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Part Two, Chapter Four

The Fourth Division

The End of the Birth of Time.
End of the Fission like Creationprocess.
The Moment of the Theory of Everything.


And God called the light Day,
and the darkness he called Night.
And the evening and the morning
were the first day.

                Moses; Genesis 15


It implies widening until the circle is whole,
In this sense; The way of life is fulfilled,
Heaven is fulfilled....

                Lao Tzu; Tao Te Ching XXV

Entry Speculations on the
Nature of the Hypothetical Observation:
This is where things really begin to become interesting since this is where we enter the physicists GUT-era. The “time” from the Planck Energy to the moment the Universe begins its jump during the Inflationary Epoch. This is the part of the First Second of Creation during which most physicists believe contains 'The End of the Birth of Time' or that the creation of the first quantum wave is complete. This is the moment of 'The Quantum Wave of the Universe'. In physics this is believed to be the last moment that the electro-weak force (EWF) and the strong nuclear force (SNF) are united, but according to the QF-theorizations the SNF is not even born at this stage. To many this is the ultimate moment of truth regarding all questions about the Universe, life and consciousness or that of the Ultimate Theory of Everything, which will provide the information that eventually will settle all disputes regarding existence! This is not just the grandest moment in the QF-theorizations, but in all theorizations of the First Second. However, as we enter the QF-theories physicist's GUT-era, we make the most startling realization, which is that there is really no three-fold unification possible. No Grand Unification of the weak nuclear force (WNF), the electromagnetic force (EMF) and the strong nuclear force (SNF). The QF-unification was the Complete Unification, whose symmetry was ruptured at the Planck Energy.  Could it be that the world’s physicists are barking up the wrong tree? Seeking something that never was and could not take place. It would be eight years after the author’s initial realization that he would read his favorite physicists contemplation whether this could be the case. Following is a citation from Professor Steve Weinberg’s 1993 book DREAMS OF A FINAL THEORY. “There may be no separate unified theory of strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces, but only a truly unified theory that encompasses gravitation as well as the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces.” Indeed. In the QF-theorizations there is no independent GUT, or Grand Unified Theory. The unification is a CUT, or Complete Unified Theory.

Well, we are through the Planck Wall/
Planck Energy looking at the disintegrated singularity presenting us with a partial holistic reality, which means that the nature of each part in the ensuing radiation is the same as the whole, but not the spatial part. We now look at the two SCSC slides showing this state, but the next QF-Venn diagram, figure 074, shows the insides of the continued expansion of the radiation from the disintegrating ‘Seed of the Universe’.

The Special Singularities disintegration
and expansion. 

Imaginary Time: t = -06.
The Ninth Frame: #09A Figure 030. 
The Quantified Universe at the
Third Rupture of Symmetry.
Imaginary Time: t = -06, Second 10-42.
078_Part-Two-Figure-073.jpg 079_1-Part-Two-Figure-074.jpg
Figure 073. Figure 074 external. SCSC in explicate zoom-in-cutaway mode.
Figure 074. SCSC in implicate internal-field mode.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 074:

079_A-Part-Two-Figure-074.gif Negative Event Horizon symbol. This is the boundary of Out-explicate-unfolded reality. It is the interaction dominating negative outer-half of the event horizon, thus making the particle matter. This is achieved by forming the negative outer boundary of the gluon field in unison with the positive Eh.
079_B-Part-Two-Figure-074.gif Positive Event Horizon symbol. This is the boundary of In-implicate-enfolded reality. It is the interaction supporting positive inner-half of the event horizon, thus making the particle matter. This is achieved by forming the positive inner boundary of the gluon field in unison with the negative Eh.
079_C-Part-Two-Figure-074.gif W-negative quantum wave symbol. This is the Out waving W-negative spiral-spinnor-twistor wave of the eventual superstrings-membrane. It is the half of what will give rise to matter and depending on where it will be located,  the different forces of nature. It is the causative-source fore the WNF and magnetism that corresponds to–and is a part of–the reality of the V-negative pole of the vacuum quantum virtual energy of space. It produces down quarks in nucleons and appears as the W-negative boson. It is one of two wave functions that carry interactions between explicate and implicate realities.
Manifestation symbol: TM = Time. MA = Mass. MO = Momentum. Temporal Arrow of Time (TAT) symbol: The negative quantum wave that follows the Zero line of light. It will be the primary cause for mass, the electric force and Coulomb's Law. It will produce either up quarks or down quarks. It cannot exist without the company of the W-negative and the W-positive spiral-spinnor-twistor waves.
079_F-Part-Two-Figure-074.gif W-positive quantum wave symbol. This is the In waving W-positive spiral-spinnor-twistor wave of the eventual superstrings-membrane. It is the half of what will give rise to matter and depending on where it will be located, the different forces of nature. It is the causative-source fore the WNF and magnetism that corresponds to–and is a part of–the reality of the V-positive pole of the vacuum quantum virtual energy of space. It produces up quarks in nucleons and appears as the W-positive boson. It is one of two wave functions that carry interactions between explicate and implicate realities.
079_G-Part-Two-Figure-074.gif Quantified gravity symbol. It denotes that the field inside the circles is a quantum gravitational field representing the graviton. This configuration represents the Out-explicate- unfolded reality of lepton gravitons.
079_H-Part-Two-Figure-074.gif Out = Direction of waves waving out from the objects center towards it’s edge, or event horizon. Omni-directional wave-effects from center.
In = Direction of waves waving in from the objects edge, or event horizon. Uni-directional wave-effects relative to the objects center.

The Quantification of Particle Spin.
When the Universe passed through the Planck Energy at t = -07, or Second 10-43, the W±-waves were quantified and with them their spiral angular momentum, which from now on becomes a fundamental part of all particles. This spin characteristic is an attribute, which eventually becomes one of the QF-theory's main unification verification. – Following spin-characteristics explanations are an additional reference (See figure 041, Pt. I, P. 153).

The QF-Venn Diagram’s Quantum Spin/Helicity.
The Characteristic's Orientation References.


Figure 075.

The Overview on Quantification of Space/Gravity.
As we passed through the Planck Energy event at t = -07, or Second 10-43, the fundamental Planck Constant was written and matter/energy, space/gravity are quantified incorporating the W±-waves whose spiral properties also become quantified. In the quantification of the Special Singularity, matter/energy is the creation of the individual wave packets held together by the W±-waves (the two opposing ends of the matter part of gravity) forming explicate-particle fields. This is the creation of the leptons, but it is in agreement with Einstein’s suspicion that it is gravity that holds the electron together. However, in order to hold the hadrons together (whose SNF creation has not yet started), we are going to need a different set-up of quantification. We are indeed getting close to the Ultimate Moment of Truth. On the road to that goal we have to get further involved with the space-gravity quantification event that took place parallel and simultaneously to the quantification of the Special Singularity, matter/energy. In figure 072 we saw the details of how the quantification event lead to the creation of the virtual W±-waves in the form of the V±-waves in the IRHG bubbles; the wave packets of the implicate-particle fields that eventually will create the hadrons. We shall thus have to begin by reviewing what happens after the disintegration/quantification, with the creation of the IRHG bubbles. Their diameter at the quantification of the SS is very likely to have been cm 10-13, but should it have been less than cm 10-13, the IRHG bubbles will eventually expand to cm 10-13. This is one of the fundamental constants of nature, and the QF-models will stick to this unproven cm 10-13 creation diameter.

In his calculations backwards into the Big Bang, beyond the time of
Second 10-20, Professor Stephen Hawking–amongst others–has come up with the cm 10-13 diameter primordial mini black holes already mentioned, but this matches the diameter of the nucleons and the QF-IRHG bubbles. This coincidental relationship to the mathematics of physics is not a surprise and it is for this reason that the interpretation of the QF-Venn diagrams is as shown in the last chapter. In other words, the QF-theory is claiming that the mini black holes of physics are no other objects than the QF-IRHG bubbles and that their constant 10-13 diameter represents the one of the expanded singularity at the moment of its quantification at the Planck Energy of Second 10-43.

Figures 076 and 077, expresses the best SCSC global views of the mater/energy and the space/gravity quantification processes, after the quantification at the
Planck Energy. At the center is the quantified seed of the Universe, surrounded by the quantified space in the form of the empty little black holes, or IRHG bubbles, but the reversal of the gravitational function becomes here easily visualized. The next time we meet with the IRHG bubbles will be when we return to this global view in figures 097 and 098 on pages 294 and 295 in Chapter Five, at the end of The Birth of Time’, or at t = 0 which corresponds to the beginning of the Inflationary Epoch at  QF-Second 10-36.

SCSC view is in a zoomed-in explicate mode, but we now switch to the magical side of our camera, where implicate mode shows the global internal version of the same slide. The implicate mode gives us the QF-Venn diagram slide that presents a view of the eventual mechanism of the–soon to take place–magical negative gravity jump/leap of the Universe, which, according to the QF-theory, is its main mass creation, through nucleon synthesis.

Gravity’s Turning of the Tables in the IRHG of Space, just after the Quantification at the Planck Time.
The Ninth Frame: #09B Figure #030. The Quantified Space surrounding the expanding Radiation Mass. Imaginary Time: t = -06, Second 10-42.
081_Part-Two-Figure-076.jpg 082_1-Part-Two-Figure-077.jpg
Figure 076. Figure 077 external. SCSC in explicate zoom-in-cutaway mode.
Figure 077. SCSC in implicate
internal-field mode.

 Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 077.
See also Symbol Interpret. in Figure 095:

082_1-Part-Two-Figure-077.jpg a = The expanding GU-antispace mass of the quantified radiation of the SS. These have yet to fully expand.
b = The expanding implicate reality hadron graviton of the SS's quantified space. – These are still expanding.

 The Last Stop Before,
The End of the Birth of Time.”
The Seed of the Universe is no longer really nothing but has become something as it has disintegrated into in numerous expanding particles, which are all of the same composition. The Special Singularity has thus gone from centimeter 10-24 in diameter, or 1/ of a centimeter, to centimeter 10-13, or 1/ of a centimeter, at the moment of quantification. The QF-suggestion is that the radiation forming particles from the seed are now, at about Second 10-42 or t = -06, just after the Planck Energy and until the End of the Birth of Time at Second 10-36 or t = -00, in continued expansion to form the completed version of the Wave function of the Universe. During this epoch we shall also be look at the physicist's mathematical suggestions for the existence of gluons (SNF), gravitons, lepto quarks and magnetic monopoles.

It is here of importance that we are aware of the fact that after the disintegration has begun, the nature of the whole of the center of the event is still the same as that of each individual wave-packet in it. This is a holistic phenomenon in which the radiating particles continues to drive the creation of the
Temporal Arrow of Time until the triplicate particle-membranes of high-energy quanta reach the full expansion dictated by the V±-poles of the surrounding space. The independent particle fission like process will end with the End of the Birth of Time. This is reached somewhere between Imaginary Time of t = -02 and t = -00, or between Second 10-38 and Second 10-36. The quantum fractions of the W±-waves have decreased quite considerably in their relative size to the Z-negative open-membrane mass-wave, to which they by now have shed most of their mass/energy.

Towards the end of the
First Second we shall see--in the creation of the hadrons--how this process is reversed and these triplet-membrane waves will become redistributed into a sort of brane-shell democracy, though not in the same sense this is seen in physics. During this period we are carefully looking for independently existing particles such as gluons (SNF), gravitons (GTF), lepto quarks (SNF) and magnetic monopoles (EMF), but we find no sign for any such exotic particles. As we understand the situation, only the gluons have been found in the accelerators in the form of gluon-jets, neither have any of the other objects been seen there or anywhere else. However, these particles, which have shown up in the mathematics of the theorists--no place else--but the QF-theorizing is suggesting that the Z-waves and the W±-waves are in actual fact the lepto quarks and the W±-waves the magnetic monopoles and gravitons, which the mathematics are suggesting, but this should explain itself as we progress. In the QF-theorization all these particles are an inseparable integral part of the particles as shown in figure 079, and the physicists gluons are in fact momentary collision fractions of the quarks. – Let’s take a peek at the wave-function expansion just before the ultimate moment of truth! The Universe’s First Principle.

Figure 078 we have the SCSC explicate mode graphic showing how the triplet-membrane individual brane-shells are seen. Here the emphasis is on the properties of the whole of the phenomena being the same for each individual quanta, as it is for the whole of the mass of the radiation. It is then through the SCSC implicate mode that we are able to see in figure 079 parts of the internal structure that is responsible for the particles properties.

The Radiation Quanta at 
Imaginary Time: t = -03.
The Tenth Frame: #10A Figure 030. Expansion of the Radiation Quanta. Imaginary Time: t = -03, Second 10-39.
083_Part-Two-Figure-078.jpg 084_Part-Two-Figure-079.jpg
Figure 078. Figure 079 external. SCSC in explicate zoom-in-cutaway mode.
Figure 079. SCSC in implicate
internal-field mode.

Symbols in Figure 079, same as Figure 074.
Additional features are the V-Poles from Figure 080.

About this time the radiation has expanded enough for us to see space between the particles being formed, which means that we need to become conscious of the dual V±-polar properties of the vacuum of space. These dual spatial V±-poles are the real source of creation since this is where the matter, anti-matter of the material Universe is about to emerge from. This vacuum is what we call nothing and it is as if the mass of the previous Universe had somehow been transferred into the infinite V±-poles of the infinite curvature of the space surrounding the Special Singularity. We shall therefore have a look at the interaction situation surrounding a single radiation quantum, which will eventually become the electron, and how the dual creation V±-poles of space are connected to it. – Figure 079 shows the Venn-diagram expression for the relationship between the W±-waves and the V±-poles and figure 080 show how this relationship looks in the vacuum chamber of experimental physics. In figure 080 we see how the V±-poles virtual particles align them selves around the electron with the positive ones on the inside. This is the spatial extension of the magnetic and gravitational properties of matter.

The Electron Quanta and the Surrounding V-Poles of the
Vacuum Quantum Potential - Virtual Energy of Space.
Figure 080. Figure 079 external. SCSC in explicate zoom-in-symbolic mode.

Eventually we shall have a close look at this interrelation later when we come to the creation of the nucleons, but this will begin during the Inflationary Jump of the Universe and continue to the end of the First Second. We will also have a close look at this in Part III, where the QF-theory shows how the W±-waves and V±-poles represent the same reality, in and out of the particle, thus not requiring any force carrier interaction process to take place between them in order to produce gravity in the form of the curvature of space.


The First Quantum-Wave of the Universe.
Its Ultimate Statement: “The Theory of Everything.”
The end stage of the singularity’s quantification symmetry rupture, manifests in the radiation quanta’s complete expansion in a state of a permanently stable symmetry. The balance of the internal forces of the particle have been achieved where the mass-force of its Z-negative wave is in agreement with the sum of the force of its quantified gravity carried by the W-negative and W-positive waves. In is the Z-negative wave that creates the quanta's Temporal Arrow of Time (TAT), and–as we shall later see in Part III–this moves the particle and prevents the TAT from flipping into its opposite SAT, to become the mirror particles of antimatter. The difference between the three brane-shell waves of the electrons becomes verified in the difference in homogeneity of the photons, as does the electro-weak unification masses difference between the Z-zero and W-negative and W-positive bosons of approximately 90 GeV to 80 GeV, verify this in the baryons. The W-negative and the  W-positive twistor-spinnor-spiral waves of the quanta will render it forever capable of becoming a function of space, in the form of light rays (waves).

The details of what particular type of particles the quanta of the expanding radiation field actually represents, is of interest, but in the QF-analyzes the mass of the radiation quanta is the expanding seed for the lepton quanta in the form of the eventual electron and its symmetry is the same. At this stage the high temperature makes it too early for any nucleons to exist and there is not enough free space V±-potential for the creation of any bosons other than the photon. It could not possibly be the quanta for the neutrino; the internal symmetry of the quanta does not indicate this and as previously discussed, there are no independently existing magnetic monopoles, lepto-quarks nor gravitons, anywhere.

Well then! We have arrived at the moment of truth. This then is the moment of The Quantum-Wave of the Universe that the physicists of the world are seeking. Holy Toledo! It is indeed different from all what we had personally been expecting and we can see why it is so difficult to figure this out. The force of gravity for the hadrons has broken away at the Planck Energy in a manner which mathematics cannot deal with without coming up with infinite absurdities. The causes for the electro-magnetic force, weak-nuclear force, strong nuclear force and gravity are all rooted in the radiation quanta. This all being achieved by the internally interdependent interaction of the triplicate W±-brane-shells twistor-spiral-spinnor waves, with or through the external V±-poles potential of space. We now look through the functions of the SCSC at this magical creation, greatest of all wonders: ‘The First Complete Creation in the Universe’, ‘The End of the Birth of Time’, ‘The Moment of the Theory of Everything’. First, in a cutaway, then in the Venn-set.

This looks like a rip-off. Is this the information that Professor Hawking claims contains the answer to everything? All we see are a cutaway of the triplicate-membrane representing the electrons radiation quanta in the SCSC explicate format. In this triplicate brane-shell form we do indeed see the reasons for the outlandish notion that each fundamental particle is both a wave and particle at the same time.

The Radiation Quanta at the 
End of the Birth of Time. 
Imaginary Time: t = 00
Actual Time: Second 10-36.
The Eleventh Frame: #11A Fig. 030.
The End of the Birth of Time.
The Quantum-Wave of the Universes.
Imaginary Time: t = 00.
Actual Time: Second 10-36.
086_Part-Two-Figure-081.jpg 087_Part-Two-Figure-082.jpg
Figure 081. Figure 082 external. SCSC in explicate zoom-in-cutaway mode.
Figure 082. SCSC in implicate internal-field mode.

Symbols in Figure 082, same as Figure 074.

This is the final creation manifestation of the QF-triplicate-membrane matter particle in six dimensions. Through the integration between the two W±-brane-shell spinnor magnetic poles gravetones waves and the two extra spatial quantum dimensions--the sixth and the fifth manifested in the V±-poles of the vacuum quantum potential of space--the particle will generate gravity, by pulling on the V±-poles. This action will be causing the particle to become spherical, as well as manifesting gravity through the curvature of all of the surrounding space in the whole of the Universe. The curving of these two waves also curve the Z-negative open mass-wave, curving the particles three shells to fit the three dimensional spherical spatial shape dimensions and with them the spatial curvature produces the fourth dimension of time.

While the W±-waves--which hold together the triplicate-membrane fermion (matter) particles--are an extension of the
V±-poles of the vacuum quantum potential/virtual energy of space, they create the magnetic field in the V±-poles immediately surrounding the particle. Each of the two W±-brane-shell spinnor waves, is thus a magnetic monopole which cannot have an independent existence without the other pole, for the same reasons that the quarks of the nucleons cannot have an independent existence (this is further analyzed on page 394 to 397 and in figures 141 and 142 in Part III). Here the QF-theory suggests that the claims for the independent existence of lepto-quarks, is caused by the incompleteness of mathematics (Gödel). The lepto-quarks did apparently pop up in the equations of Maxwell and Dirac, which later lead to the suggestion that they existed in the moments after the Planck Energy disintegration and just prior to The End of the Birth of Time.

The completion of the expansion creation of this radiation object, the electron, is the the first fermion created and thus produces time through the spatial gravitational curvature it manifests. This fundamental particle, that is the subject of the Dirac Equation and of Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED) discovered and so brilliantly explained in the first half of the twentieth century, is responsible for the electro magnetic field that makes most everything in the material world work together. This object, the electron, is the particle about which Professor Heinz R. Pagels reminds us that "have never revealed any interior structure and appear as pure point particles even at the highest of energies." In the science of the invisible, this feature compounds the puzzle of this creation in view of the numerous properties this magical particle possesses and which were revealed in Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED). Properties such as it's electric charge, magnetic poles and magnetic momentum, parity spin directions and is then surrounded by a sea of interacting pairs of virtual particles and antiparticles.

It is thus not strange that the physicists have been puzzled by the electron's refusal to reveal any specific structures within itself, that carried or were responsible for these properties. However, here the magic of the mathematical science becomes apparent in it being able to reveal these intrinsic properties without seeing anything. Here the story of Professor Feynman's announcements to the public at the publication of the Quantum Eelectro Dynamics, which is perhaps the world's most far reaching and accurate science theory. He told the world that the theory was almost impossible to understand, that his physics students did not understood it and neither did he, its prime constructor. This was of course a reference to the fact that the theory was explaining numerous properties in "a mathematical point particle cm 10-16 in diameter" without knowing how they came about or where they came from. With the Venn-diagram description of the electron's creation in the QF-theory, we can now see where and how its properties originated and what it is in the particle that produces them.

However, that the electrons--as well as all leptons--are also constructed from a triplicate brane-shells, just like the baryons, is something that physics has been unable to detect. This is obviously due to the enormous difference in the size of the Z-waves compared to the W±-waves, which have given up most of their mass to the former. Never the less, they all share their electric charge distribution in the same proportions, just like in the baryons and the two incredibly small magnetic-spin-graviton W±-waves in the electron, still carry the same role as they do in the baryons. The findings of Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED) never the less reveled the socalled electron spin g-factor for its magnetic moment had the value of 2.002319304, which was confirmed by experiments to precizely the same number revealing the magical precision of the mathematics.

Another mathematically expressed quantum property of the electron is the "electromagnetic coupling constant" or the "fine structure constant" as it is also called, calculated in the 1916 by the physics Professor Arnold Sommerfeld and defined as; α = 1/137.036. This property, like the magentic moment, has no explaination in physics for what in the particle produces it, but with the Venn-diagram description of the electron's creation in the
QF-theory, we can now see where and how its properties originated, what it is and that the Z-brane-shell open waves and the W±-brane-shell spinnor waves are what produce it.

The three-in-one composition of the membrane quanta does in turn make further suggestions that are of prime interest. This is in regard to what happens when the triplicate-membrane light waves/rays--the W±-brane-shell spinnor waves and the Z-negative brane-shell open waves--become visible in the surrounding V±-poles of the vacuum quantum potential/virtual energy of space. This is the spectrum of light complimenting the spectrum of the elements or the fingerprints of matter as this is sometimes referred to. Here is the reason for the appearance of the twin lines, in the spectra lines, the two W±-brane-shell spinnor waves. The two wave functions are actually the ends of the visible spectrum, with the W-negative brane-shell spinnor wave representing the ultra-violet end of the spectrum, and the W-positive brane-shell spinnor wave representing the infrared end of the spectrum.

The spin of the individual particle is the spin of the Z-negative brane-shell open wave, which in the leptons is its main source of manifestation, as it carries its main mass/energy. This spin is regulated through the synchronized spin-properties of the W±-brane-shell spinnor waves in the particle, but these, as well as all other aspects of these two waves, have to be in an absolute internal symmetrical state for the particle to have a permanent existence. A remarkable aspect of all this is the fact that the effects of the W-positive brane-shell spinnor wave in matter are partially produced by the complimentary V-positive poles in the immediate surrounding space, with this obviously being reversed in the anti-matter particles.

In the professional theorizations of the strong interactions, Murray Gell-Mann and Harald Fritzch (1971), saw the actual differences in the spectrum differences in frequencies of the three quarks, which is actually a manifestation of the properties of the three basic colors. They gave these differences the names of the colors, eventually making variations in this to compensate for the differences between the different nucleons. This is how the name Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD) for the science of the nucleons, was born. This appears at first as a marvelous coincidence, but in the QF-theory the three brane-shell quark waves in the hadrons are also distinguished with color, with the idea taken from the three basic colors of Nature, presented us in the rainbow. The QF-approach is thus to adopt its own system for the hadrons, where the quarks are identified as the W-negative wave represented by the color BLUE. RED then represents the W-positive wave and the central, dual-direction natured, Z-positive/negative waves represented by YELLOW/GREEN. To distinguish between the out-waving and the in-waving brane-shell waves, the GREEN color has been adopted for the in-waving Z-positive wave. This in turn corresponds to the colored gluons of QCD.

In nature the Z-negative brane-shell wave are mostly spinning in the same direction as the W-negative brane-shell spinnor wave or to the ultra-violet side, but this is defined as a positive integer spin. In the lower energy states, this spin may be reverse into the W-positive brane-shell spinnor wave infrared side, producing what is defined as a negative integer spin. – Yes! This does indeed become a bit confusing and hard to comprehend at times.

The End of the Birth of Time has arrived and we find our-selves at the end of the era we used to think of as the GUT-era. The Universe of the physicist may still be at the diameter of about cm 10-24, where as the QF-Universe may be somewhat larger, but the temperature of both is now a comfortable 1028 degrees Kelvin. The Imaginary Time on the Special Creation Chronometer, shows that t = 00, or Second 10-36 has arrived and passed and from now on we will be dealing with proper second fractions of time. The Universe will enjoy the symmetry of this first quantum wave that has been created for as long as it exists. This is the symmetry of the independence of the photons and leptons, but the electron which will give matter its volume and will from now-on be riding the “Temporal Arrow of Time”. The symmetry of this triplicate-membrane, high energy field quanta--the mother of the leptons--will also be the fundamental program for all central nerve systems in all living organism, including us. As far as the leptons of the Universe are concerned today, nothing has changed since this moment. The Planck Constant “h” has now been fully expressed. The shortly appearing photon quanta will then present us with the most fundamental constituent of the Universe. – Well! Is all this correct according to nature? How does the author know? What proof does he have?

Questions of Confirmation to Reality.
The Connections to Experimental Physics!
It is at this point in the development of the QF-theory--at the appearance of the Eleventh Frame representing Second 10-36 in figure 082--that the all important conjuncture of the Quantum-Wave of the Universe and the Inflationary Epoch, demands a review of the verifications at hand. This moment is indeed, the moment that describes everything according to the famous quotation of Professor Steven Hawking: "I would like to know exactly what happened between 10-33 second and 10-43 second. It is there that the ultimate answers to all questions about the universe–life itself included–lies." It is indeed the insight in figure 082, which Hawking, as well as all the world's leading physicists are seeking to find.

In other words, it is here that the author will have to make elementary connections of these findings to the Universe and Man the Observer, his brain and consciousness. If not, then this will mean that he has really lost his marbles and he shall not be continuing these speculations.

So what is it that he needs in the form of proof and what is it that he might expect to find as such proof? This is a point at which the QF-models are squarely facing the findings of the first of two of the foremost fields of the scientific endeavor. These are the fields of physics and neurology, to which the QF-model will have to connect in all simplicity:

a)    In Regard to the Matter Part of the Universe: The QF-theory will have to make some connection to some physical facts from experimental physics. In other words, the QF-models will have to be expressing the Universe as we observe it, if only rudimentary initially.

b)    In regard to the Human Brain and Consciousness: The
QF-theory will have to make some connection to some physical facts from neurology. In other words, the QF-models will somehow have to be rudimentary expressing either the DNA, or the brain and consciousness of Man. This being the “thing” that is actually doing these analyzes.

Firs we look at the a) demand, but this was satisfied prior to the authors work on the
QF-theory began. Here it serves as the prime simplistic connection of the QF-Venn diagrams to the findings of physics.

The QF-theory's First Proof (see Part III, Page 355):
The first three and half years after the author's spiritual experience that gave him the vision that produced these theorizations, he spent reading up on various sciences; physical and spiritual. This was done for the purpose of determining whether the ideas the vision proposed were really valid as a basis for a Unification Theory that would include the Observer and thus represent a Theory of Everything. The spiritual experience of the author had seemed “...sweet as honey in his mouth”, but its interpretation looked to become “...sour in his stomach.” After the three and half years, the realization that to digest the connection of something this simplistic to the diversity and complexity of the Universe, would take much further doing and require an enormous amount of time and work. In mid 1988 this realization would lead to a decision crisis since this work was obviously not worth venturing unless he had some significant verification for the validity of the ideas acquired in his vision and thus a motivation to continue his work.

Again it would be his meditation that would save the day, this in the form of an insight into a significant and obvious vital fact regarding nature. This was his vital connection to Newton's 1666 prism discovery of the three fundamental colors of light in experiments that perhaps represent the oldest quantum mechanical experiment in history, of course without Newton knowing this, since the New Physics did not exist at the time. In it the author not only saw that the triplicate brane-shells of the QF-Venn diagrams fitted perfectly the prism experiment, but further explained why only a wide green mix-band appeared between the yellow and blue colors and not a wide orange mix-band between the yellow and red, which was an even stronger proof.

There would eventually be two other--more sophisticated--experimental facts regarding–the Quantum-Wave of the Universe–or the electron's program, suggesting that the QF-models might be justly considered to be on the right track, but these are the following two phenomena in physics:

    a)  The Electron’s Parity Spin Direction.
    b)  The Electron’s Fine Structure Coupling Constant.

First we shall consider the possible validation, or verification of the Venn-set system for analyzing the spin properties of the electron’s spin direction in relation its parity. This is the fact that the particles spin is not only left and right-handed, but it also spirals/spins, either in the direction of the particle travel, or it spirals/spins in the opposed direction. From professor’s Harald Frizch’s 1981 book, QUARKS, THE STUFF OF MATTER, we have taken a graphical description of the electron’s parity.

The Parity Helicity of the Matter Electron.


Figure 083.

Symbols in Figure 083:

088_A-Part-Two-Figure-083.gifThis symbol is indicating Right-handed Forward Spin. Curved arrow matches right-hand fingers.
This symbol is indicating Left-handed Backward Spin. Curved arrow matches left- hand fingers.

                                    This property of the electron eventually becomes the key to the unification verification in the form of the QF-theory's Venn-set expression.

We have also taken Dr. Frizch’s written description of this spin property: “The quantum-spin of a right hand electron, called eR, points in the same direction as the momentum of the electron, and the electron rotates like a right-handed screw. A left-handed electron's spin is directly opposite to the electron’s momentum, and this electron rotates like a left-handed screw. Parity (P) transforms a left-handed electron into a right-handed one and vice versa as indicated by the double-headed arrows.”* Here is the QF-version and comparison:

Comparison of Spin Characteristics of the Lepton
Quanta in the QF-Model, to the Spin of the Electron.


Figure 084.

Note: Before we consider the abbreviations in the explanatory graphics in Figure 084, we should be aware of the fact that most of the abbreviations are representing the same thing expressed in different terms. The main difference is in the terms used by physics (blue and lilac abbreviations) and the terms used in the QF-model (red abbreviations).

Abbreviations and Symbols in Figure 084:

Helicity = Angular momentum of the electron (spin).
RDOES = Right-handed direction of electrons spin.
DPRSE = Dimensionless point right spinning electron.
QFRSE = QF-right spinning electron.
QFLSE = QF-left spinning electron.
DPLSE = Dimensionless point left spinning electron.
LDOES = Left-handed direction of electrons spin.
e= ElectronR = Right-handed. L = Left-handed.

As far as the author knows then physics has no conclusive knowledge, or idea (meaning, plenty of ideas but no proofs) why the particles spin thus and simply accept this as an experimental fact. Figure 084 is the QF-explanation for this phenomenon. The QF-Venn diagrams not only explain why the parity functions and the helicity functions are as we do find them, but they predict this to be the case. – The direction and character of the quantum-spin in the graphic of Figure 083 is in splendid agreement with the QF-Venn diagram’s suggestions for parity change. Here the encouragement is in the fact that the author did not even know what spin, parity and helicity was when we got the QF-vision ideas for the QF-Venn diagram’s models of the First Second of Creation.

<>The second point to consider is the question of what is behind the fine structure coupling constant of QED, or the electro-magnetic force. In the state the Universe finds it self in Figure 082, the W±-twistor waves of each individual quanta, have become indescribably small in the leptons. However, it is the authors suggestion that their verifiable effect to-day is to be found–observed, in the electro-magnetic interaction fine structure coupling constant of: α = 1/137.036 or 0.0073 and generally referred to as just: 137. This is indicated in a QF-model of the hydrogen atom in Part III, page 417 to 419, figures149 and 150. There this suggestion is explained and discussed further. This parameter is a pure number that was introduced earlier in the century by the physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, but later Werner Heisenberg commented on it that, “All the quandaries of quantum mechanics will shrivel up when 137 is finally explained.” Again, no one knows–or has any explanations as to–why this reference strength parameter is as we find it.

An additional point of major interest is in the fact that the reality of the W±-brane-shell spinnor wave fractions is situated in both the matter and the spatial reality through the V±-poles, but this is the QF-explanation for the electron's movements through its quantum leaps and it being statistically quantum-smeared out in experiments. To crown all this, no experiments have been able to reveal any internal structure in the electron that might explain its numerous properties. This is achieved by the QF-theory's triplicate-brane structure where the W±-brane-shell spinnor waves have become so small in relation to the Z-negative brane-shell wave that they are undetectable in an object that is to start with only a centimeter 10-16 in diameter.

Well, none of these ideas by themselves constitute any sort of conclusive proof, but they are enough encouragement for the author to continue, provided of course that he can make some sensible initial connections to the DNA and the human brain and its consciousness wave. This will be particularly interesting with reference to any possible spatial connections in the brain to the V±-poles. In order to consider the possibility for this connection, the author has separated these questions from the physics speculations on the events of the First Second of Creation, and has created a special chapter to deal with this subject. As it were, the findings in this chapter eventually lead to his personal cure and salvation, but this specialized chapter is labeled:

                       The Chapter Four Extra:
                                The First Observer Connection.


Part Two, Chapter Four Extra

The First
Observer Connection


Initial Connections to the Observer.
The Fundamental QF-Model Programs for the
Human Brain and Consciousness.


And God said, Let us make man in our image,
after our likeness...
So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God created he him;
male and female...

        Moses: Genesis 126-27

Earth is fulfilled.

And a fit Man also is fulfilled.

            Lao Tzu; Tao Te Ching XXV

The Quantum-Wave of the Universe.
Can it be Applied to Life and the Human Brain?
We have arrived at the crucial point in the QF-theorizations: Can Life and the Human Brain be related to, or equated with, the symbolic QF-logic expressing the first fractions of the First Second of Creation? What about Professor Hawking's suggested connection to the state of the Universe, at the End of the Birth of Time? Surely this is the ultimate extreme for any far-fetched connections, as well as far-fetched ideas. If at this stage in the theorizations, the QF-Venn diagrams can’t be connect to Life and to Man’s Consciousness, we might as well give up right here. Throw in the towel. However, personally the author does not have a choice in the matter. He is done for; Beyond hope, if this is not representing the truth.

The question regarding the connection of the outrageously simplistic symbols in the Eleventh Frame symmetry, to something as complicated as Man, is obviously quite a tough one. The very suggestion that something as simple as the
QF-Venn diagram can elucidate the mysterious functions of the DNA-structure and something as complex as the human brain, seems an outrage. That it may eventually lead to the solution to the riddles and enigmas of Life is indeed a grandiose proposition. Some have even suggested that this must include the prevention of the statistical sicknesses such as cancer. This has to be hard to believe. Perhaps the QF-theorizations might serve to provide new insights into possible prevention, or solutions for these maladies, but at this stage they do not prophesy about any such eventual consequences.

Coupled with the author’s desire to live, wild speculative projective thinking may present a threat to his ability to interpret the QF-Venn diagram’s meanings. It is a matter of life and death that he remains without bias in his analyzes. If he is to have a chance, then he will have to get rid of all his ridiculing and degrading thoughts regarding the QF-concepts and stop judging himself, and his endeavors as being ridiculous. The QF-theorizations are supposed to enable the author to restore his neuro-inhibitor production. At stake is also the possibility that he may be closing in on the knowledge, which Professor Fischbach of Harvard suggests, may apply to the solving of humanities apparent self-destruction drives. In the author’s personal case, this should be the crux point that is going to provide him with his sought after goal; the specific knowledge that will save his sanity and life. Yes. The QF-Venn diagram may be an extraordinary logical tool of thought processes, not just circles, symbols and arrows. It may be a tool for logical thinking at the very fundaments of reality itself. It may be the only possible tool that can achieve this. Thus, if this is so, and a problem appears, it will most likely have to do with the author’s own thinking. The system of the QF-Venn diagram is in order, but the seemingly boundless imagination of the author is something he is going to have to watch out for.

The author’s personal health problem; Threat of insanity or premature death, is connected to the wave program function in the seat of consciousness in his brains. This is manifested in an acquired inability to naturally produce neuro-inhibitory transmitters the brain requires in order to attain a stable wave function and normal state of emotions. Should the author find the answer to his personal health problem, through the QF-models for the basic program of the human brain, then the application of that finding to his own life will be the ultimate test of his success or failure. – It may further serve as a possible important indirect verification of the QF-theorizations.

This extra chapter is thus perhaps the most important part of this book since it initiates the investigation into the question whether the QF-suggested program for one single quantum wave can solve humanities last riddles regarding the regulation of the DNA-functions. An investigation that must ask a great many unanswered questions such as: What causes the order in the chaos? From where come the self-organizing abilities of innate atoms? Where is life’s missing arrow of time? From where come the specializing and integrating instructions for the cell’s homeostasis? What regulates the (master) regulatory genes and the spliceosomes? This chapter's preliminary quest for the answers to these questions begins by a provisional application of the QF-diagrams to the DNA. Approaching this endeavor we find that the suggestions for the Quantum Wave of the Universe in the Eleventh Frame, figure 082--which must contain the key to life itself--does not agree with the DNA's nucleotide distribution of contemporary molecular biology, but this is discussed in details in Chapter Five, Page 450-454, Part III. Fortunately, the author's vision for the First Second of Creation did contain an extra version of the Eleventh Frame that incorporated the Venn-diagram for the DNA (life) and the Observer. In this slide the biochemical letters of life, the AGCT nucleotide are only of two types: Exons and Introns, which connects to the Explicate and Implicate halves of fundamental reality in the QF-theory. Further contemplations of this clearly harmonize with an idea for a holistic construction principle of Matter Hemisphere Explicate-Exon reality and Spatial Hemisphere Implicate-Intron reality for the brain.

A graphical description of this may be viewed at:

To the author this is the most important moment in his interpretations of his visions for these insights represent hope for the solution to the enigmas regarding the functional disorders of the human brain. Further are the questions of the difference in the performance functions of human brains–from one individual to the other. On the road to the answers to these questions we now begin by importing the DNA and the Observer into the equation equivalent of the QF-Venn diagram. The prospect of the answers to the Life and Brain riddles should be the most exciting and interesting part of this theory. Not just for the author personally, but for all the inhabitants on this planet.

Addition of the Observer to the
QF-Venn Diagram’s Equation Equivalent.
The idea for the connection between the theorizations of the First Second of Creation and the human brain and consciousness can only be realized through showing that the quantum wave of the Universe and the quantum wave of consciousness contain the same program. In the next frame–the Extra Eleventh Frame–is the first connections of the findings of the QF-CUT/TOE theorizations at the end of the Eleventh Frame to the brain and consciousness of the Observer. A connection to the Universe as it is at t = 00 of Imaginary Time, or Second 10-36 of Actual Time. The analyzes of this is then based on some 20th century discoveries in psychobiology and knowledge of the anatomy of the human brain, it’s mysterious self-regulating reality-perception properties, as well as the growing knowledge of its basic functions and malfunctions. It further means that any brain explanations will have to connect through the DNA where it will have to explain life in every living cell–not just neurons–both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

The integration of the seat of consciousness (DNA), and the wave of consciousness (EMF) of the
Observer into the QF-Venn diagram equation equivalent, is not just possible, but comes naturally. However, this will initially have to be in the most basic manner, but will take quite a lot of relating before it becomes conclusive. Figure 085 presents the fundamental integration of the Observer's consciousness into the QF-Venn diagram, which now becomes the primary insight into the fundaments of the construction and function of Man’s brain. In the First Second analyzes, we have seen how the singular-individual Out-explicate-unfolded reality emerges out of the plural-collective In-implicate-enfolded reality. This can only mean that the perception of “I” individuality must be a collective function of explicate reality as the individual lives in a body of matter, therefore the material hemisphere, explicate reality, of the brain must be the part that produces the individual perception of self, or “I AM”. This in turn means that the collective perceptions for other individuals must be decided by the functions of the implicate reality, the spatial hemisphere of the brain, but relative to the individual, other beings are located in space. This means that the “YOU-WE” perceptions are in the spatial hemisphere. A further verification is in the commonly known fact that the brain’s primary conscious, material side, is logically its the speech hemisphere. The hemisphere representing “I”–my person–not the secondary conscious hemisphere, that is the spatial-temporal “YOU-WE” subconscious-unconscious hemisphere.

Collective functions for both these hemispheres must logically be in the 200.000.000 neurons of the corpus callosum hemispheric connection. A dualistic, overlapping reality handling the interactions of the two fields. – Here is the integrated QF-diagram showing what is being described:

The QF-Venn Diag. Eleventh Frame: #11V Fig.  030. 
The End of the Birth of Time.
The Quantum-Wave of the Universe. Application of the Observer to the Venn Diagram Equation Equivalent.
Figure 085. SCSC in implicate internal-field mode.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figures 085 (87 for DNA):
090_A-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Negative event horizon symbol. Interaction dominating negative half of the event horizon. Represents the boundary of Out-explicate-unfolded reality. In eukaryotes possessing a central nerve-system, this is the prime foundation for the cortex and its functions of motor programs, the brain's homunculus.
090_B-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Positive event horizon symbol. Interaction dominating positive half of the event horizon. Represents the boundary of In-implicate-en-folded reality. In eukaryotes possessing a central nerves-system, this is the prime foundation for the cortex and its functions of sensory programs, the brain's homunculus.
090_C-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif W-negative quantum wave symbol. An Out waving W-negative spiral- spinnor-twistor wave, of the Out-explicate-unfolded reality that is a part of the V-negative pole of the vacuum quantum potential/virtual energy of infinite space. It curves matter and space to form a negative event horizon. It is one of two waves negotiating interactions between explicate and implicate realities.
090_D-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Jamais-vu centers symbol of the brain. It corresponds to the W-positive waves in matter and the V-positive poles of the vacuum quantum potential virtual energy of space. This is the faith faculty of the brains Sixth Dimensional reality perception located in the DNA’s Intron nucleotides molecules.
Manifestation symbol: TM = Time. MA = Mass. MO = Momentum. Temporal Arrow of Time (TAT) symbol: The negative quantum wave that follows the Zero line of light. It will be the primary cause for mass, the electric force and Coulomb's Law. In the brain it manifests the wave of consciousness.
090_G-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif W-positive quantum wave symbol. An In-waving W-positive spiral-spinnor-twistor wave, of the In-implicate-enfolded reality that is a part of the V-positive pole of the vacuum quantum potential/virtual energy of infinite space. It curves matter and space to form a positive event horizon. It is one of two waves negotiating interactions between explicate and implicate realities.
090_H-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Déjà-vu centers symbol of the brain. It corresponds to the W-negative waves in matter and the V-negative poles of the vacuum quantum potential virtual energy of space. This is the compassion faculty of the brains Fifth Dimensional reality perception located in the DNA’s Intron nucleotides molecules.
Quantified gravity symbol. It denotes that the field inside the circles is a quantum gravitational field representing the graviton. The quantification of matter at the Planck Time created holistic quantum wave radiation, this indicates that the brain's prime construction is holistic.
090_J-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Out = Direction of waves waving out from the objects center, towards it’s edge, or event horizon.
In =    Direction of waves waving in from the objects edge, or event horizon. Nowhere in nature is this more conspicuous than in the construction and function principles of the human brain.

Explanations of additional symbols representing
the addition of the Observer to the QF-Models:

090_K-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Human brain's material hemisphere symbol. The field of consciousness, where perceptions for reality of matter are made, and processed. It is Out-explicate- unfolded reality.
090_L-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Human brain's spatial hemisphere symbol. The field of consciousness, where perceptions for reality of pace are made, and processed. It is In-implicate-enfolded reality.
090_M-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Corpus Callosum symbol. The brain's dual reality sphere. The field of consciousness, where percept- ions for reality of space and matter are processed. This is focused reality.
090_N-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Individualistic personal hemispheric perception symbol. The mater reality processing hemisphere (conscious). Field of consciousness where individual, or singular, analytical I perceptions takes place and where these are processed.
090_O-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Pluralistic personal hemispheric perception symbol. The spatial reality processing hemisphere (sub-conscious). Field of consciousness where collective, or plural, analytical WE perceptions take place and where these are processed.
090_P-Part-Two-Figure-085.gif Dualistic personal hemispheric perception symbol. The holistic reality focused sphere. The field of consciousness where collective/plural and individual singular, analytical I and WE perceptions takes place and are processed.

Note: These symbols apply to all QF-Venn diagrams in this chapter as well as the
             rest of the diagrams where the human brain is being portrayed and analyzed.

The QF-Venn diagram’s event horizons are obviously re-manifested in the brain’s cortexes, primarily the motor and sensory cortexes, thus indirect manifestations of the two W±-waves. This suggests that the collective interaction function between the two W±-waves and the V±-dual poles of space would be found in the brain. The consequence was a spotlight on the mysterious Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers of the spatial hemisphere suggesting that they correspond to the V±-dual polar connection. A further insight suggests that the Jamais vu center corresponds to the connection to the reality that Man is calling God and that the Déjà vu center is in fact the center for the perception of other people--the WE-faith centers--now known in neurology as the mirror neurons (2003). Out of this insight would grow the realization that in the holistic brain construction, this spatial hemispheric center, would--through the field of consciousness--and in correspondence with the I-speech centers in the material hemisphere, be the brain's primary regulators of its neuro-transmitter controlled reality perception. This is further discussed in greater detail in Chapter Six, Page 478-8, Part III.

Horizontal Alignment to the
Electromagnetic Field of Consciousness.
The obvious next step is an alignment of the QF-Venn diagram to the cortex and wave of consciousness of the brain in the horizontal plain. A cutaway figure depicting a PET-scanner graphic (Positron Emission Tomography), gives an indirect indication of the brain’s metabolism, blood flow and glucose utilization. The indications detected by the scanner are converted into a colored biochemical map of the brain. This map in turn gives an indirect visual image of the brains electro-magnetic field of consciousness, or the EFC or the “Wave of Consciousness”. It is then through this EFC media that the reality of the 24- individual neurons DNA in the neo-cortex, becomes one and the same reality. If this field is not there, the person is not conscious; either dead or in a coma. Without it appears the “nobody home” state. The condition of this field can be studied in part through EEG (electroencephalogram) graphs, which indicate the frequency of the EFC in an amplified form. It is here where we come to face what is possibly one of the QF-theorizations profoundest discoveries. This is the QF-theorizations suggestion that this field in fact constitutes two different fields and that thinking is primarily taking place in this dual wave-field. Further that the synaptic electro-chemical exchanges are secondary actions initiated by the thought processes and so regulating the overall reality-perception. The next graphic, figure 086, shows an indirect image of this magical wave of consciousness.

The QF-Venn Diag. Eleventh Frame: #11W Fig. 030. 
Application of the Observer to the QF-Venn Equation Equivalent. The Horizontal Alignment to the Wave of Consciousness.
Figure 086. SCSC in implicate internal-field mode.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figures 086 same as 085:

The PET-Scan EFC-wave pattern resembles a butterfly image and is there for sometimes called the “Butterfly Pattern of Consciousness”. This is the motif in the artist’s graphical spiritual metaphor: “The Angel of the Abyss”, appearing on the books cover and the entry to each of its parts.

In this simple analyzes of the functions of the EFC, we think it of interest to note two, not too uncommon conditions of consciousness, which give an indication of its quantum nature. These are states in which this wave acquires an EMF-quantum spin. The first is the condition where an individual has consumed great quantities of alcohol and the glucose contents of the brain becomes very high. This is experienced and described as the room, the brain, or the individuals’ head seems to be spinning. What is really taking place is that the wave has become shifted towards the ultraviolet side of the spectrum. It acquires a “right-handed ultraviolet side spin-state”. The other case is the one know by those who suffer epileptic lose of consciousness through sudden “pass-outs”. In this syndrome the glucose contents of the brain becomes so low that the wave goes into a “left-handed infrared side spin-state” and a spinning sensation is reported just before consciousness is lost. The EFC patterns brakes-down in some psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, where the wave field may split into several smaller waves creating numerous different individuality perceptions, or “evil spirits”.


Horizontal Alignment to the DNA Neuronal-Fields.
We seem to be hot on the trail for the fundaments of the answer to the riddles of the two brains, but Richard M. Restak MD reminds us that “For some reason no neuroscientist fully understands why we have two brains.”  We shall not be going after this in detail here, but it should at this stage be obvious to the reader that the QF-theorizations not only make predictions for such an arrangement, but plainly insist that this be so. The QF-suggestion is saying that no central nerve-system in eukaryotes can exist without being double. In 2000 the DNA's nucleotides were counted to be and in 2001 the mapping of the 30-35.000 genes was completed. The summary of the DNA was that only about 2,75% of the nucleotides formed the exon genetic protein transcripts and 2,25% constituted intron intermediary unexplained nucleotides in the gene. The big surprise was that the remaining 95% of nucleotides were just non-coding intergenetic DNA, or DNA-junk, but the QF-response to that was the distribution described on page 269, so figure 087, on the next page, is the QF-theory's connection to these DNA-fields:

The Eleventh Frame: #11X Fig. 030. Application of the Observer to the QF-Venn Equation Equivalent. Horizontal Alignment to Neo-Cortex and Corpus Callosum.
Figure 087. SCSC in implicate internal-field mode.

Interpretation of the DNA Symbols in Figures 087:

092_A-Part-Two-Figure-087.gif a: Symbol for the Exon molecules in the DNA double helix. 
      It corresponds to the QF-Out-explicate reality.
b: Symbol for DNA double helix in the human brain.
c: Symbol for the Intron molecules in the DNA double
It corresponds to the QF-In-implicate reality.

Here in figure 087 we have a lateral presentation of the primary programs of the human brain, but not shown are the secondary programs behind them. These secondary programs are that same as the primary ones only flipped over laterally so that a copy of the matter hemisphere is the background program for the spatial hemisphere and visa versa. This insight is unquestionably the most important understanding that comes out of the QF-theory's even distribution of the exon and intron nucleotides in the brain's DNA, but means that the brain's construction has to be holographic. The consequence of this, along with the twofold field of consciousness--one explicate and the other implicate--is that at last it becomes possible to decipher all the brain's enigmas, including all its functional disorders.

Figure 087 highlights the even nucleotide-reality's distribution in the QF-suggestion for the brain's holistic construction in its basic programming, but it is also through this arrangement that promotes the inter-ex changeability in the lateralization of the functions of the brain, confirm the relationship to QED and the proven existence of the opposite nature particles-waves-fields. This is a reference to the QF-theory's eventual description of the photons matter and anti-matter fields, but it is the force carrier--boson--in the field of consciousness. This further meets the requirements for symmetry, and will eventually lead to insights into what supersymmetry is and why it--through algebraic mathematics--appears to indicate to the physicist the existence of numerous undetected particles: The Supersymmetry particles, or Susys.

These symmetry property's of the brain's versatility in human left- and right-handedness was demonstrated in the studies of Dr. Jerre Levy’s of the University of Chicago on cerebral lateralization. These showed that 99 per cent of right-handed people use their right hemisphere for spatial-temporal tasks and their left for language. Further, that in 1 per cent, this is reversed. The situation is the same for 56 per cent of left-handers and thus reversed about 44 per cent of the cases studied. This suggests the symmetric nature of the human brain and its consistence with the QF-diagram of the Eleventh Frame, which has no left or right orientation.

These are of course intermediary conclusions, but the author intends to show that the matter/speech and the space/symbols orientations correspond to the QF-theorizations Out-unfolded-explicate reality and In-enfolded-implicate reality respectively. In this the QF-Venn diagram set symmetry description of the brain's hemispheric fundamental reality programs expresses an aesthetic appeal suggesting that this is to beautiful to be false. These analyzes will then be continued in further details in part three.

Vertical Alignment to the DNA Neuronal-Fields.
After the two initial connections in the horizontal, the vertical connection is next in line. In the cut-a-way in figure 088, the brain is seen from the back looking forward towards the face, but in this presentation the general area of the about 200.000.000 neurones in the corpus callosum, becomes quite obvious. The purpose of this part of the brain has been yet another riddle, but this is becoming better understood with recent discoveries in the brains lateral specialization. In this view the QF-Venn diagrams general agreement with the brains construction becomes even clearer and it becomes obvious that the bridge of the Corpus Callosum between the brain hemispheres corresponds to the C-area in the Venn diagrams. This construction pattern of the brain is–as the PET scan wave pattern–also suggestive for a butterfly shape, through the four lobes formed by the three deep folds in the cortex. The longitudinal sulcus on the top, running from front to back, and the sylvian fissures, one on each side. The two upper lobes formed between these “ditches are known as the parietal lobes and the two lower ones are known as the temporal lobes. The two blue spots in the graphic represent the ventricles containing the cerebro-spinal fluid. This then is as much anatomy as we need at this stage.

Indeed, the brain is the greatest mystery of all. Its mass, which averages 1450 grams, constitute 70- of individual neurons, of which 24- are in the seat of consciousness, but no one knows their exact numbers. Considering its capacity, then Dr. Restak points out to us that this organ–“...can store more information than all the libraries in the world.” Of all the mysteries of the brain, the mystery of consciousness may be the biggest one, but the author is confident that this is within reach through the QF-Venn diagram modeling and recent research findings, in particular the QF-explanations for the quanta of the electro-magnetic field, the photon. As already mentioned, the QF-insights are suggesting that this has to do with the W±-waves and the V±-dual poles connection represented in the Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers of the brain. With the brain's holistic arrangement these functions will be situated in all the DNA’s double helixes, in all the brain’s neurons, although–most logically–the functions of these are focused in the spatial hemisphere. It appears that the logical way for the quantum wave of the electro-magnetic field of consciousness should be generated through the DNA nucleotide base molecules embodying the dual-holistic reality of matter/space. This is emphasized in the simplistic brain’s vertical cut-a-way showing symbols for the DNA quantum reality fields behind its construction.
The QF-Venn Diagram Eleventh Frame: #11Y Fig. 030. Application of the Observer to the QF-Venn Equation Equivalent. The Vertical Alignment to the Neo-Cortex and Corpus Callosum.
Figure 088. SCSC in implicate internal-field mode.

For Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 088,
See Interpretations for Figures 085, 086 and 087.

Figure 088 gives us an insight into the QF-theory's suggestion that the DNA intron nucleotides contain the connection to the V-negative and V-positive poles of space, through the W±-waves in the atoms of the nucleotides. These poles are the spatial creation reality of the 6th and the 5th dimensions and the mysterious Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers of the spatial hemisphere correspond to this connection. Part III will be focusing in detail on these issues.

The Horizontal and Vertical Alignments
to the Field of the Sensory and Motor Cortex.
The cerebral cortex outermost layers contain the neurons that deal with the environment of the wave of consciousness, and there is indeed an enlightened connection of this fact, to the idea of the event horizon in the QF-Venn diagrams. It is the two millimeters outer layer of the brain, the homunculus, which functions as it’s sensory and motor cortex. This function has particular areas--more intensely engaged in this activity than others--forming the brains prime interaction centers with the environment; the Universe. This agreement with the QF-Venn diagram is possibly one of the more amazing things in the QF-theorizations. We shall be looking at all this in more details in the last part of this book–part three–but there we make continuation of the Observer connection.

In order to establish a confirmation of the ideas suggesting that the sensory and motor cortex--the homunculus--is possibly an event horizon equivalent, the initial overview examination and comparison of the brain’s overall structure is graphically expressed in figure 089. To the author the results are entirely satisfactory; the human brain has a twofold event horizon equivalent represented in the neurones of the cortex. Certain areas serve certain functions such as the speech, auditory and visual interaction functions. Others serve as the centers for the bodily motor and sensory functions. These functions serve complimentary sides of the body, that is, the brains left side serves right side of the body, and the brains right side serves its left side. The functions for the interpretation of received auditory speech signals as well as the creations of speech signals for emission are generally located in the mater hemisphere. In the QF-brain models the analytical “I”-hemisphere has its focal self-perception function located in the speech center but the precise location can vary depending on the culture of the individual. The other side where the centralized activity of “WE” perception is located in the compassion/empathy mirror neuron centers (Jamais vu-Déjà vu), but this does not contain any speech functions. It are these two centers which always are found in the spatial/symbol hemisphere temporal lobe area, which present the greatest puzzle to the neurologists. This has in particular to do with their involvement in the production of the neuro-transmitters and the regulation of the brain’s reality perceptions. Figure 089 presents three different fundamental views of the brain’s outer layers, reflecting enclosures of two distinct fields connected by the 200.000.000 neurones constituting the Corpus Callosum.

The QF-Venn Diagram Eleventh Frame: #11Z Fig. 030. Application of the Observer to the QF-Venn Equation Equivalent. The Brain's event horizon - Neo-Cortex.
Figure 089. SCSC in implicate internal-field mode.

For Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 089,
See Interpreted Figures 085, 086, 087 and 088.

Figure 089 is a normal reality type of SCSC slide diagram with the colors representing the primary cortex functions as follows: Dark-blue = The motor homunculus (motor cortex). Light-blue = Brocka’s speech-area MH-side and SH-side.. Orange-read = The sensory homunculus (sensory cortex). Golden-read = Wernicke’s auditory-area MH-side and Jamais vu-area SH-side. Lilac = The visual cortex. (Note: Colors do not match).

The Ultimate Meaning of the
QF-Analyzes and Possibilities for New Insights.
The anthropological connection to the Eleventh Frame in figure 082, presented in this extra chapter, offers totally new and startling insights whose interpretative meaning may be seen as quite questionable, dubious, and disputable, but this is to be expected at such presentation as here is offered, outside the formal bounds of the rigors of scientific. Never the less, since these ideas came into being in 1984 and were published in 2002, quite a number of new research findings that verify them have been published. Of these the profoundest is the experimental discovery in Parma, Italy in 2003--published in 2004--of the human brain's compassion and empathy faculty's in the spatial hemisphere "WE-faculty", functioning in a mirror relationship with the "I-faculty" in the opposite material side. This was already postulated theoretically in 1994 by the QF-theory and the verification came as a powerful indication for the validity of the rest of the QF-brain models.

Several other biological connections have been made to the QF-theory's even reality distribution of exons and introns in the DNA. Of these the most intriguing is the suggestion that the key to understanding of the mathematical ability's of the human brain is to be found in this arrangement. Science does not understand what the mathematical abstraction is and how it comes into being, but here the QF-theory's suggests that in this distribution the negative side of reality is represented by the exons and the positive side of reality by the introns. The QF-theory suggests that it are the exon nucleotides that contain the reality of the differential calculus and the intron the integral calculus.

The other intriguing suggestion is the QF-suggestion for the reasons for the “corona-discharge images” extending from all matter and which are more profound in biological objects, where it is given several different names such as “aura”, or “kirlian aura”. This was first photographed by George Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799) in 1777 and named “electrography” in 1888, but then forgotten and rediscovered in 1939 by Semyon Davidovich Kirlian (1900-1980) and consequently retains the name “kirlian photography” from his research. This corona extension from matter is predicted by the QF-Venn diagrams, which show that it is caused by outer most layer of the electrons, the of W-negative waves--which represents the outermost layer of the atom--extension into the V-negative pole of the surrounding vacuum space. It is not a form of radiation in the sense that some form of energy carrying particles (bosons) are leaving the substance, but is simply the virtual matter/energy fields in space is a glow in the collective reality of the W±-waves and the V±-poles.

Yet another fascinating insight that the QF-brain model's offer is the explanation for the observed asymmetrical state of the human brain, but this has to do with the so-called “super-ego” or “alter-ego” in the human brain. This is a part of the solving of this riddle of the sub-conscious spatial hemisphere of the human brain and is seen here as the most important conclusions of the QF-theorizations and these writings. This is the actual why and how discovery of the super-ego of Sigmund Freud, explaining why it is found in some brains and others not. As it were, it turns out that this has to do with the very malfunctions of the author’s personal brain–and for that matter–the majority of humanity. This has not only to do with the two diametrically opposite psychological teachings of Freud and Jung, but further; all conceivable behavior problems of Man. The intriguing finding is that both the psychological theorists turn out to be right. One is right in describing malfunctioning human brains, the other, healthy human brains. Obviously we cannot begin to deal with this controversy here, but in the last part of this book this issue will become its main topic, this after we have taken on the initial analyzes of the conclusions of the QF-Venn diagrams in Part III. The CUT/TOE-paradigm presented in this book will be serious defective if it is not facing up to and confronting the profoundest controversies in humanity, and will not be justified in its Theory of Everything claim. After all, this is an endeavor at achieving the fundamental understanding of Man him self, without which the theory it is worthless.

So far the successes of the QF-theory, is indeed encouraging to the author, which means that he will not be giving up the ship. The preliminary analyzes do reinforce the view that he is in fact facing the possibility of having found the fundamental order of the human brain: This through the QF-theory's Eleventh Frame Quantum Wave of the Universe suggestions for the brain's fundamental reality program arrangement that regulates it neuro-transmitter production for the reality perception. This is achieved through the discovery of its most fundamental programs; the basic reality behind the regulations of the functions of the DNA, or the gene-expression, and thus all of life. This is founded in the QF-Genome Field Program, which is composed of two even realties--explicate-exon and implicate-intron--in a symmetric state, with the third overlapping dualistic-holistic reality mediating the interactions between them. These realizations give the author hope and joy within his soul, and greater faith in his vision and in what he is undertaking in these writings. This in turn reminds him of the words of Oscar Wilde: “It is not the invisible part of the Universe that is the mystery. It is the visible part”, which tell us that it is us humans that constitute the ultimate mystery of the Universe.

Well, it time to go back to where we left the radiation at the End of the Birth of Time. This is just before the lepton quanta radiation really gets going on its journey being sucked into the surrounding negative gravity field of IRHG bubbles of quantified space within the Special Singularities event horizon. The whole of this will then be expanding into what may be infinite meta-space, or super-space, and at the same time its own locally created space will be expanding within. This jumping will not be just for fun, but for a specific purpose, since it will unleash the process of sucking matter and antimatter out of its internal space, and at the same time it will involve itself in the creation of the baryon-hadrons. This will continue for the rest of the First Second during which the radiation quanta will encounter some extraordinary transformation adventures. We shall now begin to have a look at the detail of this in the next division, which describes some very strange happenings. These will be events, which are even stranger than those described so far, but this is the phenomenon when the Universe jumped. This is the episode of the Inflationary, or the Jumping Universe. -- What we are about to witness is not easily expressible even though we have the help of the magical SCSC giving us the QF-Venn diagram frames, but here we shall be getting some help in the form of graphics from the physicists.

                      The Fifth Division:
                                     Twelfth and Thirteenth Frames.


Part Two, Chapter Five

The Fifth Division

Jumping Universe.
The Inflationary Scenario.
The Universe's Leap into Existence.


And God said,
Let there be a firmament in he midst of the waters,
and let it divide the waters from the waters.

    Moses: Genesis 16

They may both be called the Cosmic Mystery;
Reaching from the Mystery into the Deeper Mystery
is the Gate to the Secret of All Life.

    Lao Tzu; Tao Te Ching I

Introduction to the Inflationary Era and a
Brief History of the Inflationary Theorizations.
At this point we have come to one of the most exciting parts of creation. With the aid of our computerized word-processor and drawing apparatus, we shall have a go at processing something in the form of a description of what possibly is the most dramatic event in our creation; The Exponential Leap of the Universe. Indeed, we have now come to a place in creation where we witness some quite radical changes in its developments. This is what might be called the First Act of Time. Its first deed after its birth. Here an attempt will be made at describing what it was that made the Universe jump, how this leap takes place and what its consequences are. According to physics, we got to have this exponential inflation, or the Universe will not be here, nor we as its Observers. Another gain the Universe has from the Inflationary Leap is the flatness it manifests, or the homogeneity and isotropy of the Universe, which is further manifested in its apparent borderline condition between open and a closed Universe.

At the very outset of the hypothetical observation of the events when the Universe jump-leaps, it should be clear to the reader that in this chapter we are primarily concerned with the overview-nature of this process. The details are the subject of the two last chapters of this part. Physicists have been breaking their heads about the details of these events, but here their explanations are applied it to the QF-interpretation for the vision the theorizations are founded in, but these independently demand that such an inflation takes place. In physics the theoretical developments, are still proceeding, but the history of the Inflationary Theorizations were initiated by Professor Alan Guth (MIT) in 1979, with Professor Andre Linde and several others joining in their developments from 1982-1984, but recent observational verifications have come through the Hubble telescope. For a graphical overview of this event, we have modified a presentation from John D. Barrow’s superb book, THE WORLD WITHIN THE WORLD. This is figure 090:

Inflationary Leap and Expansion of the Universe.


Figure 090.

To quote Dr. John D. Barrow's remarks “A schematic representation of the inflationary Universe picture wherein the entire visible Universe evolves from the accelerated expansion of a single causally coherent region of microscopic extent. Without the phenomenon... these smooth microscopic regions would have evolved into regions far smaller than the size of the observable Universe today.” Next then we shall make an effort to present–in the terms of physics–a general view of what is happening to the Universe, roundabout and during the Inflationary Era, as reconstructed by physics. This requires a look at two sides of the enigma, which are: First, the physics theoretical explanations of the mechanism and evolution of the inflationary process. Second, the QF-theorizations explaining the inflationary causative state of the space surrounding the disintegration at the End of the Birth of Time, to be followed by an overview QF-look at what is taking place in that space during the jump.

The Energy Transition in the
Inflationary Era Symmetry Transformations.
We shall begin by taking a simplistic overview of the dynamics in the progression of the inflation. For this purpose we have copied–both pictures and explanations–from Dr. John Gribbin’s extraordinary book IN SEARCH OF THE BIG BANG. This describes the mechanics of the Universe’s enormous energy transition, normally expressed in mathematical symmetry-break transformation and it applies as well to the QF-model for the Inflationary Epoch. Here are Dr. Gribbin’s simplistic explanations.

The Universe’s “Wall of Death” Energy Transition.


Figure 091.

“The energy of the Universe can be likened to a wall of death motorcycle rider. When there is plenty of energy available, the rider can circle as high up the wall as he likes–this is equivalent to the creation of the Universe in a state of high energy density. When there is less energy, the motorcycle inevitably sinks down to the minimum. But… there may have been more than one minimum to choose from as it cooled and the energy density decreased.”*

The Universe’s “Mexican Hat” Energy Transition.


Figure 092.

“The ‘Mexican Hat’ symmetry transformation. The ball on top of the ‘hat’ represents an unstable symmetry, that can be broken (transformed) by the ball rolling of in any downhill direction.”* In the QF-theorizations, this takes place in two similar but different stages, whose process is discussed next using Dr. Gribbin’s expressions. The first energy transition where the Special Singularity goes through a series of symmetry-brakes expands and disintegrates along with the surrounding space. The second energy transition where the disintegrated Special Singularity, having turned into radiation, makes a quantum leap into the surrounding quantified space. These two energy transitions, which in the QF-theorizations occur in two time phases, are the initial phase and the follow-up phase. The first phase is the one covering the Imaginary Time, or the first part of the First Second of Creation. Phase two takes place during Actual Time, or the rest of the First Second, and extends into the future. Here are Dr. Gribbin’s expressions for the two phases.

The Initial Energy Transition of the Universe.
Imaginary Time: t-14 to t-00 or Second 10-36.


Figure 093.

Figure 093. As the Universe rolls of the top of an energy plateau into the True Vacuum, the False Vacuum, or the Higg’s Field, is created in the surrounding space within the boundary of the Special Singularity’s event horizon. The QF-theorizations suggest that the accompanying colossal release of energy will then drive the brief phase of extremely rapid, exponential expansion of the whole Universe. In it the creation of the baryons (fermions baryonic nucleon matter), "out of and into the vacuum", will take place. Physicists calculate the number of the nucleons in the observable Universe to be 1080

The Second Energy Transition of the Universe.
Actual Time: Second 10-36 to Second 100+.


Figure 094.

Figure 094. The Universe is momentarily trapped inside the False Vacuum-state of the Higg’s Field. It is then exponentially “sucked” into what is the– relative to the expanding disintegration of the Special Singularity– surrounding Negative Gravity. This is the brief phase of extremely rapid, exponential expansion of the whole Universe, after which it again settles into the True Vacuum of the present space. – During the inflationary drive, the energy of the Universe is likely to have been oscillating in a chaotic state, and particularly towards the end of the event, but these would be oscillation in and out, relative to the vacuum. These dynamics are represented in the following graphs taken from Dr. John Gribbin’s book:

The Chaotic Oscillations During and at the End of the
Inflation of the Universe’s Energy Transition.


Figure 095.

“Andrei Linde's idea of ‘chaotic inflation’ envisages a Universe in which there was a choice of minimum energy-state to ‘fall into’. Even this representation is simplistic, but it indicates how the extreme simplicity of the earliest inflationary scenarios may be made more complex to match more closely the real world.”* The 1992 COBE measurements quite possibly verify the wave oscillations postulated by Dr. Andrei Linde as slight differences in the background radiation temp. A discovery that is considered further proof for the Big Bang. In the next graph is what we shall later be considering as the Universe’s neutron creation end-oscillation policy in progress.

The Details of the End-Stage Oscillations
in the Universe’s Energy Transition.


Figure 096.

“As the Universe ‘fell’ into a minimum energy state, for a time its field energy oscillated back and forth, like the oscillations of a marble settling into a bowl. It was during these oscillations that the remaining field energy was converted into particles by pair production.”* This then ends the review of the physics described dynamics of the inflation mechanism for the jumping Universe and we now focus on the details of the QF-description.

The Moment of the Initiation and the
Duration of the Events of the Inflationary Era.
In the Third Division, Figures 064 and 065, is described the condition of the space surrounding the Seed of the Universe, just before the quantification at the Planck Time/Energy. This is here labeled the Infinitely Curved Relativistic Space or ICRS for short, indicating its high-energy state, which comes about through its curved condition. As the progression of creation went through the Planck Time/Energy at the Imaginary Time of t = -07, or Second 10-43, Figures 066 to 070 attempt to describe in details how the ICRS had become a structure that is reminiscent to that of froth. In figures 076 and 077, in the Fourth Division, an attempt is made at giving an overview of the resulting changes in the structure and nature of the space surrounding the infinitely small disintegrating Special Singularity. This space being variably referred to as the False Vacuum, the Higg’s Field, or the Negative Gravity Field, this through its quantification. The positive gravitational attraction–in relation to the remains of the Special Singularity, the Seed of Creation–is in its nature actually more like that gravity itself had jumped. The ICRS had indeed quantified itself into innumerable empty little black holes, or entities, which have here been named Implicate Reality Hadron Gravitons, abbreviated as IRHG, or in QF-jargon, QF-IRHG bubbles (about 1080 of them). The proper name for the field, created through this event, would be Implicate Reality Field. From here on, this field created by these entities will be referred to as the; The Negative Gravity Field, which in the QF-terminology is the QF-IRHG Field (False Vacuum or Higg’s Field on the last page). This is the field that produces the gravitational turning of the table in the First Second of Creation. – Here the author shudders at the thought that he set out aiming to tell this story with clarity and simplicity.

The Inflationary Epoch–the Universe’s leap or jump–is the leap of the quantified radiation of the SS-mass, into the quantified space surrounding it. This event spans an uncertain part of the duration of the First Second, and starts shortly after The End of the Birth of Time, or approximately Second 10-36. It may last until the fraction of Second 10-30, with the suggested peak at Second 10-32. It is during this time that the high-energy radiation is leaping, or being sucked into, the surrounding froth like space. This may possibly take place at a rate many times that of the speed of light. The diameter of the empty little black holes (ELBH), or the QF-IRHG bubbles, at the time of quantification, is still uncertain. The QF-suggestion is that the QF-IRHG diameter was decided by the diameter of the Special Singularity, at the moment of its quantification. QF-best-guess is that it was somewhere from cm 10-24, to cm 10-13. Figures smaller then cm 10-13 require the QF-IRHG bubbles to expand to a diameter of cm 10-13, after the disintegration. There is no certain way for the physicist to apply mathematics to this part of creation in order to get answers to these questions, but fortunately the QF-theorizations do not require precise knowledge of this, since it is the QF-IRHG bubbles that provide the rig for the nucleons. – We now continue from the Forth Division, where we left of with Figures 076 and 077 of the SCSC slides and got to Figures 097 and 098, which are essentially the same, though the situation may have expanded an undetermined amount.

This is a sticky part of the QF-theorizations, since there is a discrepancy between what physics is generally suggesting and what the value of the mute QF-approach seem to be suggesting. Coming to the rescue is the reoccurring realizations that for the purpose of the QF-theorizations, we really do not need to know this. Neither do we need to account for the two-second increments between Second 10-35–the apparent beginning of the inflationary realm–and Second 10-32, which is the main increment for the inflationary event. The main point is achieving general understanding sought within reasonable bounds of accuracy. The same is true for the diameter of the QF-IRHG bubbles, or the diameter of the expanding singularity disintegration lepton quanta and the matter and antimatter quanta that is about to be drawn from the vacuum quantum potential of the dual V±-poles of space. We have to focus on achieving a general overview picture of what is taking place.

The Radiation and the Surrounding Space just after The End of the Birth of Time, or Second 10-36.
The Radiation and Surrounding Space just after The End of the Birth of Time. The Inflation Surge (#12A in Figure 030).
Second 10
-36. Diameter of the
Radiation cm 10
-24 to cm 10-13?
102_Part-Two-Figure-097.jpg 103_1-Part-Two-Figure-098.jpg
Figure 097. External of Figure 098. SCSC in explicate mode.
Figure 098. SCSC in implicate mode.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 098:
103_A-Part-Two-Figure-098.gif Event horizon symbol. Represents boundaries of the bubble seed of the Universe, primarily a spatial implicate reality. At its center is the disintegrating/radiating Special Singularity. External conditions to this boundary cannot be known.
103_B-Part-Two-Figure-098.gif GU-antispace mass radiation symbol. This symbol indicates individual quanta of the quantified Special Singularity, but since the nature of the whole is the same as that of each quanta, the phenomenon is a holistic one. This is mostly in the form of electrons and protons.
103_C-Part-Two-Figure-098.gif Implicate Realty Hadron Gravitons (IRHG) unit symbol. Quantum shells of the V-negative and V-positive poles in the vacuum, created out of the Infinitely Curved Relativistic Space  (ICRS) that surrounded the Special Singularity at the Planck Time. Represents individual quanta of quantified space in the form of empty little black holes.
103_D-Part-Two-Figure-098.gif False Vacuum symbol. Although not vacuum in the normal sense this is another term for the nature of the IRHG field due to it "sucking effect". One of four different terms describing the quantified ICRS. Metaphorical description of the space that surrounds the GU-antispace mass,–the Seed of the Universe.

Negative Gravity Field symbol. One of four different terms used to describe the quantified ICRS. The properties of the space surrounding the GU-mass radiation, at the onset of the Inflation Era, is the equivalent of negative gravity.
103_E-Part-Two-Figure-098.gif Higg’s Field symbol. One of four different terms used to describe the quantified ICRS. The mathematics of Dr. Peter Higgs of the University of Edinburgh ascribes to the space in the Big Bang, similar properties as produced by the empty little black holes in the QF-theoretical IRHG. Its’ quanta is known as the X-bosons, or Higg's bosons; same as IRHG.
Implicate Realty Hadron Gravitons (IRHG) field symbol. This is one of the terms describing the quantified ICRS. The properties of the space surrounding the GU-antispace mass, the Seed of the Universe, is that of an actual field of negative gravity manifested in the IRHG. 
103_F-Part-Two-Figure-098.gif Out symbol. = Direction of wave-waving out from objects center, towards its event horizon edge. Omni-directional wave-effects from center
In symbol. = Direction of waves waving in from the objects edge, or event horizon. Uni-directional wave-effects relative to the object's center.

Figures 097 and 098 describe the situation just after The End of the Birth of Time at Second 10-36, just prior to the Inflation, manifesting the first fully expanded quantum wave of radiation. Figures 099 and 100 represent the progression of the leap-action three “Log 10” increments later at Second 10-32. During this time the Seed of the Universe grows from about cm 10-24to cm 10-13, to a cm 10 diameter (grapefruit size). Jumping from a spec of almost nothing, to the diameter of cm 10. The actual physical size diameter is here shown in Figures 099 and 100.

Radiation Quanta Inflationary Leap at Second 10-32.
Figure 099. SCSC in implicate mode.

Explicate and implicate SCSC slides Figures 099 and 100 show the estimated actual size of the mass/energy Universe at the peak of the Inflationary Leap, with the rest of the surrounding IRHG negative gravity field.  

Universes Inflationary Leap (#13A in Figure 030).
Leaps into: “Negative Gravity Field"-"Higg’s Field" or "False Vacuum-IRHG Field.” Time: Second 10-32
Universes Diameter believed to be 10cm. 
Figure 100. External of Figure 099. 
SCSC in explicate zoom-in-mode.

The Interpretation of the Symbols in Figure 100,
are the Same as for the Interpretations in Figure 098.

Notes: Relative sizes between the radiation quanta and the QF-IRHG bubbles field in the graphics of Figures 096 and 097, are in no relation to each other. Further, the difference in size between cm 10-24and cm 10-13 is so huge that it would take about 100.000.000 000 units of cm 10-24 to bridge the space across the invisible proton. If the size of the QF-IRHG bubbles is not at this time cm 10-13–as suggested by the QF-theorizations–then each will have to expanded to this diameter of cm 10-13 by about Second 10-20.


The Inflationary Leap and the
Creation of Matter out of the Vacuum.
In his attempt at following the explanations of the physicists as closely as possible, the QF-theory at this point arrives at one of the more difficult parts. This is the description of the dynamic interaction the radiation of the Inflationary Leap has with the vacuum quantum potential of the surrounding space. The first goal is a description of the basic mechanism of the inflation process, but this is attempted in figure 094. The second goal would be a description of the field that surrounds the point from which the radiation stream is coming. This field is created through space having been infinitely curved around the Special Singularity, resulting in the mass being pushed together, into an infinitely small point, due to the curvature being around and away from the Special Singularity. After the general quantification of everything at the Planck Time/Energy, the space, surrounding the rainbow stuff radiation disintegration, has also disintegrated and turned into–the by now familiar–innumerable QF-IRHG curved bubbles (possibly 1080). These we have attempted to show in figures 071, 072 and the overview in figures 076, 077, with a repetition in figures 097, 098. The third goal is to show how the QF-IRHG bubbles will now suck the triple-waves of the rainbow stuff radiation into them-self, or how it falls into the bubbles. It is into this soup of empty little black holes–the sea of massless spin 0 gravitons (Higgs X-bosons?), which the radiation Seed of the Universe now makes its tunneling-jump and it is during this leap that the Universe grows exponentially. As the author understands the situation, then the inflationary calculations for the extremely brief time this process lasts, is quite enormous.

From Second 10-35, until Second 10-30, the inflationary mechanism works its wonders, with the prime peak-action manifesting around Second 10-32. According to physics it is during this Second 10-32 that the radiation part of the Universe expands from about cm 10-24 to about cm 10. Here the QF-theorizations differ somewhat from the physicists in that they allow for an expansion of the Special Singularity before the disintegration at the Planck Energy (cm 10-13), as well as in the ensuing radiation until Second 10-36. The QF-inflation suggestions are that during this period the radiation eventually leap/jumps the unknown distance to what was the Event Horizon of the SS. On the question of the volume of the Universe at this time, the physicists seem to be of various opinions ranging from the size of our solar system, to infinite. It is during the last part of this period that the Universe goes through Andrei Linde’s chaotic winding down process.

Review of the Schematic for Figure #080B.
  106_A-Part-Two-Figure-080B.gif Here we need a recall of the nature of the vacuum from figure 080 on page 253, showing this here again in the basic form. This does show the effects of vacuum polarization in electrodynamics where an electron is being surrounded by a cloud of virtual positrons. It is now during the Inflationary Jump of the Universe that the virtual electrons and virtual positrons turn into real electrons and positrons and along with the radiation from the disintegrating singularity are being “sucked” into the IRHG bubbles of the surrounding quantified space. The new background vacuum in turn continues to release innumerable new electrons and positrons into the creation plasma.

These processes are shown in figures 101 to 104, where figures 101 and 102 give an overview of how the pairs of (initially virtual) matter and antimatter quanta are sucked out of the vacuum through the effects of the radiation. Figures 103 and 104 on the other hand portrays how the IRHG bubbles consume, or suck-in, the antimatter parts of the matter and antimatter quanta that is coming out of the vacuum, and so creating the baryons.

Figure 101 is a view of the matter-antimatter quanta popping out of nothing, or the twofold infinity of the vacuum, through the Big Bang caused symmetrical imbalance of the vacuum’s two V±-poles. This process is the main source of matter in the Universe, but the whereabouts of the antimatter that is created in this process is still a mystery to physics. Oh yes, most of the antimatter collides with the matter that is being created and thus turned into photon energy that drives the expansion of the Universe, however, the fact that the remains are only in the form of matter, is quite a mystery. In the next diagrams we shall witness how the QF-theorizations explain what becomes of the missing antimatter quanta, in nature’s most ingenious creation processes conceivable. These further present suggestions that solve another major mystery. That mystery is the enigma of the nucleon synthesis.

Virtual Electrons and Virtual Positrons being drawn out of the Vacuum and turning into Physical Electrons and Positrons.
Inflation-Interactions (#13B in Figure 030) of the GU-Antispace Mass Radiation and the Dual Poles of the Vacuum Quantum Potential. Creation in Pairs of Matter/Antimatter Quanta.
107_Part-Two-Figure-101.jpg 108_1-Part-Two-Figure-102.jpg
Figure 101. External of Figure 102. 
SCSC in explicate mode.
Figure 102. SCSC in implicate mode.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 102:
108_A-Part-Two-Figure-102.gif The Quantum Wave of the Universe symbol. The QF-Venn diagram describing the quanta of the SS-anti-space mass field of radiation, streaming out of the transfigured Special Singularity at the onset of creation.
108_B-Part-Two-Figure-102.gif The 5th & 6th dimension symbol. Representing the V-positive pole and the V-negative pole of the vacuum quantum potential, virtual energy of the Universe's space. These are the creation dimensions of In-implicate-enfolded reality.
108_C-Part-Two-Figure-102.gif Positive virtual quanta/physical quanta symbol. This shows antimatter positron quanta being drawn out of the V-positive pole of the vacuum quantum potential virtual energy of space.
108_D-Part-Two-Figure-102.gif Negative virtual quanta/physical quanta symbol. This shows matter electron quanta being drawn out of the V-negative pole of the vacuum quantum potential virtual energy of space
108_E-Part-Two-Figure-102.gif IRHG horizon symbol. The edges of the Implicate Reality Hadron Gravitons, or empty little black holes of quantified space that surrounds what used to be the Special Singularity.
108_F-Part-Two-Figure-102.gif IRHG horizon symbol. This can also be described as the edge of a spin 0 massless particle called a graviton. It may also be the mysterious Higgs bosons, or X-bosons, before they acquire mass.
108_G-Part-Two-Figure-102.gif Out symbol. = Direction of waves waving out from the objects center, towards it’s edge, or event horizon. Omni- directional wave-effects from center.
In symbol. = Direction of waves waving in from the objects edge,  or event horizon. Unidirectional wave-effects  relative to the center

The process described in figure 102 is the other major miracle of creation, as the “second course” being served in the “ultimate free lunch”, which is creation according to the MIT Professor, Sidney Coleman. The inflationary scenario is thus a multi-purpose event, where the Universe accomplishes several task in one, but “Der Alte”, as Einstein used to call the creation reality (God if you like), is certainly “thinking several thoughts at once”, or “taking several actions at the same time”. When we go through these contemplations the famous words of Professor John Archibald Wheeler: “No point is more central than this, that empty space is not empty. It is the seat of the most violent physics,” gain an even profounder meaning, but the creation of matter in the form of matter-antimatter pairs of quanta, is a well-established fact in experimental physics. It is this creation of matter and anti-matter that presents us with the most exhilarating challenge, which manifests in  questions such as: Will this matter, which "pops out of nothing", return into space? Will it turn into photons by complimentary annihilation? Will it somehow survive to produce the material Universe? – The answers to these questions now become the next undertaking of the QF-theory.

“Sucking”, “Falling” or “Charging” of Antimatter
into the IRHG in the Creationprocess of the Baryons.
The author admits it. The terminology he is using in the heading here above is really outrageous; antimatter being sucked out of nothing and being sucked, falling or is tunneling into something made of nothing. This then is to be the creation of the nucleons for the atoms that make up the molecules in our bodies. Here the reader might suggest that a little more respectable terminology would be more appropriate, but if the IRHG were proper black holes, it would be appropriate to say that the antimatter quanta was falling into it. Indeed, all of these terms will be used from now on. The matter-antimatter pairs of quanta that are being pulled out of the dual poles of the vacuum quantum potential are perfect mirror images of each other. The nature of the matter quanta is that of the Out-explicate-unfolded reality and the antimatter quanta that of the In-implicate-enfolded reality. We shall shortly be getting a close-up view of the antimatter quanta in figures 105-106 in the next chapter, where we scrutinize in detail how it forms the baryons by being sucked, by falling or by tunneling into the IRHG massless bubble particles. The IRHG bubbles are objects that are situated in the In-implicate-enfolded reality, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that the IRHG bubbles are Implicate Reality itself. The hadrons that come out of this and form the nucleons of the atoms, are themselves particles that end up as Out-explicate-unfolded reality situated in the In-implicate-enfolded reality.

The matter and the anti-matter quanta units that are being created out of the vacuum can also annihilate each other and in that process they become high-energy photons. Photons, that in turn are at the same time both matter and antimatter entities. Through this attribute the antimatter side of the photons are an easy pray for the IRHG bubbles, or more precisely, it is easy for them to fall into the implicate reality of the IRHG bubbles. This can be scrutinized in details in the graphics of the next chapter where the process is being explained in a detailed discussion accompanied by detailed QF-Venn diagram graphics.

Since in order for matter and antimatter particle pairs out of the vacuum, can only return to the vacuum in pairs, the removal of the antimatter quanta–produced in the pair creation–now leaves the other matter quanta with no possibility of returning to the spatial vacuum. In turn this means an enormous increase in the creation matter mass. This further provides the promised explanation of what happened to all the antimatter created during the First Second, but the conventional mathematical explanations presented by physics–up until now–do not fully solve this riddle. – Figure 104 shows us this process.

Overview of the Inflationary Epoch created Antimatter Quanta creating Explicate/Implicate Reality Baryons.
Overview of the Inflationary Epoch (#14A Figure 030). Antimatter Quanta of Photons and Electrons is being created and is “mass-charging” the massless Spatial Implicate Reality Hadron Graviton Virtual Quanta.
109_Part-Two-Figure-103.jpg 110_1-Part-Two-Figure--104.jpg
Figure 103. External of Figure 104. 
SCSC in explicate mode.
Figure 104. SCSC in implicate mode.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 104:
110_A-Part-Two-Figure-104.gif The QF-electron diagram symbol. It describes the matter quanta of the field of radiation, of the GU-antispace mass, streaming out of the transfigured Special Singularity at the beginning of creation. This also represents the matter that is drawn from V-negative poles of the vacuum.
110_B-Part-Two-Figure-104.gif The QF-positron diagram symbol. It describes the antimatter quanta of the field of radiation that is being drawn from V-positive poles of the vacuum at the beginning of creation. It is not initially in the GU-radiation.
110_C-Part-Two-Figure-104.gif The QF-IRHG bubbles symbol. It represents the Implicate Reality Hadron Gravitons, or the empty little black holes from the quantification of space surrounding what used to be the Special Singularity. This can also be described as a spin 2 massless particle called the graviton. We suspect this to be the Higg's bosons or the X-boson before acquiring mass. It is this, which produces the Negative Gravity or False Vacuum.
110_D-Part-Two-Figure-104.gif Out symbol. = Direction of waves waving out from the objects center, towards it’s edge, or event horizon. Omni-directional wave-effects from center.
In symbol. = Direction of waves waving in from the objects edge, or event horizon. Unidirectional wave- effects relative to the center.

According to the physicists, the contents of the Universe are now a seething soup of matter and antimatter particles, being continuously created and then canceling each other out in radiation (high-energy photons) on contact with each other. Here physics suggests that there is a slight excess of matter over antimatter, which in turn accounts for our existence today. An alternate explanation suggests that the Universe contains a seething soup of free and independent quarks.

Contrary to this the QF-theorizations suggest that the contents of the Universe are a seething soup of high energy triplicate brane-shell matter and antimatter lepton quanta, containing within it self its own graviton quanta, or the minutely quantified space/gravity units. It is then in the antimatter lepton brane-shells that the seeds of the nucleon quarks, is to be found and no independent quarks exist anywhere, no matter what the heat of the soup. The soup also contains the implicate-reality grand quantified space/gravity hadron quanta units, or our friendly IRHG bubbles. They are the empty little black hole remains of the ICRS--which contain within them self their own graviton quanta--that now “suck-in” the antimatter lepton quanta. It in turn this gives the IRHG bubbles the mass that creates the baryons. Although this explanation of the QF-theorizations, resents major differences to the postulations of physics, it represents a magnificently beautiful  insight.

During the leap of the radiation it antimatter quanta is going to have to mingle with and be falling into, be sucked into or be tunneling into (probably be doing all of these things) the IRHG bubbles empty little black holes. However, this is not the whole of the mystery; stranger things yet will be taking place, but this is the subject of the Sixth Division. Through the QF-Venn diagrams we will not just see how the antimatter in the creation soup is used to fill-up the empty little black holes, but how in this process the Temporal Arrow of Time (TAT) is reversed into the antimatter Spatial Arrow of Time (SAT). The IRHG bubbles will in turn demand that along with the SAT, the other two arrows of the antimatter leptons and bosons, the W±-brane-shells spiral-spinnor-twistor waves, will be reversed in waving-direction, along with their spin.

Well, we have come to the last two phases of the First Second of Creation and things are really beginning to become not just intriguing, but complicated as well, in the process of creation. However, what keeps things going is the simplistic nature of the Venn diagrams, which gives us the hope that the mist of complexities will soon be dispersed, instead of getting thicker. Here we become aware that when things appear complex, this only means the lack of understanding in his own head, since the difference between that which is simple and that, which is complex, is the understanding. Given the understanding, all things become simple. It is in this truth that our hopes are raised for the experience of understanding during the review of the:

                          The Sixth Division;
                                   Fifteenth to Eighteenth Frames.


Part Two, Chapter Six
The Sixth Division


The Creation of Nucleons.
Nucleon syntheses through Fusion.


And God made the firmament,
and divided the waters which
were under the firmament from the waters
which were above the firmament:
and it was so.

                                                                                        Moses: Genesis 17

The TAO is an empty vessel; it is used, but never filled.
Oh, unfathomable source of all things!… Oh, hidden
deep but ever present!

                    Lao Tzu; Tao Te Ching IV

Detailed History of the Creation of the Baryons,
the Nucleons that give the Universe its Matter Mass.

We have come to
Second 10-29, just after the Inflationary Leap, which in the QF-theorizations is the time at which the miracle of the mass charging of the virtual Implicate Reality Hadron GravitonsIRHG bubbles, with antimatter quanta, is about to begin. This period is known in physics as the realm of the Higg's- or X-bosons, or the GOD particles, as Leon Lederman likes to call them. Here the diameter of the Universe at this moment is unknown, but the temperature is calculated to be about 1023 degrees Kelvin, which–according to physics–is far to high for the threshold temperature permitting the durability of the baryon-hadron nucleons; the protons and neutrons. This means that if the QF-theory is to be in agreement with the physicists, it is going to have to wait for the temperature to drop below the value of 1013 or 1012 degrees Kelvin, before it presents the end stage of the creation of the nucleons, but this will be reached just after Second 10-10 or thereabouts.

During this time, the physicist envisage the particle and energy soup of the Universe to consists mostly of photons, matter and antimatter gluons and independent quarks, However, this is not the case with the QF-theorizations, which do not contain any individual, independently existing quarks and gluons, just triplicate brane-shells of photons and pairs of matter and antimatter lepton quanta. – Yes, the QF-theory begs to differ–dares to differ!

As in physics, it is this period of the
QF-theorizations that deals with the creation of the nucleons, lasting from Second 10-29 until Second 10-5 or so, but we now begin the scrutiny of this period and its wondrous events by looking at how the QF-Venn diagram expresses this in simplistic details in the next four implicate slides: 15A, 16A, 17A and 18A. These are QF-theory's description of transformation events that are usually presented in differential equations, bur are here in graphical equivalents to such a system of logic.

Details of the Antimatter Symmetry.
From the forgone we should by now be aware that the analyzes of the baryon creation will have to begin by a detailed look at the QF-Venn diagram composition of the lepton antimatter quanta, the mirror image of the matter lepton quanta. This is something that looks similar to the process when we turn our socks, inside out, but the antimatter internal symmetry of figure 105 is shown in figure 106 and represents the QF-symmetry of the antimatter electron, which is called positron. Amazingly and later to be explained, the QF-insights into these two symmetries will eventually serve to safe the life of the author.

Matter/Antimatter Leptons popping out of the Vacuum.
The Fifteenth Frame:#15A Fig. 030. Intro- duction of the Antimatter Quanta from the Vacuum, the Source of the Nucleons Mass: Actual Time Second 10-29.
111_Part-Two-Figure-105.jpg 112_1-Part-Two-Figure-106.jpg
Figure 105. Figure 106 external. SCSC in explicate zoom-in-cutaway mode.
Figure 106. SCSC in implicate
internal-field mode.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 106:
112_A-Part-Two-Figure-106.gif Positive Event Horizon symbol. This is the boundary of In-implicate-enfolded reality. The interaction dominating posi- tive outer-half of the event horizon, thus making the particle antimatter. This is achieved by forming the positive outer boundary of the gluon field, in unison with the negative Eh.
112_B-Part-Two-Figure-106.gif Negative Event Horizon symbol. This is the boundary of Out-explicate-unfolded reality. The interaction supporting nega- tive inner-half of the event horizon, thus making the particle antimatter. This is achieved by forming the negative inner boundary of the gluon field, in unison with the positive Eh.
112_C-Part-Two-Figure-106.gif W-positive quantum wave symbol. This is the In waving W-positive spiral spinnor-twistor wave of the eventual superstrings-membrane. It is the half of what will give rise to matter-antimatter depending on where it is located. It is the causative-source fore the WNF and magnetism that corresponds to–and is a part of–the reality of the V-positive pole of the vacuum quantum virtual energy of space. It produces down quarks in antimatter nucleons and appears as the W-positive boson. It is one of two wave functions that carry inter- actions between implicate and explicate realities.
Manifestation symbol: TM = Time. MA = Mass. MO = Momentum. Spatial Arrow of Time (TAT) symbol: The birth of positive quantum wave that follows the Zero line of light. It will be the primary cause for mass, the electric force and Coulomb's Law. It will produce either up quarks or down quarks. It cannot exist without the company of the W-negative and the W-positive spiral-spinnor-twistor waves.
112_F-Part-Two-Figure-106.gif W-negative quantum wave symbol. This is the Out waving W-negative spiral-spinnor-twistor wave of the eventual superstrings-membrane. It is the half of what will give rise to matter/antimatter depending on where it is located. It is the causative-source fore the WNF and magnetism that corre- sponds to–and is a part of–the reality of the V-pole of the vacuum quantum virtual energy of space. It produces up-quarks in antimatter nucleons and appears as the W-nega- tive boson. It is one of two wave functions that carry interactions be- tween explicate and implicate realities.
112_G-Part-Two-Figure-106.gif Quantified gravity symbol. It denotes that the field inside the circles is a quantum gravitational field representing the graviton. This configuration represents the reality of lepton gravitons.
112_H-Part-Two-Figure-106.gif Out = Direction of waves waving out from the objects center, towards it’s edge, or event horizon. Omni-directional wave-effects from center.
In = Direction of waves waving in from the objects edge, or event horizon. Uni-directional wave-effects relative to the object's center.

The suggestion that this symmetry has something to do with the question weather the author lives or dies seems far fetched, but as it turns out, this depends not only on finding the foundations of quantum chromo dynamics, but finding as well some missing insights into quantum electro dynamics. This is the final analyzes of the symmetry of the photons, which in the QF-theory is the most fundamental particle in the Universe. The author will have to continue placing his faith in whatever simplistic analysis the QF-Venn diagram is suggesting in the form of unorthodox thinking. A type of thinking that is a most natural thinking process for quantum mechanical subjects, this since quantum reality is unrealistic--sometimes described as bizarre--relative to man’s everyday experience.

While the QF-theorizations insist on a no quark/gluon-soup, they now take a hard look at how the three-quark QF-membrane-shell system of the baryons is created. Particularly intriguing in this process is the insight into how this explains the physicists discoveries of lepto-quarks in their mathematical excursions into the first part of the First Second of Creation. Here the QF-theory clearly answers the question, why there are three quarks in the baryon? Why they are not two, or five, or seven, or any other number? What it is in Nature that demands that the quarks be three, not any other number. Much to the surprise of the author, the answer to this question which is portrayed in the first Four Divisions here in Part II, will later turn out to be the same answer as that sought by Newton; the explanation for the causes for the three fundamental colors of nature.

Well then, let us turn to the description of the individualized action exerted by the virtual IRHG bubbles on the antimatter quanta in the field of creation, sucking the radiation into this In-implicate-enfolded reality. Something which perhaps would best be described in maximum simplicity by saying that very small portions of the energy of the Big Bang are being “frozen into balls”; the nucleons. The little ball-particles, which divided or fused, are the energy source of the suns and Man’s fission/fusion nuclear power.

Baryon creation through mass-charging of IRHG.
In terms of the time of the First Second of Creation, the period from Second 10-29 until Second 10-20 is indeed a long time, but that which the QF-method describes here may actually be taking place anywhere in this time-bracket. This, the QF-theory cannot tell us, but what saves the situation is the fact that we do not need to know this. We are looking at what happens with the antimatter quanta that have just been drawn out of the vacuum, but these now fall into, or are being sucked into, or are tunneling into the empty little black holes, or virtual IRHG bubbles. In physics this means three separate phenomena--creation of quarks, gluons and their gluing together--but in the QF-analyzes this is a different process with the same end-results.

What is here of major interest–and at the same time an apparent major coincidence–is that in his mathematical analyzes, Professor S. Hawking, has come up with a diameter for his primordial black holes, but this diameter is 10-13, which is the diameter of the nucleons. Of course the author can’t know if this is the same object, but the happenstance is none the less remarkable. Apparently–during this time–the matter quanta and the antimatter quanta that are being drawn from the vacuum are also annihilating each other and thus being transformed into photons. Since the antimatter side of the photon is essentially of the same nature as the antimatter lepton-quanta, then the same description applies to it. In other words, the newly created fermion antimatter lepton-quanta, and the boson antimatter version of the photon, both are now being sucked into the virtual IRHG bubbles. The “filling” process for the virtual IRHG bubbles is caused by the Z-positive reversed Arrow of Time in the antimatter quanta where it produces the Spatial Arrow of Time.  – This is truly a an ingenious process, but the insight is made possible through the QF-methods bypassing of the limiting consequences of Gödel’s Theorem on the performance of mathematics.

The consequence of this is that through the QF-Venn diagram we are able to see how a stream of antimatter quanta now begins to flow into and fill up the cm 10-13 empty little black holes or virtual IRHG bubbles. The first thing that happens is the reversal of the position of each of the W±-waves, accompanied by the reversal of the spin direction, relative to the quanta’s, direction of movement, which is the direction of its time direction wave. Just as in the reversal of matter quanta to antimatter quanta, the W-positive wave–which is on the outside–becomes a W-negative wave on the outside, but this is caused by. the V-negative and V-positive virtual waves of the IRHG bubbles. Through the powerful action of the virtual IRHG bubbles dual V±-virtual wave, the W-negative and W-positive waves in the radiation quanta now acquire the baryon nucleon characteristics created in the virtual IRHG bubbles at their creation in the Planck Time/Energy disintegration quantification.

What we now begin to observe has to be one of the major miracles of the creation process, the rearrangement of the radiation quanta’s triplicate-wave. As more and more quanta is sucked into the In-implicate-enfolded reality in the virtual IRHG bubbles, or it’s V±-virtual gluon field, the relative mass/charge strength of the three brane-shell quantum waves is redistributed. Thus the huge mass of the powerful Z-positive open bran-shell wave decreases as it beefs up the waves of the W-positive and the W-negative brane-shell spiral-spinnor- twistor waves. Figure 108 shows the QF-Venn diagram's internal symmetrical progression of these fabulous dynamic transformations.

The virtual IRHGs, or ELBHs begin to take-on, or suck-in, or being mass-charged by the Antimatter Lepton-Quanta.
The Sixteenth Frame: #16A Fig. 030. Mass-charging of the Implicate
Reality Hadron Gravitons. 
Time: Second 10-20.
113_Part-Two-Figure-107.jpg 113_Part-Two-Figure-108.jpg
Figure 107. External of Figure 108. SCSC in explicate mode.
Figure 108. SCSC in implicate internal-field mode.

For Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 108.
See Interpretations for Figures 072 and Figure 106.

The process described here prior and graphically portrayed in figures 107 and 108, will now continue until the space inside the virtual IRHG bubbles–or the virtual gluon field–is filled and the three brane-shell waves--primarily the W-negative and the W-positive waves--have reached a state of symmetry in an equilibrium. The W-positive/W-negative brane-shell wave's spinnor parts of the triplicate-membrane quanta and the Z-negative/positive open wave will later be detected in pairs, forming the W-positive, W-negative, Z-zero bosons. Presently these three brane-shells are about to form what the physicists give the none-descriptive terms of up-quark and the down-quark, which the QF-version will be calling the In-quark and Out-quark.

We shall pause here to ask ourselves a few questions and at the same time answer them. Where are the physicist’s magnetic monopoles? No such independent existing objects are found in the QF-theory, but we believe that the W±-waves are actually the mathematical source of these ideas. Where are the lepto-quarks? We have no such objects, but again, in the QF-theory the Z±-waves and the W±-waves are actually be the source of these mathematical ideas. What happened to the quark-soup? There is no such quark-soup in the QF-theory. This is due to the fact that there are no such independent existing objects in the QF-theory, but the W±-waves are actually the mathematical source of these ideas. In spit of the high temperatures there are no independently existing quarks. Again we are reminded that the QF-Venn diagram is primarily expressing the internal reality of the quanta. Something that would be best associated with the simplest conceivable concepts of quantum relativistic fields. It represents the nature of what is going on inside the quanta, to which we are trying to add an overview perspective. The prime suggestions are that the only entities involved are the high-energy lepton triplicate membrane-quanta, high-energy photons and the empty little black holes IRHG bubbles. This presentation of the QF-Venn diagrams is different from the math analyzes since they do not express magnitudes, size or quantitative values.

Here the questions of the diametrical sizes of the virtual IRHG bubbles and the radiation quanta may reappear. The only answer we can get is that if the virtual IRHG bubbles–mothers of nucleons–are not already cm 10-13, they will eventually expand to that diameter and the radiation-mass electron quanta to the diameter of cm 10-16. This means the following:
Nucleon; 1/ cm
Electron; 1/ cm

This means that the diameter of the electron is a 1000-times smaller than a nucleon and if we compare the eventual electron mass difference between the two, then this is fittingly 1 to 1836. We shall now watch how the antimatter mass continues to be “frozen” into the little nucleon balls in the In-implicate-unfolded reality of the virtual IRHG bubbles.

The Creation Process of the
Weak and the Strong Nuclear Forces?
Our next stop will be the energy/time fraction, which in experimental physics represents the unification of the electro-magnetic force (EMF) and the weak nuclear force (WNF), but this is Second 10-12. Although the size difference between the radiation quanta and the previously massless implicate reality hadron virtual graviton IRHG bubbles, is only indirectly hinted at in the graphics of figures 108, 110 and 112, it is none the less easy to see what the QF-Venn diagram is trying to tell us. The rearranging of the symmetry of the antimatter quanta is taking place through redistribution of the mass/energy of the Z-positive wave and the W-negative and the W-positive brane-shell spiral waves parts into the two V-negative and v-positive virtual brane-shell waves of the IRHG bubbles virtual hadrons, which are indeed gaining mass.

As we now in amazement and amusement watch the process of the creation of the nucleons, we become conscious that we are at the same time observing the manifestation of--in addition to gravity and the electro-magnetic phenomena--the two remaining forces of nature. Along with the creation of the baryon-hadrons, we are watching the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force being created. Of course these forces cannot manifest without the appropriate fermions housing them.

The strong force is being contained in the interaction of the
W-negative and W-positive waves, but the weak force is manifested in just one of these, the W-negative wave. – As we observe the negative event horizon (Eh-negative) of explicate reality--sometime prior to Second 10-12--pass through the center of the positive field of the implicate reality side of the quanta, the symmetry of the explicate reality quanta is becoming that of the implicate reality, without the IRHG bubbles becoming antimatter. How ingenious of Nature, or rather, of the two dimensions of space, which are really behind all this, what ever we decide to call this twofold reality of the 5th and 6th QF-dimensions.

We realize that the three waves are becoming the three quarks of the nucleons and that this will later be the foundation for the manifestation of the heavy W and Z bosons of the CERN proton-antiproton collisions. The creation of the weak and the strong forces is thus through one particle’s symmetry state transformation into another. Matter particles traversing from one reality to the other. Of course there are no
W and Z bosons to be seen anywhere; they only manifest in the controlled conditions of the accelerators at energies equivalent to those of Second 10-12. There is really no specific time for any specific separation of the strong and the week force from any other force, only the progressive creation of these. In figures 109 and 110 we see how the QF-Venn diagram expresses the ongoing symmetry transformations and redistribution of wave-mass, from explicate reality to implicate reality where it will gives the implicate reality mass as it turns it into explicate reality.

The Virtual IRHGs are now really
getting loaded.
The Seventeenth Frame: #17A Fig. 030. Mass-Distribution of the Lepton
Triplicate-Waves forming the Quarks of the Baryon’s. Time: Second 10-12.
117_Part-Two-Figure-109.jpg 118_Part-Two-Figure-110.jpg
Figure 109. External of Figure 110. SCSC in explicate mode.
Figure 110. SCSC in implicate
internal-field mode.

For Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 110.
See Interpretations for Figures 070-072 and Figure 106.

What became of all the Antimatter?
What about None-Baryonic Dark-Matter being created?
Again we are reminded that the time-period of the Sixth Division may well be regarded as a generalized description of the process in which the massless virtual IRHG bubbles gain mass. Whether the progression happens in the exact time frames here portrayed the QF-theory cannot tell us, but the good news is that we do not need to. Since the QF-Venn diagrams suggest that the virtual IRHG bubbles are being mass-charged, solely by antimatter part of the quanta pairs popping out of the vacuum virtual energy V±-poles, or through the antimatter sides of photons created in the complimentary annihilations, this is not crucial either. However, what is here of interest is that this is leaving a lot of lepton electron matter quanta leftovers, as it is the antimatter positron quanta that is going into the creation of the nucleons. This lepton electron quanta will eventually come in handy once the Universe is ready to start the creation of atoms (recombination), but this seen does indeed answer the question of the disappearance of the antimatter quanta created during creation.

The QF-Venn diagram’s challenge to the quark soup is being prepared by the W±-waves along with the Z-negative wave, creating the up/in-quarks and the down/out-quarks. This suggests that the quarks are not elementary particles, rather, that the nucleons and its quarks are the fundaments of all quanta having grown in size to become “visible”. In this it may be argued that individually the 3-quarks are in a sense, large specimens of the fundaments of matter, the rainbow stuff. – Here our guide advises of the last opportunity for a SCSC picture of the last stage of the nucleon creation process.

This process as a natural continuation of the quantification of space is amazingly straightforward and utterly simplistic, and magnificently beautiful to boot. It is in true keeping with Nature seeking the simple’s possible solution, always seeking the maximum economy shortest path (path integral). – Here in figure 112 are the marvelous QF-explanations for the end stage of this exquisitely beautiful process.

The moment of figure 112 is the time frame of
Second 10-06 when the temperature of the Universe falls below the nucleon threshold temperature. This is most fitting since the virtual IRHG bubbles are virtual no longer, as they are now almost fully mass-charged. This solution to the riddle of the nucleon creation is a most charming one and surpassing the Higg's field.

This thinking brings to mind the 70 year old riddle of the “anchorage” of the galaxies, or that of the invisible dark none-baryonic matter (baryonic matter is the triplet quark-nucleons that provide for the burning of the stars), that makes up 90% to 99% of the matter in the Universe. The prime candidate for this matter, have been the incredibly small electron neutrinos  which only recently have been shown to have mass, although not how much. Physics is working on solving this riddle. Later, while the author worked on the QF-symmetries for the neutrinos, in the QF-Theory of Everything part three of this book, he would came up with some remarkable insights into the QF-Venn diagram symmetries. Insights that may possibly make most powerful suggestions to solve the riddle of the unseen dark-matter in the Universe. This suggestion requires enormous amounts of neutrinos to be created, possibly during the end-stages of the First Second.

Here the theorizations present us with the dilemma of whether the Universe knows that it has to create such apparently trivial minuscule none-baryonic matter as the neutrinos in order to provide future gravitational anchorage for the galaxies and further for the ignition of the suns in order for life to exist. We are indeed going to have to take these questions and store them along with the questions on the first causes for the creation.

The Virtual IRHG quanta bubbles are fast becoming topped up with the Antimatter Quanta from the Positrons and Photons.
The Eighteenth Frame: #18A Fig. 030. Wave Distribution forming 3-Quark Nucleons known as Baryons.
Actual Time: Second 10-06.
120_Part-Two-Figure-111.jpg 121_Part-Two-Figure-112.jpg
Figure 111. External of Figure 112. 
SCSC in explicate mode.
Figure 112. SCSC in implicate
internal-field mode.

For Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 112.
See Interpretations for Figures 070-072 and Figure 106.


Baryon-Hadrons created by virtual IRHGs being
Filled-up through Reversal of the Arrow of Time.
Who could have though up such Marvelous Process?
The viewing of the reversal of the Temporal Arrow of Time into the Spatial Arrow of Time is completed and all that remains is to examine what we have discovered. Well, if it is the IRHG bubbles that determine the size of the nucleons, then by what method does nature know that this has to be the size of all nucleons that are to be created in the future? How does it make all basic nucleons (rest mass) in the future–as is indeed the case with the leptons–to the exact same order? By what mechanism? Where in Nature is the blueprint? Yes. That is a tough one. The answer to this must apparently lie in the QF-theorizations suggestions for the W±-waves of matter, and their connection to the virtual V±-waves of the V±-poles of space.

The only conceivable answer to this question has to be that since the reality of the
W±-waves and the V±-poles of space is one and the same, this rhythm must also be present in the V±-poles, which “remember” this specific symmetrical energy point in their rhythm spectrum, for all time to come. Where these rhythms harmonize with each other they dictate the size of the W±-wave pairs that in turn produce a particle and conserve the baryonic number. At higher energies these specific rhythm points are apparently remembered independently in either of the W±-waves, this without the harmonious matching by the other wave, in turn the short lived second and third generations quarks are produced. These are the charmed, strange, top and bottom quarks.

Here the QF-theory suggests that this is what the 10-dimensional superstring and 11-dimensional M-membrane theorizations are attempting to deal with in their multi dimensional mathematics. These theorizations connections between matter and space, is established through numerous extra dimensions, which in the QF-theorizations are just two: The 5th and the 6th, but this discussion is continued in Part Three, Chapter Two of this book.

For the author’s personal purpose, the progression of the theorizations seems satisfactory. The summing-up speculations the author makes here at the end of this chapter are not necessary for his success in achieving a precise view of the fundaments of creation. These are included to give some further ideas on how things are developing, and in an attempt to give the description a natural connection to reality as it is commonly experienced.

What we actually have been and are observing is a progression that is taking place in the spatial part of the Universe–the
virtual IRHG bubbles–as it interacts with high-energy matter and antimatter radiation. It is the QF-version of the forming of the quarks, which has been and is taking place uniformly throughout the Universe soup. The QF-Venn diagrams representation of the process of the capture of the antimatter radiation by the empty little black holes, represents a repetition, or re occurrence of a symmetry situated at approximately Second 10-44, just on the other side of the Planck Time/Energy. Any examination of this moment in creation by our experimental physics requires energies Man can never produce.

The third and last symmetry is reached when the creation of the proton, and its unstable counterpart, the neutron, is completed. This is after Second 10-4, where the nucleon internal symmetries reach equilibrium in their high-speed confinement inside what used to be the empty little black holes, or virtual IRHG bubbles. However, in the neutron, the state of balanced confinement of absolute symmetry, is not achieved.

This process very likely is the same the GUT-physicists describe as the Higg’s X-bosons acquisition of mass. Oddly enough it is during this process that the Universe will increase its temperature through the matter-antimatter reactions, but at the same time it is slowed down by the virtual IRHG bubbles gobbling up of the antimatter. As all other questions of magnitudes, the exact dynamics or amounts of the actions involved in this process is something the QF-theorizations cannot deal with and are satisfied with taking all such data from physics.

The demonstrated inability to see independent quarks by smashing together protons and antiprotons is prevented through the hadron’s
Implicate Reality In-dimensional nature. This will result in the appearance of more hadrons when energy is channeled–through the spatial V-pole connection–into the point of their quantum-gravitational In-enfolded-implicate reality. The laws here involved are the same as those discovered at the outset of quantum mechanics by Planck, or that the quanta cannot be divided, but this is precisely what experimental physics have been trying to do in their attempts at isolating a quark. The quark hunters have been unsuccessfully tried to divide the quantum of creation, which in the QF-theory is not achievable due to the intrinsic composite nature of the triplicate membrane shell waves and thus never will be achieved.

This property of the nucleons--explained through the properties of the creation lepton quanta (Divisions One to Four)--is in fact considered in the QF-theory as one of the strongest verification of its validity, as well as that of the connection between the W±-waves in matter and the V±-poles in space. These properties of matter and spatial relationships are best described and understood through the terms coined by the late Professor David Bohm, where he talks of manifested reality unfolded reality and the creation potential of space, enfolded reality. We will later--when it comes to the human brain in Part III--attempt to account more precisely for this terminology, or choice of words. The process of nucleon creation begins as early as just after the inflationary scenario and extends over a period where the energies are to high for the nucleon coupling constant to take effect. Since the QF-Venn diagram is not time precision oriented, or timeless, it has been adjusted in accordance with the best physics information the author could find and his ability to understand what the physicists are telling us. This of coarse is effected by the author’s limited knowledge so that this in turn means that the QF-suggestions for the beginning of the creation of the nucleons, by the filling of the IRHG bubbles at Second 10-29, is not necessarily precise.

Although the Higg’s field and the Negative Gravity fields proposed by physics may have very similar general properties as the QF-IRHG bubbles quantum gravitational fields, its conceptual details are something which no one has proposed. To the author’s best of knowledge this is not found in any theorizations of the First Second by professionals, but later, after the QF-theorizations show how the creation of the nucleons is completed, we can easily see how much sense this makes. How a theoretical and practical proof of the unification of the electro-weak forces will result in the massive W-positive, W-negative and Z-zero bosons, by colliding protons and antiprotons. However, even though the QF-Venn diagram models could have made prediction for the W-positive, W-negative and Z-zero bosons in the CERN experiment, it could make no energy level or mass predictions. It could only predict that the mass of the Z-zero bosons, should be slightly higher than the mass of the W±-bosons. These realizations serve to further strengthen the author’s understanding of, and faith in, what the QF-Venn diagram appears to be saying, even if it is only in utter simplicity. This means that as far as the author can tell, the QF-Venn diagrams are capable of describing the creation process in a manner that provides the missing parts in mathematics, since it presents a clear view of the spatial connection.

Again we are reminded that it is only the overall views which the QF-approach is presenting us with and that the main gain is the view on how the matter side of gravity is achieved through the W-positive and W-negative waves producing the hidden internal gravitons. This could not be achieved with mathematics, especially in the case of the leptons where the W±-waves are practically smaller than nothing and in part manifest their effect in the virtual form of the V±-poles of the surrounding space. This is mentioned in Part One where the limits of mathematics are discussed, but here we are referring to the incalculable entities in the twice-differentiable equations. A further complication is that this would have to be mathematically initiated at, or beyond, the Planck Time/Energy, or Second 10-44, where mathematical calculations, which are running back-wards in time, have ceased to exist. These problems would not show up in the calculation dealing with concepts such as those of the suggested quark-soup, which is not quite the way the spatial intron-hemispheric QF-Venn diagrams “sees” and “describes” these extraordinary processes.

Well, apparently the QF-Venn diagram is about to pop its top and the neutrons and the protons about to come into existence, since the temperature has just reach the coupling constant for these entities. – The last act of the glorious First Second of the Universe is about to begin when we now take our seats for creation’s final curtain.

                           The Seventh Division
                                   Nineteenth-Twentieth Frames.


Part Two, Chapter Seven

The Seventh Division

End of the Fusion Creationprocess
The End of the First Second of Creation


And God called the firmament Heaven.
And the evening and the morning were the second day.

                            Moses: Genesis 18

Heaven and earth are impartial;...
The space between heaven and earth is like a bellows.
The shape changes but not the form.

                            Lao Tzu; Tao Te Ching V

The End of the First Second of Creation.
Well, the curtain is up on the last act in the First Second of Creation. This extends from Second 10-4 until Second 100. During the last second fraction of the Sixth Division we suggested that the Eighteenth Frame was actually representing the nearly completed creation of protons and possibly neutrons to. During the Sixteenth, Seventeenth and the Eighteenth Frames we saw the W-positive and W-negative waves being beefed up through an equalizing transfer of energy inside the IRHGs becoming hadrons. This was at the expense of the time-mass-momentum Z-negative open brane-shell wave. It shows how all three quantum waves came to an almost even mass distribution in their respective brane-shells, whose existence was brilliantly theorized individually and independently by Murray Gell-Mann, George Zweig and Yuval Ne'eman during the sixties. They were the none-independently existing objects given the name quarks, that later were detected in ingenious accelerator experiments.

What we shall now scrutinize is in essence the end results of the First Second of the Big Bang. This is the completion of the filling, or topping-up with mass-quanta, the QF-empty little black holes (IRHGs), or the Negative Gravity Field, or the False Vacuum, or the Higg’s Field. These are in all probability the Higg’s massless and spin-less bosons, or the X-bosons of the physicist. The reader may take his pick which expression he likes best. Again we are reminded that the spatial hemispheric QF-Venn diagram is an expression void of time, volume, magnitude, quantity, and we further become conscious of its shortcomings regarding the difference in the creation of the two types of nucleons. One of them stable: the proton. The other semi-stable: the neutron. This is the diagram’s inability to tell us anything about the size differences between the protons and neutrons, or for that matter, any particles whatever. Fortunately, such information is for our purpose taken care of by the experimental physicists. We are thus dependent on the physicists, measurements and matter hemispheric mathematical insights into what the spatial hemispheric QF-Venn diagrams cannot tell us in their simplicity.

End-Stage Creation of the Universe’s
  Primary Mass-objects: The Baryon Hadron Protons.
Professor Weinberg advises us that the physicists to day believe that the Universe probably started out with an equal number of neutrons and protons. We are going to have to take the good Man’s word fort this being the case, and shall accept the initiation of the shifting ratio between protons and neutrons during this era of creation. Again we are reminded that it is the overall nature of things that we are after, and the details regarding the question, which came first, the chicken or the egg, is not the object. We are thus spared any temptations to believe that in actual fact, the neutrons are to be created before the protons. That the neutrons were created at an higher energy level than the proton through the ELBH of the field of quantified space that is being stuffed with quanta, to the extend that at lower energy levels they would become unstable and decay into protons, electrons, and antineutrinos. George Gamow, Ralph A. Alpher and Robert Herman proposed this in 1948, but the original calculations were not correct in all details. In order to avoid such speculations we are to relay entirely on the progression presented by the QF-Venn diagram and let it tell us how this takes place.

Going backwards in time, the end creation of the nucleons is within the first one ten thousandth of the First Second. Going forward in time it is situated somewhere during the last part of the second, or a period from Second 10-4, ending at about Second 100. In this period the end results of the frames in the Sixth Division continues in the Seventh Division's last two frames of the QF-models. Here we notice that the symmetries produced in the nucleons are in part the same as the momentary's in figures 055 and 056:

The Nineteenth Frame for Second 10-03, Figure 55.
The Twentieth Frame for Second 10-01, Figure 56.

In the QF-theorizations for the final events of the First Second we consider what the QF-Venn diagram is telling us about the composite nature of the baryon hadron nucleons. In physics there are suggestions to the effect that the proton may not be absolutely stable as the neutron, which is know to be only semi-stable, however, the apparent suggestion of the QF-Venn diagrams is that the proton is an absolutely symmetrical and permanently stable hadron. It in turn agrees with the common knowledge that the neutrons are slightly asymmetrical and unstable. Here then is the first of the baryons which we have placed–not quite randomly–at Second 10-3.

In the proton the Z-open brane-shell wave is forever waving inwards into a timeless reality, the reality that was and is the Special Singularity. This wave is further in perfect symmetry with the two W±-waves and their reality is conserved in space and matter that is now manifested in the In-implicate-enfolded reality but these factor render the proton eternally stable

The Permanently Stable Baryon.
The Nineteenth Frame: #19A Fig. 030. The Universe’s prime Hadron, the Proton, passes it’s Threshold Temperature. Time: Second 10-03.
122_Part-Two-Figure-113.jpg 123_1-Part-Two-Figure-114.jpg
Figure 113. Figure 114 external. SCSC in explicate zoom-in-cutaway mode.
Figure 114. SCSC in implicate internal-field mode.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 114:
123_A-Part-Two-Figure-114.gif Negative event horizon symbol. Interaction dominating negative half of the event horizon. It is a closed string/string loop of the "half-reality" of the W-negative wave forming the outer boundary of Out-explicate- unfolded reality.
123_B-Part-Two-Figure-114.gif Positive event horizon symbol. Interaction supporting positive half of the event horizon. It is a closed string/string loop of the "half- reality" of the W-positive wave forming the outer bound- ary of In-implicate-enfolded reality.
123_C-Part-Two-Figure-114.gif W-negative quantum wave symbol. Negative, Out waving W-negative wave spiral-spinnor-twistor part of the superstring- membrane. It corresponds to, and is a part of the V-negative pole of the vacuum virtual energy of infinite space. This interrelation will be the cause for the WNF, the magnetic forces and the gravitational curvature of space. It now manifests the in the nucleons 1/3 of an electron-volt negative charge down quark. It will remain as the outer-wave in all matter particles and is one of two waves that are responsible for the graviton in the particles, negotiating interactions between explicate and implicate realities. It cannot exist without its complementary half.
Temporal Arrow of Time (TAT) symbol: The positive quantum wave of the open part of the superstring that follows the Zero line of light. It is the cause for Coulomb's Law and the electric force. The W-negative and W- positive virtual waves of the IRHG change the antimatter SAT to a matter TAT manifesting two types of quarks; Up quark in the proton, and down quark in the neutron. In the proton it waves In, its charge is positive and 2/3 of an electron volt as the W-positive quarks. In neutrons it waves Out and its charge negative 1/3 of an electron's volt as the W-negative quarks.
123_F-Part-Two-Figure114.gif W-positive quantum wave symbol. Positive, In waving W-positive wave spiral-spinnor-twistor part of the superstring- membrane. It corresponds to, and is a part of the V-positive pole of the vacuum virtual energy of infinite space. This interrelation will be the cause for the WNF, the magnetic forces and the gravitational curvature of space. It now manifests the in the nucleons 2/3 of an electron-volt positive charge up quark. It will remain as the inner-wave in all matter particles and is one of two waves that is responsible for the graviton in the particles, negotiating interactions between explicate and implicate realities. It cannot exist without its complementary half.
123_G-Part-Two-Figure-114.gif Quantified gravity symbol. It denotes that the field inside the circles is a quantum gravitational field representing the graviton. This configuration represents the Out-explicate- unfolded reality of baryon gravitons.
123_H-Part-Two-Figure-114.gif Out = Direction of waves waving out from the objects center, towards it’s edge, or event horizon. Omni-directional wave- effects from center.
In = Direction of waves waving in from the objects edge, or event horizon. Uni-directional wave-effects relative to the objects center.


The End-Stage Creation of the Universe’s other
Primary Mass-objects: The Baryon Hadron Neutrons.
The QF-Venn diagram event of the end phase in the neutron’s creation is presented in the Twentieth Frame; Frame #20A. In the QF-models this creation process is a continuation, or a variation, of the same process that creates the proton. The difference is in extended end-results, but the difference between the neutron and the proton comes about during the very last stages of the First Second, or after about Second 10-4. This lasts through the end of the second, but the precise time of the creation is not consequential. What the QF-models come up with actually resembles more what the author likes to look at as an over boosted proton. It does seem that some of the empty little black holes, or IRHGs that have been mass-charged into protons are receiving some extra wave-mass-energy in the form of antimatter quanta. This extra energy packet is the equivalent to about 1,3 MeV, or the equivalent mass difference of an electron and a neutrino, but this process is more suggestive of the dynamics shown in figures 091, 092 and 096, with the neutron “up the creek” and the proton being “at rest in the valley.”

The neutron–like the name suggests–is electrically neutral, but this the QF-Venn diagram suggests takes place through the mass-energy over boosting and results in the Z-positive-wave reversing its direction of waving. In it’s waving with the W-negative-waves it waves out from the center and becomes a Z-negative-wave. This in turn makes it a TAT, or Temporal Arrow of Time. The symmetry of the neutron will thus be unstable. Just as in the proton, the W±-waves and the Z±-waves now form the famous quarks. The quarks that physics tells us are glued together by gluons, this in such a manner as to produce an asymptotic freedom in their interrelation. This means that the force between the quarks becomes stronger as they are moved further apart, but their removal from each other results not in them becoming independently existing objects, but in another quark popping out of the vacuum and they together then form a meson. This is the “quark confinement”, but the QF-Venn diagram theorizations suggest that the three waves cannot have an independent existence with the exception of the W±-waves being able to exist momentarily in pairs. Here is a portrait of the semi-stable baryon, triplet brane-shell wave particle that produces the two different phenomenon of radiation; alpha and beta.

This is getting more and more beautiful by each passing billionth of a second! Will we ever be able to appreciate this beauty? Will this ever achieve the deserved meaning in our consciousness? Yes! There is hope. Albert Einstein and John Keats were certainly right: “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty…”. This then is the end of the fundamental creation process. What remains is to arrange the parts to form atoms, suns, galaxies and us. Let’s look at the last frame in the QF-Venn diagram sets for the First Second of the Universe. Here are the internals of the versatile neutron, without which we neither would, nor could exist.

The Unstable Neutron, 
the Mother of Radiation.
The Twentieth Frame: #20A Fig. 030. Additional Energy Creates the Unstable Neutron Baryon. 
Actual Time: Second 10-02.
124_Part-Two-Figure-115.jpg 125_1-Part-Two-Figure-116.jpg
Figure 115. Figure 116 external. SCSC in explicate zoom-in-cutaway mode.
Figure 116. SCSC in implicate
internal-field mode.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 116, the same as
Figure 114, with the difference shown here below:

125_A-Part-Two-Figure-116.gif Temporal Arrow of Time (TAT) symbol: The up-quark in the proton has been reversed and has now become the down quark in the neutron. In the neutron it waves Out thus making it unstable. Its charge is negative and 1/3 of an electron's volt, mass approximately 6 electron volts. It's charge and mass are the same as the down quarks of the W-negative wave.


The Decay of the Neutron.
We have been looking at how the neutron is created, but since it may be transformed as soon as it is created, we shall look a little at this attribute. This takes place through it’s spitting out, two leptons--in two slightly different symmetries--after which it becomes a proton. Our marvelous physicists have been able to tell us quite a lot–and in detail–about what takes place when an isolated, free neutron goes through its beta (ß) decay. Here we can do little more than to take the information we have regarding the quark-gluon conceptual composition, and the decay process, to our QF-Venn diagram, and see what it has got to say about the phenomena. Through the Twentieth Frame, we get some insight into the fact that there is no way that a neutron can be anything else but a slightly overcharged proton. An over the top proton, so to speak. This is a phenomenon represented in the Fifth Divisions figures 092 and 094. The neutron is thus, through its “over-charge”, an unstable particle, that eventually transforms–or decays–into a proton by this spitting out of an electron and a neutrino. Of course, there is no way any explicate reality particles can be thought of as independently existing inside the neutron. The QF-Venn diagram suggests to us that when the neutron goes through its ß-decay, it is an excesses part of the Z-positive-wave that is discharged through the W-negative-wave. This since it is the W-negative-wave is the outermost layer of the neutron. This is seen as yet another verification of the brane-shell arrangement within the fermion and can be scrutinized in Part III, Chapter Four figure 171 page 441. There are two different ß-decay processes; one is the case where the ejected W-negative wave mass, for an electron and antineutrino meet with a neutrino and an electron neutrino is the result. In the other case the decay has no such luck as to meet with a neutrino and the result is an electron and an antineutrino.

To the author, the
ß-decay confirms that the material Universe is put together out of triplicate six dimensions membranes, forming four basic quantum-wave particle symmetries out of the Z±open brane-shell wave, and it’s two accompanying W-positive, and W-negative graviton brane-shell spinnor-twistor waves. The unstable nucleon whose creation we have just been observing–the neutron–will in turn eventually help us to understand the creation and composition of neutrinos.

Questions of Confirmation to Reality.
The Connection to Experimental Physics.
We have arrived at the end of the First Second of Creation and have achieved models for the quantum objects representing the proton and neutron. In the creation process of the nucleons, the two spinnor-twistor-spiral waves of W-positive and W-negative have been beefed up through an equalizing transfer of energy inside the implicate reality hadron gravitons, IRHGs. This at the expense of the size, of the explicate reality mass-energy, of the Z±open brane-shell wave of time-mass-momentum. Through this all three quantum waves have gained about an even amount of mass.

The existence of the triplet wave was brilliantly theorized during the sixties and given the name quarks by the American 1969 Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann. Gell-Mann took the name for the quarks from James Joyce’s surrealistic novel, Finnegan’s Wake. The word quark in the novel is the novel’s hero’s famous seagull hallucination
“Three quarks for Muster Mark,” where the word quark stands for a mug of beer.

The Russian American, George Zweig, independently theorized the existence of the quarks, which he called “aces”. The third physicist, who came up with a triplet wave system for the nucleons, independent of the others, was the group theory specialist, the Israeli Yuval Ne'eman, but the author does not know what he called them. The quarks were later detected in ingenious accelerator experiments. This by bombarding baryons (hadrons) with electron (photon) beams.

The two QF-wave functions of W-positive and W-negative have thus become the IN (up) quarks and OUT (down) quarks respectively, and the Z±-wave turns out to be capable of becoming either an IN (up) quark, or a OUT (down) quark. This depending on whether its direction of the oscillation inside the nucleon is In or Out, accounting for its isotopic spin. This in turn accounts for its charge being positive or negative. The charge of the Z±-wave, depends on its is direction, but this would again account for the higher mass, and the zero charge of the Z-zero boson that appears in the collision of a proton and an antiproton. The QF-theory predicts this. The two wave functions of the W±-waves are thus the only quarks manifested in the meson, created partially out of the V±-poles of space. They do not contain the Z±-wave, and can there for not be permanently manifested. We can now see that the QF-models for the First Second of Creation three waves, the two W±-waves and the Z-positive/negative wave are the prime components of material reality. The quarks are thus the fundamental components of matter without an independent existence.

Although the author has sought the details of the QF-theorizing to the theoretical and experimental physicists, they are not initiated in their ideas. Any relation to the daring suggestions and interdependent relation presented by the QF-Venn diagrams are not found in the work of the professional sciences. The probing of the nucleons with photon beams is on of Man’s greatest achievements but this is–as is its mathematical side–still work in the realm of the brain’s matter hemisphere and consequently the same views as the QF-Venn diagram’s are not as readily accessible. The classical picture of physics for the nucleons is that the triplet waves are interacting with each other to hold the nucleon together, this through the exchange of gluons. These are the colored gluons and thus we have the new branch of nuclear physics known as Quantum Chromo Dynamics. In the QF-theorizations these gluons are an inseparable part of the “rainbow stuff” that makes up the and waves, whose creation we have witnessed here in part two. At this stage the interested in the general reality-nature of the waves-quarks does not go beyond the poetic description of rainbow-stuff. These waves are certainly vibrating at extremely high frequencies, and at the same time waving either in or out, and to boot, spinning the quantum dance. As the author did with the leptons in figure 083, he will be making a reference to the parity characteristics of the spin of the hadrons.

As in the discussion at the end of the Fourth Division, the spin axis of the 1/2-integer spin fermion particles is always the Z±-wave, and this is always in line with the particle’s momentum, with either of the W±-waves dictating the spin of the nucleon. This is the nucleon’s spin, but additionally they have a quantum number, which is their magnetic spin. This appears as the sum of the spin of the W±-waves when they alone are measured, but here it should be obvious why this spin is of no interest in the QF-theorizations. – We now have a look at the parity in the nucleon’s spin.

The Parity Helicity of the Proton and Neutron.


Figure 117.

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 117:
126_A-Part-Two-Figure-117.gifThe quantum-spin of a Right Handed nucleon, identified with the letter R, points opposed to the direction of travel, or "Back" from direction of momentum (red arrow) rotating as a right-handed screw.126_B-Part-Two-Figure-117.gif

The quantum-spin of a Left Handed nucleon, identified with the letter L, points along the direction of travel, or "Into" the direction of momentum (blue arrow) rotating as a left-handed screw.

Comparison of Spin Characteristics of Nucleon Quanta
in the QF-Models, to the Spin of the Proton and Neutron.


Figure 118.

Abbreviations and Symbols in Figure 118:

Helicity = The Angular Momentum of the nucleon (Spin).
  RDONS = Right handed Direction of nucleons Spin.
  RSN = Right Spinning nucleon.
  QFRSN = QREST FIELD Right Spinning nucleon.
     p = Proton. n= Neutron.
      R = Right handed.   L = Left handed.

The spin of the fundamental particles and its relation to the way the parity is shifted from spinning OUT, or IN, relative to the particles direction of movement, is the prime attribute in the QF-unification endeavors. It is this attribute which provides, not only verification of the overall model construction, but also guides its construction. A further inspiration to the author is the universal rhythms of creation-destruction, stability-instability and the symmetry switches. The energy-mass-charge internal and external interchanges of the of light, or the threefold wave function Z-positive/negative brane-shell waves, with the two W±-waves graviton brane-shell spiral-spinnor-twistor waves forming the membrane-shells, is indeed a wonder, but the kinship of these waves to the part of the brain that is the spatial hemispheric Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers, is perhaps en the biggest marvel in all the disciplines of science. Some physicists have equated the rhythms and the symmetry transformations with the “Dance of Shiva” from the Hindu mythology, this, however, is more correctly described as the “Dance of Vishnu, Brahman and Shiva.” Here Vishnu, corresponding to the Z-positive/negative brane-shell waves of the light-ray, and is created by Krishna, the Special Singularity, and represents the stability of the Universe. Brahman and Shiva–which are negative and positive manifestations of the normally neutral Vishnu–would correspond to the W-negative and the W-positive waves. The meaning of the “Dance of Shiva on a prostrate Demon” can only be understood in connection with the functions and malfunctions of the human brain. This, the author will be looking at further in the last part of this book, not only just for fun but in a dead earnest serious attempt at saving himself from the fait of the demon. – After having plodded through the QF-Venn diagram composition of this 173 pages vision of the First Second of Creation, the author has become confident that this method will eventually lead him to the solution to his personal problem. – Yes, again this indeed turns out to satisfy his personal requirements.

"Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work, which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all his work, which he had made."

                                                            Moses: Genesis 21

A Brief Account of the Evolution of the Universes.
Before we start our journey searching for the ultimate understanding of the first law of life, we shall have a brief overview of the history of the evolution of the Universe, after the First Second of Creation. In this history of the evolution from the spontaneous creation of matter to the time the progression of the Universe begins to be able to produce life, the most interesting is the fact that in order for life to emerge in the Universe, it will first have to go through the process of creating the first generation of suns. A process that takes about years. After the first generation of suns have been created, then these suns burn for about years in order to create the heavy atoms that provide the environment and the base for life. These are the heavy atoms in the planets and our bodies. Our planet being former star stuff which 460.000.000.000 years ago started revolving around a second generation sun, which quite possibly started to burn years ago, or about 1010 terrestrial years after the Big Bang.

The story of this evolution and the relation of our existence to it, have been elucidated in the last part of the 20th century in many great books. In these it is pointed out that we are–in more than one understanding–indeed; “Star stuff”, or if you like, “The Children of the Universe.” Whether we are unique in the Universe is another question, but this is numerically very unlikely. However, relative to the Universe, we humans are, no doubt a very special product. So special that the author personally believes that the sole purpose of the Universe is to produce us humans. This is verified to the author through his visions and theorizations of the First Second. A part of what we shall be doing during the rest of these writings is to scrutinize this intuitive conviction. However, as already stated, before we go deeper into these analyzes, we shall have to review the temporal evolution of the space-time-matter continuum after the First Second of Creation and until Now. This being a very brief journey, which fittingly is started by a wide-angle view of the ingredient of the Big Bang at the end of the First Second of Creation. This is of course taken with our magical SCSC gismo, which has served us so well throughout this part. Figure 119 is the last close-up of nucleon, electron and photon sample ingredient of the First Second.

A Zoom-in SCSC View of the Universe’s Ingredients
at the End of the First Second of Creation.


Figure 119.

After the First Second until about 3,000 Years.
Energy radiation and extremely rapid expansion dominate this period. The temperature and pressures remain very high for the first three minutes during which time the simplest nucleon synthesis take place. The nucleons of helium and little lithium and beryllium are fused out of hydrogen nucleuses (protons). Protons and neutrons also combine to form isotopes. During this process the pi mesons and neutrinos begin to appear.

From 3.000 until 300.000 Years after the First Second.
The Universe is still almost solid matter from about 3.000 years and onwards. The gravity of the cooling matter slows the expansion and it begins to clump and form structures. Some believe that shortly after the first 3.000 years, the dark matter particles come into existence. From about 10.000 years later, the Universe contains 75% hydrogen, 25% helium nucleuses and at about 105.000 years it has cooled sufficiently for the matter waves-particles and the radiation to separate and the creation of stable electrons follows.

About 300/500.000 until 700.000 Years after Creation.
The expansion now permits the separation of the electromagnetic energy (high-energy photons) and the newly born nucleons. This will permit the nucleons to capture the electrons and form the simplest atoms: Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium and Beryllium. The Universe begins to become opaque–or transparent to radiation–and possibly none-uniform in the distribution of matter so that it begins to collapse under the influence of its own gravitation to form the galaxies. This is still a puzzle for physics. From this time the remnants of the high energy photons still exist as microwave radiation (2,7o K) and they reveal indication of ripple-like concentration (COBE 1992) of this primordial matter. The Universe’s soup goes through the temperature of 3000o Kelvin on its way to the present one of 2,7o K. and has cooled enough to permit the forming of stable atoms through the coupling of electrons into quantum orbits (recombination) around the light atomic nucleuses.

About 200.000.000 Years after the First Second.
The continuation of the clumping of matter through gravity now begins to form the seedlings of galaxies and quasars. The quasi stellar objects are the oldest astrophysics can observe, but they have analyzed signals coming from quasars which actually began burning with fusion reaction some 2 to terrestrial years after creation, or years ago.

About Years after
Big Bang—until ago now, 2000 AD.
When the Universe celebrates its birthday, it bringing forth the first generation of suns/stars or the main sequence stars, which will, under the dictation of gravity, burn in order to form the heavier atoms for the creation of our planet and ourselves. Towards the end of the period from 5 to, one of many such suns explodes in a Supernova and spews its matter out into space. This becomes the raw material for planet earth and other satellites in our solar system, as well as for us personally.

Approximately Years after
the Big Bang–until ago now, 2000 AD.
Second generations of suns/stars are formed. This includes our sun and solar system. At about 10.400.000.000 Years (± after the Big Bang or 4.600.000.000 Years ago, our Planet Earth is formed.

The Universe now, 2001 AD, about
Years later, or 5 x 1017 Seconds after the First Second.
Present large-scale structure of the Universe showing the mysterious 100 to 400 million light years of voids between walls of billions of galaxies.

A Wide-angle SCSC View of the
Large-scale Structure of the Universe’s as it is Now.


Figure #120.

The plotted graphics in figure 120 show the huge bubble voids between the walls of galaxies, which are supposedly the seen for the mysterious negative gravity action of the–not to be confused with dark matter–"dark repulsion vacuum energy" that appears to accelerate the expansion of the Universe.

However, for the author the prime current riddle of the Universe is presented in Professor John Gribbin most important reminder: “It is worth remembering that at this level of description, dealing only with the common form of matter that makes up the sun and stars, distant galaxies, interstellar matter, planets and ourselves, we are dealing with a limited number of fundamental particles, just four.” This statement sums up the author’s endeavor at analyzing his visions and to achieve a simplistic overview picture of the nature and reality of the basic constituent parts of matter and its origin in–and connection to–the vacuum. A search aimed at the fundamental objective reality in the hope of gaining access to an understanding of creation reality of the Universe as it manifests in the human brain. Some years (±3 b.) after the First Second, we find ourselves as members of a family of 65.000.000 years evolved pre-primate. Homo Sapiens, which is now asking Nature questions such as: How did it all begin? Did it really come out of nothing? Is it really made of rainbow-stuff? What is the Purpose of the Universe? What is Life? What’s the purpose of life? What is it all about? Where does the intelligence in the creation come from? Is it all a colossal coincidence or was it pre-planed? Or is it only explainable by the Anthropic Principle in Theoretical Physics?

We have come to the end of the 178 page Part Two description of the events of creation, which take place during such a short time as just one-second. Such voluminous writings about just one-second do seem to border the incomprehensible. However, the author cannot afford not to wonder about this. He has to find out if there is possibly an answer to the question regarding his mental condition may be found in the QF-theorization, or the question of his imminent personal destruction. An explanation that might lead him to the Law of Life, as Professor Hawking suggests. This will be:

         Part Three.
                       Analyzes and Comparison
                               of the QF-Theoretical Model
                                         for the First Second of Creation.

The next part of the THE LITTLE SCROLL is:

07 : Part Three 1
The Initial Connection of the Venn-set
QF-Theory of Everything,
to the
Standard Model of


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