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The 12th
QF- Letter-Essay!


The Interview
with the
Mysterious Mr. 666!

      This file presents a part of a series of open letters depicting in the simplest manner possible, the initial findings of the QF-theory, presented in the 2002 published book THE LITTLE SCROLL and in the PEACE-Files. The QF-theory is a Complete Unification Theory in physics that includes the Observer, Life and Consciousness and is thus claimed as a

Theory of Everything

The QF-Letters and their Subjects are:

The QF : INTRODUCTIONS: The Initial Findings of Man's Greatest Search:
The QF-Ultimate Theory of Everything!
The First
QF Letter:
The Alternate Set-Mathematical Solution offered by: The QF-theory of Everything!
The Second
QF Letter:
The End of Theoretical Physics and the 6-dimensional QF-theoretical paradigm!
The Third
QF Letter:
The QF-theory, the Parallel Universes Theories and The Limits of Mathematics!
The Fourth
QF Letter:
God on the Brain and The Riddle of God and the Brain Neurological and Psychological Quagmire!
The Fifth
QF Letter:
From the Riddle of Désjà vu, to the Riddle of the Autism Mystery!
The Sixth
The two Kinds of Hippocampal Volume Loss in Depressive and Alcoholic Individuals!
The Seventh
QF Letter:
After the Genome! After the Double Helix! The Cancer and Consciousness connection!
The Eighth
QF Letter:
Life, Cancer and the Organization of Procaryot and Eucaryot DNA matching the Human Brain.
The Ninth
QF Letter:
The QF-theory of the Brain's Empathy Center and its connections to Wars and Crimes in Humanity.
The Tenth
QF Letter:
Sir Isaac Newton, the Rainbow and the QF-theory's Fundamental Color explaination.
The Eleventh
QF Letter:
The QF-theory and the Riddles of the Double Slit Experiment!
The Twelfth
QF Letter:
The Solution to One of Humanities oldest Riddle.
The Interview with the Mysterious Mr. 666.

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“It is between fifty and sixty years since I read it [the Apocalypse or the Book of Revelation], and I then considered it merely the ravings of a maniac, no more worthy nor capable of explanation than the incoherences of our own nightly dreams.

Quotation from: Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the
United States,
in a letter to General Alexander Smyth, January 17, 1825


The Eigteenth QF-Letter:




The New Merology of
Beastly Numbers

The flames of hellfire flickered amid towering pillars of smoke, scorching the leaden sky. In the distance the iron walls of Dis glowed a fiery red. A green demon in a sweatshirt was lounging beside a lake of boiling oil, idly tossing a brown oval object from claw to claw. The shirt bore the number 666 on the front, and when he swivelled around for a practice throw the name "THE BEAST" became visible on the back.
    A second demon, which was a rather attractive shade of pastel blue, tapped him on the shoulder. "Uh-excuse me, Mr. Beast, sir."
    "Who are you?" The Beast turned around and looked at the blue demon's sweatshirt. "What pansy kind of a number is -847 1/2?"
    "It's what they gave me when I took the job you advertised, sir. It was the only shirt that fit me."
    "Job? What-oh, I remember. Turn around. "The back of the blue demon's shirt bore the words "JUNIOR SOULS ASSISTANT." "Okay, Junior, let's see how good you are. Go out for a run, and I'll -throw you a pass." The Junior Souls Assistant set off at a gallop along the shoreline. The Beast drew back a bony arm and fired one of the oval objects at Junior's head. Junior made a grab for it, missed and watched it bounce past into the lake. The oval object screamed as it hit, then mercifully sank from view.
    "Sorry, I got some sulfur in my eye," Junior said, looking at the ripples spreading across the burning lake. "Was it a good one?" Then he caught himself. "Silly question. We don't get the good ones down here."
    "It wasn't even a bad one," the Beast remarked. "Only a cheap rubber soul, not even leather. But you don't need to worry about losing it-there are always plenty of condemned souls to kick around." He picked up another from a huge pile and scrutinised it. "Oh, her," said the Beast dismissively. "Yes, she was bound to end up here all right. But at least,"
he added, pointing to the name stamped on the soul in uneven gothic lettering, "she knows who the Heaven she is. Unlike me." His eyes suddenly welled up.
    Junior went a paler shade of blue. Everybody knew that the Beast was going through a mid-death identity crisis. Without warning, the huge green demon leaped to his feet and began kicking things. "WHO AM I?" he roared. "Thousands of years, and nobody ever tells me who I am!" Then he burst into tears.
    "I heard that in Aramaic--the original language of the Book of Revelation-the symbols for 666 spell `Nero.' Do you think you might be Nero?"
    "Nero fiddled while Rome burned....' I don't mind the burning bit, but I'm not a very good fiddler, you know."
    "Well, the Jesuit Father Bongus de-coded your number as `Martin Luther,"' the Junior Souls Assistant ventured, patting the Beast sympathetically between his horns. "He used the system known as gematria, in which A = l, B = 2,... up to Z = 26."
    "I know all about that. But, on the other claw, Michael Stifel a German mathematician --`proved' I was Pope Leo X," the Beast snivelled. "He started with `Leo Decimus' and threw away everything except LDCIMV."
    "Those are the letters that correspond to Roman numerals. They add up to 1,656, so he added an other X because it was Leo X and deducted M because it was the initial letter of 'mystery."' The Beast grimaced. "Did you ever hear of such a dumb argument?"
    "Never," Junior said. "Obviously contrived to get the desired result."
    "Precisely. Everybody's got an ax to grind. And what makes it worse," the Beast went on, "is that they all have different systems for assigning numerical values to letters. Nobody asks whether there's some sensible method that doesn't depend on alphabetical order or other arbitrary choices."
    "Funny you should mention that. I've just been reading the February 1990 issue of Word Ways."
    "What the angel is that?"
    "Well, it's a journal of recreational linguistics."
    "We're in trouble then," the Beast said. "This is a mathematical recreations column."
    "Ah, but that particular issue had an article that combined both mathematical and linguistic recreations. It was by Lee Sallows, an expert in numerical-wordplay, and it was called `the new merology.' He noted that `the time-honored practice of linking each letter to its position number is an expendable--because profitless-- convention. New merology takes this as its starting point.'"

End of quotation from the SA.

This SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 1994 article then proceeds to "play" with the interplay between numerical symbols, or numbers and sound symbols, or letters in a mock attempt at solving the famous riddle of the Book of Revelations 13th Chapter. This without any conclusion or hint of who the person in the riddle might be. We have thus decided to present our version of the numerical-letter solution to that riddle, but this is only a part of the riddle presented by the 13th Chapter. The chapter itself is a riddle, or a mystery on its own, like the whole of the prophesy is without the correct interpretation keys.

The Interview Introduction.

The Mystery of the Word "Mystery"!

How does the word "Mystery" come-about? What is the original meaning of the word "Mystery"? What is behind the current use and meaning of the word "Mystery"? Will humanity ever be rid of all Mystery's? We shall amuse ourselves by the scrutiny of these questions and we begin by:

How does the word "Mystery" come-about?
The word "mystery" has its original meaning in the word "mist", which is another expression for the words "haze or fog". This suggests a meaning of an unclear objective view of something, or optical visions obstructed by either water vapor or dust particles.

What is the original meaning of the word "Mystery"?
The word "mystery" as a subjective expression, suggests an unclear, or "misty, hazy, fogy" view in the thought process in the field of consciousness. This is another form of expressing a degree of understanding and insights. The ancient Greek alcohol-drunk and blood-endorphin "Mysteries" were ceremonies in which the "alteration and expansion" of the state of consciousness was sought. This with the intention of achieving "prophetic abilities" and great understanding and insights through its excitation of the "Jamie vu" and "Déjà vu" areas in the brain.

What is behind the current use and meaning of the word "Mystery"?
Throughout history the meaning of the word "mystery" has mostly been associate, in its subjective nature and orientation to the religions of man. This was certainly the case in the Christian western cultures throughout the middle ages and well into the twentieth century that the meaning of the word was of a religious nature. However, at the rise of the science discipline of the New Physics and the pseudo sciences of psychology and psychiatry, the meaning of this word took on a new face. In quantum mechanics it came to express many physical phenomena that lacked explanations, and in the study of man's psyche and behavior this acquired a subjective application describing anything from hallucinations, spiritual experiences to the phenomena of life itself. The same has been the experience in medicine with the "statistical sicknesses" of man, their causes remain a "mystery". In other words, it has come to mean most anything we cannot explain with our science approaches to solving "mysteries". The same is true for unexplained cures called "miracles", but once the explanation for miracles is achieved, they stop being miracles and are classified as laws of nature.

The history of the word "Mystery"!
To the author of these analyses, all the phenomena that still lack explanations are phenomena that still lack the quantum mechanical explanations, but it is in the realm of quantum mechanics that the last answers to the mysteries of nature are to be found. On the top of that list are is still the phenomenas regarding the psyche and consciousness of man and in that category, the religious heritage still ranks as the most prominent ones. The religious documentation of the Christian fait, the Bible, contains one of the best know such mysteries, which no one has been able to dechiper, but this is the last part of that book: The Book of Revelation. That scripture contains the most incomprehensible and bizarre mystery in all of the Christian religion, and it may be stated with certainty that no one understands its meaning.

Many highly educated and superbly intelligent brains have tried to find any sense in the outrageous and incoherent metaphors presented in the Revelation and the brilliant PresidentThomas Jefferson had this to say about this in a letter to a friend, General Alexander Smyth, in 1825. "It is between fifty and sixty years since I read it [the Apocalypse], and I then considered it merely the ravings of a maniac, no more worthy nor capable of explanation than the incoherences of our own nightly dreams."

The Revelation Prophesied End of All "Mysteries"!
The amusing and amazing relationship of the Book of Revelation to the word "mystery", it found in the 10th Chapter, 7th verse  of the King James version and it goes like this. "But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the 'mystery of God' should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets."  This is not only the end of all "mysteries", but apparently the end of all prophecies as being some forms of mysteries, in the interpretation of the Revelation through the QF-theory of Everything. Through the QF-theory the Revelation are seen as the IQ-test of the creation reality, or the Implicate Reality, or the reality which men in general call God. Here the key to its interpretation is through the combined application of quantum mechanics and neurology with thorough knowledge and understanding of the addictions suffered by humans.

Upon the solving of these riddles the question asked by Professor Stephen Hawkings: "Why do we only know the past and not the future?" is answered and with it the mystery of whether prophecies are possible, and if so, them by what means and mechanism, is also solved.

06_Alpabet-for-666.gifWithout going into any detail, we include our Icelandic Alphabet oriented solution for the 666 numerical riddle found in the 13th Chapter of the Biblical Book of Revelation. In these files the subject of the Book of Revelation is not seen or treated as a religious doctrine, but as an altruistic subject that deals with the last of the scientific mysteries man is facing. In this the prophesy is is being interpreted as a description of somones life progressing into the eventual delay state of a neurological condition of a neuroinhibitor addiction and then progressing out of it, during which he is given an insight into the quantum mechanical foundations of the creation process. The last third of the prophesy is then a description of his struggle to survive this experience and to present his fellow man with the consequences of this insight. The following interview is a part of this effort.

More to come-later!


After two life public radio-interviews by Mr. Jonas Jonasson on the Icelandic State Radio, the following English interview was conducted privately with the physics and biology writer, who uses the pseudonym Apallo Aquarian and who claims to be the individual who in the Book of Revelation is prophesied in the 13th chapter riddle of Mr. 666.

Mr. Jonasson:
Mr. Aquarian, I shall come straight to the point in this interview. This is the fact that according to your home page and your recent book, it is your claim that you have succeeded in finding the ultimate goal of physics. That you have found the ultimate knowledge of all of man's efforts at understanding the Universe and all that's in it, including Life and Consciousness. That you have found what Albert Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life searching for and that which Dr. Steven Hawking claims as his lives goal. That which Dr. Hawking demands is the knowledge of what happened during part of the first second of creation: "….between 10-33  second and 10-43 second." He claims that it is "….there that the ultimate answers to all questions about the universe--life itself included--lies." Then you come along and claim to have found this. In other words, you claim to have found what some of the greatest minds and most learned physicists of our time have been searching for, without an ultimate insight. Yet, Mr. Aquarian, your qualifications are that you have no special education or training for this subject and are not even a college graduate. Is this not a bit much for someone to be claiming with these qualifications--or shall we say, lack of qualifications? Does your claim not appear at its best as being a bit grandiose, or more realistically, as just another irrational claim by another borderline person? Another of the myriad of crackpot claims? Are you fully aware of what your claim means in the terms of science and the history of humanity? Are you not aware of the fact that the whole proposition appears absurd?

The Aquarian:
Yes, it certainly does appear that way and it is not strange to me that most rational science oriented individuals do not give this claim the credibility needed for them to wish to look into its validity. At the onset of my research into my original ideas on this subject, some 18 years prior to its publication, this was my first reaction. I did not believe it myself that it was possible that I, lacking all traditional academic qualifications and with only amateur knowledge of the subject, might be able to hatch such a grand idea. It took me four years to overcome this doubt sufficiently to be capable of beginning the research  work on formulating this paradigm. A major part of this was my undertaking in acquiring a complete psychiatric and psychological assessment of myself in one country, with second opinion verification in another. The tests and evaluations showed me to be a highly intelligent individual with an even distribution of mental abilities, with EEG, CAT and PET scans giving normal results. Notwithstanding this, those I told about my insights and my intention to pursue its comprehension, were full of skepticism, but I remained undaunted. It was then about the time of the onset of my work, that I read with special interest, the inaugural lecture "Is the End in Sight for Theoretical Physics" delivered by Dr. Stephen Hawking at his appointment as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, a post once held by Sir Isaac Newton. A year after I had completed my work, I decided to write my own comments on this subject, but this is my: "The End of Theoretical Physics" lecture, which gives an overview description of my theory.

Mr. Jonasson:
Indeed, in spite of your initial misgivings Mr. Aquarian, 14 years later, or in 2002, you then published a book written by you, containing a totally new view on quantum mechanics. There you present--what you claim to be--a theoretical construction that amounts to being quantum mechanical foundation for a comprehensive reality paradigm. A paradigm that is a construction of detailed 6-dimensional string-membrane models for the boundary conditions and the process of the Big Bang, showing how the four forces known to physics, originate in one superforce. Thus unifying the forces and the matter particles. This is followed by showing the natural relationship between the two great theories of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity and is crowned by a model of the "Quantum Wave of the Universe" offering fundamental explanations for the Observer. This means a fundamental explanation for  Life and Consciousness. The current 11-dimensional superstring-membrane founded M-theory of everything, produced by physics has not succeeded in producing a complete model of the Big Bang or any DNA Observer connections. It was your article on this question, The Parallel Universes and the Limits of Mathematics!, which impressed me enough to want to engage in this interview. This article was prompted by the BBC HORIZON television program; "The Parallel Universes." All this you then claim to be achieved by using such a simple technique as the SET-mathematical system invented by John Venn towards the end of the nineteenth century. Is this not adding insult to injury, in view of your lack of academic and scientific standing? Does this not seem like adding to and confounding this absurdity?

The Aquarian:
I do appreciate your suggestion that the use of the alternate mathematical approach employed in creating the QF-Theory of Everything--as I call the theoretical models in my book--must seem to the physicists using traditional formal mathematics, as being a provocative deed, if not a crackpot idea. However, as it turns out, this method appears to me to be the only possible alternative logic system to the calculus, differential equations, that become incalculable in their efforts at dealing with the Big Bang and gravity. This is indirectly predicted by the mathematical Incompleteness Theorem presented in 1931 by the mathematical genius, Dr. Kurt Gödel. In 1963 the TIME INC. LIFE SCIENCE LIBRARY published in its series of science books, the book; MATHEMATICS. Written by the science writer Dr. David Bergamini, the book brilliantly recounted the evolution and history of mathematics and oddly and fittingly enough, ended in a speculation on the nature of the "unification sign" of the Venn-mathematical set. There, Bergamini and his advisers, Dr. René Dubos, Dr. Henry Morgenau and Dr. C. P. Snow, claimed this to be the frontier of mathematics. In the nineteen seventies unsuccessful attempts were made at bringing this system of logic to the European school system. However, what I have discovered is that this system is the natural overview logic system of the brain's spatial hemisphere. My toying with the idea of the QF-paradigm has its initial origins in my 1984 reading about the split brain discoveries made by Dr. Roger Sperry in the late seventies. In this 1981 Nobel prize awarded research, it was shown that only the left brain's hemisphere contained the mathematical abilities. This then would eventually lead me to connecting this to--and realizing that this was the reason for--the Gödel theorem and then to asking the question whether we could analyze the fundaments of reality with just one half of the brain. I came to the conclusion that in the accelerator experiments--by employing mathematics to analyze the outcome--we were looking at the foundations of reality with only the brain's matter hemisphere. The next question would then be; How do we look at the foundations of realty with both hemispheres? By what method? I could not find the answer to this question and gave it up. However, at this time I was flirting with the practice of meditation and it would be through an extraordinary spiritual vision, connected to my meditation efforts, that the answer came to me. Later I would realize that the spatial hemisphere was the "causative hemisphere" and the matter hemisphere the "action hemisphere". It then became obvious that in this was the reason why quantum mechanics only contained the "how" answers, with the "why" answers missing, which in the QF-theory is verified by Dr. Benjamin Libet's famous "binding problem" experiment. Regarding the idea of me insulting the academic and scientific community with my claim, then the issue is self-explanatory; I am either producing the greatest scientific insight in the history of man or I am offering humanity the case of the greatest madness. The grandest nutcase in history of the sciences.

Mr. Jonasson:
It is one thing to produce such a theory as you describe, but how do its finding fit reality? What about connections to the findings of experimental physics? What about it's explanatory and predictive powers? What new insights does it offer into the nature of matter and energy? What new insights into the phenomena of Life?

The Aquarian:
Well, here it may be stated that the QF-models for the first second of the Big Bang, do present the matter and energy particles that match the ones we are observing in our Universe. However, the models do not produce detailed explanations for the aggregation of the matter into the galaxies, but they show us the details of what takes place in the matter to matter, matter to energy, energy to energy interactions. This has not been known in physics as described with the "black box metaphor" by the late Dr. Heinz R. Pagels: "We can imagine that quantum reality is like a sealed box out of which we receive messages. We can ask questions about the contents of the box but never actually see what is inside. The principle of complementarity asserts that in describing reality we must invoke complementarity concepts that exclude each other--they cannot both be true. The road to quantum reality may go on far into the future of physics, and new insights may be found. Perhaps quantum theory is experimentally wrong or incomplete, something that is not logically impossible." One of the major suggestions by the QF-theory is that this is precisely the case and it offers the insight into the "black box" of Dr. Pagels. The QF-models then match the Standard Model in the frame suggested by Dr. Richard Feynman when he said: "We have to find a new view of the world that has to agree with everything that is known, but disagree in its predictions some-where, otherwise it is not interesting. And in that disagreement it must agree with nature. If you can find any other view of the world which agrees over the entire range where things have already been observed, but disagrees somewhere else, you have made a great discovery. It is very nearly impossible, but not quite..." Then, in its physical verification, the QF-theory depends on the details from experimental physics, as it depends on the particle spin precisely in the same manner as Dr. Paul Davis predicts such a theory might. "The curious geometrical nature of spin could prove to be the key to unifying physics" he says, but this is indeed the case with the QF-theory. It is its spin predictions that verify the overall view of the paradigm, but this is at the same time reflected in the enormously beautiful simplicity of the theory and that matches Dr. John Archibald Wheeler's predictions. "Behind it all is surely an idea so simple, so beautiful, so compelling that when--in a decade, a century or a millennium--we grasp it, we will all say to each other, how could it be otherwise? How could we have been so stupid for so long?" Obviously, a Theory of Everything paradigm for the First Second of Creation HAS to be extremely simplistic, since it is a process where everything is being created by issuing out of, or is being separated from, one source. As what regards the new insight into the nature of matter and energy, then the most important one, is the discovery of the "added" duality of the photon. What I have learned is that the photon, which is the quanta of the electromagnetic field and is known to be both its own matter and antimatter sides in one, has additionally two separate and independent holistic wave-like reality functions. One function is continuously moving out from a center, the other continuously moving in to a center. As the wave-of-consciousness is an electromagnetic field, then this explains how it is possible for it to be retrieving memory quanta from and depositing memory quanta into, the energy stages of the atoms in the DNA's nucleotide bases. This finding then becomes a most important step in creating the ultimate model for the understanding of the human brain.

Mr. Jonasson:
Indeed, Mr. Aquarian, the title of your book, THE LITTLE SCROLL, is taken from the last book of the BIBLE, the BOOK OF REVELATION. This is the third outrageous absurdity regarding your claims; A religious mystical connection. In your book you go so far as to claim that your achievement of the insights presented in it, are "Godly" inspired and prophesied about, not just in the Book of Revelation, but in just about every major prophecy since antiquity. The suggestion is that the whole of the prophecy in the Revelation is a mythological- metaphorical description of the quantum mechanical brain process in your personal acquisition of an alcohol and drug addiction and then the same describing your recovery from these. You then claim that during this process the insights in your book, THE LITTLE SCROLL, are handed to you. As if this was not enough, you crown it all by the claim that you are the man in the prophecy, whose initials are riddled in the number 666 and thereby suggesting that you are what many religious teachings call the "Antichrist". With this, you have--in addition to your repelling away from you, the worlds physics community--now manage to acquire the rejection of the religious community as well. Are you not aware of the fact that the majority of mentally ill individuals, who go into psychosis, start making references to the Book of Revelation? Is there anyone left who takes you seriously and you can discuss your ideas with?

The Aquarian:
Yes Mr. Jonasson, again I have to agree with you, but this part of my claims may be even harder to comprehend and believe than the physics and biology part. However, oddly enough, it is precisely in this that the main verification of the theory is to be found. This is in it explanatory power for the processes and malfunctions of thought. One of the questions asked from a complete physics and biology paradigm, claiming the true Theory of Everything, is; What neuro-functional mechanism is it that allows us only to have  knowledge of the past and not the future? Is there any other way to predict the future other than our projections, such as for example prophecy? If so, then what is the neuro-functional mechanism in the prophecy? If I am really in the possession of the true Theory of Everything that includes the Observer--and there can only be one such theory--then I should have the "key" to the fundamental understanding of reality and at the same time, the fundamental understanding of the human brain. That means a clarification of the entire number of the still open riddles of the brain. Otherwise I cannot claim this insight. With such a "key" I should be able to tell whether prophecies are possible--and then how--or whether they are just some figments of the human imagination. From Dr. Carl Gustaf Jung's psychological interpretations and Dr. Joseph Campbell's mythological interpretations, I learned that our spatial hemisphere, or our higher-self, or soul, manifests primarily in the consciousness through visual images and that this was particularly pronounced during transcendental states. With the insights into reality and the human brain offered by the QF-paradigm, I came to realize that most of the images in the Revelation, were in fact metaphorical descriptions of quantum mechanical processes taking place in the brain. This was quite an exciting flash of insight although the interpretation was initially quite murky, given the piety language and grotesque descriptions involved in the Revelation.

Mr. Jonasson:
Indeed, Mr. Aquarian, the Book of Revelation is the most extreme of all the religious texts know in the literature of man. Its apparent altruistic nature seems to suggest and allow innumerable interpretations, however, most people do not see any comprehensive continuity in the descriptions and thus do not find any specific holistic story or comprehensive message in it. Please, do go on with this, this is most curious.

The Aquarian:
This is true Mr. Jonasson. I do approach the analyses of the events of the First Second of Creation in a much different manner than the traditional one and the same is true for my analyses of the Book of Revelation. This approach has more to do with the new discipline of "neuro-theology", rather than the traditional theological approach. I can even take this a step further and claim to be approaching the prophecy of the Book of Revelation from a "quantum-neuro-theological" standpoint. This means that with my new insights into the human brain, it has become a quantum mechanical object more than anything else. In this the words of Dr. Fred Alan Wolf have become the best description I could find of the situation, when he says: "Quantum mechanics appears to describe a universal order that includes us in a very special way. In fact, our minds may enter into nature in a way we had not imagined possible... Perhaps the appearance of the physical world is magical because the orderly processes of science fail to take the observer into account. The order of the universe may be the order of our own minds."  This has become the reality for me in my interpretation of the Revelation and the multitude of questions regarding its meaning. To me it is a "fossil archeological record" of somebody's spiritual experience in a transcendental state. It is an archeological record of someone's thinking. At the same time it is a reflection of the questions and disputes regarding mans' concepts of God and the Devil and all of mans' mystical concepts in-between. In my mind, the true Theory of Everything must resolve these issues once and for all. The answers the QF-theory gives, explain these phenomena and at the same time it additionally comes up with answers regarding the mystery of "The Asymmetry of the Human Brain." The QF-theory thus does at the same time come up with the answers to the rest of the riddles of the human brain and its functions and malfunctions in general, contradicting much of the current teachings of psychology, psychiatry and anthropology. This should then exclude these professionals--along with the physicists and the clergy--as potential fans of the QF-theory. However, it is indeed in agreement with the projection by Dr. Steven Hawking regarding the discovery of the Theory of Everything when he says: “If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason—for then we would truly know the mind of God.” This is just how I see the QF-paradigm, but its presentation is the only one for such a theory that the ordinary human being--if interested enough--can understand in its detail. To me it is unthinkable that we can ever have such a theory that does not include the Observer, Life and Consciousness and suggestions contradicting this view are to me copouts that must be labelled as Theory's of Something. My interpretation of the Revelation even robs me of all claim of having discovered the final theory, since it shows how I am being handed this insight and that in reality I am just its custodian.

Mr. Jonasson:
Mr. Aquarian, this certainly appears as a revolutionary new approach to and view of the phenomenon of this prophecy and of prophecy's in general. It is of particular interest from the view that the prophecy of the Revelation is metaphorical "quantum-neuro-theological" description of the processes in a brain progressing into severe addiction and then recovering from it. As I understand the situation, then this interpretation offers the first explanations for the phenomena, which in the ancient Vedic-literature is known as the "Kundalini Awakening" and which is now known in neurology as "Quantum Change". This is possibly the most provoking part of your claim and you describe it as being the "key" to the fundamental understanding of all the psychological and psychiatric ills of man, as well as the causes for most of his so called "statistical sicknesses". This includes such sicknesses as for example Cancer, Alzheimer's, Diabetics, Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis etc., but what makes the claim even bigger is its agreement with the requirements set forth by physicists such as Dr. Hawking. Your claim that the ability of the QF-theory, or paradigm, to explain the natural programming and functioning of the temporal lobes--in particular the one in the spatial hemisphere--is the key to the ultimate understanding of the human brain and thus of the composition of reality, does really make sense. Many scientists have already made this suggestion and it does at the same time make one aware of the enormity of the scope of such a theoretical model. How do you see your chances of being "discovered", or rather, what chances do you give the QF-theory of being accepted, rather than fading into oblivion as so many such theories have?

The Aquarian:
It is not my concern whether the QF-theory is accepted in my time or not, but I am not taking seriously the suggestions that it may be just another cold-fusion flop. That this is not the case is something that I have--through the years--become thoroughly satisfied is the truth. This conviction is founded in the fact that none of the "fading into oblivion" theories have ever been able to achieve so much as to begin to include the Observer, Life and Consciousness. The physicist and science writer, Dr. Paul Davis, suggested in his book: THE MIND OF GOD that the only possibility for the emergence of the ultimate theory may be through a "spiritual experience". This fits my experience, but of a greater consequence in my estimation, is the fact that modern physics seems to be utterly incapable of accepting the limitations placed on mathematics by the Gödel theorem from 1931. This to me is what keeps physics "bogged down"--as Hawking describes it--and I do have tendencies to think that without this hindrance, the final theory, the holy grail, might have appeared already. Yet, this contradicts my experience, which suggests that it is not possible for anyone to discover such a theory that includes the Observer and Life, without having gone to the border of death in an addiction and then returned to life. This means that the individual will have to have suffered the functional disturbances that the addiction produces and then been relieved of them, but this is what the Book of Revelation is all about. It is the "peeking behind" these functional disturbances that allows us to "see" the reasons for the "self reflecting properties of consciousness" and it is that which allows me to explain it as the late Nobel laureate, Dr. Eugene Wigner demanded. It is these functional disturbances--which the QF-theory calls "the filter"--which cause all the self-destructive behavior of man, which is now in exponential growth. This comes about through our ever-growing use of false neuro-transmitters, resulting in the ever-growing inability to produce natural endorphin neuro-transmitters, creating the myriad forms of uncontrollable cravings such as obesity. This is a malfunction in the human thought and the QF-theory shows us conclusively how to deal with it.

Mr. Jonasson:
From my previous discussions with you, I understand that it is the creation of this "addiction filter", which is being described in the grotesque visions in the 13th chapter of the Revelation. Your explanations how the failed-synaptic re-uptake of neurotransmitters in the addictions, is the primus motor cause for the growth of this "filter" and that it is this "addiction filter", which is the cause for man's concepts of the "Devil", or "The Sins of the Fathers", or the "Antichrist" are certainly revolutionary. These and other of your Revelation explanations seem to me to be really natural and to make sense. I must admit that I find them fascinating. However, the connection of the 666-riddle suggestion that someone is given your initials in a code, some 1888 years prior to your birth, is still a bit much.

The Aquarian:
Yes Mr. Jonasson. I would be skeptical myself if I did not have the details of the explanations for how this is possible. Without them all I would have would be some outrageous odds for this to happen solely as a coincidence. Now that I know how this is done, I would really like to write it down in detail and send it to Dr. Richard Dawkings, for whose critical and skeptical acclaim I have the greatest respect. He is one of the best at reproving us for our massive wrecking of our abilities to have a healthy faith in the "Creation Reality", or God, by our creation of hypocritical religious institutions. The concept of the "Antichrist" is not found in the Book of Revelation, but is a later time interpretation of the mystical 666 figure in its 13th chapter. This is the alcohol-filter personality that is created by the "first beast", the spatial hemisphere, by the "second beasts", the matter hemisphere, but both gain their powers from the "dragon", which is the limbic system. This alcohol-filter personality is created by the: "Second beast… breathing life into the image of the first beast", but this is a spiritual metaphor for the consequential re-programming effects in the spatial hemisphere, caused by the failed-synaptic re-uptake in the addictions. One of my associates has jokingly suggested that my experience with the coming into possession of the QF-theory, did in fact cause me to be "crucified" at the onset of my attempts at bringing this message to humanity. This being the opposite to the Christ who is crucified after the delivery of his message. The main message that the QF-theory is bringing to humanity is about our brains and in that message it shows us that its basic program is laid down at the moment of creation, in the "Quantum Wave of the Universe." This further shows that the spatial temporal-lobe faith faculties--the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers--are natural to us and not evolved through some "spiritual masturbation." Recently I wrote a small article on this subject in response to the BBC HORIZON program, "God on the Brain", where I deal with this question. This article can be found at: "God on the Brain and the Riddle of God and the Brain!" This also makes me the opposite to the Christ, who taught us how to use these brain faculties in the terms of techniques of behavioral-theology, for maximum endorphin production, where as I am teaching the same in the terms of techniques of quantum-neuro-theology. Christ describes the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers in arbitrary spiritual terms as being the "paradise within", where as I am describing these in the contemporary terms of physics and molecular biology as our natural "faith faculties". The big question in the sciences of man regarding this faculty, is why it is functioning so differently in people, but the QF-theory obviously answers that question. Our lack of that answer, or knowledge, is the reason for the endless suffering in humanity.

Mr. Jonasson:
Mr. Aquarian, if this theory is as important as you suggest, is it then not possible that you are going the wrong way about its presentation to your fellows?

The Aquarian:
It may well be that I am not going about the presentation of the QF-theory in the proper or optimum manner, this I cannot tell. All I know is that I am going about it in the best  way I know how and am capable of, but considering the rarity of this undertaking, I do not think that there is any specific prescription for its presentation. As I understand the situation from the physicists and the biologists, then there are a great number of mentally disturbed individuals regularly approaching them and claiming to have found the ultimate theory, or the ultimate truth about everything. This fact has in turn shown me that these scientists should be left in peace by me. However, what I do is to send a gift copy of my book to people who seem to be making insights that agree with the findings of the QF-theory. I have already had one very positive response from on such person, a Ph.D. in technical sciences. In other words, I am doing the best I can and no one can be asked for more. The scientists do not know what the "Ultimate Theory of Everything"--which is the one that includes the Observer--will bring humanity and can thus not predict its importance. They can thus not be conscious of the consequences that their arrogant stance towards the QF-theory is costing humanity in the terms of suffering. I try to show all this in the PEACE Publication Ltd. home page and its associated lectures on the subject.

Mr. Jonasson:
Mr. Aquarian, as I thank you for this interview, I like to tell you that I have never undertaken an interview that is anything like this and I do not expect to engage in another one that will be anything like it. After talking to you it has downed on me that it is indeed possible that you may have drawn the sword Excalibur out of the stone, simply because you did not know its legend, or that you did not know that you were not supposed to be able to do so. Perhaps you had not heard of, or knew enough about, the attempts of all the powerful knights trying this. Indeed, in view of the two rings, which represent the foundation of the Venn-mathematical set, you very well be some sort of a spiritual "Lord of the Rings". Thank you again and the best of luck, Mr. Aquarian with your continued effort at presenting the world with the fruits of your rare spiritual science-visions.

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“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the 'mystery of God' should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”

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