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Part One, Chapter Four


The Overview
of the References


Overview of the Search for the
Ultimate Theory of the Universe


"I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element; I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details."

                                                                                                Albert Einstein

"Since 1975 there has again been serious work on the problem of unifying the known laws of Nature into a single ‘Grand Unified Theory’,.... At first it seems strange that any such unification of different natural forces can even be contemplated…. the different forces have been found to act upon different and exclusive classes of elementary particles. When Einstein and Eddington sought unified theories of Nature, the richness of the elementary particle world lay unexplored.... Despite these obstacles, unification is gradually proving possible, piece by piece. We possess a unified theory of the weak and electro-magnetic forces whose predictions were beautifully confirmed by experiments at CERN in recent years. The next step is to incorporate the strong interactions into this synthesis."

                                                                                             John D. Barrow

The Evolution of the Physicist's
Models of the Fundamental particles.
The fundamental particles of nature are objects, which no one has and will ever be able to see directly, or with the aid of any technological gadgets. The system that is used to see the particles is the acceleration of energy beams that are fired into targets of matter, where the resulting scattering takes place in specific mediums where photographs are made of the “tracks” left by the disintegrating matter/energy. These “particle tracks” are then seen, or analyzed, via mathematical application. As a clarifying reminder we have copied the following from the writings of John Gribbin. This is most fitting before we go any further:

021_Part-One-Figure-017.jpg “All our models of fundamental particles and their interactions are no more than artificial aids to help us to get a picture of what is going on in terms what seem familiar, or at least recognizable, from every day life… In recent years many accounts of particle physics seem to have lost sight of the fact that even the best of our models are no more than aids to the imagination, and those accounts have begun to present an image of protons, neutrons, and the rest as made up of ‘real’ little hard lumps, the quarks, which rattle around inside what we used to think of as the ‘fundamental’ particles. The image is beguilingly reminiscent of the early vision of the atom as being made up of little hard lumps, electrons, protons and neu- trons–and just as inaccurate… The everyday particles, the proton and neutron and the pions that carry the strong force can all be described simply in terms of two quarks, which are given arbitrary labels to distinguish them from one another. One is called ‘up’ and the other is called ‘down’. The names have no significance; physicists could just as well, if they wish, call one quark ‘Alice’ and the other 'Albert.'"*

Figure 017

Since the birth of high-energy particle physics, the way physicists have been seeing the invisible fundamental particles has changed as follows:

a) As points, or dimensionless points with mass and with, or without electrical charge, spinning internally and in
                       space. The general term is Particles.

b) As waves, either smeared-out in space, or confined to small regions. Their function is called The Wave

c) As strings, which is the latest variation of form that with the application of super-symmetry mathematics
                        become the Superstrings.

The alternative is to look at the particles as fields, which are spread out in space and which are generally known as Gauge Fields. Through these models, physics has succeeded–for the most part–in analyzing the different types of particles whose tracks have been observed in the high-energy accelerators. The greatest success having been primarily threefold: The creation from the twenties through the sixties of successful theories regarding the particles know as leptons, through a theory known as Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED), and the quark theory of the nucleons known as Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD). This lead to the theoretical unification of electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force achieved during the seventies and experimental proofs concluded in the early eighties.


The Standard Model of Particle Physics:
The Fermions, - the Permanent Matter Particles.
Following is an overview of the permanent matter particles and some of their more prominent attributes. Note that the graphical representations of the particles are only an “aids to the imagination”.

The Particles that are known as FERMIONS.
Permanent Matter (Antimatter not shown).


Figure 018
a) The leptons (QED).

022_A-Part-One-Figure-018.gifMass in units of electron mass now believed to be 1/17000, or 0,000.000.001 in multiples of proton mass. Charge = 0. Spin = -1/2, half-integer/integral, means only left-handed spin exists for matter Ve.

ELECTRON - denoted  e-.

Mass in units of electron mass = 1. Rest mass = 0.00051 GeV or .00054 in multiples of proton mass. Charge = -1 unit of proton charge. Spin = ±1/2, half-integer/integral.
b) The Quarks (QCD).

- denoted 

Mass in units of electron mass = 6. Rest mass = 0.3. Mass in terms of multiples of proton mass .0074. Charge -1/3 of proton charge. Spin = ±1/2, half-integer/integral.

UP QUARK - denoted  u.

Mass in units of electron mass = 2. Rest mass = 0.3. Mass in terms of in multiples of proton mass .0047. Charge +2/3 of proton charge. Spin = ±1/2, half-integer/integral.


The QF-theory classifies the Fermions further into two categories, which are in fact two different realities:

These are particle realities outside the nucleus.

These are particle realties inside the nucleus.

Oh là là! Is that all that there is to it? Yes, that is all there is to the material Universe! This is what the atoms are made of and consequently our DNA, neurones, bodies, brains and all. All these particles then have the potential ability of appearing in their complete mirror opposites forming antimatter. It is out of the two last types of the Fermion matter particles–the quarks –that the two types of stable nucleons (baryon hadrons), the neutron and the proton, are formed. The quarks have not been found to exist independently outside of the nucleons (baryon hadrons), but this is known as quark confinement and this nature of matter is of special interest in the QF-theorizations. In addition to the four stable particles that constitute the building blocks of the atoms, physicists have found a number of other unstable particles. These now exceed 200, of which most are extremely unstable. Of these, only the meta-stable ones are interesting. In the search for the answers to the enigmas of the final CUT/TOE paradigm, they serve in a supportive role. Some of these are the enlarged copies of the electron and neutrinos that accompany them. These are the higher energy generations of the electron. The Muon, with 207 electron masses, the Tauon with its 3451 or 3536 electron masses. The same is true for massive copies of quarks producing the short lived higher energy generations of the up and down quarks that produce heavy baryon type particles known as hyperons. These heavy quarks are named: Charm, Strange, Bottom and Top. Particles known as resonances, or splinters, are of lesser interest in solving the enigma regarding the Universe.

The substance of the stable particles that make up the Universe was created in the earliest second fractions of its existence. The laws pertaining to these particles were then governing their creation and still rule their existence. Our physicists can tell us the “how”about the sub-atomic particles. They can tell us less of the “why” regarding them. Why they are created in their particular sizes, and possess the attributes they do. Here the main riddle is the unification of the four energy fields of nature of which the ultimate questions involve a final CUT/TOE paradigm. An ultimate Theory of Everything that would then include these explanations, and in addition, why we the Observers, see these things and laws as we do. The Anthropic Principle in theoretical physics proposes that: “We are as we are because things are as they are!” Homo Sapiens or Man the Wise is now in such a position that he must find the final answer to the Unified Field Theory of the four known forces of Nature. The quanta of these fields are the bosons.


The Standard Model of Particle Physics.
The Bosons, - the Force Carrier Particles.
Next then for us is to look at the interaction effect that these particles exert between each other and on the surrounding space, but these are the four categories of forces in the Universes. These may also be regarded as force fields. Two of these forces have now been shown to be two different manifestations of the same force (Yellow background in Figure 019), and we can now-a-days speak of just three force fields, but for our purpose we shall here continue to name and discuss all four forces.

The Particles that are known as BOSONS.
The Force-carrying Particles, Quanta of Energy-Fields.


Figure 019

These are the Bosons, the particles that carry the four forces of nature. Their prime feature of interest is their SPIN characteristics, but all the force carriers are whole integer spin. This is opposed to the matter particles, the Fermions, which all have 1/2 integer spin characteristics. Force carriers are further capable of having many of themselves being packed together in the same Bosons. Again, this is opposed to the matter particles, the Fermions, which can never have two of the same kind occupying the same spot. The reasons for these rules for the groups of matte/energy are one of the many enigmas of the quantum reality.

a)  EMF = Electro Magnetic Force.
Force-carrier quanta:
PHOTON GLUONS (Bosons).  Denoted: y.

Mass in units of electron mass = 0. Spin = ±1 integer/integral. In quantum theory of radiation, the particle associated with a light wave or electromagnetic waves. Carriers of electric charge. Create electromagnetic waves. Binds electrons to nucleus. Interact with charged hadrons and leptons.
b)  WNF = Weak Nuclear Force.
Force-carrier quanta:
WEAK GLUONS (Bosons).  Denoted:  W- Zo W+.

023_B-Part-One-Figure-019.gifMass in units of electron mass = W boson 86 GeV, Z boson 97 GeV. All spin = ±1 (2, 3, etc.) integer/integral. The W boson is intermediary bosons that mediate the weak interaction. The Z bosons are heavy neutral bosons that mediate neutral-current force. Cause radioactive decay processes of hadrons and baryons. Interact with all hadrons and leptons.
c)  SNF = Strong Nuclear Force; Inside Nucleons.
Force-carrier quanta:
COLORED GLUONS (Bosons). Denoted:  g

023_C-Part-One-Figure-019.gifMass in units of electron or proton mass = ±0. Spin = ???. Electrically neutral objects, that mediate the interactions between quarks within the framework of quantum chromo dynamics inside the hadrons. Particles, that carry the strong interaction between quarks. Binds quarks permanently inside hadrons. Exist and interact only inside of hadrons, as a part of the hadron, but are considered as having been observed, in the form of “jets”, in accelerator experiments.
d)  SNF = Strong Nuclear Force; Outside Nucleus.
Force-carrier quanta:
PIONS/MESONS (Bosons).   Denoted:  m  p

023_D-Part-One-Figure-019.gifThis is the field energy quanta that carries the strong nuclear force between the baryon hadrons in the nuclei. They are two quark systems particles classified as hadrons. They appear in variable masses with whole integer spins and interact only with hadrons. These appear023_E-Part-One-Figure-019.gif primarily in three main families: The pions, kaons and the deltas, with several other variations appearing depending on the type of quarks they are composed of. The Japanese physicist Yukawa Hideki made a theoretical prediction for the existence of the mesons in 1935.

e)  GTF = Gravity in all Particles.
Force-carrier quanta:
GRAVITON GLUONS (Bosons). Hypothetical.

023_F-Part-One-Figure-019.gifThis is a hypothetical energy quanta, which represent the matter side of gravity and which to this date has only appeared in the mathematics of the theorists. Its mass is in units of electron or proton mass = 0. Spin = ±2 integer. It is the quanta, which interacts with everything and binds planets to the suns and galaxies. It has not been detected in any experiments, and it is apparently not expected to be found anywhere, except in the mathematics of the theorists, or the QF-models for the gravitons. This is the part of General Relativity that Einstein claimed to be “written in straw.”

  The QF-bosons are located in Dualistic Reality situated between the reality of the

                            Fermion’s, Out-dimensional explicate reality and the In-dimensional implicate reality.


The Standard Model of Big Bang Physics.
It was during the First Second in the history of the Universe that its building blocks were created and since the laws governing them have remained unchanged, it is most natural that the reconstruction of this part of our history be of great interest. Following “time-volume expansion graph” is a brief history of time indeed.

The Briefest Possible History of the Birth of Time
with Emphasis on the First Second of Creation.


Figure 020

Figure 020 shows the two Big Bang models in an overview time/volume graph of the original Standard Model and a revised Inflationary Model.

The QF-theory is an Inflationary Model and therefore references have been sought in such models by physics. Following is a review of the physics analyzes of the First Second, but in the last introductory chapter we look at the foremost assumptions in the QF-creation theory. This is the idea of a singularity at the beginning, which is also the initial causative in the QF-theory. The prime approach of physics is via the route of working backwards towards the beginning of creation, the beginning of the creation of time. The first three minutes of the history of time are an important part of the creation process, with the First Second being ultimately the most important part of all. Physics has been capable of reconstructing events reasonably accurately as far as Second 10-35 into the First Second. It is from there on, backwards to a point known as the “Planck Energy” or the “Planck Wall” at Second 10-43, which is the ultimate challenge of physics. Physicists are working to examining the nature of the First Second, by taking it apart and chopping-it-up into 45, ever decreasing mathematical time divisions. Before we get going with the theorizations, we need to help ourselves to an understanding of this fractionalization, or this chopping up of the second. The dissection of the second is for the purpose of locating, identifying, and establishing the nature and duration of the creation events. The divisions of the second are represented in log 10 powers, witch means that progressing into the second, each increment is ten times smaller than the last, as expressed in the graph in Figure 011. Thus in the language of mathematics, the very last fraction of the First Second would be written as Second 10-45. This is also expressed as being the:


part of the second. Here we may gain an appreciation of how mathematics can deal in precision with unbelievably minute, almost infinitely small, concepts. At the point of the fraction of Second 10-43 we reach a point beyond which absolutely no information is available or possible, neither through observations, mathematics or the laws of physics. This is the “Planck Wall”. In an attempt at achieving a clear picture of how the world’s physicists deal with the fractions of The Universes’ First Second, we have put together a list of the simplest and best data we can get from our physicist. These are the general outlines of what the physics have discovered regarding The First Second of Creation. Since the author is interpreting his visions on the basis of the findings of physics, the next chapter repeats this for the QF-approach.

Notes: Planck Length is 10-33 cm. Planck Mass is 10-5 gr. Planck Time is about Second 10-43. The time it takes light to travel across the Planck Length which is some 10-20 times the distance across a proton.


Details of the Physics Approach to the
Enigma of the GUT/TOE ERA of Creation.
Here following is a summary of the way theoretical physics approaches analyzes of The First Second of Creation. This is by calculating backwards into ever higher energies, but in this the second it self is divided into three sections. Theoretical physicists may prefer to divide the whole of the main creation period into four sections counting one period of nucleon synthesis during the first three minutes after the First Second.

          The First Markers.

The 1st milestone backwards, just before the First Second.  From about 30 minutes into creation and
to one ten-thousandth (10-4) of the First Second.

Ca 30 Minutes to ca 3 Minutes:
Temperature 10
09 K. At the beginning of this era–going backwards in time– the prime contents of the Universe are believed to be about 14% neutrons and 86% protons. At its end, about 13% neutrons and 87% protons, with about one part in 1000 million of electrons and helium nuclei continually being formed. This is the era where neutron decay begins.

Ca 3 Minutes to ca 1 Second:
Temperature 10
10 K.   At the end of the First Second nucleon synthesis begins to form helium nuclei by reactions. This is the time of the neutrino decoupling and they will expand freely. Contents of the Universe ca 24% neutrinos and 76% protons.

The Beginning of the First Second.

Second 1 to ca Second 0,0001 (Second 100 to 10-4):
Temperature 10
11 K. The temperature is still to high to permit lasting particles to form and the contents of the Universe behaves as different kinds of radiat- ion. The energy density of the radiation is ca 1044 electron volts per liter. Par- ticles are being annihilated as fast as they are produced. The balance is be- lieved to be about one neutron or proton per 1000 million photons, electrons or neutrinos. The Universe may be either about four light years in circumference or infinite.

                    The Second Markers.

The 2nd milestone backward. Begins at one ten thousandth (10-4), ends at approximately Second 10-32.

#01 = Second 10-04:
This is Second ,0001. Temperature 1012 K. This temperature is easily created in today’s accelerators. From here on physicists begin to “fudge” the equations, this way or that to carry them backward over crucial points of time in the First Second, this by deciding to skip over interactions between densely packed protons and neutrons.

#02 = Second 10-05:
Temperature 1013 K. Energy of 1 GeV. The quarks become locked up into baryons. (Note: This is quite different in the QF-theory.)

#03 = Second 10-06:
Temperature 1014 K.  The beginning of the creation of neutrons and protons. This is one of the most significant points of all at this time. Basic constituents of matter in the Universe were created as quarks combining into groups of three, forming neutrons and protons. Before this, the Universe was seething soup of quarks, too energized and too densely packed to form into nucleons. (Different in QF-theory)

#04 = Second 10-10:
Universe has grown to a size of our solar system, or is infinite.

#05 = Second 10-12:
Temperature 1015 K. Energy 100 GeV. Roughly the same temperature as produce currently in the most powerful accelerators, more than 100 billion electro volts (100 MeV, CERN 1984). This is roughly where the electro-weak unification is taking place.

#06 = Second 10-14:
This is the approximate maximum energy-point which our most powerful accelerator, Fermilab’s TEVATRON, has achieved, the 1012 eV or the 100 TeV (103 GeV) point, hence the name TeV-atron.

#07 = Second 10-15:
This would have been the approximate energy-point for the in Texas proposed, and now abandoned, SSC accelerator, the 1013 eV point.

#08 = Second 10-20:
Primordial or mini black holes formed (Hawking). Here quantum effects in terms of gravity become noticeable.

#09 = Second 10-25:
Creation of particles/antiparticle pairs (quarks) out of empty space postulated by some physicists.

#10 = Second 10-30:
The Inflationary Jump (Zero Value Higg’s Field, False Vacuum, and Negative Gravity Field), slows down, or is over (Guth). For others, it is still taking place during this second fraction. Universe about 10 cm in diameter.

#11 = Second 10-32:
Temperature 1026 K. Rapid expansion begins, or ends (Coleman). Universe about the size of softball.

Next are the real mystery parts of the First Second of Creation

                                                         The Third Markers.

The 3rd milestone backward.
 Starts at about Second 10-33; ends at Second 10-42.
This is the GUT/TOE ERA of Physics.

#12 = Second 10-33:
The previously calculated GUT/TOE-era lower boundaries. The time of the decay of the Higg’s X-bosons. This boundary has by some been moved to Second 10-35.

#13 = Second 10-35:
Temperat. 1027 K. Energy 1024 GeV.  Guth’s inflation begins. Last stop before the confidence of the physicists breaks down. Universe about 10-24 cm. in size. GUT physicists believe that prior to 10-35 seconds, the strong nuclear force is united with the electro-magnetic and the weak nuclear forces. Energy required for this unification is estimated at million billion billion volts. (QF-theory does not postulate GUT)

#14 = Second 10-36:
Temperature between 1029 K. and 1028 K. Energy 1025 GeV. This is the generally accepted “End of the Birth of Time”.

#15 = Second 10-37 to Second 10-38:
The fullness of time is just about completed and the photon is just about fully expanded. Some physicists believe that it is here that the strong nuclear force is united with the electro-week force for the last time.

#16 = Second 10-42:
Energy about 1026 GeV.     Radiation begins to convert into superstrings and to condense into point like particles such as quarks, lepto-quarks, and leptons. Matter and anti-matter are present in nearly equal amounts. It is beyond this pointy, or at second 10-43 that GUT-physicists believe that all the forces of nature are united.

                                                                     The Fourth and Last Marker.

The 4th milestone backward. This is Planck Time or
Wall at Second 10-43 or Planck Energy of 1027 GeV.

#17 = Second 10-43:
Temperature crudely estimated at 1032 K.   Energy is approximately 1027 GeV. This is the time of the E8 x E8, SUSY = Supersymmetry. GUT-era higher boundaries, the Planck Wall. Everything prior to this is dominated by quantum gravity. Some suggest that prior to this, the beginning may have been a relatively cool bang. The problem here is that the singularity is a trillion times shorter than the amount of times it takes light to cross a proton. Calculations of physicists do not work beyond this point. The energy levels at this time in cosmic history are too high ever to be duplicated, so new experimental techniques may have to be developed. Here the question or the problem of the magnetic monopoles appears. Dirac suggested these should have been twisted out of space just prior to this point of Second 10-43. General relativity breaks down. – In the terms of physics one can think of the origin of time as being smeared out by quantum uncertainty. This is the time of Second 10-43. Gravity is believed to have split off from the GUT-forces at the symmetry break of the Higg’s Field at Second 10-43. An absolute requirement is an under- standing of how gravitation and quantum mechanics combine. General relativity says that there must be a singularity at 10-43. Grand Unification of all four forces takes place at an estimated ten million billion, billion eV. This is known as the Planck Energy. There is no hope for getting close to, or past this frontier at Second 10-43.

The Graphical Presentations
of the Physicists First Second of Creation.
Figure 022 on page 97 presents a schematic graph labeled “The Physicists Graphical First Second Continuum.” This is the physicists information graph of the First Second. It should be viewed bearing in mind that for example Second 10-04 represents 1/10.000 of a second, and Second 10-06 represents 1/1.000.000 of a second. The graph being a log 10 construction that is not true in its relative proportions. The graph should however, give an overview idea of the First Second analysis. A graph several million miles in length is needed to represent actual relative proportions between all the increments. The schema in Figure 021 here below gives an idea of the actual differences in size of the increments. This is based on the size of the increment at the Planck Wall being 1 mm and then each second fraction increment is increased tenfold in length up to the beginning of the second. If we have the 1 mm red-colored band in sub-figure “a” representing the equivalent of the fraction at Second 10-43, then the 1 cm in “b” would be relative in size to Second 10-42. The next fraction, Second 10-41 would be represented by the 10 cm in sub-figure “c”. Second fraction 10-40 requires 8 x 12 cm. lines and one 4 cm. line to represent 1000 times Second 10-43, or 1000 mm, which is 100 cm or 1 meter. Here is this in a graphical form:

Logarithm 10 “Time Relation Reference” Comparison.


Figure 021

This is as far as we can go with this graphical method of showing the differences between the increments in Figure 022. On the next page we have the continuation of this without the graphical centimeter yardsticks, but with the numerical meter increments.

Second 10-40 = 1 meter.
Second 10-39 = 10 meters.
Second 10-38 = 100 meters.
Second 10-37 = 1.000 meters/1 km.
Second 10-36 = 10.000 meters/10 km.
Second 10-35 = 100.000 meters/100 km.
(10.000 km is 1/4 of earth’s 40.000 km. polar circumference)
Second 10-30 = 10.000.000 km.
(Distance to the sun is about 93.000.000 miles or 150.000.000 km)
Second 10-20 = km.
Second 10-10 = km.

This should give an idea how the second fractions get smaller and smaller and how small the Planck Time of Second 10-43 really is. Figure 022 indicates the points where the physicists of the world have provided us with clues. Information as to what their superb knowledge of the laws of Nature, ingenious calculations and experiments suggest is taking place. These points are then marked with boxes indicating the approximate energy, and with arrows pointing to the numbers identifying them. On the right hand side of the graph, at the Second Fraction 10-43, the Planck Energy Barrier, is the time fraction identification represented by a drawing of a 1-mm Red Square. On the next page we find Figure 023 which contains an illustration that shows the First Second in its second fraction events. It is a part of a January 1994 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC article titled A Short History of the Universe. This graphical presentation has superimposed images denoting the four basic forces of nature. Our label for it is: “The Physicists Pictorial First Second Continuum”, but some of our more humorous friends like to call this illustration: “God Stepping-Out for a Walk.” The commentary from the accompanying NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC article follows on pages 99 and 100. – Let’s look at these two overviews starting with the author’s simplified “linear” construction.

The Physicists Graphical First Second Continuum.
Theoretical Events and Calculated Conditions.


Physicists estimate the Diameter of the Universe to be from 4 light years
to the infinite at the end of the First Second.

Figure 022

The Physicists Pictorial First Second Continuum.


Figure 023

This graphic is by Chuck Carter. Its reprint is made possible through the kind
permission of its copyright holder, National Geographic Society January 1994.

The Physicists Pictorial
Graph of the First Second Continuum.
The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC article; A short history of the Universe, covers the scientists evolution of the Universe. Accompanying Figure 023 are excerpts from the text in which William R. Newcott describes the illustration:* “Once upon a timeless–most cosmologists believe all that is our Universe was incredibly small and dense. Neither space nor time existed. Nothing is known of this earliest instant.

01) Scientists use the term Big Bang to describe this moment of creation. Somehow the Universe–all matter, energy, space and time–exploded from the original singularity.

02) Because time did not yet exist, there is no way to measure this event, but scientists have agreed to start the Universal clock at Planck time-a moment defined as Second 10-43, which is a decimal point followed by 42 zeros and a 1. Named for the father of quantum physics, Plank time is the point at which the Universe begins to differentiate.

03) Gravity becomes a separate force, tearing away from the other still unified basic forces of nature.

04) Separation of the strong force at Second 10-36. Although atoms do not yet exist, the forces that will hold their nuclei together become an individual entity.

05) Inflation from Second 10-36 until Second 10-32. This is triggered by the separation of the strong force, the Universe expands more in this instant than it has in the roughly 15 billion years since.

06) Quarks/anti-quarks form from Second 10-32 to Second 10-5. As inflation ends, the still expanding Universe now teems with quarks and anti-quarks–the smallest known constituents of matter along with electrons (L in the illustration) and exotic particles (W and Z). Quarks and anti-quarks annihilate each other upon contact. But a surplus of quarks will ultimately combine to form matter.

07) At Second 10-12 the final two forces split off. Electro-magnetism, the attraction of negative and positively charged particles–is carried by photons, the basic units of electro-magnetic energy.

08) The weak force controls certain forms of radioactive decay and initiates nuclear reactions.

09) Quark confinement comes about at Second 10-5. As the Universe cools to one trillion K, when trios of quarks form protons and neutrons. – The First Second ends here!

10) Nucleon synthesis (less than one second to three minutes) cooling continues and neutrons bind to form the nuclei of soon to-be-formed atoms.

11) From the "time" of Second 10-32 and until 3.000 years later, energy dominates the Universe.

12) Matter begins to dominate from 3.000 years onward. With cooling, matter becomes the primary source of gravity. Matter begins to lump and form structures. In theory, particles of so-called dark matter, which may account for as much as 99 percent of all matter (depicted as gray bubbles) would have come into existence by this time.

13) Decoupling takes place at about 300,000 year. Continued expansion and cooling allow matter an electromagnetic energy to go their separate ways. Nuclei capture electrons to form complete atoms of hydrogen, helium and lithium. The Universe becomes transparent: Radiant energy/photons travels freely.

14) These photons now exist through the Universe as microwave radiation. They reveal ripple-like concentrations of primordial matter-seeds for the structure of the Universe that arose during the era of inflation. The ripples are shown in a 1992 COBE satellite image.”

In the last years of the twentieth century and the first of the twenty first, the number of brilliant theoretical physicists in the world had greatly increased and many of them grappled with the riddles of creation. Since the work of many of the string physicists had been made obsolete in 1995--by Edward Witten's unification of the leading five 10 dimensional string theories into one 11 dimensional string-membrane M-Theory of Everything--they turned to work on such models. Many even began toying with exotic brane-collision creation models where two parallel branes collided to produce the Big Bang and in the first years of the 21st century three physicists published their M-theory Big Bang ideas. Reminiscent of the E8 x E8 shadow creation models by the Princeton String Quartet in the eighties (see page 53), Neil Turok from Cambridge, Burt Ovrut from the University of Pennsylvania and Paul Steinhardt from Princeton, created mathematical models that suggested that our Universe--and an infinite number of other universes--had been created out of colliding parallel universes.

However, in all the brilliance of the M-Theory of Everything, no light was shed on the missing Observer's connection, which seemed to be completely forgotten as a vital ingredient and the M-theory turned out as a Theory of Something. This the QF-theory explains as being caused by the physicist’s denial of the 1931 published mathematical Incompleteness Theorem by Kurt Gödel (see pages 106 to 108). The QF-brain models claimed that in the saloons of the brain's mathematical mirrors--at the limits of mathematics--endless dimensional creations and renormalization aberrations, replaced reality and turned science into science fiction. The God playing string-brane physicists even toyed with creating their own universe in the laboratory while in denial of the continuation of Gödel's legacy in the 1981 Nobel Prize findings of Roger Sperry (page 108)--vital insights that tell us that the mathematical hemisphere alone lacked the power to deal with the problems at the leading edge of physics--were ignored. This left the physicists in the conundrums of the fallacy of fancy mirror mathematics, as they refuse to accept the fact that without its ego bolstering magic, they would become ordinary mortals like the rest of us.

Notwithstanding this, plus the physicists denial of the demand for the inclusion of the Observer in their 11 dimensional analyzes of the Material Universe, the M-brane models none the less represented a gigantic leap in the direction of the QF-models particle and reality descriptions. The QF-Theory of Everything--with five fewer dimension than the M-theory--prided it self of its insights into the foundations of Life itself and the holographic construction of the Human Brain and Consciousness that claimed to explain all its malfunctions.
The QF-theories brain models even went so far as to claim the explanations for the mathematical organization of the human brain and the reasons why the string theory physicists tryed to circumvent the mathematically irresolvable unification of quantum mechanics and general relativity. This they did by the creation of new artificial dimensions every time the differential equations became incalculable in their dealings with gravity. The QF-theory suggests that it's 6th and 5th dimensions incorporate the string theories artificially created mathematical dimensions; one in its
5th and five in the 6th.

This would not just agree with the suggestion of Witten that the five leading 10 dimensional string theories had been like mirrors of the one 11 dimensional string-membrane theory (M-theory), but further, that the extra dimensions used by this theory were excursions into the “mathematical mirror field” of the human brain. This was a brain faculty whose existence had been accidentally discovered in 2003 in the brains of rhesus monkeys, by two Italian brain scientists in Parma, Italy. Dr. Giocomo Rizzolati and Dr. Laila Craighero had published their findings in the Annual Review of Neuroscience in 2004, of what they called the MIRROR NEURONS, which later were shown to be in the same arrangement in the human brain. These “mirror neuron centers” had already been theoretically discovered by the
QF-theory as early as 1985 and published in the first edition of THE LITTLE SCROLL in 2002.

Well. This is our, very brief, review of the situation in physics at the end of the 20th century and the onset of the 21st. Next is Part I, Chapter 5, which will deal with the methods which the
QF-theory employs in its approach to the enigma of creation and everything. Methods by which the dilemmas facing physics are resolved in utter simplicity. This will be…

                                        The Alternate Mathematical Approach.

Part One, Chapter Five


The Alternate
Mathematical Approach


Foundations and Justifications
for the Set Mathematical Approach


"The deeper we penetrate and the more extensive and embracing our theories become, the less empirical knowledge is needed to determine those theories."

                                                                                                Albert Einstein

"One might imagine that it would be possible to list all possible ‘obvious’ steps of reasoning once and for all, so that from then on everything could be reduced to computation—i.e. the mere mechanical manipulation of these obvious steps. What Gödel’s argument shows is that this is not possible. There is no way of eliminating the need for new ‘obvious’ understandings. Thus, mathematical understanding cannot be reduced to blind computation."

                                                                                                 Roger Penrose

Some Analyzes of the Role and
Shortcomings of Mathematics in Physics.
In the process of retrieving their answers from Nature, physicists have encountered some problems with their prime tool for analyzes. This tool is mathematics. We shall briefly have a look at these problems here, being at the same time aware of the fact that none of what is being written here in these pages would have come into existence without mathematics. Without getting here involved in the debate as to what mathematics really constitute and the how and why it exists, an attempt will be made here to elucidate very briefly the prime problems being encountered with mathematics. These problems in turn become the reasons for the indirect and alternative mathematical approach in these theorizations and the justification for the system employed, which is introduced in the next chapter. The limitations of mathematics in physics have appeared primarily in a fourfold manner:

a) The first of the shortcomings of mathematics appeared in QED when the physicist began to be capable of measuring the electron while it was making its energy interaction by the exchange and receipt of photons. Mathematical calculations indicated that while the electron was at it, it acquired a status of infinite energy. After a hard struggle the mathematicians/physicists found a mathematical way around this by what is know as renormalization. This appeared again in QCD with the nucleons and its strong interaction force carrier, the pions. Again, this problem was dealt with by the use of renormalization procedures or “the sweeping under the rug” as the father of QED, Paul Dirac, described it. His suggestion was that proper theoretical explanations were missing.

b) The second is the fact that proper mathematics does not exist in and beyond the GUT-era in the Big Bang event. The Planck Constant brakes down at Second 10-43 or at the mass/energy barrier (gravity) of 1032 K. At this point, the mathematical approach looses its capacity to describe space and time, or anything else for that matter. In addition to this problem, the supersymmetry, superstring group theory equations describing the Big Bang in the 10 dimensional accommodation, require what is described as mathematical compactification procedures, this in order to make the extra dimensions disappear. As before, the proper theoretical explanations are missing.

c) The third is the fact that high-precision mathematical modeling analyze–executed primarily by way of differential equations–are in practice applicable only to relatively simple and well-structured problems. In practice the laws of physics mean differential equations. From present configuration of a physical system, algorithms would determine their future sate.  Here another shortcoming appears, but this is in the fact that we find computability limits when we come to deal with algorithms in twice-differentiable functions. Here is of particular interest the fact that a sort of non-computable physics problem has recently emerged in the investigation of quantum gravity. This has given the rise to the suggestions that the deep mysteries of any ultimate theory of the Universe may well have at its heart structures that are non-computable.

d) The fourth reason is the practically none existent mathematical ability of the brains positive causative hemisphere, normally the right (spatial) hemisphere, but this is the part of the brain that deals with space. This brain’s hemisphere has to be involved if the events of the GUT-era of the Big Bang are to be described according to reality as it is dictated by Nature, not by Man. This is the part of the brain that commonly involves the functions that are described as sub- or unconscious.

These shortcomings call for a most fitting reminder by John D. Barrow, from his book, THE WORLD WITHIN THE WORLD: “The fundamental questions of cosmology and particle physics are of a very special type. Any explanation for the origin and structure of the Universe is likely to be of a very unusual sort. We would be foolish to discard certain approaches to these problems simply because they do not have analogues in more mundane scientific investigation.”*


Shortcomings of Mathematics. - The Roger Sperry
Discovery and Kurt Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem.
It was in the summer of 1983 that the author of these theorizations read the late Professor Carl Sagan’s marvelous 1977 book, THE DRAGONS OF EDEN. In this book the professor tells of Dr. Roger Sperry’s (CIT) most interesting research on “split brain patients”, which would fire up his interest in the brains hemispheric specialization. Sperry, an experimental psychologist, had received the Nobel Prize in 1981, in Physiology and Medicine, for his study of epileptic individuals that had gone through a separation of the two brain hemispheres by the surgical splitting of the corpus callosum. It was the fact that the brain’s spatial hemisphere did hardly know any mathematics at all, perhaps none, would eventually catch his interest. In November of 1984 he would make his first connection of the Sperry discovery to the (then 53 years old) mathematical theorem of Kurt Gödel. His interest in this became further connected to analyzes of the experimental results of the high-energy particle accelerators and he began to make some insights and form some extraordinary ideas regarding this. These insights were that WE; humans cannot look at the World, the Universe, or for that matter, at anything with just one half of the brain. With just one brain’s hemisphere! WE, of course do not “see” with our eyes. WE “see” with the brain. This will of course become more pronounced the closer WE “look” at the fundaments of reality, in the impossibly small constituents of matter, that are being investigated by the experimental particle physicists. It is here that WE are looking at the experimental results through mathematics, thus looking at the particles with one half of the brain only. The conclusion of the authors insight:


The answer to his questions as to how one should look in order to see correctly would come to him at the end of 1984, via flirtings with mediation and an eventual spiritual experience. The contents of this transcended experience would give him further insights into the lateralization specialization of the human brain, which were in agreement with Gödel’s theorem. This famous mathematician was thus posthumously verifying the ideas he gained in his transcended experience.

00_O-Kurt-Godel.gif Professor Kurt Gödel had been born in Brno, (now the Check repu- blic) in 1906 and educated in Vien- na. During the Nazi terror he moved to Princeton, where he worked with Einstein for a number of years. As a young man he had become famous as a magnificent pure mathema- tician gaining his Ph.D. in 1930 at the University of Vienna, where he, 1926 to 1931 metaphorically speak- ing, had ‘asked the discipline of mathematics, whether it could be used to prove everything’. Much to the consternation of the world of mathematicians, the never erring art of mathematics, thorough this theo- rem told him that mathematics could not tell him all the truths.

The apparent reason for this–and this again is a metaphor–was that; all by it self, mathematics did not represent the whole truth. It suggested that some answers would have to come from another system outside of mathematics. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem shook the very foundations of mathematics supported logic, this even to the extend that it even cast doubt on the validity of the presumed empirical work of  A. N. Whitehead and B. Russell, PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA, published 1910-1913.

The shocking suggestion of Gödel’s proof was the challenge whether mathematics did study the real world. This appeared in several forms of an aberration of logical thinking processes, but primarily in the demonstration that any moderately complex system of axioms yields statements that are self-evidently true but which cannot be proven with those same axioms. This even went so far as to make people wonder if mathematics was not an excess for the human brain. On the other hand it suggested that the human brain might be more than just a machine. The theorem of Gödel has remained a challenge for mathematicians and logicians ever since its publications, and the ultimate explanations of its implications have not been worked out conclusively. Professor Douglas R. Hofstadter tells the story of Gödel in his marvelous book GÖDEL, ESCHER, BACH, AN ETERNAL GOLDEN BRAID. Two recent books, THE EMPEROR’S NEW MIND and SHADOWS OF THE MIND by Professor Roger Penrose of Oxford go almost all the way to the bottom of the pit of logic analyzing the consequences of Gödel’s findings.

The transcendence experience that originated the QF-theory and the eventual results of the author’s research, are the foundation of his conviction that the solution to the riddle of Gödel’s theorem is found in Dr. Roger Sperry’s 1981 Nobel Prize findings. This progressed via the author’s question what system the spatial hemisphere of the brain would require in order to look in unison with the mathematics hemi- sphere, at the quantum nature results from the particle accelerators. The answer came to him via the transcen- dental spiritual experience in Decem- ber 1984. This in the form of ‘visual mathematics symbolic logic’, of the Venn diagram set-mathematics 00_P-Rodger-Sperry.gif

In retrospect, it would all seem so simple. The spatial hemisphere worked and communicated through symbols, so it would have to be a form of symbolic logic that applied to the spatial hemisphere. However, the author does not believe that he would, or could have come to this answer without the spiritual experience.

These diverse contemplations would eventually lead the author to questions such as, Why is Man using his material hemisphere as a primary functional program? Why the asymmetry in the functions of the human brain? Why is he using a copy of the mathematical/speech hemisphere as a primary mirror on reality? This would in turn lead to some new and startling conclusions that would defy some of the excepted doctrines of classical psychology/psychiatry.


Some Analyzes of Options for Alternative
Methods of Approach to the Enigmas of Physics.
Since the QF-theorizations propose a Theory of Everything that includes the Observer, it is proper that we take a brief look at the history and progression of sciences that are engaged in the study of the Observer, or Man himself. These are the sciences that should provide the physicists with knowledge of the Observer in such a fashion, that it should be possible to fit Man into the pictures. Here we find it fitting to repeat an important reminder from professor Hawking regarding the possibility for a mathematical study of human behavior, “Although in principle we know the equations that govern the whole of biology, we have not been able to reduce the study of human behavior to a branch of applied mathematics.” but this suggests that physics may, through their current mathematical methods, be unable to integrate the Observer into its analysis.

For a close look at the integration questions of brain research, psychobiology and physics Theories of Everything, here is a review of the highlights of the progression of the scientific endeavours to understand the brain in the last two centuries, where we begin with the Greek philosopher Pythagoras (6th century BC) who suggested that the brain was the organ of the mind. About 20 centuries later Leonardo da Vinci made the first wax cast of a brain and a few decades later Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) of Brussels produced the first “modern” anatomy of the brain, based on detailed drawings of corpses. In England William Harvey (1578-1657) discoverer of the circulation of the blood suggested that sensory nerves took sensations to the brain, and motor nerves worked muscles. In 1637 René Descartes (1596-1650), the French founder of modern philosophy, divorced the soul from the brain, underpinning a belief that mind is not a mere product of the brain. A century later the Italian anatomist Luigi Galvani (1737-1798) showed that an electrical charge made muscles contract and the German physician Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828) dissected the brain, laying a basis for modern neurology. Scottish surgeon Sir Charles Bell (1774-1842) in 1811 showed that each nerve carries motor or sensory stimuli, not both. In 1861 the French surgeon Paul Broca (1824-1880) established that articulate speech depended on a site in the left cerebral hemisphere and the German biochemist Johan Ludwig Wilhelm Thudichum (1829-1901) pioneered the study of brain chemistry about 1870 and four years later another German, neurologist Carl Wernicke (1848-1905) discovered the brain area concerned with understanding words. Scottish researcher Sir David Ferrier (1843-1928) mapped the motor cortex and found the sensory strip and the British anthropometrist Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911) pioneered the scientific study of the nature of intelligence in 1892.

At the end of the 19th century and in the first decades of the 20th, at about the time of the birth of the New Physics, James, Freud and Jung, the pioneer psychologists appeared. The American psychology theorist William James (1849-1910) may be said to have pioneered the study of psychic phenomena at a similar time as the strangest figure in all of man’s scientific endeavors appeared. This was the well meaning Austrian, active drug addict and alcoholic, the physician Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), who pioneered the useless practice of psychoanalysis in the 1890s. Freud, who was on cocaine for 13 to 15 years (1890 to 1905) got scared when his friend went insane and died from cocaine addiction. He then stopped using it and turned to champagne, cognac and white wine until 1923, when he got cancer and turned to morphine. It is during the years that the morphine was Freud’s God that he wrote his THE FUTURE OF AN ILLUSION. For the purpose of considering the possibility of connecting the sciences of physics and the study of Man, it is of vital importance that the truth about the erroneous but influential teachings of Freud be known.

The fact that for the most part of the 20th century, an active alcoholic and drug addict was considered to have written the foundations for the analyses of Man’s psychology and its corrective goals, is possibly the weirdest event in the history of all our sciences. This is also a testimony to the state of our ignorance regarding our true nature, the functions of the human brain, and the ailments that besiege it. Notwithstanding the fact that the studies and theoretical writings of Freud and his description of what he considered to be “normal underlying human behavior motives” are worthless and dangerous as such, they have some use as descriptions of unnatural human addiction mentalities. The greatest damage, however, that Freud’s alcoholic super-ego produced was his vilification and slander of his contemporary, the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the founder of the analytical school of psychology, who unmasked the unparalleled scientific falsification of Freud. Through this the Feudists hampered the advancement of Jungian psychology, which is now proving itself as the closest analyses to the natural psyche of Man, but this is verified by the QF-brain models.

Around the turn of the 19th century the Spanish histologist Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934) proved that the nervous system consists of a maze of individual cells and redeveloped a staining technique still in use today. In the early 1900s, the Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovitch Pavlov (1849-1936) discovered conditioned reflexes in dogs and the British researcher Thomas Renton Elliott (1877-1961) showed in 1904 that nerve impulses could be chemically transmitted while the French psychologist Alfred Binet (1857-1911) devised tests (1905—11) that made him the “father of modern intelligence testing.” The Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Graves Penfield would then in and after the late 1920s used microelectrodes to map parts of the human cerebral cortex with differing functions and the German psychiatrist Hans Berger recorded the first human encephalogram in 1929. The American psychologist Burrhus F. Skinner (1904-1990) in 1930 described operant conditioning while the British physiologist Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (1857-1952) made major discoveries of inborn reflexes and showed the central nervous system involves integration of different “levels” and in the US, Giuseppe Moruzzi and Horace Magoun, showed in 1949 that brainstem signals keep the whole brain awake, while in 1953 the American researcher James Olds (1922-1976) discovered a pleasure center in the brain and British researchers including Geoffrey Harris in 1965 showed sexuality to be built into the hypothalamus. Then in 1960 C. H. Li initiated the most important discoveries into the endorphin molecule neurotransmitters, which culminated in the Nobel Prize work in the mid 1970s by the Scottish brain chemists John Hughes and Hans Kosterlitz. The Austro-American neuro-physiologist Karl Pribram then suggested brain activity resembled holography, a photographic-like process and the American psycho biologist Roger Sperry made his all-important Nobel Prize “split-brain discoveries”.

Soon after the Second World War, neurological, neuro-chemical and brain research was greatly accelerated and expanded as ever more sophisticated theoretical models of the brain and its functions were formulated. The last two decades then produced highly sophisticated electronic and chemistry technologies giving rise to new approach to psychology in the form of psychobiology. From these advances came such Nobel Prize discoveries as the composition, structure and fundamental workings of the DNA molecule, the double helix of life, initiated in 1953 by Franklin, Watson, Wilkins and Crick, which at the turn of the century culminated in the complete counting of the human DNA's nucleotides and the counting and mapping of its genes.

These insights then set the stage for the author's interpretation of his creation process vision that includes life and the Observer's brain and consciousness and the ensuing creation of the QF-brain models.

Fundamental Discoveries;
The Questions of Hawking and Medawar.
The author's notion that he had been "shown" the most fundamental insight possible in reality and that all he needed was to understand it, made it clear to him that Man could not simply make a decision to sets out to make a fundamental discovery. History suggests that the nature of such discoveries was that they were not premeditated or came about simply by Man’s will and fertile imagination and that they generally constitutes thoughts which no one had thought, or dared think. This was the main topic of a book published in 1984--the year the author had his insight. THE LIMITS OF SCIENCE was written by the brilliant zoologist and recipient of the 1960 Nobel Prize in Medicine, the late Sir Peter B. Medawar. A similar discussion was found in a 1985 book by John Boslough, STEPHEN HAWKING’S UNIVERSE, but in it Hawking is quoted saying: “Like Galileo, scientists today have to be prepared to step outside the mainstream, out beyond the currently accepted ideas. That is the way you make progress. Of course, you have to know which way to step.”*

In the same book are also found comments on the nature of discoveries made by the late professor of theoretical physics, Dr. David Bohm (See quotation at the entry to Chapter Two). Dr. Bohm suggested that the physicists could free their minds–at least briefly–from their self-created mental prison, in order to attain an instant of scientific insight and creation. This line of realization is also reflected in the thinking of Dr. Steven Weinberg in his article on the Unification of Physics in the End of the Millennium Special Issue of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. There he says: “A unified theory of all forces will probably require radically new ideas.”

All this suggests that the discoverer must know before hand not only which way to step, but also, how to step and additionally the he must have the courage to take that step. If the scientists knew which way and how to step, there would of course be no problems with making insights and discoveries. Since the methods used in the discovery and creation of the QF-theory that unfolds in this book, have primarily come into being through the active practice of meditation techniques, it is proper that the author should try to explain the principles behind his approach. Of these, two are given to us by physics:

First: The limits of pure mathematics and alternatives thereto.
Second: The principles of beauty and simplicity.

Next it would be proper to explain the logic behind the choice for the Meditating Observer, but the reasons were discussed here prior. There are further two reasons given to the author by Medawar and Hawking:

First: The inability of Man to decide his discoveries through his ego-will.
Second: Man’s inability to know which way to step to make a discovery.

As the author would later learn, then the qualities required in such an Observer as here is being described are not just achieved through plain meditational techniques. The way to step is not just depended on meditation, but on the success in reaching the highest goals of such techniques. This involves the definition of the Observer listed in this book as the Transcended Observer, and it is believed here that this can only be achieved through what the author describe as a: Spatial-hemispheric Quantum Re-synchronization Biofeedback, know in yoga meditational techniques as: “A Healthy Kundalini Awakening”, or in the terms of modern psychology-psychiatry "Quantum Change". This in turn is something that science does not generally know of, consider, or understand, since this is something, which Man does not commonly have any control over. In this the professions of psychology and psychiatry in the Western cultures are generally incapable of differentiating between a healthy and a malfunctioning arousal of this energy in the body. This is due to the fact that in the West, the malfunctioning arousal of this energy is the rule, the healthy one being the exception. A further problem is the fact that it has so far, proven impossible to scientifically investigate this phenomena, or the kind of energy involved. A healthy bio-feed involving the Kundalini or Quantum Change energy–as is being referred to here–results in a healthy spatial/none- speech hemispheric domination. This is where the neo-cortex is absent of a sub-conscious- unconscious, and is free from interfering instinct impulses from the brain’s limbic system, as well as an accumulation of copies of negative-quanta, from the material/ego hemisphere in the implicate-intron side of the genetic structure (QF introns include non-coding intergenetic DNA) in the spatial hemisphere. Through this, the implicate-intron side in the spatial hemisphere becomes dominant in the thought processes that are taking place. These processes are not commonly known phenomena today, but they will be explained in Part Three, where their understanding is made accessible through the QF-theory. It should further be emphasized that these thought processes were not, and cannot, be achieved with the use of any form of molecular structures that replace the brain’s natural neurotransmitters. Only those produced naturally by the brains thought processes and the resulting endocrine system functions, through the RNA copying the DNA.

The reader should be informed–and it emphasized here–that the thought processes employed in the birth of the ideas involved in this theorization were not introduced for the purpose of gaining insights into the events of the Big Bang. Neither were they intended for the purpose of gaining insights into the GUT-era, nor the theorizations involved in a Complete Unified Theory, or Theory of Everything. The thought processes were employed for the purpose of gaining insights into the natural and unnatural functions of the human brain. The birth of the ideas for the QF-theory, are unexpected by-products of these endeavors. The fact that the Observer involved in the QF-theorizations was not seeking these insights may possibly have been most conductive to their discovery since without him being aware of it, these constitute the same truths discussed in Chapter One under the 10 maxims.

The former age of enlightenment in Greece of antiquity saw philosophers analyze three primary types of Observers. These were the Passive Observer, Active Observer and the Interfering Observer. Since the onset of the second age of enlightenment, we have seen the birth of several new analyzes of the Observers and their methods, but these were the empiricists, operationalist, instrumentalist, idealist and the realist, which are essentially the ingredients of the reductionist. An extreme sample of these species is the phenomena of the solipsist. For the purpose of this book we shall shy away from getting involved in the highly intellectual and entertaining debates as to which of these Observers sees the most. However, we shall confound the issue by introducing an Observer that in all probability is noting but a version of the Passive Observer. This is the Observer that scrutinizes reality by looking inside her/him-self. This is the Transcended Observer, which may also be described as Relativistic Observer, Quantum Reality Observer, Holistic Observer, or a Fifth/sixth Dimensional Observer. In all simplicity, this is the case of someone gaining conscious contact with the two infinite realms of dual polar space. The extraordinary state of reality in the unique circumstances involved in The First Second of Creation–in particular the GUT-era–demands some extraordinary thought processes. Thought processes that are radically altered from those we are commonly used to. The nature of the Transcended Observer (or whichever terms we use to describe her/him) is that she/he acquires special abilities, some of which may be connected to what is generally described as mysticism. These are abilities, which the theory says all Observers can have, but are so rare that most people have great difficulties in recognizing them. Efforts at becoming a Transcended Observer can under the wrong circumstances become dangerous.


The Way of Beauty and Simplicity.
The Way for the Observer to Proceed.
This is truly “The Road less Traveled.”
Somehow there is some quality to be found in each of the various Observers, and somewhere behind these different labeling of the Observer, there lurks the Observer of beauty and simplicity. These qualities in Man, the perception of, and the judgement of what we declare to be beautiful and simple, is of course individually different: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” declared W. Shakespeare. In the 20th century physics, it has become more and more conscious to the physicists seeking the ultimate law/laws of the Universe, that when they find this ultimate law–if they find it–it is going to have to appear beautiful and simple. Over and over it has been heard in humanity that all truth is essentially simple and beautiful, not to forget John Keat’s lines: “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, that’s all ye need to know on earth!” Simplicity may be the most frightening part of these suppositions since simplicity is dependent on the state of our brains, which in most of us is different. Complex things tend to become simple once we acquire an understanding of them. The answer to the riddle appears simple once we have acquired it, but it seemed very complicated before we came to know it. In other words, the difference between what is complex and what is simple, is the understanding. When asked what made him think that his theory of general relativity was true, Einstein replayed: “It is too beautiful to be wrong.” This was before the proof of his relativity theories. The author also believes that the ultimate laws of the Universe are inseparably linked to Man’s concepts of beauty and its perception will have to be linked to the last four types of observers included in the Transcended Observer.

Well, the conclusions of these contemplations are the same as that of many of the physicists. The way to step for all seekers of insights is in the direction of beauty and simplicity. That is easy enough to say, but it is quite another thing to know how this should be accomplished. At the time the author came across his ideas for the QF-theory, he was seeking insights into a different subject. Subjects which incidentally requires quite similar analytic process and involve the same fundamental truths. The subject he was meditating had to do with questions regarding the reality perception of the human brain, and this also require insights only accessible in simplicity, and it is thus beautiful. In this attempt he was using a system of meditation in order to get some hints and he did indeed get some answers. The answers were in the form suggesting a wave function program and to the author’s indescribable surprise, in what he soon understood to represent the basic wave function program of the Universe.

The reality perception questions, concepts of beauty and simplicity, and the suggestions in Professors Sperry’s Nobel winning findings, have indeed far reaching implications. Sperry’s findings show how the brain’s hemispheres are programmed with different basic functional programs on each side (not basic reality perceptions). These are then elucidated here in the next two graphics. Note how in the second graphic (Figure 025) a line cut through the imaginary projection of the vision cones–just in front of the nose–presents two interconnected circles. The coincidence is that these circles also represent the same format as the Venn diagram math-sets do. To clarify this, the Venn-sets have been incorporated into Figures 024 and 025.

Dr. Sperry’s Findings regarding the Lateralization of
the Human Brain’s Functional Program.


Figure 024

Graphical Representations of Dr. Sperry’s
Human Brain’s Functional Program.


Figure 025

The Art of Stepping for the Observer.
The Art of the Venn Diagram Set-Mathematics.
In asking the question, Which way to step? the connection to Gödel and Sperry that offered the author some immediate clues. Nature always takes the shortest way and operates in the simplest manner; thus all truth is in essence simple. This opened the author’s eyes. The concept of beauty and simplicity were manifested in the eyes of Man, the most beautiful part of the human anatomy.  They represent The Mirror of the Soul to many a poet.
00_Q-John-Venn.gif It was the authors transcendental vision that showed him the simplicity in a slice of the projection of the visual field, and this turned out to be a fundamental clue to the human brain, as well as the fundaments of reality itself. The appearance of the familiar pattern in the vertical slice through the visual field in Figure 025 reminded the author how he had, years before, tried to understand the arrangement of this natural symme- try and its interrelated functions. This was the mathematical set created by the British logician Professor John Venn. Figure 026 presents a close-up of the basic form of the Venn diagram fields imposed on the visual field of the human eyes. 

The Basic Venn diagram Mathematical Set.


Figure 026

It would be the simplistic connection to the questions posed by Gödel’s 1931 mathematical mystery, the Incompleteness Theorem, that would show the author that the way he had been shown to step was indeed the right way. The connections to Gödel are presented in the graphical presentations in figure 024, 025 and 026; The way of the Venn diagram set mathematics, which is a system of logic so simple that it becomes embarrassing. As a part of David Bergamini's 1963 LIFE SCIENCE LIBRARY is a book titled MATHEMATICS. Most appropriately he ended his excellent account of the history of the evolution and development of mathematics, by discussions of the development of the Venn-diagram symbolic logic which is another natural suggestion for the method of: The way to step? The net outcome of the author’s analyzes was in the form of the simple truth. No reality, what ever, can be correctly perceived, only with one half of the human brain’s holistic realty. The brain’s material hemisphere, with its logic, speech and mathematics, cannot alone define reality. For the correct reality perception, both hemispheres must be symmetrically involved and this means that the spatial hemisphere, with its symbolic speech and simplistic overview abilities, must fully participate in the reality definition. This in turn is the questionable hemisphere in Man that is primarily involved in emotions and contains the mysterious, sometimes hallucinatory, Jamais vu, Déjà vu areas. This is the hemisphere that contains the sub-conscious and the mysterious Freudian super-ego. But where did Venn get his ideas for the symbolic logic inherent in the circles.

George Boole was a self-taught mathematician who helped establ- ish modern symbolic logic. In 1854 he published his ideas, AN IN- VESTIGATION OF THE LAWS OF THOUGHT. His algebra of logic is known as Boolean Alge- bra. He further wrote some treatise on the calculus of Newton and later, Leibnitz. For about a hun- dred years, no use was know for the Boolean Algebraic systems and in the universities of Cambridge and Oxford this was often used as a reference when one needed to describe the uselessness of some- thing: “It was as useless as Boolean Algebra.” 00_R-George-Booley.gif

Later, the famous British cryptographer, mathematician and philosopher, Alan M. Turing (1912-1954), used the Boolean Algebra to construct the first electronic computers  that were initially known as the Turing Machines. Indeed, sometimes the answer appears before the question is asked. Turing further wrote one of the most read papers of the age, where he created the basis for artificial intelligence, and suggested that the human mind was a computer program and the brain a computer. It was out of the study of the laws of Boolean Algebra that John Venn created his math sets. His motive was a desire to reduce all of logic and set theory to purely symbolic calculus, which he achieved in the Venn diagrams sets. It is this system that is used in the quantum model creation in the QF-theory of the First Second and their treatment of the ideas for superstrings in Quantum Relativistic Superstring-Membrane, Spinnor, Spiral, Twistor field concepts. This is thus the author’s suggestion for the Way the Observer should step in order to unify physics. The next question will thus be the question; How should the Observer step? This is the subject of Part Two, and the core theme of this book, thus we now have a look at a sample of the author’s eventual employment of this method.


The Art of the Observer.
The Introduction to the QF-Venn Diagrams.
As we engage in analyzes of the events of the Big Bang, we find our-selves examining forces that are acting at the same time in two diametrically opposite directions. A Grand Unification (GU) contraction force, or gravity, acting inwards towards a center, and disintegration force, or reversed GU-force, reversed gravity, acting outward in all directions. Dealing with such a paradox, we find the system of the two dimensional, omni-directional Venn diagrams marvelously useful. This particularly when attempting to examine, and describe in a 2-dimensional plain, the nature of the transforming events in a 6-dimensional expanding spherical phenomenon. The author believes that this system has a function similar to calculus equations, since it describes the progression and development of a system, as it evolves through space/time, from one configuration to another, collecting the changes. It presents a semi-mechanical continuum that collects the changes in physical systems. Of further interest is the believe that it is capable of–even though it is doing so in utter simplicity–describing events, where both space and time are incalculable subjects for mathematics. It can “gauge” or “see” the nature of the relationships in phenomena, but not sizes and quantities. Neither can it comprehensively work with changes in magnitudes or quantities. Most remarkable is that this method not only works similar to a differential equation, but can also express all kinds of symmetry transformations. This system is titled as Quantum Relativistic Superstring- Spinnor- Spiral Twistor Membrane-field, or QREST-Field, or QF for short. Before we begin our initial overview explanation of the QF-Venn diagrams, a brief explanation of the terms EXPLICATE and IMPLICATE as used in connection with the description of quantum reality is as follows:

The term IMPLICATE REALITY suggests:
A field of reality that is centered on the dual quantum dimensions of space: the dual polar virtual energy of space, or the dual polarity of space. These two poles being the prime regulators of this reality, which is the enfolded implicate order reality of the late Professor David Bohm. Its orientation is inwards towards a center. Its nature is all permeating, collective and unifying. This is The Primary Reality of the Universe.

The term EXPLICATE REALITY suggests:
A field of reality that is omni-directional-out from a center and which is regulated by the Implicate Reality is the unfolded explicate order reality of David Bohm. This is the basic reality of manifested matter. Its orientation is basically outwards in all directions. Its nature is both diversified and isolated. This is The Secondary Reality of the Universe.

    The understanding of the relationship between the physical reality of the electron and its expressions through the Venn diagram, begin by a simple graphical explanation of the effects of the vacuum polarization in electrodynamics. This is manifested by the electron surrounding itself with a cloud of virtual positrons in the immediate vicinity, and a circle of virtual electrons outside of the positrons. The electric charge of the electron is partially shielded through the surrounding positrons (negatrons). The virtual particles are a part of the electron’s reality. Figure 027 presents the initial introduction to the QF-Venn diagram set mathematical representation of quantum reality using the electron as example showing the foundation for the QF-theoretical explanations of the connection between space and matter. This is the connection between quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Physical Reality and its QF-Venn diagrams Expression.


Figure 027

The Explanations for the Symbols in Figure 027.
W-negative spherical outer-membrane 2/3-eV-charge magnetic spinnor spiral wave and the corresponding vacuum poles.
031_A-Part-One-Figure-027.gifThe circle and wave-stub drawing represent the negative outer quantum-wave, or the W-negative spherical-string-membrane spinnor-spiral part of the electron. It corresponds and connects to the negative V-negative pole of the vacuum quantum virtual energy of space and interacts with it to produce gravity. It carries half of the magnetic properties of the particle and interacts with its complimentary W-positive wave, to hold the particle together and form the graviton incorporated in it. The W-negative wave represents the explicate reality side of the triplicate brane.

W-positive spherical inner-membrane 1/3+eV-charge magnetic spinnor spiral wave and the corresponding vacuum poles.

031_B-Part-One-Figure-027.gifThe circle and wave-stub drawing represent the positive inner quantum-wave, or the W-positive spherical-string-membrane spinnor-spiral part of the electron. It corresponds and connects to the positive V-positive pole of the vacuum quantum virtual energy of space and interacts with it to produce gravity. It carries half of the magnetic properties of the particle and interacts with its complimentary W-negative wave, to hold the particle together and form the graviton incorporated in it. The W-positive wave represents implicate reality side of the triplicate brane.

Z-negative spherical center-membrane 2/3-eV-charge mass-wave.


This wave symbol represents the spherical center-membrane of the electron. A negative quantum-wave, which acquires spin through the effects from either of the previously described W-negative and W-positive waves. This wave produces the primary part of the particle's mass.

031_D-Part-One-Figure-027.gifOUT = Venn-set direction indicator for the waves omni-directional waving out from the objects center, towards its edge, or it's event horizon.
IN = Venn-set direction indicator for the waves unidirectional waving in from the edge, or its event horizon, inward towards the center.

The Simplistic Logic in the
Venn Diagram's IN-OUT
At this stage the reader will only make a brief acquaintance with the QF-Venn diagrams composition but its understanding will eventually come naturally through the following of the progression of the model creation described in Part Two. Another vital point that the reader needs to become acquainted with and which has to do with the prime references in the Venn-diagrams, or what may be regarded as nature’s fundamental orientation references. Drawing on the Universes origin in the dual polarity of the vacuum quantum potential, virtual energy of space--where matter comes out of the vacuum or space--the fundamental quantum reality orientations should be labeled IN and OUT. These are the prime directions in any spherical body that extracts and contracts, thus the IN side of matter will always be the spatial connection.

The next twofold graphical illustration is intended show us that when we point towards the sky, we are relative to the earth, pointing OUT, not UP. Then pointing towards the ground, relative to the earth, is pointing IN, not DOWN. This may seem trivial but in analyzes of the Universe's creation process, the correct understanding and definition of this reference absolutely vital. This will for example make a great difference in describing the quarks as IN and OUT, rather than identifying them with meaningless UP and DOWN orientation.

Universe’s Fundamental Dimensions Independent of,
or none-relative to the Observer.


Figure 028

The discussion in figure 028 will of course have to be extended to include the Universe but for this end the author has borrowed a graphical reminder from Dr. F. D. Peat’s marvelous book SUPERSTRINGS. This is figure 029, which has been modified to include the In/Out sign.

The Universe’s Ultimate Reference;
Dual Poles of the Vacuum Quantum Potential?


Figure 029

The importance of the In/Out reference is not immediately apparent but this cannot be emphasized enough. Both the QF-Venn diagrams and the Universe begin at the center of a circle and their expansion is represented, relative to this center. To indicate this, an arrow is placed below the diagram; it being the bottom-line so to speak. On this reference is oriented the First Second radiation/matter flow that is to become the substance of the Universe. In the QF-theory, this In/Out reference will be the first reference in the Universe for all matter/energy particles as well as for life itself.

When the object of expansion acquires an additional wave-function attribute or nature, arrows are added inside the diagram’s circle. When another dimension–or reality–is added, this is accomplished with another circle. In the QF-Venn diagrams the circles represent the spherical string-membrane wave functions that hold the particles together, or closed strings spheres. Independent waves symbols represent the mass wave that is held together in the grips of the two outer and inner strings-membranes that decide the nature of particles. It should be noted that the symbols for the dual poles of space are not generally included in the drawings.

The QF-Venn-diagrams should be seen as being a logical description of internal relationships and nature of events, rather than visualizations of any specific structures or images. The best corresponding structural images are accompanying the diagrams in a separate graphic. The diagrams do not describe any quantitative detail, rather the nature of the event or the cycle of events in the First Second and are thus seen as being the optimum method–relative to the human brain–employed in dealing with the analysis of the beginning of the Universe. Analyzes that cannot be carried out through the classical mathematical approach. This in particular since much of these events is none-logical, none-linear, and none-deterministic in relations to our everyday experiences. Events, where the half of our brains that deals with the mathematical part of reality, can no longer deal with the questions. The events of the Big Bang are such events, but they are essentially a combination of quantum mechanics and continuum mechanics taking place in what is essentially indescribable by “normal mathematical” means. This is overcome by describing the events by the Venn-set. Venn-sets that are constructed out of everything that the normal experimental and mathematical process have shown us.

The eventual findings corroborate that our brains are so constructed that one half is basically programmed to deal with the laws of space/relativity/quantum mechanics, and the other with the laws of the matter-linear-continuum mechanics. The two basic sets of laws we know in physics, those of continuum mechanics and quantum mechanics, blend together in the QF-Venn diagram theorizations, through the laws and logic, through general relativity and statistical mechanics. This method avoids to a great extent, uncertainty and the particle/wave duality and is thus closer to the field concepts in modern physics. An advantage in this is the accessibility to the general public, or those--who like the author--have limited access to higher mathematics. This gives the QF-Venn diagram its most interesting aspect and it can therefore easily be stenciled onto the T-shirts of teenagers, as the physicists Leon Lederman proposes should be done with the ultimate GUT equation. This has already been done with the findings of the QF-theory. However, since the theory does not produce any GUT equation and shows us that there is no such unification possible--that in this respect physics is barking up the wrong tree--the unification is in the form of the CUT equation presented in this book, raising numerous questions in the minds of those who see it.

We shall now have a general and brief overview of the central subject of this book, the QF-models of the First Second of Creation......

                                                     The Basic QF-Theoretical Model.

Part One, Chapter Six


The Basic
QF-Theoretical Model

Overview Introductions to the
Qrest Field Approach and Modeling


"There is a principle, which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep man in ever lasting ignorance–that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

                                                                                      Herbert Spencer

"What we need is imagination, but imagination in a terrible strait-jacket. We have to find a new view of the world that has to agree with everything that is known, but disagree in its predictions some-where, otherwise it is not interesting. And in that disagreement it must agree with Nature. If you can find any other view of the world which agrees over the entire range where things have already been observed, but disagrees somewhere else, you have made a great discovery. It is very nearly impossible, but not quite..."

                                                                                         Richard Feynman


The Application of the
to the First Second of Creation.
This chapter is dedicated to an overview description of the basic form of the QF-model for the events of the First Second of Creation. This begins by chopping the second into 7 sections, which are basically in agreement with information from the physicists. To indicate how the second is divided, again a graph has been prepared where the scale is in divisions slightly different from those used by the physicists as shown in figure 22 on page 97. Since the model ventures beyond the Planck Energy/Wall and beyond the birth of time, it deals in two types of chronology: Imaginary Time and Actual Time. In order to distinguish between the two concepts a datum of t = 00 has been set at the second fraction of Second 10-36, and then Imaginary Time increments are distinguished with a reference. This is carried on beyond the Planck Wall through an arbitrary hypothetical beginning that is based on educated guesses, where the events are described in the QF-model’s Venn-set format. After the reference of t = 00, or Second 10-36, the designation are in the logarithm 10 increment of second fractions, which at the end of the First Second is represented by Second 10-0. In this system the “t” scale and the second fraction scale overlap from Second 10-36, The End of the Birth of Time, and beyond Second 10-42, the Planck Wall.

    This approach to the enigmas of the prime creation era (GUT-era) is thus essentially an overview in its attempt at seeing the events in a slightly different and wider perspective. At The End of the Birth of Time, which is the moment of the Quantum Wave of the Universe, the model is compared to the basic knowledge of the human brain. The fundamental truth about the brain should be reflected in the model at this instant, or it will be very unlikely that it represents the ultimate Theory of Everything. The use of the QF-Venn diagram permits the circumventing of some of the difficulties brought about by the particle/wave duality in the interactions, problems of uncertainty, and steers the analyzes clear of all mathematical infinities. The analyzes are thus approached in the simplest possible form of field concepts and deals with the events of the First Second in sufficiently precise locations and duration. This approach is justified in the fact that no precise knowledge regarding these questions is not--and will not be--available in humanity. For the purpose of this inquiry, the dealings in time fraction variations such as 2 or 3 parts against one of
Second 10-42, or

of a second fraction, are of no conclusive meaning. The intentions are to deal primarily in the form of overview combinations of relativistic quantum alterations and continuum mechanical progressions during the sequence of creation. The purpose is to get an idea of the overall and underlying nature of what is taking place. In this approach, any concepts of quantities of pressures or temperature, the number of individual particles-waves field- membranes and their interactions, or possible decay processes, are not of interest. The prime interest is in the overview of the structure of the creation and composition of the stable sub-atomic particles, since these subsequently dictate the forces in the particle interactions. A major conclusion the findings of the QF-theory is that the Observer is required to “see” the Universe as being composed of two coinciding Universes, or that of one inside the other. It is further believed here, that Nature does not permit the Observer to “see” its real nature without seeing both Universes at the same time. This is further seen as the basis for the reoccurring aesthetic symmetry requirements in theoretical physics, not just in the arts. The whole of creation is thus “seen” as a series of energy level dictated step-down symmetry-breaks or leaps.

The QREST-FIELD Graphical First Second Continuum.
Theoretical Events and Calculated Conditions.


Physicists estimate the Diameter of the Universe to be from 4 light years to the
infinite at the end of the First Second.

Figure 030

In this graph the First Second events of creation are being divided into seven reference divisions, which then contain their focal references in the form of the QF-Venn diagram Film Frames. They are first divided into four groups dealing with events, prior to t = 00. Then into another three groups dealing with the events after t = 00. At the focal point of these divisions is the moment at The End of the Birth of Time, t = 00, Second 10-36, the moment of the Quantum-wave of the Universe, where 5 extra frames have been added. These deal with the initial Observer connection. Here on the next 12 pages (pages 134-145)–in a Film Frame format–are the 25 QF-Venn diagrams for The First Second of Creation and the 5 QF-Venn diagram connections to the brain. The slides are set in eight graphical “scroll forms” to correspond to the divisions of the First Second.


The Beginning of Creation.
The first 3 QF-divisions describing the eleven
Imaginary Time Events including the Big Bang.
The phenomenon of the paradox is something that is deeply rooted in the foundations of our perception of reality. It quite commonly appears when the consciousness is confronted by a great puzzle. Of all the riddles of Man, none is greater than the one of the initial conditions of the Universe, prior to, and during, The Birth of Time. In the QF-theory this is the “mystical time” of “Imaginary Time”. The physicists tell us that in the beginning there existed no space, and then we read about the physics of the black holes and the singularities and learn that space is infinitely curved around them. This paradoxical contemplation comes into the author’s mind when thinking of the Big Bang theorizations for the “time” before time was born. The reader will be confronted with some of these paradoxes in the next part of this book. The QF-account of the events begin with the four divisions covering the first part of The First Second of Creation, dealing with the no-time time”–prior to the Planck Energy/Big Bang disintegration–as the Universe begins its manifestation during what is described as:

Imaginary Time : Prior to t = 00 or Second 10-36.


Figure 031


Figure 032


Figure 033


Figure 034

The End of the Birth of Time.
The central QF-division describing the last four
Imaginary Time Events and the Observer connection.
This is the fateful part of the First Second, which Professor Stephen Hawking refers to when talking about the proposed GUT-era between Second 10-33 and Second 10-43. This is the “time” where the Theory of Everything is written; the incredible “time” of the answers to all questions about the Universe, life itself included. Indeed, here we find the “Program for the Wave Function of the Universe”, as well as the “Program for the Wave Function of the Human Brain”. This film frame for a QF-Venn-set equation equivalent will contain The Fundamental Programming of the DNA and thus “The Missing Arrow of Time”, which represents the answer to the riddle and mystery of life itself.
    The clear ability of the QF-Venn diagrams for the second fraction representing The End of the Birth of Time, to connect to the human brain, would be a stark reminder of Erwin Schrödinger's famous 1944 book WHAT IS LIFE? and of Niels Bohr’s famous 1932 lecture: LIGHT AND LIFE. In his book Schrödinger emphasized the missing explanations for what he termed negative entropy, or mystery of the increased order apparent in life. Bohr on the other hand emphasized his view that the nature of life could be explained on a purely physical basis, and required no “mysterious life-force”. He further projected that: If we are able to push the analysis of the mechanism of living organism as far as that of atomic phenomena, we should scarcely expect to find any features different from the properties of inorganic matter.” Bohr’s suggestions turn out to be true in as much as the mechanism of life is indeed a feature of the atomic spectra, but the QF-findings are that there would still be a mysterious life force (field) involved in its regulation. Eventually the QF-theory claims to be able to explain the whereabouts and the fundamental functions of this mysterious life force, even though they suggest that Man does not possess direct powers over it. In the second of the next two “scroll graphics” is a view of the fourth division that deals with the initial analysis of the Observer connection in the 5 frames of the extra fourth division.

End of Birth of Time : At t = 00 or Second 10-36.


Figure 035


Figure 036

The Manifestation of the Universe.
The last 3 QF-divisions of the First Second.
The 10 Magical Creation Events of Actual Time.
Although time is now born, we cannot talk of the beginning of the second half of the First Second of Creation taking place in time and space, since in the case of the Universe beginning in quantum fluctuations, space does not exist. In the event of a singularity at the beginning–which is the case in the QF-theory–space already exists in the infinitely curved state as leftover from a previous Universe. Thus the acts of time begin by a colossal expansion of the quantum wave field of radiation transformed out of the singularity, into the previously infinitely curved space surrounding this radiation, which has now turned into a Negative Gravitational field or Virtual Nucleon Quanta field or primordial Empty Little Black Holes field (VNQ field or ELBH field--in physics Higg’s Field). This takes place through the radiation field of the singularities disintegration being exponentially “sucked into” or it “falls into” this surrounding negative gravitational field. It is in this process that most of the Universal matter is being created in particle-pairs of matter and antimatter radiation-quanta through its popping out of the “Dual Polar Vacuum Quantum Potential” or “Zero Negative Energy Field of the Vacuum” of the space that is further being created through its expansion. Of major interest is the process of how the antimatter side of the pair creation quanta (PCQ) magically mass charges the mass less Virtual Nucleon Quanta or Empty Little Black Holes, which continues throughout the reminder of the second. It is through this that the antimatter–in the pair-particle quanta creation process–is removed from the reality of its own matter side, thus its annihilation and return into the vacuum quantum potential is for the most part prevented. Most Big Bang theories allow for this creation but fall short in the details as to how Higgs bosons got their mass and what became of the antimatter. This makes for a charming solution to this riddle of the missing Big Bang antimatter Universe. It is through this that the QF-ELBH graviton quanta is given mass and transformed into baryon nucleons. Here this is being described in simplistic verbal visualizations, with the simplistic graphics in the QF-Venn diagram film frames. This constitutes the three divisions of the latter half of The First Second of Creation, dealing with events after The Birth of Time as the Universe moves into manifestation:

Actual Time : Past t = 00 or Second 10-36.


Figure 037


Figure 038


Figure 039


Figure 040

The Acquisition of the Insights and the
Understanding of the QF-Venn Diagram Events.
The quest for the ultimate answers to all conceivable questions regarding creation and all that is in it, has to be an unusual undertaking. When someone, who has no specific training for this endeavor, suddenly gets some ideas–and here we do not care how–that suggest a solution to the dilemmas involved in such a search, then this has also to be an unusual occurrence. To such a claim, the first reactions by others would be to exclaim “madness!” Now, if the individual involved is not mad, then his first reaction will be to exclaim “madness!” This is indeed the reaction to all such grand novel ideas, regardless whether they are true or not.

Many such cases throughout history have brought violent experience to those who dared present radically different ideas, especially if they claim mystical insights. The case histories of Galileo Galilee, Giodorno Bruno, Barchus de Spinoza and Johann Böhm are an example in case. The personal experience of the author of the QF-models has been no different than those mentioned. They were initially– as described most fittingly by Niels Bohr (See the quotation at the beginning of Part Three)–looking absurd otherwise they were not represent anything new and would not have a chance. The author of this theory believes this to be profoundly true for the QF-theory.

It was in party for these reasons that the author--at the acquisition of the ideas presented here in this book--decided to go through rigorous psychiatric testing and evaluations before he undertook any serious work on them as described in The Premises, page XL. This is a part of the healthy reactions that such unusual experience necessarily produces, but never the less, these actions did not suffice for the author to decide to start his studies, research and work on the presentation of the QF-theory. That decision would come three years later, after he had made the insight that the QF-Venn-set that described The Quantum Wave of the Universe represented the description of the electron and he realized that it contained the answer to the two riddles regarding the nature of light that eluded Newton. The author's insight that this Venn-set contained the explanations for the three fundamental colors of the Universe and that it predicted and explained only a wide green color mix band between the blue and the yellow and that it excluded a wide orange mix band between the yellow and the read (See Part III, pages 357 to 358). This insight would be his moment of truth and he knew that he was on to the only Ultimate Theory of Everything that contained life itself, thus the Observer and his consciousness.

In these contemplations the words of Professor Steven Weinberg come to mind: “The creation of NEW physical principles is agony and apparently cannot be taught.” Well. If they cannot be taught, then they cannot be learned either, so where do they come from. Perhaps they came from the same place as the compositions that Mozart sometimes found in his head upon awakening, but his answer that they came from God sufficed him.

Once the QF-theory progressed into the creation of the QF-brain models, it would eventually show the author how ALL insights and discoveries are made and that the creation of NEW physical principles is something, which must come from the brain’s creative faculties, or the Jamais vu faith center in the spatial hemisphere, or the God connection, and that the ego or self perception matter hemispheric will of the individual was not capable of this at its own wish. It would always be the spatial reality will, or the soul, or the God connection, that provided the insight, or the creative spark, but this was in agreement with the findings of Professor Seven Weinberg and is further in agreement with the famous conscious decision experiment identified with Benjamin Liped. What ever our opinions of these contemplations, the reality is the same for all theories, the ultimate judgment on the creation of the QF-theory will always be the time/life continuum.

The enormous work that awaits anyone who ever gets such ideas as are presented here, is indeed something that cannot be foreseen. In the Biblical, New Testament prophecy–which the author suggests applies to his spiritual experience discovery–the reactions he experienced are indeed anticipated. This is the Book of Revelation, Chapter 10-10, but the poetic, prophetic simplistic description appears thus: I took the little scroll from his hand and ate it, and it tasted sweet as honey in my mouth. But after I swallowed it, it turned sour in my stomach.” This was indeed the case and the author would need 18 years of studies, research and work until the first presentation of them would be published. Then another three years would be required for the improvements of the graphics and the text for the second edition. All in all, in the author’s experience the most difficult effort in the digestion of the insights gained in the authors spiritual vision would be in making them presentable to, and accessible by, everyone.

Before the conclusion of these previews and before we enter into our “dream state analyzes” of creation, there are two cardinal subjects that have to be considered. The first one is that the singularity in the QF-theory is possibly a collapsing previous Universe; Phenomena known as a “Big Crunch”. This may also be caused by extreme quantum fluctuations in an infinitesimal point in the vacuum of some unknown “meta-space” that then produces an infinitely curved space surrounding it. It is this that is the foundation for the construction of a two-dimensional graphical presentation of a singularity, which in this case is a very “Special Singularity” as it is the singularity that gave birth to the Universe and us.

The last chapter before creation thus contains an aid to the understanding of the processes involved in a two-dimensional Big Crunch graphic representation of the regression of a collapsed star–or a collapsed Universe–into a black hole, and then into a singularity. This graph is most naturally modified to indicate the First Frame of the QF-Venn diagrams. The idea for the presentation is taken from Professors Hawking’s 1988 book, A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME.

A graph for a quantum fluctuation progression is not provided as it would eventually have to end up in the same state as the Big Crunch collapsed universe. As a last effort in preparing ourselves for our journey to eternity and infinity–the beginning of everything–we shall thus have a look at the Big Crunch concepts and some other such uncommon ideas and suggestions that preceded–and are involved in–the process of creation.

                                                       Reality of Eternity and Infinity.

Part One, Chapter Seven

Reality of
Eternity and Infinity


Final Introductions before the Commencement
of the 
QF-theorizations of the Universe’s
The First Second of Creation


"I am inclined to think that scientific discovery is impossible without faith in ideas which are of a purely speculative kind and sometimes quite hazy; a faith which is quite unwarranted from a scientific point of view."

                                                                                                     Karl Popper

"At times, quantum theory seems to serve as a useful metaphor which helps to draw our reflections into a new and sharper focus, while at others it seems to promise at least a partial explanation for how consciousness, and hence daily experience, might actually work…Quantum physics shows us that we cannot separate ourselves from our environment…The full nature of quantum indeterminism goes straight to the heart of the central philosophical problem raised by quantum mechanics—the nature of reality itself…. We must need some further mathematics, they argue, perhaps even the discovery of whole new physical principles before we can understand the translation from the quantum world to our own."

                                                                                            Danah Zohar

Some Explanatory Contemplations prior to our
entering the Realm of Quantum Creation Spectra.
Theorizations of the First Second in the Standard Model of the Big Bang encounter difficulties when attempts are made at describing time, space and matter before the Planck Energy, starting about Second 10-30. It is here that the mathematics start to brake down in the extraordinarily extreme circumstances and the enormous energies involved during the moment of creation, in spite of the fact that at this time the Universe finds itself in an extraordinarily simple state. In the superstring theorizations physicists have introduced questionable methods to get around these difficulties, this through bypassing the mathematical infinity problems in the interactions by introducing additional mathematical spatial divisions, whose were abouts are unexplained. This approach has never the less yielded satisfactory results to many problems, mainly to the questions of the quantification of gravity, but in turn new ones have arisen in their place. Solutions have been attempted through the creation of mathematical “compactification” processes, similar to with the “renormalization” process in QED and QCD. However, in the early nineties the situation had become quite embarrassing as five different Superstring Theorizations Theories of Everything (without the observer) claimed to describe our Universe, in spite of different mathematical details. Five ten dimensional descriptions for one Universe did not make sense and in 1995 the mathematical wizard, Edward Witten unified the string theories into one in an eleven dimensional string-membrane theory the M-theory.

In view of the problem regard to the shortcomings of mathematics the QF-method may suffice for the logical analysis of the very simplistic condition of the Universe during the First Second of Creation, and thus attain the “missing parts” of the quantum mechanical picture. In this process the
QF-theory includes two extra dimensions–in addition to the three of space and one of time–but does not encounter difficulties in explaining their whereabouts and basic nature. The QF-theory is thus six dimensional.

The basis for the
QF-theorizations initiation of creation is in the theoretical existence of black holes and singularities, for which the 1994 book by Professor Kip Thorn: BLACK HOLES & TIME WRAPS, Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy, may well be the best publication on the subject. The QF-theorizations thus require a singularity at the beginning of the Universe. Since this singularity is the one that created YOU and I, the author has dubbed it The Special Singularity. Opposed to possible singularities created in the collapse of large stars, this singularity comes into being at the beginning of the Universe, just prior to the quantification of space/gravity. Since no factual data is available for the initial conditions of the Universe and only currently generally accepted theories are all that we have, this means that the QF-theory commences in an arbitrary manner and continues as a model creation process throughout the First Second. The ideas for the theorizations have been arrived at through a specially altered state of consciousness producing an event of transcendental insight-experience. The insights gained through this experience were then reviewed with reference to the main facts of physics and main theories of theoretical physics, particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. Further references have been in biological and neurological facts, as well as theoretical psychology. However, it is through the low/high energy particle physics, its published findings and theoretical explanations, that the QF-understanding of the fundamental reality of the Universe is founded. These foundations have then been corroborated in numerous manifestations with the extremities of the proof in two forms. The first being the most simple form or that of the fundamental colors of nature as observed in the rainbow and prism refractions. The second being the most complex form or that of the fundamental particle spin characteristics, but this will require some initial introductory explanations before the QF-Venn diagrams model creation is commenced.

The Fundamental Quantum Characteristics in
the Creation of the QREST-FIELD Venn Diagrams.
In his marvelous 1985 book SUPERFORCE, Professor Paul Davies suggests that “...the curious geometrical nature of spin could prove to be the key to unifying physics.” Curiously enough, this is the case with the QF-theory. The prime feature of the quantum that guides the construction of the QF-models for the First Second of Creation is the attribute known as quantum spin. The introductory explanation of this mysterious phenomena involved in the behavior of fundamental particles, is again acquired by copying parts from somebody else’s writings on the subject. This time it is Gary Zukav’s THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS quoting Max born: “The angular momentum of subatomic particles is fixed, definite, and known. ‘But’ wrote Born, ‘one should not imagine that there is anything in the nature of matter actually rotating.’ Said another way, the ‘spin’ of a subatomic particle involves ‘The idea of a spin without the existence of something spinning…’ Even Born had to admit that this concept is ‘rather abstruse.’ (Rather!) Nonetheless, physicists use this concept because subatomic particles do behave as if they have angular momentum and that angular momentum has been determined to be fixed and definite in each case. Because of this, ‘spin’ is one of the major characteristics of subatomic particles. The angular momentum of subatomic particles is based on the Planck constant.” This may in part be explained by the waves on the surface of water; there the wave-action is just up and down although it seems as if some mass was moving along the surface. According to the rules of quantum mechanics spin characteristics are classified according to their statistical behavior. The spin of subatomic particles can take on only certain values, equal to whole numbers or half whole number multiplied by the Planck’s constant h. In those units, the spin of a particle is a whole number, either 0, +1, +2, +3, etc., or -1, -2, -3, etc., or half numbers, either +1/2, +3/2, +5/2, etc., or -1/2, -3/2, -5/2, etc., but never anything in between. The spins are also classified as negative-LEFT or positive-RIGHT spins. Left-hand Spin = (-) Negative Spin. Left spin = left hand thumb pointing into the direction of the particles motion, particle rotates in the direction of the pointing of the fingers. Right-hand spin = (+) Positive spin. Right spin = right hand thumb pointing into the direction of the particles motion, particle rotates in the direction of the pointing of the fingers (see also figure 075, page 246). The particles also spin Out, into to the direction of the particles motion. This is rather confusingly called spin-Up. The particles that also spin In, opposite to the direction of the particles motion. This is, like the spin-up, confusingly called spin-Down.

Spin Axis; Particle’s                       Spin Axis; Particle’s
Direction of Motion                        Direction of Motion


Left Hand Spin                                Right Hand Spin

Figure 041

The spins orientation relative to the particles direction of motion, where the particles either spin into it or opposed to it, is the most important verification feature is in the QF-theory. In the creation of the QF-models this direction is initially–during the First Second of Creation –referenced to the vacuum quantum potential/virtual energy of the dual-poles of space. The spin character is indicated on the left-hand side of the QF-Venn diagrams and should become self-explanatory. They are classified as follows:

BOSONS (Energy Quanta):
Integer/Integral Spinning Particles.

Spin: 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. are particles which obey a set of quantum mechanical rules called Bose-Einstein statistics. This kind of spin is in the QF-theorizations a reflection of the particles in In/Out-paradoxical, interaction dual reality.

To give an example of spin weirdness:
A rotation of a whole integer spin-1 particle
will show the same side/face after 1 rotation (360o).
A rotation of a whole integer spin-2 particle will show
the same side/face after just half a rotation (180o)

FERMIONS (Matter Quanta):
Half-Integer/Integral Spinning Particles.

Spin: 1/2, 3/2, 5/2, 9/2, etc. are particles which obey a set of quantum mechanical rules known as Fermi-Dirac statistics. This kind of spin is in the QF-theorizations a reflection of particles, In-enfolded-implicate reality or the Out-unfolded-explicate reality. The Pauli Exclusions Principle applies to these particles, the Fermions. The accumulation of these spins is known as isotropic spin charge.

To give an example of spin weirdness:
Rotation of a half integer spin-particle will show
the same side/face after 2 rotations (720o).

The “Unknowability” of the
Initial Conditions of the Universe.
The “unknowability” of the initial conditions of the Universe is another subject that needs some further introductions prior to the entering into eternity and infinity. The fact being that there is extremely little “fossil” information available on the Big Bang it self, and none at all for any conditions prior to the beginning of time. Several theories regarding the initial conditions have been making the rounds amongst the leading physicists, and some of them are quite exotic such as Bubble Universes spawning other Bubble Universes, quantum umbilical-cord wormholes spitting out Universes and Membranes colliding to produce Universes through Big Bangs. These suggestions come up with numerous Universes--including our Universe--without offering any explanations for the origins of the originating bubbles, umbilical-cord wormholes or membranes.

Since the main purpose of our theorization is to discover as much as possible regarding this Universe we find our selves in–and the associated questions regarding consciousness and life–direct proof for the initial conditions may not be necessary. The QF-approach to this dilemma is through the predominant ideas of physics, the “Rebounding Universe”, but they agree with the ideas of the ancient Indian sages who wrote the Vedic literature and describe similar repeated births and deaths cycles for our Universe. The question of the demise of the Universe we are a part of is relevant here, but this has to do with whether the Universe is a “Closed Universe” or an “Open Universe” (see graph in figure 042A next page). A Closed Universe being one that ends in a heat death, the Open Universe expands and cools forever, since it lacks enough gravitation generating mass to curve space and thus brake and reverse its expansion. The Closed one having enough mass to eventually stop its expansion and contracting into a collapse on it self and into a Big Crunch into an extremely deep black hole known as a Singularity. The other aspect of the Open Universe is the recently appearing research findings on exploding supernovas suggesting that the Universal expansion is accelerating. This research has been lead by Saul Pearlmutter and his group and confirmed by another independent group arriving at very similar results. These startling findings have not been conclusively confirmed, but needless to say, they so far have been as surprising to the science community as they have been to the researcher themselves, but here the jury is still out on these Universal acceleration indications. However, any suggestions for an increasing cosmological constant and the accelerated expansion deciding the fait of the Universe, has a no consequence for the findings of the QF-theory. The QF-theory is primarily concerned with the nature of our Universe, not its eventual fait.

The Three Concepts of the Universes Expansions.


Figure 042A

The QF-theory is centered on the 85 year-old general relativity’s question of how–or by what means–matter accomplishes the gravitational curvature of space. Einstein is said to have stated that the part of the equations of general reactivity (Riemann) that describe how the curvature of space causes matter to fall towards the curvatures’ center, were “written in marble”. It was the other side of the equation which Einstein admitted being arbitrary and described as “written in straw”. It is for this property of matter that the QF-theory offers an explanation, however, the oddity in this is that one may have to know the end of the theorizations in order to understand the beginning. This is the QF-theorizations paradox. The initial QF-explanation for this appear in the first chapter of Part Two and then follow through to the end of the part at which point the suggested explanations should have become clear to the reader.

Apparently, the majority of cosmologists and physicists have a tendency to accept the ideas of a repeatedly rebounding Universe. They have even gone so far as to make calculated educated guesses, which suggest that our Universe be about the 100th in such a sequence. This of course would require an initial or original Big Bang, but not many suggestions are offered as to what was before that began.


 Figure 042B

The best bets are that the first Universe would have to appear out of something as exotica as quantum fluctuation of some form of a spatial vacuum. Consequent Universes end in a singularity that triggers the Big Bang for the next Universe. One can imagine what eons of time this may have taken, even though the life span of the first Universes may have been shorter than of the later ones.

This then is the QF-model scenario with the theorizations being based on a singularity at the beginning. A singularity with an event horizon, which may, or may not, be quantum smeared-out, has to appear at the initiation of creation. In the QF-terminology this is specified as the Special Singularity in spit of the quantum uncertainty that surrounds its conditions. This is the singularity that has brought our Universe and us forth. It is in this Special Singularity that the four forces, we now experience as being separated, are united in one force; The GUT-force.
Without the Special Singularity, the QF-theory immediately collapses, since it is in this that the author experienced the visions whose contents are presented here. These visions explain the ensuing evolution, including the existence of the creatures of intelligence that are asking the questions about their creation. Where the singularity comes from thus presents two possibilities: One dealing with what gave rise to the Original Big Bang, the other in a Rebound Big Bang.

Since a CUT/TOE paradigm may possibly provide the final answers concerning the human brain, it has now become the most important question of all questions in humanity. This holds true, even though it may be disputed as long as a viable and provable CUT/TOE paradigm is not presented. If the Complete Unified Theory/Theory of Everything exists, then there can be only one such theory. The acquisition of such a CUT/TOE paradigm is the single most important challenge in humanity today, and for all times to come. This demands an explanation through a fraction of a second that is now defined in physics as Second 10-36 to Second 10-43, or the GUT-era of the Standard Model of the Big Bang. The GUT-era being indeed a very brief duration of “time”, or 1/ part of a second. This suggests that this minuscule fraction of time can only permit a very limited scope of thought. It is this brain-state, this thought, which the author claims to have found by not seeking it. This thought, which is apparently not achievable employing ordinary mathematics. The author believes that through this experience his life has been spared. Brainstate insights representing a form of mathematics which do not work with quantities or magnitudes, but deal primarily with the nature and reality of creation, thus the fundamental nature and reality of life. This  format is of such nature that it may eventually become accessible to everyone.


A very brief graphical
Review of General Relativity.
Before the construction of the QF-models for the First Second of Creation are commenced, it is a good idea to have a quick review of the very basics form of our high school general relativity lessons regarding the interactions between space and matter. This is the gravitational function of space. In particular regarding relativity’s predictions for black holes and singularities, with special emphasis how this concerns space itself. This is a subject that will require a repeated reference to later in these writings. In this the simplification of Professor John Archibald Wheeler is of utmost importance: “Space tells Matter where to go. Matter tells Space how to be.” For this end a collection of several samples of simple graphical presentation of the interplay between space and matter is shown in Figure 043 on the opposite page.

Gravitational Relationship between Matter and Space.


Figure 043

Figure 043 graphics present detailed two-dimensional schematic analogies of the relationship between the geometry of space and the effects of mass. However, the QF-analogy will not use the terminology: distortion of space, rather structuring of space.

This begins with Professors John D. Barrow simplistic analogy: “A heavy ball is dropped into a block of foam rubber. In sub-figures V and X, small masses generate small curvatures of space, which we interpret as a weak gravitational field. In sub-figure Y, the mass of the ball is so great, and the depression in the rubber so deep, that it closes up the space around the ball, cutting it off from the outside world. Analogously, the presence of sufficiently great mass within a sufficiently small region of space results in that region being closed-off from the outside world. We say that a horizon appears. The distortion of space and time is so great that light cannot pass to the outside world. A black hole has been formed.” This description pertains to sub-figure Y.

Well, that seems easy enough to understand, but what is this? Yes, we did add sub-figure Z. Why have we done so? The reason for this will not become apparent until in Part Two, Chapter Three. This has to do with the fact that Einstein’s equations in general relativity shows us that space-time curves in the presence of matter/energy, but curiously enough, the equations also permit the curvature of space, even in the absence of matter/energy. This is of course unverifiable by experimental physics. In other words, general relativity permits curvature of space in a perfectly empty space. The very suggestion appears not only daring, but also outrageous. Perhaps one of the craziest suggestions in all of physics? Whatever the case, we shall now see how the author approaches the transfer of a simple two dimensional graphic depicting the collapse of the “last” Universe into a singularity, and then how this graphical presentation progresses into the two-dimensional set-math graphics created by the British logician, John Venn. The only problem with this is that the presentation is so simplistic that we have to remind ourselves that this is a description of how the present Universe began. In utter simplicity starting with number ONE, which is what singularity means.

The Big Crunch.
The Creation of the Special Singularity.
Currently the best proposals by our scientists, for the initial conditions of the Universe, are an initiation in a singularity. These are primarily based on our most formidable form of logical thinking, about the Universe structure through the mathematics of General Relativity. Secondarily, through our astrological observations of the Universe and the associated cosmological theorizations. Thirdly, through high-energy theoretical and experimental particle physics. In the progression of these analyzes, the work of Professor Stephen Hawking and Professor Roger Penrose, during the years from 1960 till 1965, and the consequent spin-offs, may have provided us with the most valuable clues; The phenomena of black holes produced by collapsed massive suns. The main value of this being the fact that the mechanism of the gravitational collapse of the burnt out suns, is very likely the same as the mechanism for the eventual collapse of a closed Universe. It is this mechanism, which is portrayed here on the next page in the graphical two-dimensional analyzes of the progression in Figure 044, that show us how the singularity forms a spherical spatial ball of infinitely curved space and an unknown dimension. Inside this ball there exists a very special reality, which in the QF-theory is labeled; “implicate reality”. It is surrounded by what is either called “meta-space” or “super space”. Something for which we have no information, and in all probability never will. Its two-dimensional graphical representation is simply a circle with a dot in the middle. The circle is a cutaway of the event horizon, which represents stored infinite energy in the form of infinitely curved space. In the middle of this is a dot, which represents the singularity. This means a state of infinite pressure and density. In the book’s next part, Part II, the QF-treatment of this extremely simple two-dimensional illustration of a “circle with a dot inside it”, will lead to some startling results. This comes about by regarding it with reference to the “two most fundamental directional dimensions in the Universe”, the IN and the OUT references in creation. The YIN and the YANG references. This is a reference to the dual V±-poles of the vacuum and the corresponding W±-waves in matter. The logic involved in these dimensional directions will become the foundation for the QF-models theorization.

A Graphical Regression Continuum of Matter and Space
in the Last Stages of a Previous Universe’s Big Crunch.


Figure 044

For those interested in the theoretical details of the gravitational regression in figure 044, the author recommends the descriptions provided in the TIME-LIFE BOOK titled FRONTIERS OF TIME. This is the description of the cosmic reversal into what appear as the nothingness that comprises the singularity at which anything may happen, given time enough. This means that since no time exists, the singularity will produce a new Big Bang immediately at its forming. Figure 042 describes this with the result eventually leading to the forming of a singularity, whose details are shown in the two-dimensional graphical presentation in CUT/TOE paradigm CUT/TOE paradigm 044. This depicts the gravitational regression of the Universe into a black hole, and eventually a singularity that is the foundation for the QF-Venn diagram sets representing the initiation of the First Second of Creation. The final stage in Figure 044–the circle representing the event horizon, with the red dot representing the singularity–becomes the basis for the first QF-Venn diagram in Figure 045.


The Basic Attitude adopted in the QF-Theorization.
The QF-theorizations involving the CUT/TOE-era in the Inflationary Version of the Standard Model of the Big Bang, are by virtue of the nature of all such theorizations presented in arbitrary fashion. They are further presented in utter simplicity, offering only limited amount of reference. Direct empirical experimental proofs of these theorizations–or for that matter any other such theorizations on this subject–are out of the question in all the foreseeable future. Fore reasons stated here above, an attempt at clarifying the main points of view and the basic assumptions involved in the theorizations, are made here, prior to the presentation. These in turn present the properties and limitations of the theoretical analyzes, along with some of the claims of their findings. These are as follows:

1)  The QF-Dimensions of the Universe.
The QF-theorizations concern themselves with concepts of six dimensions that are already known to the
Observer, although two of them are not generally understood, or capable of being investigated directly.

2)  The QF-Forces of Creation.
QF-theorizations initiate in the interactions of two different forces created out of what is termed here as “super-mass graviton” or Special Singularity and “super-space curvature” or the infinite curvature of the surrounding space. At the initiation of creation these forces are united forming the Grand Unified Force.

3)  The QF-Models for the Fundamental Particles.
QF-theorizations are primarily in the form of extremely simple modified two-dimensional mathematical-sets known as Venn diagrams. These are variations on the current superstring-membranes spinnor-spiral-twistor field’s symmetry concepts. They have been given the label QF-diagrams.

4)  The QF-Theorizations and the Observer.
QF-theorizations are seen as a complete and consistent Theory of Everything that incorporates the Observer. They are in general agreement with current ideas and theories in physics and biology.

5)  The QF-Theorizations and Observations.
QF-theorizations match our Universe and its composition, as we observe it, as far as this is verifiable.

6)  The Photon as the first QF-Fundamental Particle.
QF-theorizations present the photon as the most fundamental constituent of matter/energy of all matter/energy particles found in the Universe.

7)  The QF-Claim for Uniqueness.
The claim of the QF-theory for the uniqueness of its theorizations is founded in the approach used; the viewing of quantum reality with both hemispheres of the brain unison through the Venn diagram set-mathematics. This means that the events of creation and the composite nature of the fundamental particles are viewed primarily with the spatial hemisphere, with this view being created through material hemispheric theoretical and experimental physics findings.

8)  No Special QF-Predictive Powers.
At the present, the
QF-theorizations claim no particular powers to make any new predictions of physics experimental outcome. They do however claim to explain numerous hitherto unexplained phenomena regarding unresolved questions in physics, biology and regarding the Observer; Man. This applies in particular regarding human behavior. The only prediction the theory makes is that its general findings will eventually hold true in all future investigations of man and nature.

The Basic Assumptions in the QF-Theorization.
The focal point of the QF-theorizations First Second of Creation are the products of a Complete Unification at the Planck Energy and a Theory of Everything at The End of the Birth of Time or the CUT/TOE-era from Second 10-43 to Second 10-36. The results are the following assumptions:

The fundamental assumption of the
QF-theorizations is in the believe that the precise moment at The Ending of the Birth of Time, or at about Second 10-36, represents the moment of The Quantum Wave of the Universe, the Theory of Everything paradigm for the Universe and Life.

The second assumption is that analyzes of the moment at The End of the Birth of Time, at about
Second 10-36, represents the symmetry and fundamental program for the electron and its fine structure.

The final assumption of these analyzes require that the Big Bang event at The End of the Birth of Time, at about
Second 10-36 (1015 GeV, or 1028 Kelvin) to represents the program for the reality of the Universe as it relates to Man, the Observer. Reality as it should appear, when absolutely correctly perceived and interpreted by the Observer.

Magnitudes of the vibrations and rotations of the superstring-membranes parts involved in the formation of the material Universe are not of interest as concerns the QF-theorizations. The focus is on the primary reality.

The Journey to the Beginning of the Universe.
This then is the completion of the introduction to the QF-theory of the creation of the Universe and us. Theorizations, which presented the author personally with an understanding that he desperately need in order to save his live. Theorizations, which accept that the Universe began in a singularity whose existence is arrived at through Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity, primarily the General Theory of Relativity, published 1915-16.

The CUT/TOE paradigm arrived at here does indeed imply that the QF-theory may quite possibly describe viable conditions at the beginning of the Universe. In the dialogue in the following presentation, the author has chosen to address the subject as if, he in fact, did have a valid theory. This is primarily for the simple reasons that if he himself were not overwhelmingly convinced of the validity of the QF-theory, he would not be writing about the subject. The secondary reason is the fact that the ultimate findings of the QF-theory have indeed corrected the terminal ailment in his brains, saving his sanity and life.

A CUT/TOE paradigm proposes to provide simple answers to all possible questions that may be raised regarding the ultimate truths about the Universe, its Nature and its laws, as Man formulates them. In other words, the CUT/TOE by itself, may raise an infinite number of questions, and by itself, give the answers to all of them. The scope and nature of any CUT/TOE in its details, is in itself so grand that no prognostics can be made regarding the time it takes to decide its validity. Erroneous CUT/TOE theorizations have a remarkable tendency to show themselves incompatible with existing findings and theories and Professor Freeman Dyson reminds us that: “Physics is littered with corpses of dead unified theories.” Here the late Professor Heinz R. Pagels presents us with another reminder in his most excellent 1982 book, THE COSMIC CODE. This is that the history of the twentieth century discovery of quantum theory shows us clearly that the creative imagination required dealing with the major problems of the New Physics, has demanded a certain amount of what in relation to our everyday experience appears as craziness, or well-grounded outrageousness. He sides the case of the encounter of Wolfgang Pauli and Niels Bohr at a lecture at the Pupin Laboratory at Columbia University where their discourse resulted in a debate whether the topic discussed was crazy enough to have the possibility of being true. This was in line with Bohr’s requirements for new ideas, which suggested that if at first they do not appear crazy, they do not have a chance. The author believes that the approach employed in the QF-theorizations will meet these requirements.

To sum up what has been said in this chapter, this book is intended to draw up a new version of the current theoretical physics models that explain the Standard Model of Creation and the Standard Model of Particle Physics. In addition to this the theorizations offer explanations for the basic functions of consciousness and the programs of the human brain. The claim is that the QF-theory is a system that pertains primarily to the Brains Spatial Hemisphere and consequently the whole of these writings are primarily spatial hemisphere oriented, but this is what makes the book different from all other writings.

This concludes the introductory dialogues, and we are now ready to begin the actual theorizations of the miraculously magical and simplistic QF-events of creation in the First Second of the Big Bang, with our “Bon Voyage” final dialogue.

Well then–we are off! Off, on our way to the first point of our space/time continuum that is the Universe. Off, to re-live the story of the beginning of our creation. A story, which cannot begin with the classical: “Once upon a time!” A story, which has to begin with the words: “Once, long long ago, when our present space-time did not exist!” A story which has to begin with a timeless reality generally known as infinity or eternity, which, after The Birth of Time, is situated somewhere backwards in time, equivalent to some (± terrestrial years. We shall keep in mind that the events we are to watch–prior to the Planck Energy/Wall–may not necessarily be situated where they have been located on the imaginary time scale in the QF-theory. For all we know, they may be more condensed together just behind the Planck Wall or they may be distributed through previous Universes and are thus situated somewhere in eternity, since they are outside of the time as it belongs to our Universe. However, this lack of precision is of no real consequence for the purpose of our theoretical hypothesis of the events since its end, the results will be the same. The perception of the reality, which we shall be contemplating–the reality of infinity/eternity–will be solely dependent on our choice of thoughts. This is being one thinking engagement, which has been a problem for humanity for as long as Man has written records. The capacity of our brains to analyze the infinite/eternal has been the prime conundrum of the philosophies of Man and has usually ended in arbitrary declarations, which appear in any form between poetry and religious dogmas. Physics knowledge of the initial conditions of the Universe is presently in a state where the lack of information renders all speculations on these; arbitrary educated guesses. In order to get around this problem, the author has, for the sake of his own live, had to adopt an approach which differs from the ordinary. In this he takes theoretical findings of physics, which are paradoxical and self-contradictory, and sets them up in such a manner that in the beginning he does not need to know whether they are true or not. At the end of the QF-theory, they then achieve an indication of their validity. All we really need in the beginning is the courage to begin. The courage to undertake the impossible journey to our creation, our true beginning. There we may discover that it is ultimately only within ourselves where there are to be found the validation of these ideas.


The Special 6-D. Big Bang Creation Camera.
On this unique journey of ours we shall be taking along two unique kinds of hypothetical equipment. These are a Specialized  (Big Bang) Creation Chronometer (SCC) and a Specialized  (Big Bang) Creation Slide Camera (SCSC). The unique chronometer is a device, which through its 6-dimensional characteristics can measure time where no time exists. This it does in the terms of “imaginary time”. The unique slide camera is even stranger with its four magical attributes. First: It can take conventional two-dimensional slide-pictures in the reality of the normal three spatial and one time dimensions. Second: It can make zoom-inn pictures of objects that are too small to reflect any light. Third: The most amazing of its abilities is to take 6th/5th dimensional pictures of the “innards” of the invisible fundamental particles. Fourth: An additional extra feature of the camera is that it can show the invisible structure of infinitely curved space.

The only other item we need to take along are the words of Professor John Wheeler, but the author personally knows them to be true: “No point is more central than this, that empty space is not empty. It is the seat of the most violent physics.” This is necessary, for as we arrive on the scene, we may find that we are not looking at anything but what appears to be empty space or the equivalent there off. At this point we shall remind ourselves that when we arrive at the beginning of creation, we shall attempt to discipline ourselves in order to refrain from all philosophical and theosophical references to our hypothetical observation. We shall subdue all desires for conscious contacts with higher realities and try to stick with our limited knowledge of physics. Our philosophizing we can always do later, once our consciousness has been through the First Second of Creation, which the matter in our bodies already has.

When we arrive, we adjust our consciousness so as to become aware that we are about to witness the grandest show of all shows. This is the show that by its very nature must be quite fussy or vague in the beginning. This is the show, which is the very beginning of our existence. It is the show, where the main attraction (the star of the show) is, our birth and that of our Universe. Yes, this is truly what we really are; The Universe. On arrival we shall begin our tour of the QF-theoretical descriptions of the creation of that which will become the basic constituents of matter. The creation of that which will become space as we know it. The creation of that which will become us, the little old humans, as we think we know ourselves. To accomplice this, we now enter Part II and begin our photographing to create the world’s most exclusive collection of Film Frame slides in the form of the QF-Venn diagrams. – Ladies and gentlemen, we now move on to:

                             Part Two:
                              The QF-Events of The Big Bang.
                                           The First Second of Creation.


The next part of the THE LITTLE SCROLL is:

05 : Part Two 1
The Venn-set Theoretical Models for the Creation Process during the Creation of Time and the
Quantum Wave of the Universe.


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