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QF- Letters-Essays!


The QF-theories Explanations for Life, its Evolution
and the eventual Organization of the Genome in
Multicellular Organism (Eukaryotes). The
   in Understanding this Evolution for Human Life and Health.

This file presents a part of a series of open letters depicting in the simplest manner possible, the initial findings of the QF-theory, presented in the 2002 published book THE LITTLE SCROLL and in the PEACE-Files. The QF-theory is a Complete Unification Theory in physics that includes the Observer, Life and Consciousness and is thus claimed as a
Theory of Everything

The QF-Letters and their Subjects are:

The QF : INTRODUCTIONS: The Initial Findings of Man's Greatest Search:
The QF-Ultimate Theory of Everything!
The First
QF Letter:
The Alternate Set-Mathematical Solution offered by: The QF-theory of Everything!
The Second
QF Letter:
The End of Theoretical Physics and the 6-dimensional QF-theoretical paradigm!
The Third
QF Letter:
The QF-theory, the Parallel Universes Theories and The Limits of Mathematics!
The Fourth
QF Letter:
God on the Brain and The Riddle of God and the Brain Neurological and Psychological Quagmire!
The Fifth
QF Letter:
From the Riddle of Désjà vu, to the Riddle of the Autism Mystery!
The Sixth
The two Kinds of Hippocampal Volume Loss in Depressive and Alcoholic Individuals!
The Seventh
QF Letter:
After the Genome! After the Double Helix! The Cancer and Consciousness connection!
The Eighth
QF Letter:
Life, Cancer and the Organization of Procaryot
and Eucaryot DNA matching the Human Brain.
The Ninth
QF Letter:
The QF-theory of the Brain's Empathy Center and its connections to Wars and Crimes in Humanity.
The Tenth
QF Letter:
Sir Isaac Newton, the Rainbow and the QF-theory's Fundamental Color explaination.
The Eleventh
QF Letter:
The QF-theory and the Riddles of the Double Slit Experiment!
The Twelfth
QF Letter:
The Solution to One of Humanities oldest Riddle.
The Interview with the Mysterious Mr. 666.

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The Eight QF-Letter:

Creation of the Universe
and its Provisions for the
Eventual Appearance of Life.

These writings are referenced to the QF-theory published in the book
author uses the pseudonym Apallo Aquarian.

In April 2007 the worlds leading news agencies published recent research findings by a Danish scientist, Dr. Lina Mørch, but she had investigated the breast cancer related health records of 17,647 Danish nurses in relation to their alcohol drinking habits. These findings showed that the risk of breast cancer was doubled if the women drank what amounted to two bottles of vine a week or the equivalent of 22-27 glasses of alcohol, that is bear or vine, compared to those who drank 1-3 glasses of alcohol a week. The risk was found to be the greatest if the alcohol was drunk in a short time. The women participating in the survey were all considered to be tempered drinkers. The amount of alcohol consumed appeared to have considerable effect on the likelihood for the women developing breast cancer, but the investigation showed that the risk was considerably increased if the drinking was of the weekend type, where a extensive amount of alcohol was consumed in a relatively short time span. As little as four to five bears in one evening could have a negative effect.   

Why are there 36% statistical possibilities that I or YOU will end our life suffering from cancer? Why is it that our medical sciences have not produced an ultimate explanation for the causes for cancer, in spite of the multitude of brilliant scientists working on this research? Why have our medical sciences not produced an ultimate cure for cancer, in spite of the trillions of dollars and the millions of brilliant brains spent on cancer research? What the Hell is this phenomenon of cancer then? Is it just some unexplainable decease of the genome or are our scientists approaching the riddle in the wrong manner? The answer is in the fact that our medical sciences deal predominantly in attempted symptomatic cures without knowing what the causative factors are. A major part of this stalemate is that we still do not know what regulatory elements in the genome moderate the gene-transcription and the DNA and cellular molecular activity. The understanding of this may require the solving of the quantum riddle of life itself.

Although the cancer research has not been able to produce the "why explanations" for the causes for cancer or its cure, it has produced the "how descriptions" for the failure of the genome expression in the cellular life-mechanism. Again we have borrowed the simplified description of this by Dr. Helga Ögmundsdóttir who describes this thus: “A cell with a malignant tumor is in many respects different from healthy cells, but perhaps this is best described as the cell appearing to have collectively acquired an abnormal behavior where it no longer knows its role and how to behave correctly in the collective cell body. These cells multiply uncontrolled and not in accordance with the laws that govern a healthy organ. They no longer follow their individual specialized purpose in the organ and do not die like normal cells. In the normal continuity maintenance of the organ the specialized cell has a limited life span but a cancerous cell no longer follows this program and the cell multiplies much faster than its normal natural death rate. In this process the cancerous cells loose their integration orientation and no longer knows how to fit to the surrounding cells. This leads to the cells multiplying uncontrolled and eventually starts spreading purposelessly over the organism in a process know as metastasis. What is it that causes this behavior? The causes are always in changes in the regulating program of the cells DNA and all kinds of accumulative changes in the cells genetic material can be detected. The last and the most difficult question regarding the cancerous cell is: What causes these changes of the DNA? This is a question which thousands of scientists are wrestling with trying to answer."

Reading through this line of questions the reader is obviously going to ask himself; What the hell has this phenomenon of cancer then to do with the creation of the Universe and the origin of Life? The answer to this brings us to the arrogant arguments for the claim that our medical sciences will NEVER be able to come up with an ultimate explanation, or an ultimate cure for cancer, without the Ultimate Theory of Everything in physics that includes Life and the Consciousness of the Observer being first discovered?  Here the arguments for this claim are that our medical sciences will NEVER be able to come up with an ultimate explanation, or an ultimate cure for cancer, or for that matter any other statistical genome management sickness, until they have acquired comprehensive and conclusive insights into the fundamentals of the Universal reality that produce Life through the DNA-molecular functions. This means the organization of the nucleotides in the DNA-molecule and their functions in the homeostasis and gene expression, but the 6-dimensional QF-theory's solutions to these riddles is the subject of this essay. This is presented under the following titles:

The Creation of the Universe through the Two 5th and 6th Fundamental Dimensions of the Vacuum.
The Extension of the 5th and 6th Fundamental Dimensions of Reality into the Matter/Energy in the Universe.
The Creation of
none-sexual Single Cell Prokaryotic organism Life through the Two Fundamental Dimensions of Reality.
The Fundamental Dimensional development of  none-sexual Single Cell Prokaryotes into sexual Multi Cellular Eukaryotic organism.
The Extension of  the Two Fundamental Dimensions of Reality into the QF-Holographic Models for the Human Brain and Consciousness.
7000 year Pollution Interference with the Function of the Two Fundamental Dimensions of Reality in the Human brain and its Threat to Life.

The Creation of the Universe through the 5th and 6th
Fundamental Dimensions of the Vacuum.

In our first step scrutinizing the simplistic outlines in the process of the creation of life, we need to take a hard look at nothing, or the vacuum of space and the creation of matter/energy. This is best done through the quotation of the 1962 remark by the eminent American theoretical physicist, Professor John Archibald Wheeler who then had this to say about the nature of space, the structure of space, the fabric of space: “No point is more central than this, that empty space is not empty. It is the seat of the most violent physics" for which he also came up with the notion of "the space time foam". It is what is known about the composition of this "empty space space time foam" in them simplest of terms which is the subject of this part but the following two dimensional graphic figures #01 to #03 are intended to give an idea of what is being talked about. This is also called "virtual energy of the vacuum" or the "zero negative energy of the vacuum", or the two "virtual positron/negatron poles" that can be made to appear in the vacuum chamber polarization of electrodynamics. In the 6-dimensional QF-theory these poles are given the title: "The Negative and the Positive V-poles of the vacuum," where  the "V" obviously stands for "virtual".

Figure #01
Sequential magnification of space till the vacuum energy become visible.

Figure #02
Three logarithm 10 scale magnification of space (vacuum)
until the "space time foam" becomes visible.


Figure #03

It are the V-poles of the vacuum polarization in electrodynamics that takes us the closes to the composite structure of the fabric of space, but these always appear in the negative and the positive manifestations, which corresponds to the fact that when we observe particles pop-out of the vacuum, they always do so in the negative matter and positive antimatter pair configuration and then disappear into the vacuum together. This is what the 6-dimensional QF-theory describes as the twofold vacuum, or twofold fundamental dimensional reality of space, the 5th and the 6th dimension. It is out of these 5th and 6th dimensions which the material Universe and its space emerge, but these two dimensions continue to function as the creation dimensions in their manifestation in the human grain, while they at the same time represent the gravitational properties of the vacuum. The appearance of the V-poles in electrodynamics are graphically presented in figure #04.


Figure #04

The graphical visualization of the positive and negative V-poles in the fabric of space, or the spatial structure in the 6-dimensional QF-theory. The theory considers this space to have existed prior to the creation of our Universe and to currently exist outside of our Universe where it is variable called Meta-space, or Super-space. This is the none-curved Euclidean Space (void of matter) shown in the next two graphics of figures #05 and #06. This space is the one imagined to be the original mother space of our Universe containing the 5th and the 6th dimensions out of whose V-poles everything we know; space, matter, energy and life itself, has come. The expanding space in our Universe also contains the 5th and 6th dimensional V-poles.

Figure #05
The Eucledian space is where all the imaginary 3 dimensional spatial lines intercept each other at right angles. This is timeless space.
Figure #06
Positive/negative QF-theory's V-poles of Eucledian space manifest its time- less twofold 5th/6th dimension reality.

The Extension of the 5th and 6th Fundamental Dimensions of Reality
into the Matter/Energy in the Universe.

In our second step scrutinizing the simplistic outlines in the process of the creation of life,, we need to take a hard look at nothing and its relation to something; matter/energy that is. This has been the biggest headache in theoretical physics ever since Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington failed in his attempt at this in 1944, after trying since 1920 to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. In 1984, when the string theorists were producing their first multi dimensional SUPER STRING claiming Theories of Everything that had resolved this dilemma, the Aquarian, the custodian/author of the 6-dimensional QF-theory, had become aware of the relationship between the Dr. Roger Sperry 1981 Nobel prize discovery of the Functional Programing of the Human Brain and the 1931 published Mathematical Incompleteness Theorem by Dr. Kurt Gödel. The Aquarian had become suspicious that the Dr. Sperry discovery was telling us that the fact that mathematical abilities were only found in the material side of the brain's primary programing (holographic), was the reason for the shortcomings of mathematics described by Dr. Gödel and were the reason for the inability of the mathematical approach to connect quantum mechanics and general relativity and other mathematical problems associated with gravity. It became his conviction that this was not possible and that the extra dimensions employed by the theoretical physicists--in most cases 6 extra dimensions--were just fancy mathematics originated in the Super-symmetry exercises originally initiated by Dr. Theodor Kaluza in 1919 and later extended by Dr. Oscar Klein. The reason for this was the physicists lack of understanding of the human brain's mathematical organization shown us by Dr. Roger Sperry in the late nineteen seventies. In the late November and early December 1984 this had lead the Aquarian to begin attempting to find a spatial-hemispheric solution to this problem, but without success until he would admit to himself that he probably would never be able to gain such an insight and he therefor decided to turn the riddle over to his Higher Power through his meditation. Much to his surprise he would be shown the answer to this riddle in a transcendent premeditation state while crew resting in Fairbanks on the 12th of the 12th (December) 1984. The solution was in the form of the symbolic Venn-mathematical sets into which the twentieth century knowledge of mathematical and experimental physics had been integrated in simplistic symbols and it appeared to satisfy the demand by many physicists as expressed by Professor Steven Weinberg in 1992; “What one needs is a quantum mechanical model with a wave function that describes not only various systems under study but also something representing a conscious observer.” A graphical presentation of the initial Venn-sets shown to the Aquarian are found on the peace-files.com web through the following url:
                                                                                                                                                                       Figure #07




The initial development of this insight is found on the peace-files.com web through the following URLs:




It was not until in the spring of 1988 that the Aquarian, through an insight verification into how the Venn-set analyzes could explain the creation of the fundamental colors of nature and the reason for only the green mixed-color only appearing in a wide band and not the orange. Through this he became satisfied that he should endeavor to write a book presenting the Venn-set theorizations-- which he by now called the 6-dimensional QF-theory--but this was completed in the year 2000 and published in 2002. A presentation of the book titled THE LITTLE SCROLL, is found on the peace-files.com web through the following url and the sections connected to it:



The amusing part of this presentation is that it's format satisfies in details the 1988 demand by Professor
Stephen Hawking the:  “If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason—for then we would truly know the mind of God.”  Any detailed presentation to the general public of such a complete unification theory, in the terms of formal mathematics, is futile but the 6-dimensional QF-theory can be understood by most everyone who is interested enough.

The conclusive importance of the
6-dimensional QF-theory is in its inclusion of the organization of the DNA-molecule, Life and consciousness of the Observer and it is this which justifies its claim to the title THEORY OF EVERYTHING, but this was not the case of the five, now extinct, SUPER STRING THEORIES claiming to represent a Theory of Everything. It is the consequence of the 6-dimensional QF-theory's inclusion of the organization of the DNA-molecule, Life and consciousness of the Observer, which is the subject of this paper.  

The main physics achievement is the QF-theory's explanation for the gravitational curvature of space of our Universe, which has been growing and expanding with the expansion of its matter/energy contents ever since the Big Bang, but that the gravitationally-curved Riemann Space (Einstein's discovery) of our Universe is expanding with its matter contents. Here the 6-dimensional QF-theory is providing us with the explanation how matter goes about producing the gravitational curvature of space, or what it is in the matter/energy particle/waves which produces the curvature. This is the curved Riemann Space (void of matter) shown in the next two graphics of figures #07 and #08.

Figure #08
The Riemann space is where the imaginary 3 dimensional spatial lines intercept each other at an angle determined by the amount of mass curving it. This is space time.
Figure #09
Positive/negative QF-theory's V-poles of Riemann space manifest the 5th &  6th dimension curvature of gravity.

At this point we need  to go to the QF-theory for the all embracing unification equation at the end of the birth of time--second 10-36--during the Big Bang, or the so called Quantum Wave of the Universe. This is the point in creation that 6-dimensional QF-theory describes the fundamental organization of the DNA-molecule, Life and consciousness of the Observer, or the point which Professor Stephen Hawking is seeking and which he describes thus: "I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-42 second. It is there that the ultimate answers to all questions about the universe--life itself included--lies." The description is taken from the Part II, Chapter Four of the book THE LITTLE SCROLL, and it shows that the first in the creation of matter is the electron, which represents the Quantum Wave of the Universe, but the QF-theory demands that all Fermions, or matter particles of the Universe--not just the baryons--be composed of a triplicate wave.  In this arrangement for the electron the W-positive and the W-negative waves correspond to the one of the UP-quarks and one of the DOWN-quarks in the baryons and that these waves are an in separable part of the electron particle with  "ghostly action at a distance" connection to all the positive and negative V-poles of the vacuum of all of space. This thus represent the hypothetical graviton which obviously is undetectable independently. Here is the Venn-set graph from the QF-theory showing the graphical logic equation for the electron at the end of the birth of time--second 10-36--and the proton at second 10-6:  

Figure #10    Quantum Wave of the Universe - the electron at the birth of time, or second 10-36.    Figure #11


Figure #12            The completion of the creation of the proton at second 10-6.            Figure #13        

In the 6-dimensional QF-theory the reality of the W-positive and the W-negative waves is found in ALL matter particles where they are a part of the spatial reality needing no "go between force carrier particles (bosons)" to interact with the V-poles in order to produce the gravitational curvature of space--called the geodetic effect in general relativity--owing  to the fact that they are originally made from the V-poles which are in turn situated everywhere around the fundamental particles which in turn produces what is known positive V-poles the "gravitational frame dragging" in general relativity. The QF-theory suggest that the mass in the fundamental particles is originally made from an enormous number of the V-poles. The QF-theory further suggests that the V-poles in turn carry the magnetic and the primary spin properties of the fundamental particles sharing their electric charge properties amongst them selves and the particle's Z-waves in the particle. The suggestions regarding all this can be scrutinized in the THE LITTLE SCROLL publications on the peace-files.com website but what is here the most important part is the 6-dimensional QF-theory's suggestion that Life itself is created through the collective properties of the W-positive and the W-negative waves and their interaction with the spatial V-poles where the particle's positive W-waves interaction with the positive V-poles is guiding and decisive in the creation and maintenance of life. This is our next subject mater in this paper.  

The Creation of Life through the Two Fundamental Dimensions of Reality
and their Extension into Matter and eventually into the DNA-molecule.

                                    Figure #14

In our third step scrutinizing the simplistic outlines in the process of the creation of life, we need to take a hard look at the relationship of nothing to something; matter/energy
that is. In the QF-theory's suggestive description for the creation process in the THE LITTLE SCROLL publications the combination of the W-negative waves and the negative V-poles are given the label Explicate Reality and the combination of the W-positive waves and the positive V-poles are given the label Implicate Reality. These terms are taken from the work of the late Professor, Dr David Bohm where the Explicate Reality term represents Unfolded or Manifested Reality and the Implicate Reality term represents Enfolded or Potential Reality. During the QF-theory's suggestive description of the expanding singularity creation process, it is the Explicate Reality : 6th-dimension, which triggers the creation out of the Implicate Reality : 5th-dimension. These dimension then continue existing through the interacting relationship of the W-negative waves with the negative V-poles of the vacuum and the one of the W-positive waves with the positive V-poles of the vacuum.

Before we look at the creation and evolution of life whose overview is presented in the graphic LIFE-CLOCK here on the left, we shall look at a test of the 5th and 6th dimensional Constructive/Destructive properties of the W±-waves. but it is in the nucleons (baryons) where these waves become large enough for further verification of the suggestion for the QF-model’s W±-waves homo genetic and self-organizing attributes must be sought. Here is a modified copy of a neutron experiment that is considered to verify the QF-model's suggestions.

The clock of life in our graphic is going to be our overview of the main events in the evolution of life from it's creation through it's period of sole existence of the procaryotic single cells reign.

The Entangled Wave-function of Permutational Quantum Forces

The QF-interpretation of this experiment begins by suggesting that a split neutron beam will necessarily be divided into streams representing the neutrons W- and W+ waves (quarks). The W- (blue) and W+ (red) beams give an indication of the permutational (change making) properties of the waves. The QF-suggestion is that the properties of the W- manifest in increasing disorder (entropy) and the properties of the W+ in increasing self-organizing properties. In the experiment the W±-waves divide the Z-negative wave between themselves giving them their main mass. This is an indication of the W±-waves role as the graviton inside the particle, regulating its size and holding it together through the none-independent existing colored gluons of physics. This action has been described as “...people in rowboats throwing a medicine ball back and forth between them and recoiling at each toss...”, or as “...balls flying back and forth between jugglers, the translation holding the jugglers together while exchanging energy between them.” This balancing action is on of many symmetry-verification indication between the two W±-waves, but in the QF-theory the fundamental properties of the two waves are not the same. This may be studied in Part II, Chapter One of the theory where the initiation of creation is described but this is the birth of these two waves. In that process of the first act of creation the W-negative wave manifests a singular expansion wave waving OUT from the center of the singularity creating a singular-reality corresponding to the 6th-dimension. The second act of creation is then the W-positive wave waving IN towards the center of the singularity manifesting a plural paradoxical-reality corresponding to the 5th-dimension. These two waves are in all matter particles where they not just manifest gravity and magnetism but hold the particles together (as Einstein suspected, but none of this is know in physics) and as the matter particles are concentrated into energy beams and then split with a beam splitter, as is done with the photon beam in the holographic processes and the neutron beam in the experiment shown here below, the beams will each contain the properties of either of the two waves. This is not investigated or know to experimental physics since no theoretical suggestions regarding these special properties of of on UP-quark (IN-quark) and one DOWN-quark (OUT-quark).        

Figure #15
The Entangled Wave-function of Permutational Quantum Forces. The W-wave labellings of the split-beams into Negative and Positive has been added by the author.

As the Universe then later produces the environment suitable for the production of biomolecules by the W-positive waves negative entropy (Schrödinger's term) interaction with the positive V-poles, this eventually leads initially to the creation of life in the form of the single cell organism or procaryotic cells. Through what circumstances and how the actual ignition of life manifests is something that takes place at the quantum level, but the environment is according to most biologists, some corner of the ocean, but this is not our subject of this paper.

Life is thus -- as suggested by Hawking and others -- "written into the fabric of the Universe" from the start, even before the end of the birth of time but according to
the QF-theory it are the two W-waves which produce the universal arrows of time. These are known in physics as the Arrow of Time. This is the TAT, or Temporal Arrow of Time in the QF-theory that produces the universal expansion the chaos amongst the atoms (positive entropy) while the other, the Missing Arrow of Time or the SAT, or Spatial Arrow of Time in the QF-theory, produces the order amongst atoms (negative entropy) that is responsible for Life. It are thus the two dimension of the spatial vacuum--the 5th and the 6th--that manifest the Universe through the W±-waves and additionally Life through the W-positive waves, but as before, this is not known in physics.

Through its causes for the
ever increasing disorder amongst atoms in the Universe--Universal Entropy--the W-negative wave further manifests “The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics”, and thus the Universal Arrow of Time. This law was developed by James Clerk Maxwell and Ludwig Boltzmann during the nineteenth century, essentially involve ideas that have an important bearing on the question of what life is. A question which the quantum pioneer, Erwin Schrödinger, asked in his 1944 book WHAT IS LIFE? This fascinating question may be presented in two ways. We can ask whether the innate electro-chemically-reacting atoms are, of such “nature” that they–given enough time–will through a coincidental “dead electro-chemical reactions” arrange them selves into the complex molecules of life. Or whether there is an additional force at work forming another Arrow of Time, the Missing Arrow of Time. Here the QF-theory provides us with insights into the two arrows of time, but before we start discussing this relationship, we look at its graphical expression in figure #16 after which we look again at these two concepts of Time Arrows.

Figure #16
The QF-version of the Universe's two Arrow of Time.
W±-waves and the Temporal Arrow of Time producing Positive Entropy and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. The Spatial Arrow of Time (The Missing Arrow), Negative Entropy and the Enigma of Life.

Figure #16 presents a simplistic diagram indicating how in the QF-modeling, the two arrows of time correspond to the two observed order progressions in the Universe. Here the Temporal Arrow of Time (TAT) is the arrow that represents the expansion of the Universe and the ever-increasing disorder amongst its atoms, which is known as “entropy”. This is the heat-death direction in which the commonly recognized arrow of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, the arrow of time, points. In the QF-theorizations this corresponds to the co-effect of the W-negative wave on the Z-negative matter-manifesting wave which in turn manifests entropy through is the measure of heat energy dissipation while creating ever-greater disorder amongst the atoms. It points from the higher to the lower energy states. It is this overall collective trend in the expansion of the Universe which is seen everywhere, with one exception may be observed but that exception is Life. The Life functions present another system that demonstrates a systematic atomic progression into a direction opposed to the Arrow of Time. This progression is creating an ever-increasing order in the conglomerates of atoms (complex molecules) of the Universe, not only in biological terms to form living molecules, but is also found to organize the none living environmental atoms (material construction molecules). The process that is accomplishing this order amongst what is essentially “lifeless molecules… of inanimate matter” is certainly something taking place at the quantum level. The observation of what was labeled by Schrödinger as “negative entropy” or increasing order in living systems, has thus lead to the search for what is variably referred to as the Missing Arrow of Time. In the QF-models the only other arrow is the Z-positive antimatter manifesting wave which in the QF-model has been dubbed the Spatial Arrow of Time (SAT), but it is certainly not obvious how this arrow can be the cause for the order in the chaos, but the QF-theory's primary experimental arguments are expressed in figure #15 here previously. Oddly enough, the principal explanations for this are not readily visible in the QF-theory's GUT-era QF-Venn diagrams owing to the fact that the QF-theory's suggests that not antimatter, nor photons, exists at this time; The End of the Birth of Time. This has to do with the appearance of the Spatial Arrow of Time (SAT), the Missing Arrow of Time, being originally embedded in the implicate reality of antimatter. In the QF-theory's Part II, Chapter Six we see how the Z-negative wave of the Temporal Arrow of Time (entropy), is always aligned in the matter leptons with the W-negative wave, though not necessarily spinning with it and in the antimatter leptons this is reversed and the Z-positive wave is aligned with the W-positive wave, though not necessarily spinning with it. The suggestion is that this is the connection to the “self-organizing properties” of the apparently “lifeless molecules… of inanimate matter”, or “dissipative structures”, into which the theoretical chemist and 1977 Nobel laureate, Ilya Prigogine has given the world some fundamental insights. Professor Prigogine and Dr. Isobelle Stengers have presented these insights in a 1984 book ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. The fundamentals of these attributes of nature, which in the QF-theory are the properties of the W-positive wave, are also demonstrated in the order in the chaos  by Benito Mandelbrot by the Gingerbread Man in the Mandelbrot Set and explained in the writings of James Gleick’s 1987 CHAOS, MAKING A NEW SCIENCE, Paul Davise’s 1988 THE COSMIC BLUEPRINT, and Ian Stewart’s 1989; DOES GOD PLAY DICE?

Since there is practically no antimatter around, then the self-organizing properties of ordinary matter have to be manifested by the W-positive waves, accompanying the proton's Z-positive waves, this immediately brings the photon, the most fundamental particle of the Universe into focus. The photon is at the same time a matter and antimatter particle and thus the only particle (boson) that carries both the time arrows. This further means that it wave fields, both the IN and OUT phases, are situated in both explicate 6th-dimension and implicate 5th-dimension realities at the same time as they "dance with the V±-poles of the vacuum" in their process of lighting up the Universe. The QF-model for the photon may thus be redrawn to highlight the properties that present the key to the enigma of Life and Consciousness!

Figure #17
The Universes Fundamental Dimensions and the Two Arrows of Time-- Arrows of “Positive Entropy” versus “Negative Entropy”--appearing in the QF-Photon, the Quanta of the Brain’s Wave of Consciousness.

Nature’s two fundamental realities and its four forces are represented in the QF-Photon, which includes the root causes for the extremely subtle functions that manifest the self-organizing abilities of inanimate matter. The QF-suggestion is that the SAT is responsible for the fact that life almost exclusively uses amino acids that have a left spiraling structure (left handed or L-enantiomers) offering a connection to ideas for a spatially extended virtual reality morphogenesis fields through the W-positive wave. This nature of the amino acids is common knowledge in molecular biology, but the reason for it is not known. This suggests a logical explanation for some unsolved riddles, from the structuring of the proteins to the holographic structure of the human brain to the holographic functions of consciousness. Obviously, it is in the explanations for the human brain and consciousness that the QF-Photon proves to be of the greatest value, but through its symmetrical fields the fundamental organization of the DNA-nucleotides is governed. This in turn becomes the first theoretical support for the notion that the fundamental DNA nucleotide organization is essentially the basic organization for the programing of the human brain. An endeavor of behalf of the Aquarian at creating models for the human DNA where all of the ACGT nucleotides would be evenly/symmetrically divided into explicate (6th-dimension) and implicate (5th-dimension) realities, would  prove fruitful from the start.  This meant that the nucleotides would have to be distinguished accordingly, but an initial labellings with the Yin and Yang terms would soon give way to the already existing exon (explicate) and intron (implicate) labels, although in molecular biology these titles currently conway a different and limited meaning, only pertaining to the templates of the actual genes. When this was then applied to the construction of a holographic human brain, the organizational reason or need for its division into two hemispheres connected through the corpus callosum, became immediately clear, but this is not known in biology. The work ensuing from these insights has now produced convincing DNA and brain organizational models, but these will not be discussed here further since they are not the subject of this paper.      

The Fundamental Dimensional Development of None-sexual Single Cell Procaryotes
into Sexual Multi Cellular Eucaryotic Organism.

Before we make our excursion into the QF-theory's insights of the developmental history of the DNA-molecule, it is fitting that we make a High School review refresher of this molecule containing the biochemical letters of Life. 

A brief History of the DNA Discoveries during the 18th and 19th Century:
We begin our scrutiny of the relationship of the human genome and the human brain by a brief history of humanities acquisition of knowledge of the nucleus of all life; the DNA-molecule. For may this inquiry was initiated by
the Moravian (Czech Republic) Augustinian priest and scientist, Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884) who became the "father of modern genetics" through his study of the inheritance of traits in pea plants between 1856 and 1863. Gregor published his findings in 1866 with little impact and plenty of criticism and it was not until the turn of the 20th century that his work was recognized and became known as the Mendel's Laws of Inheritance. Its rediscovery prompted the foundation of genetics and remarkably only a small portion of his findings have required revising. However, not much progress in the study of genetics would be registered until a Swiss biologist, Johann Friedrich Miescher, (1844-1895), isolated various phosphate-rich chemicals, which he called nuclein (now nucleic acids), from the nuclei of white blood cells in 1869 at Felix Hoppe-Seyler's laboratory at the University of Tübingen, Germany. With this discovery he paved the way for the identification of DNA as the carrier of inheritance. In 1903 the American graduate student Walter Sutton and the German biologist Theodor Boveri independently proposed that chromosomes in the cell nucleus contained the vehicles of inheritance and 47 year later or in 1950, the Columbia biochemist Erwin Chargaff uncovered the relationship amongst the base-pare nucleotides. It would then be conjunction with the invention made 7 years prior, or in 1943, by the British scientist Dr. William Astbury, of a method to produce the first roentgen images of the DNA-molecule, which would make it possible to solve the riddle of the nucleotides organization. Ten years later this would lead to the production by Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins of the roentgen images which Francis Crick and James Watson used to solve the riddle of the DNA-molecule. This discovery lead to the birth of molecular biology and the Nobel Prize in medicine for Crick, Watson and Wilkins in 1962. Rosalind Franklin had by this time died through the radiation she had received while creating the roentgen images.

Crick and Watson discovered the arrangement of the four nucleotide-molecules in the DNA known as the base-pair nucleotides: “adenine”, “cytosine”, “quinine” and “thymine”, which are attached to sugar phosphate molecules which are then arranged in such a manner that they form a sort of "spiral staircase" known as the double helix. It was then the double helix spiral that made the copying of the whole of the DNA possible since the "steps in the ladder", the matching base-pair nucleotides, were always of the same type. This meant that facing a C-nucleotide (cytosine) was always a G-nucleotide (quinine) and facing a T-nucleotide (thymine) was always a A-nucleotide (adenine). The DNA-nucleotides that formed the genes were then copied by other nucleotides that fitted them in the base-pair. This produced the RNA-nucleotide copy that served as the template for the protein assembly from amino acid molecules that form the body of eukaryotic organism.

Almost a hundred and thirty years after Mieschers 1869 discovery of the DNA-molecule, or in 1970, an organized effort by American molecular biologists at counting and mapping the nucleotides in the  human genome is initiated through the forming of the government sponsored, The Human Genome Project and a few years later the private enterprise organization with the same goals, The Institute for Genetic Research, is founded outside Washington D. C. The final count of the nucleotides was first published in August 2000 and the mapping of the 30 to 35.000 genes a year later. This number of the genes was then revised into 20 to 25.000 genes two years later but this accounts for 1% of the DNA's nucleotides leaving the remaining 98% unexplained and simply described as "none coding inter genetic DNA-junk". The in 1977 previously discovered "split genes" by Pierre Chambon at the University of Strasburg and his colleagues in conjunctions with related findings from virologist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Long Island, New York, were by now re-divided into an approximate even number of exon nucleotides that formed the protein templates and intron nucleotides which seemed not to code for anything and whose reasons are still not conclusively understood. These showed that the copying of the gene went through two stages before it became a fully fledged mRNA. First would the part of the DNA-strand that represented the gene be copied into hnRNA which included the introns, then a most mysterious molecule, "the spliceosome" would come along and excise the introns and reconnect, or "splice" the hnRNA into the final product of the mRNA. 


Figure #18
The 2007 current DNA organization of the nucleotides by molecular biologists, suggest that only 1% of the nucleotides being used for coding, or that 3.196.800.000 are some form of mistake by nature.

These discoveries, along with the previous discovery of the "four times eight homeotic genes", or the "master regulatory genes",  indicated that the management of the gene, or the gene-expression was by no means a blind electro chemical process, but this in turn sharply effected the investors marked in the molecular biotechnology in a negative manner. It became clear to many that man had not solved the mysteries of the human genome, the DNA-molecule containing the biochemical letters of Life. Man was, for that matter, not closer in solving the riddle of Life than the Physics Nobel Laurette, professor Ervin Schrödinger when his wrote his epic WHAT IS LIFE? in 1944.

The Developmental History of Life from a Single Cell Procaryoes DNA into a Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote DNA:
As indicated in the LIFE-CLOCK here previously, some 1.500.000.000 (1.5 billion) years ago the earth's single cell procaryotic organism inhabiting the water goes through the process of inventing sex, but previously self-replication had taken place through simple cell division. This evolution takes place through the procaryotes becoming eucaryotes (right) through the evolving of a membrane-enclosed nucleus, where genetic material is stored allowing eucaryotes to evolve more rapidly and to replace self-replication with the union of two cells. Since each contribute material to yield a third unique cell, genetic variety is increased dramatically. Procaryotic cells without nucleus (left) continue existing but evolve much more slowly, if at all.

Figure #19
DNA not encased in a nucleus. The still existing single cell procaryotes without sexual replication, inhabit the earth alone for 2.500.000.000 years. 
Figure #20
DNA is encased in a nucleus. Single cell eucaryotes with sexual replication come into being some 1.500.000.000 years ago and developed into multicellular organism 800.000.000 years later.

It is about 1.500.000.000 years ago that life makes the giga leap from being a simplistic asexual single cell organism without an encasing around its DNA developing into a more complicated sexual replication single cell organism with an encasing around its DNA. During the previous 2.500.000.000 years however, this organism had single-handedly transformed the Earths barren volcanic environment to a fertile garden ready for the biological transformation of life to a higher evolutionary state. As single cell organism now become protists-eucaryotes by aquiring the encasing around its DNA, they diversify into a variety of more complicated forms of life like tiny plants and animals such as amoebas, algae and plankton, some of them acquire lashing wriggling tails that enhance their mobility. Throughout the next years the evolving single cell eucaryotes continue to develop in preparation for the leap into the multicellular plant and animal organism.

At this state of our very brief review of the long history of liefs journey, we have arrived at the point where we begin the hypothetical speculation that are the real subject of this writings, but this is the organizational developments taking place in the DNA material of these microorganism all the way from their emergence 4 billion years ago. These speculation will be made in the light of what has previously been discussed, in particular with a view to the QF-theory's claim for the existence of the two fundamental dimension of the Universe, the 5th and the 6th, and their presence and properties at the quantum level in all matter. This is where we focus our simplistic analyzes on the most important questions in our understanding of the developmental history of life as the QF-theory demands that the self-organizational development of the DNA-molecule must be in order to produce the human brain. This is the the QF-theory's demand that the relationship between the fundamental organization of the DNA-molecule and the fundamental organization of the human brain, must be synchronized. In the QF-theorizations this is believed to be traceable all the way to two fundamental dimension of the Universe, the 5th and the 6th, and thus readable in its outlines throughout the organizational developmental history of the DNA-molecule.

Figure #21
The suggestion of the QF-theory is that with the insights it provides into the phenomena of life and the discoveries regarding the organization of the DNA gained at the turn of the last century, it should by now be possible to gain even further insight into the relation ship between organizations of the DNA-molecule and that of the human brain.

At this stage it is important to become aware of the fact that the single cell sexual eucaryotic beings were the organism that from the time of about 1.500.000.000 years ago and through the next years, became a major addition to the single cell procaryote organism until some 700.000.000 years ago when some of them made the giga leap into producing the multi cellular eucaryote organism which eventually lead to a branch of them developing into man. In order to understand better how the developmental leaps required of the DNA, were accomplished by life, we better take a look at some important 1999 findings of the Institute for Genetic Research regarding the organization of the single cell procaryote's DNA.

Beginning of a CNN 1999 news release.


WASHINGTON (CNN) December 10th 1999.

Single-cell research could open door to new life forms!
In this story: 'Mystery' cells surprise scientists.
May life be created from scratch?

Reporter Jonathan Aiken.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Scientists are picking apart living organisms as small as a single cell in hopes of understanding exactly what genes are needed for the most basic life forms. The result could be the invention of new creatures designed to help, or hurt, humankind. Research on the project has been taking place at the Institute for Genetic Research outside Washington. Scientists hoped that by identifying the purpose of each gene in single cell bacteria, they will, by process of elimination, be able to determine which genes are essential for life. "For this organism that contains just over 500 genes, we would have a much better chance of understanding how all of these genes work together to create a living cell," said Claire Fraser, president of the Institute for Genetic Research.

'Mystery' cells surprise scientists.
Researchers discovered that out of 500 genes, about 350 were absolutely essential for life. The surprise came when they discovered that 103 genes have a function that is a complete mystery. "We're missing at least a third of the picture," said Craig Venter of the Institute for Genetic Research. "But that's extremely disturbing ... these 103 genes, if you knock out one of them, the cell dies," he said. If scientists discover the purpose of the mystery genes, experts think they will have a blueprint for the essence of life on a molecular level.

Creating life from scratch.
"The research is the first in a number of steps that could potentially lead to breakthrough technology in creating a minimal organism from scratch," said Mildred Cho of the Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics. Being able to create life "from scratch" could prompt ethical problems. "It might be considered a God-like activity," Cho said. "But I think our group has concluded that manipulating organisms has long been a part of human tradition." The potential for man-made organisms could run the gamut from frightening to amazing. Researchers have envisioned creating life forms that could clean up oil spills, digest nuclear waste, or in the wrong hands, become a weapon of war. But so far, research on single-cell genetics has yielded only theory and not much more. Project scientists said their work is only a tiny step toward that future. But it could be a step with profound implications for the future.

(bold and italic letters and coloring of letters by the author).

End of the CNN news release.

Figure #22
According to molecular biology, normal eucaryotic multi-cellular DNA- genes use 1% of all nucleotides ( and are composed from exons and introns. The remaining 99% nucleotides are not known to have any function and they are classified as "non-coding intergenetic DNA". The Single-cell organism has no intron and no "non-coding" DNA which is the cause for the mystery of the IGR research scientists.

This information will obviously be triggering some important developmental insights and one of the first thing that comes to our consciousness while starting to analyze the single cell procaryotes DNA, is the singular-organic reality it portrays, opposite to the plural-organic reality, which the multicellular organism will eventually manifest. The corresponding QF-theory physics terms for these realities are explicate-organic reality and implicate-organic reality, but in the QF-theory these are again matched with the terms exon and intron in the description of the functions of the DNA nucleotides, although they do not correspond to the molecular biology current descriptions and classification of the nucleotides.

According to the QF-theory, this means that the primary functions of the single cell DNA's nucleotides is to give it the life-functions and to manage the DNA's gene-expression, a part of which is its secondary function to provide the proteins for its structure, sustenance and biological functions, including the replication through the simple cell divisions. This means that the first steps in the alteration in the single cell DNA organization will have to be to create developmental promotion changes in it self, with in turn enhance its ability to store acquired evolutionary information in its DNA-nucleotides, through the creation of a "chromosomal container" around the DNA and the nucleolus. This is the cell's nucleus. It is then through the DNA-nucleotides producing a holographic electromagnetic field in this container, within witch the management of the DNA is carried out through the holographic electromagnetic field. Through this the organization of the DNA is upgraded to the self-replicating "Double Helix". To understand how this is possible it becomes necessary to gain additional information regarding the holographic electromagnetic field; information that are hitherto unknown in the Standard Model of physics, but which may be scrutinized in the QF-Venn set slide 2-08 in the ALCATRAS lecture whose URL is:


This nucleonic container is then what will turn some procaryotes (procaryote meaning before the nucleus) into eucaryotes (eucaryote meaning with nucleus). Through the nucleus creation changes in the cell, the DNA will follow-up these changes with the production of the two sexual realities for procreation in the single cells, creating the "anima eucaryotes" (QF-theory term) or the female biological entity from the male "animus eucaryotes" (QF-theory term), but the basic nature of the asexual single cell procaryotes is masculine-negative as opposed to the feminine-positive nature of the "anima eucaryotes". This is accomplished by the self-organizing abilities of the living organism, which are contained in about one-third of the single cell's DNA nucleotides (1/3 or 103 genes in the 1999 findings of the IGR). The details of how these nucleotides, which contain the cells life-giving and life-management teleological functions (purpose), go about this, will not be dealt with here other than to state that the DNA alterations are created through its use of ribonucleic acids created from copying the DNA itself, in similar manner as viruses use these acids to take over cells. In the QF-Venn set theorizations suggestion that the organization of the DNA corresponds to the organization of the central nervous system's in all living creatures with such biological systems including the human brain, this corresponds to the human brain's spatial hemispheric faith/spiritual faculties, which have been called the Jamais vu centers. In the QF-Venn set theorizations this is contained in the intron nucleotides which molecular biology in lieu of explanations calls "non-coding inter genetic DNA-junk". As has been explained here prior, the W-positive Waves of the photons in the electron orbits of the atoms and are connected to the Positive V-poles in the vacuum, which carry the self-organizing properties of negative entropy (increased order). This is what gives the organism life and is its life-force, but it is through the dualistic holographic electromagnetic field inside the nucleus, which this force exerts its management influence in tune with the positive mutation changes. This is the 5th dimensional spatial reality which men are calling God and which gives life its evolutionary purpose. No wonder that the bacterial cells die when some of these nucleotides are removed.

After the author had become aware of the relationship between quantum-mechanical biological processes and many of the religious-mystical myths of man, the parallels in this story to the creation of Eve
"anima eucaryote" from a "rib" (ribonucleic acid) taken from Adam ("animus eucaryote") by the creation reality ("God or the DNA's corresponding Jamais vu centers") in the Book of Geneses, the QF-Venn set creation story of the sexes becomes another amusing research coincidence.

It is this part of the DNA that requires and manifests the first step in the development of
the single cell plural-organic reality where the DNA will acquire what amounts to a primitive "sexual-WE-reality" towards the opposite sex kind of sexual single cells. All this is achieved through the here described part of the DNA's nucleotides which carry the impetus for creation and the management for life and which are contained in about one third of the nucleotides (see CNN news release from December 1999). This discussion is continued here--following the QF-theory theoretical discovery information from 1984, 1993, 1998 and 2002, and the Italian Rizzolati/Craighero MIRROR NEURON experimental discovery information from 2004--under the title: The Developmental History of the Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote DNA into a Sexual Multi Cellular Eucaryote DNA.

Figure #23
DNA of a sexless single cell procaryote without the nucleus container for the DNA. 
Figure #24
DNA of a sexual single cell procaryotes with the nucleus container for the DNA/nucleolus .

As it is generally believed that single cell procaryote bacteria has changed little in spite of the eons of time it has been thriving here on earth, the 1999 findings of the IGR represents a most important suggestion to the author of this paper. Having in 1984 gained a most unusual insight into the state of the Universe at "The End of the Birth of Time" (at the end of the GUT-era and the beginning of the Inflation era) in the first second of creation; a point in the creation process that produces the so called "Quantum Wave of the Universe", the author acquired a unique position to solve the riddle of life (this has been the goal of Professor Stephen Hawking since 1984). The reason for this is in the fact that this produces the so called Complete Unification Theory/Theory of Everything, since it contains the Observer. This can be seen in "Vision #12" QF-Venn-set graphic of Stage One in the Development Files of the peace-files.com, whose URL is as follows:


The consequence is that this has forced him to analyze the fundamentals of reality, not just the Universe, but life it self as well. This has in turn given him an extraordinary opportunity to figure out the fundamental programming, functions and malfunctions of the human brain, including the correction of the brain's functional disorders. Here one of the most important aspects is in the brain's "WE-reality compassion center" suggestion in "Vision #12" of QF-Venn-set insights, but this has been an essential part of the QF-brain Models.

In 1993 the author first published his theoretical discovery of the brain's "WE-reality compassion center" on the internet and in 1998 in a book in Icelandic, ENGILL AFKIMANS, then in 2002 in the book THE LITTLE SCROLL. It was then 20 years after the author's initial theoretical discovery that the experimental discovery of this nerve center was made in Italy in July 2004, by two Italian scientists in Parma, Dr. Giocomo Rizzolati and Dr. Laila Craighero, who published in the Annual Review of Neuroscience their findings of what they called the MIRROR NEURONS. A year later these findings were seen as sensational and some even went so far as to equate them with the discovery of the DNA, but most claim them to be most promising for future understanding of the human brain. For the author of the QF-theory's physics unification models and the QF-brain models, this is a vital verification of his theoretical work, since they partially fit his findings. The scientists, who made the discovery through happenstance, correctly identified the "mirror neurons" neurons in the spatial hemispheres as the compassion, or empathy centers. This is what the QF-physics theory predicted already in 1984, and published in 1993, 1998 and 2002. Then in 1993 the QF-brain models published these predictions on the internet locating the "spatial hemispheric mirror neuron empathy center", which the theory calls the "WE-reality compassion center", a 1/2 centimeter further towards the back, as the currents scans show it to be.

However, the main differences between the QF-brain model theories and the "mirror neuron findings", is in the matter hemispheric function of the "mirror neuron area" involved. This according to the QF-brain model is the focal center for the "I-perception", as well as the Brocka's speech center. These findings are further seen here as an important support-verification for the QF-theories symmetrical distribution of the DNA-molecule's nucleotide functions. The obvious uniqueness in the QF-theory's suggestions for the existence of these brain centers is in the fact that they are discovered through the creation of quantum mechanical physics models for the events of the first second of creation, using QF-Venn-set mathematics in stead of differential equations.

So far the scientists understanding of the functions of the "mirror neurons" may leave much to be desired but the reasons for this are in the individual and collective spatial hemispheric functional disorders which have been created by mans pollution of his brain with alcohol through the millenniums. This is also the reason for no-one ever suspecting the existence of this faculty and the failure of science to explain its functions and malfunctions conclusively. Another consequence of this is the myriads of unexplained statistical deceases as well as the fact that modern medicine is overwhelmingly a symptomatic therapy instead of being a causal therapy.

It is for these reasons that the simplistic explanations for the creation and development of the brain's "WE-reality compassion center", along with it's half of the primary functions in the reality perception of the brain is being offered here to the public. This is the prime subject and goal of this paper.  

The Developmental History of the Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote DNA into a Sexual Multi Cellular Eucaryote DNA:
It is then a consequence of the development of the Sexual Multi Cellular Eucaryote DNA's nucleic container that the DNA will be forced to put a limit on the duration of the organism through the creation of the chromosomal telemerases. This is called death through aging and without it the developmental advantages of the changes in the DNA and its surroundings come to nothing. With this reshaping of the Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote DNA some 1.500.000.000 years ago, the next 800.000.000 years will see this organism develop until it reaches the stage that the next "evolutionary jump" can be made into the creation of the Sexual Multi Cellular Eucaryote DNA and the birth of the multi cellular creatures of the planet, of which we are one species. This is achieved through a full development of the plural-organic DNA-reality (spatial hemisphere in humans) alongside the singular-organic DNA-reality (matter hemisphere in humans) of the changing single cell eucaryote. Here a review of the QF-Venn set Brain Models are helpful in understanding what is being written here.  

Figure #25
The QF-theory's DNA suggestion for the program distribution of the of an asexual single cell pro- caryote such as in the one in the 1999 research findings of the IGR. 
Figure #26
The QF-theory's suggestion for the simplistic program of the distribution for the DNA of a sexual multi cellular eucaryote such as are found everywhere on the planet today

It is noteworthy here to be aware of the fact the many molecular biologists see 99% of the nucleotides in the DNA (1% in the intron copies excised by the spliceosomes from the hnRNA as corresponding to 1% intron junk in the genes themselves and and the 98% in the "non-coding intergentic DNA") as genetic junk, both of which they suggest date back 1.500.000.000 years, or to the time of the two major evolutionary leaps involving the nucleus and sex developments. This date 1.500.000.000 years back is also the time that the QF-theory suggests the beginning to the increase in the introns to meet the homeostasis management requirements of the DNA of the sexual single cell procaryotes and their development into sexual multi cellular eucaryotes. The suggestion by the molecular biologists is that these introns and the unexplained non-coding intergentic DNA nucleotides are some sort of an alien parasitic lifeforms which the DNA of multicellular organism has to be replicating all its life, or in other words, some form of hitchhikers. However, at the same time the whereabouts of the DNA-homeostasis of gene-expression management is still unknown in molecular biology, but in 2001 the scientists of the Washington based Institute for Genetic Research had this to say about the subject at the conclusion of the DNA's gene-mapping: “Because of the relatively low number of genes, it will be necessary to look elsewhere for the mechanism that generate the complexities in human development and the sophisticated signaling systems that maintain homeostasis. These include non-gene regions (This is the non-coding-intergenetic-DNA-junk) of the genome containing regulatory elements that moderate gene transcription and the molecular activity that leads to alternative start and stop sited for the transcription of DNA.”

A Brief Evolutionary History of the Sexual Multi Cellular Eucaryotic Organism.

Well, we are now ready to have a close look at what changes will have to take place in the DNA of the Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote in order for it to become Sexual Multi Cellular Eucaryote which takes place about 700.000.000 years ago. The requirements of these changes are in their fundamental nature quite simplistic, but we need not go into their details and the questions of how much of them are brought about through mutations and how much is conjured up by the DNA's 5th dimensional spatial creation reality nucleotides is not our goal here; all we are after are the properties of the changes.

We now have the Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote DNA which is now encased in the nucleus container and has made its sexual transition, but this is the first major development in the direction of a pluralistic biological reality. The changes that now have to take place in the DNA in order to create the Multi Cellular Eucaryotes, are an all-out evolution in the direction of the pluralistic biological reality and it will obviously be through the extension of the already existing, but limited DNA programs producing the dualistic sexuality. With the evolutionary alterations and improvements that have taken place during the evolutionary leap from an Asexual Single Cell Procaryote to a Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote now render further evolution of the "WE-thinking" program to move at a much faster phase than life has know until now. As the cells begin to join-up with other cells, this "joined venture program" of co-operation between the different individual DNAs will have to produce a program that contains the collective construction and functional instructions which will produce the multi cellular eucaryote individual and this will take place in the  rapidly increased capacity of the cells "WE-thinking management programs". As the initial sexual nucleotide program was, and still is, in conjunction with the DNA's 5th dimensional spatial creation reality nucleotides, the QF-theory's implicate plural reality, it is obviously going to be labeled as an intron program.

Figure #27
Cradled by the sea the first multi cellular eucary- ote animals appear years ago. They range from jellyfish and segmented worms to coral-like sea pens.

Figure #28
For the first 140.000.000 years of life in the sea the multi cellar organism remains rather simplistic until the onset of the Paleozoic Era with its first part, the Cambrian Period where the so called "Cambrian Explosion" in the animal variety takes place and they begin to add an hard crust outer cover. Some 500.000.000 years ago at the beginning of the second half of the Paleozoic Era, the Ordovician Period, vertebrates appear and with the appearance of primitive fish the animal kingdom splits into the vertebrates (backbones) and invertebrates (without backbone). Invertebrates like the nine-foot long sea scorpion (right) dominate the oceans.

Since the DNA organization and programing in the sexual multi cellular eucaryotic animals represents a plural and collective reality, this is reflected in the organization and programing of their central nervous system. This is the programing behind the "heard instincts" in the animals, even amongst the predictors which may fight over the right to eat first of the kill, but never the less hunt in packs. This "heard instinct", called "social instinct in humans", is what has guarantied the ascend of the homo sapience more than anything else since man has neither large teat, strong claws, nor is he a fast runner, men had to stick together in order to survive and develop. This marvelous psychological property then began declining about 7000 years ago through functional disturbances in the brain caused by man's pollution of it with alcohol. This is the central and most important conclusion of the arguments in this paper and it will be dealt with at its end.        

Figure #29
During the Devonian and Carboniferous periods fish evolve to jawed forms such as the placoderms (above). Others become invaders from the sea as they crawl from the water on lobed fins, beginning the line of amphibians since they are at home in the water and on land. Meanwhile, fuzzy plants take roots at the water's edge. As a teeming new populations of an enormous variety of amphibians evolve, one of the groups become the reptiles. Since they lay their eggs on land, the reptiles are the first to exist entirely free of the water. Lush forests also emerge now, as seed- and pollen-bearing plants anchor an evolving food chain. With the onset of the Silurian period and the following the Permian period the reptiles spread and diversify, many becoming fish-eating predators. Some return to the sea, including the fierce hunter the nothosaur (above center at end of Triassic). Others evolve into the earliest mammals--hairy animals that nurse their young. At the boundary between the Permian and Triassic geologic periods life experiences its first major extinction event--here informally called--The First Great Dying. This event  occurred approximately 250 million years ago, and was the Earth's most severe extinction event, with about 96 percent of all marine species and 70 percent of terrestrial vertebrate species becoming extinct. At the beginning of the Jurassic period the age of the dinosaurs begins as the reptiles diverge into many species, some the largest land animals ever known. Meanwhile, flying reptiles and toothed birds take to the air. Forests of conifers, ginkgoes and cycads flourish and flowering plants emerge. The dinosaurs continue to dominate the Earth for about 145.000.000 years until during the mid Cretaceous period life experiences its second major extinction event--here informally called--The Second Great Dying. This is variously attributed to a comet crash, continental drift, or climate change. Among the survivors are crocodiles, snakes, turtles, birds and mammals.

Figure #30
With the death of the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago the mammals begin to rise and proliferate into an enormous variety of species illustrated with an eclectic sampling in the expanded diagram here above. In the Tertiary Era, from about the Eocene period up to about two million years ago, whales appear, as do rodents and bats, antelopes, horses, and camels, and about 55 million years ago--the first primates. The forests recede, giving way to grassy plains.

Figure #31
The last part of our overview survey of the great chain of living creatures is dedicated to the rapid evolution of the primates advancing into hominids that become tool-wielding Homo-habilis (behind the mammoth), then into Homo erectus, and finally--about 100.000 years ago--modern Homo sapiens. Several ice ages punctu- ate the epoch, providing a climate niche that is filled by numerous cold-adapted species, including the mam- moth. The end of the last ice-age about 10.000 years ago, marks the begin in of the age of the humans, the modern epoch, or Holocene period. This is initiated by Homo sapiens mastering agriculture, metallurgy, and other technologies, coming to dominate Earth's extant species--and even to look beyond his home planet. It is then sometime during Homo sapience's mastery of agriculture--in the period from 10.000 to 7.000 years ago--that Man learns to brew bear from corn and to use the ensuing alcohol content liquid to artificially elevate his psychological state and temporary enhance the capacity of his brain. This pollution of the human brain, which soon became the most popular recreational activity of Man, has now been going on in ever increasing cycles, for 7000 years and the collective changes this is bringing about in the DNA written fundamental survival programs of the human brain, are now finally becoming apparent to Homo sapiens. -- Man is finally beginning to realize that this will be his demises if not stopped. 

Reviewing this brief history history of life in the light of the QF-theory's suggested relationship of the organization of the DNA to the organization of the human brain. In order for us to understand better the progression of life, in particularly that of the humans, the insight we need is the one which explains the reward system of nature. This reward system is the foundation of life's survival organizational programing of the human brain and the "currency" of this system are the neurotransmitters. It is with these peptides that this program rewards the compliance of the neurons and consciousness for the actions taken (trough the action impulses) in accordance with and with this program. Here the QF-theory considers the 200 two kinds of neurotransmitters of the brain to be of the following nature; the excitatory as the action potential source and the inhibitory as the reward potential source. This requires us to consider the QF-theory's fundamental brain programing, undisturbed and free of functional disorder, in order to understand its causative and executive action and reward systems that drive life on in its progression. The arguments for the even distribution of the implicate plural organic causative reality manifested in the introns and the explicate singular organic executive reality manifested in the exons, actually originate in the symmetry of the QF-Venn set mathematical logic describing the Quantum Wave of the Universe equation found at the End of the Birth of Time in the first second of creation. It is this symmetry which is the foundation of the QF-Unification Theory of Everything and the ensuing QF-holographic Brain-models and it is this symmetry which we shall now compare to the simplistic DNA-molecular organizational model for life in Figure #26, as it comes out of its giga nucleus and sex developmental evolutionary leaps some 1.500.000.000 years ago, entering the enriched evolutionary developmental progression which will take it to the multicellular stage some 800.000.000 years later. Here is the QF-theory's suggested fundamental survival program of the human brain 700.000.000 years later.     

Figure #32
The QF-theory's suggestion for the general organization of the human brain is holistic with evenly distributed exons and introns, similar to the suggested organization for the DNA of the multicellular organism. 
Figure #33
The QF-theory's suggestion for the central arrangement for the neurotransmitter regulation of the brain's reality perception it through the "I-self perception speech centers" and the "WE-others perception spiritual centers"

In the the QF-theory it are the exons that produce the excitatory action neurotransmitters and the introns that produce the inhibitory reward neurotransmitters, but since the brain's DNA and the electromagnetic field of consciousness, form a holographic reality, any neuron can make either kind of neurotransmitters. For further insights into the holographic arrangement, consult the first part of the ALCATRAS lecture on the peace-files.com, under the URL:


The perception poles in Figure #33 are also holistic like all the brain's fundamental survival programs, but it is the "WE-others perception spiritual centers" which are malfunctioning in modern man more than anything else, causing amongst many other maladies the most common psychological malfunction in humanity; that of depression. This malfunction of the "WE-others perception spiritual centers" becomes quite pronounce int the bipolar effective disorder, but the "WE-others perception spiritual centers" represent one of the brain's two neurotransmitter poles. Here the teachings of the Christ, who in the light of what here has been presented becomes changed from a morality preacher into a neurological- and neurotransmitter production specialist, in addition to what ever else he was: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depends all the law and the prophets.” He is indeed telling us how to think in order to achieve optimum neurotransmitter production and corrective biofeedback. This can be studded for further insights by consulting the second and third parts of the ALCATRAS lecture on the peace-files.com, under the URLs:


It is the reality perception of the individual brains which decides his fate more than anything else and what is more, this applies as well to the collective reality perception of any group of individuals and nations as became clear in the causes of the 20th century's world wars. Any interference with this process by humans is a direct interference with the viability of human life and existence, consequently for all life on the planets. Unfortunately the questions regarding these questions are generally to big for anyone to digest and for anyone to take interest in but a part of the cause for this is the fact that our sciences have not solved the riddle of reality and the human brain; its proper functions and the true nature of Man. According to the QF-theory, the reason for this is in the fact that the human brain is NOT functioning properly and in such a manner that it prevents the scientists from making the fundamental discoveries necessary. This is caused by Man's use of alcohol and other consciousness altering chemicals, but it is primarily Man's love for the alcohol that produces the denial that prevents him discovering what the alcohol is doing to humanity. Here the issue is not the individual alcoholism and addiction, but the collective effects of Man's pollution of his brains which we now turn to scrutinizing. 

The Question of the "Wrong Evolutionary-turn" of Man!
The Fundamental Questions regarding Man's Natural Behavior.
Is Man's Behavior according to the "Survival of the Fittest" formula?
Are the Projections for Man's Future by the Scientists to be taken seriously?

We now come to the QF-theory's suggested insights into the question whether Man has taken a wrong turn somewhere in his evolution, as suggested by Arthur Koestler, Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm. Here the suggestions made in the 1993 by the then Harvard University Rector, Professor Gerald D. Fischbach, are also fitting: "Philosophical inquiry must be supplemented by experiments that are now among the most urgent, challenging and exciting in all of (the history of) science. Our survival and probably the survival of (all life on) this planet depend on a more complete understanding of the human mind."

A brief History of Man's History in the Light of his Behavior:
The written history of Man, which is scarcely 7000 years old, is not just a history of his evolutionary mastery and understanding of his environment, the Universe and biology, but foremost a testament of unexplained rise and fall of human societies and cultures punctuated by insane conflicts and destructions of Man's achievements. A major part of these conflicts throughout history have been direct or indirect consequences of a unique phenomena in Man's behavior, Man's believe in some reality supreme to the universal reality and at the same time creator of the Universe and its governing authority, including life itself. This phenomena, variably known as "religion" or "faith" which has had as its logo the noble goal of improving Man's behavior and caring love amongst Men, while at the same time this "brain programming" has been at the forefront of most, if not indirectly of all, of Man's bloodiest conflicts. The power and the consequence of this "brain programming" is not just some behavioral stupidity, as the brilliant biology Professor, Richard Dawking suggests; there is more to it than just the selection of the fittest or the stupidest. Man him self and his existence is still the greatest paradox confronting Man. A paradox that has been becoming grotesque and profounder while the planets academic elite have been embracing the prime psychological witnessing of Man's nature--written at the onset of the 20th century by a alcohol and drug addict--leaving Man totally confused as to what his real/true nature is. The outcome is that with the new technologies in molecular biology and brain scanning at the onset of the 21st century, we are becoming even more confused in determining our true nature and most end-up believing that what ever behavior we manifest, then that must be our true nature. The quantum mechanical programming of our brains remaining an elusive mystery which we must resolve or we, and life on this planet, will certainly perish prematurely.

The "Wrong Evolutionary-turn" made by the Wrong Selection, by the Fittest of all Living Creatures:
The story has it that Arthur Koestler suggested that about 7000 years ago Man made a wrong evolutionary-turn, but what this wrong evolutionary-turn may have been, the story did not say. The suggestion by the author is that this must be the onset of the real alcohol consumption of Man, but the oldest archaeological findings of  breweries are found in Sumerian remains and are dated at about 5000 BC, which makes them about 7000 years old. This does not mean that the author is about to go on a alcohol cursing rampage but all such rampages have shown themselves to be useless throughout the 7000 year old history of man's use of alcohol. What the author hopes to do is to show his findings on the short and long term effects of what the alcohol is doing in the human brain, in particular what it does to the survival programs of the brain, but when the author uses the term "alcohol" it has a wider meaning than just the fermented liquid. In these writings the term "alcohol" it applicable to all chemicals, natural or man made, that cross the human brain's blood barrier, causing a "failed re-uptake in the synaptic clefts" and a "wrong charge-polarization of the receiving neuron". The term "survival programs of the brain" also needs further explanation, but in all simplicity, these are the character traits generally referred to as "The Seven Godly Virtues of Man", as opposide to the malfunctioning of these faculties which get the label "The Seven Deadly Sins of Man". It is the beginning of the functional interference produced in the pyramid neurons DNA-memory banks through the "wrong charge-polarization of the receiving neuron" by the presence of the counterfeit neuronal reward currency or false reward neurotransmitters in the form of alcohol in the synaptic clefts. This can be studded in detail for further insights by consulting the third parts of the ALCATRAS lecture on the peace-files.com, under the URL:

In this chapter the most important are the slides 4-07, 4-08, 4-09, 4-11, 4-13 and 4-14. These slides should give a comprehensive idea of what the QF-theory considers to be the consequences of Man's use of alcohol, which in the long term consequence is altered brain survival programing. One of the most gruesome alteration is in the fact that the collective social changes in the survival programing of the individuals using alcohol, serve to stand the "survival of the fittest law of nature on its head" and to make those that are the un-fittest according to these programs, most likely to survive. However, we are not going to go into the details of all the possibilities for perversion changes brought about by the functional interference produced by the alcohol, but shall turn to the question we set out to answerer at the beginning of this paper; The question of the causes for cancer and other terminal statistical genome malfunctions.

Now that we have seen the QF-brain model suggestions made in the second and third parts of the ALCATRAS lecture, we can turn to Slide 4-20 in the third part titled; Intron-filters and Statistical Sicknesses and after the reading through this the watching of the accompanying video clip is recommended. It is here that the "crux" of the question for the causes for cancer should become obvious to the reader, but what all this is saying is that "alcohol produced brain super-ego filter" and its interference with the brains functional programs--the filters--are at the same time eligible for a "quantum leap" into the corresponding bodily DNA management programing. According to the QF-brain model suggestions, then it is the failed re-uptake "super-ego filter" which produces the alcoholics and the psychiatric ill individuals, but the character trait they all have in common is "pathological egoism". In a brain free of such functional disturbances, the matter hemispheric fundamental programing consists to a great extend of "healthy egoism", but there is indeed such a thing, without which we cannot survive. Healthy egoism is composed of "correct self-esteem", "correct self-assessment", "correct trust in oneself" and "healthy love for oneself and ones existence", this all being achieved fore ones own personal self-worth and not at the expense of the welfare of others as is the hallmark of the pathological egoism. Without these part of Man's natural "survival traits" in our own psyche, we are incapable of loving and appreciating others.

In view of what we have seen here previously in this paper regarding the evolution of life from the single cell-ego reality, to the multi cellular-we reality, it should become clear to us that the alcohol is gradually turning us into pathological egoists, culminating in the alcohol-addicts, drug-addicts and the psychiatric pathological humans. In other words, the
failed re-uptake produced "super-ego filter" produces "The Cancer of the Soul", which then eventually makes its "quantum leap" into the body. The simplification of the description of the cellular malfunctions involved in cancer as described by doctor Helga Ögmundsdóttir in Slide 4-20, should make it clear that what is taking place in the cancer phenomena, is that the pluralistic organic DNA-reality and management of the multi cellular organism, is partially reverting back to the singular organic DNA-reality and management of single cell organism. All this is then taking place at the quantum level of the DNA and thus no wonder that our scientists have been unable to get wise to it. This can only be deduced through the model comparison between the DNA-nucleotide organizational programing and the brain's basic survival organizational programing, but before this can be achieved, one will have to achieve freedom from the alcohol produced "super-ego filter" functional distortions in ones own reality perception. This in turn requires one to come out of the "alcohol denial" which refuses to accept that we are all effected by these "super-ego filter" functional distortions as shown by the research into the "Asymmetry of the Human Brain".

In other words, the DNA management program of the cancer cell becomes a "super-ego" functionally distorted program whose only reality is that of its own existence and since this is a revision back to the Single Cell Procaryoic DNA, the normal Multi Cellular Eucaryotic DNA program that should "switch the malfunctioning cell off, or kill it", also reverts back to the "non-dying" single cell program. What is here also of great interest is that similar causes are found to be at work in numerous other  pathological malfunctions of the genome, such as for the multitudes of unexplained statistical sicknesses: Addictions, Alzheimer's, Aminotropic Sclerosis, Cancers, Diabetics, Degenerative Disorders, Eating Disorders, Gastritis, Leukemias, Multiple Sclerosis, Mental Disturbances, Parkinson's, Psychiatric Illnesses and Ulcers to name a few, but no-one knows conclusively the causes for these.

The Buddha certainly was right when he suggested that everything had its origin in our thoughts. That is where our life and our fate is determined and regulated so our live is a question of the programming of the "sub-conscious half" of our brains or the programs in the spatial hemispheric introns of our neurons. That these programs are being distorted through the false-polarity switching of the neurons in the neurotransmitter failed re-uptake, in the presence of chemicals that replace natural neurotransmitters, is certainly something that we have not suspected. Much the less have we been suspecting that such "false-programming" could be inherited through the generations in accordance with the Mendelian-laws of inheritance and in that process, be accumulative.

The assessment of the situation by Dr. Fischbach here at the beginning of the last part of this paper, "The Wrong Evolutionary-turn", has now become even more critical, but as far as life is concerned, it may be later that we realize, since we are now facing the fact that during the 20th century the addiction sicknesses have quintupled from 5% to 25% and are now 15% in alcohol, 5% in illegal drugs and 5% in legal drugs. The risk has now become 36% of those that try alcohol or other substances becoming addicted. It is now claimed in Russia that during the years from 2002 to 2003, alcoholism had increased 30%, but prior to this the Russians were still in the front line of addiction suffering nations. Recovery research shows that as the situation is today, then of every 36 addicted individuals, 16 will never be introduced to the AA-fellowship and its realistic solution. Of the 20 that do find the AA-fellowship and its solution, only 1 to 2 will achieve permanent recovery, or 5% to 10%. This relationship was 15 out of 20 in the beginning of the history of the AA-fellowship, which corresponds to 75%, but this is mainly due to the psychiatric professions supplying these individuals with chemicals.

The here presented negative consequences of the alcohol consumption failed re-uptake and the false-polarity switching of the neurons are but a fraction of the serious situation facing the evolution Man and of Life but Man's indifference to this is just a part of the consequence of this biological error. If there is any sense at all in the suggestions of the QF-theory, then we have certainly made the wrong evolutionary-turn in our past. If this is true, then the question is whether we can make the necessary coarse correction in time to avert our demise and with it, the demise of Life on this planet. 

“Because of the relatively low number of genes, it will be necessary to look elsewhere for the mechanism that generate the complexities in human devel- opment and the sophisticated signaling systems that maintain homeostasis. These include non-gene regions of the genome containing regulatory elements that moderate gene-transcription and the molecular activity that leads to alternative start and stop sited for the transcription of DNA.”

                                                                                    Quotation from: Celera Genomics Press Release.


Written in English for the purpose of publication on the Internet

for PEACE Publication Ltd. by Paul John II, 14th July 2007.

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