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The Contents of the:
MR. 666"

Following are the contents of a seven part book presenting the worlds first continious and comprehensive interpretation of the Christiona prophesy commonly known as the Apocalypse. This is thus claimed as:

"The Ultimate Explaination for the
Biblical Book of Revelations"

Although the Subject of the Book takes References in Religious Prophesies, it is not Religion Oriented.
The Interest in--and the Connection to--the Religious Prophesies, is Purely on the basis of Physics and Neurological Theoretical Considerations regarding Man's Perception of the Phenomena of Time. This is explained throughout the Book in it's following 7 Parts:

00 : Introductions
The Presentation of the Book.
01 : Preface The Interpretations Quantum Mechanical, Neurological and Spiritual Justification.
02 : Premises The Reality Justification for the Book.
03 : Interpretations Introductions The Prophesies Anouncements. The Indications for the Place of Manifestation and the Prophesy Message.
04 : Prophesy's First Part The Rupture of the Seven Seals.
The "How it was!" Part.
05 : Prophesy's Second Part
The Blowing of the Seven Trumpets.
The "What Happened!"; Part One.
06 : The Intermezzo
The Consequences for the Person recieving the Prophesy .
The "What Happened!"; Part Two.
07 : Prophesy's Third Part
The Seven Bowels of God's Anger
Project Asignments;
The "How it is!" Part.
08 : The Conclusions: The End of the Prophesy.
09 : Epilogue The Conclusions and Discussions.

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The book Autobiography of Mr. 666, presented here

has not had any proofreading.

The Intermezzo
 “Surviving the Receipt of
  The Little Scroll”

The Intermezzo Introductions

"The psyche is part of the inmost mystery of life,
and it has its own structure and form
like every other organism...."

                                                        Carl Gustaf Jung

The Transcendentalist’s Conspiracy of Man.

In the 1982 Marilyn Ferguson had her unique and brilliant 1980 copyrighted book THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY published. Previous to this she had had published THE BRAIN REVOLUTION and since 1975 she been the editor and publisher of the “Brain/Mind Bulletin”, becoming the editor of the Leading Edge Bulletin in 1980. Her choice for the title of the “conspiracy” found its roots in the celebration of the 1960 “flower children” drug-induced unification dreams expressed in the musical Hair, especially the song The Age of Aquarius by the group The Fifth Dimension, but according to Ferguson the “word to ‘conspire’ in its literal sense, means ‘to breath together’ or suggests an ‘intimate joining’”. Ferguson, who tells us that she had been “drawn to the symbolic power of the pervasive dreams in our popular culture: that after a dark, violent age, the Piscean, we are entering a millennium of love and light, ‘the mind’s true liberation” in the creation and labeling of her unusual “conspiracy” theory. This was indeed the case with her brilliant historic account of our intellectual progression and the state of our culture and sciences at the beginning of the 1980s and the visionary projection of the inevitable change trends. This is structured on an undertone presentation of the progression in neuroscience and brain research at the onset of the 80s, which supports here projection of anticipated transformation in the thinking of man in a truly optimistic and elevating spirit. Her account of the “transcendentalists” that have been and are at the forefront of the transformations she envisions, represent an inventory of many of the most prominent “spatial hemispheric thinkers” that have laid the foundation for The Aquarian Conspiracy transformations she envisions. However, in the brilliantly through account of Ferguson of the past “transcendentalists” the most important of them all is missing, but this is the founder of the Amateur Angels, who on the 12th of the 12th 1934 had the transcendental vital spiritual experience that brought humanity the solution to the worst curse of all in the human experience; alcoholism. Of course, neither Ferguson nor anyone else could see that the seed sowed in the human consciousness, through the subtle discoveries embedded in the experience of this “transcendentalists”, were humanities only hope for ever solving the riddle of the human brain and consciousness. Of ever achieving a discipline of psychiatry that works and psychology that makes any sense.

The Addiction Conspiracy of the Devil.
This most important missing factor in Ferguson’s brilliant projection of a possible positive transformation in the thinking of men in the coming century is the factor that causes the fastest growing collective changes in the workings of human brains. This is its rapidly growing pollution by alcohol and other chemicals replacing the natural neurotransmitters, which is manifested in the ‘generation incremental’ exponentially growing phenomena of addiction that is accumulative and collective passed on in the human genome. The only part of this change is visible--even to the novice--through the alcohol syndrome, which was about 5% of the population of the western cultures in 1920 and that had become about 20% at the onset of the 1980s; the part that is much harder to see is the collective change it produces in those who use alcohol regularly but do not become alcoholic. Obviously, this is a most unpleasant subject for anyone’s interest, which is not strange, since alcoholism has been shrouded in denial throughout history; even more unpleasant are any suggestion that tempered consumption of alcohol might also be causing negative changes in the human neuronal genome.

The enormous collective effect of this development makes any futuristic vision of man’s intellectual development without a view to this factor, standing on trembling ground. Yes, there is indeed a wind of change blowing, but it is not a new breeze of the liberated spirit, but a gathering storm of an old tempest which un-checked will destroy our culture, society, law and order and in the end, humanity; if not directly, then indirectly. No mater how powerful our governments of the future may be, no effort on the behalf of men in the terms of human power, their own ego will, is capable of diverting this storm. Our efforts at controlling the addictions and their consequential syndromes through drugs will only continue to increase the addictions, worsen the consequences and confound the situation. This is the other sub-conscious spiritual conspiracy in humanity that was and is manifesting parallel to the one projected by Ferguson in her 1980 book, but it is not a conspiracy in “water”, it is a conspiracy in “spiritus alcoholitus”; the Conspiracy of the Devil. A conspiracy of Dionysus, Bacchus or King Alcohol, take your pick for the Devil’s disguise. The subject of alcoholism is not just the least attractive and most difficult one to write about, but at the same time the most important of all issues in humanity. Our collective addictions and denial will ensure that it stays that way until the breakdown of law and order.

Now, we all know that the devil does not exist, so how can this be? Well, as long as we do not have the riddle of the human brain solved our metaphysical and mythological terminology for the quantum realty effects in our consciousness will not be understood conclusively by anyone. We cannot know the underlying reason for our conceptual use of the two terms; God and Devil, or why it is that the reality of the God-concept is showered in bloody disputes while only few seems to doubt the existence of the reality of the Devil-concept. In other words, until we have a correct and comprehensive model for the human brain and its healthy functions, we are not about to achieve the understanding of its malfunctions and will thus never understand how the consumptions of false neurotransmitters creates them.

The Spiritual Liberation Conspiracy of the Aquarian.
The implication of the statements here forgone are that it is impossible for anyone to solve the riddle of the brain without synchronously solving the riddle of the addictions; which means that this “anyone” will have to know both brain-states; addicted and addiction recovered. Such a person will therefore have to be a transformed “transcendentalists” of a sort, or one that knows both reality perception states, but in this book so far we have witnessed just such a transformation. This further suggests that by now it will have become clear to the reader that he is a witness to an individual Aquarian Conspiracy that is being plotted in heaven in the same manner as the heavenly plots were hatched in the story of Job in the Bible, the Divine Comedy, the Paradise Lost and the Tale of Faustus; except here it is a real event, not just a fantasy or story.

This conspiracy of the Aquarian is different from all other Creation-reality message deliveries to humanity in past history in the past in that it is not intended to for any form of religious type organization for the purpose of “teaching” people the correct morality of living. Its purpose and intentions are quite simple; to show humanity how their brains are organized, how they work and most importantly the causes for their malfunctions. This is shown at the fundamental level of quantum mechanics and molecular biology, but that is the reason for this not having been presented to humanity earlier; our knowledge having finally reached the point where we are capable of understanding this. Previously, the Creation-reality has been presenting humanity with this knowledge in the form of mythological metaphors, but due to the accumulative asymmetry of the human brain, through men’s use of alcohol for the past 7000 years, we have long since lost the ability to understand these metaphors. Carl Gustaf Jung and Joseph Campbell may be the first psychology theorist in recent times that manage to correctly associate them with our own psychological make-up.

This is the main strategy in the 2000 year preparation of the World--through the Book of Revelation prophesy--for the Aquarian’s delivery of this message, but that is what Newton predicted in his attempts at understanding it. The description of the creation of the alcoholic syndrome in the human brain in the prophecy’s 13th chapter “beast metaphor” and the divulging of the Aquarian’s real initials in the world’s most famous riddle in the chapters end--the riddle of Mr. 666--is in part intended for the purpose of saving him from the classical Jesus complex of those who are fraudulently enter into the higher realities of the sub-conscious and to remind him that he is just an ordinary recovering alcoholic engaged in rather extensive 12th step work and that his remuneration for this is that he is allowed to live.

This Aquarian Conspiracy is in the making at the same time as the one Ferguson is projecting her elegant conspiracy for the human intellect to begin its manifestation. Neither she, nor anyone else could know that the “Age of Aquarius” was actually about to manifest through the Fifth and Sixth spatial vacuum dimensions, and neither did those who wrote the music and the lyrics with this title. Much the less did the actual person manifesting the prophesy know anything about the spatial hemispheric order that was about to take over the management of his life. It is possible that these individuals may have at some time been impressed by the Aquarian prophesy talks of Helena P. Blavatsky and Annie Besant, regarding the coming “world teacher”, the Aquarian, but Marlin Ferguson, James Rado or Gerome Ragni certainly did not know enough about the creativity faculty of the human brain, in order to be able to figure out that they were actually getting creative impulses from the Fifth and the Sixth vacuum dimensions. Creative impulses that would “ordain” them to write the things they did and choose the words they selected as if in a overture to the appearance of the Aquarian. Ferguson, in her writings—in particular regarding the work of Karl Pribram—would actually be telling us about the speculative ideas in neuroscience regarding such possibilities as the brain interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space.

As this is written we a quarter of a century passed since the time of the writings of Ferguson on the final liberation of the spirit of man and Wilber on the holographic reality prospects for the brain and the Universe, and the manifestation of the prophesy of the Revelation in the Aquarian’s spiritual vision. This will obviously raise the questions; so where is the transformation, where is the holomovement and where is the Aquarian with his QF-unification Theory of Everything? What has happened to these ideas? Were they just fantasies of the intellect and a deranged brain of a drunk? We are obviously going to have to contend ourselves with the examination of the progression of the Aquarian in the continuation of this story; after all that is its subject.

So what about this Aquarian and his all embracing knowledge? What is the situation after he has finally become personally convinced that the vision he was presented with in his transcendental spiritual experience is the real stuff; the only solution to the conundrums of the connection of quantum mechanics and general relativity that offers an inclusion of something that represents a conscious Observer. The situation concerning the “proof” of his theory is at this time in its progression, not much further than that of Einstein at his 1916 publication of the General Theory of Relativity; his explanation for gravity. At the time he is said to have been asked by a journalist about any proof for his strange theory that suggested that nothing had form or that the vacuum was curved. Einstein is said to have replied; no, "I have no proof!". When he was then asked what made him believe in the theory his subtle reply was; “It is too beautiful not to be true,” but this suggest that Einstein’s sense of beauty may have been different from the ordinary individual. John Keith’s “beauty is truth, truth is beauty” may have more of a meaning than we realize; it may represent a fundamental neurological truth unknown to us, but neuroscience does not know how the brain recognizes “truth”. Einstein did not use alcohol and had a spiritual experience 18 years old, so he may well have had a clearer sense of “beauty and truth” than the average person, but this was the Aquarian’s argument since he himself had experienced his “sense of beauty” having been enhanced with his spiritual experience. He had also noticed how the newcomers in the fellowship of the Amateur Angels frequently talked about beginning to see the world in colour, meaning that their sense of beauty was awakening. This is indeed what is happening with the Aquarian; he is in the process of awakening and has a long way to go, but the most important hurdle in theat progression is for him to figure out the brain's functional errors produced through its alcohol use.

In the Aquarian's endeavor at understanding his addiction sickness the main progression comes about when he through the holographic brain models the QF-theory suggest, comes to the conclusion the "causative reality" in his brain is always the intron spatial hemispheric field. This he can trace all the way into the onset of the Big Bang creation process where it represents the "implicate reality" that is behind all of creation. This is represented by the Special Singularity and the infinitely curved space that surrounds it but this is then extended into matter and energy through the W-positive quantum wave fraction that creates order in the chaos and all of life. The original concept for the "implicate reality" is taken from David Bohm, but his reality definition were the ones adopted by the Aquarian in THE LITTLE SCROLL QF-theory of everything. The QF-theories analyses of this reality, along with its complimentary "explicate reality" then eventually became the trigger for the Aquarian's division of ALL the DNAs nucleotides into "exon for explicate reality" and "introns for implicate reality" eventually becoming the key ingredients in his deciphering of the riddle of the holistic principles of the brain along with its causative and executive arrangements.

The Fundamental Programs of Consciousness.

Figure 052

The suggestion that it is always the spatial hemispheric reality field that regulates man’s behavior is here discovered independent of the knowledge of the so called “Benjamin Liped” experiment where a person makes a conscious “free will” decision while the activity in his/her brain is being technically monitored. In that experiment it has been shown that prior to the person becoming conscious of her/his conscious decision making, some other “will” has already started making the decision as much as 2500 milli-seconds earlier. Since there is no conclusive theoretical explanations available for this the interpretations of this experiment are obviously many and controversial.

This fundamental arrangement of the human brain can only become clear when the “filter effects” have been removed or deducted. The lack of the knowledge of this organization along with the brain’s holographic arrangement has been the main hindrance in man’s efforts at understanding the brain and its malfunctions. The lack of the knowledge has obviously been the cause for main’s failure to understand him self and the addictions sicknesses but further the reason’s for all the irrational and malicious behavior of man to man and is obviously the reason for man’s failure to learn form history.

It is during the time described in this part that the Aquarian is struggling with his first simplistic brain models with reference to the insights gained in his Alaskan transcended vision experience. He is however, not confident enough in his analyses to become willing to undertake the research work necessary before beginning to try to write about this but will eventually become willing to undertake this 42 months after the experience. It will be a series of painful and degrading experiences in which the Aquarian will loose his family, his job, all his possessions, the trust by others and just about everything that has any meaning in life to him. This is all caused by his insistence of being responsible and adhering to the laws of his profession leading to him find himself standing alone to face the injustice caused by the ignorance of others. All this is something that has been prophesied and which he will have to go through before he becomes ready to give his life into this enterprise of telling the world about his experiences; but his will necessarily have to start with his completion of the physical drug withdrawals and then eventually a complete psychiatric testing and evaluation.

The Dilemma of the Aquarian.
Indeed, at this junction in our story, things are not well with our anti-hero, the Aquarian. As a matter of fact the situation is so bad that if he does not make the right decisions in the coming days, it may lead to the termination of his existence, but the threat to his existence is twofold. The first threat is owing to the fact that he is a recovering alcoholic that has to get rid of the toxic chemicals that have accumulated in his autonomic nervous system, but presently he is taking medication that prevents his neurons from getting rid of these chemicals. Secondly, he has in his possession a psychiatrist’s report that suggests that he may be afflicted with an incurable psychiatric illness; bi-polar affective disorder, or the mania-depressive madness and he is presently aware of the fact that a chemical addiction counselor in the service of his employer knows of this report and should by all standards, inform him.

The Aquarian has now ample time to plan his actions and obviously, the first stage is necessarily that of finishing his withdrawals; the second will have to be dealing with the psychiatrists report. Obviously, as regards his professional status, there can be no other way for him to deal with the report but to go for full psychiatric testing and evaluation, but that will also give him answers regarding his mental condition in respect of the ideas that were planted in his head in his vision. How he comes out at the other end of this effort he cannot know; all he knows is that he alone cannot decide whether he is sick or sane in his brain. All analyses of the all explaining Venn-diagram-sets in his vision and finding the solution to the riddle of the Universe’s recipe will have to wait. However, analyzing himself and his addiction and recovery in the light of the Venn-sets might be of advantage to him personally.

“Quantum mechanics appears to describe a universal order that includes us in a very special way.
In fact, our minds may enter into nature in a way we had not imagined possible....  Perhaps the appearance of the physical world is magical
because the orderly processes of science fail to take the observer into account. The order of the universe may be the order of our own minds.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fred Alan Wolf.

The Intermezzo, Chapter One
(Book of Revelation Chapter 12.)

The Woman and the

The First Half of the Aquarian's Deciphering of
the Creation of his Brain's Alcoholic
Addiction Syndrome.

Nothing is more important about quantum physics than this: it has destroyed the concept
of the world as ‘sitting out there.’ The universe will never afterwards be the same.

                                                       John A. Wheeler.

Book of Revelation Chapter 12.

1) Then a great and mysterious sight appeared in the sky. There was a woman, whose dress was the sun and who had the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2) She was soon to give birth, and the pains and suffering of childbirth made her cry out. 3) Another mysterious sight appeared in the sky. There was a huge red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and a crown on each of his heads. 4) With his tail he dragged a third of the stars out of the sky and threw them down to the earth. He stood in front of the woman, in order to eat her child as soon as it was born. 5) Then she gave birth to a son, who will rule over all nations with an iron rod. But the child was snatched away and taken to God and his throne. 6) The woman fled to the desert, to a place God had prepared for her, where she will be taken care of for 1260 days.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Revelations 12.

Here the prophesy comes to the events that take place immediately after the Aquarian has gone through the ordeal of becoming an alcoholic and making the recovery of his Jamais vu-faculty and going through the insights that take him to the receipt of THE LITTLE SCROLL and his acceptance of it meaning and importance. These events take him to the fellowship of the family members and dependents of addicts and set him on course of thinking about his relationship with his parents and his genetic inheritance.

The metaphorical prophesy description of the Aquarian's mother is that of the woman "whose dress was the sun and who had the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head" is a reference to her faith through the Jamais vu centers (sun) un-disrupted functions, her empathy/compassion through the Désjà vu centers (moon) un-disrupted functions and her morality or human relation ethics being comparable with the life of those who have successfully worked the 12-step program of the Amateur Angels. She would indeed cry out giving birth to the Aquarian who weighed 6 kg/12 lbs at birth. Neither side of her family had any alcoholism or history of alcohol use.

The metaphorical prophesy description of the Aquarian's father's alcoholic filter in the introns of his brain is that of the "huge red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and a crown on each of his heads" portrays the "read dragon" as the intron filter, the seven heads each with a crown as the "seven deadly sins" that characterize the filter, the "ten horns" are then the anti-commandment characteristics that accompany the filter. The filter in the Aquarian's father is strongly repressed when he is sober, but appears when he is drunk turning him from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. Both sides of the father's family have alcoholism or history of alcohol use.

This intron filter is genetically inherited by the Aquarian from his father and will "with his tail he dragged a third of the stars out of the sky and threw them down to the earth", which means that in both father and son the filter--which is a copy of the matter hemispheric brain program (earth)--is deposited in the introns in the spatial hemisphere making the program in afflicted neuron's the same as that of the matter hemisphere (they are thrown down to earth). The dragon who "stood in front of the woman" at birth means that the addiction might have caused all sorts of statistical sicknesses from birth "in order to eat her child as soon as it was born," but this "son, who will rule over all nations with an iron rod" is someone who will be teaching the QF-brain, alcoholism and recovery models using a telescopic iron stick for pointing in his lectures. The "child was snatched away and taken to God and his throne" part refers to the Aquarian's Jamais vu functions until he starts progressing in to alcoholism.

The part where the "woman flees to the desert,.... where she will be taken care of for 1260 days" refers to the time of the Aquarian's high spiritual state, while his mother is suffering from his "worldly downfall".


Book of Revelation Chapter 12.

7) Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, who fought back with his angels; 8) but the dragon was defeated, and he and his angels were not allowed to stay in heaven any longer. 9) The huge dragon was thrown out-that ancient serpent, named the Devil, or Satan, that deceived the whole world. He was thrown down to earth, and all his angels with him. 10) Then I heard a loud voice in heaven saying, “Now God’s salvation has come! Now God has shown his power as King! Now his Messiah has shown his authority! For the one who stood before our God and accused our brothers day and night has been thrown out of heaven. 11) Our brothers won the victory over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the truth which they proclaimed; and they were willing to give up their lives and die. 12) And so be glad, you heavens, and all you that live there! But how terrible for the earth and the sea! For the Devil has come down to you, and he is filled with rage, because he knows that he has only a little time left.” 13) When the dragon realized that he had been thrown down to the earth, he began to pursue the woman who had given birth to the boy. 14) She was given the two wings of a large eagle in order to fly to her place in the desert, where she will be taken care of for three and a half years, safe from the dragon’s attack. 15) And then from his mouth the dragon poured out a flood of water after the woman, so that it would carry her away. 16) But the earth helped the woman; it opened its mouth and swallowed the water that had came from the dragon’s mouth. 17) The dragon was furious with the woman and went off to fight against the rest of her descendants, all those who obey God’s commandments and are faithful to the truth revealed by Jesus. 18) And the dragon stood on the seashore.
                                                                                                                            Revelations 12.

This is where the Aquarian is making his first systematic review analyses of what has been going on in his recovery so far and how the "biofeedback" has been taking place; this in the light of THE LITTLE SCROLL vision-insights given him into the brain functions, its alcoholism and recovery processes.

"Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, who fought back with his angels;" The war in heaven metaphor is for the biofeedback that has already taken place in the Aquarian's neocortex, but its associated autonomic nervous system cleansing is currently arrested with lithium. The most unusual suggestion in the scriptures, that of the devil and his angles being found in "heaven" is a spiritual metaphor for the "filter" in the brains spatial hemisphere's introns in individuals who use alcohol or other mind-altering chemicals. 9) "The huge dragon was thrown out-that ancient serpent, named the Devil, or Satan, that deceived the whole world. He was thrown down to earth, and all his angels with him." The dragon being defeated and with his angels being thrown out of heaven is a spiritual metaphor for the "filter" in the brains spatial hemisphere's introns (heaven) being "biofeedback transferred" to the matter hemispheric exons (earth). This applies in particular to the cleaning of the Jamais-vu and Déjà-vu centers greatly reducing the “negative character traits or defects,” which pertains to the "seven deadly sins crowns" on the "dragon's seven heads".

10) The "God... power" and "his Messiah... authority" is again the function of the Fifth and the Sixth vacuum quantum dimension in the Aquarian's consciousness through the Jamais-vu and Déjà-vu centers.

11) Pertains to the neurons in the Jamais vu center (see the fifth seal : P1-C5). 12) Has to do with the "filter "in the matter hemisphere intron back-up program (figure 042). 13) As the Aquarian enters into the problems associated with the psychiatric report, this is a great source of pain to his mother. 14) Eventually his mother flies to "Dragon" island to get away from the pain. 15) and 16) Have to do with the difficult times between the Aquarian and his mother, his brothers and sister, after he has been un-lawfully and abusively dismissed from his employment and profession, which in thurn has lead to his divorce. These are the coming events in the prophesy.
                                                                END OF THE QF-INTERPRETAION OF CHAPTER 12 : 07-18

The First Half of the Aquarian’s Deciphering of the
Creation of his Brain’s Alcohol Addiction Syndrome.
The Simplistic Recovery Model.

The Woman and the Dragon.
Narration by “Morgan le Fay.”

“Look for the flower to bloom in the silence that follows the storm; not till then. It shall grow, it will shoot up, it will make branches and leaves and form buds, while the battle lasts. But not till the whole personality of man is dissolved and melted--not until it is held by the divine fragment which has created it, as a mere subject for grave experiment and experience--not until the whole nature has yielded and become subject unto its higher Self, can the bloom open.

There will come a calm such as comes in a tropic country after the heavy rain, when Nature works so swiftly that one may see her action. Such calm will come to the harassed spirit. And in the deep silence the mysterious event will occur which will prove that the way has been found. Call it by what name you will, it is a voice that speaks where there is none to speak--it is a messenger that comes, a messenger without form or substance; or it is the flower of the soul that has opened. It cannot be described by any metaphor.

But it can be felt after, looked for, and desired, even amid the raging of the storm. The silence may last a moment of time or it may last a thousand years. But it will end. Yet you will carry its strength with you. Again and again the battle must be fought and won.” These words, taken from the LIGHT ON THE PATH transcribed by Mabel Collins, are a most fitting spiritual description of the stat of the Aquarian’s consciousness as he is now with his family preparing to go through the end of the year’s festivities. This is fitting, even in spite of the fact that the calm-after-the-storm that he is experiencing is artificially produced through his compliance with the suggestions of the Florida Hospital psychiatrist to use the lithium compounds he prescribed. The suggestion to use the drug was further approved by the Aquarian’s detoxification doctor who sanctified this on the basis that he would be seeing what the effect of the drug was on his withdrawals. This is what the Aquarian is now doing and so far he has observed the spasm symptoms in his guts have almost disappeared and the jerks in his arm calmed down, though not disappeared. The idea is to see what happens for about two weeks after which the Aquarian should get a lithium check and contact Dr. Wolfshield for consultations with the results.

It is now in this calm-after-the-storm that the Aquarian begins his serious contemplations and meditations on his addiction sickness in the light of his newly acquired transcendental Venn-diagram vision insights, but this is his harking of the “voice that speaks where there is none to speak” or his discourse with the “messenger that comes….., without form or substance” which he has now been acquainted with since its awakening in his rupturing of the seventh seal in his seventh step work. This is where the Aquarian takes a hard look at this ancestry and genetic inheritance and his relations to his family and friends with a view to his learned and gained insights into the alcoholic addiction syndrome and his recovery biofeedback in quantum mechanical and neurological terms. This is suggesting that the Aquarian has to gain insight into the creation and accumulation of the alcoholic functional dysfunctions in his brain that changed his personality and made him addicted to counterfeit neurotransmitters. He must further gain insight into the biofeedback process in the seat of consciousness in his brain that he has now--for the most part—gone through, but this the Aquarian does not know. What he will discover during the Christmas and New Years holidays is that he has not finished the withdrawals, but he will not know that this last phase is the cleansing of the autonomic nervous system of the pharmaceutical chemicals that have accumulated in the neurons of this part of his nervous system. Much less will he now that the withdrawals from this is the “third horror” in the prophesy of the Book of Revelation and that once this is completed, he will have become clean and sober.

The part in the 12th chapter of the prophesy that describes the biofeedback in the metaphor is the one of the war that broke out in heaven, but this is the part of the prophesy where thing start to become really bizarre.  What off it, the metaphorical narration at any rate leads to the “Devil” and in it he who is caught, “red handed,” in the place where he is least to be expected; this being right smack in the Middle of Heaven, where he has been posing as none other than Christ himself. Well, you know the story as it appears in the Bible. We do too. What is more, we know the physical reality part of it all is what our story is all about, so let us get to the work at hand.

Let us now descend back down to, or ascend up to, the surface of the Earth, depending on our particular location. I, Morgan, have already brought you to the mystical land of Atlantiz, where we fond our anti-hero, the Aquarian, busy growing-up on Dragon Island, who in his childhood years intends to become a pilot when he was grown. However, not so inexplicably--during and after his puberty—he finds himself quite confused as to what regards his future plans. Eventually, however, he sets his course in life and with great struggling, he does manage to become what he intended, a professional pilot. He also, initially with the greatest of ease, becomes something else which he did not intend to become; an alcoholic, but this in the case of the Aquarian takes a longer time than becoming a pilot. Initially he becomes addicted to alcohol, later to painkillers, which commonly is described as being a cross-addicted alcoholic, but this is not the issue here in our story. The issue is; what happens in the brain of the Aquarian that changes him in to an alcoholic through his use of alcohol and why does this not happen to everyone using alcohol. The Aquarian, who knows that the neurological sciences of man do not have the answer to this question, comes to the conclusion that if he can figure out what happened in his brain during the biofeedback process, then he may be able to figure out how the change took place. He becomes convinced that with the aid of what he already knows about the brain through his reading, he will be able to solve this riddle of the addiction with the aid of his Venn-set fundamental transcendental vision description of the brain’s programming. The way to do this will have to be the same as with the riddle of the Gödel-Sperry connection; he cannot solve the riddle so the solution will have to come from the subconscious by turning the riddle over to the Higher Power.

As the Aquarian now enters into his amateurish speculations on the nature of his sickness and its mechanism, he is not yet fully aware of the fact that its mechanism is indeed quantum mechanical in nature. At this stage in the evolution of his thinking he has no clue to the fact that all what he is thinking has been described in a prophesy written some 1920 to 1880 years prior to his contemplations on the subject. In the QF-interpretations of the Book of Revelation the “Dragon” is the symbolist metaphor or analogical description of the part of the human central nervous system that constitutes the spine, the Reptile Complex and Limbic System given the label The Triunal Brain by Dr. Paul MacLean. This is the instinct brain, which unchecked in the addiction becomes the source that gives the “power” to the figure of the “Devil”, or the phenomenon of the “filter”, in the spatial hemispheric introns in the human brain. A further qualifying description of the “Dragon” through the word “Red,” denotes the effects of alien neuro-inhibitory substances on this part of the nerves system, placing the function of the DNA’s Double Helix in what is termed in physics as “infrared slavery,” which in common terminology is known as addiction or more general as alcoholism.

This part of the Revelations deals with the time when the Aquarian starts to enquire into the circumstances of his birth and genetic inheritance and leads to his starting to wonder about himself and the mechanism in his sickness. Here is how—slightly abbreviated--the prophetic visions describes in the metaphor the thoughts of the Aquarian as he tries to figure out an explanation for his experience with the biofeedback surges in his brain: “Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon that fought back with his angels; but the dragon was defeated, and he and his angels were not allowed to stay in heaven any longer.” This is a vision that describes the natural biofeedback process that takes place after the Aquarian has ruptures the Seventh Seal. The “negative memory-bits” that have been accumulated in the positive side of the DNA’s Double Helix in the brains spatial hemisphere--particularly in its faith centers (heaven), or the “Jamais vu” centers--now begin to be removed to the brains right hemisphere or the material side of the brain (earth). The most unusual suggestion in the scriptures or that of the devil and his angles being found in “heaven” is a description of the spiritual state of the brain’s spatial hemisphere, which is especially pronounced in individuals who use alcohol or chemical compounds that reach the brain.

The biofeedback process is here analogous to war but this process comes about through the radically increased production of endorphins, which are the brain’s primary healing neurotransmitters. At the same time the Désjà vu-empathy/compassion centers are believed to trigger the production of dopamine to balance the biofeedback effect, but this is so far not verified and thus just a speculation. As long as the endorphin process is maintained and the individual does not consume alcohol or any other neuro-inhibitory transmitter replacing substances, the “war” will eventually be won; the process will run its full course which is manifested in: “The huge dragon was thrown out -- that ancient serpent, named the Devil, or Satan, that deceived the whole world. He was thrown down to earth, and all his angels with him.” This is the ideal addiction recovery. The positive side of the Double Helix of the brains spatial hemisphere has been cleared of the negative holographic photon bits which were “logged” in the introns of the brains spatial hemisphere; but these served to create the Freudian “Super Ego,” which is in the metaphors of the Revelations, the equivalent of the Devil. This was the cause for the Aquarian’s emotional instability and unmanageability when it was a part of his spatial hemispheric introns or the “heaven” hemisphere. Before the process is completed, “the dragon will initially have to be thrown down to earth, and all his angels with him,” but this indicates that a transfer of the “character traits or defects” in the form of holographic photon bits, has taken place from the spatial (analogical “WE” hemi-sphere) to the material hemisphere (analogical “I” hemisphere) has taken place. This means that the individual is rid of these trades or defects out of the “emotional” part of his neocortex and the bits now become memories in the exon part of the brain’s pyramid neuron’s Double Helix structure.

As before, while the Aquarian is speculating on these issues, he knows nothing of the prophesy but is driven on by Einstein’s suggestion that; “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Sunday 30th December.
The Aquarian started his day early by longer then usual chanting and meditating session where his thoughts were soon brought to his mother who had become 70 years old the day before. When he had been 14 years old he had been present at the birth of his youngest brother and had heard his mothers cries; now he thought of his birth and the cries she must have made giving birth to him with his 6 kg first child birth. The inner voice now proceeded to draw up a picture of his ancestors on the mother side and how none of them had used alcohol; how his mother had tried to take part in the drinking in their home when they entertained friends and how she had been unable to drink. She was obviously one of those peoples who had this natural aversion to alcohol and were apt to feel nausea so she never did develop the ability to drink and her brother was the same. His mother was a person endowed with the “seven spirits of God”, or the “seven virtues of life” and was living her life in the true Christian spirit.

However, on the Aquarian’s father side the opposite was true; there the alcohol was plaguing the families through the generations. The beast of the dragon of alcoholism would rear his ugly head in accordance with the laws of genetic inheritance discovered in the nineteenth century by the Austro-Hungarian monk Johann Gregor Mendel. His father had been an extreme case of change of personality with alcohol so that the brothers talked about him being Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but he to lived his life in the “seven virtues of life” and the true Christian spirit with the alcohol transformation appearing with decreasing intervals through out his life until the family had to flee the eruption of Dragon Island in his seventy third year.

The Aquarian could see how he had inherited the syndrome in his genes, had been confronted with it in his upbringing and then eventually started to develop it through his own consumption at the age of thirteen. Perhaps it was the inheritance from his mother’s genes that caused his slow development of the addiction, but the addiction has affected all her children in different measures. The Aquarian’s main interest in the reviewing of the family history was concerning the changes that took place in the individuals as they progressed through life using alcohol, but this he now did with reference to findings of Dr. E. M. Jellinek on the progression of alcoholism. How did these changes come about? How did these changes become reversed in the recovery? These were the questions that were darting around in his consciousness and with him beginning to gain realization into the fact that these were questions that required an understanding of the fundamental programming and function of the brain. Required fundamental insight into how the brain stored and retrieved memory information; as far as he had been able to determine in his reading, these were things which neuroscience did not know.

The Aquarian spends the day with his family attending a meeting on the airport at noon and another in the evening in the city. In between helping his wife with the preparations for the New Years celebrations he is taking his now regular chanting and meditation cessions. As the Aquarian and his wife retired to bed he took a long meditative session during which the first explanations for the character change phenomenon he was seeking. The key was in the word “biofeedback” and he found himself going back and forth between the Brain books by Dr. Richard M. Restak and his meditation late into the night.

Monday 31st December.
The Simplistic Recovery Model.

In spite of his late awakening, the Aquarian started the day by his regular chanting and meditation and again the same theme he had gone to sleep with appeared in his consciousness. How are the changes in the brain’s personality program created through alcohol? Again, the inner voice came clearly into the consciousness, this time making suggestions to the Aquarian that he pay special attention to the fact that he had been sensing the biofeedback surges as moving from the spatial hemisphere to the matter hemisphere. The voice suggested that this could only mean that the alterations in the brain’s programming had been taking place in the spatial hemisphere and the biofeedback was somehow transporting the erroneous program from the spatial hemisphere to the matter hemisphere. The initiation of this had taken place through action of the spatial temporal lobe’s Jamais vu-faith faculty, but the main biofeedback events had begun after his “rupture of the seventh seal” in his seventh step work.

It began to seem to the Aquarian that all the speculations that had been going through his head regarding the addiction sickness in the past weeks, in particular since his Alaskan experience, were now somehow crystallizing in these thoughts. This all fitted with the spiral sensations being all in the spatial hemispheric ear and the moving sensations in his brain from the spatial to the matter side. The inner voice reminded him of his oriental readings about malfunctioning Kundalini ascensions where the “psychic energy” came up through either “ida” or “pingala” instead of through “sumsumna” causing psychosis in the brain. This kind of malfunctioning flow was caused by severe imbalance in the brain’s regulation of this energy which produced consciousness in the brain. The Aquarian also thought of what he had read about the description for electric charge accumulations building up in the spatial hemisphere in many seizure and then being discharged across the corpus callosum over to the matter hemisphere; even to the extend of causing grand mal seizures. This had to be the reason for brain surgeons having commonly removed parts of the spatial temporal lobe in epileptic patients prior to the onset of the brain-half’s separation technique through corpus callosum severance.

The Aquarian spent the day with the family and his contemplations on the question what had taken place in his brain during the biofeedback surge and had become satisfied with the provisional outcome of his analyses. He however, could see that this was producing another set of riddles; a whole stack of them. Where did the false or erroneous spatial hemispheric programs come from? How were they created? These were the “programs” that the Amateur Angels called the “character defects” and they were created by the consumption of alcohol or other counterfeit neuro-transmitters. They were obviously somehow created through the “failed reuptake” in the synaptic exchanges of neuro-transmitters; but how? He was certainly going to have to look carefully at this neurological phenomenon. The Aquarian realized that he was staring the riddle of the fundaments of the brain functions in the face; obviously one would have to know how the brain functioned when it was working properly in order to be able to understand what was wrong with its functions.

The Aquarian had taken most of the day for his contemplations and now it was evening and time to help his wife with the preparations for the evening and then to get dressed for the family dinner and the viewing of the spectacle of the fireworks at midnight. The Aquarian and his wife would not go out for the evening as the used to but would stay at home watching the New Years celebrations on the television. When the last hour of the year was ready to complete its passing the Aquarian’s wife opened a bottle of champagne and pored some of it into two crystal glasses bringing one of them to his husband. The surprise shocked Aquarian realized immediately that she had not understood a word of what he had been trying to tell her about alcoholism, in particular that an inactive alcoholic cannot drink as much as a single glass of champagne on festive occasions without returning to his addiction. However, the Aquarian kept his cool reminding his wife that he could not drink so much as a single sip of the champagne, but her reaction was; “you have been so good so long now that I thought you would surely be able to have just one glass.” The Aquarian reacted by turning the incident into a joke by telling her that for him the English pronunciation of the word champagne would have to be applied, but this was “shampain.” That word then indicated its meaning for him but if taken apart into its constituent components of “sham” and “pain” had the respective meanings of “shame” in German and “pain” in English, which indicated the consequences for him if he drank the stuff. The Aquarian thought he could see the disappointment in his wife’s eyes as if see was saying; is our life to be some gloom fro the rest of our days without any elevation of the spirit through spirits?

The Aquarian exchanged the champagne for sprite and he and his wife watched the fireworks without any gloom or loose of spirits in his consciousness. When he then retired he then made his usual chanting and meditating noticing that his consciousness was full of continuations of the thoughts he had been thinking during the day. These would however, have to wait for the first morning of the New Year; a year that would be the most fateful in the life of the Aquarian and his family.

                                                                                                                                                                                                The Two Beasts.

The Intermezzo, Chapter Two
(Book of Revelation Chapter 13.)

The Two Beasts

The Second Half of the Aquarian's Deciphering ofthe Creation of
his Brain's Alcoholic
Addiction Syndrome.

There is a streak of insanity which runs through the history of our species, and which indicate
that somewhere along the line of its ascent to prominence, something has gone wrong...
The search for the cause of that deficiency starts with the Book of Genesis and has
continued ever since.

                                                            Arthur Koestler.

Book of Revelation Chapter 13.

1) Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads; on each of its horns there was a crown, and on each of its heads there was a name that was insulting to God. 2) The beast looked like a leopard, with feet like a bear’s feet and a mouth like a lion’s mouth. The dragon gave the beast his own power, his throne, and his vast authority. 3) One of the heads of the beast seemed to have been fatally wounded, but the wound had healed. The whole earth was amazed and followed the beast. 4) Everyone worshiped the dragon because he had given his authority to the beast. They worshiped the beast also, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who can fight against it?” 5) The beast was allowed to make proud claims which were insulting to God, and it was permitted to have authority for forty-two months. 6) It began to curse God, his name, the place where he lives, and all those who live in heaven. 7) It was allowed to fight against God’s people and to defeat them, and it was given authority over every tribe, nation, language, and race. 8) All people living on earth will worship it, except those whose names were written before the creation of the world in the book of the living which belongs to the Lamb that was killed. 9) “Listen, then, if you have ears! 10) Whoever is meant to be captured will surely be captured; whoever is meant to be killed by the sword will surely be killed by the sword. This calls for endurance and faith on the part of God’s people.”

11) Then I saw another beast, which came up out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb’s horns, and it spoke like a dragon. 12) It used the vast authority of the first beast in its presence. It forced the earth and all who live on it to worship the first beast, whose wound had healed. 13) This second beast performed great miracles; it made fire come down out of heaven to earth in the sight of everyone. 14) And it deceived all the people living on earth by means of the miracles which it was allowed to perform in the presence of the first beast. The beast told them to build an image in honor of the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet lived. 15) The second beast was allowed to breathe life into the image of the first beast, so that the image could talk and put to death all those who would not worship it. 16) The beast forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to have a mark placed on their right hands or on their foreheads. 17) No one could buy or sell unless he had this mark, that is, the beast’s name or the number that stands for the name. 18) This calls for wisdom. Whoever is intelligent can figure out the meaning of the number of the beast, because the number stands for a man’s name; Its number is 666.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Revelations 13.

This chapter contains the best known and most complex “koan” riddle in the Western Cultures and is the part of the prophesy that has the greatest number of interpretation claims. However, they all focus on the last sentence in the chapter; the on containing the riddle of the man’s name. They do not make any concerted effort at interpretateing the bizarre beast and dragon pictures described prior to the final riddle, but these are interpreted here.

The is a continuation of the 12th chapter and describes in metaphors the Aquarian’s first attempts at creating simplistic models of the alcohol addiction in the terms of quantum mechanical, neurophysiological and molecular biological realities. This model creation is taking place after the 12chapter, 12th and 18th verses where it says “how terrible for the earth and the sea! for the Devil has come down to you, and he is filled with rage, because he knows that he has only a little time left” and “the dragon stood on the seashore” but the references to the “sea” are both for the “earth-the matter hemisphere” and the “heaven-spatial hemisphere” believed to be references to the “secondary programs” in these hemispheres.

The chapter also contains a description of the evolutionary character of the interpretations during the three and a half years the Aquarian’s continues his sporadic interpretation research in to the vision experience. This becomes his main concern after these 42 months have passed and he surrenders to the undertaking of writing about THE LITTLE SCROLL vision and its consequential brain models.

1) “beast coming up out of the sea...” is the metaphor for the “filter” that is created through the failed re-uptake false polarization of the post synaptic neuron in the synaptic exchange. The “ten horns and seven heads; on each horn a crown, on each head a name insulting to God” are the metaphors for the character defect that the “filter” produces; with “ten horns” the breaking of the ten commandments, the seven heads the “seven deadly sins” whose unnatural nature is contrary to the brain’s intron programming.

The metaphor from the 12th chapter, verse 5).... “but the child was snatched away and taken to God and his throne” is a reference to the Aquarian’s inherited addiction “filter” having been made inactive in the spatial hemispheric exons secondary program until the moment when he first drinks alcohol. At that moment the “beast starts to emerge from the see”.

The Seven Headed Beast of the Seven Deadly Sins
with the 10 horns that gore the 10 commandments.


Figure 053

2) “beast like a leopard, with feet and a lion’s mouth” are again metaphors for the “filter” character defects that are driven by the limbic system instinct programs, through their growing extension into the brain’s spatial hemispheric introns, but this is described with the “dragon giving beast power,... throne,... vast authority”.

3) “heads of beast fatally wounded,.. but had healed... earth was amazed and followed beast” is describing the Aquarian’s “pride”, which is one of the “seven deadly sins” that form the heads of the seven headed beast that the alcohol has programmed him with. This character trade had diminished to a minimum during the years the Aquarian was unable to get a position as a pilot. Once he enters into aviation this character trade is restored to the joy of the ego (earth-matter hemisphere).

4) “everyone worshiped the dragon...saying 'Who is like the beast? Who can fight against it?'” the “everyone” reference is suggested to be the “filter” consciousness secondary program in the intron side of the brain’s matter hemispheric neurons (see figure 039).

5) “beast was allowed to make proud claims which were insulting to God, and it was permitted to have authority for forty-two months.... 6) It began to curse God, his name, the place where he lives, and all those who live in heaven... 7) It was allowed to fight against God’s people and to defeat them, and it was given authority over every tribe, nation, language, and race” represents the still remaining super-ego in the matter hemispheric secondary intron program, which is gradually diminishing during the 42 months after the Aquarian’s Alaskan vision experience. This program becomes finally inactive when the Aquarian surrenders to the undertaking of writing about THE LITTLE SCROLL vision and its brain models.

8) “people living on earth will worship it, except those whose names were written before the creation of the world in the book of the living which belongs to the Lamb that was killed” are the introns containing the “compassion/empathy” faculties in the neurons of the matter hemisphere.

9) “Listen, then... 10) Whoever is meant to be captured will be captured; whoever is meant to be killed will surely be killed by the sword. This calls for endurance and faith of God’s people” represents the karmic law the Aquarian is subjected to through his “filter” that threatens his life, but which he must none the less experience in order to become capable of receiving THE LITTLE SCROLL and understanding its message. This requires the faith faculty in his brain’s introns to hold out until they are all dead as described in chapter 6, verses 10 and 11.

11) “Then I saw another beast, which came up out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb’s horns, and it spoke like a dragon.... 12) It used the vast authority of the first beast.... It forced the earth and all who live on it to worship the first beast, whose wound had healed” is a description of what is taking place in the Aquarian’s self-perception matter-I-(earth)-hemisphere. Here the “two horns like lamb’s horns” represent the “dual morality” of the Aquarian and the “speaking like a dragon” is the “alcohol personality” in his character traits. The “authority of the first beast” is the fact that the spatial hemispheric management intron program’s always initiate all thoughts and actions which are then always carried out by the matter hemispheric executive exon programs (see figure 058).

The description of the creation of the filter in the spatial hemispheric introns is in the following three verses; 13) "second beast performed great miracles;... 14) And it deceived all the people living on earth by means of the miracles which it was allowed to perform in the presence of the first beast. The beast told them to build an image in honor of the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet lived...." This is the metaphor for the “deception” in the failed re-uptake and the “image building” through the false polarization of the receiving neuron. 15) "second beast was allowed to breathe life into the image of the first beast, so that the image could talk and put to death all those who would not worship it." The last verse (15) refers to the introns in the neurons in the spatial hemispheric Jamais vu-faith centers as described in chapter 6, verses 10 and 11.

054_Alphabet-666.gif16) "beast forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to have a mark placed on their right hands or on their foreheads... 17) No one could buy or sell unless he had this mark,... the beast’s name or the number that stands for it." Here the simplistic interpretation is that the beast, which is the Aquarian’s self-perception matter-I-(earth)-hemisphere exon program (right hand), has been deposited in all the brain’s neuronal introns, pyramid neurons and glia neurons (foreheads), which is the program that now regulates the neuro-transmitter exchanges whether they be natural or counterfeit.

18) "calls for wisdom. Whoever is intelligent can figure out the meaning of the number of the beast, because the number stands for a man’s name. Its number is 666." The last riddle of the chapter can only be solved by a person who also solves the riddle of the dragon and the two beasts described in the whole of the metaphor. The number must represent the initials in the name of the alcoholic person whose addiction changes are being described in the metaphor.

13 : 01-18.

The Second Half of the Aquarian’s Deciphering of the Creation of his Brain’s Alcoholic Addiction Syndrome. The Simplistic Addiction Model.

The Two Beasts.
Narration by “Merlin the Wizard.”

This chapter contains the best known riddle in the Western Cultures and is the part of the prophesy that has the greatest number of interpretation claims. However, these interpretations are all primarily focused on the riddle at the end of the chapter; the riddle of the number 666, which represents the name of a man. This man is obviously the human being who is described in the bizarre metaphors of the two beasts, but to date no one has been able to come up with a comprehensive and consistent interpretation; neither for the description nor the person this represents. This is the same situation as it is for the prophesy of the Book of Revelation in general; no continuous, comprehensive and consistent interpretation.

This has to do with the fact that no one really knows whether prophesies are for real, no one really knows for sure whether prophesies are not just ramblings of psychotic maniacs and this applies in particular for the Book of Revelation, which is a prophesy that no one has been able to say fore sure what futuristic message it is supposedly delivering. The most common guess is that the Book of Revelation is a message describing the end of planet earth and all life that it contains—wrongly called “apocalypse”--but for many such a prophesy is something without a meaning. Arguments that its purpose is to scare people into returning to faith are not any good since all will eventually experience their “apocalypse” which will lead them to faith if they are so inclined.

Questions of Faith or Insanity! Is Prophesy Hallucinations?
As concerns the science disciplines of Man, most scientists regarded these writings as the ravings of an insane man in manic psychosis, but this is how one of the fathers of the American Constitution saw this last part of the Bible. Most of those who live from drugging the functional disorders of the human brain (psychiatrists), and those who live from being friends for rent (psychologists), also see the questions concerning The Book of Revelation in the same light. This can be traced to the fact that a considerable number of those, who in the western cultures, become so unfortunate as to acquire the functional disorders such as manic or schizophrenic psychosis, commonly begin to rave about God, Christ and religion. Quite often these make references to The Book of Revelation, or declare that they be the Second Coming of Christ, or the Virgin Pregnant with the Second Coming of Christ. However, exceptions are common since this is culturally oriented and in one asylum in Paris, there are said to be about 300 Napoleons. There are innumerable variants such as patients believing that they are John Lennon, or Jim Morrison reincarnated. In continuation of this it becomes intriguing to discover that in the countries where Christianity is not dominant, such insane persons do not declare themselves to be the Christ, or the Virgin. They tend to believe that they are other figures connected to the culture in which they grew up.

In the world of the sciences little believes is encountered in phenomenon such as prophesy. It is, however, interesting to note that professor Stephen Hawking--the inheritor of Newton’s chair--in the book; QUEST FOR A THEORY OF EVERYTHING, has been quoted by the author, Kitty Ferguson, as answering the question “whether everything is predetermined either by the Theory of Everything or by God.” “Yes, I think it is. But it might as well not be, because we can never know what is determined.” Hawking is also asking the questions; “How real is time?”, “Will it ever come to an end?”, “Where does the difference between the past and the future come from?”, “Why do we remember the past and not the future?” but these are all questions that have to do with the physics side of the riddles of the human brain and its mechanism, rather that any neurological or neuro chemical explanations and they are obviously connected to our concepts and perception of “time”.

When it comes to the sciences explaining why Men talk of prophesies, or why Men have the delusions described here prior, it is quantum mechanics all over again, our sciences can only describe the phenomena. They have not a clue to the Why’s in the case. It is right here that Men are of different opinions, when it comes to the question whether it is possible to know or achieve knowledge of events, prior to their taking place. Whether these are some form of sub-conscious self-deceptions, or deliberate deceptions aimed at enriching the deceiver? How can Man see into the future, even thousands of years ahead of time? The questions accumulate. By what means do Men achieve such knowledge? In addition to this, Men have different opinions as to how such prophetic information should be interpreted, since these often appear in the form of symbolic-dream visions, poetic symbolism and visual symbolism. Here the psychiatric illnesses enter the seen, including spiritual ecstasies, which many call hallucinatory experiences, but others call spiritual experiences (William James). This is an area of great controversy which the noted and controversial psychiatrist, R. D. Laing, described thus: “The mystic and the psychopath swim in the same ocean. The difference between them is that the psychopath sinks but the mystic floats.” In view of the findings of the QF-theory published in THE LITTLE SCROLL, the conclusion to all these questions is that they are also questions about the Creation-reality, or the God-reality. A reality whose existence and nature is the oldest and bloodiest argument in humanity, yet it is a fundamentally quantum-reality question.

The Ultimate Solution to All of Man’s Problems.
The Final Theory of Everything and the Revelation.

Any suggestion that the world’s best known prophesy is a 2000 year projection story of an alcoholic who progresses into surrender and recovery, where he has a vital spiritual experience, which gives him insight into how to connect quantum mechanics and general relativity in such a manner that it includes the consciousness of the Observer, is not something anyone would or could have guessed. Much the less would anyone have guessed that this person would have to be a recovered alcoholic in order to becomes capable of solving the riddle of life, the human brain and its consciousness, including its malfunctions such as alcoholism and the psychiatric and statistical sicknesses that plague man. Suggestions to this effect would easily raise voices that claim such an interpretation as ramblings of a psychotic maniac. Such a futuristic message would on the other hand have a meaning that would be consistent with man’s ideas about an all powerful, all loving, all caring Creation-reality, or God-reality being concerned for the welfare of man.

In his essay; ANSWER TO JOB, the famous psychiatrist, mystic and the father to the Theory of the Synchronicity, Carl Gustaf Jung, enters into discussion of the apocalyptic prophesies of The Book of Revelation. He raises the question of how it should be interpreted. He points out that the paradox between what Christ teaches us about love, charity and the forgiveness of God the Father, which John the apostle admires and expresses in other parts of the New Testament; An All Loving God, is in opposition to a God of Destruction and Punishment. He points out that each vision of a God who intends to destroy everything, this including heaven and earth, and then sends all Men--with the exception of some 144.000--for a never ending torture, is not in agreement with the rest of the New Testament. Jung is here in agreement with Einstein who believed that God is not malicious.  Without coming to any conclusion, Jung never-the-less asserts that NO literal interpretation should apply which is also the finding of Sir Isaac Newton.

In the past 400 years our sciences have evolved in such a manner that now--at the beginning of the 21st Century--we face the prospects that someone will present a final and absolute theory explaining at one go, everything conceivable in creation. In 1980--on the occasion of his appointment as president of the Royal Society--the brave Professor Stephen Hawking held an inaugural lecture called “Is the end in sight for theoretical physics?” There, Theoretical Physics is seen as the first of the science disciplines at the cutting edge of all the sciences and it widely believed that it will eventually succeed in producing The Ultimate Theory of Everything or The Recipe for the Universe. Such a theory would not only explain the “How’s” in Nature, but the “Why’s” as well.

Many speculations are aloft regarding what consequences such knowledge might bring humanity? Whether it will just be an object of wonderment or a curiosity, or something, bringing radical changes into the existence of Man and life on Planet Earth? Perhaps a new golden age of physics? Whether such knowledge will have powers to effect positive changes in the evolution of the problems Man is now facing? Here we can no longer expect conclusive answers from the high-energy accelerators, rather the latest research of the human brain. Such a Theory of Everything should not only provide answers to the question whether Man will forever be denied the ability to predict events beyond the limits set by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, but whether Man is relay as he appears to be? The situation of humanity and life on planet earth does put all questions regarding the material Universe in the shade, in comparison to the question of the continuation of life. In the final analysis, humanity may not have all that much time left to seek this ultimate answer, but it is here claimed that such a Theory of Everything can never be achieved without answers to questions concerning the many suggested mystical laws in nature. This includes prophesies which the New Age disciples, claim exist. This is based on a statement in the 10th chapter of The Book of Revelation; a statement that explicitly promises humanity such an Ultimate and Final Theory of Everything, or rather, an Ultimate and Final Recipe for the Universe. Genuine prophesies do not dabble in theories but only deal in truths, or laws; therefore they are presented as arbitrary declarations. Here is the divine prophetical promise for the ultimate knowledge for humanity: “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”

Many will react to reading such suggestions that this is just another claim by jet another religious crackpot claiming “divine intervention” and suggest that this is all about to be solved by physics and biology. These solutions to these riddles are however, at the quantum reality level, which is beyond the reach of these sciences but not out of the reach of the spiritual side of the human consciousness. This is the Creation-reality, or God-reality that in fact is the life giving part of reality but our sciences do not to this date know what produces the “missing arrow of time” that creates life, but the life giving effects of this reality are now more than ever in the past 7.000 years threatening to exterminate life on this planet. That it is the alcohol that is the fundamental cause of all of humanities problems, neither the learned nor the lay is aware of, but the reason for that is in the fact that man does not know the fundamental workings of the human brain. This is what I, Merlin the Wizard, have been meaning in my “the Dragon breaths everywhere” warnings since the 12th century.

Can we solve the Riddle of the Number 666?
Is Mr. 666 an evil Entity or Important to Humanity.

Some say that in the period after Newton, many believed that he had been the Angel of Light, Lucifer, or the one that the number 666 applied to. This was connected to the fact that in the year 1666, Newton had created the mathematics of the calculus and used the prism to prove that light consisted of 3 fundamental colors, in the same year that the Great Fire of London took place. It is possible here that this is somehow connected to the so-called Portsmouth Papers, which where the personal papers of Newton and which after his death were bought by John Maynard Keynes at an auction. It turned out that the papers contained a collection of all kinds of weird writings, amongst which about 20 different versions of the Book of Revelation were found. Newton had been a member of the--by the Anglican Church forbidden--Unitarian Church of England, which accused it of indulging in witchcraft. The words which Keynes used when he informed the shocked members of the Royal Academy of Science of his findings, have become famous; “Newton was not only the first in the age of reason, but the last of the age of the magicians.”

Other notables of history did not escape connections to The Book of Revelation, and here Nero, Martin Luther, Pope Leo X, Napoleon and Hitler are amongst the individuals which people believed the 13th chapter referred to. In later times, Christian religious groups, which are often referred to as fundamentalists, fanatical- or literal believers, have placed great emphasis on the interpretation of the prophesies in the Book of Revelation and recent times have seen a great increase in the productions of television material centered on the prophesy. Most interpretations have been literal and many are achieved by the use of interpretation-keys, taken mostly from the Old Testament of the Bible, for the decoding of the poetic, prophetic, symbolic visions language of the Book of Revelation. The interpretations produce an unrealistic and discontinuous picture, which has generally not been understood by the public, much less accept. The number 666 has then been seen as referring to what is claimed to be the popes official title; “Vicarivs filii dei”, or to the European Common Market; “The Club of Rome”, with its official seat in the City of Luxembourg. Lux = Light, suggesting that Lucifer, the Angel of Light comes from, or lives in, the City of Light.

The mark that the beast, and its followers, carry on their forehead, or on the back of the right hand, are suggested to be the modern merchandise prizing and stock computer reading stripes. Here the Seventh day Adventists, Pentecostals and Jehovah’s Witnesses are the busiest, although differences are found between individual interpretations. There is however, another, less amusing side to the interpretation of the Book of Revelation. This is the fact that a great number of individuals that suffer the psychiatric disorder and enter into Manic Psychosis, form delusions connected to The Book of Revelation. For males this is in the form where they see themselves as being the Second Coming of Christ, but females commonly believe that they are the Virgin Mary pregnant with the Christ Child. No psychological theories have even attempted to explain why this happens. Why this produces this specific delusion. There are of course numerous other “grandiosity delusions” of which the Napoleonic are the best known. Basically, these delusions are “super-ego” oriented, but here again our psychology is at a loss in explaining this; however, the QF-theory does achieve this explanation.

In accord with the continuous and comprehensive QF-interpretation of the Book of Revelation offered here in this book, then the discoverer of the Theory of Everything, would also be the person in chapter 13th, whose initials are hidden in the number 666. The shocking part of this is that--although it does not say so in the prophesy in the Bible--the common interpretation and believe regarding this riddle is that it represents someone called the Anti-Christ. This is supposedly the spiritual phenomena called different names such as: Beletzebuhl, Mephistopheles, Satan, Devil or Lucifer. Here, a prophesy of Nostradamus fits the picture. This is the one which contend that a Man, which is to have profound influence on the thinking of Man, will appear on a small island in the north-Atlantic. This would then fit the Final Theory of Everything. However, if such an author is not going to be presenting just another arbitrary spiritual declaration, he would have to be connected to the progression in physics and neurology. In the Prophesy of Nostradamus, there will be the appearance at the same time of the one he calls the “Great Genius” and the “Anti-Christ”. These two will then engage in the “Battle of Armageddon” in which the “Great Genius” will slay the “Anti-Christ”, but the QF-interpretation declares the “Great Genius” and the Anti-Christ to be one and the same man.

Indeed, we have come up against an Epimenides Paradox, or a Strange Loop, or a Catch 22. This paradox is even more vicious than the last one. It is the suggestion that all these persons in this discussion are one and the same, which may require some explanations. It is the suggestion that according to the Book of Revelation, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid and the Prophesy of Nostradamus that the individual who discovers the Theory of Everything, will be Mr. 666, which the Bible says nowhere is the Devil or the Anti-Christ. Were Mr. 666 the Devil or the Anti-Christ, he would be doing everything to prevent the discovery of the theory, which is indeed the case. The answer to this riddle is found through the QF-theory paradigm which say’s that the “Great Genius” and the “Anti-Christ” are two different sides to the same man! The Anti-Christ is a metaphor for the addiction induced functional disorders of the brain of the individual that discovers the QF-theory paradigm that includes Life and Consciousness. This means that the “Devil” represents the “separate and independent filter-will” appearing within the psyche of this man who has the number 666 fitting his initials.

People have been lead a stray by the misinterpretations of the prophesy. Mr. 666 is the “image of the second beast” which through the “12-step recovery-rehabilitation” is destroyed. The Book of Revelation describes how The Spirit of Christ destroys “The Devil” or “The False Prophet” in the psyche of this man. The Revelation is in fact describing how “the Spirit of the God-reality is through the Spirit of Christ reality” is handing this man, the Theory of Everything, which in spiritual language is THE LITTLE SCROLL, while at the same time freeing him from the bonds of his addiction. This is all taking place at the quantum level in the consciousness and the DNA of the brain of Mr. 666. -- No wonder that some call this “quantum change”!

At this point we come up against another realization; this is the suggestion by some that something in the subconscious of Man does not want the much discussed, Theory of Everything. That we can’t find the final theory, solve the final enigma, because “something” in us denies the solution before hand. This is supposedly so because the answers provided by the Theory of Everything will then become the final mirror for humanity and tell us the truth about our-selves and destroy that “something”. That the Theory of Everything will tell us the ultimate truth regarding what is to be found in our sub-conscious. This suggests that every Man and Woman will find within them selves that same “something” that is not supposed to be there, the same Mr. 666 as “The Great Genius” discovered and destroyed through the “12-step program”. This “something” is the alcohol created “filter” that the Aquarian is now starting to realize was the “something” that was being transferred from his spatial hemisphere to his material hemisphere in his “biofeedback” surges.

Still further wisdom visionaries suggest that this “something”, this “filter”, may indeed be the subject that we call the Devil and that this reality will do everything in his power to prevent Man from finding the final answer in the Theory of Everything. The theory would reveal the secrets of the Devil and this in turn would mean his end. He thus would apply all conceivable techniques of deception to prevent Men from believing such confounded apocalyptic nonsense, as The Book of Revelation appears to be. If this is true, then the strategic positioning of the Devil, right smack in the middle of sub-conscious of Man, would mean that he is especially well situated in order to control the human insanity’s that have been and are in progress on planet Earth. Dostoevsky surely hammered the nail on the head when he said: “If the Devil does not exist, but Man has created him, then he has surely created him in his own image and likeness.”

In the unique discovery of the truth that is described in the Book of Revelation, a very special and most unusual process is employed. This is the process of searching for lies instead of truth, which in the book THE LITTLE SCROLL, shows how the suggestion here prior by Dostoevsky, is really the case. This is precisely the result of Man’s pollution of his brain with alien chemicals that replace the naturally produced neurotransmitters. It involves copying some basic programs of the brain and depositing them in the wrong places. It further involves the questions regarding how lies are born in the human brain but it is actually the lies, which prematurely kill Man. It is the truth that in turn leads to health and happiness. Certainly there is a reasonable hope that this Book of Revelation explanation will be raising the reader’s interest in the Theory of Everything and that he will become interested in both truths, both sides of reality; the material-objective and the spiritual-subjective, and at the same time in the explanation of what lies constitute. Why is it that human beings who become conscious in their sub-conscious, whether in a healthy manner (mystics), or pathological (psychopaths), become interested in the Book of Revelation, and preoccupied with the mystical meaning of the symbolic figure of 666? The answer to that question is in the book THE ANGEL OF THE ABYSS whose foundation is in the book THE LITTLE SCROLL whose writing was begun in 1998, but this year was believed by some to be an “end-time prophesy” that heralded the end of the World. Numerically the year 1998 is a co-incidental synchronicity: 666 + 666 + 666 = 1998.

Well, this is my review on the subject of the 13th chapter in the Book of Revelation; the chapter that has been a source of terror to many through the past 20 centuries. We now move to hearing the Aquarian’s story of how he goes through the second part of his initial model creation for the sickness that almost killed him and which still holds him in dire danger until he will have finished the remaining chemical withdrawals from his autonomic nervous system. Again, we remind the reader that at this time the Aquarian has no knowledge of any relationship of the events taking place in his life to the Book of Revelation. All he knows is that he is in a serious pinch with the psychiatrist’s report in his possession, his still remaining withdrawals and his accumulation of sick-leave on top of the sick-leave he has already accumulated.

Tuesday 01st January 1985.
The Simplistic Addiction Model.

As the Aquarian awoke into the New Year’s Day morning his wife had already left to attend the festive lunch and as he moved himself into his meditative posture his first thoughts were the awareness of the fact that he was not hung-over. He had entered into the New Year without any alcohol fully conscious where he was and what he was doing realizing that he now had four months without using any alcohol or mind altering chemicals and that this had taken place without suffering any longings for any such toxic substances. Apart from the two mood swings that had set him on his step-work course and the two biofeedback surges he had not been suffering any depressive moods or anger rages. His state of consciousness had remained relatively stable; this was all apparently working towards returning him to a recovered state where none of his doubts regarding sober life existed. What was even more agreeable with this life he was now beginning to get used to, was this new consciousness of the “now” and the interaction with another will that was not a part of his ego, but still a part of his consciousness. He was by now beginning to realize that in order for him to find answer’s to the questions that came up in his life, all he would have to do was to learn the question and then turn it over to this other none-ego-will, or the Higher Power reality, which was in all probability the God-consciousness reality. The old saying from the sages that “the answer is already within you; the question is one of your access to it”, was by now becoming a part of the Aquarian’s reality.

The meditation review of the Aquarian’s situation now focused on the withdrawal situation which was apparently “frozen” through his use of the lithium. The tremors in his left arm and the intestinal spasms persisted although they were much milder that they had been at the onset and hardly noticeable on occasions. Although the lithium was not causing any failed re-uptake or falsely polarizing any neuronal interactions, it was classified as a major tranquilizer but this meant that he could not return to flying as long as he was using it. The Aquarian was well aware of the fact that it would not be long until the operations manager would be asking why he was not returning to flying; the company was getting impatient. On top of everything else it had turned out that the chief counselor had only provided a two-week medical absence certificate, but in order to be legal for flight he was going to have to take the matter of the Florida Hospital psychiatrist report up with the aviation medical authorities in Atlantiz and he had not even completed the withdrawals. These were indeed worrying developments but the Aquarian found himself surprisingly relaxed regarding them.

In the afternoon meditation, much to the surprise of the Aquarian, the subject of the addiction riddle from the day before returned with this strong sensation that this was something very important. He was at the same time having the strangest of feeling that the biofeedback experience he had gone through were telling him that the explanations for that addiction recovery were not in new dendrite connections between neurons as he had been thought in therapy. This had to be different and the main theme of the explanations had to be in some form where the wrong information were being deposited into the human sub-conscious spatial hemisphere introns; in fact, that was what created the “sub-conscious” which no one knew whether was natural to us or not. It was these wrongly stored information that where being repatriated in the biofeedback recovery, either in powerful surges or slow and gradual motion from the spatial- to the material-hemisphere.

Here the Aquarian realized that the lack of knowledge in the neuro-sciences regarding the deposition and retrieval of information in the brain was a major drawback for his effort at finding the explanations for the biofeedback transfer. To really understanding this he would have to know how this deposition and retrieval took place, but he had by now become convinced that the erroneous deposition was somehow being caused by the failed re-uptake in the synaptic exchanges and its associated wrong polarization of the post-synaptic neuron. How this actually happened depended on the information memory storing mechanism from the wave of consciousness to the neuronal memory depository.

However, by meditating the question with the QF-holographic brain and consciousness models from his vision experience (figures #018, #019 and #048)--combined with his personal biofeedback experience--in the light of the recovery knowledge gained from the Amateur Angels, the Aquarian could easily envisage what happened in the creation of the addiction. This would be the deposit of the wrong form of memory information in the positive-reality intron nucleotides, which had to be the programs that regulated the production of neuro-inhibitors. This meant that the greater the erroneous deposits, the lesser the production and greater the need for artificial, or counterfeit neuro-transmitters. Since these erroneous deposits were destined for the brains negative-reality exon side, they would obviously be at the same time the source of the gradually increasing negative character trades, or character defects. The Aquarian could now for the first time see how the addiction had to be created and even though he was not aware of how important this insight was for humanities future understanding of the brain and its functional disorders, the insight sent his spirits soaring for the rest of the day.

The evening was then spent entertaining friends and the Aquarian and his wife retired early, their sex life having been rekindled through the disappearance of the Aquarian’s back and rib-cage osteoporosis pains.

Wednesday 02nd January.
The next morning the Aquarian’s wife was of to work taking their two daughters to the kindergarten and the Aquarian was as soon as he awoke sitting in his Burmese Lotus posture continuing the meditation from the day before. The Aquarian could now visualize in his consciousness that the erroneously deposited information had to be in some form of quanta delivered by the twofold wave of consciousness and these could only be stored in the DNA’s nucleotides. This quantum was what caused all the functional disturbances in humans and caused the changes in their personality (see figures #020 and #021) and this was indeed the answer to the riddle of the ancient Greek philosophers; why does man continuously act against his better judgment? Here he had it; this was not just an explanation for the riddle of the ancients, but an explanation for Arthur Coestler’s suggestion that humanity had taken a wrong turn some 7000 years ago and the riddle of Sigmund Freud’s “super-ego” as well. It became obvious to the Aquarian that the work of the active alcoholic addict, Dr. Sigmund Freud, could be useful in explaining addiction behavior such as the Libido Complex thesis of his which was the trigger in Jung’s decision to defrock Freud as a fraud; never would it explain healthy human behavior.

The evening the Aquarian made some attempts at getting his wife interested in what was happening in his conscious life and the insights he was making, but it soon became clear to him that she neither understood what he was talking about, nor was she interested in it. He then turned the discussion into a subject that he had already opened with her, but this was a suggestion for them to go together to the Germany’s main detoxification and rehabilitation center where the Minnesota model therapies were offered. This was the clinic “Fachklinik Bad Tönisstein”, which was situated in the neighborhood of Koblenz, only a couple of hours drive from Frankfurt. His wife agreed and the Aquarian told her that the next day he would contact the clinic and make an appointment for them to come for consultation as soon as possible.

In the evening the Aquarian attended a meeting of the Intergroup of the Amateur Angels in the English Church, but at the meeting he found that there was definitely something amiss with his withdrawal progression.

Thursday 03rd January.
In the early morning the Aquarian made a call to the Bad Tönisstein clinic and was told, much to his pleasure that he and his wife could come for consultation at noon the next day. The day was then spent at home by the Aquarian where he alternated between meditation and running back and forth looking up information in books. The Aquarian could now see how the copying of the matter hemisphere created the “super-ego” in the alcoholic and made him such an egoist and created the dual morality which in turn created the ambivalent emotions. He could see how this alternate super-ego program was the source of all the functional disorders in the human brain and how this was the reason for the differences in individual performances through its genetic inheritance. This was certainly the reason for man’s concepts of “the inherited sin”, “the devil” and “the karmic law”. Before long the Aquarian had traced the concept throughout history, the religions, the philosophies and psychologies and had ended up seeing how the  descriptions of this phenomena were always negative, giving a negative impression of who so ever was said to be plagued by it. This was like labeling someone as an Alcoholic, or Alzheimer, rather than saying that this someone was a human being suffering from Alcoholism or Alzheimer.

Meditating this insight the Aquarian soon remembered that the concept of the “filter” had, according to Fred Alain Wolf, been discovered by the physicists working in Copenhagen with Niels Bohr from 1920 to 1930. In the Introduction to his brilliant book; The New Physics for Non-scientists. TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP he describes this thus: “Yet quantum mechanics indicated that what one used to observe nature on an atomic scale ‘created’ and determined what one saw. It is like always seeing light through a set of colored filters. The color of the light depends on the filter used. Yet there was no way to get rid of the filters. Physicists don’t know what ¬the filters are. Even the most basic idea of matter, the concept of a ‘particle,’ turns out to be misunderstood if one assumes that the particle has properties totally independent of the observer. What one observes appears to depend upon what one chooses to observe.” Through this the Aquarian now realized that here was a proper name for the memory quantum erroneously deposited in the spatial hemispheric intron nucleotides. This was a term that had no specific negative reference in human relations and this would from now on be the term he would use for this phenomenon; it gave no suggestive or derogatory label to anyone. The “filter” label only described the mechanism of the error in the human psyche which the Aquarian would now be scrutinizing for the coming years.

Friday 04th January.
On this day of the earth’s apergy, or closes position to the sun in its orbit, the Aquarian and his wife were up early and as soon as they had the girls in the kindergarten, they set the course for Koblenz and Bad Tönisstein. Two hours later the Aquarian’s arrived in the clinic which was housed in a large old “schloß”, or country mansion/palace. The did not have to wait long until they were in the office of the clinic’s senior psychologist who’s specialty was alcoholism and alcoholic behavior and its corrective recovery.

The Aquarian started by telling him his drinking and health deterioration history, followed by an account of his detoxification and rehabilitation. He then told him about his Amateur Angel’s attendance and the eventual 12-step work resulting in a major spiritual experience and biofeedback and that he was in the coming days traveling to Atlantiz for evaluation of his withdrawal situation. Then it was the Aquarian’s wife’s turn and much to his surprise, she started crying half way through her telling of her side of the story; but this was the first time he realized how much she had suffered from his drinking. She had simply kept a straight face pushing everything down on the inside; no wonder that she cried throughout the rest of her story.

The psychologist now gave them a summary of his views of the situation and his recommendation for the Aquarian’s wife. Since she was not an alcoholic the advice was for an extensive psychological therapy at the psychosomatic Fachklinik Bad Dürkheim in the neighborhood of the city of Ludwigshafen. He recommended that she write to the clinic as zoon as feasible. After a restaurant lunch the Aquarian and his wife had a quiet drive back to their home in Frankfurt, arriving just in time to pick-up the girls from the kindergarten. They then had a quite evening watching television as they used to do in the Aquarian’s drinking days.

Saturday 05th January.
The next morning the Aquarian again arose rather late and had just entered into the meditation when the personnel manager, Mr. Wrecker called, just as he had expected. He wanted to know when he would be able to be scheduled for flying again but the Aquarian could only tell him that he was still using tranquilizing medication and was not legal to fly. He then told him that was going to Luxembourg the next day, Sunday; on Monday he would then submit an extension of his medical attest before leaving for Atlantis in the early afternoon. In Atlantiz he would be seeing the addiction specialist psychiatrist, Dr. Wolfshield, but the situation with his withdrawals was in no way satisfactory. This satisfied the personnel manager but not the Aquarian; why was Mr. Wrecker asking him about his medical status? The management had obviously not been told about the Florida Hospital psychiatric report by the muddle-headed Mr. Hanjoson of the Cornerstone Institute Inc., but this would in the coming days give the Aquarian ample speculations to speculate on.

Again the Aquarian attended a meeting of the Amateur Angels, this time in the central office of the German fellowship and again he found that his withdrawal progression was somehow not right. At nine thirty in the evening his mother called to inform him that his father had become a little better but there was still no diagnosis of what was ailing him but his memory was failing him gravely and he was rapidly becoming demented with a consciousness of his childhood and did on occasion not recognize her. The Aquarian was pleased to be able to tell her that he would be in Atlantis the next day.

Sunday 06th January.
After he had bid his children good-by at noon the Aquarian’s wife drew her husband to the airport where he got the mid-day flight to Luxembourg.  Arriving there he checked into the Airport Hotel where he usually stayed and called one of his Amateur Angel pilot friends who picked him up and took him to the Atlantizian Amateur Angel’s meeting in the evening. He told them about his situation with the withdrawals and they all suggested that what he was doing—going to Atlantiz for advice—was the right thing to do. His Amateur Angel pilot friend drew him back to the hotel and told him that he would be coming to take him to the doctor he was seeing for the medical attest in the morning; he would then take him to the airport for his flight to Atlantiz. On the way back to the hotel the Atlantizian could not help himself telling his friend briefly about the experience he had made in Alaska and the consequential medical report. Wow, was all he got in an audible response but the look that went with is said everything. In the tradition of Atlantiz the 6th of January were the 13th day of Christmas and its last day.

                                                                                                                                                       The Lamb and His People.

The Intermezzo, Chapter Three
(Book of Revelation Chapter 14.)

The Lamb and His

Aquarian's Second Visit to the Detoxification
Clinic in Atlantiz. This Time it for Withdrawals
in his Autonomic Nerve System.
"The Third Horror."

Ours is the age which is proud of machines that think, and suspicious of men who try to.

                                                Howard Mumford Jones.

Book of Revelation Chapter 14.

1) Then I looked, and there was the Lamb standing on Mount Zion; with him were 144,000 people who have his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads. 2) And I heard a voice from heaven that sounded like a roaring waterfall, like a loud peal of thunder. It sounded like the music made by musicians playing their harps. 3) The 144,000 people stood before the throne, the four living creatures, and the elders; they were singing a new song; which only they could learn. Of all mankind they are the only ones who have been redeemed. 4) They are the men who have kept themselves pure by not having sexual relations with women; they are virgins. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They have been redeemed from the rest of mankind and are the first ones to be offered to God and to the Lamb. 5) They have never been known to tell lies; they are faultless.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Revelations 14.

The extraordianry coincidental synchronicity in the fact that the two times that the Aquarian enters into the Minnesota Model detoxification ward in Atlatntiz are described in the prophesy as having to do with "the 144.000 people of Israel". Of cours anyone can suggest that the cronological account in the life of the Aquarian is simply a fiction that is being made to match the prophesy, but as this is all documented, the match is as much an amazement to the Aquarian as anyone else. Of cours anyone can suggest that the QF-interpretations are all simply a coincidental synchronicity from A to Z, but that would call for odds that make no sence at all.

The interpretation of this part is considered to be a specially difficult one since it contains a lot of extreme spiritual prase of humans that is not common in modern reality and is in reality glorifying the efforts of humans at improving their character through spiritual practices; the QF-interpretation is thus only none-precision spiritual impression of people healping others.

1) "Lamb standing on Mount Zion; with 144,000 people who have his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads." Specification of location and spiritually sober people. 2) "voice from heaven that sounded like a roaring waterfall, like thunder... like harp music" Specification of people being in conscious contact with the God-realit. 3) "144,000 people before the throne, four living creatures, and the elders; they were singing a new song; which only they could learn. Of all mankind they are the only ones who have been redeemed." Specification of people with a functioning Jamai vu-fait faculty, belongin to the nation of the prophesy and enjoying a 24 hour reality consciousness. These also represent the Amateur Angels who have recovered world wide. 4) "have kept themselves pure by not having sexual relations with women; they are virgins. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They have been redeemed from the rest of mankind and are the first ones to be offered to God and to the Lamb." Specification of people who have their primary intron field cleared and live the 12-step. They have recovered and are governed by the "inner voice". 5) "They have never been known to tell lies; they are faultless." Specification of people who have recovered from addiction and are living the "now" consciousness.


The Aquarian’s Second Admission to the Detox Clinic in Atlantiz. His 21 Day Withdrawals from Toxicant in the Autonomic Nerve System.

The Lamb and His People.
Narration by “Morgan le Fay.”

The Strange Tale of Aqua-Dim and the Jinnee in the Bottle; a variation on a theme from the 1001 Arabian Nights fitting the music “Scheherazade” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Now Sultan Shahryar called together all the most skilled recorders and scribes of the eastern world, ordering them to set down the 1001 tales of Scheherazade, from first to last, in letters of gold, but after this Scheherazade told the king many more stories that were not written by the scribes... Here is the strangest of all her strange stories.., the one she told on first day after the cancellation of her execution. Here are the words of Sultan Shahryar on that occasion: “O Scheherazade, marvel of women.... you have won my heart. I found you pure and holy, subtle, ingenious, wise, discreet, a banisher of woe and darkness, a bringer of light and cheer. May Allah bless you and all your line before you and all who are yet to come”.

Said Scheherazade: “Listen O king, to a tale strange beyond imagining, told to me by none other than the mighty Merlin, the Wizard of the North. These are the words he spoke. “A curse be on those who claim to be soothsayers and are such not in truth. None are more of liars than those who for profit untruthfully claim to read the stars, and then swear by the beard of the Prophet. This is the story of Aqua-Dim of whom it had be prophesied, would find magical treasures beyond all mortal dreams, more powerful than the long lost lamp of Ala-Din; the lamp that commanded the black efreet.

“Legends tell that long ago, on a certain island situated in the faraway northern seas, there lived a mighty magician who had a son by the name of Apallo Aqua-Dim. One day the young Aqua-Dim was walking along the sea when he saw a bottle that had been cast upon the shore by the waves. The young boy picked up the bottle and when he examined it, he saw that it had a label that bore three words, Vodka, Aquavit, Whisky, and below these words was written, these three word mean all the same; Water of Life. Further to his surprise he saw that inside the bottle sat a tinny being that moved about, so Aqua-Dim took the cork out of the bottle. At that very moment a raven crowed, the sky darkened, a lighting flashed and a thunder was heard in the distance. Suddenly on the sandy shore a small Jinnee was dancing about singing:

            Though I rule the wind and wave,
                 a thousand years I’ve been a trottle.
            From this moment I’ll be your slave,
                 for you’ve freed me from the bottle.
When the Jinnee had repeated the verse a few times, he turned to Aqua-Dim and bowed jestingly and said: Venerable master! You have set me free from my imprisonment of a thousand years in the bottle and that makes you my master. Henceforth I shall be bound to you as long as you shall live and it shall be my duty to fulfil all of your wishes and make all your dreams come true, when ever you choose to call for me. The bottle you have freed me from shall from now on become invisible to all except you yourself and it will follow you where ever you go. All you have to do is to reach out for the bottle and it will manifest in your hand and with it “I,” the spirit of the bottle, will appear. At this both the Jinnee and the bottle disappeared.

The young Aqua-Dim went home but told no one of his experience for he knew no one would believe him. It would however, not be long until he would have to test whether the Jinnee had spoken the truth or whether he had not simply been dreaming the whole bottle episode. When the time came for his first trying to reach out for the bottle he did it where only his best friends were present and to his surprise both the bottle and the Jinnee appeared but his friends could see neither. The Jinnee then repeated the short verse he had recited on the sea-shore and then bowed to Aqua-Dim and addressed him: Your wish master! After Aqua-Dim had recovered from his surprise he told the Jinnee that he wanted to become a rich prince that rode a white winged horse and was victorious in all his battles and that he would be lead into the harems of the world. The Jinnee made his wishes come true and Aqua-Din would relay on the; “reaching for the bottle,” for most all his desires, needs and dreams in life, and the Jinnee would set him up on a flying carpet and it appeared to Aqua-Dim that he was giving him a life that fitted a Khalifah as he was brought to meet numerous princesses.

The years passed and when Aqua-Dim had reached the midst of his life he began to notice that the wings of his winged horse were loosing its feathers and it had become thin, its colour changed into pale. He now began to notice that he no longer appeared as a prince and that he was no longer victorious in any of his battles. He was even falling of the flying carpet and on the few occasions he found himself in the harem, he was thrown out by the laughing eunuchs. Aqua-Dim now saw that he had become the beggar and he began to look back at his life where he discovered to his dismay that the white horse he had first ridden had been changing colours through the years. It had first turned red, then black and last pale.

When Aqua-Dim realized that the Jinnee had only been throwing him illusions instead of reality in the granting of his wishes, he became angered and reached out for the bottle and the Jinnee appeared. Now the frightened Aqua-Dim saw to his dismay that the Jinnee had grown many-fold and was now many times bigger than he himself. When the Jinnee now enquired of Aqua-Dim what his wishes were, Aqua-Dim told him that he wanted him to go back into the bottle. At his the Jinnee started laughing hysterically and when he managed to stop, he recited a new wears that Aqua-Dim had not heard before:

            Though I rule the wind and wave,
                 my joy is in that you’re my slave.
             Not in a thousand years you trottle,
                 will you get me back in the bottle.

When Aqua-Dim heard this he became furious and attacked the Jinnee in order to force him into the bottle, which had anyway become much to small for the big and fat Jinnee. At each attack the Jinnee now punched Aqua-Dim into tatters and when he finally gave up he took the bottle and looked it over once more to see if there were any instructions on it, but to his horror he now found that there was another label, a black one carrying a skull and crossbones and beneath it was written; Aqua Circulus Vitiousus.

After this experience Aqua-Dim made some further attempts at getting the Jinnee back into the bottle but these would always end the same way, he would be knocked cold by the laughing Jinnee and he eventually came to realize that he was going to kill him. After lamenting a while about how dependent on the Jinnee he had become and that he could not live without him, Aqua-Dim sought help amongst various sorcerers but this was all to no avail until he was told of a secrete society of magicians who were said to know how to master most all evil Jinnees and Aqua-Dim went to their school. There he was taught that in order to get the Jinnee back into the bottle, all he had to do was to admit that he was powerless over him and not to reach out for the bottle. The longer he refrained from reaching for the invisible bottle, the smaller the Jinnee would become, for he was nourished by his calling for him. When the Jinnee had reach his smallest size he would automatically slip into the bottle. This Aqua-Dim did and all came to pass as he had been told and when the Jinnee was back screaming into the bottle, Aqua-Dim put in the cork and sealed it with seal that contained two magical letters Aleph and Aleph describe in the X-96th Quatrain in the prophesy of Nostradamus.

Aqua-Dim had further been told that he would have to keep and guard the invisible bottle for the rest of his life, for it was only he himself that could let the Jinnee out again. The possibility existed that the Jinnee would try to put a spell on him through having him dream of the first days of the initial illusions he had lived through and might thus be tempted to let him out again, but that would mean that the Jinnee would grow right back to his last size and Aqua-Dim would be back riding the pale horse. To ensure that this would not happen, the magicians advised Aqua-Dim that he would have to enlist the help of Allah the all merciful. He would have to turn his wishes over to Him and let His wisdom and judgement decide his reality for Allah alone can see tomorrow’s needs. If he wanted to live free from the threat of the Jinnee, he would best live only one day at a time and turn his life over to the wonderful ways of Allah.

To begin with and only out of his fears of the Jinnee, Aqua-Dim did everything he was told to counter the evil magic of the Jinnee and in so doing he began to find that his life again became adventures that were not finished at the days end but would continue the next day and he came to realize that he was in a way extending his life with the unfinished adventures. When Scheherazade stopped hear narration, both the king and his company, which had listened in amazement, still sat as spell-bound for a while until the king broke the silence and said: ‘This, Scheherazade, is indeed the strangest of all your strange stories and it better continue to morrow or else we shall have to reconsider our latest orders.’ At this Scheherazade bowed humbly to her Shahryar and replied: “O virtuous king, tomorrow, if Allah wills, I will tell you more, for my stories never end today, they always end tomorrow.”

                                                                                                                                                                           End of the Never Ending Story.

We decided to tell this story here because it is now during the Aquarian’s withdrawals that he will have to focus his consciousness on  same “one day at a time” consciousness, which had kept the storyteller Scheherazade in the THOUSAND AND ONE ARABIAN NIGHTS, alive for the 1001 nights that it took to save her. The 1001 Arabian Nights told the story of a woman by the named Scheherazade who had married a Sultan who held all records for hating women, since his wife had cheated on him. He then had her beheaded and took to marrying a new wife each day having them beheaded in the morning after. Now it was the turn of Scheherazade to marry the Sultan and to have hear head chopped of in the morning, but she reacted by telling the Sultan strange and fascinating adventure stories and made certain that they would not end when the Sultan would go to sleep in the early morning hours; he would therefore have to postpone the execution in order to hear the rest of the story the next day. She would then continue the storytelling the next day into a new adventure that again would not be finished when the Sultan retired. This then continued for a 1001 nights when the Sultan had become dependent on the adventures of Scheherazade and cancelled the execution order for good.

It is now for the next thirty six days he is going to be in the hands of his 144.000 people of Israel who will hold him in their empathy and give him strength while he is going through the painful withdrawals. We now turn to the telling of the events in the life of the Aquarian that take place during the time the Revelation describe as the time of the Lamb and His People.

Monday 07th January 1985.
The Aquarian was again early up for breakfast and as soon as he had finished, his Amateur Angel pilot friend arrived to take him to Dr. Wahade. Dr. Wahade was the only medical doctor in Luxembourg, who knew anything about addictions. He gave her a brief story on his addiction and treatment and told her that he was going to Atlantiz to see the specialist who was advising him on his withdrawals but she was only too pleased to give him a two week extension on the medical. He then took the medical straight to the Cargolux Airlines office on the airport where he handed it over to Mr. Wrecker, the personal manager trying to explain to him at the same time what was going on with his withdrawals and that he was now going on the next flight to Atlantis to see the psychiatric addiction specialist which had guided him in the beginning of his detoxification. Mr. Wrecker listened but it was as if it were somehow written all over him that he was not interested; all he wanted to know was when would he be back and fit to fly. This, the Aquarian could not tell him, but he promised him that he would call him as soon as he had any specific information from the doctor in Atlantiz.

A couple of hours later the Aquarian was on board the Atlantiz Air DC-8-63 bound for Atlantiz, where he now turned down all offers for free drinks by his cabin attendant friends. He then spent the flight thinking about the difference in his mental state on this flight was from the one he had made on the 31st of August last; what a colossal change had taken place in his thinking. Arriving in Atlantiz in the early evening the Aquarian registered in his regular hotel, the Atlantiz Airlines Hotel on the city airport of the capital, where he called his mother as soon as he had checked in. He asked here to go with him to see his father which she agreed to and a few minutes later he picked her up in a taxi that took them to the City Hospital.

Seeing his 84 year old father in a hospital bed was a new experience for the Aquarian, but more of a shocking experience was for him to realise that it was not clear whether he recognised him or his mother. As it was quite difficult to have a conversation with his father, the Aquarian did not stay long and kissed him goodbye not knowing that this would be the last time he would see his father alive. He left and after having taken his mother home, he went for a meeting of the Amateur Angels; these were truly miraculous treatments for all inner turmoil.

Tuesday 08th January until Monday 21st January.
After the mediation and breakfast of the next morning a friend from the meeting the evening before came and took him to the detox clinic where he met with Dr. Wolfshield who sent him for a blood sample lithium test before having him for consultation. After the Aquarian had told him about his condition and sensations and that he was personally convinced that al the lithium was doing was to keep the withdrawals frozen. He also told him about the predicament he was in regarding his employment and that he could not fly using medication that was classified as a major tranquilizer. He explained to him that once he was through the withdrawals he would eventually have to do something about the report from the psychiatrist in the Florida Hospital; the Cornerstone Institute counsellor working for his company knew about the report and that meant that he would—that he should--be telling his employer about it. It should be obvious that he was in quite a pinch with his unfinished withdrawals.

Dr. Wolfshield now agreed with the Aquarian and told him that he would admit him to the clinic and that he should stop the lithium intake from now on. The Aquarian now asked what he should tell his employer regarding how long the withdrawals would take, the doctor suggested four to six days. At this the Aquarian again drew with his friend to the hotel where he called Mr. Wrecker as promised and told him the four to six days prognostics of Dr. Wolfshield, then paid the bill and they returned to the detox where he an hour later found himself in pyjamas and a bathrobe greeting the 60 patients in the ward. A couple of hours after the Aquarian had been admitted he vent through the half-an-hour long withdrawals from the lithium and an hour after that he was hit with the first colonal spasms which folding him together lasted about an hour and a half. These were now to become his lot, night and day for the next twenty one days, lasting for about an hour and a half each time, with about two and a half hour of respites in-between. It was the Aquarian’s good fortune that he did not know this and believed in the four to six day prognosis of Dr. Wolfshield. The spasms were apparently the digestion rhythm of the colonal intestine and they made it feel as if the whole of his colon was one flaming ulcer but the Aquarian was suspecting this to be only a cleaning action in the neuron in his pones rather than actually damage in the colon. However, in his consciousness the Aquarian did not notice any specific sensations any more; it seemed as if the brain’s worst biofeedback was over and his consciousness seemed quite clear.

For the pain associated with the spasm the Aquarian was not given any medication but was supplied with a hot water bottle which he filled each time he got the spasm and the held it on the colon area of his lower abdomen. This routine of the Aquarian now remained unchanged for the next 15 days with the pains remaining the same throughout as he either took his sleep or attended lectures, group-therapy or Armature Angel meetings in-between the attacks, depending on the time of the day. After about 10 days the Aquarian called his companies personal manager telling him that he was still in the clinic and the withdrawals were not letting up and he would get Dr. Wolfshield to send an extension of his medical that should be there in time to cover him when the medical of Dr. Wahade expired on the 21st; He could clearly sense the disapproval in Mr. Wrecker’s voice. The Aquarian's sick leave history had by now become critical.

In the first days after his admission he met an elderly gentleman who had been a prominent lawyer in the first part of his carrier but who had become attached to barbiturates through his curing of his alcohol hangover with them and who was going through some severe withdrawals. He attached himself to the Aquarian who started telling him about living in the consciousness of “now” one day at a time and as he was making the effort at teaching the lawyer about this he noticed that there was something missing in his own understanding of this concept. Much to his surprise the Aquarian found himself telling an Amateur Angel’s meeting that the recovering alcoholic addict had to live like the Sultana Scheherazade in the 1001 Arabian Nights. She kept herself alive by telling the Sultan who was going to have her beheaded, ever new adventure stories, which were not finished in the evening and had to be continued the next day forcing the Sultan to postpone the execution one day at a time. After this the Aquarian found that he was somehow changed in his attitude towards not knowing when his withdrawals would end, but the he was himself beginning to wonder when this would, or if it would ever end. Perhaps is would just continue for the rest of his life? Dr. Wolfshield was not given any more prognoses about anything concerning the Aquarian’s withdrawals.

Tuesday 22nd January to the Monday 28th January.
The Aquarian, who was no longer living in a night and day rhythm, noticed sometime during an early morning spasm respite, that it was his 48th birth day. It was then in the early afternoon, while the rest of the patients were in the auditorium for their afternoon lecture, that the Aquarian found himself sitting in the clinic’s lowest level smoking lounge in front of its dining room, with his hot water bottle on his lower abdomen, that he went through one more of the strange experiences he was now beginning to experience in his life. The smoke lounge was at the bottom of a three levels of flours reaching about 20 meters up from where the Aquarian was hunched in a sofa and now he suddenly hears a sound above himself that sounded like a huge bee flying in circles as it spiralled down towards him. Of course he knew not that this was the virtual energy tone of the “ohm” and much less did he know what I meant but the turned his head upward looking for the fly that was making this humming sound. He could of course not see anything but felt the sound now becoming louder as it approached his head on the right side; then the sound suddenly disappeared and in stead he felt the strongest spiral sensation he had ever felt on his spatial hemispheric temporal lobe. As the spiral bore itself into the Aquarian’s brain the current spasm in his lower abdomen subsided and the Aquarian, who did not know whether this was the effect of the spiral or just the due respite, got up and went to his room to sleep through the time until the other patients returned to their rooms.

About an hour and a half later, the Aquarian’s roommates returned and one of them, the one occupied the bed next to him, awoke him up and told him that a large area of his matter temporal lobe was covered by dried blood. The Aquarian, who felt nothing in this area of his head, stood abruptly up and started feeling the spot; sure enough it was covered with dried blood and he brusquely walked out of the room and across the hall to the toilet where he could view the dried blood in the mirror. He then washed the blood away and looked carefully for a wound or open cut of some sort but could find any so he went back to his room where he asked his roommate to look for but he could find none either. The Aquarian then told his roommate about the spiral sensation as his room mate stared at him believing every word he said remarking afterwards: “it’s the Higher Power’s birthday present for you Apallo”. A while later, the colonal spasm returned, but this time it had decreased considerably and from now, for the next six days, this would be his experience until on the afternoon of the 28th the pain form the spasm had almost disappeared.

When the Aquarian reported to Dr. Wolfshield that his spasm had ceased, the Dr. told him that after the severity of his withdrawals he wanted to be sure that nothing worse was ailing his intestine and that he had made an appointment for him to see Dr. Gunnald, a gastrointestinal specialist at the Catholic Hospital in the morning the next day.

Tuesday 29th January.
The Aquarian awoke after having slept uninterrupted through the firs night in 20 days and after having had a breakfast the clinic’s driver now took the elated Aquarian to Dr. Gunnald who listened to the Aquarian’s recent medical history and sent him for blood and urine sample telling him to come back sober of everything early in the morning of the 1st of February for roentgen and colonoscopy.

Friday 01st February.
On the morning of the first of February the Aquarian found himself in the waiting room of Dr. Gunnald and it was now while await his turn he started to look around in the magazines that were offered the patients to kill time with. His attention was caught on a fifty year anniversary publication by the Pentecostal Church of Atlantiz and he was soon into an interesting article about the New Age, or the Age of Aquarius movement, and an article about the number 666, the Mark of the Beast, but these writings were full of strange discussions, new to him. The subject he found was amusing, curious and outrageous all in one, but the repeated discussion about the “beast” in the Book of Revelation, really caught his attention. This was the 13th chapter of the prophesy and it was about a man-beast whose name was hidden in the number 666 and who was generally believed to be someone who was destined to take over the world and then to destroy it and in some quarters believed to be the person who would save the world.

The Aquarian remembered trying to read the Book of Revelation during his preparation for his Confirmation, but it had been much too difficult for him to understand any of it. In Luxembourg he had seen a religious program on Luxembourg television which was paid for by a rich American who tried to give a literal explanation of the prophesy with the aid of cartoons. This Aquarian could only regarded this as a confusing bag of rubbish and all that the he remembered was being baffled at how someone could make so much money that he could pay for showing such a rubbish program and still be so confused as to try to tell people the ignorant interpretation he offered. Humanity was really confused in its interpretations of spiritual mystical metaphors not being able to connect these to the quantum mechanical and neurological processes in the human brain.

The Aquarian did not have to wait long before he got his turn with the doctor who took him through roentgen and colonoscopy examination and afterwards told him that all was well with his digestive system and that he could not find anything wrong with his colon. However, he had found as mall growth on the wall of his colon and the he wanted to remove it; this he said was a standard safety practice. He would have to come back on the 5th for another colonoscopy and polypectomia operation for the removal of a small polyp in his colon.

Saturday 02nd February and Sunday 03rd February.
The next two days the Aquarian remained in the detox clinic with full attendance to the programs for the patients for the first time since arriving there for the second time. His spasm had fully subsided.

Monday 04th February.
Shortly before noon the Aquarian’s wife called him and told him that the personal manager, Mr. Wrecker of the company he worked for, had called and asked about his situation and when he would be returning to work. He advised her that his medical was expiring on this day and it would be advisable for him to submit a new one as soon as possible. The Aquarian immediately caught on to the situation and told her that a new medical would be in express mail the same afternoon, asking her to call Mr. Wrecker and tell him about this.

Fortunately Dr. Wolfshield was in the clinic and upon hearing the Aquarian’s explanation of the situation, he immediately dictated a certificate for him to mail to the company. The medical read as follows:

                                                                                S-Á-Á Clinic Vogur
                                                                                                                                                                                Atlantiz February 4th 1985.

I hereby certify that Apallo Aquarian born 22.01.1937 has been under my professional care, since late December. First as an outpatient, and as an inpatient since January eighth, and is still on inpatient basis and will be for the next week or so.

During the stay here, he developed gastrointestinal symptoms, which have delayed his discharge. He underwent a thorough gastroentological examination at St. Josephs Hospital in Atlantiz under the care of Dr. Ólafur Gunnlaugsson, which revealed a recital polyp and colon spasticum.

He will undergo an operation in the fifth of February to remove this polyp, and will then return to this hospital, and if no complications arise, he will be discharged on the eighth of February. He can resume his duties as pilot a week later.

During his stay here all other symptoms have subsided, without medication.

Brief reactive psychiatric disturbance associated with alcohol recovery.
Colon spasticum.
Rectal polyp.

                                                                                   Wolfshield Hawkinson, M.D.

The Aquarian wasted no time in getting the attest taken to the central post office where it was mailed express the same afternoon. He would later be informed that the letter had arrived in the hands of the personal manager seven days later, or two days prior to his own arrival in his office.

Tuesday 05th February and Wednesday 06th February.
The next morning the Aquarian again went again to see Dr. Gunnald for further colonoscopy and the polypectomia operation. The “polypectomia” was then carried out by the doctor who afterwards told him that the polyp removal operation had gone well and the Aquarian returned to the detox clinic after having bee told to return on the seventh for a check on the healing after the operation.  In the afternoon that day the Aquarian kept a low profile staying mostly in bed but the next day he was again taking active part in the clinics programs. By this time the Aquarian began to become conscious that in his recovery he had first gone through 21 days of mental biofeedback withdrawals, or from the 22nd of November till the 12th of December. He had then started to go through the physical withdrawals which had been interrupted by the ignorant interference with the lithium by the Florida Hospital doctor, Lumier MD. The physical withdrawals had then been re-started with his discontinued intake of the lithium on his re-entry into the detox ward on the 7th of January, and had then been continued for 21 days like the spiritual biofeedback.

Thursday 07th February.
Before the Aquarian on the 7th left the detox clinic to meet with Dr. Gunnald, Dr. Wolfshield told him that he was now discharged and that the doctor did not expect any further withdrawal symptoms. He could now go to a hotel for the time he still needed with Dr. Gunnald.

While waiting in Dr. Gunnalds waiting room the Aquarian was again drawn to the strange anniversary edition of the did Pentecostal Church which he found himself reading while waiting. When his turn then came with the doctor for his check-up on the operation, the Dr. told him the news that the findings indicated nothing amiss with his colon and that he would now only have to come once again for a final check. This would be on the 11th and after that he would in all likelihood be able to return to work. The Aquarian now moved into his regular hotel in Atlantiz, the Atlantiz Airlines airport hotel.

Friday 08th February until Sunday 10th February.
In accord with the advice of Dr. Wolfshield the Aquarian remained the three days awaiting the test results from the polypectomia in his colon resting in the hotel recovering his sleep rhythms and taking it easy. This was what the Aquarian now did but he could feel that the ongoing of the past four weeks had sapped his strength severely; he was unquestionably short of endorphin and dopamine. However, to his contentment he had noticed that he was not getting any worry thoughts about the withdrawals symptoms returning; they had all been caused by chemical residue in the autonomic nervous system in the top part of his spine and these had now been removed. The Aquarian now attended two to three meeting daily while he awaited the results from Dr. Gunnald and in-between he chanted, mediated and read the Book of Revelation which had become just about the most curious thing he had ever come across. The more he read in it, the more it appeared that he could understand it if he changed its pictorial metaphors into quantum mechanical and neurological events taking place in the brain of an alcoholic progressing into alcoholism and recovering from it. As he had started to read the prophesy had quickly realised that the so called four horses of the apocalypse were metaphors for the four stages of the alcohol addiction progression; they were perfect poetic description of the progression of the sickness. Alcoholism was the scorch of the earth; of that there was no doubt and this was obviously known to the Creation-reality, the God-reality and had been for aeons. There was however, more to the alcohol than the sciences knew and this idea was now beginning to take a hold of him but he was at the same time aware of the fact that it was quite common that manic or schizophrenic psychotic people were know to become totally involved in the Bible, in particular the Revelation. Maybe this was what was happening to him and the explanation was that inanity was a state of consciousness where everything one thought seemed normal and logical to oneself. He was going to have to look at this later with the help of others he could trust.

Monday 11th February.
Again the Aquarian was checked by Dr. Gunnalds and again the results were satisfactory and as a parting comment the Dr. told him that he would be advising him through Dr. Wolfshield should the if the “histological” test indicated any harmful cellular alteration. As the Aquarian left the clinic he asked the attending nurse if he could have the anniversary edition of the Pentecostal Church that had drawn his attention. She approved and he now took it with him to the detox clinic where he picked up his suitcase and checked into his regular Atlantiz Air hotel on the city airport where he let it be his first act once he was in his room to get the standard hotel Gideon Bible and look up the contents of the 13th chapter, which was so much discussed in the Pentecostal publications. The Aquarian now read slowly through the chapter meditating the bizarre descriptions it offered and by the time he had reached the 18th verse, which presented the riddle of the name of the man who was hidden in the number 666, he was in a state of shock which was effected his logic side rather than the emotional side. It had become clear to him that the bizarre and apparently illogical pictures described in the chapter, were metaphysical metaphors, or koans describing the same phenomena that he had been puzzling together at the beginning of the year while at home in Frankfurt. The pictures of who ever experienced the visions in the prophesy of the revelation, were one and the same he had put together in his model of the alcohol addiction. First Beast was the spatial hemisphere in the addiction; the Second Beast was the mater hemisphere in the addiction and the “image of the First Beast” into which the Second Beast is “allowed to breathe life into” was none other than the “addiction filter” in the spatial hemispheric introns. From there on the rest of the riddle would be easy; the man whose name was hidden in the number 666 could only be the one who could solve the riddle of the first 17 verses. Any solving of the riddle of the name alone would be without a meaning all by it self and any interpretation of the Two Bests as being just evil, without an explanation of the causes for the evil and its wrong though-mechanism, would be a waist of time.

The Aquarian now had just one thing to confront and the whole affair would be over, but he had noticed that he had not had any experience with osteoporosis pains, so this effort of his was really paying of. By this time the Aquarian had become quite conscious of how close he had actually come to killing himself with his crossing of alcohol with the codeine; and how close he had come to harm with the Florida Hospital psychiatrist, Dr. Lumier, trying to get him to take psycho-reactive medication. The legacy of the psychiatrist’s report was now the only thing he had left to deal with, but here the Aquarian was not informed that by this time, or on the 30th of January, the psychiatrist had actually written a conclusive medical report with a “discharge diagnosis” where he had pronounced the Aquarian as going though withdrawals and that bipolar affective disorder, manic phase was ruled out. Neither did the Aquarian know that this report was now in the hands of the psychopathic nincompoop counsellor, Mr. Hanjoson of the Cornerstone Institute who was incapable of thinking that he should forward it to the Aquarian.

In the meantime the novice Aquarian had the withdrawals behind him and could start to meditate how he should deal with the medical report of Dr. Lumier. When he retired he spent a good time meditating the issue and came to the conclusion that the only thing he could do was to “poor his employer clear wine in the glass”. He would have to tell his department heads about the report from Dr. Lumier and show it to them if they so wished; that was, if Mr. Hanjoson had not already done so, but he would be in a much better position now that he was through the withdrawals. The solution would be to tell them that he would be going for full professional psychiatric tests and evaluations and that if this was satisfactory, he would then present it to the Atlantiz Aviation Authority’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Wolfsan, who could then decide what to in the matter. The Aquarian was clear in his mind that he would not go straight to the 74 year old Dr. Wolfsan that would get him into more trouble than he could handle.

After the now extended history of medical absences, the Aquarian did not need to be a prophet to see what kind of response that would call for, but to him it was that this would unlash a storm of dismissal efforts by the company. It was not even certain that the company would want to keep him on as a pilot once the Dr. Lumier report was known to the management, but none the less the Aquarian would have to phase this risk; there was no question of him deciding about his psychiatric state by himself. In view of what he had been though and the fact that the company’s addiction counsellor had a copy of the report, that would be utter folly. He had to be truthful, honest and straight forward in this matter; that was sure to take him through this problem with victory. Should he return to flying without telling his departmental heads, anything could happen? The operations manager might come on board as he was getting ready for flight and start to ask him questions such as: Mr. Aquarian is it not true that you have a medical report in your possession that says that you are possibly suffering from a severe psychiatric illness? To this he would have to reply; Yes. Then the operations manager would next ask; Mr. Aquarian is it not true that through this medical report your airman medical becomes invalid? To this he would also have to reply; Yes. Then the next obvious question would be; Mr. Aquarian is it not true that without a valid airman’s medical, your pilot’s license would not be valid? Again the reply would be; Yes. At this point the most important question would now be uttered by the operation manager; Mr. Aquarian is it not true that for you to fly under such circumstances would render the insurance for the 120.000.000 dollar aircraft invalid, as well as the insurance for the people on board and any other on ground that might suffer from such an accident? To such as question the Aquarian would again have to reply; Yes. At this point the operations manager would in all probability come to his last question; Mr. Aquarian is it not true that should something happen to the aircraft, destroying it, with you on board as a registered crewmember, this would spell the end of the company? Once the Aquarian would reply his yes to this question, it would end the questioning with an exclamation from the operation’s manger; Mr. Aquarian, your contract is cancelled! You are fired! The only response the Aquarian would have would be to claim that he was insane and did not know what he was doing, or something equally enlightened in order to have access to the license insurance and the company disability pension insurance.

The other option was of course the Bad Boy Pilot option; the Aquarian would simply take the report from Dr. Lumier from the Florida Hospital and bring it to the Atlantiz Aviation Authority’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Wolfsan, who would only be to happy to write a lose of license report on the basis of it. Should there be any doubt in the mind of the good doctor and his advisers, all he would have to do was to tell them about the visions in the hotel room in Alaska. This meant telling them that he had discovered the unified field equation that Einstein had spent the last thirty years of his life looking fore and which most of the leading theoretical physicists were looking for. Should this not suffice, the he could always fall back on the insights he was making into the interpretation of the Book of Revelation; that was sure to work. This would mean 5.000.000 Luxembourg franks in license insurance and 75% of his last salary, with instrumental raise parallel to the one the working pilots were getting. The only drawback to this was the fact that in all probability he would be deemed incapable of managing his own financial affairs which in turn would be turned over to his wife, but this would unquestionably solve al their financial problems. However, eventually he would be very likely to be confronted with the threat of her divorcing him once things had settled down, since she the deal she had made was to marry a pilot, not a nutty insane alcoholic. He was quite likely to find himself living alone in a small apartment in a few years with no one taking him seriously, seeing him simply as an insane crackpot. Indeed; this was a most un-attractive prospect, one the Aquarian could not see himself opting for.

The overriding concern fro the Aquarian should however be the issue of truthfulness and honesty; that was now supposed to be the first motto in his life. Basing his life on a grand scheme of falsification would be something that would effect his Higher Power relation in a most adverse way and would in all likelihood lead him into drinking again. The other side of this was that should he be going the same way as the Bad Boy Pilot, this might be enough for his employer to decide to stop showing any consideration for pilots who wanted to safe their lives from alcoholism. No, this was not the way. His psychological condition would have to be decided through tests; not through a "you seem funny to me" diagnosis. Through his meditation the Aquarian could now see what a ridicules situation such an irresponsible action could produce and that its consequences could not be predicted. The Aquarian’s conclusion was that his next action should be to return to Frankfurt to get a copy of the report of Dr. Lumier and bring it to Luxembourg where he would confront his superiors with the truth and a suggestion for a viable solution to the dilemma. His doctoral sick leave certificate only lasted until the 14th, so that he only had three days until he would have to report for flight-duty.

Tuesday 12th February.
It was now in the mid-morning hours that the Aquarian was awakened by a phone call from his mother who had brought him the sad news that his father had died from a hear attack in the early morning. After talking to his mother for awhile the Aquarian next called his companies personnel manager, Mr. Wrecker and told him about his situation; that he had completed the physical withdrawals successfully and was reedy to return to Luxembourg. He then told him about his father passing away and asked for the “two-day death in the family” contracted off days to spend with his family and then return on the 15th. This was graciously granted by Mr. Wrecker, but the Aquarian’s sick leave attest was expired on the 15th.

Wednesday 13th February.
The next day the Aquarian now spent with his family during which he told his mother, sister and brothers that he was now free of all toxicants and had fully recovered from their effects. Without telling his family about Dr. Lumier’s medical report, he told them about his employment situation after the long period of medical absences and that he was in dire straits facing the possibility of dismissal if he was not returning to flying very soon. He told them that he would now have to return to Luxembourg and would not be able to attendance to his father’s casket laying and funeral. He further explained to them that this could not come at a worse time emotionally; this would in particular be time-consuming since a memorial service was to be held in the capital with the funereal to be conducted later on Dragon Island. His mother, sister and brothers understood and the Aquarian bad them farewell.

Thursday 14th of  February, Valentinesday.
The Aquarian's last day in Atlantis he spent attending meetings all day and consulting with his closest Amateur Angels friends, since he was flying to Luxembourg to face the music in the early morning. As the Aquarian retired to his meditation in his hotel room he now became stronger conscious than before of how threatening his interpretations of the foreboding prophesy of the 13th chapter of the Book of Revelation realy were.

The scary part was in the fact that his interpretations in the past 14 days made perfect sense and his inner voice kept telling him that he was this 666 beast person which in his interpretation was nothing but a metaphor for the alcoholic syndrome and the initials for his name. It had by now become clear to him that this either meant that he was nuts, or that he had solved the riddle of the human brain and its addictions, plus the explanations for its recovery. This meant that he was washed up flying through the lose of his license if he was nuts, or if on the other hand he could convince himself that he was not insane, then it would mean that he would have to dedicate the rest of his life trying to pass his insights on to humanity. Either way he was through with flying, which meant that his future looked indeed bleak as it did not indicate that he would have any income unless he was crazy.

What ever the outcome, he would not take the insanity label unless it was confirmed by thorough psychological testing and evaluation, but as he thought about this he sensed that he would be glad to take the other option, no matter what the obstacles were and how hard it would to complete. This he would be doing for the sake of his elder doughtier who unquestionably was hyperactive retarded through his drinking, and perhaps the drinking of her mother as well. If there was any sense in his thinking, this would be guided by his Higher Power who had started it all anyway.

His first indication of what the future held in store would then come to him 27 hours later through his first spiritual indication that he might after all not be mad.

                                                                                                                                                        The Three Angels.

The Intermezzo, Chapter Four
(Book of Revelation Chapter 14.)

The Three Angels

The Encounter with the Three Psychologists.
Aquarian’s Desperate Struggle at getting a Comprehensive
and Complete Psychiatric Testing and Evaluation.

The 1973 investigation by Dr. David L. Rosenhan: "Any diagnostic process that lends itself
so readily to being fooled in such a manner, and to massive errors of this sort,
cannot be a very reliable one."

                                                E. Fuller Torrey

Book of Revelation Chapter 14.

6) Then I saw another angel flying high in the air, with an eternal message of Good News to announce to the peoples of the earth, to every race, tribe, language, and nation. 7) He said in a loud voice, “Honor God and praise, his greatness! For the time has come for him to judge mankind. Worship him who made heaven, earth, sea, and the springs of water!” 8) A second angel followed the first one, saying, “She has fallen! Great Babylon has fallen! She made all peoples drink her wine--the strong wine of her immoral lust!” 9) A third angel followed the first two, saying in a loud voice, “Whoever worships the beast and its image and receives the mark on his forehead or on his hand 10) will himself drink God’s wine, the wine of his fury, which he has poured at full strength into the cup of his anger! All who do this will be tormented in fire and sulfur before the holy angels and the Lamb. 11) The smoke of the fire that torments them goes up forever and ever. There is no relief day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, for anyone who has the mark of its name.” 12) This calls for endurance on the part of God’s people, those who obey God’s commandments and are faithful to Jesus. 13) Then I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this: happy are those who from now on die in the service of the Lord!” “Yes indeed!” answers the Spirit. “They will enjoy rest from their hard work, because the results of their service go with them.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Revelations 14.

This koan in the prophesy may be one of the most difficult interpretation riddle in its whole complex drama. It fits perfectly in the sequence of the events in the life of the Aquarian in its account of three different beings appearing in the proceedings, but these are in the reality of the manifestation the three psychologists that he will now deal with in his attempts at sorting out the question of his sanity. These individuals are being described in pure spiritual terms and so are the Aquarian's dealings with, and in relation to them. 6) "Then I saw another angel flying high in the air, with an eternal message of Good News to announce to the peoples of the earth, to every race, tribe, language, and nation" is pertaining to the fact that now the Aquarian flies back to mainland Europe for the purpose of presenting his employer with his predicament concerning the questions regarding his psychiatric condition. During this trip he attends numerous Amateur Angel meetings where he now talks freely of his spiritual experience and the possibility that he may have "discovered" the Unified Field Equation that includes the Observer. He further suggests that if this is the case, then this may mean the beginning of the end of the current collective thinking in humanity and the beginning of a new view of the human psych. 7) "He said in a loud voice, 'Honor God and praise, his greatness! For the time has come for him to judge mankind. Worship him who made heaven, earth, sea, and the springs of water!'" This is described in the 7th verse in this manner but his description of this suggestion are in the language of contemporary physics and neurology and are quite heavy to understand for most of those who hear them. After failing to get psychiatric testing an evaluation by the Cornerstone Institute Inc. psychologist in Luxembourg, the Aquarian flies back to Atlantiz where he attempts to get this service with the Cornerstone Institute Inc. psychologist in Atlantiz. 8) "A second angel followed the first one, saying, 'She has fallen! Great Babylon has fallen! She made all peoples drink her wine--the strong wine of her immoral lust!'" This metaphor is seen as a description of the mental attitude the psychologist presents the Aquarian with. In it he instead of showing the Aquarian the second report from the psychiatrist, doctor Lumier of the Florida Hospital, where the doctor withdraws his provisional diagnosis and instead declares that the Aquarian was just going through withdrawals, the psychologist promptly announces to the Aquarian that he is severely psychologically disturbed and is getting insaner by the minute. This psychologist then fails to keep his promise to promptly sending a medical attest to the Aquarian's employer to cover him for the expiring medical certificate. The results of this are that the contract of the Aquarian is promptly cancelled and he dismissed, which under the circumstances means for a pilot that his days in the aviation industry are finished.

The result of the situation the Aquarian now finds himself in is that in order to be able to do something about the situation, he now--more than before--needs a complete psychological test-program and observation evaluations. For this end he maneuvers himself into a position where his autonomy is cancelled and he thrown into a closed psychiatric ward where he meets the third psychologist. This psychologist who is working for the Atlantizian govermental health service then agrees to gives the Aquarian the psychological tests. 9) "A third angel followed the first two, saying in a loud voice, 'Whoever worships the beast and its image and receives the mark on his forehead or on his hand 10) will himself drink God’s wine, the wine of his fury, which he has poured at full strength into the cup of his anger! All who do this will be tormented in fire and sulfur before the holy angels and the Lamb. 11) The smoke of the fire that torments them goes up forever and ever. There is no relief day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, for anyone who has the mark of its name.'" The first thing the Aquarian tells this psychologist is his gradual alcohol addiction evolution story into a condition of osteoporosis, which eventually lead him into the deadly cross addiction of painkillers and alcohol.

12) "This calls for endurance on the part of God’s people, those who obey God’s commandments and are faithful to Jesus. 13) Then I heard a voice from heaven saying, 'Write this: happy are those who from now on die in the service of the Lord!' 'Yes indeed!' answers the Spirit. 'They will enjoy rest from their hard work, because the results of their service go with them.'" The metaphor for the Aquarian's mental state during the psychological testing is properly described as requiring "endurance" on part of the Jamais vu DNA-nucleotides in the Aquarian's brain.

                                                        END OF THE QF-INTERPRETAION OF CHAPTER 14 : 06-13.

The Aquarian’s Struggle to get Psychiatric
Testing and Evaluation.

The Three Angels.
Narration by “Merlin the Wizard.”

The privilege of being allowed to tell this outrageous story is indeed a grand recognition of my literary genius, whose formidable powers I here humbly admit to. To be permitted to describe what appears as an ordinary debacle in the trivial life of an ordinary nobody, which in reality are a series of events that focus on questions which are nothing short of being the crucial questions regarding man and his future, is indeed a great honor. This is particularly interesting when the most controversial discipline of man, the pseudo sciences of psychology and psychiatry are being scrutinized, but what we mean by the term “pseudo science” is any discipline that due to its nature, is incapable of executing outcome predictive tests of their theories.

Our universities divide the disciplines they teach into two main categories, or those classified as sciences and those classified as arts; thus we have the two initial degrees titles, BS meaning Bachelor of Science and BA meaning Bachelor of Arts. This has to do with the degree of actual proven knowledge that is behind each discipline and the proof they are actually capable of producing for their theories. When it comes to the “art” of the pseudo science of psychology, the Karl Popper description of our current limitations come to mind, but he promulgates it thus; “The more we learn of the world and the deeper our learning, the more conscious, specific, and articulate will be our knowledge of what we do not know, our knowledge of our ignorance. For this, indeed, is the main source of our ignorance -- the fact that our knowledge can be only finite while our ignorance must necessarily be infinite.” This is a fitting description of the knowledge situation humanity finds itself in regarding the true nature of man him self and is thus a fitting description of psychology until the date we have succeeded in finding the fundamental description of the human brain and its workings. Until such time, psychologists—who are just ordinary people like the rest of us--will continue to remain differently skilled artists in the best sense of that word and we shall have to continue satisfying our selves with the consolatory description; “this is the best we got.”

The nature of the subject of this chapter necessitates a brief, but truthful appraisal of the pseudo science disciplines that study the phenomena of man; neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry. These are the disciplines which endeavor to solve the riddle of man’s nerve system, psych, intelligence, nature, behavior, spirit and sole. Sciences that seek the ultimate knowledge of man, and at the same time, seek the powers to deal successfully with the malfunction phenomenas of the human brain. How far advanced are our knowledge and our powers in this endeavor? Do we have the answers or are we deluding our selves, pretending that we have the right answers and the powers to correct the malfunction of man? The condition of man, suggests that we are in possession of neither one of these. When it comes to correcting the malfunctioning thinking or the psychological state of a human being, the individual himself is powerless and so are all other human; the only possibility man has in altering—not correcting—the human mental state, is through drugs.

The professions of psychology and psychiatry staging of cures and masquerade of know-how, has become nothing less than the worlds grandest case of con-artistry and at the same time, man’s grandest case of mass self-delusion, self-deception. To use the terms of these disciplines, this has now reached the stage of university sanctified collective pathological mass grandiosity. Whether the individuals engaged in these disciplines are well meaning or not, has become of little use in justifying the failure of these disciplines. Man, in his lack of the ultimate knowledge of man, has had to accept this as the best available, yet with devastating results for those humans who are being “helped” by these professions. We have thus progressed from the which-hunting, torturing and burning of insane humans, through chains and straightjackets, to the modern equivalent in the form of the more humane appearing institutionalization with their chemical solutions. Of actual cures there is no truthful talk, nor is there land in sight.

In this subtly hidden horror show of humanity, the relatives of individuals that are suffering from the classical functional disorders of the brain, primarily in the schizophrenic and affective disorder forms, our scientists are facing severe upsets of the balance of the brains production of neurotransmitters. In most of these cases the relatives are completely powerless over the condition of their disturbed loved ones, and have in the end, no other alternative but to rid themselves of them by turning them over to the psychiatry professionals since the patients themselves are utterly powerless over their fate left to their own resources. It is then the psychologists that deal with the less sever symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalance, but here the psychologist is not permitted to administer drugs.

Of the many critics that have appeared of the disciplines of psychology and psychiatry, there have been individuals, who themselves were studying and working in these disciplines. Here their truthful appraisal of these dubious pseudo scientific disciplines have been ignored or treat like none existing. Here the publications of individuals such as: Goffman 1961, R. D. Laing 1967, David Rosenhan 1973, Tomas Szasz 1974 and Richard M. Restak 1977, have pointed to the errors and the ignorant methods employed in these disciplines. The well published critique of Rosenhan and his colleagues have laid bare the tragicomic side of this outrage (pages LXVI and LXVII).

A further outrage is that much of the basis for the ideology, behind the pseudo sciences of psychology and psychiatry, was formulated during the first part of the twentieth century by Dr. Sigmund Freud, who introspected himself while using cocaine from 1890 to 1905, then on alcohol from 1905 until 1924 and on morphine from 1924 until his death, This has in particular to do with the profession of psychology which claims to be nourishing on other disciplines of science, frequently become nothing more than just “A Friend for Rent” and most dubious ones at that, with their motives being their purse, or personal survival. However, many of the individuals practicing the professions of psychology and psychiatry are relatively decent human beings whose aim is to do their best with a science which they are lead into believing to be true, makes this charlatanry all the more of an outrageous tragicomedy. Scandalous incidents involving individuals practicing the professions of psychology and psychiatry are never the less quite common. Here the top of the iceberg is in the form of the numerous leeks out into the open, particularly of cases when these professionals take advantages of the misery of their patients; this in order to satisfy their insufficiently inhibited sexual drives. Dr. Sigmund Freud having provided the example with his extramarital sexual affair with his wife’s sister. Here the statistics loving professionals keep no statistics, and obscurest is the number of those who are unintentionally being killed by the drug experimentations exercised by the psychiatrists on their patients. The relatives who are not directly affected, just do not want to know what is really going on here. The greatest outrage is that the universities of man teach these disciplines, as if they were the “Truth of Man,” while no one knows what causes any of the neurotransmitter and functional imbalances in the human brain. The consequential situation is a stalemate, to the disadvantage of Man and Life on the planet.

We thus repeat our previous quotation from the opening article in a special issue of the Scientific American in September 1992, dedicated to the status in the neuro-sciences, professor of neurobiology, Gerald D. Fischbach, chairman of the department of neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, has this to say about the situation. “Philosophical inquiry must be supplemented by experiments that now are among the most urgent, challenging and exciting in all of the history of science. Our survival and probably the survival of live on this planet depend on a more complete understanding of the human mind.” In antiquity the ancient Greek philosophers began asking them selves the question “why is it that man repeatedly acts against his better judgment”, but this questioning is not resolved and has now progressed into the statement by Dr. Fischbach. That the answer to both questions is the same and at the same time the reason for man destroying his environment and him-self is obviously not clear? This answer suggests that man has been--as long as he has records of his existence--been polluting his brain with counterfeit neurotransmitters and is now coming to the climax of its consequence. This simple fact has been and is at the core of our history and is thus best described thus; “The man that pollutes his brain will pollute his environment. He will do more, he will pollute the brains of others and destroy his environment, destroy other humans in the environment and thus himself.”

In the other prime branches of investigation of nature and her laws, we have the physicists with their motto: “Nullius in Verba” or, “Don’t take anybody’s word for it.” Realizing since the birth of the New Physics that their ultimate goal is to describe what life and consciousness is, the leading theoretical physicists have been asking themselves questions regarding the observer in connection with the executor of the quantum theory experimentations. After having failed in all their attempts at formulating man’s thinking or behavior into mathematical equations, some have turned to the disciples of psychology, psychiatry and even spiritual mysticism with their questions. In all these fields the physicist has found that he has entered into the world of the unknown and the unproven, since the neuro-scientists have not been able to come up with the final answers regarding the human brain, Thus the disciplines of psychiatry and psychology have been limited in the same manner as the spiritual mysticism and the physicist has at best found himself in a new realm of metaphysics.

An individual examining the findings of the sciences behind the professions of neurophysiology, neurology, neuro-chemistry, experimental psychology, and psychobiology, may or may not, become conscious of the numerous paradoxes, and particularly the numerous unanswered questions in these discipline. Here are some of the more conspicuous questions:
a) What is the basic natural programming or function of the spatial hemisphere, particularly, the temporal lobe? The spatial hemisphere is the right hemisphere in the greatest number of individuals, the reverse being occasionally found to be the case, this without changing the question.

 b) Why does man have a subconscious? Is man supposed to have a subconscious?
 Why is man only using about the half of his brain? What is the reason for the “asymmetry
 of the human brain?” These questions have no conclusive answers and many scientist in
 these disciplines, as well as individuals in the subordinate disciplines of psychology and
 psychiatry, simply shrugs their shoulders replying; “Since it is this way, then it must be
 the way it is supposed to be.”

c) How is it possible that man can treat imbalances in the production of the brains neuro-
 transmitters by administering counterfeit neurotransmitters? Compounds unnatural to man
 and which replace the natural ones? The initial problem having been originated by man
 himself, this by putting into his nerves system compounds that are unnatural outside

The futility of this 7000 year accumulative practice of humanity’s brain pollution becomes particularly apparent when individuals in of psychology and psychiatry claim they can resolve problems of addiction. This is, whether we like it or not; whether we admit it or not; whether we understand it or not, the sole cause of all the functional disorders in the human brain. It is thus the source of all the problems of humanity; even with those who do not use any artificial neurotransmitters. The psychologists and the psychiatrists then attempt to correct or cure addictions in a way which is comparable to putting fire out with fire, when they try to cure or correct imbalances in the production of the brains neurotransmitters, by putting some more unnatural neuro-transmitters into the “system” of such unfortunate addicted individuals. This procedure then produces in the psych of the addicts, a different state, which in some cases psychiatry calls “cure”. When this produces a new type of addiction, the patient is blamed; he is abusing the medication! There are still worse aspects of this but they will not be discussed here, but the whole seen is tantamount to nothing less than an academically approved profession of legally sanctified dope dealers.

A major occurrence in all this controversy is yet another major paradox; the age old questions of our spiritual side, the question of faith and of God, the questions regarding man’s religions and spirituality. Since many of the functional disorders of the brain, produce numerous phenomena of God oriented incoherencies and religious irrationality, this is one sector totally immersed in the mist of ignorance and prejudice. This has led to the apostils of psychology and psychiatry considering all such utterances related to a faith in a God, to be of a pathological nature. It is a sad affaire in deed, man not knowing what man is, but a part of that riddle is man not knowing what it is he calls God. The God-creation reality, which traditionally has been and is in most religions of man, a “force” that is seen to unify men and heal their psyches. A “force,” or “creation reality” that to some is: “The Opium of the People,” others “God the Benevolent Creator,” and yet to others, “A Delusion created by Man for Masturbating his own Psyche” or simply “Something that does not exist but has been created by Humans in order to rule over other Humans!” A “force” or “creation reality,” that in the case of a psychotic brain may become its prime symptom of irrationality. A “force” or “creation reality,” that has and is being disputed more than most anything else on earth and thus causing disunity among Men to an extend surpassing most any other. We only need to check with our history books and read the current world news. This mysterious “force,” which a large part of man’s intellectual as well as none intellectual literature deals with, and which the philosophers of all times have been dealing with, pro and contra. Today’s split camp of psychologists and psychiatrists in regard to this subject, is best viewed in Jung’s believe that man’s neurosis are caused by his lack of faith in God, versus Freud’s believe that man’s faith in God is caused by his neurosis. Here Karl Marx’s statement “It is not the consciousness of men which determines their existence; it is, on the contrary, their social existence which determines their consciousness” is still open to debate, but Marx, nor any political theorist for that matter, have ever had any decisive brain knowledge.

The effects that a polluted human brain has on the none-polluted brains around it should further be one of the biggest and gravest questions in science to day. Understandably and unfortunately it is not. This in turn is in agreement with the state of consciousness that humanity finds itself in today and this is the reality that the poor novice Aquarian is now facing, while ignorant for the most part of what the disciplines of psychology and psychiatry really can do. He is thus as well ignorant of the gravity of the situation his life is facing and the difficulties involved in his intended undertaking to have his mental sanity investigated by an impartial authority. As the Aquarian sets out on this quest, he has no idea that he is about to uncover the masquerade of psychology and psychiatry, this without this being his original intention. The motives of the Aquarian, our anti-hero, are twofold; to verify his mental fitness to fly aircraft safely, as well as to get a true assessment of himself in relation to the Venn-mathematical set logic Complete Unification Theory ideas he acquired in his transcendental vision experience. During this carnage in his life, he goes through dealings with several psychologists and psychiatrist to which the he reveals these motives and ideas to some, but these encounters are briefly as follows;

1st The Cornerstone Institute Psychiatrist in the First Country;
    “You are very intelligent but insane”; no investigation performed.
2nd Psychiatrist in the Second Country;
    “You are definitely not insane”; no investigation performed.
1st The Cornerstone Institute Psychologist in the Third Country;
    “It will take two to three weeks to find out if you are insane and
    for this we don’t have the time right now”; no tests performed.
2nd The Cornerstone Institute Psychologist in the Second Country;
    “You are insane and becoming insaner by the hour”; one test
    performed and declared invalid.
2nd Psychiatrist in the Second Country;
    “Everything seems in order with you”; EEC and CAT recordings.
3rd State Hospital Psychologist in the Second Country;
    “You are perfectly sane. An exceptionally intelligent individual
    with even distribution of abilities”; psychiatric testing for 16 days.
3rd Psychiatrist in the Second Country;
    “You are perfectly sane”; patient observed for 16 days.
4th Psychiatrist in the Second Country;
    “There is nothing wrong with you”; patient observed for 16 days.
5th Psychiatrist in the Second Country;
    “You are totally insane”; 20 minute interview without any tests.
1st The Cornerstone Institute Psychiatrist in the First Country;
    “I was in error, there is nothing wrong with you other than you are
    going through painkiller withdrawals”; no investigation performed.
6th Psychiatrist court appointed in the Third Country;
    “There was and is nothing wrong with you, but since you have
    been going through doubt about your sanity, then that has been
    wrong with you”; EEC recording performed with a 20 minute inter
    view and a review of the documents of the case.

In the end the snowballing effects of this process only serve to label the Aquarian and ruin the whole bases of his personal and professional existence. The fact that he succeeds in clearing himself of all the diagnosis and the labels that have come about in this process, have no affect in prevent him form loosing everything that has any meaning to him; his family, his possessions and profession.

The audacity involved in some of the previous statements in this chapter is justified in the fact that as this is written there is existing on earth the ultimate complete description of the organization and the function of the healthy human brain. This includes the fact that the ultimate corrective psychology and psychiatry is now available to man and the question thus arises; why is this not in the public knowledge? The answer to that question is the subject of this book and it is in this part of it--starting with the 13th chapter--that we begin to become acquainted with this answer, but that requires us to read the story of the Aquarian’s encounter with the three psychologists; as it were, the three angels in the prophesy of the Book of Revelation. As the Aquarian now flies to Luxembourg two days after his fathers death, he has no idea that his is about to meet with the first of the three angels.    

Friday 15th of February 1985.
The Aquarian found himself with quite mixed contend of consciousness during the early morning flight to Luxembourg; what was he really getting into was his main concern. Was he going about it the right way? What a predicament? Would his mother ever understand his absence from his father’s funeral? In spite of this, he managed to relax and nod or drowse before and after the in-flight serving of breakfast.

 Arriving in Luxembourg at noon the Aquarian waited for the two hour Luxembourg lunch period to pass before he went straight to the head office of his company and reported to the personal manager Mr. Wrecker. He gave Mr. Wrecker the medical attest from Dr. Wolfshield from ten days prior and when Mr. Wrecker told him that he was going to have him scheduled on Saturday the 23rd of February for Miami-Houston-New York, so that he would get a whole week off, instead of just the contracted “two days death in the family”. The Aquarian thanked him the consideration and left the office and on his way out he looked into his company mailbox to find there a formula for the re-insurance of his license, with a well known insurance company. The license insurance had until now been a part of the pilot’s contract with the company guarantying the payments. As the Aquarian glanced over the form, he quickly saw that it included a declaration regarding the state of health of the applicant and he realized simultaneously that this was something he could not sign without clarification the validity of the provisional diagnosis of Dr. Lumier of the Florida Hospital. Things were certainly piling up against him regarding any ignorance of this report; which amongst other things would be an act of fraud and would compromise his insurance securities.

The rest of the afternoon the Aquarian visited with the tenants renting his house to see what the situation was and then after having a light dinner, went to see his friend and confidant, Captain Judge. They sat together until late in the evening when his friend offered him to sleep in the guest room, which the Aquarian accepted.

Saturday 16th of February.
Once the Aquarian had retired to his friend’s guest room, it was well past midnight into Saturday when he undressed and positioned himself into his regular Burmese lotus and switched of the light. He now found that he almost right away was experiencing strong sensation of something invisible spiraling around the whole of his body and it did not take long before he was swiftly drawn into a transcendent state. The first sensation was the he suddenly could see the whole room in spite of having the eyes closed and it being bathed in total darkness; and he became aware that something mysterious was now about to happen. By this time he had already some experience with this and was better prepared, feeling quite calm when his attention was drawn to a small picture on the room’s wall, which portrayed a young boy and a girl holding hands. The picture was a copy of a famous painting by a famous Atlantizian painter, but the inner voice now told him that it represented animus and anima in balance. Suddenly the picture stared to come slowly out of the frame and at the same time it grew and changed and as it slide out into the middle of the room it had grown into the size of a large human. The Aquarian could now see that it had changed into a figurine of the Devil, which he recognized as the one portrayed in Walt Disney’s 1940 master peace, FANTASIA. This was the seen accompanying Modert Mussorgsky’s music “Night on Bare Mountain, where the mountaintop had turned into a horror figure of the Devil, which had scared him in his childhood years. Through the mind of the Aquarian shot the question; what are they going to show me now?

As the figure now towered in front of him with its fiery eyes, it suddenly began to crumble into small bitts that fell to the floor and gradually built a pile of rubble. As he now stared at the pile he saw that it was gradually decreasing and eventually disappeared; so did the whole of the transcendent state and the room returned to its previous pitch dark state.

As the Aquarian had been taught, he now turned to meditating the spatial hemispheric seen he had just experienced, seeking to translate it into a meaningful matter hemispheric language sentence; this was the way of the koan solution. Sure enough, he did not have to wait long for the answer; “The Devil is out of the Picture in you Life Aquarian.” The amused Aquarian now turned to sleep in order to face the coming day where the central concern was what he should do about the Dr. Lumier report, the health testament from Dr. Wolfshield was not recognized in the aviation industry; it had to be an attest from an aviation authority specially appointed doctor. Things still looked bleak.

After having breakfast with his friend and his family the Aquarian was driven to the airport by him and an hour later he found himself on board a Luxair Fokker Friendship on the way to his family in Frankfurt. On arrival his wife picked him up and when they had properly greeted each other, she went to pick up their daughters from the kindergarten; the greetings with them were intense and it was obvious to him that they were really beginning to show the effect of his absences, in spite of them being accustom to him being away for long periods while flying.

In the evening when the Aquarian had become alone with his wife they sat together until late into the night discussing the situation of here proposed therapy and the gravity of the situation with the medical report of Dr. Lumier of the Florida Hospital. The Aquarian now told her the whole story of his extraordinary spiritual experience in Alaska and how it had set his withdrawals in motion and brought him to the decision of seeking the advice of Mr. Hanjoson of the Cornerstone Institute Inc. He told here how he had told the whole story of his experience to Mr. Hanjoson and his wife and how he had the next morning told him that he would have to tell the story again to a psychiatrist at the Florida Hospital who then had tried to get him to take psycho reactive medication that caused failed re-uptake. Then he had been asked to voluntarily be admitted to an open psychiatric ward in the hospital for two days, or until the new detoxification ward would be opened in two days. He told her how he had rejected this offer and how Mr. Hanjoson had then told him that if he did not do what the Dr. suggested, there was nothing more he could do for him and that he would be unable to provide a medical attest for his absence during the withdrawals.

The Aquarian’s attempts at explaining these most unusual turn of events in his life, did not seem to get to the understanding side of his wife’s consciousness and it soon became obvious to him that the whole affair was of grave concern to her. How in the world was he to get the findings in the report of Dr. Lumier refuted? This would not be an easy task and would unquestionably require lots of time and be costly with his employer’s patience; witch was already at low ebb. He would unquestionably be in the danger of dismissal should he be so bold as to tell his supervisors about the report. The Aquarian had to agree with his wife’s grave concerns but at the same time he had to try to calm her obvious grave concerns: He however, told here that he saw no other way than being totally truthful and honest with them; for him to go on a flight acting as if there was nothing amiss was not in the cards. That was the law; if he was nuts, he could not fly aircraft. Everyone knew that. That would be criminal and would only be done by an insane person; he was not insane since he had completed both his psychological and physical withdrawals, which had been verified to him spiritually by the transcendental experience in Captain Judge’s house. This last statement he noticed had been a “bridge too far” for his wife, this he could see in her face; she was not yet into such thinking, this he knew.          

Sunday 17th of February to Tuesday 19th of February.
The next three days the Aquarian spent at home with his family and he could easily sense the fear of the coming events in his wife’s face, talk and gestures. They discussed the situation back and forth where he tried to convince her of the soundness of his intentions of telling his supervisor’s of the report, which to her was a mad gesture. They would fire him on the spot, not caring about any consequential legal actions; the matter would simply been given to the company lawyers who would turn the blame on him and his previous drinking, no matter whether he was sane or inane. The Aquarian decided that he would return to Luxembourg with the morning flight on Wednesday; that would give him three days before his scheduled flight to sort out his actions and do something about them. He would have the opportunity to consult with the colleagues he trusted.

Wednesday 20th of February to Friday 22nd of February.
Wednesday morning came and the Aquarian left for Luxembourg leaving his wife in a state of anxiety about their future; he had not been able to convince her about his intended actions and nor about his mental sanity. The report from Dr. Lumier and the story he had told her had succeeded in sowing the seeds of suspicion in her mind, as it would eventually do with everyone else; after al, she knew very little about psychiatric disturbances and mental illnesses. Her knowledge of transcendent psycho-kinetic phenomena was even less and the idea of her husband had been having what he described as transcendental spiritual experience, was a most suspicious event, with a strong odor of hallucination or psychosis.

The next days the Aquarian stayed in the Airport Hotel in Luxembourg and from there made his visits to those he trusted enough to tell about his experience, while attending the Amateur Angel’s meetings in the evenings. His first target was his sponsor Anura, where he tried to fish out whether she had heard any rumors about his visit in the Florida Hospital psychiatric ward; he was trying to find out if Mr. Hanjoson had already reported this to the company. Anura, who was a good friend of the company’s executive officer’s secretary, had not heard anything. Her advice was according to the program of the Amateur Angels; be open and honest and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Remember that you are as sick as your secretes. If he did that, he would be placing the events that followed in the hands of his Higher Power; otherwise unmanageability would be the result.

On Thursday, the Aquarian visited Café Suzette where he had previously lived while finishing building his house. Much to his surprise Madame Suzette asked him about what had happened in America in December; she had heard that he had been put in a straitjacket and taken to a nut-house. What was happening with him? The Aquarian was so taken-a-back by this unexpected questioning that he could not say much other than he was OK and what she had heard was not true. His inquiry into who had told her this Madam Suzette would not say and the Aquarian left in a mild state of shock. Of course he should have known; Mr. Hanjoson had a few contacts in Luxembourg and was further contracted to help the employs with their addiction problems. This meant that the management in all likelihood knew of the report of Dr. Lumier through Mr. Hanjoson; it would be the legal and logical thing for him to do to inform his supervisors.

When Friday came, the Aquarian had not gotten much in the way of advice apart from those of Anura, which lead to him summing up enough courage to seek the counsel of one of his coworkers; a captain who had studied law and was especially well informed about its aviation part. During the lunch break he visited Captain Black who pressed home his advice in no uncertain terms, telling the Aquarian that the decisions he had was contemplating  where the correct once. He should poor his supervisor’s clear wine and leave the decisions to them and the Aquarian parted with him on the note that this was the only thing left for him to do.

In the early afternoon he then went to the company’s headquarters where he met Captain Sagossa, the company Chief Pilot in the office building hallways. A flash idea came to the Aquarian’s mind setting a trap for the captain and he asked him if he had a minute, which the captain did. The   Aquarian then made a reference the new license insurance formula which all the pilots were to sign and told him that he could not sign it ignoring the medical report of Dr. Lumier of the Florida Hospital. If the report was correct then he was crazy with Bipolar Manic-Depressive Affective Disorder, as the admission report from Dr. Lumier suggested and then he was crazy as of the 18th of December 1984. The psychiatric illness Affective Disorder is a reoccurring disorder and does not simply go away the Aquarian reiterated. He then expanded on this with Captain Sagossa that he would be falsifying information on the application form if he did not tell about the suggested diagnosis of Dr. Lumier. It would be the same as asking “Le Foyer”, their insurance agent in Luxembourg, to insure his house after it had burned down. Captain Sagossa agreed to this line of thinking without any inquiry into the medical report that the Aquarian was referring to, which suggested to him that he knew about it. They parted and the Aquarian made his way to the operations department where he learned that he was to fly with the severely sick alcohol addicted Captain Victors. This was the captain that he had made the 12-step visit to on the 17th of October 1985 with his friend Sherman, shortly after he came out of therapy and the one who two days later had scared the daylights out of him in the approach into Gander. It would then be on the 11th of October 1986, almost one year to the date later, that Captain Victors would almost kill himself and 319 other humans in a drunken approach to Paris, Charles DeGaul Airport to which the company had reacted by trying to suppress information regarding the “incident”.

Adding this to his talk with Anura, with Captain Black, with Captain Sagossa and what he had heard in Café Suzette now filled the measure and all hesitation left the Aquarian’s consciousness. He now advised the dispatcher that he would not be taking the flight to Miami on Saturday and would be coming in on Monday to explain this to Mr. Thrust, the Director of Operations.

The Aquarian left the operation department relieved; he had made his final decision and acted on it. He was going to go through this ordeal with truth as his sword and honesty as his shield. There was no; “taking this cup from me”; he had already drunk it with all the booze he had consumed in order to get to this point in his life and he was now paying its karmic price, what ever the outcome. Beyond his telling the truth he was powerless; the outcome would be in the hands of his Higher Power once he talked to his superiors.

Saturday 23rd of February to Monday 25th February.
The following weekend the Aquarian spent in the Airport Hotel visiting his friends and attending the Amateur Angel’s meetings in the evening as he had done during the week. In the morning of the following Monday the Aquarian called the company’s Director of Operations, Mr. Thrust, asking for an appointment with him to explain why he had not taken the flight on Saturday asking for the Chief Pilot to be present if possible. Mr. Thrust told him to come after the lunch brake at 2 in the afternoon and that he would try to get the Chief Pilot to attend.

At 2 in the afternoon the Aquarian entered the office of Mr. Thrust finding that the Chief Pilot Captain Sagossa was in attendance. Mr. Thrust offered him a seat and bad him tell them what was on his mind. The Aquarian who was quite calm in his mind then gave his two supervisors the following account of his situation:

“According to the Cargolux hired counselors and multi disciplinary team of professionals of the Cornerstone Institute Inc. in Orlando Florida, then I am stark raving mad. When I started going through my painkiller in withdrawals mid December I was directed by Mr. Hanjoson to visit a psychiatrist in the Florida Hospital in Orlando and this doctor wrote a report suggesting that I was in Manic Psychosis; that I had acquired a Bipolar Affective Disorder. He then directed me to seek the help of one of his psychologist co-workers in Atlantiz, Mr. Arid.”

The Aquarian then turned to his Chief Pilot, Captain Sagossa saying; “As far as I am concerned, then I am mentally in the same condition as I have always been in and since I finished the painkiller withdrawals, I am free of al symptoms including the tremor in the left arm.

Now if this the suggestion of the Florida Hospital psychiatrist is correct, then I may be in a condition where I may become incapable of being responsible for my actions and may possibly be thinking of irrelevant things while flying the aircraft. I may start to solve the riddle of the Universe while flying an approach down to minimums. My attention may me defective without me knowing it.” Captain Sagossa promptly replied; “No, obviously you should not fly.” At this the Aquarian continued his dialogue; “What I need is full psychiatric testing and evaluation in order that I may be deemed fit to fly safely. In other words, it is possible that I am mad, but personally I feel quite well and better than I have for years.

Presently I am in dire financial straits having spent thousands of franks seeking medial help in the past year. I am presently at a loss what to do after the results of the counseling of Mr. Hanjoson of the Cornerstone Institute Inc. In order to get full psychological testing and evaluation I am prepared to go anywhere.”

As he stopped talking, Mr. Thrust asked if he had anything more to say, to which the Aquarian shook his head. At this Mr. Thrust got up seeing the Aquarian to the door saying gently to him; “You just wait awhile; we will find out what you have to do, we will find something for you.”

Rather than allowing the impression to his consciousness that these parting words of Mr. Thrust were the way one talks to calm a mad man, the Aquarian decided that they should give him a feeling of trust and hope. This indeed worked; it paid of to be honest he thought. The non-suspecting Aquarian then went to have his supper and a meeting of the Amateur Angels in the evening. He had no insights into what his openness had unleashed in the management of his company and what its consequences would be. This would all come to him the next day and it would all be as the worst fears of his wife had predicted.

Tuesday 26th of February.
In the mid morning, just after the Aquarian had finished his breakfast, he got a phone call from his friend and colleague, Captain Joe, who had the cheering news for him that he should get himself to the company headquarters as fast as he could. There were maneuvers in the management to dismiss him. As he got to the office he found Captain Judge with Captain Joe in the lobby where they told him that they had been advised by the pilots union foreman, Captain Hawkjoe, that he had been called by up by the president of the Delegation of Private Employees, who told him that he had been called to the Cargolux Personal Office, where he had been advice by the Personnel Manager, Mr. F. Wrecker, that the company intended to terminate your contract with notice.

All three then went to the Personnel Manager’s office where they asked for a meeting with Mr. Wrecker. They were told that they would have to wait since Mr. Wrecker was in a meeting with Mr. Thrust and Captain Sagossa, but after a while they got an appointment with Mr. Wrecker in which the two captains and the personnel manager did all the talking, leaving the Aquarian in the sidelines. The result was that the Aquarian should get a doctor’s medical attest until further decision would be made.

After the lunch break Captain Joe took the Aquarian to doctor Wahade to whom he told in brief what his situation was. He told her that he had found himself in a situation where it had become illegal and immoral for him to fly an aircraft until all questions concerning his mental sanity were settled professionally. He then further explained to her that he had brought this problem to the attention of his supervisors with the results that the Cargolux management had attempted to dismiss him. The doctor then wrote a medical attest for him that read; “Mr. Aquarian consulted with me on February 26th 1985. Mr. Aquarian is further incapable of work until March 17th 1985, due to suspected mental disorder.”

As the Aquarian left the office of doctor Wahade, she shook his hand and  said; “Mr. Aquarian, the one thing I like to tell you is that in my mind there is no question; mentally ill is something you are not.”

The Aquarian and Captain Joe returned to the head office where they found Captain Judge waiting for them and as the Aquarian handed the medical certificate to him, he told both of them the encouraging words of doctor Wahade. They al three then went to the Personal Office where they handed the medical to Mr. Wrecker.

Wednesday 27th of February to Sunday 3rd of March.
During the three working days of this period the Aquarian called the office of the Chief of Operations, Mr. Thrust daily asking if he had any instructions for him. Mr. Thrust’s briefness gave him the feeling that he did not care to have anything to do with him. During these working days and the weekend the Aquarian attended the Amateur Angels meetings all he could find, both in Luxembourg and Bitburg, Germany.

Monday 4th of March – The Contact with the First Angel.
By this time the Aquarian had become convinced that he was not about to get any instruction or help from his Chief of Operations, Mr. Thrust, in his dilemma. He now remembered that Mr. Hanjoson had advised him that the Cornerstone Institute Inc. had as a part of his multi disciplinary team of professionals, the services of a psychologist in Luxembourg, Joslin von Sabren. The Aquarian found her number in the Cornerstone Institute Inc. brochure and called her. He explained briefly to Madam Sabren his situation, but to his request for full psychological test and evaluation, she responded by telling him that this could at the earliest be started in two weeks. As the Aquarian tried to explain the urgency of his situation, he only got the rejecting “I’m sorry Mr. Aquarian”, in response. She then asked him who would pay for the very expensive testing, which might take several weeks; since it was not certain that the National Health Insurance in the country would pay for this. At any rate, this would have to be approved first by the NHI and she doubted very much that seeking such an approval would succeed. To this the Aquarian responded by telling her that he and his wife would guaranty the payments for the tests. This did not satisfy her and when he asked what would, she told him that she would have to have a guaranty from Cargolux or a bank. The Aquarian ended the conversation by telling the psychologist that if he had to wait for at least two weeks to start the tests and then another four to six weeks to take them, he would in all likelihood be dismissed by Cargolux. This ended the conversation and the Aquarian found himself in the same spot as before.

Tuesday 5th of March to Thursday 7th of March.
The next three working days the Aquarian went daily to the Cargolux Head Office to see Mr. Thurst and ask for instructions. The reply was always the same; a disinterested “we are studying the situation”, which by now to the Aquarian could just as well mean “we are working on finding a way to dismiss you”. On Thursday the 7th the Aquarian met Mr. Thurst in the offices hallway and again asked for instructions getting the same disinterested “we are studying the situation”. This time the response of the Aquarian was to tell Mr. Thurst about his unsuccessful attempt with the Cornerstone Institute Inc. psychologist in Luxembourg, Joslin von Sabren and that he no longer believed that the company was going to do something to help him. He thus had no other choice in the matter than go to Atlantiz to try to sort things out there where he might try the services of the Cornerstone Institute Inc. psychologist, Mr. Arid. Perhaps he would have the time to test him; his medical was now to expire in 10 day, so he had no choice. Mr. Thurst was obviously not interested in this mad search for sanity tests of the Aquarian.

Friday 8th of March – The Contact with the Second Angel.
As the Aquarian on this day flew to Atlantiz, it was now to be the beginning of what would turn out to be the biggest series of outrages in his life. As soon as he got to Atlantiz he checked into his regular hotel, the Atlantiz Airlines Hotel on the city airport of the capital, and called Mr. Arid the Cornerstone Institute Inc. psychologist in Atlantiz. Mr. Arid was listed on top of a list of “Multi-Disciplinary Team of Professionals” on the Alcohol and Drug Problems pamphlet sent to Cargolux employees by Mr. Wrecker. When he replied the Aquarian introduced himself and told him that he was in Atlantiz to get impartial psychiatric testing and evaluation regarding his fitness to fly aircraft; this would have to be beyond reasonable doubt. Mr. Arid told him in turn that he had been expecting him and that he had already received all the documentation concerning his case from the Orlando office of the Cornerstone Institute. He gave him an appointment for 10 o’clock the next morning.

Saturday 9th of March.
Amazed at Mr. Arid’s enthusiasm to be working on Saturday, the Aquarian arrived at his “hole in the wall” that was his main office. Unknown to him at this time, Mr. Arid had received Dr. Lumier’s DISCHARGE REPORT dictated on the 30th of January and signed 2nd of February 1985, 46 days after he had left the Florida Hospital. Later the Aquarian would come to the conclusion that either Mr. Arid had never read the back page of that report, or that he did not understand what was written there.

1.    Alcohol dependency, patient in recovery phase - has been free of alcohol since September 1984; rule out  affective disorder, manic phase.
The patient was discharged with a prescription for lithium carbonate, 450 mg, sig one b. i. d.

On the basis of the first report which was full of errors and misunderstandings, Mr. Arid was already convinced that the Aquarian was crazy when he walked into his office. He started by suggesting to the Aquarian that he undergo M.M.P.I. test and he agreed to this as it was a part of what he had come for. However, the Aquarian had already acquainted himself with this test and its “code of hidden keys” which was supposed to reveal the subconscious of the person the test was administered to. The M.M.P.I. test consists of 566 questions which only can be answered by YES or NO. Some of these questions were to him forthright outrageous, to give an example; - Are you still beating your wife? If you answer No, it means that you have been beating her, if you answer YES, you are still beating her. If you have never hit your wife, this still gives a negative picture of your character. This question is not in the test but many of the questions are of the same nature, but in the Aquarian’s opinion the very idea that the composition of the psyche of a human being could be determined in this manner, was a grotesque insult to Homo Sapience. That the fait of human being could be determined by such a simple act was an outrage to the Aquarian, who could not help himself by remarking to Mr. Arid as he accompanied him into a separate room to take the test that he suspected that the test would not work on his psyche for which he got a strange stare from Mr. Arid.

The test is today seen by many as being very dubious and valueless without the reference to other psychological evaluation tests. It is not applicable to individuals such as recovering alcoholic-addicts who are successfully living according to the Amateur Angels 12-step “Personal Stress and Behavior Management Program”. The M.M.P.I. test is usually answered during a time period of one hour up to four hours. The Aquarian needed 1 hour and 44 minutes to complete the test. This should have show the psychologist that he was not attempting to manipulate the test and answering spontaneously.

In the test there is actually a part that shows what kind of picture the candidate is giving of himself, how much he is telling the truth. In this part the Aquarian scored 100%; it showed him giving a true picture of himself and telling the truth.

There is also another part of the test that relates to this but it shows the candidates attitude towards himself and his fellow men and his environment. Here the Aquarian scored something like 97% positive but these questions were asking the candidate what his friends and other people were thinking about him. Since the Aquarian was now aware of the fact that he could not know this, the test gave the impression that he did not have any empathy towards others as psychopaths commonly do. This in turn conflicted with his telling the truth. The rest of the test showed the condition of the candidates Central Nerves System, where his results were normal.

When Mr. Arid had finished summing up the test he called the Aquarian into his office and announced to him that the test showed that he was a psychopath; he was too positive. This meant to the Aquarian that he was now no longer in the middle of the scale of madness, now he was at the top. He was as mad as one can be; what a revolting development this is came to Aquarian’s consciousness. He was going from bad to worse.

A psychopath is an individual who is extremely dangerous to himself and others. He cannot distinguish between what is right or what is wrong and never regrets his negative actions. The motion picture “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock gives an example of such a madman; another is the British record mass murderer, Dr. Harold Shipman. After announcing this to the Aquarian, Mr. Arid consoled him by saying that the test was not valid because its first part showed him telling the truth and giving a true picture of himself, but this the psychopaths did not do.

Again the Aquarian could not help himself commenting to Mr. Arid that he had told him so before he took the test and then asking him; “Will I have to lie for your test to be been valid Mr. Arid?” To this the Aquarian got another strange stare from him and the announcement that he was just an “over-intelligent megalomaniac”, and that he should go into a psychiatric hospital to which the Aquarian responded with a rejection. He then asked him to go back to Lithium Citrate and told him to come back in 4 days, which was on the 12th of March at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. He then proceeded to suggest that the Aquarian should get a prescription for the Lithium from Dr. Wolfshield in the detoxification ward, since he was not authorized as a psychologist to prescribe medication, which he did not explain to him. Before the Aquarian left he explained to Mr. Arid his delicate situation with his employer, Cargolux Airlines and emphasized that a medical certificate or something perhaps a telex would have to be sent by him or the Cornerstone Institute Inc. before the 17th of March otherwise he would be dismissed.

Sunday 10th of March and Monday 11th of March.
Knowing that Dr. Wolfshield would be working on Sunday the Aquarian went the next day to see the psychiatrist and alcohol/chemical specialist at the SAA-detoxification clinic where he told him the situation. Dr. Wolfshield advised him not to worry; further tests would show Mr. Arid that he was perfectly all right. Dr. Wolfshield then gave him a prescription for Lithium Citrate to cooperate with Mr. Arid, but neither the Aquarian nor Dr. Wolfshield could understand how Mr. Arid expected to see the Aquarian going into manic or depressive phases if he was taking Lithium Citrate, which holds people in an artificial psychiatric stability while they are taking this medication. As the Aquarian parted with Dr. Wolfshield, the doctor advised him to do all what Mr. Arid suggested, everything would be okay. However, while the Aquarian cooperated with Mr. Arid nothing would ever become okay. That same afternoon the Aquarian was back on the Lithium Citrate without feeling any different.

Tuesday 12th of March.
Having now been on the Lithium Citrate for 48 hours the Aquarian reported to Mr. Arid at 1700 hours as appointed. He was still without noticing any change in his consciousness and thinking that if he was indeed insane, he probably would not notice it anyway. The Aquarian now started the exchanges by asking Mr. Arid what test he would be administrating next to which the psychologist replied that he would not be giving him any further tests. He the proceeded to describe to the Aquarian what his intentions with him were, telling him that he would interview him for about 4 to 5 weeks after which he would be sent for a medical check. Once that was completed, he would be getting all the necessary certificates to show him insane and invalid, but this would enable him to collect al his insurances. (This would mean that the Aquarian, as a 100% invalid, could then collect his 11.000.000 crowns License Insurance on his pilot’s license, the 18.000.000 crowns Mortgage Insurance on the house in Luxembourg and from the Cargolux Income Insurance and Pension Fund he would be receiving about 75% of his last salary with annual increments in accordance with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s economic index.) He then proceeded to explain his legal status in the future which suggested that his wife would in all likelihood take over the management of the family’s property and income and that he could at any time be denied his self-determination right and be locked up in a psychiatric ward. The Aquarian sat calm and quite under this, which to him was an insane harangue coming from someone who was severely overestimating his personal psychological wisdom. The Aquarian then made a couple of attempts at telling Mr. Arid that he was personally sure that he was mentally well and any comprehensive psychological testing would verify this. In a pleading tone he asked the psychologist is he would not be so kind as to give him such tests but it was all to no avail. The brilliant Cornerstone Multidisciplinary Team member, Mr. Arid only shook his head and told the Aquarian to come back on the 19th of March at 1700 hours.

Before the Aquarian left he enquired about the sick-leave extension medical certificate for Cargolux to which Mr. Arid assured him that he needed not to worry about a thing, this would automatically be handled with a letter from him and through the Cornerstone Orlando Head Office.

Wednesday 13th of March to Monday 18th of March.
During the next days the Aquarian made the rounds of the Amateur Angels meetings in the city; he was now really feeling what support they were giving him. This became particularity important to him as he tried to tell his wife about the negative developments in his efforts at getting a psychological testing. Here responses were very pessimistic and she kept telling him that she had “told him so.” This lead to him thinking much about what his life would look like in the future should he accept the “madman offer” by Mr. Arid; it would mean the end of his pilot career and in all probability his marriage. The relationship between him and his wife had bottomed out in his last drinking days and had been slowly improving since he came out of the therapy. With her insight into the events in the Florida Hospital and their recent developments, she had again become skeptical and negative towards him. She had made a contract to marry a pilot, not a nut, and in the case of a divorce, he could look for a new wife and see how many girls wanted to marry a crazy guy. His two little girls could grow up to maturity with the happy thought that their Papa was crazy. In the end he would walk the streets with perhaps 60.000 Franks a month to live on after alimony and child support had bee deducted from his income and no one would take anything seriously what he said or did. It would be a terribly lonely life. Was he not a fool not to take the grand “madman offer” of the company psychologist? No thank you Mr. Arid thought the Aquarian; he was not going to have anyone tell him that he was insane without putting him through a comprehensive battery of tests.

During these days, the Aquarian consulted with a lot of friends in the capital: Lawyers, doctors, parliamentarians, government ministers, bankers, and some of the pilots of Atlantiz Airlines and his Amateur Angels friends. His family was well known in Atlantiz through his father who was a doctor for forty years and was made a Honorary Citizen in the town where he worked, decorated with the Red Cross Medal by the President of Atlantiz and recognized by the Cancer Society for his work. He was greatly loved by all who knew him and the Aquarian still enjoy the benefits of the love and respect he acquired, even though he had not lived in Atlantiz for 25 years.

Many advised him that no matter what he said to Mr. Arid, he already held him for crazy and nothing he would say would change that. The Aquarian found it hard to believe that Mr. Arid would not be able to see that he was sane, just by talking to him.

Tuesday 19th of March to Wednesday 20th of March.
At 1700 hours on the 19th of March the Aquarian went to see Mr. Arid for the third time, but the Psychologist had by mistake locked the door to the hallway to his office and the Aquarian could find no doorbell. The meeting with Mr. Arid this time was in a temporary rented office in the housing of the IOOGT fellowship in Atlantiz and he therefore not to familiar with the locks of the doors. The Aquarian who had no phone number for this office tried to knock, but there was no response. He however, saw his car parked outside and he waited for 45 minutes for him before he decided to go to an Amateur Angels meeting in the neighborhood. Later he learned that Mr. Arid was in his office waiting for him, not knowing about his mistake with the door.

The next day the Aquarian called Mr. Arid on the phone in his main office and got an appointment for Thursday the 21st in the afternoon. Mr. Arid who was a part owner in the Cornerstone Institute Inc., was getting paid by Cargolux each time the Aquarian visited him; this even if he locked him out.

Later the Aquarian would learn that Mr. Arid had not sent any information to his employer prior to this date, but on this day he had written a letter that read as follows:

P. 0. Box 943 ATLANTIZ.

Atlantiz 20.3. 1985
Cargolux Airline
Findel Airport, Luxemburg

It is hereby certified that Mr. Aquarian (born 22. jan. 1937) has been under my professional care since the 9th of marts.
Mr. Aquarian was admitted on a voluntary basis to my outpatientclinic the 9th of martz and I have been seeing him regularly since. Observation and psychological tests showed a rapidly progressive manic episode manifested by rush of ideas, delutions of grandeur and poor concentration.
Medication started the 13 of martz (lithium carbonate). Mr. Aquarian will be under my professional care the next weeks and a thorough psychological and physical examination will be made after 3 weeks.

                    Janisc Arid
                    clinical psychologist

As this letter was written the Aquarian had been behaving quite normally towards the psychologist and had not started his “put-on” nutty-behavior, but this was soon to change. This letter, which apart from its exaggerations of the psychologists means, actions, abilities and importance, contains gross errors of judgment and direct lies, as Mr. Arid copies the original medical report of Dr. Lumier, which has been superseded by the “discharge diagnosis”. In the light of the eventual findings on the Aquarian’s mental health, this letter would in the court proceedings that eventually ensued in Luxembourg, be described as containing: calumnies, defamations and attacks on the Aquarian’s honor and professional reputation. Fortunately for the Aquarian, he knew nothing of this letter’s contents until in the court proceedings. This letter would arrive on the 30th of March in Cargolux, or 13 days after the expiry of the Aquarian’s last Medical Certificate.

Thursday 21st of March.
At 9 o’clock in the morning the Aquarian called Dr. Wolfshield in the detox clinic and asked for an appointment, which he got for an hour later. Once he was in the psychiatrist’s office the Aquarian--who by now had become quite disillusioned--proceeded to tell him about his dealings with Mr. Arid and his skepticism regarding any further testing. He then asked the psychiatrist what options he had for getting the tests he sought somewhere else. Would not the same charade begin if he went to another psychologist where he himself would have to pay for everything? The psychiatrist told him that the only place where he could get testing by the book was in a psychiatric hospital, since there he could also be observed by several professionals. However, the problem was that one could not just knock on the door there and ask to be tested since the tests required a lot of work and would cost a lot of money. If anyone who wanted psychotically tests could just pop in to the hospital for three weeks, the National Health Service would already be bankrupt.

Dr. Wolfshield told the Aquarian that he could however, arranged for a C.A.T. scan of his head to check for brain shrinkage and growth of the ventricles (water-brain), as well as to eliminate the possibility of a tumor and additionally an E.E.C. to check his brain waves. This would at least be something. The Aquarian accepted this with expressions of gratitude and the doctor filled out the necessary request forms and made the appointments for the tests on the 22nd and the 26th of March. Later, when the Aquarian got the results from the two tests Dr. Wolfshield had arranged, they both showed a perfectly normal brain and consciousness wave function. Yet these tests were executed at the time brilliant Cornerstone Multidisciplinary Team member, Mr. Arid was writing a letter to the Aquarian’s employer, Cargolux, describing him as severely insane and getting worse by the minute.

The Aquarian left the doctor for the lunch hour meeting of the Amateur Angels, after which he went to his hotel for an afternoon chanting and a nap. He had not be at this for long before he had a call from a fellowship friend who had been called by Anura, who had been called by the secretary of the Cargolux Executive Officer. The secretary had asked her to conway to the Aquarian that she had written a cancellation of contract letter to him in the morning. He was thus dismissed from Cargolux Airlines as of this morning through the betrayal of Mr. Arid and the Cornerstone Institute Inc. Anura’s advice was that the Aquarian should come as soon as he could to Luxembourg to try to save the situation, but to try this without the question of his sanity settled, was to him a waist of time.

The Aquarian went back to his afternoon nap and after supper called his wife and told here the good news. His wife got very upset and the Aquarian got to hear the “I told you so” several times; there was nothing for him to do but to finish the day by going to a meting of the Amateur Angels.

In the evening meditation before retiring, he then found himself dealing with the situation and it seemed to him that the only thing left to do was to go to the State’s Psychiatric Hospital and see if the Psychiatrists and Psychologists there could not clear him of the “madman stamp” that now seemed to be getting tighter and tighter around his neck. Surely, they would make an acceptation in the extraordinary circumstances he was in, but the words of Dr. Wolfshield kept ringing out in his consciousness. It was not as easy as all that; such an act might be interpreted as “de facto” admission that he himself thought that there was something wrong with his sanity. This issue had already come up in a conversation with an Amateur Angel friend--a renowned composer of music--who he drunk coffee with in the hotel bar during the previous week. The composer had pointed out to him that he had gotten the “insanity label” in a psychiatric ward and the only place he would be rid of it would be in a psychiatric hospital. The composer had further pointed out to him that it needed very little to get Mr. Arid to have him committed to the psychiatric hospital. The Aquarian had not lived in Atlantiz for 25 years and knew little of procedures regarding canceling someone’s autonomy and committing him to a psychiatric ward. That this would involve his family in Atlantiz he certainly did not know.

Friday 22nd of March.
As the Aquarian awoke for his meditation in the early morning on this day, he became aware of the fact that this business of clearing himself of the “manic label” had now become a battle of life or death for him. He would have to get the psychiatric testing no matter how he went about it and even if he had to have to humiliate himself by being committed to the nut house in order to get it. There was no time to be wasted; he would start to “act funny” with Mr. Arid in their meeting in the afternoon. The composer was right; it should not take much as he was already nuts in his eyes.

After breakfast in the hotel the Aquarian went to the City Hospital for the CAT-scan arranged for him by Dr. Wolfshield, but its findings would eventually read: “Scan made before and after shadow substance administration. Ventricles are of normal with and symmetrical. Pathological changes were not detected in the brain.”

Later the Aquarian would be shown a telex from the Cornerstone Institute headquarters in Orlando, received at 10:45 on the 22nd of March in the Cargolux administration. It read as follows:

Initial sent on the 21st Mar. at 1505Z.
TK Hanjoson for F/O Aquarian who is in treatment with Mr. Arid at present time. Please ask Captain Sagossa to contact Mr. Arid, tel. 28463 home or 16630 at work. Estimated time of treatment 3 to 4 weeks. Letter from Mr. Arid will be mailed to you this week. If you need further information please contact me. Regards.

Reply sent on the 22nd Mar. at 1530Z.
Attention TK. Regarding 21st Mar. at 1505Z please inform Mr. Hanjoson that we have cancelled the contract of Mr. Aquarian effective 21.03.85. Regards; Wrecker.

In the late afternoon the Aquarian met for the fourth time with his “savior from madness” to be intending to have him start proceeding for sending him to the State Psychiatric Hospital; The Rock. He was very much suspecting that Mr. Arid did not know about his illegal and abusive dismissal and much the less his part in it.  When the met Mr. Arid gave no indication of knowing anything other than all was well in the Aquarian’s affairs in Luxembourg, so that the Aquarian announced to him that he was the Anti-Christ, but all the reaction he got was, “Tell me more about that, Mr. Aquarian”. The Aquarian then told him how he had solved the riddle of the 13th chapter in the Revelation, but at this the face of Mr. Arid lit up. He was obviously on the right track, but it did not take much intelligence to figure out what occult subject would fire up the attention of a psychologist. The Aquarian then told him that he was the Devil or Lucifer, but it to was to no avail. He did not call for a straight-jacket as he was now hoping, but instead asked him if he heard voices, to which the Aquarian could not help himself replying; “Yes, I do hear voices.” “Tell me about this Mr. Aquarian” the psychologist cued him. “Well, I hear your voice Mr. Arid” was the Aquarian’s reply to which the psychologist corrected him by; “I mean. Do you hear voices when no-one is present?” “Yes, I do,” replied the Aquarian. “Well, tell me about these voices; what do the say to you?” “These voices come from either the TV or the Radio and they keep saying the same rubbish as they always do” replied the Aquarian. This nonsense continued for a while until the Aquarian told the psychologist that he could walk on water and when the psychologist then asked him to explain, the Aquarian replied; “I wait until it is frozen; then I can walk on it.” In the end the Aquarian told the psychologist that he had changed wine into to water and explained that he did not have a clue how it happened other that that his glass had always been full of wine, now it was always full of water. What he suspected was that the Higher Power he had prayed to was responsible for this miracle. This was all for nothing and Mr. Arid simply announced to him that he should return on the 26th at 1700 hours.

Saturday 23rd of March to Monday 25th of March.
In the morning of the next day the Aquarian called his wife and told her what was taking place in his life but now his wife would sniveling wife would keep telling him to see doctor Arid and as he tried to tell her that he was not a doctor, but a psychologist, she hung up the phone. Later he would have his suspicions confirmed, that she had been talking to Arid on the phone and with the Aquarian’s next oldest brother as well. Soon he would realize that something was brewing between them regarding what should be done about him, as Mr. Arid was advising them on the situation.

The Aquarian spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday relaxing and going to the movies and Amateur Angel’s meetings. It all did not matter any more; presently he had only one thing on his mind, but that was to get to The Rock Hospital for psychological tests.

During the next days the Aquarian started noticing mild cramps in both kidneys and, keeping in mind the fact that his first-born, a boy had died from defective kidneys and that his youngest one, a girl, had a defective kidney-urine tract, he became consciously concerned about the effects of the Lithium Citrate on him. Now that his Central Nerves System was clean, the possibility was that it was affecting him differently than before.

Tuesday 26th of March.
After having his breakfast in the hotel the Aquarian again went make the second test arranged by Dr. Wolfshield. This was the EEC-graph test conducted at the National University Hospital, which had the eventual findings reading: Alpha 10-11 HZ, light-sensitive. Slow waves are within normal limits. Deep-berating and light- excitations do not give additional information. Counting test: 7/1 – Findings: Within normal limits. These test indications were taken while the Aquarian was supposedly in a manic-psychosis.

In the late Tuesday afternoon (1700) the Aquarian again braved the presence of Mr. Arid in his regular office. It was their fifth meeting. As soon as the Aquarian became sure that the psychologist did not know about his dismissal, he again began trying everything he could think of to get him to have him commited. He showed him the birthmarks on his body telling him of their significance. He then told him about the vision he had experienced in Alaska and gave him a lecture on its meaning in the terms of contemporary science; astrophysics, theoretical physics, applied mathematics, quantum physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, neurology, neuro-chemistry, psyho-biology, sociology and zoology, throwing in a few things out of meta-physics for good measure. He ended by making sure that he would tell him that this theory would eventually serve to change all of psychology and psychiatry in humanity and make psychologists and psychiatrists redundant. The only affect all this seemed to have on Mr. Arid was annoyance at the last remarks, and he sent him home before the hour was up, telling him to come again on the 28th at 1500 hours.

Wednesday 27th of March.
In the evening of the 27th the Aquarian saw a documentary on Atlantiz television about psychiatric sicknesses (original from Canadian television). The main part was about Affective Disorder, Manic/Depressive. Lithium Citrate was discussed extensively in this documentary and it stated that in rare cases it could brake down both kidneys of the patient and kill him, therefore the Serotonin/Lithium level blood tests on patients on this medication. The Aquarian had furthermore read this warning on a slip in the package with the Lithium and heard someone describe the onsets of these cramps. The Aquarian needed no more warnings. The Lithium was not doing anything for him anyway other than tightening the muscles in his neck and causing these kidney pains, though mild. He decided to stop taking it; he was not going to be killed by ignoring these warnings.

Thursday 28th of March.
The Aquarian met with Mr. Arid for the sixth and last time as a psychologist on the 28th of March (1500 LT). This time it was the psychologist who started the conversation by announcing to the Aquarian that he had been dismissed by Cargolux, but that was all he would be saying in this meeting. The Aquarian responded by raising his voice for the first and last time with Mr. Arid, saying that he had know this since the 21st, the day he had been fired. He then told him that he had stopped taking the Lithium Citrate and that he saw no point in cooperating with him any further, ending by saying; “Your mouth was like an asshole, it passes the same substance.” He bid him farewell and thanked him for all he had done for him, deliberately slamming the door somewhat as he left. As it turned out, this would give the desired effect for the Aquarian in his dealing with Mr. Arid.

The Aquarian returned to the hotel he called Cargolux Personnel Manager, Mr. Wrecker and asked him to confirm that the Cornerstone. Institute had a contract with Cargolux Airlines. Mr. Wrecker replied that no such contract existed, but later in the Aquarian’s court battle the existence of this contract would be confirmed. As the Aquarian then retired he prayed to his Higher Power for guidance and strength; for something to happen. He could not believe that things should just be this way.

Friday 29th of March.
God must have heard the Aquarian’s prayer, for the next day, the 29th of March, his brother, Gothron and the family doctor, Barnacle, knocked on his hotel room door and asked to see him. Something told the Aquarian that Mr. Arid had something to do with their appearance and he was right. They asked a lot of funny questions, esp. about the scientific books in his room. Of special interest was Dr. Andreassen’s book, THE BROKEN BRAIN. What was he doing reading such a book?

There was no question about Mr. Arid having convinced them that he was crazy, but the Aquarian did not know then about the letter he had written to his mother and that she was required by law to be involved in proceedings of autonomy cancellation. The Aquarian, however, realized that this was his chance but decided to get counsel first so that he told them to come back the next day and used an Amateur Angels meeting as an excuse.

On the same day Mr. Arid would write the instrument of action for the Aquarian’s internment in a nuthouse. Here is the letter which he wrote to his mother and which the Aquarian would acquire months later:

P. 0. Box 943 ATLANTIZ.

Atlantiz, March 29th, 1985
Maria Peters Elvesroad 18
Mr. Apallo Aquarian, born January 22, 1937, has visited me regularly since March 9, 1985.
When I first received Mr Aquarian he was in a manic condition and with severe delusions. For a period he cooperated and came to see me regularly. He also agreed to receive pharmaceutic treatment from the physician Dr Wolfshield, which treatment seemed to indicate that the desired results would be obtained. Early this week Mr Aquarian ceased taking the medicines intended for him. He came to see me on March 28th, and then it seemed that his delusions had increased, his manic condition worsened, and his anger towards his surroundings markedly increased.
In consequence of the evolution described I recommend that Mr Apallo Aquarian be committed to a psychiatric institution, even if deprivation of personal legal competence may be necessary.
              Yours faithfully,

                 Janisc Arid

As what regards the letters description of the exchanges between the Aquarian and Mr. Arid during his initial contact with him and the contact on the 28th of March, the psychologist makes himself guilty of outright lying. The rest of the letter contains the self aggrandizement and hints of personal importance that permeate the behavior of Mr. Arid. His phraseology in the letter gives the impression that it is a psychiatrist that is talking, not a psychologist.

The same day the Aquarian’s brother, Gothron, wrote to his wife sending her translated copies of the internment proceedings with a copy of Mr. Arid’s letter to his mother. What this would do to the relationship between the Aquarian and his wife no one bothering to thinking about, much the less what this would mean if the insanity suggestions were not true.

Saturday 30th of March.
The 30th of March, the Aquarian got a free usage of the Atlantis Airlines Managements meeting room in the Atlantiz Airlines Hotel. There he again met with his brother and Dr. Barnacle who was not a psychiatrist, but worked as a statistics compiler in the National Health Family Medicine and Public Health. He now gave them a lecture on what he had read in scientific journals in the past seven months, and its relation to the Venn-set ideas that he had acquired in his Alaskan vision. He was of course fully aware of the fact that they understood very little of what he was saying and that served his purpose of being sent to the nuthouse. In the evening however, they--much to his surprise--appeared with his mother; he had not expect hear to be drawn into this. There was a scene between him and his mother alone in my room, where she stood shaking with fear in front of him as he tried to make her understand that this was all a mistake, and that it would all be eventually clear up. They all pleaded with him to go to the psychiatric hospital of his free will but he refused; they would have to have him committed. He had already co-operated enough and made enough admissions voluntarily. They had all had dire consequences leading to people thinking that he considered himself nuts.

Sunday 31st of March.
On the next day the Aquarian’s brother, Gothron and doctor Barnacle, completed the paperwork for having him deprived of his autonomy and in the late evening they waited for him in the hotel lobby in the company of the police. At about 2300 hours the Aquarian arrived in the hotel form his evening Amateur Angel’s meeting and was lucky enough to see his brother and doctor Barnacle sitting in the reception part. At this he realized immediately what was about to happen and decided that he would delay the action for an hour; he was to be admitted on the 1st of April, that would be fitting. The Aquarian then whipped himself into the lobby bar where he got free coffee from Barney the bartender, who hade served him for many years; who knew him well and was his friend. They were not very likely to look for him in the bar since they considered him a fanatical none-alcohol drinking Amateur Angel. During the hour the Aquarian told his friend the bartender what was happening, but he could not believe what he was telling him so the Aquarian told him to look in the lobby for his brother and the doctor. This the bartender did and when he came back he exclaimed; “this is the craziest story I have ever heard, what the hell have you done?”

The Aquarian was by now getting used to the fact that all this was something that could not be explained in just a few words, but the experience of the past weeks had been the perfect lesson in the truth behind the saying, “ignorance breeds prejudice.”

Monday 01st of April 1985.
On the midnight hour the Aquarian then walked out of the bar and straight to his brother and doctor Barnacle and announced to them that there was no opposition on his behalf that he would go with them to the nut house. He would however, first have to go and fetch his suitcase and pay the hotel bill and with that done he marched to the police paddy wagon that waited in back of the hotel. Before he left, the Aquarian called his friend, Dr. Wolfshield and asked him if there was any concern for him being injected with drugs against his will, to which the doctor replied that since he was calm and collected, there was no danger of this and agreed that the Aquarian could call him any time if such a situation should arise. As he boarded the transport he found to his surprise that in it were four huge policemen; for that there had to be some regulation reason.

The drive to The Rock psychiatric hospital brought them there at 0100 hours on the 1st of April where the Aquarian could not be brought to the locked ward since all its beds were occupied; he would have to spend the night sleeping in the departmental office.
As the Aquarian was bedding down in the hospital’s Psychiatrists office, he noticed a version of a common joke on its wall in the form of a cartoon where Christ was on the couch with a psychoanalyst sitting next to him taking notes. This was a popular joke which suggested that should the Christ ever return to earth, he would be so positive in his attitude and loving to all men that he would be thrown into a nuthouse.

Tuesday 02nd of April.
In the morning of the next day the Aquarian was then moved to the locked and guarded ward, full of patients that were where either screaming or singing night or day, or the radio was going full blast. As he was being shown to his bed a patient who was restricted in a separate room with a split door and two guards with him called to him shouting; “I am God and you are Jesus Christ and I shall save you if you give me a cigarette” which the Aquarian was not about to do. The meals, which wee quite good, were brought into the locked ward on trays but they were the only disruption of the monotony in the ward so the Aquarian’s only pastime was to sit by the window where—to the surprise of the attendants--on the outside 6 ravens appeared to his amusement. It was the night that turned out to be rather a bore since sleeping with the noise by the patients and the radio became difficult, but with the aid of his chanting technique he eventually fell asleep.

Wednesday 03rd of April – The Aquarian meets the Third Angel.
On the morning of the second day, the ward’s psychiatrists, psychologists, candidates and nurses made their morning tour of visits to the patients. Appearing in front of the Aquarian, the doctor who obviously was the boss of the team, Dr. Garmann, began by asking how he had slept in the ward, to which the Aquarian replied that there were radios in the ward, in the form of some of the patients, which one could not switch of. The psychiatrist then asked why he was in the hospital to which the Aquarian replied that he had been going through severe painkiller withdrawals in December last, when a medical report had been written by an America psychiatrist, who suggested that he might be in manic psychosis. This report had now lead to his dismissal from his airline pilot employment in Luxembourg, which had in turn lead to everyone around him deciding that he was indeed mad as he tried to get psychiatric testing and evaluation deciding his mental condition. This situation now threatened his family life and existence. In this process he had not been through any tests and everyone was deciding that he was mad on plain hearsay. He was not going to accept that he was psychologically deranged without this being systematically tested and such tests was what he hoped he would be given in the hospital; he was confident that the psychologists and psychiatrist of the hospital knew how to undertake this.

Listening to this speech the teem members looked nodding at each other and the doctor asked him if he need any medication to which the Aquarian replied that this was not the case, adding that his medication cabinet was to be found in the meetings of the Amateur Angels. At this reply the team members again looked nodding at each other as they passed on to the next patient.

After the lunch break the Aquarian was visited by the ward’s head nurse who told him that in the staff meeting after the morning visits with the patients, all had agreed that he did not belong in the locked ward. She told him that he would now be given a private room in the open wing of the ward and allowed to come and go as he pleased, in spite of the legally enforced restrictions placed on him. She then continued saying that the hospital psychiatric and psychological teem was going to give him comprehensive psychiatric testing and evaluation and all he had to do was to make sure that he was available in the ward for his appointments. He would however, have to sleep there. The Aquarian almost jumped up to embrace the nurse, but left it at saying; “Oh thank you madam! This is the best news I have had for week” As the nurse brought the Aquarian to his private room she informed him that at 1500 in the afternoon he would be reporting to Mr. Barnes, the senior psychologist that would be supervising the psychological testing.

In that interview the psychologist outlined what he intended to do with the Aquarian and when the Aquarian told him of the fiasco with Mr. Arid and the outcome of the MMPI test he had taken with him, he told him that this  test would only have any meaning if regarded in line with numerous other tests. Indeed, this psychologist did not decide beforehand that the Aquarian was nuts; he would wait until the tests were finished. He further told him that he had already received all the pertinent documentation from Dr. Lumier from Mr. Arid, but later he would find out that Mr. Arid had only sent in a photocopy of the front page of Dr. Lumier’s second report, leaving out the back page with its DISCHARGE DIAGNOSIS. When the Aquarian left his office his confidence in psychology had been somewhat restored, this in particular knowing that the psychologist Mr. Barnes, was going to get his salary whether he was nuts or not. His motives would be different from psychologists like Mr. Arid who were on the free market and needed to have their customers come as often as possible.

The Aquarian could feel the enthusiasm in his nerves; his Higher Power was with him, of this there was no doubt. Little did the Aquarian realize that it would be sooner than later that he would become; “The one that flew OUT OF the Cuckoo’s Nest!”

                                                                                                                                                                                                he Harvest of the Earth.

The Intermezzo, Chapter Five
(Book of Revelation Chapter 12.)

The Harvest of the

The Aquarian's Psycological Testing,
Evaluations and their Findings.
His Victory after All Battles are lost.

It is known that the natural sciences have arrived at the boundary of the objectively knowable. They recognize a boundless mysterious field behind all life, a transcendental and autonomous order, to which the psyche of the observer, as well as that which can be observed are sub-ordinate.

                                                    Aniela Jaffé

Book of Revelation Chapter 14.

14) Then I looked, and there was a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was what looked like a human being, with a crown of gold on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. 15) Then another angel came out from the temple and cried out in a loud voice to the one who was sitting on the cloud, "Use your sickle and reap the harvest, because the time has come; the earth is ripe for the harvest!" 16) Then the one who sat on the cloud swung his sickle on the earth, and the earth's harvest was reaped.
17) I saw another angel come out of the temple in heaven, and he also had a sharp sickle. 18) Then another angel, who is in charge of the fire, came from the altar. He shouted in a loud voice to the angel who had the sharp sickle, "Use your sickle, and cut the grapes from the vineyard of the earth, because, the grapes are ripe!" 19) So the angel swung his sickle on the earth, cut the grapes from the vine, and threw them into the wine press of God's furious anger. 20) The grapes were squeezed out in the wine press outside the city, and blood came out of the wine press in a flood two hundred miles long and about five feet deep.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Revelations 14.

The last 6 verses of the prophesy's fourteenth chapter, describe the final acts in the Aquarian's dramatic progression of addiction recovery and self discovery and at the same time represent the completion of two-thirds of the events in the prophesy. This is the Aquarian's comprehensive psychological intelligence and aptitude testing which is divided into two categories of tests.
The first part is for his brain's linear-logical thinking processes of the matter hemisphere; the Earth in the prophesy metaphor.
14) "Then I looked, and there was a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was what looked like a human being, with a crown of gold on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. 15) Then another angel came out from the temple and cried out in a loud voice to the one who was sitting on the cloud, 'Use your sickle and reap the harvest, because the time has come; the earth is ripe for the harvest!' 16) Then the one who sat on the cloud swung his sickle on the earth, and the earth's harvest was reaped."
Then the testing for his brain's random-creative thinking processes of the spatial hemisphere; the Heaven which is called the Vineyard of the Earth in the prophesy metaphor, since it is the "Earth" matter-hemispheric-ego that is commonly accredited with the gifts of Heaven.

17) "I saw another angel come out of the temple in heaven, and he also had a sharp sickle. 18) Then another angel, who is in charge of the fire, came from the altar. He shouted in a loud voice to the angel who had the sharp sickle, 'Use your sickle, and cut the grapes from the vineyard of the earth, because, the grapes are ripe!' 19) So the angel swung his sickle on the earth, cut the grapes from the vine,"

Since the angel in the second part comes out of the "temple in heaven", it is believed to be a reference to the brain's "Jamais vu-faith faculty" regulatory effects on the neurotransmitter production by the pituitary gland; "the wine press outside of the city"
"and threw them into the wine press of God's furious anger. 20) The grapes were squeezed out in the wine press outside the city, and blood came out of the wine press in a flood two hundred miles long and about five feet deep." The measurement neurological meaning is not understood.

                                            END OF THE QF-INTERPRETAION OF CHAPTER 14 : 14-20.

The Aquarian's Comprehensive Psychological
Intelligence and Aptitude Testing;
it’s Findings and it’s Aftermath.

The Harvest of the Earth.
Narration by “Morgan le Fay.”

My mentor and partner, Merlin the Wizard, made a harsh dressing down of the twentieth century’s university disciplines of psychology and psychiatry, describing them as “pseudo sciences”, which is not quite fair by him. The discipline of psychology does not claim to be a science, but describes itself as an “arts” discipline. Psychiatry however, does not claim this directly either, although in under the umbrella of medicine it lays claim to this indirectly, but here we have for example the German word for a Medical Doctor “Arzt”.

We, Morgan, are not going to be dragged into a useless debate regarding the scientific qualities of these two professions and all the controversies that rage concerning the legitimacy in their claims for scientific rigours in their profession. Although it is clear that they are gravely lacking in their efficiency, this is not the arena for such a debate and we would do well to remember that the people in these professions; are, like any other people; all very different from each other. They are of different character and different morality, but most of all, they are of different motivations. Motivations which they themselves, may not even be aware of.

As our anti-hero, the hapless Aquarian, has managed to manoeuvre himself into a psychiatric ward for the purpose of acquiring a complete set of psychiatric tests and evaluations, he is keenly aware of the fact that he is at a severe disadvantage what concerns credibility and the therefore he is going to have to act and behave in all the humility he can muster. He will have to be extra careful not to step on anyone’s toes, or offend anyone; for in any incident that may happen between him, the psychologists and psychiatrist and the rest of the nursing staff, he will always be at the less credible stand. The same will go for the regular service staff as well as the ward’s patients; he will also have to be extra considerate and in no way express any “I am different from you” attitude. In other words, he should be behaving pretty much as the person 12-step program has changed him into.

The people working in psychiatric wards have a pretty good idea what a maniac patient (I.C.D. 9:296) looked and behaved like. Most of the staff in The Rock hospital, Ward 12, realized early that some kind of a mistake had happened with the Aquarian, or that he was somehow different from the regular patients. On the sixth day the Aquarian began the psychiatric tests and evaluations with Mr. Barnes and by this time he had become fully at ease, although he could not talk of feeling well during this time knowing what was happening to his wife and family back in Frankfurt. His Amateur Angel friends would take turns in coming twice a-day to take him to the meetings and would usually return him to the hospital just before midnight. In the meetings his sharing would be rather unusual during this time and he would sometimes feel like pinching himself in the mornings to see if this was not all a bad dream. It all seemed like an experience that one read about in the papers happening to others, not something that happen to oneself. He was however conscious of the humiliation involved in being thrown into a nuthouse, but at the same time he could sense the contentment in having achieved the manoeuvring of himself into a position where he was to be given the tests he sought. What ever the outcome, this would be something he would be able to accept; it would be a conclusion arrived at through reason, not prejudice.

However, in our personal psychiatric evaluation of the Aquarian, we find him to be rather remarkable when we considered that while he is going through the tests, he could not be considered to be at his best. The reason for this was the fact that he was at the same time conscious of the fact that the combinations of mistakes by the counsellor working for his employer, the American psychiatrist and the Atlantizian psychologist working with this counsellor, were at the same time he was taking the tests, costing him everything which had any meaning in his life. His wife and children, his employment and profession, plus all possessions including other peoples trust in him. Most individuals are not very keen in intelligence tests under such circumstances since such tests generally require the brain to be in stern concentration. Should the test individual be lacking in "peace of mind," the results do not turn out so good. Manic-psychosis patients without medication are notorious for lacking control over their emotions during provocation from their environment. This is why they are called "raving maniacs." This makes the test-results of the Aquarian most interesting, should we want to label him Manic-depressive. The same goes for his intelligence. If this is just a put-on, then we have to label it as "Artificial Intelligence."

These findings become even more remarkable if we consider the fact that the subject was in the throws of death, in a severe alcohol and painkiller steady-intoxication state, just 7 months prior to the investigation. What afterwards becomes even more remarkable than all this is the fact that the subject has been in a steady mental "high" state during the 22 1/2 year since the test, yet he has been in full conscious awareness of reality. Unfortunately, there is no psychiatric illness which manifests in the patients continuous "manic state" and neither is there a sickness labelled just "mania." There is just a "manic-depressive" syndrome; nothing in-between. This has further manifested in this individual being completely without "emotional swings" during this time, saying that the foundation of his consciousness has been steady. He has been living in peace with other humans and no matter what provocation and injustice he has had to endure, has succeeded in robin him of this "steady state peace of mind." This is possibly explained in the psychiatric evaluation findings on his structure of personality, where they say: "even distribution of abilities." This is something that is most unusual for someone who is just 7 months into recovery from a prolonged severe alcohol and painkiller addiction. What most of us do not know about or understand, is that during this ordeal of the Aquarian, he is under special guidance by the 6th dimension creation reality, as described by the angels in the part of the prophesy pertaining to this part of his story.

Such an individual as this is apt to be different from the so-called ordinary person and quite liable to be thinking different from the average person. He is quite likely to have quite different views and opinions than the ordinary citizen and it is thus not unusual for such an individual to be a "disputed" person in the eyes of others. He is not likely to be easily manipulated by others, or easily influenced by trivialities. Neither is such a person likely to have much interest in manipulating the will of others, nor will he allow others to manipulate his will. All this will label such a person an "eccentric" at the beast by the relatively mentally healthy, a mad man to the mentally imbalanced person. If such a person does not possess the ability to adjust to and love and care for others; he is liable to have serious problems in his life.

In the next days the Aquarian would establish a routine while he was in the psychiatric ward, starting the day by meditation at about 0700 and then by doing his toilet and shaving. He would have his trim body dressed and wearing a shirt and a tie at about 0800 when he would join the kitchen staff that was preparing the breakfast for the open ward, helping with the laying the table. This was unusual for the staff as most of the heavily sedated patients slept until called for breakfast where they reported in their pyjamas with the men unshaven. As the Aquarian went through this helping process he tried to be cheerful and witty with some jokes he had heard about “nut-houses”.

After the breakfast the ward had some form of a meeting where the patients and the nursing staff interacted. Shortly after 1100 some Amateur Angel friend of the Aquarian would appear to take him to the noon meeting, but a group of these had undertaken to provide this service for him. After the meeting he would linger for about a half an hour talking to his friends telling them about the progression of his situation or have some lunch in the town since he had missed the lunch at the ward. If the Aquarian was not scheduled for tests in the afternoon, he would upon returning to the ward where he would have his early afternoon chanting and meditation after which he would turn to reading the books he had brought with him and this would last until the supper at 1900. After this he would again be picked up at 2000 by some Amateur Angel friend and taken to the 2100 meeting after which he would go with his fellows to the harbour restaurant where they sat and talked until about 2330 when they returned the Aquarian to the ward shortly before midnight. Before the Aquarian retired he would have himself a good session of chanting and meditating, which guarantied him a good solid sleep for about seven hours.

This would now be his basic routine for the next 12 days except during the days he was scheduled for the tests, the tests would replace his reading. -- Let us now join the brave Aquarian as he faces the intelligence and aptitude testing of the late twentieth century discipline of psychology.

Thursday 04th of April – The M.M.P.I. test.
During the after-breakfast meeting the Aquarian was informed that he was to report to the hospital’s senior psychologist, Mr. Barnes after lunch to begin his psychological testing. Prior to the Aquarian taking the test he had a discussion with the psychologist were he reiterated his distrust of this test and repeated the story of his encounter with it by Mr. Arid. The psychologist again ensured him that the results of this test would only be evaluated with reference to several other tests. This satisfied the Aquarian and he made his markings in the same time he had with Mr. Arid.

Friday 05th of April – The 16 P.F. test.
Again the Aquarian was advised during the after-breakfast meeting that he was to report to Mr. Barnes after lunch. This time it was the 16 P.F. tests that he would negotiate.

Saturday 06th of April and Easter Sunday 07th of April.
No tests were carried out during the weekends and the Aquarian would enjoy the routine he had established for the Easter weekend. During the coming week the Aquarian would stick to his routine while continuing taking the tests.

    Monday 08th of April – The Raven test.

Tuesday 09th of April -- Bender-Gestalt test.
At this time the Aquarian’s mother had become quite concerned about her firstborn and called The Rock hospital, asking about his condition. Much to her surprise and joy, she was told that her son was not showing any signs of psychosis and seemed in every respect to be quite well mentally. She was even told that his appearance, attitude and mannerism gave a most pleasant feeling by those who interacted with him.

This would then lead to her calling Gothron, her second born, and tell him this news, but they would in turn make him concerned about this progression. He had just been sending translated documents to his brother’s wife, that were intended for their lawyer, who would be filing a civil suit against the Aquarian’s former employer the next day. The lawsuit was to be based on the “fact” that the Aquarian had been insane and not in charge of his actions at the time of the dismissal. If the Aquarian was not hiding his insanity, this might jeopardize the whole of the legal proceedings.

Wednesday 10th of April -- W.A.I.S. test.
While the Aquarian was happily wrestling with his tests, his brother, Gothron, was busy doing everything he could to rectify the situation regarding his brother’s vanishing insanity. He truly wanted to help his brother in his difficulties and was presently mailing a letter to his wife in Germany regarding his brother’s situation. About this letter the Aquarian had no information but it was a response to her telephone calls and the call from his mother. In it he informed her on his attempts at getting copies of the telexes and letters sent by Mr. Arid and Mr. Hanjoson to Cargolux. He further told her that he had himself called Mr. Arid on the 12th of March urging him to send the medical in time. The most remarkable part of the letter regards Gothron’s attempts at getting documented information from the hospital’s medical staff describing the insanity of the Aquarian. This was not working since the Aquarian was apparently; “hiding quite cunningly his manic ideas and signs of disturbance”. Obviously the Aquarian was not talking about his physics and biology ideas, or no one had asked him about them; mysteriously, the Aquarian was not volunteering them either. Gothron was not knowledgeable about the manic psychosis and did not realize that if his brother was indeed in that state, he would not be able to keep quite about such a subconscious complex of ideas. Gothron further informed the Aquarian’s wife that he had on her instructions, gone to the credit card company in the morning and had asked about instructions  from the Aquarian’s Luxembourg bank “take away those credit cards.” The finishing note in the letter told her that he was working on getting the “doctors at the Mental Clinic here in Atlantiz to state, that Apallo is not mentally responsible for his behaviour and that that goes both for his responsibility towards Cargolux… and that he is not mentally aware of the severe financial difficulties all due to his manic dilemma. But surely I sincerely hope that the doctors will also succeed in curing Apallo’s sickness.”  This was again the old story; not even his brother, who had for two years studied medicine in the university, knew that no one had ever been cured of bi-polar affective disorder by psychiatry, anywhere on the planet. It was just as well that the Aquarian did not know about what was going on elsewhere in the family.

Thursday 11th of April -- The Rorschach Images.
In the morning of this day The Rock’s psychiatric hospital’s psychiatry intern, Miss Suet Carlyle visited the Aquarian in order to spy one him. She informed him that she had been told by Gothron his brother, that the Aquarian had been telling him about some physics-biology ideas of his, describing them as being the ideas that Einstein had spent the last 30 years of his life looking for. The Aquarian realized that his brother was not going to let him get away by hiding his crazy ideas and told the young doctor that these ideas were what initially started the suspicion of him being in manic-psychosis in the Florida Hospital in America. He told her that these ideas were of extremely complex the quantum mechanical nature and he had told people who did not even know what quantum mechanics were, about them. These people had then decided that they were in the possession to evaluate these ideas and that he was not about to start telling someone about these ideas again; in particular people in the psychological, psychiatric professions who did not have a clue about quantum mechanics. In the afternoon of this day Miss Carlyle then sent a medical attest to Cargolux, but without any statements regarding the Aquarian’s mental health. All it would say was the Aquarian had been admitted on the 1st of April 1985 and that it was uncertain when he would be discharged.

As Miss Carlyle left the Aquarian reminded here that everyone had the right to have his own personal ideas about the universe and life, and that having them did not necessarily constitute insanity. Miss Carlyle would however, include this in the Aquarian’s psychiatrists report—mostly the hearsay from his brother--making herself guilty of the worst kind of prejudice.

Friday 12th of April – The Rorschach Images.
After the after-breakfast meeting the Aquarian was visited by a representative from his credit card who advised him that the card had been withdrawn on the request of his Luxembourg bank. When the Aquarian asked the representative how the credit card company had known of his whereabouts at the psychiatric hospital, he answered that he had no idea. Later the Aquarian would learn that this had been initiated by his wife who had asked the bank to withdraw the card. The psychologist Mr. Arid had advised her that the Aquarian no longer knew what money was and if his accounts and credit cards were not withdrawn, he might spend everything they had in chaotic stupidity.

After the Rorschach Images tests with Mr. Barnes, the psychologist told the Aquarian that by this time the outcome of the tests showed him to be free of any psychiatric defects and both he and the other members of the staff had all become agreed that they could see noting wrong with him. The findings of the tests even suggested that his state was such that most people would be lucky to enjoy such a mental condition. As far as he and the psychiatrists were concerned, he could leave the hospital if he wished; there was really no point in further testing.

The Aquarian responded by asking the psychiatrist whether the test-packed he had take could be considered as being a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation emphasizing how important it was for him to be able to present such finding to his lawyer. The psychologist admitted that the tests did not quite represent such a test-packed and agreed to give him one more test after the weekend.

Saturday 13th of April and Sunday 14th of April.
The Aquarian spends his time relaxing and attending meetings.

Monday 15th of April -- Luria’s Neurology.
In the after noon on this day the Aquarian was given an assortment of test devised by the Russian psychologist Aleksandr Luria after which Mr. Barnes told him that further testing were pointless. The Aquarian now asked the psychologist for some form of a written attest of his visit in the hospital and the tests he had taken and what findings they had given. This was imperative for him in order to be able to press charges against his former employer; without such a report, no one would take him seriously and he would be unable to act.

Tuesday 16th of April.
At about 1100 hours the Aquarian’s Amateur Angel’s friends came to collect him and take him to the Atlantiz Airlines airport hotel and then to the lunch hour meeting. The 16th of April 1954 was the foundation day of the Amateur Angels in Atlantiz and this day was therefore the 31st anniversary of its coming to Atlantiz. The fellowship celebrated this annually on this day by a packed house open meeting in the capital’s largest theatre. The Aquarian would certainly be there.

In the afternoon the Aquarian called his wife from his hotel and told her of the developments in the psychiatric hospital and that he was now back in his hotel. He told her to contact their lawyer and get him to start legal actions against his former employer for an illegal and abusive dismissal. When he asked here about the situation with the bank, she would claim to know nothing of the matter. Later he would learn that upon his dismissal she had gone to Luxembourg and directly to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, pleading for mercy for him. The CEO had reacted by showing her the 20th of March letter from Mr. Arid describing the Aquarian as insane and getting insaner by the minute. This had collapsed her into tears and she left the CEO totally broken and without a hope for her husband.

After talking to his wife the Aquarian called his Luxembourg bank and got confirmed that both his account and credit cards had been closed, but by whom this he could not be informed of over the phone. The Aquarian’s response was to dress in his smoking trousers and his white dinner jacked and in his spit shined shoos was off to the anniversary meeting. When his friends asked him why he was so fine and formal in his dress, he replayed by reminding them of the story of the Atlantizian national hero who sometime in the ninetieth century, had appeared on the deck of the ship which he was a passenger, wearing his best dress. The ship was in sever storm and when he was asked why he got all dressed-up, he replied; “should we perish in this storm, people will recognize my corpse as of someone who had not been afraid when the ship was sinking.” The Aquarian then suggested that while his ship had already sunk, he was already aboard the life raft of the Amateur Angels and he would show others that he was not loosing his courage in the storm that raged around him.

Wednesday 17th of April to Thursday 2nd of May 1985.
The next two weeks and two days the Aquarian spent maintaining his three a day, chanting and meditation sessions, attending his two a day Amateur Angels meetings, calling Mr. Barnes, the psychologist and his wife in Germany.

Mr. Barnes advised him that the hospital psychology and psychiatry staff was meeting to discuss his request for written psychological and psychiatry attests and that this would take some time; he should call him in three days, which the Aquarian would repeat for the next two weeks.

The discussions with his wife did not go as well; his attempts at telling here that the staff of the hospital had not found anything wrong with him and that he was now back living in the Atlantiz Airlines Airport Hotel and that he was without money to pay for it since his credit cards were cancelled and his family would not help him with money. This time his wife told him that there was no wonder that he was in this predicament since the fault was entirely his; he should not have drunk so much VSOP-brandy. The Aquarian soon realized that telling her that he was mentally well and had been so the whole time would not get him anywhere before he could produce written attests from the hospital, which had been translated into German. The discussions with his wife lead to his gradual realization of the gravity of his economic situation if his wife should fail him, but he dismissed the idea. She was sure to help him since she had now made her inheritance and could easily pay for his hotel bill; it would all come out once she would get the written attests.

On the afternoon of the 2nd of May the Aquarian was called by Mr. Barnes who told him that he could pick-up the psychological attest the next day.

Friday 3rd of May.
After breakfast the Aquarian called his Amateur Angel’s friend, Hawthorn, and told him that the first attest was ready, to which his friend replied; I’ll be right over! Most of his close Amateur Angels friends were into what was happening in the Aquarian’s life and the psychiatric testing affair had become a matter of major interest to them. Arriving in Mr. Barnes office, the psychologist pushed a peace of paper across the table to the Aquarian and asked him to read it:

The Psychological Section of the
Mental Wards of the National Hospital.

Atlantiz City 2nd May 1985.
Psychological Examination.

Apallo Aquarian, born 22.01.37.
Address: 13. Kleifarás, City of Atlantiz.
Occupation: Airline Pilot.

Apallo Aquarian entered the Ward 12 in the Mental Section of the National Hospital 1st April 1985, due to suspected mania, and thereupon referred to the undersigned for psychological tests. This report is written at his own request.

The following tests were put before Mr. Aquarian:

M.M.P.I., 16 P.F., Raven, Bender-Gestalt, W.A.I.S., Rorschach and
selected parts from Luria’s Neurology.

The above examinations do neither point to organic nor functional faults in the Central Nervous System. At the same time they show the person concerned to be very intelligent, with even distribution of qualities.

When these tests were made he seemed to be in good contact with reality, be free from mania, hampering apprehension and depression, and to have a firm control of his actions. Delusions were not in evidence, or other thought distractions during the tests. The tests indicate that Mr. Aquarian is extrovert, spontan and rather free from constrains, as well as having a clear self-image and being self-assured.

It should be emphasized that these results express mainly the condition of Mr. Aquarian during his stay in the mental ward of the National Hospital. If further information is required, the undersigned is prepared to give it.


                                                                                             Julliard C. Barnes
Signed: Apallo Aquarian
Received: 03.05.85.

The Aquarian needed a few minutes to read the attest and gain his full composure in order to think the psychologist for what he considered to be the fairest possible attest he could obtain. While thinking the psychologist he tried to utter some expressions of gratitude to him for not deciding what his condition was, prior to the testing. Before he left, the Aquarian told the psychologist that he might later need some documentation regarding his qualifications, to present to his lawyer in Luxembourg but could immediately detect that this suggestion was not to the liking of the psychologist.

On joining his Amateur Angel friend he was promptly asked for a reading of the report as they were driving towards the company of the Aquarian’s friend to get photocopies of the report. His friend, Hawthorn, made a big “wow” emission and started talking about the injustice the Aquarian had been made to suffer for, exclaiming; “you should sue them all, make them all pay.” The response of the Aquarian was to tell him that if the findings described in the report were true and he was really insane, then he was in all probability the first madman in history, who succeeded in playing sane through a whole set of psychiatric tests. The other way a round was the normal one; playing insane in order to achieve some specific goal or in the case of murderers who were trying to evade execution.

Once the Aquarian had gotten his batch of photocopies, he and his friend were of to get the document legally translated into English and German with the translation being completed on the coming Tuesday.

Saturday 04th of May to Sunday 5th of May.
During the weekend the Aquarian again engaged his Amateur Angel friend Hawthorn to drive him around to his family members to drop of a copy of the psychological tests findings by Mr. Barnes. They started of by his mother where he only embraced her, gave her a kiss and handed her a copy of the finding but did not stop to discuss it. It would be better to allow her to read the report alone and he would then later talk to her about it. He employed the same procedure with his brothers and sister, but they gave him a strange look at the handing-over asking him to come in, which he told them would be later. It would be better that they would read it alone first.

Monday 6th of May.
It was then in the morning of this day that the Aquarian was called from the office of The Rock hospital and he invited to come there in the afternoon to fetch the report of the psychiatrists. This was good news for the Aquarian, although he was expecting entirely different results from this quarter, but in this his premonition turned out to be right as usually since his mental recovery from the addiction. Again Hawthorn provided the transportation service in the afternoon and this time the Aquarian was ushered into the office of the chief psychiatrist of the hospital, Dr. Lazarus, whom he had not seen before, but the psychiatrist, Dr. Garmann Garmann, and his assistance, Cand. Med. Suet Carlyle, who were behind the report, where nowhere to be seen. In this handover, the psychiatrist would not proceed directly to present the Aquarian with the report, but would first tell him that the psychiatric test was not complete, which was a surprise to the Aquarian who inquired if he might be informed as to what was missing. Dr. Lazarus’s reply was; “we did not ask you about your sex life.” To this the Aquarian responded; “I can tell you all about my sex life in five minutes.” “My sex life has been exclusively with women where I employ the missionary posture.” At this the psychiatrist gave the Aquarian a strange stare saying; “no, no. We don’t need this information really” and handed the Aquarian the report, but this time he was not asked to sign for its receipt nor did he ask him to reed it.

The Aquarian left the office of the chief psychiatrist of The Rock hospital, Dr. Lazarus and rejoined his friend, Hawthorn, to which he read the report:

Atlantiz City
Tel.: 38160 P. O. Box 1429

Referring to:

Apallo Aquarian,
born 22.01.1937,
13. Kleifarás, Atlantiz City.

At the request of Mr. Apallo Aquarian, the following shall be advised:

Mr. Aquarian entered the ward 12 at the Mental Section of the National Hospital 1st April 1985. He entered the ward in the company of the police, and the day after the confirmation of the Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs for the internment of Mr. Aquarian in a hospital was made available, according to permission in 3rd passage, Cf. paragraph 13 of the laws in respect of autonomy. The reason for the internment was mental mania (ICD 9:296).

When Mr. Aquarian arrived he was rather taut and animated, but was aware of place and time arid his own circumstances. Paranoia was to some extent evident, but delusions appeared only once, when he asserted that he had discovered a great doctrine, corresponding to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, but this he refused to discuss further.

Available information indicated that Mr. Aquarian had suffered from manioc depressive (upswing) for some time before entering the hospital, but these characteristics were not conspicuous while he stayed at the hospital. Indeed, on the second day after entering was Mr. Aquarian, allowed to leave the hospital to execute those errands he considered necessary to perform. In spite of the enforced entry, Mr. Aquarian did not ask for discharge from the hospital, and stayed there voluntarily until 16th April 1985. Examinations of Mr. Aquarian during his stay, there included a thorough psychological examination, did not indicate that he suffered from a serious psychosis at that time. A physical examination gave normal results, blood—and urine tests were within normal limits, except T4 was increased very little, or 152 m mol/1.

Mr. Aquarian was not given any medicines during his stay in the hospital, and was discharged 16th April last.

                                                                                                        Atlantiz City, 06. May 1985

                                                                                                            Garmann Garmann MD.

On the Aquarian’s completion of the reading, Hawthorn looked at him and asked: What is this? Is it good or bad for you? What does it mean? It sounds as if they are saying that there is something wrong with you; paranoia, mania, crazy ideas. Then they say that the saw nothing wrong with you. I don’t get it. The first thing that came to the Aquarian’s mind was Fuller Torrey’s report on David L. Rosenhan’s book about his 1973 excursion into the psychiatric profession with “pseudo patients”. There the dismissal note was always “symptoms in remission”; never any decision in the patient’s metal condition. The Aquarian tried to explain this to his friend; “In the psychiatric profession it is considered to be a rule that if you go into mania, then this will be followed by a depression and then the mania will return again. This will be repeated over and over again, hence the ‘bi-polar’ name.” What the doctor is suggesting is that he believes that I may have just come out of a manic psychosis phase as I entered the hospital, but since he personally never saw me in this condition, this is just a case of pure prejudice on his part and not a very professional act. I only saw doctor Garmann when I entered the hospital and never talked to him after that and no physical examination was ever carried out, neither by him or any other doctor. Doctor Garmann lies about this and has obviously taken the information from the first report of doctor Lumier of the Florida Hospital, but he carried out such an examination. The paranoia claim is totally beyond me and it has never been suggested to me that I showed signs of such emotions, but what is more, this is totally contrary to the impressions that the psychologist Mr. Barnes suggested, but he spent a lot of time with me. This suggests to me that doctor Garmann’s remark is another lie, where he is trying to look professional.” The Aquarian then told his friend about his exchange with Miss Suet Carlyle Cand Med, and how the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity comment had gotten into the report through her in spite of his warnings that she could not have an opinion about this if she neither knew nor understood what this was all about. She too had made herself guilty of prejudice, but this had been initiated by his brother’s attempts at getting a report from doctor Garmann and the internist Suet Carlyle, where it would say how mad he was; this to send to his lawyer in Luxembourg.

Hawthorn’s remark was; “It seems to me that these people are the real nuts.” “How can the man write a report about someone he sees only once and that for about ten minutes?” They drew on to the Aquarian’s photocopy friend and then on to the translation service where he got the translations for the report of the psychologist, Mr. Barnes. In spite of falsifications in the report, the Aquarian’s thoughts were of relief; his next step would be to go for a medical check, where he would confront the Civil Aviation Administration with his psychological and psychiatric excursions. He called the ministry and made the appointment for Wednesday, the 8th of May with doctor Wolfslair. This was sure going to be some hullabaloo he thought, but he had no idea that he was yet to see much more in-precision and direct lies on behalf of the psychiatric profession than all what he had seen until now. He would end up in full realization of the authority the psychiatric profession had over the patient who had no rights when it came to what the psychiatrist had to say. Once you become suspected of insanity, your will has nothing to say in the matter, which is good if you are insane; if you are not insane, this amounts to one of the most grotesque injustices you may have to suffer.

Tuesday 7th of May.
In the morning the Aquarian called his wife and told her that he now had both reports from the psychiatric hospital and the first had been translated into English and German. The report stated that he was not insane and he would be mailing it express to her in the early afternoon. He could not detect any joy in her voice or responses but he could understand this; every thing in their life was in tatters. He then told her that he was going to call in the afternoon since it was the birthday of Carol’s, his younger daughter.

The Aquarian went to an Amateur Angels meeting in the evening where he told the story of how he had gone from being a dying addict to a person being suspect of being insane and then passing all psychiatric tests with flying colours seven months later. After the meeting a good friend of his who lived in New York and who had been following his story in the meetings, came to him and gave him a name and telephone number of a lawyer in New York, who was also in the fellowship, and told him to call him for advice. He had already told the lawyer something about his crazy story.

The Aquarian had now become aware that he had stuck to the advice he had been given in the fellowship of the Amateur Angels by the tow fellows in San Francisco. He was by now also aware that what he had been going through in his Alaskan and San Juan experience was what in India and the Far East was known as a successful and powerful Kundalini Ascension that lead to a “Shamady” or “Satory” state of consciousness, a healing biofeedback phenomenon that is now at the turn of the century known as a “Quantum Change”. At this time, and to this date, most of the psychiatry teachers in the western culture have no idea what this is and most frequently see this as manic psychosis. The psychiatrists in turn administer psycho reactive medication that produces failed re-uptake and false neuronal polarization, and through this stop the biofeedback healing process in the individual and turn him into a permanent manic depressive and a permanent customer at the same time. The an individual that had gone through such a process would be a changed person, the knew even less (see page #263 picture #039 and page #266 picture #042). To the Aquarian, this had to be one of medicine’s worst blunders. Man had failed to understand the quantum mechanical-spiritual meanings of the ancient mythologies and religious traditions regarding this phenomenon. The obvious reason for this is that man does not have any direct control over this energy, since it is manly in the form of virtual spatial energy and should thus be the subject of quantum physics, which does not know about it either.

This was also the reason for the suggestions in the 1980s that there was some connection between Hindu Mythology and Quantum Mechanics, which was understandably frowned upon by most leading theoretical physicists.

                                                                                                                                                 The Angels with the Last Plagues.

The Intermezzo, Chapter Six
(Book of Revelation Chapter 15.)

The Angels with the
Last Plagues

The Aquarian's Destroyed Existance as
Husband, Familfather, Pilot and Norma
Human Being. The Psychiatric Tests
Seem Meaningless.

Nothing is more important about quantum physics than this: it has destroyed the concept
of the world as ‘sitting out there.’ The Universe will never afterwards be the same.

                                           John A. Wheeler

Book of Revelation Chapter 15.

1) Then I saw in the sky another mysterious sight, great and amazing. There were seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last ones, because they are the final expression of God's anger.
2) Then I saw what looked like a sea of glass mixed with fire. I also saw those who had won the victory over the beast and its image and over the one whose name is represented by a number. They were standing by the sea of glass, holding harps that God had given them 3) and singing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb:
       "Lord God Almighty,

            how great and wonderful are your deeds!
       King of the nations,*
            how right and true are your ways!
   4) Who will not stand in awe of you, Lord?
            Who will refuse to declare your greatness?
            You alone are holy.
       All the nations will came and worship you,
            because your just actions are seen by all."

5) After this I saw the temple in heaven open, with the Covenant Tent in it. 6) The seven angels who had the seven plagues came out of the temple, dressed in clean shining linen and with gold bands tied around their chests. 7) Then one of the four living creatures gave the seven angels seven gold bowls full of the anger of God, who lives forever and ever. 8) The temple was filled with smoke from the glory and power of God, and no one could go into the temple until the seven plagues brought by the seven angels had come to an end.

                                                                                                                    Revelations 15.

This is the last of the 6 intermezzo chapters of the prophesy's and the stage where it finally dawns on the Aquarian what has happened to him, it's meaning and it's importance. Once the Aquarian goes through a renewed attempt by the fifth psychiatrist he meats with to label him with a psychiatric tag after a 20 minutes interview, he realizes the futility of his efforts at getting the etiquette by doctor Lumier washed of his name. He begins to become capable of seeing what is installed for his future; a future where the injustice produced by the chain of errors involved in the labeling he had tried to be rid of, will now be destroying his marriage, family, profession and robbing him of all possession of property and leave him a pauper. He realizes that no matter what he tries to do, he was not going to be rid of the mark he had been branded with, just like cattle; it would not come off. He would not be rid of it anymore than he would be rid of his shadow.
It is not until the Aquarian finally comes across the second report by doctor Lumier of the Florida Hospital, where it says:


1.    Alcohol dependency, patient in recovery phase - has been free of alcohol since September 1984; rule out affective disorder, manic phase.

That the surge of anger in the Aquarian's consciousness gradually turns into fierce enthusiasm that is to stay with him for the rest of his life and quickly leads to his realization that there is only one mission left for him in life; to struggle to change the world in such a manner that outrages like this will not be possible. In addition to taking his previous employer to court, he will try all he may to take doctor Lumier and the Florida Hospital, Mr. Hanjoson and the Cornerstone Institute, Inc. to court. He would work on this while at the same time he would work on the theory his Alaskan Vision brought him. He knew that in it was the key to the ultimate understanding of the human brain; its functions and malfunctions.

Realizing fully how all this smacks of insane grandiosity in the minds of the psychology and psychiatry profession, as well as in the ears of ordinary people; he is going to change both these professions without a penny. Nuts!

The Aquarian's Attempts at Returning to Something Resembling a Restored Existence.

The Angels with the Last Plagues.
Narration by “Merlin the Wizard.”
As our naïve hero, the Aquarian has now come into possession of written attests for the psychiatric testing and evaluations he had been engaged in while staying in the psychiatric hospital, The Rock; he is now looking foreword to presenting this to the chief medical representative of the Civil Aviation Administration in Atlantiz. As he believes that these tests represent a comprehensive, if not a complete, scientific investigation into his psychological condition, he is confident that they will be satisfactory to doctor Wolfslair, the chief inspector. In his naivety he also believes that through his actions, he has shown himself to be a conscientious pilot of good moral character in his adherence to the aviation law, which in turn gives him a sense of pride. It says somewhere that “pride cometh before the fall” and this is now to be the Aquarian’s lot as he in his optimism thinks that with these two documents, he will be restored to his former life as they will show how the report of doctor Lumier of the Florida Hospital was a mistake. Little does he realize that once you have been seriously suspected of insanity, you will never bee seen in the same light and this, in the case of the Aquarian, will not even be changed with the his discovery of doctor Lumier second report of the final Discharge Diagnosis, where the doctor withdraws the label of the psychiatric illness; bi-polar affective disorder. His interactions with the psychological, psychiatric professions on top of his alcohol and painkiller addiction suffices now to collapse the whole of his family, economic and social status and leaves him under suspicion, even though he keeps his mouth shut about his Alaskan spiritual experience vision. The only people who regard him as being normal and mentally sound are found amongst the Amateur Angels.

The experience the Aquarian goes through with the Civil Aviation Administration psychiatrist, doctor Hannibal Petrovs and the discovery of the second report of doctor Lumier of the Florida Hospital, leave him dumfounded. The aftershock of it would in the long run serve to push him into the decision that the only thing worth wile for him to do is to go through the interpretation of his Alaskan spiritual experience vision in the believe that it may contain the key to the simplistic understanding--not just the fundamental laws of the Universe--but life, the DNA-molecular organization, the human brain and eventually consciousness. That through this he may be able to contribute to the changing of the situation regarding the addictions and the mental sickness of man, but by now he has become convinced that it is man’s pollution of his brain through the use of counterfeit neuro transmitters, that is the cause of all of man’s suffering.

However, the worst thing that the Aquarian is now faced with is the fact that he no longer has any access to money, neither in the form of credit cards or even to his own personal checking account. The fact that his wife—in spite of the hospital reports—now turns her back on him, refusing to send him money, leaves him now in dire straits. He is not even capable of paying for his hotel, nor is he able to rent a room and in this it is not just his wife the turns him down, but also his family; everyone seems to have lost believe in him. It is during this struggle to get his wife to send him money that he realizes that she has become totally disenchanted with him and he agrees to the divorce which she had started to talk about. That the events in their life since his leaving Frankfurt on the 18th of February had caused her such mental anguish and disturbed her to such an extend that it had brought her in to the arms of their lawyer, this was not realized and not known by the Aquarian. It was to be several years before he would gain full insight into what was really going on in her life and that of his family.

The Aquarian is now left with his Amateur Angel’s meetings and his meditation, where he can try to understand how all this could possibly develop out of his connection of the 1981 Roger Sperry discovery to the Kurt Gödel discovery, 50 years prior. That this was all unlashed through his simple thinking about Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington’s efforts at connecting quantum mechanics and general relativity seemed to take the cake. However, his efforts at imagining other “hypothetical connection scenarios” with similar outcome, turned out to be not too difficult; all he needed was a grandiose enough outcome and then to tell about this in the connection with his psychological withdrawals. This was sure to produce psychiatric labels.

Well, we are now going to look at the two months where the Aquarian is stuck in Atlantiz, unable to get any money and unable to get to mainland Europe. This is thus the story of his struggle to just to get on his way to try to straighten out his affairs. In the end he has to agree to give up his part in his former employers Head Office Pension Plan independent social security fund in order to be able to leave Atlantiz for New York where he makes attempts to legal assistance and succeeds in getting free legal advice.

Wednesday 8th of May.
In the morning the Aquarian reported to ophthalmologist or oculist, doctor Wolfslair in the building of the Civil Aviation Administration on the airport right next to his hotel. The doctor had been checking him for the past thirty years and was familiar with his medical history including the fact that he had gone for addiction therapy eight months ago. The doctor took him through the routine testing and then sat down at his desk to fill out the medical attest that was supposed to accompany his pilot’s license. As he was about to sign the attest which granted Class I medical, which meant that there were no medical limitations on it, the Aquarian pulled out a copy of Mr. Barnes’s examination report. This was something he was obliged to do according to the aviation laws.

The doctor stared at the document for a while and then exclaimed; “What is this”, “What happened?”, “Tell me what happened!”, “How did it come to this?” The Aquarian’s response was to tell the doctor very briefly what had happened to him since his last medical, emphasizing that he had been going through psychological painkiller withdrawals when the manic-depressive suggestions regarding him had appeared. The doctor’s response was to tell the Aquarian that this was not enough; he would have to talk to the Civil Aviation Administration psychiatry representative.

This was a shock to the Aquarian who responded by looking the doctor in the face and saying: “Doctor Wolfslair, I have here the findings of a report that is based on a two week psychiatric investigation which says that there is nothing wrong with me psychologically and you don’t take it seriously. The investigation was made in the Psychological Section of the Mental Wards of the National Hospital, which is a government institute and the Civil Aviation Administration is also a government institute and you mean to tell me that the two do not recognize each other. At this the doctor interrupted the Aquarian by saying; “You seem to be in a manic-psychosis to me.” At this the Aquarian exclaimed: “Have you now also become a psychiatrist doctor Wolfslair?”, “Well, I will go to see the Civil Aviation Administration representative, but that will only start the labeling again.” The doctor then advised the Aquarian that he would have to do that, those were the ICAO rules and if they were not followed, he could not issue a medical. The doctor then arranged for an appointment for the Aquarian with doctor Hannibal Petrovs at ten o’clock in the morning the next day. When the Aquarian left, he left a copy of Mr. Barnes’s examination report with the doctor, believing that he would pass it on to doctor Hannibal Petrovs. Whether the doctor actually did this, he would never get to know.

Thursday 9th of May.
The Aquarian was up early the next morning in order to report to the Civil Aviation Administration psychiatry representative. Later he would come to recognize that he had made a great mistake when he visited this doctor, without taking a lawyer with him as a witness to what took place in their encounter. When the Aquarian, who had never seen or met doctor Hannibal Petrovs, got out of the taxi in front of the hospital shortly before 10 in the morning, he ran into an Amateur Angels who was a pilot and who asked him what he was doing in the hospital. When his friend heard that he was to see doctor Petrovs, he exclaimed; “This man is mad! This doctor is insane. If you talk to him he will try everything to get you on psycho reactive medication. Don’t do anything he tells you to do. He will drive you insane with drugs and kill you. Believe you me, I know about this.” The Aquarian saw this as Higher Power guidance, but decided not to prejudice the doctor.

When the Aquarian, who had not taken any reports concerning him self along, settled in a chair in front of the doctor, the pleasant and confident inspiring looking doctor bad him tell what problems had brought his to his office. The Aquarian, now conscious of the effect his usual fast talk had on psychiatrist and other who suspected him of manic dispositions, paid special attention to speaking slowly and clearly when he told the doctor his story from the time of his osteoporosis becoming unbearable until his visit to The Rock Hospital and the psychological testing. This took about 20 to 25 minutes and when he had finished, the doctor arose from his chair looking the Aquarian straight in the face and said; “You are a very sick man Mr. Aquarian. You have until now made a lot of mistakes and have been in the wrong therapies until now. You had not business in the addiction therapy.” The doctor did not elaborate on what sickness he thought was bugging the Aquarian, nor did he ask him how he was feeling in general. Doctor Petrovse’s next step was to announce to the Aquarian that he would now take him for therapy, but here the original reason for his visit seemed to have become completely irrelevant. That he had come for a decision on his aviation medical was obviously far from the doctor’s mind and was now being replaced by an offer for the Aquarian to become his customer.

The astonished Aquarian did at first not know what to say but the suspicion that doctor Wolfslair had not sent Mr. Barnes’s examination report to the good doctor and now he was trying to start the insanity nonsense all over again. Looking in dismay at what he now saw as a university educated mad man, he responded by saying that he was not in need of any therapy and had just been through a thorough psychological examination in The Rock Hospital, which he passed with flying colors. He was now hoping to go the United States to try to start legal proceedings against a Florida Hospital psychiatrist and Mr. Hanjoson of the Cornerstone Institute. There he was likely to have to go through another such psychiatric evaluation in connection with eventual legal proceedings in that country. Both these parties were insured against making such mistakes as they had engineered in their ignorance and which had now caused him to loss his employment and was now about to destroy his family and reputation. For this reason the renewal of his licenses was not a pressing issue.

At this doctor Petrovs announced to the Aquarian that he had the right medication for him; drugs that the Royal Air Force allowed its pilots to use. He then got out of his chair and got a book out of one of his bookshelves, which he said corroborated this, but in this he did not seem to distinguish between the different civil and military aviation regulations.

It now became obvious to the Aquarian that doctor Petrovs thought him totally nuts and that he was not about to get an Atlantizian aviation medical attest through him. The doctor was obviously set on getting him as a customer and back into the mill of madness where the Aquarian now saw him as being even madder than doctor Lumier and not only intending to label him with a psychiatric label, but to get him on mind altering drugs as well. For the Aquarian all neuro-excitatory and inhibitory drugs were pure toxicants, but in his five days later written report to doctor Wolfslair of the Civil Aviation Administration, doctor Petrovs did not mention his therapy or medication offers and twisted everything the Aquarian said regarding his intentions.

It were now 6 days since he had gotten his relief from the doctors Lumier’s  psychiatric label through Mr. Barnes’s examination report, but this had been intended to get an unprejudiced and impartial judgment regarding his mental condition once and for all. With the response of doctor Petrovs, who did not seem likely to engage in any logic decision discussion with his would be patient, all this effort of his now seemed wasted and he back at square one.

The Aquarian got out of his chair announcing to the doctor that he had just gotten out of the jaws of the pseudo science of his profession and that he did intend to stay away from their services in all foreseeable future. At that he walked out of the doctor’s office without further salutations.

The report sent to the CAA by doctor Petrovs would come into the hands of the Aquarian some five years later, but here it is:


108 ATLANTIZ CITY.     15.05. 1985

To the Civil Aviation Administration,
c/o Chief Medical Inspector DR. Wolfslair,
The Administration Building, Atlantiz Airport.

Dear Dr. Wolfslair,
Regarding: Apallo Aquarian   b.  22. 01. 1937:

Thank you for sending the Aquarian to me; with whom I had a comprehensive discussion on Friday last week. I shall not at this stage writ a detailed report regarding the matter, since considerable amount of information is still missing as well as the return of Apallo for a thorough examination and investigation is necessary.

Briefly however, it can be stated that it is clear that the Aquarian is suffering from an affective disorder, most likely a bi-polar manic-depressive disorder. At this stage one cannot exclude that the signs the Aquarian now shows of effect disturbances may conceivably be connected to alcohol and/or drug abuse, but additionally it is clear that the Aquarian has been under great stress in the past due to growing difficulties regarding his marriage, finances, employment etc.

At the examination last week the Aquarian was in my opinion too sick to satisfy the health requirements of the CAA directives for licenses issued by the Civil Aviation Administration. The Aquarian on the other hand disrupted the interview and mentioned that he was going to the USA to enter into therapy and that he was not interested in further renewal of his licenses.

I offered him repeatedly to come again for an interview and offered further to arrange for him the best possible psychiatric treatment in this country, but all, unfortunately without success. I will be asking for information from the parties that have been treating Apallo here in this country so far and am as a matter of course prepared to undertake further examination of him if the opportunity should lend itself, as well as assist him with finding the proper therapy. This provided that he is willing to accept therapy in this country.

With best regards,

Hannibal Petrovs, Chief MD.

On the completion of his interactions with doctor Petrovs, a great sense of abhorrence came over the Aquarian as he thought of the perfunctoriness that apparently was to be found in the professions of the pseudo sciences of psychology and psychiatry. He was certainly not going to get involved in another such idiotic exchange with doctor Petrovs as he had recently finished having with Mr. Arid. The mad part of this is in the fact that as the Aquarian first started talking to Mr. Arid, he was having the same effect disturbances as he has today and has been having all his life. He was thinking the same way as he is thinking now, but not the same way he had been thinking while he was using alcohol. Since six months after stopping his use of alcohol, he has enjoyed a continuous and study semi-high state of feeling good (semi-euphoria) and which he has enjoyed un-disrupted for the past 22 years; a state for which he makes a conscious effort at maintaining through his fellowship and yoga techniques.

In the neuro-sciences of psychiatry it is unknown that the phenomena of “affective disorder, bipolar manic-depressive” will disappear suddenly all by itself and only appear when the person in question talks to a psychiatrist.  It is inconceivable that any “disturbances” were at hand in the psyche of the Aquarian caused by alcohol or painkillers at the time of the “comprehensive discussion” the Aquarian had with doctor Petrovs, since by then he had not even taken aspirin for 252 days, or 8 months. For those who do not know this, then there are no psychiatric therapies available in Atlantiz and have not bee for at least thirty years. People are simply drugged into zombie-stupor and the mental health situation in the country is the worst in the world is one takes any notice of the fact that the country has the highest consumption of psycho reactive chemicals with no one controlling the practices of the psychiatric professions.

As the Aquarian got to his hotel after the interview with doctor Hannibal Petrovs, he called the lawyers he was already in contact with in New York and asked for advice. His suggestion was that the Aquarian should turn in his license and get a receipt for it so that it would not be said that he was using the license in conjunction with a foreign medical, a FAA medical for example. The Aquarian was then advice to com to New York and that he would be given free legal advice on what to do in his extraordinary case.

In the afternoon the Aquarian took his Atlantiz license over to the Administration Building where he turned it in and took a receipt for it. What ever the case with the medical was, his flight currency was now elapsing at the beginning of the next month and with his financial situation, he was not about to be able to renew his license on these grounds either. He was not about to get a job in aviation anyway; he had been made unemployable anyway by what had taken place in his life in the last nine months. Any reference from his last employer would expose him as an alcoholic with an additional insanity label, which meant that he had become a “don’t call us pilot; we will call you.”

Friday 10th of May to Friday 31st of May.
During the next week the Aquarian spent in his usual routine with the additional occupation involving attempts to try to get money from his wife to pay for the hotel and a ticket for him to return to Frankfurt. On Friday the 17th the Aquarian’s brother, Gothron called and asked for a meting with him for the purpose of having him sign two powers of attorney for his wife. One was for the process against his former employer, and the other for the sale of their new house in Luxembourg. Later the Aquarian would learn that the process against his employer was still on the basis of him being insane.

Nothing much would take place during the next two weeks or until towards the month’s end when on the 29th the Aquarian came wise to the fact that his savior, Mr. Hanjoson of the CORNERSTONE INSTITUDE Inc. was in the same hotel as he. This prompted the Aquarian into leaving an envelope containing Mr. Barnes’s psychological examination report in his hotel mailbox. The next day, Thursday the 30th of May, the Aquarian was rewarded with a note of cheer from Mr. Hanjoson in his box which read:

„Dear Apallo. I have been calling your room now and then in order to get contact with you. I am on the way to Luxembourg on Sunday. Make a telephone contact, at least with a message, if I am not in, then in telephone 19944, or 19405. I would be delighted if I could talk to you before I leave. That would help me to continue to stand by your back in all these difficulties.
                                                                                                Best regards, Henstep.”

In spite of the Aquarian’s declared intend to maintain a positive forgiving stance to all persons, no matter what they had done or did to him, or what ever he might think they had done, he was unable to see what Mr. Hanjoson could do further to destroy his life. It was obvious that he was not aware that he and his associates, were the architects of his downfall and he found a cold shudder down the spine thinking about him helping him any further, so he decided to leave him be.

At this stage it had become clear to the Aquarian’s that his efforts at getting money from his wife had not just been totally fruitless, but that his wife was not going to help him out of this pinch. He was now at the end of the month getting into a grave crisis with his hotel bill payments and in the afternoon he decided that he had to do something about the matter. This was to go to the hotel manager and tell her what the situation was; he had been dismissed illegally and was trying to get back to Luxembourg where he would have access to money to pay the bill. The manager, who knew him as a guest for the past 10 years, accepted his promises that he would pay the bill as soon as possible. As the Aquarian’s affairs developed, it would not be until a year later that he would pay the hotel 1/3 of the debt and then another three years until he paid the remaining 2/3.

The next day, Friday the 31st, the Aquarian moved out of the hotel, but before he left he called his wife the last time for help and when she again turned him down, he advised her that she could have the divorce she had been talking about. The night he then slept in one of the Amateur Angel abodes.

Saturday 01st of June to Sunday 09th of June.
The next day, Saturday 01st of June the Aquarian spent looking up friends to borrow enough money for a flight to Dragon Island which he then undertook the next day. On Dragon Island he and his family had lot of friends and there he hoped to find some temporary financial support to travel to New York and then to Luxembourg. He enjoyed the stay on the island but was not so lucky to sum up enough courage to ask for loans; it all seemed to reflect too badly on his family. He flew back to Atlantiz City on the Wednesday the 5th and started looking around for bed and breakfast lodgings. This succeeded on Saturday the 9th and he moved in with Madam Goldie on Sunday the 10th at her apartment in the suburbs of Atlantiz City.

Tuesday 11th of June to Sunday 07th of July.
As soon as the Aquarian had moved into the Goldie residence, he got permission to use her typewriter which he used to write a letter to his friend Captain Judge in Luxembourg. The Aquarian had by now seen that the only thing left for him to do was to break his employers Head Office Pension Plan independent social security fund; he was not going to be able to get money anywhere to start his investigation into his possibilities for legal action in the United States. He had finally gotten it into his head that he was really alone in the world now, except for his Amateur Angels friends which were not used as money lenders in general in the fellowship.
The letter the Aquarian wrote contained a proxy for Captain Judge to act on his behalf to get the part of the fund he had personally paid; the part that the company had paid would be lost for ever. The letter was in the mail the same day.

Two days later or on Thursday the 13th, the Aquarian made a visit to his brothers, Gothron’s, small company. He had told him that he was in the possession of the documents surrounding the cancellation of his autonomy process. There might be some material there which might be of use to him in his future endeavors at getting damages compensation for the blunder of Mr. Hanjoson and his associates. As the Aquarian was going through the papers he suddenly noticed that the report from doctor Lumier looked different that the one he had in his possession. He did not have to look for long to find out why; this was a second report by the doctor and at the same time the actual Discharge Report.
The Aquarian sank down into his chair as he read over and over the words. Somehow what he read seemed like some sort of a nightmare.

1.  Alcohol dependency, patient in recovery phase - has been free of alcohol since September 1984; rule out affective disorder, manic phase.

The second report or the Discharge Report had been written on the 02nd of February 1985, or 48 days after the first report; the Admission Report, which was written on the 16th of December 1984. Doctor’s Lumier’s office had then sent a copy of the report within a couple of days to Mr. Hanjoson at the CORNERSTONE INSTITUDE Inc., which in turn sent a copy to Mr. Arid at the CORNERSTONE office in Atlantiz. The kind Mr. Hanjoson who was so much concerned with “standing by the Aquarian’s back,” had not thought of sending a copy to his client, the Aquarian. Just what was in the mind of Mr. Hanjoson and Mr. Arid concerning these reports and their interpretation of them, was beyond the Aquarian’s understanding.

As the Aquarian now showed his brother the second report and told him about the first and explained how it had been the source of all the trouble. His brother became hopping mad and suggested that they go down town and wring the neck of Mr. Arid.

As it dawned on the Aquarian how these two reports had in conjunction with his spiritual experience, played havoc in his life. For the first time since his spiritual recovery in sobriety, he got the feeling that he had made a fool of himself. He got the feeling that he had taken the psychiatry hullabaloo too seriously and should have ignored the first report. Should have called doctor Lumier and asked him the final diagnosis. Soon the Aquarian found himself in the forest of the illusions of the “ifs”; no he had acted in accordance with the law and that was that.

Here on the following four pages are the two reports of doctor Lumier, but the doctor's description of the Aquarian mental state is mostly based on hearsay from Mr. Hanjoson, but that is what destroys the Aquarian.

The Admission Report - I:

The Admission Report - II:

The Discharge Report - Front Page:

The Discharge Report - Back Page:


As the days passed into the beginning of July, the Aquarian finally got a letter from Captain Judge who said that he was expecting to be given soon the Aquarian’s part in the Head Office Pension Plan fund. He would contact him and send the money where he instructed him. At this the Aquarian went to the Atlantiz Airlines Head Office and pleaded successfully for a 90% discount ticket to New York and Luxembourg;  Captain Judge would send him the money to New York. Showing Madame Goldie the letter from Captain Judge, he told her that he would pay her for the room and board as soon as he had the money, but this had been agreed upon by them when he moved in.

Came Sunday the seventh of July, the Aquarian found himself on an Atlantiz Air flight to New York and heading into the strangest life any human being could ever dream of in his imagination.

Well, this then is the end of what we call here the Prophesies Intermezzo and the point where we find the Aquarian heading straight into the outpouring of the Seven Bowl’s of God’s Anger by the Seven Angels with the Last Plagues but of this. Of this he knows nothing, but he is never the less beginning to look closer at the 13th Chapter in the Revelation and in particular the strange coincidence of his brain addiction modelling fitting with the Dragon and the Two Beast story and then the fact that he can easily make the initials in his name fit to the number 666. His best understanding of all this is that the person with the mark of the beast is a metaphor for all alcoholics and the number also fits the initials in the name of the person—the recovering alcoholic--who solves the riddle of the Dragon and the Two Beast koan. He also realizes that the only person that can solve the riddle of the human brain will have to be a recovering alcoholic. Later as the Aquarian realizes that the Biblical Book of Revelation metaphors can be made to fit his life relatively effortlessly, this is verified to him. The fact that the number 666 can be made to fit his initials does not mean that he is the returning Jesus, nor does it meant that he is he the Devil or the Anti-Christ, but the metaphors of the 13th Chapter do not say so. However, the Devil or Anti-Christ concepts apply to the “addiction filter” in the intron side of his DNA-neuronal molecules. This filter has now been removed through quantum change biofeedback from the brains “primary intron side”, during his powerful recovery process. It is at the peak of this spiritual experience process that he becomes the man that receives from the creation reality—the Implicate Reality--the key to the riddle of the Universe, riddle of the DNA-molecular organisation and thus of Life, the Human Brain and Consciousness. It is thus fortunate that the Aquarian does not know what struggles that await him, but through all this, his is consciousness and his spirits are kept at a constant high.

Reviewing his engagement with the psychological and psychiatric professions has now shown him that they do not understand this process and cannot distinguish it from pathological psychosis. Neither do they understand the quantum change biofeedback, in particular if it is in a strong manifestation. The failure of the psychological and psychiatric professions to understand this, and how the person going through it will acquire a different personality—a positive one--to the previous one with the filter. This is the enlightened personality.

As the Aquarian now sets about his new life, his main concern is to do all he can to change this and he is now becoming steadily more confident that the key to that is found in the Venn-mathematical sets he experienced in his Alaskan spiritual experience vision. He’s got nothing to loose; he has already lost it all anyway.

The Epilogue

Here is to come the description of the rest of the prophesy which covers the rest of the Aquarian's life from his 48th year. This is Part Three with its 9 Chapters and the Conclusions with its 8 Chapters of the Prophesy are a separate story, a separate publication of the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR 666 which tells the Aquarian's struggle to "digest" the meaning of THE LITTLE SCROLL spiritual vision and his struggle to present it to the public.

End of the First
Part of the Prophesy Interpretation Story


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