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The Riddle of Déjà vu,
to the
 Autism Mystery!


 This file presents a part of a series of open letters depicting in the simplest manner possible, the initial findings of the QF-theory, presented in the 2002 published book THE LITTLE SCROLL and in the PEACE-Files. The QF-theory is a Complete Unification Theory in physics that includes the Observer, Life and Consciousness and is thus claimed as a

Theory of Everything

The QF-Letters and their Subjects are:

The QF : INTRODUCTIONS: The Initial Findings of Man's Greatest Search:
The QF-Ultimate Theory of Everything!
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The Alternate Set-Mathematical Solution offered by: The QF-theory of Everything!
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The End of Theoretical Physics and the 6-dimensional QF-theoretical paradigm!
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The QF-theory, the Parallel Universes Theories and The Limits of Mathematics!
The Fourth
QF Letter:
God on the Brain and The Riddle of God and the Brain Neurological and Psychological Quagmire!
The Fifth
QF Letter:
From the Riddle of Désjà vu, to the Riddle of the Autism Mystery!
The Sixth
The two Kinds of Hippocampal Volume Loss in Depressive and Alcoholic Individuals!
The Seventh
QF Letter:
After the Genome! After the Double Helix! The Cancer and Consciousness connection!
The Eighth
QF Letter:
Life, Cancer and the Organization of Procaryot and Eucaryot DNA matching the Human Brain.
The Ninth
QF Letter:
The QF-theory of the Brain's Empathy Center and its connections to Wars and Crimes in Humanity.
The Tenth
QF Letter:
Sir Isaac Newton, the Rainbow and the QF-theory's Fundamental Color explaination.
The Eleventh
QF Letter:
The QF-theory and the Riddles of the Double Slit Experiment!
The Twelfth
QF Letter:
The Solution to One of Humanities oldest Riddle.
The Interview with the Mysterious Mr. 666.

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“The road to quantum reality may go on far into the future of
  physics, and
 new insights may be found. Perhaps quantum
theory is experimentally
 wrong or incomplete,
something that is not logically impossible.”

Quotation from: Professor Heinz R. Pagels.


The Fifth QF-Letter:

The Human Brain
The Mystery of the Déjà vu Experience!



What Causes the Brain's "Déjà vu" Experience?

The term déjà vu is originally France and its literal meaning is 'already seen'. In most handbooks on psychology, little or almost nothing is found on the phenomena but the book by Graham Reed is apparently the best reference: The Psychology of Anomalous Experience: A Cognitive Approach, Hutchinson University Library, London, 1972.
    Déjà vu is the sensation we have, when we feel that we have experienced or seen something before, but at the same time feel as if the experience was new. For this reason déjà vu disturbs the reality perception, as we have the feeling that the perception of some phenomena or circumstances is both present and past.
    Some epileptics seem to experience déjà vu more often than others do and some times the condition may last for several hours, or days. However, for most others this lasts only for a few seconds or minutes.
    Reeds explanations for déjà vu are as follows: When we experience some new circumstances as if we had gone through them before, we may conceivably be reliving same kind of emotional reactions to different circumstances. It is therefor the emotional response, which is of the same origin, but not necessarily the circumstance. It is thus because of the remembrance of the emotion that the perception of the environment appears to be the same.
    The other explanation for déjà vu is that when we experience something new as if it were familiar, then that is indeed the reality. We have already been in the same circumstances before but fail to recollect them precisely because the experience is fore some reason repressed, perhaps because it connects to unpleasant emotions. Therefore we perceive the experience as both new and familiar.
    It has been shown that the sensation of déjà vu can be produced through hypnosis. If a subject under hypnosis is shown a picture, which he is later asked to forget, he experiences the picture as strangely familiar when he is shown the picture again after having been awakened.

In the world literature there are known examples of some sort of déjà vu. The first volume of the masterpiece À LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS PERDU, or REMEMBRANCE OF  THINGS PAST) by the France author Marcel Proust (1871-1922) titled DE CÔTÉ DE CHEZ SWANN (SWANN’S WAY). In it is found a famous chapter where the taste of magdalene- cookies initially causes some sort of déjà vu and later succeeds in recreating a world that has disappeared, in the mind of the story's subject. The story's subject recalls the lost memories of youth when he tastes the cookies, which he had eaten in his youth and the aroma- and taste perception are thus the foundations of the memory. "But when the past has come to its end-- with man and mouse--it is the aroma and taste that remains. A memory of cookies, but more durable, aired, firmer, lasting - for a long time they continue as souls to recall, wait, hope, and on the wreckage of all the past, to carry on without collapsing, in all its pettiness, the gigantic structure of memory."
    If we put this into context with the theories of Reed, then Proust's interpretation of déjà vu are of the later variety, that is to say that the circumstances refer to real memories and events.
A known theory of the Greek philosopher Plato regarding memories is of similar nature as that of the recollections of Proust, except there it is maintained that what we remember is not only forgotten memories form this life but another previous life. To live and to learn thus becomes a remembrance of a previous life. Plato's teachings of on remembrance are in Greek named ANAMNESIS, and are one of Socrates' arguments for the immortality of the soul. This can be read in THE LAST DAYS OF SOCRATES.
    Finally it is fitting to remind of one poetic version of déjà vu. In the 1999 motion picture THE MATRIX, the protagonist Neo experiences a déjà vu when he sees the same black cat twice consecutively within a extremely brief timespan. In the virtual reality where Neo and his companions are situated in, déjà vu is an indication that those who create the world are changing something. These are malfunctions of the system, which appear as something happening repeated precisely as before.
    One can read more about memory and memories in a detailed explanation by Jörgen Pind. How does our brain remember? - Jón G. Þorsteinsson, literary scholar (Graphics deleted).

The "Alea jacta est!" in Terms of Quantum Reality?

The "Déjà vu" Experience in Terms of the "QF-theory".

The Ultimate Answer to the Question:
"Does God play Dice with the Universe?"

After having been alerted to the Déjà vu page on the "Apallo University" webs, the author of the QF-theory became provoked enough to write this overview essay. This is integrated with the riddles of the Autism syndrome, since the Déjà vu phenomena is possibly the most subtle of all the riddles of the human brain and Autism, the most extreme one. It is further fitting for criticising the offerings of the learned academics of the "Apallo University", but the explanations offered on the university web made the author once more aware of the tragic poverty of the pseudo sciences of psychology and psychiatry. However, this is a part of the  humanity's overall general lack of insights and understanding of the fundaments of reality and consequently, the correct programs and the proper workings of the healthy human brain. This has resulted in our work with hypothetical models for this realm of the sciences and it is thus the argument of the author, that this has resulted in psychology and psychiatry hitherto caus- ing more harm than it does good.

    The "Apallo University" web presentation is further a display of the general lack of adherence by these disciplines to the scientific methodology, since it is taking samples from, and is drawing parallels to, "fictions" in literature. The author recalls that his foremost psycho-biology teacher, Professor Richard M. Restak MD, did make himself guilty of this snob-impression manoeuvre in his 1984 book, THE BRAIN, where he made reference to Marcel Proust's magnum opus, REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST. However, in this he was not connecting it to, or arranging it into any unscientific fantasy explanations for the Déjà vu phenomena, but using it as a pseudo verification of association between the senses and memory. The rest of the two suggested explanations in the article are in line with this approach and it is the same problem as always; No causative "why" answers, only the action descriptive "how's". This has its causes in the fundamental fact that our brains are reality-machines and that the fundaments of reality are quantum mechanical ones, which is not generally appreciated or understood. This is the reason why the pseudo sciences of psychology and psychiatry are still just that: pseudo sciences. For verification of this, we need go no further than the current news on the tragedy of Dr. Harold Shipman.

    The story begins when, on the occasion of the internment of Shipmann in Wakefield prison in June 2003, the British television station SKY reported on the case. In order to explain to the public why a human being, who had made it his calling to help his suffering fellows--by becoming a doctor of medicine--could become a mass murderer. For this end the managers of SKY brought in a psychiatrist for the purpose of explaining why this happened, that a medical doctor had become a mass murderer. (Note for those who are not familiar with the terms psychologist and psychiatrist: The main difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that the psychiatrist is a doctor of medicine, who has learned psychology and is allowed to drug people, but can cure no one, were as the psychologist has not learned medicine and has therefore to call up his psychiatrist friend when he wants to put his client on drugs.)

    In his explanation, the SKY orderd psychiatrist began by telling the public that: "It is not because Dr. Shipman is a drug addict that he had murdered his patients. It is because he is a psychopath". The psychiatrist did not bother to explain to the public that the term "psychopath" was only a descriptive term for specific behavior and did not reflect any causes. This simply because it is not know in the neuro-sciences what it is that produces a "psychopath", much the less what the malfunctioning mechanism in the brain is that causes this. The same is true for the addiction malfunctions of the human brain--their mechanism is not known--so had the psychiatrist that appeared on the SKY-TV been truthful, he would have told the public: We simply do not know! However, this he did not do and the brain-functions mechanical causes for the arrogant denial behind HIS behavior, are not known either. In other words, the explanation offered was no explanation--just a play with words. No wonder that the SKY journalists, are now, on the occasion of Shipman's suicide, are remarking: "Now we will never know why he did this, since he is dead!" This is an absence of the realization that even if Shipman had lived, he would not have been able to tell why he did this. He himself would not have known the answer.

    The real tragedy of this affair is not just in this lack of insights and knowledge of the malfunctions of the human brain that produce this. The real tragedy of this is that the imperfect and defective pseudo science of psychology and psychiatry will continue to be taught in our Universities and to produce academic experts who will continue to produce their useless labels on malfunctioning brains. Most of us are not even aware of the fact that the foundations for the pseudo science of psychology and psychiatry were laid by an active alcohol and drug addict and that this is still being denied by the professors that teach these disciplines. This is the most serious error and falsification of science in humanity, since our failure to understand the faulty mechanism in the addictions, represents our lack of understanding of the most widely spread and serious of all the brains malfunctions. In essence it means that we do not have the ultimate explanations for the construction and functions for the human brain; healthy og sick. This is what the QF-theory suggests is the reason for the failure of science to solve the riddles of the human brain.

    This is then the cause for the lack of conscious awareness and our self-delusions that produce such meaningless explanations as the labels of the pseudo science of psychology and psychiatry. Meaningless, since they are not founded in a fundamental understanding of the functions of a healthy human brain, which is not known. The tragedy is that these labels, at best, only serve to "park" the individuals with defective brains, in psychiatric asylums or in the stupor of drugs, but the problems will continue, grow and produce increasingly such extreme cases the Harold Shipmans and we shall continue to be without means of detecting them before they commit their senseless acts. All we can do in the case they are apprehended, after they have committed their acts, is to exclaim; "This is the best we got! and then turn them over to the psychiatrists for further drugging. However, the Hitlers, the Stalins, the Shipmans are only the individuals, which we pay attention to because of their grand efficiency, forgetting that we are only a hairs with from being just like them. We entirely miss noticing the millions of ordinary humans who are in denial and who are killing themselves and those around them, just with their pathological behavior, for whose causes no one has conclusive explanations.

    The reason for the murders of Harold Shipman MD is of course in his drug addiction. This has now been made possible to be understood, by the "cracking of the code" for the human brain, in the quantum mechanical QF-THEORY, which was introduced in 1998 and published in 2002. It shows how the malfunction condition, that produce the "psychopath" is created by the failure of the neuro-transmitter re-uptake, while the neurons are contaminated by chemicals that replace the natural ones, primarily alcohol and drugs (how it is carried through the genes and transmitted to others) and then how the altered consciousness-neuron interaction produce the brain-programs that are responsible for the thinking that kills. It shows in details how failed re-uptake, produces what the theory calls the "filter", but this is what neurology calls functional malfunctions or disorders of the brain.

    The QF-theory is the worlds first and only "Complete Physics Unification Theory" that contains the Observer, which in turn means Life (DNA) and Consciousness. It describes in detail the creation process during The First Second of Creation, which means that it contains a description of the Universe at "The End of the Birth of Time" or second 10-36, but that, to most theoretical physicists, represents "The Quantum Wave of the Universe". It is recognized by the leading physicists that this symmetry will also represent the fundamental program for the human brain and life itself, but here is the pertinent remark by Professor Steven Hawking: "I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-43 second. It is there that the ultimate answers to all questions about the universe--life itself included--lies."

    This means that the QF-superstring-membrane-theory is therefor the only physics unification theory that can justify the claim to be THE ULTIMATE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. The superstring-membrane M-THEORY of Dr. Eduard Witten is limited to offering descriptions of the particles and their interactions, no Big Bang creation and no Observer and is thus only a THEORY OF SOMETHING.


This means that if this is true, then the QF-theory should have the fundamental insights into the human brain and its programs, and should therefore be able to provide us with ALL the missing answers regarding its functions and malfunctions. This of course includes the Déjà vu experience, which so mystifies and fascinates everybody. However, the QF-theory does not deal with the brains Déjà vu centers (Seen before.), separate from the Jamais vu centers. (Have never seen this before). Obviously we shall not be going here into the details of the theoretical foundations; "Daß meine Liebe Leute, ist aber ein Lehrgang ganz für Sich".

    This discussion on the question of the Déjà vu experience, has initially to be in arbitrary terms and it begins by the fundamental QF-program for the human brain's DNA. There the QF-theory suggests that the Déjà vu and Jamais vu centers should be situated in the spatial hemispheric temporal lobe, which in turn accounts for the epileptics being more prone to Déjà vu experience. This is also born out by the experiments carried out by Wilder Penfield MD during the mid-twentieth century. The QF-theory then suggests that the Jamais vu center is the brain's faith faculty, but this is born out by the research experiments carried out by Professor Michael Persinger in the last decades of the twentieth century. The QF-theory thus proposes to show that the mysterious Jamais vu brain faculty is natural to us, and not some sort of an evolutionary creation--through some forms of spiritual masturbation--as suggested by Dr. Sigmund Freud (ZUKUNFT EINER ILLUSION) and Professor Richard Dawkins (THE BLIND WATCHMAKER).

    The phenomena in realty, in Nature--external of the brain--that corresponds to the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers, are the two, V-negative and V-positive poles in the zero-energy field of the vacuum. These are the same poles that light dances in and make a simple gadget like Polaroid glasses work. They are at the same time the reality-dimension out of which all the matter in the Universe has issued or sprung from; "The only free lunch ever!" as the Harvard physicist, Professor Sidney Sheldon, describes it. This is the reason for the brain's faith and creativity faculties, which are at the same time the bain's compassion faculties, being situated in the spatial hemisphere, just as the two V-poles are in space. Further, the QF-paradigm for the brain show that these two poles have an extended correspondence into the W-negative and W-positive wave functions in every atom, every cell, of our body and produce the brain's Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers. It is the extended effects of these waves in the matter/energy particles that produce the gravitational effect in space. They form the gravitons. In a perfectly healthy brain, free of all quantum functional displacements, they not only extend into every DNA, but throughout the electromagnetic field of consciousness. In this are to be found the explanations for ALL the extraordinary perception experiences of man. Fundamentally, in the material reality, these two V-poles and two W-waves gravitational functions have the effect of producing momentum that brings objects together.

    In the biological reality the extended function of the Déjà vu centers serves to bring species together for procreation and enhanced collective survivability, but that is the function of the brains Déjà vu center (spatial hemispheric temporal lobe), which was mention before as "the compassion faculty" of the human brain. It is the WE faculty of our brains. It is the faculty through which we recognize and care for each other, for if I recognize you, I can have a more meaningful and compassionate interaction with you, which in turn increases my survivability.

    When the faculty of the Déjà vu centers, or the "compassion faculty" of the brain fails compleatly, the unfortunate individual becomes autistic, which is like most everything concerning the brain's fundamental programming, not known in science. The failure of the Déjà vu centers programming is progressive at different rates and in a small number of cases may progress into changing the programming in the Jamais vu centers in an extremely unusual manner that produces the autistic savant, or an autistic individual with extremely unusual abilities, usually in just one field.

    The QF-theory then offers us an even greater insight into the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers faculty functions by showing us why people have such varied disposition towards faith, or the ability to believe in God or a Higher Power. Why people have sudden "spiritual or quantum change experiences" when these faculties suddenly start working properly, or why not all of those tested, react to excitatory magnetic waves application to the spatial temporal lobe. It is further the collective stages of failure in these two brain centers, that produce the phenomena of the "Asymmetry of the Human Brain" and also explains the fact that only about one third of those given placebos react in a positive manner them. Finally, the QF-theory shows us why the Jamais vu centers faculties are associated with all epileptic and psychiatric disorders in humans and what their causes are. All these malfunction are caused by what the QF-theory describes as the "functional disorder filter" in the DNA's-neuronal introns and they are created by the "failed re-uptake" in the neuronal synaptic exchanges. What has made this so hard for science to detect is the fact that this "filter" is also inherited in accord- ance with the Mendelian laws of genetic inheritance.

    The association of the Déjà vu experience to the brain's memory functions in the "Apallo University" web side "Déjà vu article", is also situated in the none-scientific methodological boondocks of the pseudo sciences of psychology and psychiatry. Mythology makes more sense than these pseudo sciences. Here again, this is understandable since our sciences simply do not have the correct fundamental models for the construction and functions of the human brain. This applies to the reasons for the common misconceptions and speculative conjectures made in the article regarding the function of memory.

    If in fact the QF-theory is THE ULTIMATE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, then it follows that it should be able to answer the questions regarding the relationship of "memory" to the Déjà vu experience. This is where the whole of the foundations of the neuro-sciences ideas about memory start to shake as in a 7-Richter tremor and this is not talking about DTs. An attempt at considering the question regarding the functions of memory, without knowing conclusively in what the brain's thought process is founded, or without any fundamental model for thought, that is still in the none-scientific methodological boondocks. With the advantages of being in the possession of the QF-theory, it becomes clear that the current suggestions of the neuro-sciences, that the thinking is in the neuronal discharge-firing, is the main prevailing error that keeps humanity in the dark about the brain. With the QF-theory we are out of the dark.

    To enter this domain in the brain functions we are forced to go back to the old arguments of Bohr and Einstein. Here "alea jacta est!" for the QF-theory regarding the question whether the current quantum theory description of quantum reality, is all here, or whether something is still missing. The QF-theory says that Einstein was right when he said, "Ich glaube nicht daß der Alte einen Wörfelspiel mit dem Universum spielt!" ("I do not believe that God plays dice with the Universe"). The QF-theory says that, "It is Man who plays the dice, not God." It says that, "Man throws the dice so that he only sees one of them." It says that, "The dice is the two brain's hemispheres, and the 'blind' dice is the spatial hemisphere, or the subconscious hemisphere." These are the much disputed "Asymmetry of the Human Brain" and "Binding Problem" phenomenas, along with all the other riddles of the spatial hemisph- eric human sub-conscious.

    Here following are three quotations regarding the question of the completeness of Quantum Mechanics, but the first two come from the late Professor Heinz R. Pagels in 1982: "The remarkable feature of all the leptons is that they have never revealed any interior structure. They appear to be pure point particles even at the highest energies. This suggests they are truly elementary and not composite particles--a rock bottom to the levels of matter, a feature which compounds the puzzle of the leptons." and "We can imagine that quantum reality is like a sealed box out of which we receive messages. We can ask questions about the contents of the box but never actually see what is inside. The principle of complementarity asserts that in describing reality we must invoke complementarity concepts that exclude each other--they cannot both be true. The road to quantum reality may go on far into the future of physics, and new insights may be found. Perhaps quantum theory is experimentally wrong or incomplete, something that is not logically impossible."

    The second one comes from the physicist Dr. Danah Zohar in 1990, but she is married to a psychiatrist: "At times, quantum theory seems to serve as a useful metaphor which helps to draw these reflections into a new and sharper focus, while at others it seems to promise at least a partial explanation for how consciousness, and hence daily experience, might actually work…Quantum physics shows us that we cannot separate ourselves from our environment… The full nature of quantum indeterminism goes straight to the heart of the central philosophical problem raised by quantum mechanics--the nature of reality itself… My own guess, where I to speculate at all about the death of Schrödinger's cat,, would be in sympathy with that of the physicists who suggest there is noting paradoxical about reality itself, but rather something wrong-or at least incomplete-about quantum theory. In its present form, since it can't account for whatever it is about observation that collapses the wave function, it simply cant' apply to the whole of physical reality…We need some further mathematics, they argue, perhaps even the discovery of whole new physical principles before we can understand the translation from the quantum world to our own."


This is precisely the case with the QF-theory, which states unequivocally that the Quantum Mechanics are not complete. There are two most important discoveries in the QF-model improvements of the Quantum Theory that offer fundamentally new ways of looking at the human brain. This it where the QF-theory provides us with the brain's fundamental reality program, or that of "The Quantum Wave of the Universe" and by this solves numerous riddles regarding the brain. Of these the most important is the insight into the fundamental two-dimensional reality of the DNA, or that of the exon and the intron nucleic acid bases, where the exons represent the "explicate reality" and the introns the "implicate reality". At the same time it solves another major riddle, possibly the most fundamental enigma of them all. This is the riddle of the brain's wave of consciousness, which is a "semi standing" electromagnetic field.

    According to quantum mechanics, then all fields of energy have their specific quanta. Here the quanta for the electromagnetic field is the photon, which in quantum theory has been shown to have its "matter side" and its "antimatter side", but the QF-theory suggests that this represents a twofold reality of a twofold wave property. One wave function for the matter side that is constantly waving "out from a center" (explicate) and at the same time another wave function for the antimatter side that is constantly waving "in to a center" (implicate). The physicist and mathematician, Profesor Eduard Witten has presented mathematical proof showing such quantum wave action possible. The main consequence of this is the powerful suggestion that the phenomenon of thought is actually in the quantum wave of consciousness and not in the "consequential" firing of the neurons, which is a secondary neurotransmitter exchange action for the collective adjustment of the reality perception. A continuation of this explanation is the illumination of how it is possible for the wave of consciousness to retrieve information out of the DNA exon-intron (explicate-implicate) intra somatic realties and discharge them through speech or other means. At the same time the wave of consciousness is loading into the DNA exon-intron (explicate-implicate) intra somatic realties, information in the form of long term memory quanta.

    It is thus the quantum wave of consciousness--which makes one holistic reality out of the 24 to neurons in the brain's seat of consciousness--that represents the thought, and this flow is regulated through the hypocapuses by the neuronal exon and intron programs of the DNA. It is in this control that the loading into the DNA exon-intron (explicate-implicate) intra somatic realties, of information in the form of long term memory quanta temporary, occasionally fails in the drunk-state and drug withdrawals and produces the temporary black-out experience in memory. This is born-out by the case of the permanent blackout of US marine soldier who was cut in the hypocapus, while partaking in recreational fencing aboard an aircraft carrier.

    What has made it so hard for science to crack the code for the human brain, is the fact that it is a holistic reality construction. This fact is creating the extra dimensions in the differential equations of the mathematics of our physicists. It becomes even more difficult to understand when it comes to the memory quanta, which according to the QF-theory is a holistically modulated photon quanta, retained in the "atomic orbits" of the DNA's nucleotide bases.

    Good! Here is the light at the end of the tunnel, even though it appears as just another lack of adherence to the scientific method, as the "Apallo University" pseudo sciences of psychology and psychiatry speculations on the Déjà vu experience. However, this is not the case. This is a finding of a hypothetical experiment, which took place in reality and where the author of this essay was the "experimental subject", in a process where he came within a hairs-with of loosing his life, due to his arrogant denial of the existence of the faith faculties in our brains.

    During the last two years of the authors addiction progression, he had ever more numerous episodes of Déjà vu experiences, in particular in the last two months. He has also had verifications by several other addicts through the years, that they experienced the same. After the autor had the "Spiritual Quantum Change Experience" on the 22nd of November 1984, with "The Out OF the Body Experience", he stopped having the Déjà vu experiences and has not had them for more than 19 years. The spiritual quantum change experience, with the out of the body experience, was the moment the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers faculty functions in his brain returned to normal, which in turn returned the dopamine and endorphin production in his brain back to normal.

    A friend of the author who died on Christmas Eve last (2003), was not this fortunate. Due to the erroneous human brain models of the academic community, he could not get the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers returned to normal functions. He could thus not gain the necessary increase in neuronal energy to attain the cleansing withdrawals from the drugs given him by the psychiatrists, therefore he suffered cardiadic arrest and death. This, however, is a truth that has to be told no matter what the psychological and psychiatric self-interest groups would like to defend themselves with. Psychologists and psychiatrists are human beings just like the rest of us, and they are al well meaning; we simply do not have the right scientific information to achive any real success in correcting the psychiatric malfunctions in our fellows. The QF-theory shows that all the psychiatric malfunctions are of functional, or spiritual nature, but no such functional, or spiritual disorders will ever be solved be chemical solutions.

    In all this, it is a colossal paradox and at the same time the author's personal experience, that it may be an impossibility for anyone to solve the riddle of the ultimate physics theory, without having gone to the frontier of death and back, in an addiction sickness. This is the story of the Katha Upanishad, where the boy Nachiketas, who wanted to know the ultimate truth, was told that only Death could tell him this. That if he were given to Death he might ask for this truth, however, Death would try to retain him. The Upanishad is about his journey to Death and back, but this was the story of the author of this essay.

    The QF-theory findings on the Déjà vu experiences are that they represent a relatively mild malfunction of the brains compassion centers, the Déjà vu center faculties. These malfnctions produce "flash-impulse" attempts of this faculty to function. The suggestion that the Déjà vu centers are the brain's "compassion faculty", match the general census on humanities altruism and "love for ones fellow" on planet earth, which leaves something to be desired according to the founders of the religions and the general engagements of the pseudo sciences of psychology and psychiatry. The general lack of compassion amongst humans thus supports the suggestions of the QF-theory. Without going into the details of the QF-theory regarding the "filter creation" consequences of the failed neuro-transmitter re-uptake in the neurons, this discussion terminates by stating that the failure of the Déjà vu center faculties, is a part of the riddle of "The Asymmetry of the Human Brain". It thus represents the causes for the personal arrogance of the psychologist that presented the pseudo explanation for the Déjà vu experience on the "Apallo University" science web, as well as the arrogance of the psychiatrist who pretended to explain the reasons for the murders of Harold Shipman to the viewers of SKY- TV, simply by labelling him a "psychopath". Both the psychologist and the psychiatrist did not know any better and believed in the rubbish they had been taught in the University, irrespective of the ineffectiveness of their disciplines, hiding behind their useless and cynical pseudo scientific solutions excusing themselves by the: "This is as good as it gets" This is the best we got!" No wonder the religions claim the "arrogance" be the first of the seven deadly sins. The only hope for these disciplines is that they come up with a workable "quantum change" technique that removes the functional disorder filters in the brains of their clients.

    The conclusions of these analyses are that the riddles of the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu are the riddle of the human brain, or rather, the riddle of the human brain will not be solved without solving the riddle of the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu faculties. The solution to this riddle will thus solve all the riddles of psychology, psychiatry, philosophy and anthropology. It will thus answer all the questions that Dr. Thorstein Gylfason asks in his book TILRAUNIN UM HEIMINN (THE UNIVERSE AS AN EXPERIMENT) including the question of who the experimenter is. The QF-theory will further show us how we start taking over the roll of the experimenter and by doing so, get the impression that the experimenter is "Playing Dice with the Universe". It is thus fitting to close this paradigm discussion with the remark made in the Scientific American in 1993 by Professor Dr. Gerald D. Fischbach, at the time rector at Harvard. "Philosophical inquiry must be supplemented by experiments that are now among the most urgent, challenging and exciting in all of science. Our survival and probably the survival of this planet depend on a more complete understanding of the human mind." The other closing reminder is the one of the Greek thinkers of antiquity: "The Passive Observer sees the most!", but it is the passive observer that has produced the answer that is now available in the QF-theory. However, the ultimate horror in all this is the fact that the brains of the academic instructors in humanity may be malfunctioning in just the same manner as the ones in the rest of us mortals. They are also suffering from the same "Asymmetry of the Human Brain", that produces the peculiar blindness and deafness of arrogance that Dr. Helen Keller declared to be the worst fate of man: "The blindness and deafness of man's inner eyes and ears".

“It is Man who plays the dice, not God. It is Man who throws the dice so that he only sees one of them. The dice is the two brain's hemispheres,
and the 'blind' dice is the spatial hemisphere,

or the sub-conscious hemisphere.”

Quotation from: Paul John II.


Written in English for the purpose of publication on the Internet

for PEACE Publication Ltd. by Paul John II, 29th November 2003.

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The next part offers the sixth of several essays, papers tracts, compositions, treatises or thesis on the findings of the QF-theory presented in the THE LITTLE SCROLL. This is:

Two Kinds of Hippocampal Volume Loss


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