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The Contents of the Prophesied Book:

Following are the contents of a seven part book presenting the worlds first models for a complete quantum mechanical and molecular biological theoretical paradigm of unification. This is claimed as:

"The Ultimate Theory of Everything"

Although the Subject of the Book takes References in Religious Prophesies, it is not Religion Oriented.
The Interest in--and the Connection to--the Religious Prophesies, is Purely on the basis of Physics and Neurological Theoretical Considerations regarding Man's Perception of the Phenomena of Time. This is explained throughout the Book in it's following 7 Parts:

00 : Introductions The Presentation of the Book.
01 : The Preface The Introduction of the Book's Foundat- ions.
02 : The Premises The Spiritual Justification for the Book.
03 : Part One 1 Introduction to the Cutting Edge of Theo- retical Physics and its Approach to the Theory of Everything.
04 : Part One 2 Introduction to the Venn-set Theoretical Approach to the Theory of Everything.
05 : Part Two 1 The Venn-set Theoretical Models for the  Process during the Creation of Time and the Quantum Wave of the Universe.
06 : Part Two 2 The Venn-set Theoretical Models for the Creation of Mass during the First Second of Time.
07 : Part Three 1 The Initial Connection of the Venn-set QF-Theory of Everything, to the Standard Model of Physics.
08 : Part Three 2 The Initial Connection of  the Venn-set QF-Theory of Everything to Life, the Human Brain and Consciousness.
09 : Epilogue The Initial Philosophical Conclusions and Bibliography.

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The Premises

"There will always be truth that lies beyond, that cannot be reached from a finite collection of axioms. Is there a route to knowledge– even 'ultimate knowledge'–that lies outside the road of rational scientific inquiry and logical reasoning? Many people claim there is. It is called mysticism…  Most scientists have a deep mistrust of mysticism. This is not surprising, as mystical thought lies at the opposite extreme to rational thought, which is the basis of the scientific method. Also, mysticism tends to be confused with the occult, the paranormal, and other fringe beliefs. In fact, many of the world’s finest thinkers, including some notable scientists such as Einstein, Pauli, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Eddington, and Jeans, have also espoused mysticism...  It is only in dealing with ultimate questions that science and logic may fail us. I am not saying that science and logic are likely to provide the wrong answers, but they may be incapable of addressing the sort of 'why' (as opposed to 'how') questions we want to ask."

                                                                                                                 Paul Davies

"The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion, which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. He who knows it not and can no longer wonder, no longer feel amazement, is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle. It was the experience of mystery–even if mixed with fear–that engendered religion. A knowledge of the manifestations of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty, which are only accessible to our reason in the most elementary forms–it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute the truly religious attitude; in this sense, and in this alone, I am a deeply religious man. I cannot conceive of a God who rewards and punishes his creatures, or has a will of the type of which we are conscious in ourselves"

                                                                                                             Albert Einstein

The Solving of the Enigmas of Modern
Theoretical Physics, and the Mystical Experience.
Although he did not discuss it during his lifetime, Sir Isaac Newton had dreams and visions of an all-embracing knowledge, as did René Descartes after his, 10th of November 1619, spiritual experience. A part of Newton’s approach was through religious mysticism but that was not discovered until after his death, when John Maynard Keynes purchased at an auction a trunk full of Newton’s papers (The Portsmouth Papers). The trunk was full of notes on alchemy, biblical prophecy and 20 different translations of the Book of Revelation, and reconstruction from Hebraic texts of the floor plan of the temple of Jerusalem, which Newton had taken to be “an emblem of the system of the world.” Keynes told a shocked gathering of the Royal Society, “Newton was not the first of the age of reason, but also the last of the magicians, the Babylonians and Sumerians.” It is Newton’s vision, not the method, which has been and still is the main driving force in the physicist’s search for the final Theory of Everything. Oddly enough, the account of how Newton secretly thought and viewed the world and reality is in fact a part of the riddle that such a theory should resolve.

One of the world’s greatest authorities on the leading edge of the sciences of Man, Professor Paul Davies (University of Adelaide, Australia), has written a book whose subject is the state the sciences find themselves in at the end of the 20th century. This book thoroughly examines the prospects for the current methodology of science. The professor, who has written at least 7 textbooks and 12 science popularization books on theoretical physics and biology, named this latest book THE MIND OF GOD, but the title is taken from Professor Hawking’s book A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME. Here Davies discusses the prospects of Man finding the final answer to the creation of the Universe and the nature of everything in it. His conclusions are found in the last chapter of the book under the title; The Mystery at the End of the Universe. Under the title Turtle Power, Davies comes to the conclusion that the reductionists mathematical approach of the sciences has come to its limits, and that in order for Man to find the final answer, there remains only one field of endeavor. This is the field of mysticism. This is where Man acquires insights and knowledge through sudden spiritual experiences. In these arguments Professor Davies, like Professor Roger Penrose, refers to the limits appearing in 1931 Kurt Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem.

Beginning his explanations for this argument, Davies points out that: “Most scientists have a deep mistrust of mysticism. This is not surprising, a mystical thought lies at the opposite extreme to rational thought, which is the basis for the scientific method. Also, mysticism tends to be confused with the occult, the paranormal, and other fringe beliefs.” Professor Davies then points out that “many of the world’s finest thinkers, including some notable scientists such as Einstein, Pauli, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Eddington and Jeans, have also espoused mysticism.” The core of Davies arguments is that: “Mysticism is no substitute for scientific inquiry and logical reasoning so long as this method can be consistently applied. It is only in dealing with ultimate questions that science and logic may fail us. I am not saying that science and logic are likely to provide the wrong answers, but they may be incapable of addressing the sort of ‘why’ (as opposed to ‘how’) questions we want to ask.”* The professor concludes his arguments with a discussion on the appearance of the infinite in mathematics. The infinite appears in several forms and offers an apparent variety of infinities. His end suggestion is in the form of illuminated arguments against the Universe being created out of nothing and being in the process of rushing aimlessly nowhere for no-purpose. That intelligent life is indeed purposely in the Universe. In the end-analyzes of Man’s search for knowledge and understanding, all the sciences of cosmology and particle physics are really about this question. What are we doing here? The conclusion of the theorization in this book does not only agree with Professor Davies’ arguments but indicates why they are true.

A Most Unusual Circumstance-
A Most Unusual Story-A Most Unusual Theorization.
These arguments of Professor Paul Davies are as if they were destined to justify this book you–the reader–have in your hands. A book, which has come about through just such a mystical spiritual experience as Davies describes and anticipates. A spiritual experience born out of the most vicious suffering possible in the human experience. Suffering which presents Man with the most vicious paradox he may be called upon to face. It being the author’s suggestion that this is indeed the case with the final answer to Man’s questions regarding the Universe, Life and Man himself. That whosoever is to achieve the answer must be a person who has gone through the particular kind of suffering the author himself suffered in order to become capable of achieving the insights necessary. This insight is described by Professor Weinberg thus: “What one needs is a quantum mechanical model with a wave function that describes not only various systems under study but also something representing a conscious observer.”* The author claims that his theoretical models are achieving just that. He further claims that circumstances surrounding such a discovery must necessarily be, not just unusual, but unique. That such a discovery is impossible via the normal processes of the human experience. This leads to the first of the author’s, two grandiose propositions; the suggestion that the author–a non-physicist–has achieved what physics is failing at. Since the CUT models presented in the QF-theory include the Observer, they represent a Theory of Everything, and consequently will eventually present an explanation for what mysticism and spiritual/mystical experiences constitute. They further provide explanations for the mystical prophetic phenomenon and the mechanism involved in such insights. It is then in connection with this suggestion that the author makes his second grandiose proposition; the suggestion regarding the spiritual-mystical experience that led to his creation of the QF-models. The author maintains that his insights have indeed been prophesied through mystical experiences of others, both currently and in antiquity, in several prophesies in the past history of humanity, reaching as far back as 4500 years. Without going into detail, the author maintains that his receipt of THE LITTLE SCROLL has been prophesied in one form or another, in all the religions of Man. The prime and most detailed prophesy, is the one found in the last book of THE BIBLE; The Book of Revelation. This part of THE BIBLE is a subject of great controversy in which the options range from a multitude of fractional interpretations, to declarations that its recipient must have been suffering from delusions in manic psychosis.

It is in the Book of Revelation, chapters 5 and 10 that the author suggests are to be found the prime connection to his visions. The chapters that describe “The Rupture of the Seven Seals” are general descriptions of the author’s progression into the suffering necessary for the discovery of the insights involved in the QF-theory. Then, through “The Blowing of the Seven Trumpets” the individual goes through the necessary changes in his nerve system that renders his brain capable of the receipt of THE LITTLE SCROLL, or the Theory of Everything. (This process is also known as Quantum Change or Kundalini Ascension biofeedback. It is explained in Part Three, pages 514 and 515.) Finally, “The Seven Bowels of God’s Anger” describe the author’s recovery process from this ordeal and the agonizing and tortuous process of understanding and interpreting the contents of his vision and the consequences this has in his personal life. This then is the source of the book’s name and the reason for the quotations from the Book of Revelation found throughout the book. It is the author’s personal belief that he has become the custodian of ideas, which may eventually be of immeasurable importance to humanity. In turn those same ideas–through the theories and models they create in this book–explain how and by what reality they are created. Professor Weinberg warns that: “Very often the scientist who first conceives a new idea subjects it to unfounded or excessive criticism because he or she could have to work long and hard and (more important) give up other research if this idea were to be seriously pursued.” In the case of a non-scientist coming into insights on the scale that a Theory of Everything presents, this may take on even profounder forms of self-criticism. It may easily create self-criticism that raises serious doubts about the non-scientists own sanity. This in particular since pursuing such ideas may mean that she/he may have to give up everything but his life in order to present the ideas involved. This indeed became the case with the author.

The Book of Revelation and the phenomena of prophesy in general, are the subject of great controversies and doubts in western cultures, but the author has become convinced that the QF-theory will eventually show what prophecies are and how they are possible. This, however, is for the most part the subject of another book. It is the possibility for the ideological unification of the various religions in humanity and the sciences that may be to many, of the greatest interest. This is the area in the human experience that throughout the history of Man has traditionally represented the most common source for vicious and bloody cultural strife and disputes. God being the oldest and bloodiest argument subject of Man. Less obvious is the parallel field of controversies regarding the sciences of psychology and psychiatry. Here the diverse schools of thought are no fewer than the different religious doctrines of the past centuries. It is in these two fields that are found the prime reasons for the QF-theory coming into being. This involved the author’s desperate effort at finding a realistic and pragmatic personal conscious connection with a Higher Power, or God, in order to safe his life. This takes place in the consciousness itself and is termed a spiritual phenomenon.

"Suppose, then, that all men were sick or deranged, save one or two of them who were healthy and of right mind. It would then be the latter two who would be thought to be sick and deranged and the former not!"

                                                                Aristotle, Metaphysics 340 B.C.

How did these Most Unusual Theorizations manifest?
The story of the coming into being of the ideas presented in this book will only be told briefly in this part. That story, which is the subject of another book, involves an individual who, through some 20 years, engages himself in the following of the progression of the leading sciences of Man, simply for the purpose of amusement. Although he never intended to become involved with any form of theorization such as these, his circumstances eventually forced these upon him. Initially it was not obvious that the subject of the QF-theory involved a paradigm producing a suggestion for a Theory of Everything. The individual’s acquisition of the insights and ultimate understanding of the alternative set mathematical method for analyzing Nature’s responses in the accelerators, was for him a question of his mental and physical sanity; a question of life, or premature death. A question that required that he–like Nachiketas in the Katha Upanishad–would have to make an appointment with Death to fetch his answer. In the Upanishad only Death could provide the answer to the riddle of Life. He would literally have to go into the Jaws of Death in order to ask Death how he was to save his Life. While answering, Death would try to retain him.

In the summer of 1984, at the age of 47, the author of these writings–a pilot by profession–was confronted with a confirmed diagnosis of an incurable and terminal disorder of his brain. The commonest disorder in humanity:--chemical addiction--a malady that leads to insanity and premature death. A terminal illness, that directly plagues one quarter of the population of the western cultures and indirectly, all the population of the planet. An illness, whose occurrence in the past 80 years has quintupled. A spiritual, mental, physical and social malady which is transmitted to those that the addict has contact with, and which in that sense is the sickness of the world. A malady of consciousness that in stages shuts out its “self reflecting properties”, starting with the “judgment of the heart”, or Man’s natural feelings of true compassion for his fellow. In turn, these emotions are replaced with a mechanism of arrogance and denial. A sickness, which has been with us so long that we only recognize it in the very last stages, when it is just about to kill the victim. A sickness, whose nature is such, that its victims generally become outcast and are left to die alone. This is mainly due to the utter unmanageability and despondency of the victim. This is also a malady, which our sciences have not been able to discern and explain in terms of the brain, but in order to do so a complete understanding of the brain–and its basic functions and malfunctions–is required. This is the malady, which the author claims is directly, or indirectly, responsible for all psychiatric disorders in Man, all his neuronal and physical statistical and degenerative disorders. It is further the reason for all the controversies in our disciplines of psychology and psychiatry. A malady responsible for all the problems of Man the master of planet earth. However, since the middle of the thirties, there fortunately exists a solution to this malady. A solution based on spiritual principles and the belief that the brain can recover through what is called a vital spiritual experience. This solution was initiated by the psychology of Dr. Carl Gustaf Jung but its mechanism is verified and explained in its fundaments by the QF-theory's initial conclusion in Part III. It is primarily through this psychology–as presented in the 12-step program of the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous–that the author recovered his continued health and life.

Through 34 years of gradually increasing alcohol consumption, which eventually became a part of his daily free time recreational routine, the author had developed a metabolic reaction to alcohol that produced in him a gradually worsening case of osteoporosis. This manifested in brittle bones and calcium crystals formation in the kidneys. This resulted in severe pains in the thorax, and spastic pains due to frequent discharges of minute calculuses through the urinary tract. Through pain spells, the alcohol consumption-related disorders thus indirectly affected his professional performance through ever increasing absences from work. However, neither he nor his medical advisers ever suspected the alcohol until he had to be hospitalized for an injection therapy, where one of the internists noted that his palms were consistently damp. This lead to his doctor to realize that he was going through withdrawals and suggesting that he curtail his use of alcohol to one beer a day.

It then took the author some time to discover that he was unable to control his alcohol and painkiller use. That he was permanently addicted and that if he did not want to become a cripple, he would have to go through an addiction therapy and start lifelong continued attendance to support groups. During his initial recovery the author would learn the known physical and neurological facts of his addiction, and along with them he would discover the spiritual metaphors that described the same reality and situation. He would learn how the effects of the drugs on his nerve system had been the equivalent of his brain’s Limbic System taking over the higher functions of his consciousness, through a complex failure of his brain’s biofeedback system and neuro-inhibitor production. How the functions of his Jamais vu (faith) and Déjà vu (empathy) centers neuro-inhibitor production failed as a result of this failed biofeedback. The restoration of the functions of these nerve centers would then be acquired through spiritual techniques.

The author has since this lived in continuous joy of the spirit and excellent physical health. Nine years after his initial recovery from his alcohol and painkiller addiction, he successfully employed the same therapeutic technique to gain freedom and recovery from his nicotine addiction. However, the insanity of a more than a pack a day for forty years, left him with severe withdrawal symptoms and recovery problems, as well as permanently asthmatic bronchial tubes and nasal cavity.

The author has since this lived in continuous joy of the spirit and excellent physical health. Nine years after his initial recovery from his alcohol and painkiller addiction, he successfully employed the same spiritual technique to gain freedom and recovery from his nicotine addiction. However, the insanity of a more than a pack a day for forty years left him with severe withdrawal symptoms and recovery problems, as well as permanently asthmatic bronchial tubes and nasal cavity.

It had been a part of the recovery program from the alcohol and drug addiction that the author was told that the only possibility for his avoidance of pain and premature death was that he himself would arrest and reverse the progression of this condition. He was furthermore informed that this involved the finding of a workable personal concept of God, or a Higher Power; a proposition, which to him at the time, verged on the totally absurd and presented him with enormous difficulties. It was further suggested to him that he should go on a herbal enriched diet, learn deep relaxation that incorporated the chanting of mantras, and that he should take up practicing meditations and prayer. During the first months of this work, he would go through some extraordinary perceptions generally known as spiritual experiences. These produced in his consciousness new and unique ideas directly related to all the subjects involved in and around theorizations leading to a final Complete Unified Theory and a final Theory of Everything

"In an insane world only the insane are considered to be sane!"

                                                                                                          Akira Kurosawa.

The Author’s Transcendental Experience.
It would be during the first hour of the 12th day, of the 12th month, in 1984–in an 18-minute experience–that the QF-theory's model-ideas came into being. This took place through a transcendental or a spiritual experience, in a hotel room in Fairbanks, Alaska. The triggering of this was a halfhearted flirting with meditation techniques. Initially the author did not take this seriously, but unavoidably the evolution was a desire for explanations of the ideas gained during his experience and the author then decided to show himself that the ideas were not valid. In this he failed and instead came across evidence that suggested they might have far-reaching implications. It was then that he began creating his QF-theory Venn diagram quantum field models. Models that included consciousness, basic construction and basic functions of the human brain. As he eventually succeeded in creating these, he additionally created models that described his personal malady and its correction. This in turn fueled the success with arresting and reversing the progression of his brain’s addiction.

At the time the author was completing his withdrawals, he would coincidentally be reading the 13th Chapter of the Book of Revelation, and recognized–in the gross visions described by St. John–parallels in the biblical spiritual models, to his QF-theory Venn diagram set-mathematical models that described his addiction malady. This would in turn lead to his reading of the whole of the prophecy and the recognition of the parallels between his life experiences and the prophecy’s visions.

The logical evolution of this would be the author’s doubts about himself, which in turn lead to him seeing a psychiatrist, who also was a recovering addict. The psychiatrist arranged for him to have a CAT-scan and an EEG of his brainwaves and the author then undertook to go trough 16 days of complete psychiatric testing and evaluations. In these tests he underwent an M.M.P.I., 16 P. F., Raven, Bender-Gestalt, W.A.I.S. and Rorschach tests, along with selected parts of Luria’s neurological tests. The tests revealed an exceptionally intelligent individual with an even distribution of mental abilities, a result that excluded psychiatric illnesses. No delusions or thought distractions became apparent during or in the testing.

Later, an artist friend of the author’s would portray his spiritual experience in a painting shown in figure 001. To the picture the author has added quotations from the book that was his guidance into the recovery, THE BIG BOOK OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. The reference to the arch building is a metaphor for what is known as the 12-step work in the book.

An Artists Impression of the Author’s
Spiritual Experience, on the 12th of the 12th 1984.
The Metaphorical Passage through the Arch of Liberty.


Figure 001

The colored cards in figure 001 correspond to the cards in figure 005 on page LIV in this part. The cards represent "blank" pictorial metaphors for the John Venn mathematical-sets in figure 210, on page 520, in Part III, as seen before the author's “digestion” of his spiritual vision. The painter had no detailed knowledge of the author’s experience, nor of the one in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

"Wait a minute! -- Wait a minute!” The reader is sure to exclaim at this point. “First you describe a person who is supposed to have come a cross the ultimate mystery of the Universe, the Phenomena of Life, as well as the Human brain and its Consciousness and then you tell us that this person is a recovered drunkard and a drug addict under the suspicion of being insane. All this is then supposed to be explained by concepts such as transcendental or a spiritual experience, or with the term Transcended Observer. Isn’t this a bit much? Would you care to explain a little?”

Obviously some explanation for the consciousness of the person in question has to be forthcoming, but starting with the observer analyzes of the philosophers of antiquity’s we have the Passive, Active and the Interfering Observer. Since the renaissance we have then seen analyzes of several new types of observers and their methods, such as empiricists, operationalist, instrumentalist, idealist and the realist, with the most extreme sample of the solipsist. The observer that is being discussed here is a rare version of the which is the observer that of the listed ones sees the most. This is the observer that scrutinizes reality by looking inside her/him-self, the Passive Transcended Observer. An observer that may also be described as Relativistic Observer, Quantum Reality Observer, Holistic Observer, or a Fifth/sixth Dimensional Observer. This is the case of someone gaining a conscious contact with the two infinite realms of dual polar space which extend into the spatial hemisphere of our brains. The extraordinary state of reality in the unique circumstances involved in The First Second of Creation demands some extraordinary thought processes. Thought processes that are radically altered from those we are commonly used to. The nature of the Transcended Observer is that she/he acquires special abilities, some of which we may describe as a form of genuine mysticism.

An example of such an observer was Sir Isaac Newton who in 1733--six years after his death--had some of his biblical transcendental Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John published. His conclusion on the question of these strange prophetic visions, was that the Book of Revelation would be understood only by very few near the end of history, the time of judgment, and the beginning of the everlasting kingdom, but this is indeed the claim of the author of this book.

The Aftermath of the Spiritual Experience
and the Connection to the Biblical Prophesy.
The author’s spiritual experience in Alaska on the 12th of December triggered the onset of his painkiller-withdrawals the next day, and on the 14th of December he went to see two counselors in the service of his employer, in Orlando, Florida. Due to the general ignorance regarding withdrawals, he needed to get a medical attest to cover the period while he was going through them. He further needed to get advice, in particular regarding his transcendental experience and visions. The counselors refused a medical attest unless he saw a psychiatrist, who in turn wrote a medical report diagnosing him as either in manic-psychosis, or going through withdrawal symptoms. The psychiatrist further put him on lithium-carbonate medication, which promptly froze his withdrawals. The manic-depressive syndrome–as are all the psychiatric disorders–is incurable. On the 7th of January 1985 he then re-entered the detoxification hospital in Iceland where he discontinued the lithium intake and promptly continued the withdrawals, which now lasted for 21 days and which were accompanied by a powerful biofeedback process. During the last of these days there was a gradual remission of all symptoms. Mental state and thinking process were drastically changed; improved. As the withdrawal pains subsided, he began applying himself to gain understanding of what had been taking place within his brain. What had been wrong with it and what it was that had changed? Not having heard of the eastern mystical explanations of this phenomenon, he knew little at the time of how dangerous such powerful biofeedback processes can be. He did, however, become aware of the lack of scientific understanding and general ignorance in the western cultures regarding this phenomenon and soon came to experience the prejudices this produced. At this time he began a construction of his QF-models believing that these would eventually explain the phenomenon of his vision and enable him to understand what had been happening in his brain. With this simplistic approach he began using his limited knowledge of the brain, quantum mechanics and neurology to construct the QF-theory models for a healthy brain, the models shown in figures 186 to 195, in Part III, Chapter Six. He then constructed the QF-models that show the malfunction in figures 197 to 201, in Part III, Chapter Seven.

At the time the author had completed his recovery, he read some writings regarding the contents of Chapter 13 in the Book of Revelation. Prior to his turning to prayer and meditation, and acquiring interest in spiritual matters, he had never possessed any interest in such subjects. When reading the 13th Chapter, he came to the realization–much to his surprise–that the prophetic and poetic descriptions, had a remarkable and powerfully compelling resemblance to his QF-theory models description of the transformation of his brain through the addiction, from a healthy state to a malfunctioning one. (See figure 199 on page 500). This lead to his careful reading of this chapter in THE BIBLE and the conclusion that its puzzling, terrifying and dramatic descriptions were an exact copy of his simplistic
QF-theory models for his sickness. THE BIBLE described this in spiritual metaphors, but his models were constructed in the language of the mathematical set symbolism based on the findings of physics and neurology.

The analogy of the “Dragon and the Two Beasts”, is thus a parallel to that of the brain’s Reptilian Complex 
or Limbic System, versus the Left and Right Brain Hemispheres. (Naming the limbic system, the reptilian complex by Dr. Paul MacLean, is here a small irony.) The description was of how the functions of the brain progress into a state of a malfunctioning neuro-inhibitor production, resulting in the brain’s limbic system becoming the dragon complex, or dragon equivalent. The spatial hemisphere becomes the First Beast and the matter hemisphere the Second Beast. The terrifying events described in this chapter of the Book of Revelation were found to be descriptions of internal brain functions analogous to the functional disorder that the author had been experiencing. The culmination of this came when the author could fit his name-initials to match the alphabet in his native language so as to indicate the number 666. These would then solve the riddles of the 13th Chapter in the Book of Revelation. Riddles that for two centuries have been the causes of superstitious terror amongst Christians. A continued studying of the Book of Revelation gave him clear parallels between the rest of the prophecy and his life with his transcendental receipt of the visions as the focal point. The selections from the Book of Revelation chapters 5 and 10 as headings for the books three parts reflect this.

Today the author realizes that he was indeed very fortunate that by the time he made these realizations he had gone through a unusually fast, but a complete recovery from the functional disorders of his brains. Had this not been the case, he would not have survived the events that ensued after the realizations. He would have believed that he was mad and needed help in the form of psycho-pharmaceutical mind altering chemicals. This would have killed his brain and eventually him.

However, before the author returned to flying, all this succeeded in raising serious doubts in his mind, especially regarding the legality of his status as a pilot and he concluded that before he returned to flying, he would have to deal with the medical report of the Florida psychiatrist. This is the psychiatric testing and evaluations described on page XL, but he would undertake this in the interest of aviation safety, in the interest of his family, in the interest of his personal safety, and in the interest of the safety of his colleagues and employer. He would be absolutely certain that he was not afflicted with a mental sickness and this was what the aviation law required.

The outrageous part of this was the fact that his employer had knowledge of the medical report suggesting that he was afflicted with the psychiatric illness bipolar affective disorder (manic-depressive), but ignorantly and irresponsibly his supervisors had no objections to him flying. The employer was not aware that the insurance of the aircraft he flew (120.000.000 USD equipment), would not be valid if the suggestions in the medical report were not clarified. The psychiatrist’s medical report meant that his aviation medical certificate had automatically expired. As it turned out, this act of responsibility would come to appear as the most stupid act he had ever committed in his life. In all this, his net-realization was that no one could be the judge of his own mental condition. The responsible action of going through the series of psychiatric tests and evaluations were primarily undertaken for aviation safety and secondly for his personal evaluation of himself and his vision.

While the author was undertaking to get psychiatric testing and evaluation, his employer decided that he had become a liability and the best way to deal with that was to dismiss him. When a medical certificate from the company’s psychologist failed to arrive in time, his employer dismissed him. This in turn meant that the author was dismissed from his profession entirely. It further meant the dismissal from his family, his social conditions and status in general, his economic status altogether. Almost immediately after the dismissal, the family, economic and social aspects of his existence, completely collapsed. He further lost–for the most part–the respect and trust of others. This meant a complete inability to become employed and to earn a sustaining income. The findings from the psychiatric tests and evaluations meant that he was unable to receive any public assistance.

The only action, which the author could employ against these abuses, was to seek justice against his former employer of 11 years. In the end this would require him to go through three court cases, all of which he won. It would take 11 years to get the dismissal deemed illegal and abusive. In the case for the decision of the amount of damages, his lawyers presented demands for 3.5 million US$, however, the decision of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg labor court was to grant him, all in all, including interest, 144.000 US$. The request by his lawyers that the dismissal was in effect a dismissal from his profession, and in fact meant a total loss of all his social and economic status as well as sending him reeling into poverty, was not accepted by the three judges of the tribunal. This added insult to injury. He had been slapped in the face by the dismissal. By seeking correction, he had in effect been slapped on the other cheek. He had thus ended up with both eyes black. Though the dismissal had been declared illegal and abusive, he had lost his court battles, since the damages granted did not cover the losses.

An account of these experiences of the author and their natural continued application to the prophecy of the
Book of Revelation, is now being collected into a book with the title: AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666. This is the world's first continuous, logical, comprehensive and rational interpretation of the Book of Revelation, as opposed to the innumerable, fractionalized, illogical and mostly in comprehensive attempts made through the ages at interpreting this, possibly best known riddle in all of the religions. The first 2/3rds of the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666 containing the detailed account of the first four parts of the story and the interpretation heave now been posted in THE PEACE-FILES; PROPHESY FIILES under the titles: THE PREFACE, THE PREMISES, REVELATIONS INTRODUCTIONS, PROPHESY'S FIRST PART, PROPHESY'S SECOND PART and PROPHESY'S INTERMEZZO. However, this presentation has not had any proofreeding. The last two parts: THE THIRD PART and THE CONCLUSIONS is yet to be composed.

On the following three "scroll pages" is a simplified overview description of the story of the author’s experiences, as it is seen in the light of the Revelation, by the man who the Arabic numerals of 666 representing the initials in his name. An account of a man who has been scaring Christians for centuries even though no one understands the riddle that describes him in the prophecy’s 13th Chapter.

               The Author's Life-story until his
                                                    Recovery of the Jamais vu Faculties.


Figure 002

                The Author's Life-story during his
                                                        Recovery's Transcendental Vision.


Figure 003

                  The Author's Story during his
                                                                       Writing about the Vision.


Figure 004

The Author’s Work understanding his Visions.
In the decades leading up to the visions, the author had read about the tremendous efforts of the world’s leading physicists, in their brilliant, relentless and costly search for the very foundations of the Universe. A search for the unification of the four known energies of Nature and of quantum mechanics and general relativity, the fundamental constituent of matter and the initial wave function of the Universe. A search to discover the ultimate truth, regarding the whole of creation. Gradually he had become conscious of the ultimate all-overriding importance of the discovery of this final grand truth whose nature is expected to be one of utter simplicity and beauty. He also realized, that the odds for the discovery of a final Theory of Everything were not in favor of it being achieved in his lifetime. He also learned that even if it were found it would not be possible to prove it experimentally.

Three months after going through the spiritual experience and the withdrawals, the author found himself dismissed from his profession, from his family and home, as well as the socioeconomic structure of society. This lead to his efforts at initiating legal proceedings against his former employer and the counselor/psychiatrist organization that caused this turn of events. Throughout all this he carried within him the seeds of the ideas planted in his brain in his spiritual experience, which in turn lead to him dedicating his spare time to the reading-up on the science subject involved. A further outrage came to the author’s life when he discovered that the psychiatrist who wrote the medical report that was the source of his problems, had, 46 days later voluntarily written another report withdrawing his suggestions for a mental disorder. In the new report the doctor stated that all he had observed regarding the author’s nerve system were symptoms of painkiller withdrawal. This ruined the author’s possibility for a lawsuit against this person.

The years from 1985 until ‘90 the author spent on his litigation endeavors and reading-up on physics and molecular biology. In this period a consistent theory of the unification of forces, and the unification of quantum mechanics with relativity was being formed in the simple terms of the Venn diagrams. Life and the Observer connection would be added during 1991-‘92, through fundamental understanding of the DNA and the human brain.

From simple concepts of an initiation of the Universe in something like vacuum quantum fluctuations, to answers to the riddle of the Higgs, or X-bosons and how the nucleons acquired mass at the end of the First Second of Creation, the author progressed his analyzes of the QF-Venn diagrams. The diagrams showed him the answers to these riddles and further such diverse enigmas as; what became of the antimatter during creation? When it showed him the galactic dark matter effect in the unusual gravitational symmetry of the Neutrinos, he truly fell in love with this form of simplistic logic exercise. Then finally, and possibly the most important, this was crowned by insights into the functional programming of the Photons and their function in the phenomenon of Life and Consciousness.

While alternately staying in Luxembourg, Iceland and the United States during this time, the author acquired the desire to show his insights to others and to seek their opinion. The prime gains, from these insights was his understanding of what it is which Man calls God, and why, but these questions of Man have been around for as long as written records exist. In turn, this provided him with a key to the understanding of the restoration of the malfunctioning faith and compassion centers of his brain. The fifth and the sixth dimensional holistic receptors; The Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers. It further gave him insights into how his brain’s endorphin/dopamine production had been restored and showed him the relationship between the brain’s production of the neuro-inhibitors and the faith-centers. At this he began occupying himself with thoughts which produced the endorphins: faith, “...the opium of the people”, as Karl Marx called it. By such suggestions the author risked being declared a religious fanatic, but was on the other hand reminded of Giordano Bruno and Galileo Galilee, and the trouble they had with the Christian church establishment. Not to mention the fear Copernicus and Darwin had of this authority. Such things have always been going on in humanity, in one form or another. In spit of his doctorate, even Dr. George Zweig, who parallel to Dr. Gell-Mann discovered the quark theory, had his share of problems for presenting his novel ideas. Now, through the publication of the ideas brought about by his transcendental visions, the author renders the reader of this book a judge of himself and the QF-theory.

With this book, the reader is offered an opportunity to “see” the author’s visions in the transcendental experience in the terms of physics. Here the author finds it fitting to produce two compelling reminders regarding the dubious pleasure of a truly fundamental discovery: the two different descriptions of the unique experience of discovering the only possible Theory of Everything. One description is in spiritual metaphors and the other in physical terms. Both of them describe a prediction for a long and difficult process for digesting, resolving and understanding. It may be a wonderful experience at first, but certainly becomes a strenuous digestion process.

The first spiritual metaphor is from the Book of Revelation: “I took the little scroll from his hand and ate it, and it tasted sweet as honey in my mouth. But after I swallowed it, it turned sour in my stomach.” The second metaphor comes from the marvelous 1989 book, COSMIC COINCIDENCES by John Gribbin and Martin Rees: “Suppose you were unfamiliar with the game of chess. Just by watching a game being played, you could infer what the rules were. The physicist, likewise, finds patterns in the natural world, and learns what dynamics and transformations govern its basic elements. But in chess, learning how the pieces move is just a trial preliminary to the absorbing progression from novice to grand master. The whole point and interest of the game lies in exploring the complexity implicit in a few deceptively simple rules. Uncovering a TOE would do no more (and probably much less) than the equivalent of putting us in the status of a novice chess player who has just opened the book of rules – and knowing all the rules of chess does not permit even an expert to predict the out-come of a match between two grand masters, let alone every move played.” *

The author initially spent 7 years studying to understand the contents of his transcendental experience but when he made the Observer connection in 1991 he became personally convinced that the ideas were valid. He then decided to continue the studies and start committing the ideas to paper. This he has now continued for 10 years. During these 17 years of studying for, and the writing of the QF-theory described in THE LITTLE SCROLL, he has further been subjected to the agony which Professor Steven Weinberg describes thus: “The creation of new physical principles is agony and apparently cannot be taught.”*

Indeed. The story of how the QF-theory came into being is either a story of a most wondrous miracle–a unique story of predestined events–or an outrageous and grotesque tragedy involving psychotic ego-manic rants, rather than some unique insights. The reader will decide this for himself.

The author has now for more than 22 years enjoyed a continuous relationship with the Cosmic Consciousness, or the Higher Power, or God (may be described by innumerable terms) through his brain’s reawakened faith center. His mental condition has been a steady state that can be described as being a relative high. Since his recovery his brain’s faith center has become something that he regards as a receiver for another causative will, which he calls his Higher Power or the Benevolent Creator. He is further thoroughly aware that he cannot manipulate this will by his own personal desires. The author does not, however, claim to understand everything, or to know the reason for everything that happens, but with the QF-models Theory of Everything, he believes that he has acquired a tool that will set the guidelines for achieving such eventual understanding in precision and detail.

Whatever the reader may think of the QF-theory, one thing about it is unique; this is the incorporation of the Observer. With this the QF-theory becomes a unique story that is really about YOU and ME and OUR beginning some (± years ago. The writing of such a unique story is possibly the most agonizing and tortuous challenge any man can face. A challenge that has in the case of the author has demanded seventeen years of endurance. Here the required thinking and motivational drives behind such an undertaking are perhaps best described with the words of the Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg: “Whether right or left, whether forward or backward–one must always go on without asking what lies before or behind one. That should be hidden; you ought to–nay, must–forget it, in order to fulfill your task.”

To introduce THE LITTLE SCROLL's 3 x 7 chapter arrangement, then it begins by Part I preparing the reader for the subject of the visions. Part II then describes the contents of the visions and its model creation. Finally the first four chapters of Part III connect the models to the reality of the Universe through the Standard Model of Physics. Chapters 5, 6 and 7 are then dedicated to the connection to Life (DNA) and Consciousness (Human Brain).

It was just after the transcendental experience, that the author’s addiction recovery acquired a powerful biofeedback progression, which eight weeks later culminated in a complete arrest of the brain’s malfunction. The construction of the QF-models for the malfunction of the author’s brain, turned out to be of immeasurable help in his 164 days of recovery. Since then the author has enjoyed a continuous state of natural mental high, no matter what has happened in his life. According the QF-theory his recovery depended essentially on one of Man’s natural spatial hemispheric functions that are located in the QF-intron-side of the brain’s DNA-structure. This is essentially the side of the brain’s two mysterious Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers. According to the latest in neurology, these present the greatest mystery about the human brain. The author’s recovery was achieved primarily through his belief that these constituted the brain’s faith and compassion centers and that they were responsible for the brain’s productions of endorphin and dopamine neuro-inhibitors. This was a result of the QF-theory’s suggestion that the brain’s spatial-perception hemisphere was the causative hemisphere and that the brain’s matter-perception hemisphere the executive hemisphere. This is consistent with the fact that quantum mechanics consist mostly of descriptions of “how” things are, but miss the “why” aspects. It was this realization that would eventually lead the author to regard the prophecy of the Book of Revelation as a quantum mechanical-neuronal science subject and not as religious mysticism. It is emphasized here, that the notion that the Jamais vu centers of the brain constitute the brain’s faith centers does not suggest that the concept of God is just a product of a brain-faculty. It is the suggestion of the QF-theory that the human consciousness requires specific faculties of the brain functioning properly, in order for Man to be capable of believing in a Higher Power Reality, or God.

An Updated Artists Impression of the “Fruits” of the
Author’s “Digestion” of his 1984 Spiritual Experience.
The painting in figure 001 on page XLI depicts the author’s spiritual transcendence. As in figure 005 the quotations added to the painting are from the part of the Book of Revelation, which the author believes to be a description of his spiritual acquisition of the fundamental ideas in this book.

After the “Bitter in the Belly”  Digestive Interpretation.


Figure 005

After the author had “digested” the spiritual visions in the receipt of
THE LITTLE SCROLL, he exchanged the four cards in figure 001 with the four prime graphical QF-equations, shown in figure 210, on page 520. Contemplating these things, the author has come to agree with the opinion that scientists do not make fundamental discoveries by induction or methodology, and “That the art of discovery is not possible,” as William Whewell suggested.

The coincidence or serendipity involved in the metaphors of the pictures in figures 001 and 005 are a source of amusement to the author and many of his friends encouraged their inclusion in spite of the marriage of unusual concepts presented in these seemingly unrelated ideas.


The Author’s Justification for The Little Scroll.
The ideas in this book proved to be of immeasurable value in arresting and reversing the author’s brain's malady, a disorder that robbed the author of his freedom of choice. A disorder, that presents the most vicious form of tyranny over the minds of Men. The author has thus sworn his life-long opposition to this form of oppression, but this provides him with a threefold motive for the presentation of his spiritual vision’s inspired QF-theory:

First: The QF-theory suggests that the Universe should be regarded in 6 dimensions, two of which are embedded in space, and directly connect to the matter part. These dimensions are responsible for The Creation of the Universe. They are the reality behind the great variety of spiritual concepts where Men talk of God. Extensions of these dimensions are found in the spatial-hemisphere of the human brain and represent a Higher Power Reality, a reality supreme to the analytical “I” or the personal ego. It is the Universe’s causative reality and it is involved in creating–and “living” in–the wave function of human consciousness. It is the creation reality of life, and life’s primary sustenance reality. It is the primary evolutionary guidance of all life. This answers the age-old question: “Did God create Man or did Man create God?” Thus the author believes it is his “dharma” to tell the world of the unique spiritual insights gained in his visions.

Second: The need to do everything thinkable in order to save his own life from what is no doubt one of the most complex and least understood, as well as possibly the most vicious of all sicknesses. A sickness the author calls;  The Cancer of the Soul. This further involves the need to be of help to others who suffer from the same malady. This being a malady that kills and maims, directly and indirectly, more humans than any other. A malady that at the end of the 20th century involved as much as 25% of the population of the western cultures directly, another 50% of the population indirectly. These being numbers that are growing exponentially with a factor that grows with each generation. The primary value of the QF-theory is the answer to what the phenomena of lies and delusions are in the human central nerves system and consciousness. After all it is the lies and delusions that cause the downfall of Man. The truth does not harm Man, thus Man needs not to be on guard against the truth. It is Man’s errors and mistakes that destroy him, not the truth. This involves Man’s concepts of the Devil, about which Dostoevsky had this to say: “If the Devil does not exist, but Man has created him, then he has surely created him in his own image and likeness.”

Third: It is the author’s belief that the QF-theoretical models will serve to bring together the two subjects of human thought that seem to be the furthest apart; The spiritual sciences, or subjective reality and the material sciences, or objective reality. This will eventually serve to show Man the difference between faith and religion and in turn serve to unify the different religious concepts, as well as political concepts of Man. Possibly serve to unify Men in their religious and political differences, the two bloodiest arguments in the history of humanity.

--------  0  --------

In 1990 a graphical artwork that parallel the author’s own spiritual experience–titled VISIONS by the artist in the United States who in 1988 created it–came to the author’s attention. This is the youth face surrounded by butterflies and the two circles in a butterfly image that are found on the book’s cover and the logo that precedes each part, and which the author has dubbed The Angel of the Abyss. Although the artist that created it did not perceive this vision in the same manner or circumstances as the author, its essential interpretation is the same for the "Angel’s" artist as for the "Scroll’s" author. In this artistic spiritual vision the butterflies represent the brain’s electromagnetic field of consciousness and its connections to space, as it appears in the modern PET-scanners, but the two rings obviously represent the set-mathematical system of logic invented by John Venn.

Finally! It was on the 21st of November 1989 that the following news release was made by Reuters: “The American communications entrepreneur Ted Turner, is to open a contest for a novel, where all the major problems of the world are solved. The content is open to all peoples of the earth, and the price 500 thousand dollars, the highest being offered. Turner says that he hopes that the participants will be from all over the world, and that writers will make every effort to find ways out of the abyss which humanity has gotten into, so it may succeed in surviving.”*

Turner’s noble desire for a solution for his fellows is being recognized here, however, the book THE LITTLE SCROLL is not a novel and not a part of any such contest. It is none the less a serious effort at providing an insight that will render humanity capable of producing the solutions to its self made problems, but it is the author’s personal conviction that the insights introduced in THE LITTLE SCROLL represent the only possible beginning of such a solution for humanity.

This then is book THE LITTLE SCROLL and a brief history of how it came into being.

        "Once again you must proclaim
                               God’s Message about many Nations,
                                                         Races, Languages and Kings."

                                                                                                                            Book of Revelation Chapter 1011


The next part of the THE LITTLE SCROLL is:

03 : Part One 1
Introduction to the Cutting Edge of Theoretical Physics
and its Approach to the Theory of Everything.


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