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Parallel Universes and
The Limits of Mathematics!


This file presents a part of a series of open letters depicting in the simplest manner possible, the initial findings of the QF-theory, presented in the 2002 published book THE LITTLE SCROLL and in the PEACE-Files. The QF-theory is a Complete Unification Theory in physics that includes the Observer, Life and Consciousness and is thus claimed as a
Theory of Everything

The QF-Letters and their Subjects are:

The QF : INTRODUCTIONS: The Initial Findings of Man's Greatest Search:
The QF-Ultimate Theory of Everything!
The First
QF Letter:
The Alternate Set-Mathematical Solution offered by: The QF-theory of Everything!
The Second
QF Letter:
The End of Theoretical Physics and the 6-dimensional QF-theoretical paradigm!
The Third
QF Letter:
The QF-theory, the Parallel Universes Theories and The Limits of Mathematics!
The Fourth
QF Letter:
God on the Brain and The Riddle of God and the Brain Neurological and Psychological Quagmire!
The Fifth
QF Letter:
From the Riddle of Désjà vu, to the Riddle of the Autism Mystery!
The Sixth
The two Kinds of Hippocampal Volume Loss in Depressive and Alcoholic Individuals!
The Seventh
QF Letter:
After the Genome! After the Double Helix! The Cancer and Consciousness connection!
The Eighth
QF Letter:
Life, Cancer and the Organization of Procaryot and Eucaryot DNA matching the Human Brain.
The Ninth
QF Letter:
The QF-theory of the Brain's Empathy Center and its connections to Wars and Crimes in Humanity.
The Tenth
QF Letter:
Sir Isaac Newton, the Rainbow and the QF-theory's Fundamental Color explaination.
The Eleventh
QF Letter:
The QF-theory and the Riddles of the Double Slit Experiment!
The Twelfth
QF Letter:
The Solution to One of Humanities oldest Riddle.
The Interview with the Mysterious Mr. 666.

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“it is altogether possible that we'll either become bogged down and have no more  progress or that we'll soon find the unified theory…”

Quotation from: Professor Stephen Hawking.


The Third QF-Letter:

The Parallel Universes
The Limits of Mathematics!




Parallel Universes

BBC Two 9.00pm Thursday 14 February 2002

Everything you're about to read here seems impossible and insane, beyond science fiction. Yet it's all true.

Scientists now believe there may really be a parallel universe - in fact, there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we just happen to live in one of them. These other universes contain space, time and strange forms of exotic matter. Some of them may even contain you, in a slightly different form. Astonishingly, scientists believe that these parallel universes exist less than one millimetre away from us. In fact, our gravity is just a weak signal leaking out of another universe into ours.

The same but different
For years, parallel universes, were a staple of the Twilight Zone. Science fiction writers loved to speculate on the possible other universes, which might exist. In one, they said, Elvis Presley might still be alive or in another the British Empire might still be going strong. Serious scientists dismissed all this speculation as absurd. But now it seems the speculation wasn't absurd enough. Parallel universes really do exist and they are much stranger than even the science fiction writers dared to imagine.

Greater dimensions
It all started when superstring theory, hyperspace and dark matter made physicists realise that the three dimensions we thought described the Universe weren't enough. There are actually 11 dimensions. By the time they had finished they'd come to the conclusion that our Universe is just one bubble among an infinite number of membranous bubbles which ripple as they wobble through the eleventh dimension.

A creative touch
Now imagine what might happen if two such bubble universes touched. Neil Turok from Cambridge, Burt Ovrut from the University of Pennsylvania and Paul Steinhardt from Princeton believe that has happened. The result? A very big bang indeed and a new universe was born - our Universe. The idea has shocked the scientific community; it turns the conventional Big Bang theory on its head. It may well be that the Big Bang wasn't really the beginning of everything after all. Time and space all existed before it. In fact Big Bangs may happen all the time.

Of course this extraordinary story about the origin of our Universe has one alarming implication. If a collision started our Universe, could it happen again? Anything is possible in this extra-dimensional cosmos. Perhaps out there in space there is another universe heading directly towards us - it may only be a matter of time before we collide.

Michio Kaku went online to chat about parallel universes. Read his answers to your questions in the BBCi Space site.



What Existed Before the Big Bang?

By Michael D. Lemonick
Illustrations by Moonrunner Design

Perhaps a nearby universe collides with ours over and over in a never-ending dance of creat- ion? What if time did not begin at the Big Bang? What triggered the Big Bang? According to a new theory, our universe crashed into another three-dimensional world hidden in a higher dimension. "The model suggests a radically different view of cosmic history in which the key events shaping the structure of the universe occurred before the Big Bang" says cosmologist Paul Steinhardt. Maverick cosmologists contend that what we think of as the moment of creation was simply part of an infinite cycle of titanic collisions between our universe and a parallel world. -- Imagine the following:

ONE OF THE GREAT QUESTIONS OF HUMAN EXISTENCE IS WHETHER we are smart enough to figure out how our own brains work. But there's a related question that may be even more fascinating: Are we intelligent enough to figure out how the universe works?

(Remark: Not with conventional mathematical processes! Bold-Italic-colours PJE)
Now, more than any time since Albert Einstein introduced his special theory of relativity 99 years ago, we face a comprehension problem that stretches the limits of human imagination. Einstein asked us to contemplate how a person travelling away from Earth at nearly the speed of light would experience the passage of time. His answer still seems shocking. The idea that an astronaut could return to Earth after a 30-year voyage to find that all his friends had grown old, while he remained youthful, warps our sense of what is real. Nonetheless, comprehending the effects of special relativity is easy compared with what you will face on the next eight pages of this magazine. In our over story, we challenge you to wrap your mind around the idea that another universe exists in a three-dimensional membrane located bout the distance of a proton away from the one you live in.

Don't try looking for this universe: It exists in a direction that is incomprehensible to us because it lies in a dimension-one of 10 or so defined by a radical physics concept called string theory-that humans are able to describe only through mathematical models. To help you make the leap to higher dimensions, Discover has forgone its dedication to showing you science through photography. We would love to show you a photograph of another universe's membrane, but of course we wouldn't have any idea where to point the camera. Instead we've enlisted the aid of the talented graphic designers at Moonrunner Design, the company responsible for illustra- ting Stephen Hawking's enlightening book the Universe in a Nutshell.

We hope Moonrunner's illustrations allow you to envision a cosmic history that continues forever--making our Big Bang just one stage in an endless cycle of creation and re-creation. Depicting a multidimensional universe on a two-dimensional page is not easy, so be prepared to unlock your imagination. Remember that humans have a history of communicating complex ideas through drawings, a history that goes back tens of thousands of years. You may need that comfort as you confound your brain with concepts that reach the limits of understanding.


"What one needs is a quantum mechanical model with a wave function
that describes not only various systems under study
but also something representing a conscious observer."

Quotation from: Professor Steven Weinberg 1992.


The causes for the
"bogged down" physics.

The Limits of Mathematics and
the Asymmetry of the Human Brain.

On the 29th of April 1980, Professor Stephen Hawkings was inaugurated as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, a chair once held by Sir Isaac Newton. On the occasion, Hawkings presented a lecture titled: "Is the End in Sight for Theoretical Physics?" In this lecture he proposed that the goal of theoretical physics might be achieved in the not too distant future or perhaps by the end of the century. By this he meant that humanity might have a complete, consistent, and unified theory of the physical interactions, which would describe all possible observations. A firmer understanding of the four forces observed in nature, whose key would be a quantum theory of gravity. He later conceded that "it is altogether possible that we'll either become bogged down and have no more progress or that we'll soon find the unified theory…"

    This "bogged down and having no more progress" fear of Hawkings has now become the reality of theoretical physics, in particular the branch that is working on ideas of supersymmetry, superstrings and membranes. The situation is here attributed to human arrogance, caused through the centuries of gradually acquired asymmetric state of the human brain, whose growth has been accelerating in the past decades. This condition has lead to the physicist's denial of the 73-year-old "Incompleteness Theorem" of Kurt Gödel, presented in 1931. This in spite of the 1981 recognized findings of Dr. Roger Sperry on the "Functional Programming of the Human Brain", as well as Dr. Karl Pribram's findings on the "Holographic Construction of the Human Brain".

    Theoretical physics is working primarily with differential calculus equations, without which the physicists cease to be godlike creatures and become just ordinary mortals like you and me. Shortly after the middle of the twentieth century it was found that mathematical analyses would brake down in several circumstances, producing "incalculable situations". This would be particularly pronounced in attempted calculation into the reality of the "singularity" of creation and the "connections between general relativity and quantum mechanics" in the Big Bang theorisations. The supersymmetry, superstring and membrane theorists, clinging to the "miracle" of the Kaluza-Klein mathematical exercises begun in 1919, started responding to this problem by adjusting their equations by adding dimensions when ever they became "bogged down". This eventually succeeded in producing what they called Superstring Theories of Everything mathematical descriptions of the fundamental matter and energy particles, their interactions and eventually, their mathematical unification. However, they did not succeed in producing comprehensive theoretical models for the Big Bang that would contain the Quantum Wave of the Universe, which connected to the observer, life and consciousness. These theorisations would thus not be capable of including Life and the Observer, or presenting the explanations for the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers in the human brain. This is what represents the final frontier of man's scientific endeavors, or "The Final Mystery" as Professor  Susan Greenfield, the famous British brain specialist, labels it. In other words, the famous 1981, Dr. Steven Hawkings physics connection demand for  the observer, life and conscious- ness, is not satisfied: "I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-43 second. It is there that the ultimate answers to all questions about the universe- -life itself included--lies."

     The fault in this became transparent when 5 such theories, all equally mathematically correct, had been presented and it became obvious that by using this, adding dimensions method, the number of such theories was only limited by the number of competent mathe- maticians working to create them. The "bogged down situation" became too obvious and in 1995, the extraordinarily brilliant mathematician, Dr. Edward Witten, came to the rescue of the embarrassing situation. This was in an 11-di- mensional mathematical theory--The M-theory--where the superstrings were traded out for super-membranes and through this, the five, super- string theories, unified into one membrane theory. Since the appearance of The M-theory, other physicists are attempting to use this model to create a new explanation for the Big Bang and with help of the 11 mathe- matical dimensions, intend to make the final analyzes of the creation pro- cess. This, since the laws of physics--expressed in differential calculus equations--no longer become incalculable, or "brake down". 05_Singularity-Bang.gif


06_Membrane-Bang.gif    With the, in 1998 introduced and in 2002 published, Venn set-mathe- matical QF-theory of  Everything (triplicate membrane superstrings) and its connection to the observer's DNA, life and consciousness, it became possible for the first time to analyze the reality behind the multidimens- ional "mathematical hall of mirrors". A delusion that now holds physics in the 11-dimensional abyss. A mathematical abyss that requires the creation of special mathematical compactification procedures in order to roll-up the 7-extra dimensions. The QF-theory, which contains 6-dimens- ions--two extra--does not require any such mathematical exercises, since it does explain clearly their whereabouts and basic functions. It thus offers relatively simplistic explanations for the brain's "mathematical hall of mirrors". These are founded in the theory's insight into the fundamental holistic programming of the brain, through it's neuronal-DNA structure and the consequential collective program for the pyramid neurons seat of con- sciousness in the neocortex. This further contains new quantum mechan- ically founded insights into the nature and reality of the photon-quanta electromagnetic field of consciousness and its interactions with the DNA.

    In all simplicity, the QF-theoryshows us that the collective DNA fields in the seat of consciousness--which have abandoned mitoses--are about evenly programmed for "exons" and "introns", with the primary programming for the matter hemisphere and the spatial hemisphere contained in them respectively. In the matter hemisphere "exon basic programs" the mathematical skills are contained, but the spatial hemisphere "intron basic programs" are void of classical mathematical abilities. Since the DNA is a double helix and the same DNA fundamental program is found in all cells, this means that the overall construction becomes holographic, meaning that there is another "opposed" secondary program of the same kind behind the primary program in each hemisphere. According to the QF-theory, it is this twofold holistic arrangement that accounts for the totality of reality and the totality of our marvelous perception of it, as Einstein expressed it: "The most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible."

     It is in the spatial hemispheric "introns basic program" that the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers are found, but due to the brain's holistic arrangement, their function is in every cell's DNA and their collective effect centralized in theses mysterious brain centers. The QF-theory shows us that this twofold function corresponds to the W-negative and W-positive wave functions in every atom of every DNA and throughout the electromagnetic field of consciousness. In a healthy brain (free of all quantum functional displacement errors) it further manifests a field, "quantum extended" to the V-negative and V-positive poles in the vacuum. It is through the added dimensions in the mathematical process that it enters the spatial hemispheric "exon based programs" and thus the "mathematical hall of mirrors". It is through this that the operator is deluded into thinking that this is another invisible spatial dimension (THE LITTLE SCROLL pages #446, The Apocalyptic Files page #72, Part 2). No wonder that some "scientists believe that these parallel universes exist less than one millimeter away from us". It should be obvious that the mathematical operator has entered the creation or causative reality in his own brain and begun to "play God", with the unmistakable consequence of his work looking like science fiction, or some mystical philosophy.

    This is the crux of the matter and this explanation is one of the main features of the QF-theory of Everything, which is truly a Theory of Everything, since it incorporates the observer, life and consciousness. No wonder that QF-theory of Everything enthusiasts claim all other Theories of Everything to be just "Theories of Something". The main realizations of the author of The QF-theory--and the foundation for his work--is his 1984 insight into the connection between the 1931 "Incompleteness Theorem", by Kurt Gödel and the 1981 Nobel prized discovery of the "Functional Programming of the Human Brain", by Dr. Roger Sperry. An insight later verified by the "Holographic Construction of the Human Brain", by Dr. Karl Pribram. In these insights the complex phenomenon of the "Asymmetry of the Human Brain" enters the scene, but this is something that is altering the reality perception in most of the human population. A most important consequences of this is that we are not generally conscious of the fact that physical reality, as well as the reality of our brains, are divided into the "causative" ("exon basic programs") and the "operative" ("intron basic programs"), and that mathematics deals fundamentally with the operative side. This insight reminded its custodian of Plato's theory of ideas, or forms, that suggested everything was created out of the "Perfect Forms", which were situated somewhere beyond the heavens (space and time), which in the QF-theory are the two V-pole dimensions of the zero-point virtual energy of the vacuum. Their "quantum connected" compliment is found in the "causative reality", of the brain's DNA's "intron nucleotide basis" of the spatial hemisphere. After all, Plato may not have been as nutty as Heisenberg thought he was.

     All this is then the profound causation for the fact that quantum mechanics presents us only with the "HOWs" in reality, not the "WHYs". Mathematics has provided us with the marvel of modern physics, but failed to provide us with the explanations for the causes for the laws of physics, creation as a whole and most importantly; the Observer, Life and Consciousness. This chain of realizations lead the author of The QF-theory of Everything to the eventual understanding of the Venn-diagrams Set-mathematical system as being the brain's spatial hemisphere's fundamental logical overview analytical deductive system for the causative reality. This chain of realization further lead to the understanding that this system--employed without any values of quantities or magnitudes--and alternated with the findings of classical mathematics and experimental physics, would be the proper way for the spatial hemisphere to analyze and express "the causes for the fundamental nature of nature". This was found to be the only proper way that the birth of the known laws of physics could be expressed around the reality of the singularity in the Big Bang creation process. Only via the simplistic reality- nature of the brain's "intron basic programs" could this be achieved. -- After all, in the beginning everything is really very simple.

    One of the author's first reactions to this discovery was to check if this method would allow the expression of the reality of the genome and the human brain. From the start, the method showed itself to fit for the brain like a glove, for the DNA it fitted as far as the published research knowledge permitted. Amazingly, through following the history of the Venn-set, it could be traced through the Boolean algebra to the calculus of Newton. This showed that the connection between the twofold nature of the brain and the twofold system of the calculus, matched each other in the "exon" versus "differential calculus" and the "introns" versus "integral calculus". The Roger Sperry explanation for Kurt Gödel's mathematical discovery had gone a full circle.

    Obviously, if the insight offered by the QF-theory, resulting in the claims by the author made here prior--a person not specifically trained for this subject of inquiry--are ever verified, this is bound to be most embarrassing for the powerful academic and experimental high-mathematics world of physicists, at the cutting edge of science. It would be the equivalent of H. C. Andersen and Professor Roger Penrose's hints made respectively in: "The Emperor's New Clothes" and "The Emperor's New Mind". The work of the leading physicists represents a multi billion dollar industry on both sides of the Atlantic, whose patrons may not be keen on an explanation provided by an unknown nobody, without any special education other than flying airplanes, which is something just about any mediocre individual can do. Considering "The Asymmetry of the Human Brain", they may--in their subconscious--not even be too keen on having such an unknown nobody making the ultimate discovery and by this, put themselves out of business. What of it, experimental physics has just about reached its energy limits without any conceivable prospects of ever detecting any Susys, Superstrings or Membranes.

    What then is all the outrageously costly fundamental physics research for? The science writer Dr. John Boslough reminds us that no one knows what the ultimate unification theory will bring: "If this law is found, it could prove almost meaningless, or it could lead to a new golden age of science. Scientists don't know just as they had no idea that Einstein's unification of mass and energy would lead to a new age of the atom. Or that quantum mechanics, the mathematical system used by physicists to explain the movement of subatomic particles, would be used to make the first laser."

    The Nobel laureate, ProfessorSteven Weinberg, has these questions about the subject: "Speaking of a final theory, a thousand questions and qualifications crowd into the mind. What do we mean by one scientific principle 'explaining' another? How do we know that there is a common starting point for all such explanations? Will we ever discover that point? How close are we now? What will the final theory be like? What part of our present physics will survive in a final theory? What will it say about life and consciousness? And, when we have our final theory, what will happen to science and to the human spirit?"

    Of course we must include the famous line from Professor Stephen Hawkings: "If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason— for then we would truly know the mind of God.”

    However, the following remark by ProfessorFred Alan Wolf offers a unique insight into this dilemma: "Quantum mechanics appears to describe a universal order that includes us in a very special way. In fact, our minds may enter into nature in a way we had not imagined possible... Perhaps the appearance of the physical world is magical because the orderly processes of science fail to take the observer into account. The order of the universe may be the order of our own minds."

    Finally, the 1993 remark by Professor Gerald D. Fischbach, hits perfectly home in all these projections making us aware of its importance: "Philosophical inquiry must be supplemented by experiments that are now among the most urgent, challenging and exciting in all of (the history of) science. Our survival and probably the survival of (all life on) this planet depend on a more complete understanding of the human mind."

    This is truly the ultimate goal of all this enormously costly research: To discover our selves, through the discovery of the ultimate fundamental law of the Universe and of our brains. Whatever else may come out of such a discovery will be just a bonus. It is the ultimate understanding of the observer, life and consciousness that will always be the noblest goal of man's scientific endeavors, for in this we may find the explanations and thus the key's to the solution for all that ails us. Problems such as the growing and looming threat of climatic catastrophes, through atmospheric and environmental pollution, caused by our brain pollution that additionally produces the multiple addiction sufferings. Numerous world wide epidemic catastrophes, a multitude of psychological and psychiatric illnesses, but most of all, our increasing inability to be happy and love each other.

    This knowledge of our selves may give us improved abilities to solve the numerous environmental, economic, energy  and population growth problems looming in the future. It may prevent the braking down of law and order as the political dilemmas and problems grow. Obviously, no explanation for the Universe and the brain will be complete unless it includes ultimate explanations for our concepts of the Devil and God. An ultimate discovery that includes such explanations should take priority ower any escapades to other planetary objects in the solar system, since it might suffice to help us stop killing each other in the name of God. That would certainly make all the expensive research worth while. However, all the super-expensive research will be wasted if we are incapable of interpreting correctly what nature is telling us, through denial of, or a failure to recognize (caused by the asymmetry of the human brain), the limitation of conventional mathematics, as suggested 73 years ago by Kurt Gödel. This danger will ever be present inn all creation and unification theorisations that are not capable of incorporating the the Observer, Life and Consciousness.

“Philosophical inquiry must be supplemented by experiments that are now among the most urgent, challenging and exciting in all of  science. Our survival and probably the survival of  this planet depend on a more complete understanding of the human mind.”

Quotation from: Professor Gerald D. Fischbach.


Written in English for the purpose of publication on the Internet
for PEACE Publication Ltd. by Paul John II, 26th November 2003.

Recent subject references and articles:

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/elegant/program.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/horizon/2001/paralleluni.shtml


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The Riddle of God on the Brain


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