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04_QF-Logo-3.gif  The 09
  QF- Letters-Essays!

The Significance of the Discovery of the
Neurons". Their Colossal Importance
in Regulating Human Behavior!


This file presents a part of a series of open letters depicting in the simplest manner possible, the initial findings of the QF-theory, presented in the 2002 published book THE LITTLE SCROLL and in the PEACE-Files. The QF-theory is a Complete Unification Theory in physics that includes the Observer, Life and Consciousness and is thus claimed as a
Theory of Everything

The QF-Letters and their Subjects are:

The QF : INTRODUCTIONS: The Initial Findings of Man's Greatest Search:
The QF-Ultimate Theory of Everything!
The First
QF Letter:
The Alternate Set-Mathematical Solution offered by: The QF-theory of Everything!
The Second
QF Letter:
The End of Theoretical Physics and the 6-dimensional QF-theoretical paradigm!
The Third
QF Letter:
The QF-theory, the Parallel Universes Theories and The Limits of Mathematics!
The Fourth
QF Letter:
God on the Brain and The Riddle of God and the Brain Neurological and Psychological Quagmire!
The Fifth
QF Letter:
From the Riddle of Désjà vu, to the Riddle of the Autism Mystery!
The Sixth
The two Kinds of Hippocampal Volume Loss in Depressive and Alcoholic Individuals!
The Seventh
QF Letter:
After the Genome! After the Double Helix! The Cancer and Consciousness connection!
The Eighth
QF Letter:
Life, Cancer and the Organization of Procaryot and Eucaryot DNA matching the Human Brain.
The Ninth
QF Letter:
The QF-theory of the Brain's Empathy Center and its connections to Wars and Crimes in Humanity.
The Tenth
QF Letter:
Sir Isaac Newton, the Rainbow and the QF-theory's Fundamental Color explaination.
The Eleventh
QF Letter:
The QF-theory and the Riddles of the Double Slit Experiment!
The Twelfth
QF Letter:
The Solution to One of Humanities oldest Riddle.
The Interview with the Mysterious Mr. 666.

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The Ninth QF-Letter:

New experimental discoveries in neuro-physiology, which may have colossal importance in explaining human behavior: 

the Commandment of Christ and the Nature of Human Evil.

Questions regarding Human Morality, Compassion and Empathy—the Existence and Absence of this Faculty—in a New Light. Is the Christ teaching us to produce Balance and Contentment Neurotransmitters with his Commandment?

In my work with the defendants (at the Nuremberg Trails 1945-1949)
I was searching for the nature of evil and I now think I have come close to defining it. A lack of empathy. It’s the one characteristic that connects all the
defendants, a genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men.
Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy.

Quotation: Captain G. M. Gilbert, the Army psychologist assigned to
watching the defendants at the Nuremberg trails


"Evil is the Absence of Empathy!"


The most remarkable Insight to come out of the
Nuremberg War-Crime
06_The-Defendants.gifCaptain G. M. Gilbert, an American of the Jewish faith and a Intelligence Officer in World War Two, had a doctorate in psychology. He had been raised in Germany and spoke the language perfectly, which lead to him being appointed the prime defendant psychologist in the trail. This was to give the defendants emotional vent and to prevent them from committing suicide, but this gave him unlimited access to all the Nazis-elite leaders throughout the trail. 
    In this work he kept a dairy of his conversations with the accused and then published it in a book form in 1947, with the title NUREMBERG DIARY, a book still in printing.
    Of all the contents of the mountain of documentation that was presented in the trails, this diary of Capt. Gilbert may be the most important for posterity, but in it we can find his contemplations regarding the question that at the time burned in the minds of millions: How was it possible that people that seemed so civilized and cultured became guilty of the barbarism which had  become apparent  at the end of the war? 
   This question is still unanswered. The only thing we have is a description of the HOWS, without any conclusive WHYS.
07_Nuemberg-Diary.gifIn the movie NUREMBERG, presented in the year 2000, the actor Matt Craven portrays the army psychologist Captain G. M. Gilbert, who got the assignment to look after the defendants and give them an opportunity for expression so they would not commit suicides. It was then the actor Alec Baldwin which played the Chief Prosecutor, the American Robert Jackson.
  Towards the end of the main tribunal against the Nazi-elite, just before Jackson’s final speech, Gilbert and Jackson have a meeting in which Gilbert reports to Jackson the summary of his findings regarding the causes for the abominable human behavior that emerged in the trail.
“I went through my notes last night. I have spent all these months trying to find a way inside their minds, hoping to understand how those people could commit such atrocities against my people. I believe that there are a couple of factors that explain a lot of it.

First: Germany is a country where people do what they’re told. You obey your parents, teachers, superior officers. You are raised from childhood not to question authority, so when Hitler comes to power, he has an entire nation that believes it is perfectly natural to do what ever he says.
Second: Propaganda. -- For years, Germans have been bombarded with ideas like: ‘Jews are not real human beings,’ or ‘They’re a corruption of the race,’ so when the government says it’s permissible to deny the Jews their rights…and then says it’s imperative to kill these people…they comply, even if they have been friends and neighbors.

I told you once that I was searching for the nature of evil and I now think I have come close to defining it. A lack of empathy. It’s the one characteristic that connects all the defendants, a genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men. Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy.”

Videoclip from the YEAR 2000 move NUREMBERG.

Obviously it is not the two:  First and Second analyzes, that describe the causes for the psychopathic atrocities committed by the Nazis. These simply describe the frame that enables the malignant acts to be committed. Neither is the fact that someone who the insane executioners believe in (The drug addicted Hitler and his henchmen), tells them that they will never be made responsible for their crimes. It is the third analyzes that puts the finger on the causative factor involved "the absence of empathy". These sharp analyzes of Captain Gilbert are not just pertaining to the Nazi Germans
(Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bełżec, Buchenwald, Chelmno, Dachau, Gross Rosen, Majdanek, Mauthausen, Maly Trostenets, Jasenovac, Treblinka, Sobibór) and Stalinistic Russia (Murder of 20.000.000 fellow Russians and the Katyn murders in Poland), but to all nationalities and races on this planet--frá Asia Minor to Nanking to Shanghai to Cambodia to Srebrenitza to Rawanda to Dafur----or all of us in our worst days. In fact, these analyzes are fundamentally associated with the still unanswered questions regarding our ideas of a moral conscience in our consciousness that rejects wrong doings against our fellows.
    Here the questions that arise are old and complex and they have been contemplated by thinkers and philosophers
of all types and all schools since we have written record, but the leading and most important questions are the following: Is morality or moral-conscience natural to us, or is it just something we have developed because it is more practical and is thus an acquired pragmatism (Thomas Hobbs and Freud)? Why is this trait, quality, characteristic or faculty so differently distributed amongst different individuals? Eventually this is a question that has to do with the human brain and its functions, since animals in free nature do not kill or torture their own kind, only engage them until either surrenders.

   Currently there are two explanations regarding the questions of the origin of our morality and empathy traits that are known to us. These are on the one side theoretical suggestions and the other side, experimental verifications, but it is only the theoretical suggestions that offer explanations for the great difference in the morality and empathy between individuals. Here the theoretical explanation first appeared on print in 1998 and 2002, but the experimental results were made in 2003. 
   The theoretical explanation, which is offered by the QF-theory published in the book THE LITTLE SCROLL, in 2002, suggests that the question of "human empathy" is not just a trivial issue about a trivial characteristic, but rather a part of the most fundamental and important questions regarding the riddle of the human brain and its functions. It is thus a crucial question regarding the future of humanity and life on this planet.
   In the rest of this paper we shall scrutinize this statement in the light of the QF-theory's claim for the existence of a specific empathy faculty in the brain's spatial hemisphere and how this is verified through the happenstance discovery in Italy.
   Prior to this discovery, the prime verification foundations for the QF-theory were in the argument that homo sapience would not have survived the evolutionary process without having a strong sense of empathy towards his fellow. If this is true, then the question emerges: What became of our empathy towards our fellows?  Why is the empathy so diminished in our consciousness? Why is the empathy sense so different in different individuals?
   The more remarkable feature of the difference in individual function of this empathy faculty (Déjà vu), is the fact that the brain's faith faculty (Jamais vu)--which is located right next to the empathy faculty)--also displays different functions in different individuals. This matches the predictions of the QF-theory's filter caused functional disturbance in its brain model explanations. Here the QF-theory goes so far as to argue that the reduction in our "human empathy" ability is the cause of all the wars, crimes and merciless cruelty in history AND THAT this is caused by man's consumption of ALCOHOL and other mind altering chemicals (this is not a specific reference to alcoholism), which gradually alters our brain-programs through the generations. This is explained in the ALCATRAS lecture.


A fitting reminder to this discussion is from the conversation between Jiddu Khrisnamurti and David Bohm from the book
THE ENDING OF TIME. In their conversation they come to the conclusion that humanity must have taken a wrong turn somewhere in its evolutionary path, this without them ever finding out what this wrong turn might be. Prior to this, the mystic-psychologist, Arthur Koestler, had arrived at a similar conclusion, likewise without figuring out what the wrong turn might be.
   It was thus a great encouragement for the
QF-theory when the Italian verification of the empathy centers in the human brain, even though it verified its functions only partially and offered no explanations for its malfunctions. This verification came in the latter part of 2004 but the discovery had been made through a coincidence, but in the third part of this lecture we shall introduce this discovery briefly. 

This is the subject of this paper, but the analyzes will begin with a brief review of the evolutionary history of the Universe, Life, DNA and the Human Brain, that include the fundamental theoretical explanations for the existence and function of the brains "WE-centers" or the "empathy centers"

“I believe I have done something, but what I have done is not the answer to Holocaust.
This may be a personal answer; maybe because for a real answer
for Holocaust you would need 500 such offices as mine.”

                                                        Quotation from: Simon Wiesenthal.


The QF-theory's Explanations for the "WE-field" - "Empathy-field", or the Human Brain's "Mirror Neurons".

It was at the end of 1984 that the QF-theory was born and it became obvious from the start at the brain would have to be divided into two poles within the matter-space division. It became further clear that these two poles regulated the dual neurotransmitter production of the brain, which produced the two kinds of peptides. The excitatory and the inhibitory neurotransmitters that appear in about 300 different forms in the brain, about 150 in each. The theory taught that the center for the function of the matter hemisphere focused in the perception of the individuals self--his own person--and the production of excitatory neurotransmitters forming a specific "I-field". Complimentary to this was the function of the spatial hemisphere which focused in the perception of other persons and the production of inhibitory neurotransmitters forming a specific "WE-field". Further to this suggested the QF-theory that the brain had to be holographic ans symmetrical, or holosymmetric, and could thus produce any neurotransmitters anywhere in the field of consciousness, but the lack of knowledge of and insight into this form of construction has been the main obstacle in the path of the brain researchers understanding of the human brain.
    Before we look at the QF-theory's modeling of the human brain is is fitting that we go briefly over the evolutionary process of life from single cellular
organism to multi cellular organism, especially how the cells of  the later category are evolved to contain two distinct realities in their DNA structure. On the one side it own individual reality and the other, a collective reality. The consequence of this is a brain model in which the individual perception of the self is in the matter hemisphere, since the individual lives in the material body, but on the other hand the perception of other persons is in the spatial hemisphere, since other individuals are --relative to the self--situated in space.

A brief History of the Evolution of the Universe and Life.

10_Creation.gifThe history of our Universe and our galaxy, solar system and home planet was initiated in the Big Bang about 14.000 million years ago. It was then about 4.000 million years after the Big Bang, or about 10.000 million years ago that the first galaxies were formed and the so-called first generation of suns began to burn. The matter in the suns came out of the two light atoms that were created most abundantly in the Big Bang, about 75% hydrogen and 25% helium. It is then from these atoms that all the elements of the periodic table are created through the nuclear fusion in the burning of these suns, including the carbon that is the basic element in all living organism. These first generation suns were hundreds of times bigger than our sun and due to the enormous amount of gravitational pressure in their gigantic mass, they burned much faster than our sun, or in about 5.000 million years. When they had spent their fuel, they expand and then collapse into a black hole or they explode in a colossal blast known as a "supernova". It was then in this blast that its elements were spewed into the surrounding space.
    About 5.000 million years ago the so-called second generation of suns started to appear, but these are much smaller than the first generation and they burn therefore much slower. Our sun is one such second-generation sun, and it has been burning about 5.000 million years or about half of its lifetime of 10.000 million years. It has thus about 5.000 million years left to burn. Shortly after our sun was formed, or about 400 million years later, the gravitational field that surrounds it, collected into orbits around it, the leftover elements from some previous supernova explosion. These elements formed the planets and the Earth. This means that the matter in our bodies was created in the Big Bang and formed in the burning of a first generation sun and then sent into the orbit that formed our planet, so we are in the literal sense of the word, made from "stardust"

Thus the planet we live on and are a part of, is  about 4.600 million years old. It is generally believed that it then took the planet only about 600 million years to cool enough for life to appear on its surface. This means that the clock of life has been ticking on planet Earth for 4.000 million years.
   The first life that appeared was in the form of single cell organism called prokaryotes since they have practically no nucleus and only a small single strand DNA in a closed loop, which does not permit the collection of evolutionary information or traits. These prokaryotes--which are still with us--do not know "sex" or "death" and multiply themselves through binary fission, which is DNA copying, or progeny that is similar to taking a root-branch of a plant and planting it, but their death comes about mostly through damages rather than through an aging process. This organism was alone and dominated earth for about 2.500 million years so life was rather simple during this time, but the prokaryotes are still a large part of the Earth's biosphere. The fossil fuels of coal and oil which man is withdrawing from the Earths crust, are leftovers of this organism, but it even managed to build up whole landmasses such as some Pacific islands and the Florida peninsula. During the 2.500 million years of their predominance, the prokaryotes build the current biosphere of Earth including the oxygen rich atmosphere, but without their work no further evolution of life would have been possible.

The appearance of the Multicellular Organism.
   It was then about 1.500 million years ago that a single cellular organism with an isolated nucleus and chromo- somes called eukaryotes appeared, but these are organism divided themselves into two sex-groups and multiplyed by exchanging DNA-information. This necleussingle cell organ- ism then evolved from the next 800 million years until 700 million years ago they produced the multicelluar organism that have a double helix DNA that allows the collection of evolutionary traits and their propogation to new individual. Thus these cells live together in collections and form biological individual wholes that procreate through "sex" and terminate in "death".
    Their procreation is through their division into two sex-groups, male and female, that share one half each of their
DNA-helix in a fusion that forms a new cell through a process called meiosis. After this the DNA-helix continues dividing itself in a process called mitosis that builds a new individual eukaryotes. The eukariotes then later cease to exist through aging and death, which is a preprogrammed spending of the genetic material.
    The first 160 million years this organism was rather monotone and simplistic, but about 540 million years ago, through what is commonly called the Cambrian Explosion, this organism diversifyed and multiplied into an enormously multifarious selection of plants and animals.
About 320 million years later, or 220 million years ago, this produced the dinosaurs, which roamed the Earth for about 155 million years, at which time they where wiped out in some enormous cataclysm produced either by an asteroid or a comet colliding with earth. This was about 65 million years ago at which time a small warm-blooded mammal stepped onto the stage and started the great chain of animals that we know today and which includes us.
    It was then 7 to 5 million years ago that our predecessors separated themselves from the other primates (the apes) by starting to walk upright, which in turn had an enormous effect on the evolution of their brains and bodies. This evolution then lead to the "homo sapience", appearing about one and a half million years ago. On the "clock of life" in our life-diagram, this time would be represented by the thickness of the vertical line, or the equivalent of a few seconds in the lifetime of life. At the beginning of this time, one and a half million years ago, the brains of our ancestors had reached the size it is today, but its functional development has been accelerated enormously since then. What is mildly amazing here is the fact that the accumulation of the scientific knowledge that this organ now scrutinizes, has been acquired in only a second fraction of the timescale of our metaphorical "clock of life", but this raises the question; What is the limit of our brains capacity?

We shall not be wrestling with that question here, but the provisional findings of the QF-theory are that the capacity of the brain is infinite, which in turn call for the question; Why are we not all geniuses? However, what we shall be looking at is the question; Why do we have the "I-field" and "WE-field" in our brain.

The QF-theory on the Evolution of Lives Fundamental DNA-programs from Prokaryotes (single cellular organism) to Eukaryotes (multi cellular organism) and the
“I” and “WE” fields and the human brain.

During the 2.500 million years that life is solely in the form of the prokaryotes dominating the surface of the planet, their DNA "programming" is obviously relatively simplistic since all this program has to do is to take care of the individual cell itself independently. It is a simple "I-reality" existance. When life then makes the transition from prokaryotes to eukaryotes, the DNA "programming" will have to acquire considerable sufistication in the eukaryotes. The eukaryotes cell will have to evolve abilities to integrate with the other cells and to acquire specialized roles in the collective existence of the organism. This means that there will have to be two kinds of programs in the cells DNA: One to take care of the individual cell and another to take care of its collective necessities. These programs are in the QF-theory identified with the physics terminology explicate and implicate, but these programs may for simplifications sometimes be referred to as the "I" and the "WE" programs. This in turn requires that the nucleotides in the DNA be divided evenly (50/50) into two groups identified as exons and introns, rather than the current division of molecular biology into 2 1/2% genes and 95% non-coding intergenetic DNA-junk.


    The terms exons and introns are taken from the labeling by molecular biology of the hnRNA (5%) sequencing of the genes where the exons (2 1/2%) are the nucleotides that form the mRNA and the introns (2 1/2%) the nucleotides excised by the spliceosomes since the do not represent genetic information for forming proteins. Currently the purpose of the 95% non-coding intergenetic DNA-junk is not known and the same goes for the intron nucleotides in the genes is not known, but molecular biology is swamped with controversial suggestions regarding these nucleotides.
   In spite of the 1.500 million years of evolution of the eukaryotes, it has been difficult for many individuals familiar with molecular biology and this controversy, to correlate the magnificent complexities and brilliance of the DNA-expression and the functions of life at the DNA level, and then heaving to accept that about 97,5% of the DNA's 3.200 million nucleotides in our 100.000 million cells, being some sort of junk or mistake of nature. The QF-theory goes even further suggesting that this division in its identification of the implicate, intron, "WE" nucleotides as the "primary causative program of the DNA" and the explicate, exon, "I" nucleotides as the "secondary executive program of the DNA", with the 30-35.000 genes being a part of this DNA reality. This is founded partially in the fact that the eukaryotes survivability depends primarily on collective functions, which is well demonstrated by the failure of the implicate programs resulting in the brake-down of the eukaryotes and its death as is particularly well know in the case of the cells becoming cancerous.
    The reality program division in the DNA-nucleotides suggested here prior is then transfered on to the human brain where it appears in the poles of the "I-field" and the "WE-field". Since the
"WE-field" intertwined with the brains faith and creative faculties, functional malfunctions in the "WE-field" produce a multitude of disturbances of which most prominent are the schizophrenic and manic psychotic states, as well as the autistic syndrome.

It should be obvious to all that the collective life-survival properties of the individual cells of the eukaryotes, should extend into the environment in different forms, in particular towards their own kind. From the coming of the QF-theory into being in 1984, it has been suggesting that in the eukaryotes the fundamental properties of their DNA-programming is reflected in the organisation of their brains, but here the "I-field" and the "WE-field" the most prominent. In the brains of a highly developed organism such as homo sapience, which has based its evolution on unity, rather than on sharp teeth and claws and fast feet, these programs become the prime neuro- transmitter regulating centers in his brain, but man is primarily a social animal. This is reflected in the eventual discovery of the brain's compassion centers, or "WE-field", which was discovered through coincidence, rather that through deliberate search, since it was not presumed that such a faculty existed in the brain.
    The same was the case with the author of the QF-theory who got his original ideas through an extremely powerful spiritual experience insight in his meditation practice. This insight was in the form of Venn-set quantum mechanical math-models that described the details of the first second of creation. This contained the "quantum wave of the universe", but about the quest for this insight professor Stephen Hawking had this to say in 1984.
"I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33  second and 10-43 second. It is there that the ultimate answers to all questions about the universe--life itself included--lies."

  The QF-theory's holo-symmetric models of the human brain--shown in the next graphic--are the consequence of the QF-theories insights into some missing elements in the quantum theory and the previously described role of the nucleotide in the distribution of the DNA-programing, are its results. This is described in considerable details in the ALCATRAS lecture in the PEACE-FILES.


“Because of the relatively low number of genes, it will be necessary to look  elsewhere for the mechanism that generate the complexities in human devel- opment and the sophisticated signaling systems that maintain homeostasis. These include non-gene regions of the genome containing regulatory elements that moderate gene-transcription and the molecular activity that leads to alternative start and stop sited for the transcription of DNA.”

Quotation from: Celera Genomics Press Release.


The "Mirror Neurons" in the Human Brain and their
Empathy Functions!
In July 2004, two Italian scientists in Parma Italy, Dr. Giocomo Rizzolati and Dr. Laila Craighero, published in the Annual Review of Neuroscience, their findings of what they called the MIRROR NEURONS. A year later these findings are seen as sensational and some go even as far as equating them with the discovery of the DNA, but most claim them to be most promising for future understanding of the human brain. For the author of the QF-theory's physics unification models and the QF-brain models, this is a vital verification of his theoretical work, since they partially fit his theoretical findings. The scientists, who made the discovery through happenstance, correctly identified the "mirror neurons" neurons in the spatial hemispheres as the compassion, or empathy centers.
     This is what the QF-physics theory predicted already in 1984, and published in 1998 and 2002. The QF-brain models then published these predictions locating the "spatial hemispheric mirror neuron empathy center", which the theory calls "the WE-perception centers", half a centimeter further towards the back, as the currents scans show it to be, but this is a similar area as where the
Déjà vu centers are found.
    However, the main differences between the QF-brain model theories and the "mirror neuron findings", is in the matter hemispheric function of the "mirror neuron area" involved. This according to the QF-brain model is the focal center for the "I-perception", as well as the Brocka's speech center. These findings are further seen here as an important support-verification for the QF-theories symmetrical distribution of the DNA-molecule's nucleotide functions. The obvious uniqueness in the QF-theories suggestions for the existence of these brain centers, is in the fact that they are discovered through the creation of quantum mechanical physics models for the events of the first second of creation, using Venn-set mathematics in stead of differential equations.
    An important point in this discovery it that it is originally made while experimenting with monkeys, but the question why this has not been detected in humans is explained by the QF-theories suggestion for the collective failed-re uptake-filter in the spatial hemispheric DNA-introns.

The reader can view an excellent NOVAsciencNOW presentation introducing this marvelous discovery, with the marvelous journalist, Robert Krulwich, first aired on the 25th of January 2005. The URL to the side is:


At some point in his life, every scientist begins to be interested in his work and what his findings mean. Then he has to choose. If he starts to as quest- ions and tries and tries to find answers, to understand what it all means, he will look foolish to his colleagues. On the other hand, he can give up this attempt and he won't look foolish, and he'll learn more and more about less and less... You have to decide to have the courage to look foolish.”

                                                                    Quotation: Professor Karl Pribram.


What are the Causes for the Functional Disturbances in the Brains "WE" or "Empathy" Faculty?

Based on quantum mechanical QF-theory's physics unification models, which were published in 2002, the QF-brain models claim the "I-perception" and the "WE-perception" fields to be situated as indicated in the graphic here above. These are the respective focal points for  the exons of the matter-I-perception hemisphere's DNA and the introns of the spatial-WE-perception hemispheres DNA. These are the primary everyday "neurotransmitter-production poles" of conciseness, of which the "WE-perception" side is generally poorly, and even not at all (autism), functioning properly in modern man. In the QF-brain theory, this defect is caused by an accumulation of functional disturbances, which it defines as a "filter", and which is either inherited or acquired,and which is claimed to be the cause for a variety of sickness phenomenas. Sicknesses from the Autism Syndrome to the phenomena of the Déjà vu experience, as well as ALL the statistical sickness of man. The Déjà vu experience is seen by the theory as a momentary malfunction in the "WE-perception" of the brain, caused by a filter accumulation (Déjà vu means; "Have seen this before" and in a healthy state, has to do with the experience of: "Having seen you before I can identify with you, or have have compassion or empathy for you, even love you"). The causes for these functional disorders, or defects, and their accumulation and DNA-inherited carriage through the generations (reviewed closely in the third part of the lecture), is the central theme of the QF-theory, but this disturbance is responsible for the entire human anti-social behavior known to man. 
    Most people accept the fact that man is basically a social being and that our ancestors and consequently we, would not have survived our evolutionary history, without sticking it out together. However, there is every reason to believe that had our ancestors been like modern man, as concerns the social-character endowments, which have written modern history and which require the force of law to keep societies together, it is doubtful that we would have survived evolution and would be here. The suggestion that wars produce the greatest technological advancement is here doubted. It is rather the unification and co-operation that the wars impose on man. The  QF-theory maintains that the filter disturbance is the cause for the need for the laws and the law enforcement to keep society together, but the western societies are now facing ever increasing brake down of law and order, due to the "generation-time exponentially increasing" accumulation of the inherited filters in the intron side of our DNA. A rapidly growing problem that our sciences have not a clue to explain, much the less of how serious it is. The phenomena of the filters is the central theme of this lecture, but we shall be looking closely at this in the third and the fourth chapters of this lecture.

   There are two kinds of defects that appear in the human brain and they are on the one hand irreversible neuronal damages and on the other hand functional disturbances, which may be reversible (but not with drugs). Neuronal damages are caused through accidents, bacteria and viruses, but how the functional disturbances or disorders come into being is not known, but a part of these are the inherited genetic defects. The functional disturbances are well known and they described by our psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologist, but their causes are altogether unknown. This is owing to the fact that these defects are in the management side (gene expression) of the DNA-nucleotides and their understanding thus of a quantum mechanical nature. The quantum foundations of biology are many times smaller than the most powerful electronic microscope can discern and thus impossible to investigate through direct contact. This is the reason why our scientists have not been able to find the causes for the numerous statistical ailments that plague man.

    When the QF-theory appeared in 1984, its suggestion was that it might offer a new form of insight into the quantum function of the DNA-molecule. This lead to the authors engagement in the creation of the first quantum mechanically oriented QF-brain models, but the foundations of all the brain functions are at the quantum level. In this it soon became apparent that if the models were constructed in accord with the suggestions of the QF-theory, then they were capable of giving the author--with his limited knowledge --answers to most of the still unanswered riddles regarding the brain, plus all causes for most of the functional disturbances or disorders. Here the first models were constructed to give answerers to the biggest riddle of the brain, the riddle of the addictions, or how the consumption of alcohol changes the personality of the consumer and become addicted to counterfeit-neuroinhibitors. The answer came soon and it showed that the so called "failed re-uptake" in the synaptic clefts of the nerve endings--which takes place something like 600.000 million times a second on the average--polarized the receiving neuron with the wrong charge, which lead to the equivalent of a copy of the "I-field" from the exons was copied and deposited into the "WE-field" in the introns. The graphic below is intended to give an idea about this process.

The blue diagonal lines covering the WE-field spatial hemisphere in the graphic symbolizes the functional disturbance which the wrong polarization causes and which are given various symbolic or metaphorical names in humanity, but the concept the QF-theory uses is "filter". With sufficient accumulation of the filter-dis- turbances the production of neuroinhibitors in the WE-field of the spatial hemisphere that the individual becomes incapable of producing enough natural neuro inhibitory peptides and becomes dependent on alien counterfeit neurotransmitters which may be in several different forms of which alcohol is the commonest. This is why this addiction has acquired the name alcoholism.   
   When the author of this model the accessed the finding of the 1979 started, Minnesota university twin study, which showed that human behavior patterns were carried from one generation to another, it became clear to him that they were also accumulative through the generations. This was taking place in the brains of all those who consumed alcohol and other mind altering drugs where failed re-uptake took place. Through the collective accumulation of the filter this had lead to one third of those who tried alcohol to become alcoholics at the end of the twentieth century, but this trend was steadily accelerating and increasing. What was even more disturbing in the suggestions of the QF-theory, was that the functional disturbancesthe filter—which was created in the brain, could take a “quantum leap into other "management organs" in the body and thus produce the multitude of statistical syndromes and sicknesses, whose causes are currently altogether unexplainable. This also applied to the 70% of cancer cases where the mutations ere not caused by environmental toxicants.
This made the researcher and the creator of the QF-brain models conscious of the fact that the consequences of mans use of alcohol were many times worse and more serious than just to produce irrationality, agression, disagreemen, crimes, accidents and drunkards
(alcoholic is a drunkard that does something about his condition), but that it was also the main source of the human degeneration. The subtleness of the collective effects of mans use of alcohol prevents the scientists from becoming wise to the changes it breings about in the fundamental programming of the human brain, mainly the
WE-field or Déjà vu center of the spatial hemispheric pole, which is connected and intertwined with the Jamais vu centers, which is the brains faith faculty and inner voice of morality. Together these faculties form--using the terminology of Eugen Wigner--"The Self reflecting Properties of Consciousness", without which we cease to be human. If this is correct, then this means that we are here facing the profoundest and most important insights achievable into the human brain and its functions. At this realization the author of the model became further conscious of the fact how difficult it would be to get this insight into the world community of brain researchers for the purpose of reversing this trend and prevent the horrors that the alcohol is now serving humanity with, in ever increasing doses, but this growth is exponential with the generations.
   The forgone is thus suggesting that the human race has been and is collectively changing the programs in the management or causative side of tis brain, which in turn accounts for the asymmetry of the human brain, its subconscious and the difference in its proficiency amongst different individuals, but it is the balance between the functions in these two "neurotransmitter poles" (mirror neurons) of the brain that decides the mental conditions of the individuals and thus society as a whole.
   It is obvious that the explanations and graphics presented previously in this paper represent extreme simplification of extremely complex issues. Further discussion of this matter in details is at the university research level and poorly presentable to the general public, but here the 1993 reminder of the well known neuro scientist and former rector at Harvard, Dr. Gerald D. Fischbach, become most appropriate: "Philosophical inquiry must be supplemented by experiments that are now among the most urgent, challenging and exciting in all of (the history of) science. Our survival and probably the survival of (all life on) this planet depend on a more complete understanding of the human mind."

   Last but not least are the words of Christ, who in the light of what here has been presented, change him into a neurological- and neurotransmitter production specialist, in addition to what ever else he was: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depends all the law and the prophets.”

  We should thus all be thinking; "What am I thinking?", but Descartes--although a Jesuit-- may not quite have hit the top of the nail when he said: "cogito ergo sum", or  "I think, therefor I am!".  He would have been closer to the truth if he had said: "I think WE, therefor I am!".

The QF-theory's closing argument and conclusion is that the reduction in our "human empathy" ability is the cause of all the wars, crimes and cruelty in history, in addition to this is is causing all the statistical sicknesses of man AND THAT this is caused by man's pollution of his brain through the consumption of ALCOHOL and other mind altering chemicals, which gradually alter our brain-programs through the generations. This is explained in the ALCATRAS lecture.


 If the Devil does not exist, but man has created him, then he has surely created him in his own image and likeness.”

                                                Quotation from: Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky.

The Questions Regarding the Creation of Evil
and the “Absence of Empathy” in Man call for a famous Story from the Annals of
Twentieth Century Physics.

  The Nature of Presence and Absence,
Existence and Non-existence.

Did God create everything that exists?  Does evil exist?  Did God create evil?

A University professor at a well known institution of higher learning challenged his students with this question. "Did God create everything that exists?"

A student bravely replied, "Yes he did!"

"God created everything?" The professor asked.

"Yes sir, he certainly did," the student replied.

The professor answered, "If God created everything; then God created evil. And, since evil exists, and according to the principal that our works define who we are, then we can assume God is evil."

The student became quiet and did not answer the professor's hypothetical definition. The professor, quite pleased with himself, boasted to the students that he had proven once more that the Christian faith was a myth.

Another student raised his hand and said, "May I ask you a question, professor?"

"Of course", replied the professor.

The student stood up and asked, "Professor does cold exist?"

"What kind of question is this? Of course it exists. Have you never been cold?"

The other students snickered at the young man's question.

The young man replied, "In fact sir, cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is in reality the absence of heat. Every body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy and heat is what makes a body or matter have or transmit energy. Absolute zero (-273.16° Celsius or -459.69° Fahrenheit or Kelvin 0) is the total absence of heat; and all matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. Cold does not exist. We have created this word to describe how we feel if we have no heat."

The student continued, "Professor, does darkness exist?"   

The professor responded, "Of course it does."

The student replied, "Once again you are wrong sir, darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in reality the absence of light. Light we can study, but not darkness. In fact, we can use Newton's prism to break white light into many colors and study the various wavelengths of each color. You cannot measure darkness. A simple ray of light can break into a world of darkness and illuminate it. How can you know how dark a certain space is? You measure the amount of light present. Isn't this correct? Darkness is a term used by man to describe what happens when there is no light present."

Finally the young man asked the professor, "Sir, does evil exist?"

Now uncertain, the professor responded, "Of course, as I have already said. We see it everyday. It is in the daily examples of man's inhumanity man. It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world. These manifestations are nothing else but evil."

To this the student replied,"Evil does not exist, sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold, a word that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God's love present in his heart. It's like the cold that comes when there is no heat, or the darkness that comes when there is no light."

The professor sat down in humility.

The young man's name -- Albert Einstein

Theosophical Society Lecture
translation into English for the purpose of publication
on the Internet
for PEACE Publication Ltd. by Paul John II, 11th of November 2005.

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