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The QF-theory’s


This file presents a part of a series of open letters depicting in the simplest manner possible, the initial findings of the QF-theory, presented in the 2002 published book THE LITTLE SCROLL and in the PEACE-Files. The QF-theory is a Complete Unification Theory in physics that includes the Observer, Life and Consciousness and is thus claimed as a
Theory of Everything

The QF-Letters and their Subjects are:

The QF : INTRODUCTIONS: The Initial Findings of Man's Greatest Search:
The QF-Ultimate Theory of Everything!
The First
QF Letter:
The Alternate Set-Mathematical Solution offered by: The QF-theory of Everything!
The Second
QF Letter:
The End of Theoretical Physics and the 6-dimensional QF-theoretical paradigm!
The Third
QF Letter:
The QF-theory, the Parallel Universes Theories and The Limits of Mathematics!
The Fourth
QF Letter:
God on the Brain and The Riddle of God and the Brain Neurological and Psychological Quagmire!
The Fifth
QF Letter:
From the Riddle of Désjà vu, to the Riddle of the Autism Mystery!
The Sixth
The two Kinds of Hippocampal Volume Loss in Depressive and Alcoholic Individuals!
The Seventh
QF Letter:
After the Genome! After the Double Helix! The Cancer and Consciousness connection!
The Eighth
QF Letter:
Life, Cancer and the Organization of Procaryot and Eucaryot DNA matching the Human Brain.
The Ninth
QF Letter:
The QF-theory of the Brain's Empathy Center and its connections to Wars and Crimes in Humanity.
The Tenth
QF Letter:
Sir Isaac Newton, the Rainbow and the QF-theory's Fundamental Color explaination.
The Eleventh
QF Letter:
The QF-theory and the Riddles of the Double Slit Experiment!
The Twelfth
QF Letter:
The Solution to One of Humanities oldest Riddle.
The Interview with the Mysterious Mr. 666.

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“I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this
 or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element;

I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details.”

                                    Quotation from: Professor Albert Einstein.

The First QF-Letter:

The Alternate Mathematical Solutions
The 6-dimensional QF-paradigm.

In 1931 the Austro-Czech born Kurt Gödel presented the world of science and mathematics with his famous 1931 Incompleteness Theorem, which has hunted the world of mathematicians ever since. What this mathematical exercise showed the world was tantamount to a declaration from the discipline of mathematics itself, saying that it could not be used to solve all riddles. It was then in 1981, or fifty years later, that the American zoologist and experimental psychologist, Roger Sperry, was awarded the Nobel Prize for presenting the world with the discovery of the fundamental Functional Programming of the human brain. These were the results of his ingenious testing experiments on the brains of epileptic humans, who had undergone an operation severing their "corpus callosum" in half. This is the bridge that connects the left and right brains hemispheres. His discovery showed that the symbolic logic system of mathematics was almost entirely focused in the brains left hemisphere.

    Four years after Sperry's discovery, the author of the book THE LITTLE SCROLL, came to the realization that these--by fifty years separated discoveries--were connected. His insight suggested that when it came to the fundaments of reality, man could not look at reality with just one brain half. This is what was taking place in the mathematical analyzes in quantum mechanics and of the pictures taken of the particle tracks produced in the bubble chambers of the accelerators. He later would realize that this was the reason for quantum mechanics only being able to provide the "how's" regarding the fundaments of reality, not the "whys".

    Consequent insights based on this realization would be the trigger for the author's venture into the writing of the book THE LITTLE SCROLL. At the time of this insight, physics had run up against several problems with the discipline of mathematics but its limitations have appeared primarily in a fourfold manner. Without getting here involved in the debate as to what mathematics really constitute and the "how's" and "whys" of it existence, an attempt is made to elucidate very briefly the prime problems being encountered with mathematics in a separate file: The Limits of Mathematics. These problems in turn became the reasons for the indirect and alternative mathematical approach presented by the author in his book THE LITTLE SCROLL. This came about through him being shown--through a spiritual experience--an alternate mathematical approach. A mathematical approach based on the in Sir Isaac Newton's calculus founded algebra, created in the nineteenth century by the English math- magician and logician, George Boole. Later, another English mathematician and logician, Professor John Venn, had converted this algebra into a set-mathematical logic system. It would be into this logic system that the author graphically add--in utter simplicity--the string concepts of physics.


Isaac Newton
1642 - 1727
George Boole
1815 - 1864
John Venn
1834 - 1923

The resulting QF-Venn Sets would then produce the missing "whys" in quantum mechanics and for the first time produce a possibility for the inclusion of the DNA, Life and Consciousness into quantum mechanical analyzes. The resulting solution would eventually call for a most fitting reminder by Professor John D. Barrow, from his book, THE WORLD WITHIN THE WORLD: "The fundamental questions of cosmology and particle physics are of a very special type. Any explanation for the origin and structure of the Universe is likely to be of a very unusual sort. We would be foolish to discard certain approaches to these problems simply because they do not have analogues in more mundane scientific investigation."

The main advantage of the set-mathematical method--the QF-Venn Set--used by the author in his analyzes, may be understood by all who wish to, where as the calculus differential equations formalism cannot be understood without extensive university studying for a number of years. This method is introduced here following and we begin by presenting an example of the classical differential equations formalism using the Newtonian calculus mathematics. The mathematical laws of physics that are said to "break down" at the singularity of creation are expressible in this kind off symbolic logic system.


    It is this kind of mathematical logical-linear differential equations symbolic reasoning that has produced the super string theories, which are expressed in anywhere from 10, 11, 26 or 32 dimensions. This means 6, 7, 22, or 28 additional dimensions to the 3 spatial dimensions and 1 of time we commonly experience and require special--yet to be constructed--mathematical renormalization procedures, to roll them up and make them disappear. These concepts had in 1995 produced five different kinds of super string theories of everything, which is four theories too many. These have now been replaced by one, 11-dimensional M-theory (Membrane).

    Following we present the simplistic graphical presentation of these heterotic (circular) string/ membrane concepts for the electron, positron and the neutron. These are accompanied by a comparison to a simplistic version of the alternate mathematical QF-Venn Set version, which is in 6 dimensions, where the whereabouts and nature of two extra dimensions are known.


    Next we have the comparison for the baryon hadrons where physics tends to look at its quark components as individual particles being glued together by the "colored gluons". The QF-Venn Set looks at these as whole quanta where its quark components are inseparable parts of the quanta.


    The third comparison is for the neutrons but the QF-Venn Set does not look at the quark components in the hadrons as being up or down. It sees these hadron quanta quark components as in and out, but this is an expression of their direction of waving.


    In his 1977 book on cosmology and the creation process of the First Second, THE FIRST THREE MINUTES, Professor Steven Weinberg used the metaphor of "film frames" to describe it's individual events. This approach was adopted by the author of THE LITTLE SCROLL in describing the events of creation in his book. Here following are shown--in such frames--the two dimensional graphical QF-Venn Set alternate mathematical logic analyzes of the same particles as in the comparison here prior, but these are the primary particles in the standard model of physics. These frames are the end frames in THE LITTLE SCROLL creation analyzes of QF-Venn Set theoretical models fort he First Second of Creation.
  The QF-Venn Set alternate mathematical description of the fundamental particles of the matter part of the Universe are  then accompanied by the cutaway vision graphics of the same six dimensional particles. This permits the comparison to the classical differential equations formalism using the Newtonian calculus mathematics shown here prior. In these analyzes we are reminded of the words of Professor Stephen Hawking when he said: “If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason—for then we would truly know the mind of God.”  Obviously the professor is talking about a discussion of the "philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people" based on the eventually published interpretations of the mathematical finding of such a  "final theory", not of its mathematical details. This presentation  is, however, possible with the QF-Venn Set alternate mathematical logic format shown here in the following graphics where we present the QF-Venn Set alternate mathematical description of the four fundamental particles of the matter part of the Universe, accompanied by a cut-away graphical presentation of the same particles. This should give an insight into the relationship between the QF-Venn Set alternate mathematical logic and the actual physical reality of the fundamental matter particles.


Details of the QF-Venn set mathematical expression for the Matter Electron
and the Antimatter Electron, which is known as the Positron.

    These are the QF-Venn Sets for the electron and the antimatter electron, the positron. The amusing part in this triplicate integral string-membrane wave set concept is described the relationship of the leptons to space by the graviton W-twisters string-membranes that hold it together, not being concentric but this accounts for the leptons becoming a "smeared blob" in the experiments. The magic of this is that the manifestation of the graviton W-twister string-membranes is mostly in the corresponding V-pole of space.

    Here next is the same expression that come the closest expressing in a graphical cutaway what the QF-Venn Set is telling us about the fundamental particles. This format expresses both a point particle and triplicate integral string-membrane wave concept. the virtual particle V-poles, surrounding the particles in the drawings, represent the fabric of space as the physicist call them, is a part of the particle. These virtual particle V-poles represent the two extra dimensions, the 5th and the 6th, in the QF-theory, which suggests that the particle it self has no independent existence without these.


The QF-theory's presentation of the Electron and the Positron
showing their spatial extension.

   Now we come to the baryon hadron QF-Venn Sets for the proton and the antimatter proton. As with the electron the set format expresses both a point particle and a triplicate set-mathematical string-membrane concept for a wave, as well as the relationship of the baryon hadron to space by the graviton W-twister string-membrane quarks that hold it together. However, in the baryons these are concentric resulting in particle appearing as a pointed object in experiments. As with the leptons the manifestation of the graviton W-twister string-membrane quarks corresponds to the virtual particle V-poles of space, thus if the proton is destroyed, a new corresponding graviton W-quark will pop out of the V-pole in the vacuum. This produces a meson, which is both its own graviton and at the same time, the external carrier of the strong interaction for the baryon hadrons.


Details of the QF-Venn set mathematical
expression for the Matter Positron and the Antimatter Positron.

    Here is the same visualized expression that come the closest expressing in a graphical cutaway what the QF-Venn Set is telling us about the proton and anti-proton fundamental particles. This format expresses both a point particle and a triplicate integral string-membrane wave concept. As with all fermions it should be realized that the virtual particle V-poles, surrounding the particles in the drawings is a part of the particle. The particle has no independent existence without these.


The QF-theory presentation of the Matter Proton and the Antimatter Proton showing their spatial extension. 

    These graphical cutaways for the proton and the antimatter proton are meant to give an insight into the triplicate wave-composition of these baryon-hadrons. These are slides from THE LITTLE SCROLL that show the end-stage in the series of slides depicting the creation of the baryons and thus how matter achieves mass. They are the end-stage of the transformation of what in the QF-theory is described as "empty little black holes", or "implicate reality hadron gravitons" (IRHG) and they correspond to the so-called Higgs particles, or the God-particle, or the X-bosons turning into hadrons. However, in the QF-Venn Set version this does not take place in the same manner as suggested by Professor Peter Higgs. In the QF-Venn Set theorizations this takes place in the negative-gravity field created by the infinitely curved space exploding into the virtual QF-baryon bosons that suck up the antimatter side of the matter that is popping out of the V-poles in the vacuum and are thus mass-charged. This charming alternate mathematical solution produces further an explanation as to what became of the antimatter created in the Big Bang and why experimental physics will not ever find any God-particles, or X-bosons.

    These are the QF-Venn Set descriptions of the neutron and the anti-neutron, but here the same applies for these slides as for the proton. Here are the same visualized expressions that come the closest to expressing in a graphical cutaway what the QF-Venn Set is telling us about the neutron and anti-neutron fundamental particles.


Details of the QF-Venn set mathematical expression for the
Matter Neutron and the Antimatter Neutron.


The QF-theory presentation of the Matter-Neutron and the Antimatter-Neutron and their spatial extension. 

Fitting is to close this with the QF-Venn Set description of the hydrogen atom in its ground state.


The QF-theory presentation of the Hydrogen Atom in its Ground State,
showing the internal waves-forces at work

    In the graphic the area C of the Venn-set, the interaction-field between the electron and it's 1836 times bigger partner, the Proton, show the interactions that represent the forces at work in the "electro magnetic coupling constant" that was first discovered on pure mathematical foundations by the famous German physcisist, Dr. Arnold J. W. Sommerfeld and presented in the year 1928. This coupling constant is also called the "fine structure constant" since it shows up in the description of the fine structure of atomic spectra. It appears naturally in the equations for many electromagnetic phenomena. This is a dimensionless constant which characterizes the electromagnetic force and is defined thus  α = 1/137.036 = 0.0073.

    Professor Werner Hisenberg is said to have remarked that: “All the quandaries of quantum mechanics will shrivel up when 137 is finally explained,” but here is the QF-theory's explanation for the interaction nature behind this constant.


Details of the QF-Venn set mathematical expression for the Hydrogen Atom and it's internal energy fields, as well as it's spatial extension.

This ends this simple introduction to the QF-Venn Set alternate mathematical approach to unsolved riddles of quantum mechanics.

“The road to quantum reality may go on far into the future of physics,
and new insights may be found.
  Perhaps quantum theory is experimentally wrong or incomplete, something that is not logically impossible.”

                                            Quotation from: The late Professor Heinz R. Pagels.

Written in English for the purpose of publication on the Internet.
for PEACE Publication Ltd. by Paul John II, 24th June 2003.

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The next part offers the second of several essays, papers tracts, compositions, treatises or thesis on the findings of The QF-theory presented in the THE LITTLE SCROLL. This is:

The End of Theoretical Physics


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