that contents of the books he bought in San Francisco seemed to fit perfectly into what was going on in his life as well as his attempts at understanding the vision. Pribram, who had even been making serious speculations on the nature of the synchronicity and coincidences, had been in the Florida Hospital research with Roger Sperry in the seventies. However, his main interest had been looking for the brain’s storage of memory and he had removed in stages, ever more parts of the cortex of the brain in mice, but they always found their way in the maze, only needed more time at each stage. The conclusion that Pribram and his associates came to, was that the brain’s memory was stored in a holographic form everywhere in the cortex, which meant that the whole of the cortex was holographic. This idea seemed to fit the simplistic Venn-paradigm-set perfectly; Program’s research had even noticed that some biofeedback patients cured their migraines by raising the temperature in their hands. The Aquarian had from the beginning of his spatial side ear’s spiral sensation noticed that they were followed by what appeared to be a sharp lowering of the temperature in the opposite hand and the raising of the temperature in the hand on the same side.

Tuesday 25th December.
The Aquarian was up early on Christmas Day and after his meditation he was back to reading his cherished Ken Wilber book. The other side of the books prime interest for the Aquarian was Professor David Bohm’s concepts of “enfolding and unfolding,” Universe or reality, but this also fitted the simplicity of the Venn-paradigm-set. The more the Aquarian thought about this and meditated it, the clearer he could see how the Venn-paradigm-set was describing the creation process, in particular the simultaneous structuring of gravity; it even gave a brilliant explanation for the twofold quantification of gravity at the plank time. David Bohm’s concepts of “explicate reality” and “implicate reality” fitted this process perfectly. It was all very exciting, but the Aquarian was not discussing this with his wife; it would unquestionably be even more beyond her than Mr. Hanjoson, doctor Lumier and his brother. However, in the late evening on the Aquarian finally mustered up the courage to show his wife the report from doctor Lumier and to tell her about what had happened to him and the four days in the Florida Hospital. As the Aquarian had known, his wife became very upset and when he told her about the requirement that he undergo psychiatric testing and evaluation for his pilot’s medical, she predicted that the report would bring troubles galore. She would turn out to be right, but before it would come to this, the Aquarian would go through withdrawal troubles galore, lasting a whole month. In his revelation he however, delayed tell her of his spiritual vision experience; this would very likely have been something which she would not understand at all and too much in addition to everything else he had to offer. Spiritual transcendental experiences were too difficult for the average human to discern from psychotic experiences as the Aquarian had already been shown; if a psychiatrist could not distinguish between the two, how could an ordinary person do so.

The Aquarian’s homecoming routine continued through the next two days; meditation, reading, contemplation and meetings. He was feeling quite well and at peace with himself, in spite of the unfinished business of the withdrawals and the slightly irritating sensation in his head and the occasional light tremor in his left arm; this even though the report from doctor Lumier loomed in the background. Through the Aquarian’s routine of meditation and meetings, he had attained a state of “now” consciousness.

Saturday 29th December.
During the days since his return, the Aquarian had noticed that his reading concentration and memory retaining abilities had greatly improved but now, after his meditation on the morning of his mother’s seventieth birthday, this seemed especially pronounced. What he had now for the most part become conscious of was the fact that the Venn-diagram-paradigm-set for the quantum wave of the Universe, was suggesting that the two brain’s hemispheres were producing the two realities of matter and space through an even distribution of all of the nucleotides into two groups; explicate and implicate. The more the Aquarian would think about this, he found himself using the term Yin and Yang for these two realities; that fitted with the holographic concept of Pribram. The Yin and Yang sides in Taoism maintained that each side contained the other, thus the two circles with the opposite color in each side of the symbol. Molecular biology was certainly not looking at the nucleotides in the DNA-structure in this manner; the latest stand was that the majority of the nucleotides were simply none-coding junk nucleotides left over from evolution, or simply some form of parasitic genes. The Aquarian found this hard to accept and that feeling would from now on grow with him and eventually into a conviction when he eight years later would start to create his simplistic, jet sophisticated, brain models.

In the afternoon, the Aquarian began to contemplate the phenomena of the addiction sickness in the light of his new ideas about the brain that were encroaching on his consciousness. These ideas, which seemed to be conjuring up by his higher self, seemed now to provide a totally new basic view that might present a new approach to understanding this curse. They were truly revolutionary; with the Double Helix arrangement of the DNA-structure and with all DNA’s in the seat of consciousness being the same, the programming of the cortex had simply to be twofold and reversed on itself. That made the brain a holo-symmetric structure; anyone could see that! Here he was coming up with the same results as Pribram, but this time through a totally different approach. What was even more interesting was that the new approach seemed to provide a new foundation for explaining the brain’s self regulation of the reality perception. This came about through a new and fundamental explanation for the spatial hemispheric Jamais vu and Desja vu centers, as well as the matter hemispheric Brocka Speech centers, and an altogether new Self Perception center associated with it. The interaction of these focal poles was across the corpus callosum, producing the reality perception regulations.

The Aquarian had become exquisitely high in his mood and he now felt absolutely sure that he had not become nuts, but had in fact discovered, or been given, the complete unification equation that eventually, in the hands of the professionals, would serve to explain everything in the Universe. However, in spite of its apparent simplicity, the digestion of this Venn-diagram-paradigm-set would become a horrendously difficult struggle, should he undertake to try to understand it and present somehow. Whether he attempted this only time would tell. It was all too irregular and smacked too much of grandiosity, but he consoled himself with the thought that any great plans were only grandiosity if the failed in their execution; if successful they would be called something else.

The Aquarian ended the day be calling his mother wishing her a happy seventieth birthday; he could however feel the looming doubts about the future. His mother brought him the news that his just turned 84 year old father had become gravely sick and was in the hospital, but no one knew at the present what it was that ailed him.

At this point in the Aquarian’s life he had no idea that what was happening in his life had been foretold in mystical metaphors almost 2000 years ago; he had not even believed in such possibilities. The question of Professor Stephen Hawking regarding the causes for us humans only knowing the past and not the future had never entered the consciousness of the Aquarian. However, the Aquarian was now beginning to change his views on the possibilities of the reality perception of humans and what he was reading about the work of Karl Pribram and David Bohm, was all beginning to make sense to him. What he had read by William James now intrigued him and he realized that men was far from having conclusive understanding of the brain, consciousness, the foundation of reality and the mechanism of the arrow of time, not to forget the missing arrow of time.

Every science is a function of the psyche,
and all knowledge is rooted in it. The psyche
is the greatest of all cosmic wonders.”

                            Carl Gustaf Jung

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