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The Contents of the Prophesied Book:

Following are the contents of a seven part book presenting the worlds first models for a complete quantum mechanical and molecular biological theoretical paradigm of unification. This is claimed as:

"The Ultimate Theory of Everything"

Although the Subject of the Book takes References in Religious Prophesies, it is not Religion Oriented.
The Interest in--and the Connection to--the Religious Prophesies, is Purely on the basis of Physics and Neurological Theoretical Considerations regarding Man's Perception of the Phenomena of Time. This is explained throughout the Book in it's following 7 Parts:

00 : Introductions The Presentation of the Book.
01 : The Preface The Introduction of the Book's Foundat- ions.
02 : The Premises The Spiritual Justification for the Book.
03 : Part One 1 Introduction to the Cutting Edge of Theo- retical Physics and its Approach to the Theory of Everything.
04 : Part One 2 Introduction to the Venn-set Theoretical Approach to the Theory of Everything.
05 : Part Two 1 The Venn-set Theoretical Models for the  Process during the Creation of Time and the Quantum Wave of the Universe.
06 : Part Two 2 The Venn-set Theoretical Models for the Creation of Mass during the First Second of Time.
07 : Part Three 1 The Initial Connections of the Venn-set QF-Theory of Everything, to the Standard Model of Physics.
08 : Part Three 2 The Initial Connection of  the Venn-set QF-Theory of Everything to Life, the Human Brain and Consciousness.
09 : Epilogue The Initial Philosophical Conclusions and Bibliography.

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Part Three


“But after I swallowed it, it turned sour in my Stomach.
Then I was told - ‘Once again you must proclaim God’s
Message to many Nations, Races, Languages and Kings’”



On the Subject of the Writings in this Book

"When the great innovation appears, it will seem muddled and strange.
It will be only half-understood by its discoverer and a mystery to
everyone else.
For an idea that does not appear bizarre at first,
there is no hope."

                                                                                                      Niels Bohr 1885-1962   

The Key to the Abyss

"And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angle, which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. And I went unto the angle and said to him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up, and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings."

                                                                                    The Bible of King James;
                                                                     The Book of Revelation 108-11



"But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound,the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets."

                                                                                                The Bible of King James;
                                                              The Book of Revelation,
Chapter 107


"Some day a door will suddenly open and expose the glittering central
mechanism of the world in its beauty and simplicity." 

                                                                                        John A. Wheeler


"Any Unification Theory of Physics, or a Theory of Everything Paradigm
which does not include the Observer, Man, and that cannot be eventually
 understood by everyone, is a meaningless and a worthless teaching."

                                                                                          Apallo Aquarian


Part Three, Chapter One


The Creation Visions
Initial Assessments


The Unification of: Matter - Forces - Symmetries
that Dictate Universal Realities


"Relativity and, even more important, quantum mechanics have strongly suggested (though not proved) that the world cannot be analyzed into separate and independently existing parts. Moreover, each part somehow involves all the others: contains them or enfolds them. This fact suggests that the sphere of ordinary material life and the sphere of mystical experience have a certain shared order and that this will allow a fruitful relationship between them."

                                                                                                    David Bohm  


"Nature seems to take advantage of the simple mathematical representation of the symmetry laws. The intrinsic elegance and beautiful perfection of the mathematical reasoning involved and the complexity and depth of the physical consequences are great sources of encouragement to physicists. One learns to hope that nature possesses an order that one may aspire to comprehend."

                                                                                              Chen Ning Yang


The Authors Verification the Validity
of his
Spiritual Experience Visions of Creation.
The last part took the reader on a journey to the edge of the Universe at its beginning, but in this the author recounted most unusual vision. This vision the author experienced in the early morning hours of December 12th, 1984, in a hotel room in Fairbanks Alaska. There he--during an 18-minute “mystical spiritual experience”-- perceived the visions described here, in the terminology of contemporary physics, rather than in the terminology of prophets or poets. For the author personally, the initial effects of this “spiritual journey” to the events of the First Second of Creation, were an indescribable elevation of spirit and an alteration and expansion of conscious awareness. Indeed, when he discussed them with his friends, they were: “sweet in his mouth”.

Although the author personally “felt” convinced that he had been shown–in a new form–the ultimate truth/reality of creation and the Universe, he would in mid 1988, after three and a half years of reading up on the subject, be just as conscious of the fact that he had no proof of its validity. Feeling convinced was something that came from his emotional side, and just “feeling” something, invited all forms of harmful self delusion. In spite of the fact that what he was reading into physics seemed to give a favorable impression of its validity, none of it constituted hard evidence for any form of presentation. This made the prospects for an amateur of undertaking to do the necessary research work in order to interpret what Venn-diagrams in his vision into some form of physics terms and then to commit the outcome into writing, seem foolhardy.

Right after the author’s spiritual experience numerous questions had begun to crowd his consciousness: What does all this mean? How is this connected to physics? How is this connected to biology? What has all this to do with me? How is this connected to my ailment? The questions were endless and they would end in the usual; Why me? It would then, after these questions had paraded in his consciousness for three and a half years that it dawned on him that the purpose of the vision was to produce the first and only method for incorporating the DNA, Life and the Conscious Observer into the investigation of physics. Without this, all the efforts of physics would be at a loss and remain quite questionable, but no theorizations had been able to achieve this, not even the superstring theories. It would then be at the end of the exercise of interpretation his vision and the writing of the theorizations, that he would get the answer to his question; Why me? This would have to do with the ailment of his brain, the commonest problem in humanity, which is then highlighted in the last chapter of this book, in Part III.

It was then in mid 1988, the author was visiting in Iceland while living in Luxembourg that he would go through a series of serendipitous events that would present him with the first, and the last verification of the physics validity of his vision. These would be in the form of two unique insights--one very simplistic, the other extremely complex--which would give him the confidence needed for undertaking the colossal work of producing THE LITTLE SCROLL. The simpler one would have to do with the fundamental colors of nature and the
QF-explanations for them, but the sophisticated one on the other hand had to do with particle spin and its QF-explanations. Here, in Part Three, Chapters One to Four, the author presents his analysis of his visions, in the terms of contemporary physics. Then in Chapters Five to Seven he offers his biological connections to the DNA, Life and Consciousness, but these would also contained the ultimate answers to why healthy mystical visions are so rare, how they are possible and what they represent.

The First Verification; the Rainbow Proof.
It was in the spring 1988 that the author would come across his first proof for the QF-Venn diagram visions and their description of the fundamental particles. Walking in the shopping district of Reykjavik, his eye caught the sight of a picture in a shop window of a white unicorn standing under a rainbow. Staring at the picture it was as if his inner voice kept saying to him, “buy the picture, its going to teach you important things”. He bought the picture and its effect would be extended into his meditations where he would be visited by the spirit of Newton, who told him to take a good look at his 1666 “Modification Theory” refutation experiment. It would then be the compliance to this idea that the author came across the first proof for the validity of the vision and would lead to him moving to Iceland on the first of December 1999--or one year and seven months later--and to starting work on the interpretations of the vision. One of his first acts while moving into his newly rented apartment was to have the rainbow/unicorn picture in a large frame adorning his living room, where it served him as a reminder of the explanatory powers of the QF-Venn diagrams.

It would be while reviewing Newton’s story that he became conscious that the tree fundamental colors of Nature were explained by the QF-Venn diagrams and that they fitted the number of brane-shells in the triplicate QF-membrane Fermion particles; leptons and baryons alike. They even went further in explaining why only a green-mix band appeared in the rainbow and the prism, and not an orange one, as we can review in picture 010 on page 041. These are questions which physics cannot explain, thus the QF-theory provides the first causative explanations for these fundamental phenomena in Nature, but it would be these two insights that would serve as the go-ahead signal for the authors work on THE LITTLE SCROLL.

Figure 121 provides these insights in the simplicity of the graphical form presented for matter and antimatter rainbows, but the later one is something which we are ever likely to see. In QF-Venn graphics we can see the individual brane-shell waves waving in specific directions, but these are relative to the V±-poles of the vacuum and designated as IN and OUT. Here the Z-negative main mass-wave and the W-negative right spinning graviton-magnetic polar wave are waving in the same direction, while the W-positive left spinning wave is waving in the opposite direction. This means that the none-blended fundamental colors can easily blend between the blue and the yellow and not between the read and the yellow.

The QF-theory and Matter and Antimatter Rainbows.


Figure 121

This is indeed a spectacular conclusion and Newton's desire to know the answer to this riddle and his constant asking God for it is understandable.

The Last Verification; the Particle Spin Proof.
Oddly enough, the last item on the author's verification list for the QF-theory, and the second most important, would come to him at the same time as the color insights in the rainbow proof. This would be in the form of the 1981 book QUARKS, THE STUFF OF MATTER by Professor Harald Fritzsch, but the book he found on sale in a street book-market.

The geometrical properties of the spin of the fundamental particles are quite a complex phenomena and it would take the author quite a lot of work and time to gain an insight into how this translated into the
QF-Venn diagrams describing the fundamental particles.

The Particle Spin Parity in Physics.


Figure 122

Figure 122 and the accompanying text are taken from Professor Fritzsch's book, but this graphic would in the end serve to show the author that it were the two W±-spiral-twistor brane-shell waves that gave the particles their spin-direction, regardless whether they were fermions or bosons. In Chapter Four of this Part presents the arguments for the QF-theory's complete unification propositions validity, based on its interpretation of the particles spin properties. This would then serve to show the prognostics of Professor Paul Davis to have been correct.

The First Second of Creation simplistic
Overview and its Question and QF-answers.
The author’s knowledge of physics had to be expanded if he was to decipher and understand the meaning of the QF-Venn diagram visions and to render him capable of connecting the two verifications described here prior. Any further understanding would require years of work during which he would have to make extensive readings in physics and psychobiology and keep up with the latest research findings in these disciplines. The digestion of the QF-Venn diagram set vision would indeed prove to be “sour in his stomach”, but this would not be completed with the analyzes of the First Second of Creation and the Complete Unification insight. This would turn out to be just the foundations for the the most important interpretations; the connection of the findings to Life itself and the Conscious Observer.

Once the digestion of the foundations had been achieved, their connection to the Standard Model of physics would have to follow before any meaningful analyzes of the model's connection to Life and Consciousness could be undertaken. These analyzes would by them selves eventually constitute verifications, although they might not immediately be seen as proof for the validity of the
QF-theorizations. What of it; towering over all contemplations of the theories validity would be the most important issue. Can the theorizations explain Life itself and the Conscious Observer.

Before we start to look at the details of the suggestions the
QF-Venn diagram models present, we shall need to gain a better overview of the events during the QF-First Second, hoping to arrive at a wider perspective. In order to initiate this investigation, the author has copied the scheme from figure 018, and modified it into figures 123 and 124. Figure 123 presents an overview of the general distribution/flows of the radiation components in the First Second, where as figure 124 is arranged to show the QF-Venn diagrams according to the creation of particles and breaking of symmetries. This should allow the reader to get a view of: “...those principles that cannot be explained in terms of deeper principles,” as Weinberg puts it, and a view of: “...the underlying influence which produces the different manifestations,” in the terms of Professor John D. Barrow. These graphs then present a view like no other and are truly unique. – Next are figures 123 and 124.

The QREST-Field Graphical First Second Continuum.
Overview of the Distribution Progression of the
Radiation and the Spatial Quantification.


Figure 123

The QREST-Field Graphical First Second Continuum.
Overview of the Interactions of Matter/Antimatter and the Spatial Quanta.


Figure 124

Figure 123 presents a diagram showing the flow of the three components of the wave functions of the Universe, accompanied by a line showing how the function of gravity is always present in these waves. This may be the main point of interest in the QF-analyzes of the unification and separation ideas. The suggestion of the QF-Venn diagrams is that the matter side of the GTF (gravitation), is at work in all particles. This corresponds to the suggestion by Einstein that it was actually gravity that held the electron together. It further corresponds to his talk that the equations of general relativity were “being written in marble” as far as concerned the gravitational functions in space, but “written in straw” as concerned the functions in matter. This meant that it was not known how matter accomplished the curvature of the surrounding space. In the discussion of the connection between quantum mechanics and general relativity, this will be dealt with in details. The main questions physics imposes on the events of the First Second of Creation are regarding the unification and separation of the four forces of nature.

Figure 124 shows the envelope of the creation symmetries and the points of the symmetry-breaks. The symmetries express the Universe when it is in a momentary equilibrium or when parts of it have reached a permanent equilibrium. The symmetry-breaks are the crucial/miraculous moments of the initiation of changes. Changes that are the hallmarks of the creation process and which are of major help in the endeavor at evaluating the QF-visions. The four forces: EMF, WNF, SNF and the GTF are manifested by the matter part of the Universe. These are the fermions which are manifested symmetries located in either the explicate-unfolded reality the implicate-enfolded reality. They in turn manifest the energy part of the Universe; the bosons, through symmetries located in the reality that comprises both the explicate-unfolded reality and the implicate-enfolded reality. This is essentially the dual reality of the dual polar, dual dimensional reality of space, comprising at the same time possibilities for infinite dimensions. On some occasions it is fitting to label the reality of these bosons as holistic reality, as is the case with the photon, but it has particularly efficient holistic reality inducing properties, which eventually will become the most important part of the
QF-theory's efforts at understanding Nature.

In the QF-theorizations the emphasis are on looking for the nature of Nature, in particular in order to see what truths she may be conveying regarding life itself. However, reductionist details are that which the QF-theorizations are building on and eventually, that which it sees will have to match the reductionistic details found by physics. In this part–Part Three–Chapters One to Four, the QF-models will undertake to investigate the suggestions of the visions, as they relate to the absolute/ultimate fundamental issues in physical reality as verified by the observations of physics. Then in Part Three–Chapters Five to Seven, the models will be looking at Life itself, the Human Brain and the Consciousness of the Observer.

To facilitate the review of the theorizations the following list has been prepared in an effort to define the 10 most important questions involved in these analyzes. These questions also describe the rest of the subject of this book, but they are as follows:

            C-01 =  Questions of: Unification of the Four Forces of Nature.
=  Questions of: Nature’s Basic Particle/Wave Symmetries.
=  Questions of: The Fundamental Reality of Nature.
=  Questions of: Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.
=  Questions of: QF-Connection to Physics Standard Model.
=  Questions of: Spin-nature of the Permanent Fermions.
=  Questions of: Connections to the DNA Structure and Life.
=  Questions of: Observers Consciousness/Reality-Perceptions.
=  Questions of: Malfunctions in Man’s Reality Perceptions.
=  Questions of: Unification and the Theory of Everything.

These are the fundamental questions in such theorizations as these, but they obviously start with questions of the unification of the four forces of Nature and of Nature’s basic symmetries, leading to culmination in the questions of the fundaments of the reality of the Universe. The natural continuation of such insights will then be in relating them to the findings of physics and biology, with the ultimate aim of describing--in as much simplicity as possible--the true nature of Homo Sapience and his relation to the Universe.

C-01 Questions of:
Unification of the Four Forces of Nature.

The QF-theory's Unification of Nature's Forces.
For the purpose of gaining a simplistic overview of the QF-theory's suggested answers for the unification of forces, figures 123 and 124 are provided. They offer simplistic references for the points in the First Second where the QF-Venn diagram models see these unification. Where, when and how the GTF (gravitational force), the EMF (electro-magnetic force), the WNF (weak nuclear force) and the SNF (strong nuclear forces) are united.

Following in this sub-chapter we now address the unification question, which is not just one of the grandest questions Man can ask, but at the same time the most important one. This question is threefold and is dealt with in three stages, where each is answered directly.

1)    Does the theory indicate a Grand Unification or GU, were the EMF, the WNF and the SNF are united into one force? A GU-force. If so, then: When and how? -- Could such a suggestion be verified?

Answer: No, the QF-theory does not postulate any Grand Unification in the past and shows such unification to be impossible. The EMF is created in the quantification disintegration through the manifestation of the electron quanta, with its Z-negative wave situated in explicate reality and the reality of the W±-waves situated in both explicate and implicate reality, thus forming half of the GTF in conjunction with the spatial V±-poles. With the WNF and the SNF having been created through a detour of the triplicate-waves of the EMF being deposited in implicate reality there is therefore no possibility for them ever having existed in the form of a single force without the GTF. The QF-theorizations thus do not indicate any independent Grand Unification of the three forces of EMF, WNF and SNF. How embarrassing? Some physicists, such as Professor Steven Weinberg, have actually been speculating that this might be the case, but there is of course no rule in physics that says that these three forces must have been united in one force. According to the QF-theory, this lack of unification may already have been proven experimentally.

2)    Does the QF-theory indicate a Complete Unification or CU, were the EMF, the WNF and the SNF are united with force of GTF? If so, then: When and how? -- Could such a suggestion be verified?

Answer: Yes, the QF-theory postulates a Complete Unification in the past and ending in the quantification disintegration at the Planck Energy. Beginning at the top of the graphs in figures 123 and 124, we can see that there exists only one kind of force at Imaginary Time of t -14. The Superforce embedded in the rainbow-stuff of the Special Singularity and the infinitely curved surrounding space are both in the grips of just one kind of force, the IN-force, which is properly labeled gravity, or GTF. Pertaining to this Universe, this is the only time that the GTF is alone at work and represents an absolute unification or Complete Unification (CU), and remains as such until the Planck Energy, at the moment of t -07, or Second 10-43. This period is the reign of implicate reality and during this time that the seeds of the three other forces are being created through the Z±-waves and the
W±-waves. In the Big Bang disintegration, the EMF is separated from the GTF, and the foundation is laid for the later existence of Nature's two other forces; WNF and SNF. According to the QF-theory, this unification cannot ever be proven experimentally through accelerators.

3)    Does the theory indicate an Electro-Weak Unification or EWU? Were the EMF and WNF united into one force; electro weak force, or EWF. If so, then: When and how? -- Could such a suggestion be verified?

Answer: Yes, the
QF-theory postulates a past Electro-Weak Unification in the sense that EMF and the WNF were united in the Superforce prior to the Big Bang, but today they are two faces of the same force situated respectively in explicate reality and implicate reality. The WNF is a manifestation of the triplicate-waves of the neutrons, situated in implicate reality, and popping into explicate reality through its W-negative brane-shell wave. The WNF having been created through a detour of the EMF triplicate-waves being deposited in implicate reality. The EMF and the WNF were thus last united into one force at the Planck Energy. This force relation can be and has been verified experimentally.

C-02 Questions of:
Nature’s Basic Particle/Wave Symmetries.

The QF-theory's Fundamental Particle Symmetries.
Part Two has shown us the QF-Venn diagram models for First Second creation process of the symmetrical structures that form the fundaments of the material world, but figures 123 and 124 in this chapter, provide a simplistic overview of this magnificent one second event. The fundamental importance of symmetries is accentuated here at the beginning of this chapter in the elegant and eloquent quotation of Professor Chen Ning Yang and in line with that, next in order is to review the QF-theory's suggested fundamental Fermion-matter particle symmetries. These are shown in figures 125, page 369 and 126, page 371, but they indicate the importance of the symmetrical nature of Nature. These are the same for permanently stable and unstable matter, with the difference in mass/size being in the highly unstable individual rhythm and highly unstable rhythmic interactions of the W and Z waves.

4)    The standard analyzes of the physicist’s creation process is always founded in mathematical symmetries. This presents us with an important question; Can the
QF-theory explain conclusively--for the first time--the reasons for this? Does the theory offer suggestions for the reasons for symmetries being the fundamental parameters of the Universe? Can it tell us how these symmetries dictate seizes, masses and energies of the fermions and the bosons, as we find them? If so, then: Where and how?

Answer: The QF-Venn models of the First Second of Creation--like the mathematics of all other unification theories--suggests that all matter and energy in the Universe is manifested in basic symmetries or that symmetries are the first and foremost rule of the Universe. In his marvelous 1988 book, SUPERSTRINGS AND THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, Dr. F. David Peat informs us that the Nobel laureate, Dr. Abdus Salam believes that two dimensions are the most fundamental. He quotes him saying, “God created two dimensions.” This, in the QF-theorizations is the W-negative and W-positive connection to the V-negative pole of the 6th spatial dimension and the V-positive pole of the 5th dimension; but this is the reality which Man calls God. Here the
QF-theory is saying that the two dimensions–the Yin and Yang of creation–give rise to all the symmetries that are so fundamental in manifesting the Universe. These are the dimensions that along with the Z-wave they produce, give the Universe its three dimensions of space and one of time, but in Part Three, Chapters Five, six and Seven we shall see how they are also manifested in our brains. These dimensions manifest the Universe out of that which we call nothing, but which in physics is an infinite potential. In the QF-theorization the use of the terminology for the two dimensions are those of the late Professor David Bohm: OUT = explicate-unfolded reality, and IN = implicate-enfolded reality. The Venn-diagram symmetries, however, are rather unusual to say the least, since in some cases they are reflecting their other half that represents a mirror effect in the form of potentiality. This is caused by the fact that they are dealing with the fundaments of the ultimate description of reality. They are thus reflecting their manifestation in their own causative side.

This initial assessment of the QF-vision/theory is thus suggesting that creation is coming out of the
6th and the 5th spatial dimensions, but these are the “seeds” to the manifested explicate and implicate realities. The matter forming W±-waves thus manifests the fundamental particles through symmetries conforming to the none-manifested, two dimensional implicate reality of space and manifesting explicate reality in the form of matter. The symmetry transformations then return a part of this matter into manifested implicate reality of space in the form of the baryon hadrons. The four forces of nature are thus manifested in the interaction of particles in these two manifested realties. The QF-vision/theory shows no separate symmetry-break for the emergence of the strong interaction and gravitation other than the one at the Planck Energy and thus contains no Grand Unification existence of the two W±-waves (the graviton), and the spatial SNF is carried in the same waves via the meson mediated interactions, through the virtual energy/vacuum quantum potential of space. Thus the manifestation of all matter and all forces and their associated symmetries are contained in the interactions of the W±-waves in matter and V±-poles in space. -- Wow! This is really simple!

The Fermion Symmetries of the Leptons.
Matter and Antimatter in Explicate Reality.
The QF-Venn diagram symmetries of Imaginary Time in figure 124, from the Special Singularity to the Planck Energy (Wall), are triplicate-wave transitory symmetries to those producing ALL matter and energy in the Universe. The creation begins with the disintegration, which is the spontaneous rupture of the symmetry of the expanded Special Singularity as the explicate-reality event horizon transits the center of implicate reality. Here the manifestation of matter begins as one of the two symmetries of the leptons appears at the Planck Energy. The second symmetry is then completed in the expansion of the matter field at the moment of the First Quantum Wave of the Universe, which is the End of the Birth of Time symmetry. These are the two prime lepton matter particle/fields symmetries formed through the positions, rotations, oscillations and vibrations of the two W±-waves, which this symmetry is written. There is only one state which this symmetry will hold to manifest permanent particles, but the spatial side of these waves still carries "memories" of its higher energy states prior to the disintegration at the Planck Energy. This "memory" will hold the W±-waves momentarily at higher mass/energies producing the hyperons which be disrupted immediately as the particle cools and it will decay within a fraction of a second.

The symmetry at the Planck Energy is–according to our physicists–the Grand Symmetry of Creation. In the QF-theorizations the symmetry at this moment is the Complete Unification but the particles-waves- membrane-superstring-fields produced at the rupture of this symmetry are shorter than the Planck Length of cm
10-34, and are in these theorizations set at the maximum of cm 10-33. In the world of the hadrons this becomes magnified up to the limit of the nucleon diameter of cm 10-13, suggesting that their membrane-superstrings are longer than cm 10-33. For comparison, the diameter produced by the larger symmetry, that of the negatron (an alternative name for the electron which is the Greek word for amber) and the positron is cm 10-16. These are the two symmetries producing the two permanent leptons, the neutrino and the electron, and they are labeled accordingly:

                       The Matter Neutrino Symmetry: ERLS #1MA, at Second 10-43.
                            The Antimatter Neutron Symmetry: ERLS #1AM, at Second 10-43.

                            The Matter Electron Symmetry: ERLS #2MA, at Second
                            The Antimatter Electron Symmetry: ERLS #2AM, at Second 10-36.

The ERLS abbreviation stands for Explicate Reality Lepton Symmetry. Addition of MA and AM to the symmetries number stand for Matter and Antimatter. Here are the two-lepton symmetries in their simple forms.

Nature’s 4 Lepton Matter and Antimatter Symmetries.


Figure 125

A renewed scrutiny of these two symmetries reveals one of the most fundamental statements in all of the QF-visions. It is making the profound suggestion that the reality of matter is split into two halves! That matter contains its own antimatter potential and carries it around in its W±-waves potential of reversing themselves? This suggests that this potency produces in part the suggestions for the Parallel Universes, or for an additional Universe, or Universes, inside the space/time confines of the one we occupy.

Same as their counterpart, the hadrons, the symmetries of the leptons are of the half-integer spin-variety such as 1/2, 3/2, 5/2… Their statistical behavior is that of the Fermi-Dirac class and they therefore called Fermions.

The Fermion Symmetries of the Hadrons.
Matter and Antimatter in Implicate Reality.
In the QF-theorizations the none-independently existing quarks produce only three basic matter symmetries inn two lepton and one baryon forms. This means that the three matter symmetries in the QF-Venn diagram’s theoretical suggestions are ALL of a triplicate-wave-system composition. However, it is only in the physicist’s 3-quark system of the baryons--due to their size--that they become clearly recognizable, but in the leptons, two of them become so small that they are undetectable. It is in the external SNF force-carrier particles of this symmetry, the mesons, that the QF-models show the two W±-waves are the fundamental components holding the hadrons together. It follows that the nature and the durability of the matter particles and the force carriers, as well as their momentary aberrations in accelerator experiments, is dependent on the internal relative symmetries of the W±-waves. This would suggest the symmetry of the fundamental reality of nature, in which the author hopes to find that which he so badly needs. This should be the program for the most fundamental functions of the DNA molecule of Life, and the program for the natural functions of the human brain.

The leptons’ symmetry at the Planck Energy, the ERLS #1s, seemed actually quite puzzling. This symmetry not only indicates a triplicate composition of the leptons–which no one has been able to observe–but it produces what could be described a half a reality? This is where the QF-triplicate brane-shells manifest in the 1/2 integer spin-state of the explicate reality. We certainly can’t have a Universe constructed out of just half a reality, but here the QF-visions do provide an answer. The ERHS #1 symmetry provides for the capture of QF-brane-shells in the confinement of the baryon nucleons where the
QF-brane-shells return to the 1/2 integer spin-state of the implicate reality. These are the two symmetries of the hadrons, the proton and the neutron, and are labeled accordingly:

                          The Matter Proton Symmetry: IRHS #1MA, at Second 10-03.
                                    The Antimatter Proton Symmetry: IRHS #1AM, at Second 10

                                    The Matter Neutron Symmetry:
IRHS #2MA, at Second 10-02.

                                    The Antimatter Neutron Symmetry: IRHS #2AM, at Second 10-02.

The IRHS abbreviations stand for, Implicate Reality Hadron Symmetry. Addition of MA and AM to the symmetry number stands for Matter and Antimatter. Here are the baryon symmetries in all their simplicity.

Nature’s 4 Matter and Antimatter Baryon Symmetries.


Figure 126

Figure 126 shows how the QF-Venn diagram expresses the variations of explicate and implicate reality hadron symmetries, but as in the lepton symmetries, the antimatter is produced by the W-negative and the W-positive waves changing places. This is like taking your socks and reversing them by pulling the inside out. Both in the proton and neutron, the W and Z waves, switch into the opposite kind of quarks as they reverse their direction in a symmetry transformation.

Same as their counterparts, the leptons, the symmetries of the hadrons are of the half-integer spin-variety such as 1/2, 3/2, 5/2… Their statistical behavior is that of the Fermi-Dirac class and they therefore classified as Fermions.

The Symmetries of the Bosons: Matter and
Antimatter Force-carriers in Dualistic Reality.
The symmetries of the QF-Venn diagram’s for the First Second of Creation, are permanent matter or fermion symmetries until the Universe makes it Inflationary Leap at which time the first energy or boson symmetries appear. These are the photons which are primarily created out of matter and antimatter electron collisions, but the fact that the fermions are being created first suggests that all bosons are dependent on the existence of the fermions, but the QF-models require space between particles that dictates the symmetries of the force-carrying particles. The QF-theory does not postulate any independently existing gravitons nor any independently existing gluons causing the internal nucleon’s strong nuclear force. No independently created internal gluon forces hold the lepto- and hadro-quarks-branes-shells  together since these entities are inseparable parts of the triplicate rainbow stuff of the triplicate-brane-shell field. However, were we able to observe the symmetry of the interaction between the none-independently-existing brane-shells (gluons), then they would be the same as those of the mesons.

The force carriers appear in the QF-theorizations in only two symmetries, or those of the photons and the mesons (pions). The photons are the carriers of the electro-magnetic energy--the quanta of the electromagnetic field (EMF)--and thus take their shape with reference to the leptons. The mesons are the carrier of the energy of the strong nuclear force between nucleons,--the quanta of the strong nuclear force field (SNF)--and thus take their shape with reference to the hadrons.

Symmetries of the none-independently existing gravitons are dealt with in analyzes of the particular particle they are a part off. The deduction of the QF-Venn diagram’s suggestions for the symmetries of these two force carriers turns out to be relatively easy. The varieties of the boson symmetries are those of the two force carriers that have an independent existence; the photons and the mesons. These appear in three versions and are labeled:

The Matter/Antimatter Photon Symmetry: DHRBS-MA/AM.
The Matter Meson Symmetry: DRBS/MA.
The Antimatter Meson Symmetry: DRBS/AM.

The DHRBE stand for Dualistic/Holistic Reality Bosonic Symmetry. The DRBS abbreviation stands for, Dualistic Reality Bosonic Symmetry and the MA and the AM stand for Matter and Antimatter.

Nature’s 3 Matter and Antimatter Boson Symmetries.


Figure 127

Since the photon is the carrier of the electromagnetic force, it must obviously represent both the electron (negatron) and the positron, and thus is a particle carrying its own antiparticle. In other words, it appears in the company of its antimatter mirror particle and is thus a unique one, since in this it is the equivalent of two fermion symmetries, acting as a function of space in their flipping between the two V±-poles realities. This means that the Z±-wave masses represents both the fermion realities, as well as the boson reality, or explicate and implicate, plus the dualistic. The consequence is that the Coulomb’s law charge and rejection as well as the mass-effects cancel each other out and the photon appears in all measurements as a massless particle.

This means that the photon represents both of the fundamental realities of nature and Professor Steven Weinberg is thus indeed right when he suggests that the photon may be the most fundamental of all particles, but that is the QF-Venn symmetry's theoretical conclusion. In the case of the mesons, all that is needed is to remove the Z±-waves and what remains are the two
W±-waves in the form of quarks, or dual-brane-shell fields. -- Opposed to their mentors–the fermions–the bosons are of the whole integer spin-variety such as 0, 1, and 2… Their statistical behavior is classified as Bose-Einstein statistics and they classified as Bosons.

We have now looked at the symmetries producing the known stable fermions, and the bosons that mediate the interactions between them. One may ask; What about the Z and the W bosons? Are their internal symmetries not a part of our analyzes? The answer: Yes they are not. Since they have no independent existence, their internal symmetry has no meaning in the QF-theorizations, which here arrive at their reductionistic limits. The CERN and W Z bosons (should be the same as the meson symmetry) are seen as being artificially created and not belonging to the fundamental natural particles of the Universe. The symmetries, which we have been looking at, are the fundamental symmetries of the Universe and therefore their collective symmetry picture should represent the Universes first order of analyzes. This is indeed the case and it becomes relatively easy to sum this up in what the author likes to call the fundamental divisions and specifications of reality. This division being a conceptual construct of electric charge and quantum spin symmetries of the particles, but this is one man’s way of looking at it all.

The next chapter will continue the questions and verifications regarding the QF-description of the fundamental reality of Nature. This is where the author intensifies this simplistic inquiry into the QF-Venn diagram models suggestions regarding the connection between the two grate theories of quantum mechanics and general relativity.

                                             The QF-Reality and
                                                the Force of Gravity.


Part Three, Chapter Two

The QF-Models and
the Force of Gravity


Particle Observations, String Concepts,
Hypothetical Gravitons. QF-Gravitations and the
Quantum Mechanics/General Relativity Relation


"I do not mean to suggest that the final theory will be deduced from pure mathematics...  A final theory will be final in only one sense–it will bring  to an end a certain sort of science, the ancient search for those principles  that cannot be explained in terms of deeper principles."

                                                                                      Steven Weinberg


"There was evidence that the elementary particles had an internal structure and had to be treated as extended objects... Superstrings indicated that space time and matter was not built on an underlying mathematical structure made out of dimensionless points but had to be understood in terms of a new formal language... Superstrings became the new foundation of geometry, force and matter... When the mathematics of closed-loop superstrings was worked out, it appeared that they allowed quantum numbers to travel both clockwise and counter-clockwise.It thus became possible to have two waves of quantum numbers traveling in opposite directions at once without ever getting mixed... It was further discovered that space and superstrings had to be taken together... as closed strings that lives on the surface of a sphere."

                                                                                                  F. David Peat

C-03 Questions of:
Fundamental Reality of Nature.

What is the Fundamental Reality of Nature?
For the purpose of gaining a simplistic overview of the QF-theory's suggested fundamental reality of Nature, figures 123 and 124 are provided. This is a simplistic reference to the so called End of the Birth of Time point in the First Second, where the QF-Venn diagram models produces the Quantum Wave of the Universe. This symmetry is the fundamental reality of the Universe and our brains, and the insight which Professor Stephen Hawking describes as the First Second of Creation key to the "ultimate answers to all questions about the Universe, life itself included".

5)    Does the theory offer a description of the fundamental reality of the Universe, both that of the material and biological realities? If so: Where and how? Can the suggestions of the theory be verified?

Answer: Yes indeed! The QF-theory presents a view of fundamental reality that commences in the reality of the void of space, or the dual
V±-poles of the vacuum, or the V-negative and the V-positive virtual particle poles. Using the terminology that the late Professor David Bohm coined, this is in the QF-theory described as the Implicate Enfolded Reality of space and it is not only curved reality, but manifesting a two-fold reality as well, which is the reason for the physicists believing that the Universe may have a parallel counterpart with in itself. This is further the reason for the single particle wave interference in the double slit experiments. It is then out of the spatial reality, which the material reality issues during the first second of creation, but in the QF-theory this reality is described as the Explicate Unfolded Reality of matter, which is not only in three dimensional spherical shape, but manifesting a two-fold reality as well. These are Explicate Matter (Leptons) and Explicate Implicate Matter (Baryons). In the QF-theory, these two realities are manifested in the the biosphere on planet earth in the DNA nucleotides of eukaryotes, where they are evenly distributed into Exon (Explicate Unfolded Reality) and Intron (Implicate Enfolded Reality) nucleotides. In the central nervous systems of evolved organism such as Homo Sapience, the spatial reality connection to the dual V±-poles, or the V-negative and the V-positive virtual quantum poles of space is then closed through its spatial hemispheric Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers, but they correspond to the W-negative and the W-positive waves in matter. -- The question whether this can be verified is the subject of this book.

The realities produced by the symmetries described in the last chapter are the ultimate and founding law of the Universe and their creation also writes the constants of nature. The correct apprehension of this fundamental knowledge is here seen as the turning point for humanity in its quest for a comprehension of its existence and the behavioral problems that plague it and now threat its existence, to say nothing of the–by the physicist community much publicized–anticipated consequences for humanity as a whole. The QF-unification visions--although presented in utter simplicity--represent the first such modeling that includes Life and the Observers Consciousness and thus the ultimate truth for Man. The situation in theoretical physics and in theoretical molecular biology has become stagnated and is incapable of solving the riddles they had hope to solve, with the methodology currently used. Here the
QF-theory offers an alternate approach through the Venn-mathematical sets, which unequivocally show what the quantum reality options are; IN-enfolded-implicate reality and OUT-unfolded-explicate reality overlapping to form the third Dual-holistic reality as the fundamental reality of the Universe, or as shown here in figure 128:

Fundamental Composition of the Universes.
Particles Properties and Symmetries, Life and Thought.


Figure 128

The implicate reality material reality is in the form of antimatter, which is electrically positive, triplicate-wave of rainbow stuff captured in quantified-gravity, through an outer W-positive spinner-twistor wave. The explicate reality material reality is in the form of matter, which is electrically negative, captured in quantified gravity, through an outer triplicate-wave of rainbow stuff W-negative spinnor-twistor wave. The interaction field arena of these realities is then the paradoxical, dualistic (that may be regarded as holistic) one that is the implicate reality of space it-self; a neutral, none material, none temporal reality.

After the rejection of the ether concept in physics, a most mysterious media comprising the virtual energy of the vacuum quantum potential replaces it, or simply space, the dual polar originating reality of everything. This suggests that any analysis and understanding of the ultimate nature of the Universe and Man, will have to be rooted in, and understood through, correct comprehension of the fundamental reality of the Universe and how this reality is represented through the qantazised spin of the h constant. This is what the
QF-theorizations are striving for. – The field concept of reality and its distribution in figure 128 is no doubt the most important analytical field concept deduction of the QF-visions for the Universe’s First Second. This will be the key to the ultimate understanding of the meaning of the laws of physics. This will be the very foundation of our understanding of how the phenomenon of life comes about in the Universe.

The one thing in the field concept of figure 128 that is outstanding and which strikes the consciousness the most, is the suggestion that the photon is the only particle whose construction corresponds to the whole of this fundamental reality. This indeed makes sense. It is in this sense that the photon is the most fundamental particle. As stated before, the verification of this suggestion will come through a comparison to the findings of physics. It thus follows that we shall, in the next chapters, have to consider the composition of the QF-Venn diagram triplicate membranes and see how these relate to the theorization and findings of physics. We therefore begin the scrutiny of how the splitting of reality becomes apparent at the sub-atomic level. How it becomes the source of the observed bizarre and weird quantum spectra. Weirdness, which to some appears as: “The Reality Marketplace.” The suggestion by some that the discovery of the CUT/TOE may be just some curiosity, which will be without a meaning, appears to be loosing grounds in the face of these analyzes. This may turn out the most meaningful thoughts ever executed in the interest of humanity as a whole.

The QF-Reality and the Exclusion Principle.
In line with the intention of aligning these analyzes with the findings of physics, we shall begin by considering the QF-Venn diagrams in relation to the consequences of the different spin characteristics. This is in the light of the in 1924-1925 by Wolfgang Pauli formulated Exclusion Principle. To review the basic empirical arbitration of the Exclusion Principle, this is a rule that simply states that no two fermions in the same quantum state (such as charge-spin) can ever be located in the same place, This property of the fermions is opposite to the behavior of the bosons, which can be packed together “on top of each other” in any number. The exclusions of the fermions from sharing the same place, is in turn the prime foundation for the manifestation of matter in the form of the elements, which in turn makes the manifestation of the material universe possible. It is through this rule that we achieved the explanation for the periodic table and how atoms combine to form molecules, but this is the basis for all understanding of chemistry.
In order to see how these laws of Nature fit into the
QF-theorizations we have taken some information from the 1982 book THE COSMIC CODE, the late Professors Heinz R. Pagels. In his explanations for the Exclusion Principle property's of the fermions and the bosons, and how plotted wave shapes represented the function of the separation of identical particles, the following remarks accompanied the graphics: “Notice that for even wave shapes the probability (given by the square for the wave shape) for finding two particles on top of each other (x=0) is greatest, while for the odd wave shape the probability for finding the particle on top of each other is zero.”* This is the essence from the spin-statistics theorem in quantum theory, but the main interest in it here is to see how it fits into the QF-theorizations and in particular the QF-Venn diagram's symmetry reality distribution for the Quantum Wave of the Universe.

For this end the probability wave plots were fitted into the
QF-Venn diagram symmetry suggestion for the Quantum Wave of the Universe, where  it became clear that it was the Z±-waves in the particles’ threefold realities, which was the source of the attraction and rejection forces. This meant that the Z±-brane-shell waves part of the fermion particle originated the repulsion effect to the charge and mass carrying reality. In turn the W-negative and W-positive spiral-twistor waves form the prime magnetic, gluon and graviton attributes through their spatial interaction with their extension in the V-negative and V-positive poles in the vacuum quantum potential, virtual energy of space. Here are the probability wave plots and the QF-theory.

The Exclusion Principle and the QF-Symmetry.
Even and odd wave shapes in the separation of identical Particles.


Figure 129

Since the basic reality of the triplicate wave is an indivisible one and the same for all of its parts, the W±-waves will also be carrying a part of the electric charge. This in turn is verified in the identical bosons being capable of being packed together unlimited since the W±-waves can exist forming the third dual reality, without the Z±-waves–not the other way around. The Z±-waves is thus the cause for the two mass realities that makes possible the matter part of the Universe. These are the leptons’ explicate-explicate reality and the baryons’ explicate-implicate reality discussed in Part III, Chapter Four.

Reality and Elementary Particle Invisibility.
A brief review of man’s efforts at “observing” the fundaments of reality by watching particles directly, tells us that this is altogether impossible and that in the theoretical modeling, the physicists are looking at something which cannot be seen directly. However, there are two indirect methods man uses in his elementary particle investigation, but these are the "theoretical mathematical lens" and the "experimental accelerator microscope". Of the later, the world’s two biggest particle accelerators are the Tevatron of University of Chicago’s Fermilab and CERN accelerator in Geneva in Switzerland. The CERN upgraded counter-rotating matter-antimatter accelerator produced the 1984 electro-weak-unification proof in an experiment creating the W-negative, W-positive and Z-zero bosons. Figure 130 is from that very same experiment.

The CERN 1984 Historic Accelerator Collision.


Figure 130

Another way of observing particles is by plotting their position. The top part of figure 131 shows statistical plotting of the locations of electrons in the atoms energy-shells, show pairs of opposed spin electrons in the ground state forming a spherical pattern, then the higher energy forming dumb-bell patterns. The figure is from J. Gribbin’s book IN SEARCH OF THE DOUBLE HELIX and comes with the following explanations: “The ground-state electron forms a spherical cloud around the nucleus (a). At the next level up the energy ladder, electrons can fit in to a spherical shell or any of three dumb-bell shaped shells around the nucleus (b). Two electrons can fit in to each of these four shells, so eight electrons fill this energy level; this explains the repeating patterns of properties of chemical elements eight numbers apart in the periodic tables.”* Figure 131 presents further spatial positioning probability-patterns produced by the invisible electron.

Dual Electron Ground state and Dumb-bell Electrons.


 Figure 131

The lower part of figure 131 is from Gary Zukav’s THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS, Van Nostrand 1972 created graphs. The accompanying caption reads: “These photographs are of mechanical simulations of probability density distributions of different electron states in the hydrogen atom. In other words, they represent where we are most likely to find the point-like electron where we look for it if the atom is in this or that particular state (there are more states than those shown). Initially, Schrödinger pictured electrons as being tenuous clouds actually assuming these patterns. A ‘quantum jump’ can be thought of as a transition from one of these pictures to an other without anything in between.”*

Enter the Superstring and Membrane Theorizations.
140_Part-Three-Figure-132.gifThe other method of man for looking indirectly at fundamental reality is through the "lens of mathematics", or rather through the creation of mathematical models for the elementary particles. Models that would then be born out through particle accelerator experiments, but the last meaningful such combination of theory and experiment would be the electro-weak theorizations which were Nobel prize recognized in 1979, and then Nobel prize verified in 1984. After this advancement, the limits of mathematics would start to hamper the theoretical physicist and the accelerator energy limits, the experimental physicists and the traditional approach of physics would begin to become "bogged down" as Professor Stephen Hawking would describe it. However, by this time a new approach to the riddles of physics had entered the seen, but this were the Superstring theorizations, producing Theories of Everything. These were purely mathematical theories which, through super-symmetry applications, incorporated a multitude of extra dimensions.
The story of this approach began by the CERN particle physicist, Gabriel Veneziano, creating the first string models in the 50s, but not much happened until in 1968 when Yoichiro Nambu would continue the development of the model. The model had arisen out of the creations of mathematical models for various resonances; collisions and scattering processes in so called Regge Trajectories, but its novelty was that it treated the particles as one-dimensional strings instead of the traditional dimensionless points. In many aspects it worked well and around 1970, two physicists, Michael Green and John Schwartz began the continued development of this 
concept, eventually presenting improved super symmetry-version using the term superstrings.
  Figure 132.  This modeling and its continued development by a teem of physicists under the direction of David Gross (Princeton string quartet), lead to the term; “Theory of Everything” appearing for its description around 1984. This came about after incorporation of these concepts into the super symmetry equations of mathematical group theories, which linked the superstring concepts to the theorization of the First Second of Creation. From the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, here are some samples of how physicists visualized the superstrings.

Simple samples of Superstrings and their Interactions, and
Graphical samples of Fermion Heterotic Superstrings.


 Figure 133

Initially the super symmetry superstring concepts had taken-of with 6, 22 or as much as 32 extra mathematical dimensions, but they soon settled into 6 extras, totaling 10 dimensions altogether. Never the less they raised quite a lot of interest and Professor Stephen Weinberg described them thus: “These strings can be visualized as tiny one-dimensional rips in the smooth fabric of space. Strings can be open, with two free ends, or closed, like a rubber band. As they fly around in space, the strings vibrate. Each string can be found in any one of an infinite number of possible states (or modes) of vibration... The strings that concern us here are truly fundamental and keep vibrating forever; they are not composed of atoms or anything else, and there is no place for their energy of vibration to go.”* An interesting early history of the string concepts is found in the 1988 book SUPERSTRINGS AND THE SEARCH FOR THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, by Professor Dr. F. David Peat, which has been followed with the 1999 THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE development history continuation by Professor Dr. Brian Greene.

The Transformation of the 10D Superstring
Theories into the 11D Membrane Theories and their
Kinship to the 6D QF-Triplicate Brane-Shell Quanta.

During the next 10 years, 5 superstring unification theorizations appeared, claiming to be Theories of Everything, although they did not include the DNA-moleculeLife and the Consciousness of the Observer. In 1994 this had become an embarrassment since these theories were composed of different mathematical details but all describing the same Universe. It was the in 1995, the super brilliant American physicist, Professor Edward Witten, of the Institute for Advanced Studies, saved the situation by combining the five 10 dimensional theories into one 11 dimensional Membrane Theory, or the so-called M-theory. This rescue action claimed that the 5 theories had just been representing 5 different viewpoints looking at the same thing. However, from what the author can deduce, this theory does not include the DNA-molecule, Life, nor the Observer and his Consciousness.

As suggested in Part I, Chapter Five, these developments are here claimed to be caused by lack of understanding of the human brain, and in that respect in particular regarding the brain's reality perception and mathematical functional distribution. This is manifested in the physicist's deliberately ignoring the 1931 mysterious Incompleteness Theorem of Kurt Gödel, but the holographic program distribution in the brain, tempts them into its mathematical mirror realities in their efforts at solving the riddle of gravity, without them being aware of this trap. The reason for this is the inability of the normal mathematical approach in dealing with the relationship between quantum mechanics and general relativity, leading to innumerable incalculable situations, unless the mirror-reality of the brain's mathematical programs are used. Unfortunately, this leads to conclusions that do not represent reality, just like the late Nobel laureate, Professor Paul Dirack, warned. Figure 134 is a two dimensional graphic showing the M-string solution to the relativity-quantum mechanical unification riddle, through 11 dimensional mathematics.

From Dimensionless Point Particles to 11-dimensional
Membrane-Superstring Concepts for the Baryons.


Figure 134

However, with the transition from one dimensional strings (10 math-dimensions), into three dimensional membranes (11 math-dimensions), this modeling has moved towards the three dimensional QF-triplicate brane-shell models (6 Venn-set dimensions). Here it is the known location and function of the 2 extra dimensions--both in the fabric of space and in the human brain--which justifies the the QF-theory's claiming of a Theory of Everything.

C-04 Questions of:
Relations of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.

The QF-Triplicate Brane-shell W-wave Gravitons.
Analyzes of the QF-Venn diagrams suggest that permanent matter particles manifest in the form of four symmetries. Two in OUT-explicate-unfolded reality and two in explicate state of IN-implicate-enfolded reality. The symmetries manifest through the W±-waves interactions of the three-in-one brane-shell waves both internally and with the dual V±-poles in the surrounding space. At the same time these wave functions form the internal graviton-gluon field that holds the particle/wave together, corresponding to the physicist’s gravitons and the hadrons colored gluons (Internal SNF). Gravitons have never been detected and are thus described as hypothetical, but the gluon-jets in the accelerators are a fractional manifestation of this field. In the QF-theorizations the W±-waves are not only responsible for the gravitons, but for the internal and external (Mesons) nucleons strong interactions. Figures 135 to 140 present three of the four prime fermion symmetries, along with their graviton symmetries (the neutron and the antimatter sides are not presented). The QF-Venn diagram graphics have a spin indicator scale on the left side of each combination of fermion symmetry and graviton symmetry. In spit of the fact that they are intermingled with the Z±-waves, the gravitons are a construct of only the two W±-waves, forming their symmetry internally in the fermions. It is for this reason that their independent detection has failed, the masons being their closes relative. If their symmetry is considered alone, mathematically, their spin characteristics becomes integer (whole) or that of the bosons. They thus represent the dualistic-holistic reality as indicated in figure 128. The fermion symmetry for the particle thus represents a half-a-reality, the graviton boson symmetry a whole-reality. The spin for the fermion is thus a half-integer spin, while the spin for the graviton is an integer spin. This is why one will have to rotate the 1/2 half-integer spin particle two complete rotations before seeing again the side started with. On the other hand one needs to rotate the 2 whole integer spin particle only half a rotation in order to see the side started with. – Next, the QF-Venn diagram’s for the fermions accompanied by their respective graviton symmetries.

The ERLS #1MA Lepton Symmetries.
These are the symmetries for the three mysterious fermions known as neutrinos. The particles whose matter side is only found with a left hand spin. The particles are generally identified with the ERLS #2MA fermion symmetries, which they usually accompany. Increasing mass/energy generation versions of the neutrinos accompany the electron, the muon and the taon.

Matter-Fermions, manifesting Explicate-state in Explicate-
Unfolded Reality. Symmetries: ERLS #1MA and its’–not

independently existing–Integral Graviton Symmetry.


Figure 135


 Figure 136

Note:  N/S=North/South Magnetic Poles.

The fact that the QF-symmetry of the neutrinos has a graviton and a Z±-waves, is a QF-suggestion that all neutrinos have mass. This including the electron neutrino, which suggests further an answer to the riddle of the dark matter gravitational attraction in the galaxies. This goes so far as to suggest that the gravitational effect from the particle may be grater than is usually the case for a given lepton size. They may well be the mysterious WIMPs, or Weakly Interacting Massive Particles.

The ERLS #2MA Lepton Symmetries.

These are the symmetries for the leptons in the electron class. Particles that are found with left and right hand spin. These are the prime matter manifesting particles of the explicate half of the reality of the fermions. They appear in the three increasing mass/energy generations of the electron, the muon and the taon.


Matter-Fermions, manifesting Explicate-state in Explicate-
Unfolded Reality. Symmetries: ERLS #2MA and its’–not
independently existing–Integral Graviton Symmetry.


Figure 137


 Figure 138

 Note:  N/S=North/South Magnetic Poles.

The brane-shell spiral-twistor W±-wave parts in figure 138 are the parts of the electrons that represent their gravitons: They are mirrored in the symmetries of matter and antimatter. This is the composition of the electric charge spin-state symmetry of the left- and right-handed-positive-negative chiral leptons producing the stable electron and the higher generation unstable muon and tau/taon, of which the first two have complimentary stable neutrinos, with the tau/taon higher energies neutrino being unstable.

The IRHS #1MA Baryon Symmetry.
We come to the oldest implicate fermion symmetry, the youngest in manifestation, the IRHS #1MA, the 1/2 integer-spin symmetry of the baryon hadrons. These are the symmetries for the proton and the neutron fermions. They are explicate-state particles situated in the implicate half of reality, with left and right-hand spin.

Matter-Fermions, manifesting Explicate-state in Implicate-
Enfolded Reality. Symmetries: IRHS #1MA and its’–not
independently existing–Integral Graviton Symmetry.


Figure 139


 Figure 140

Note:  N/S=North/South Magnetic Poles.

The IRHS #1MA symmetry manifests the stable proton and the meta-stable neutron, and at higher energies, two generations of unstable and meta-stable baryons known as hyperons. The diagram makes suggestions how the W±-waves–in addition to curving space–hold the baryons together (less smeared out than leptons), and how their rhythm is responsible for the Law in Nature (physics) that Conserves the number of Baryons in the Universe.

The QF-Gravitation’s Extension
into the Dual Polar Virtual Energy of Space.
When the wave nature of light, magnetism and electricity was discovered, Men asked themselves how this was carried along in space. In what substance did it wave? It was easy enough to envisage light waving in the substance of air, but then it was discovered that air only reached a few kilometers out from earth, and the outside of this space consisted of no substance; The absolute vacuum. An absolute void in which there was no media for waves of light to wave in. To explain this an unspecified media named the ether was imagined to be permeating all of space. In the last part of the nineteenth century, two US physicists, Michaelson and Morley showed–by ingenious experiments with light rays and mirrors–that no ether existed. It followed that light needed nothing to wave in; its wave function actually became a function of space, which somehow set its rate of waving to a fixed value; the speed limit of light. – In the twentieth centuries quantum experiments, space, the vacuum, the environment of the sub-atomic particles and their interactions, produced strange phenomena. The enigmas have to do with the surrounding vacuum and, as John Wheeler put it: “No point is more central than this, that empty space is not empty. It is the seat of the most violent physics.” This was in part a reflection on the fact that the physicists had found that the vacuum contained a twofold probability for creation of matter/energy out of nothing. This is the vacuum quantum potential or the virtual energy of space, which is portrayed in all QF-Venn diagrams by the positive-gravitational-spatial side. The most important question in all this is; how does matter effect the gravitational curvature of space? The answer to this question being on the quantum level and has to do with what is generally called quantum gravity. General relativity explains how gravity is produced by the geometrical structure of space. It tells us that this curvature is caused by matter, but not how matter accomplishes this. In the QF-theorizations the gravitational curvature of space is caused by the two W±-spiral-twistor waves which form the boson quanta of the graviton. The graviton is the unit of action in the gravitational field, whose action comes about through it being an extension of the dual V±-poles in space. – Before we go any further lets see this in the 2-D graphics as suggested by the QF-models.

The Extension of Matter’s W±-brane-shell spinnor-twistor-spiral
into the Dual V-Poles of the Virtual Energy Vacuum.


Figure 141

   Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 141:

149_A-Part-Three-Figure-141.gif149_B-Part-Three-Figure-141.gif Red : positive, blue : negative virtual electrons of the vacuum V-positive and negative poles. Green : the world lines (path integrals) of W-waves gravitational effect. Red : W-waves magnetic field lines spatial extension.

The Extension of Antimatter’s -brane-shell spinnor-twistor-spiral
waves into the Dual V-Poles of the Virtual Energy Vacuum


 Figure 142

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 142:

150_A-Part-Three-Figure-142.gif150_B-Part-Three-Figure-142.gif Red : positive, blue : negative virtual electrons of the vacuum V-positive and negative poles. Green : the world lines (path integrals) of W-waves gravitational effect. Red : W-waves magnetic field lines spatial extension.

One of the most difficult challenges of physics is the demand for the unification of the laws of quantum mechanics and the laws of general relativity. This is tantamount to a unification of nothing with something, or to show the relationship of something, matter/energy to nothing, space/infinite virtual energy. Figures 141 and 142 show the QF-theory's fundamental interrelation/extension of units of sub-atomic matter particles (anti-space) with the dual V±-polar vacuum quantum potential-virtual energy of space. The term interaction is not used here since in the QF-theorizations there are no particles going back and four. The QF-theorizations suggest that the interrelations manifest in the collective reality of the W±-spinnor-twistor waves of the particle’s graviton and the V±-virtual energy of the vacuum quantum potential energy of space. Every set of W±-waves in the Universe is a physical extension of the 6th and 5th dimensions of space: The V±-poles. The graphics in figures 141 and 142 portray the vacuum polarization and the forming of the magnetic field lines shown to us by Faraday and Maxwell. They also show Einstein’s General Relativity world lines, or path integrals forming the gravitational curvature of space that produce the gravitational "geodetic effect" and the "frame dragging" that are described in the theory. These are also the “Zero lines of light” or the path of least resistance and shortest distance (according to general relativity) for the light to travel.

The two figures show the vacuum polarization by electrons and positrons. The black circular spot at the center represents the lepton particle and inside it is drawn its symmetry (ERLS #2MA+AM). In this phenomena the shared reality of the
W±-waves and the spatial dual V±-polar virtual positrons produce a cloud that surrounds the particle and partially shields its electric charge. The QF-Venn diagram format shows the suggested internal field of the electron and the components in it, which are the causes for the extensions of the electrons’ field into the vacuum. The external effects are confirmed by physics. The graphics give us at the same time, a visual presentation of how Einstein’s general relativity tells us that the interaction between matter and space curves and pushes the null-lines of light, denser together nearest to the particles, thus forming the gravitational field. This is the trampoline effect. The subtle effects of this become visible with a massive collection of heavy atoms, such as our sun, where it curves the path of light rays around the body. At the same time it is this that produces the internal gravitational fields–or the gluon fields, if you like that better–and at the same time holds the wave/particle packets together. We alternatively label these fields as gravitons or strong nuclear force, depending on what we are observing or discussing. They are essentially a manifestation of the same force, the original Super force, being observed in different ways.

Discussing the symmetry of the electron neutrino (page 391) the suggestion that they may well be the mysterious WIMPs, or Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, was made. This is suggesting that the fact that the even energy distribution in the Z±-waves and
W±-waves making-up the neutrinos, not only accounts for the electrical neutrality, but may also cause the W±-waves to have extremely little magnetic influence. However, the W±-waves may in turn exert quite a lot of gravitational effect on the V±-poles of space. Much greater that would be normally expected relative to their volume. This may have to be experimentally born out, which is almost impossible due to its minute size and absence of interactions in general.

We shall next be looking closer and in more details at the Standard Model and the prime part of the so-called particle zoo. We shall see how these particles fit into the
QF-Venn diagram scheme of things. This is done in order to see whether the QF-visions are describing the Universe as it is today. Whether they describe the Universe according to the physicist’s findings. – Well, we are only just beginning to get into the thick of the action when we take a look at:

                                  The QF-Model v/ the Standard Model.


Part Three, Chapter Three


The QF-Model v/
the Standard Model

Overview Comparison of the QF-Models

Matter/Energy Analyzes to the Standard
Model’s Classification of Particles/Forces


"There is another school of thought that is far more conventional,
far closer  to ordinary intuition than ‘nuclear democracy,’ and in my
opinion also closer  to the truth...  The elementary particles are
thought to consist of the photon  and all the known leptons,
but none of the known hadrons."

                                                                                              Steven Weinberg

"As a compact summary of everything we know, the standard model has two major defects, one aesthetic, one concrete. Our aesthetic sense tells us that there are too many particles, too many forces. Worse, the many particles are distinguished by the seemingly random masses assigned to quarks and leptons. Even the forces differ largely because of the masses of the messenger particles.The problem is one of inconsistency."

                                                                                              Leon M. Lederman

C-05 Questions of:
Connections to Physics Standard Model

The Standard Model of Physics.
Lederman’s insight into the physicist’s difficulties helps us appreciate the miracle of their work. The physicist’s modeling has to be constructed through the observation of the tracks left by invisible particles in the accelerators detectors and bubble chambers, then by reasoning through mathematical analyzes. This is where the invisible connections of the W±-waves, to the dual V±-poles of space, produces infinities and absurdities in the calculations. The history of how physicists have been able to discover the realities of sub-atomic particles and the rules that govern their behavior is a story of a modern miracle; a story of one of the greatest adventures and triumphs of the human spirit. These discoveries have produced; The Standard Model of Physics. Before the QF-analyzes of the First Second, enter into the field of life and consciousness, the comparison of the Standard Models and the QF-models classification of fundamental particles. This is also a sort of matching of the different reality-schemes of these models, which is undertaken in this and the next chapter, beginning here with the fermions.



The Fermions in the Classification of
Matter/Antimatter Particles of the Standard Model.
During the 20th century, the physicists discovered hoards (over 200) of sub-atomic particles of which only a small number remained stable. It is the so-called First Generation Particles that are considered to be the permanent matter particles. In their model, the physicists like to count the semi-stable particles, but initially it was not known whether the many different hyperons, resonances or plain splinters, represented explanations to nature’s mysteries.


Figure 143

There are only five particles that are truly permanently stable constituents of matter; all the First Generation and one in the Second. The rest of the Second and all of the Third Generation are particles appearing at higher energies, but not stable. They generally exist for less than a 10.000 of a second. Many of these particles are included in this table of the Standard Model’s particles, but only their symmetries are considered here. Next two pages list the fermions of the Standard Model as seen by the QF-modeling.

The Permanent and Temporary Leptons.
 Permanent Particles of the ERLS-MA+AM Symmetries.


Figure 144

The Permanent and Temporary Baryons.

Temporary Particles of the ERLS-MA+AM Symmetries.


Figure 145

The Temporary Baryons.
Temporary Particles of the ERLS-MA+AM Symmetries.


Figure 146

Note: No table is provided for Third Generation Baryons.

The tables in figures 144, 145 and 146 classify the Fermions, the particles that form solid matter, but it is only a small portion of these particles that constitute the permanent parts. As the Baryon Fermions (nucleons) on the opposite page in figure 147, are classified as additional fundamental particles in the Standard Model, they are being presented here. However, as the reader will have noticed, the
QF-theory does not see the quarks as independent fundamental particles, but as one-third parts of the Triplicate QF-quantum particles. A major reason for the physicists taking this stand is the fact that they only see the three-nucleon, or hadron components, in the baryons and the hadrons, not in the leptons. This is not strange since two of the brane-shells (lepto-quarks) in the leptons are so small that their detection is almost inconceivable directly; only indirectly as the QF-theory does. The inability to isolate the quarks has also prevented our detecting of their individual properties.

The search for the fundamental constituents of matter has been the most expensive search in humanity; also the most difficult search requiring the greatest ingenuity, but at the same time it may be the most important and rewarding of all Man’s searches. Man has now found all the components that make up matter in the observable Universe. Suggestions for another complimentary set of invisible particles (E8 shadow) situated in–what is to the perceptions an inaccessible reality–is challenged by the QF-models. The QF-approach rejects all existence of matter belonging to invisible Universes on the grounds that their appearance in the super symmetry mathematics is caused by the holographic mirror arrangement in the construction of the human brain, which starts producing the "Peters Pan's search for his shadow" effect where the brain is dealing with the very fundaments of reality. The logic behind this becomes assessable to the reader in Part Three that deals with the fundamental construction and functions of the human brain.

The Hadron Components.

Inseparable parts of the IRHS-MA+AM Symmetries.


Figure 147

The Fermions in the QF-Theorizations
Reality Classification of Matter/Antimatter Particles.
Next we look at the same particles in the QF-theorizations classification of the fundamental particles into explicate-unfolded reality and implicate-enfolded reality, showing how the resulting classification compliments the Standard Model. Note that the QF-classification does not regard the quarks as independent fundamental particles.

QF-Reality Classification of the Fermions.


Figure 148

In order to conform to the physicists look at the quarks, as individual particles, the QF-theorization classification would have to look at the different components of the QF-brane-shell waves as individual particles. This means that in the QF-theorizations, the W±-waves and Z±-waves–located in two different matter-realities–would have to be thought of as particles. If this was the case the QF-classification of these none-independently existing components would end up look something like the following confusion:

W- / W+ = Heterotic String Spiral-Spinnor-Twistor Particles.
W- / W+ = Heterotic String Spiral-Spinnor-Twistor Quarks.
Z- / Z+ = Open W-waves Slaved String Wave Particles.
Z- / Z+ = Open W-waves Slaved String Wave Quarks.

As these particle-waves do not have an independent existence and the
QF-theorizations explain the hyperon higher mass quarks as a form of higher mass-energy rhythms in the W±-spinnor-twistor waves. Looking at these waves as independently existing quarks has no meaning and tends to lead us in the wrong reductionistic direction, producing only confusion in our analyzes. The same goes for the higher mass unstable leptons. The net QF-analyzes is that the stable material world is created out of triplicate brane-shells located in different spatial realities. Figure 149 here following gives a simplistic comparison of the two different fundamental classification views of the QF-version of the Standard Model for the Fermions.

Overview Comparison of the Quantum Components
in the Standard Theoretical Model and QF-theory Model.


Figure 149

The two tables on the next page, figure 148 and 149, are intended so the reader may get a clear view of the two different views for the composition of the matter side of quantum reality and thus into reality as a whole. In these two views the exquisite simplicity of Nature becomes once again apparent, but the triplicate-brane-shell's of the QF-matter particles fits this simplicity. With this ends the comparison of the QF-model to the Standard Model in the range of the matter particles, the fermions, but all the theoretical and experimental information from the creation of the later have made the former possible.


The Bosons in the Classification of
Matter/Antimatter Particles of the Standard Model.
As with the fermions we first have a refresher of the classification of the bosons. Here is Figure 019 from Part One.

The Permanent Bosons.


Figure 150

Figure 151 then list the prime energy carrier particles proposed in the Standard Model, showing their QF-symmetries and how they correspond to the QF-classification. This composition of the Standard Model includes the colored gluons portrayed as the force carriers between the quarks in QCD, holding them together in asymptotic freedom to form the nucleons. Although these have no independent existence and are not seen as actual force carriers in the QF-theorizations, they are listed in this table. The composition further includes bosons that do not exist independently, such as the hypothetical gravitons. In figure 152 we then have  the same particles classified according to the QF-reality, without the particles which do not exist independently.

The Bosons.
The Force Carriers or Interaction Particles.


Figure 151

The Bosons in the QF-Theorization
Reality Classification of Energy Carrier Particles.
Here we look at the same energy carrier particles in the QF-theorizations classification of the particles that carry the interactions between the explicate-unfolded reality and implicate-enfolded reality, in the, from these two, combined dualistic reality showing how the resulting classification compliments the Standard Model.

QF-Reality Classification of the Bosons
Manifesting Interactions in Dual Reality.


Figure 152

With the exception of the none-independently existing colored gluon bosons, the QF-theorizations classification of the interactions is much the same as the one of the Standard Model. The QF-approaches regards the mesons as strong interaction bosons situated in dualistic reality, outside of the nucleons, inside the nucleus. This, along with the none-independent existence of their complimentary quarks, is seen as verification of the QF-suggestions for the W±-brane-shell spiral-twistor waves as carriers of the strong interactions and the gravitation generating extension of the spatial V±-poles into matter. The QF-approach thus regards the short-lived and bosons, as second-fraction manifestations of quark-pairs, in dual-wave forms. The mesons are thus the particles that come closest to manifest the Higg’s Field X-bosons quanta.

Overview of the QF-Model's Forces, Causes and Realities.


Figure 153

This chapter’s QF-model graphics for the components of matter (the fermions), and for the force carriers (the bosons), are presented in a form that permits their easiest comparison to the Standard Model of physics. In this some confusion may have been brought to the attempts at emphasizing the QF-models main difference from the Standard Model, with the emphasis being on the none-independent existence of gluons, quarks and gravitons. Since the QF-model is founded in–and created in part out of–the Standard Model, this form of presentation is indeed necessary.

The End Product of the Matter Creation, the Atom!
Recombination of Implicate and Explicate Realties.
The formation of atoms--the recombination--takes place between 500.000 to 700.000 years after the First Second. The Universe’s soup at that time goes through the temperature of 3000o Kelvin on its way to the present one of 2,7o K. At this time it has cooled enough to permit the forming of atoms through the coupling of electrons into 163_Part-Three-Figure-154.gifquantum orbits around the lightest of the atomic nucleus. This is the forming of the lightest/simplest atoms of  hydrogen, helium, lithium and beryllium. The heavier atoms will later be fused together in the burning of First Generation Suns and then spewed out into space through their Supernova explosive deaths. Figure 154 is an ultra simplistic Bohr-Rutherford expression for the recombination forming the carbon atom.

Following on this page, in figures 155 we have a surface view of the three- dimensional fundamental particles, followed by a the
QF-Venn diagram set look “inside” the internal composition/functions of the recombined quantum units. These are the recombined lepton and baryon that form the simplest atom, but this picture is basically the same for all atoms irrespective of the number of  and size. We finally have figure 156 representing the same view with the SCSC camera in the external cutaway mode.

The Venn Diagram QF-Model for the Hydrogen Atom.
The Detailed Analyzes of its Internal Field.


Figure 155

Interpretation of Symbols in Figure 155:

                               A : The Electron (Explicate) Field.

164_A-Part-Three-Figure-155.gif Manifestation symbol: TM = Time. MA = Mass. MO = Momentum. Taoism: "The named part of the TAO".
164_B-Part-Three-Figure-155.gif Temporal Arrow of Time (TAT) symbol. A negative quantum wave, of the open part of the superstring that follows the Zero line of light. This is the manifestation of matter in the Out-explicate-unfolded reality initially manifested out of the In-enfolded-implicate reality. The Z-negative wave com- pares with Z-positive wave of the proton, an up quark. It manifest a recombined whole reality and an integer spin characteristics for the atom.

                                                    C : The Interlocking Field.

Neutral event horizon symbol. Boundary of electrically neutral interlocking collective filed between the lepton and proton, contain opposed charge Z-wave effects, and the parallel effects of the two W-waves. This is the QF-sug- gested explanation for the Sommerfeld coupling con- stant: 1/137036 = 0.0073.
164_D-Part-Three-Figure-155.gif Electrons W-negative spinnor-twistor-spiral wave symbol. It combines with the negative W-negative spinnor- twistor-spiral down-quark in the proton. This forms a negative energy quantum field between the two particles.
Electrons Z-negative open superstring wave symbol. It combines with the positive Z-positive open superstring up quark in the proton, down quark in the neutron. This forms a Z-zero wave electrically neutral current quantum field between the two particles. The Z-zero current has been experimentally detected.
Electrons W+ spinnor-twistor-spiral wave symbol. It combines with the positive W-negative spinnor-twistor- spiral up quark in the proton This forms a positive energy quantum field between the two particles.

                                                        B : The Proton (Implicate) Field.

The W Down Quark symbol. This is the Out-waving negative W-spinnor-twistor-spiral wave that forms the down-quark in the proton. It interacts with the W-negative wave of the electron through the negative vacuum V-poles of space.
The Z Up Quark symbol. This is the In-waving positive Z-open superstring wave that forms the up quark in the proton.  It interacts with the Z-negative wave of the electron through the positive/negative vacuum V-poles of space.
The W Up Quark symbol. This is the In-waving positive W-spinnor-twistor-spiral wave that forms the up quark in the proton It interacts with the W-negative wave of the electron through the positive vacuum V-poles of space.
 164_J-Part-Three-Figure-155.gif Quantified Gravity symbol. It denotes that the field inside the circles is a quantum gravitational field representing the graviton. This configuration represents the Out-explicate- unfolded reality of baryon gravitons.
OUT: = Direction of waves waving out from the objects center, towards it’s edge, or event horizon.
IN: =    Direction of waves waving in from the objects edge, or event horizon. Nowhere in nature is this more conspicuous than in the construction and function principles of the human brain.

The SCSC Explicate View of the QF-Hydrogen Atom.


Figure 156

The QF-models and the Constants of Nature.
In their 20th century research in theoretical and experimental physics, the physicists have come up with 20 to 26 different measurements for the Universe, known as the Universal Constants. These constants are numerical values for various objects and phenomena and are of the "how" nature of analyses, but do not reveal the "why" nature, or the causative reasons for these properties of the Universe. Since the QF-theory is claiming a Theory of Everything status, it is fitting that the reasons and moments of the creation of these constants be pointed out as they appear in the theory's creation "order of events", this even though the theory does not produce their numerical values, since they are either measurements or mathematical findings. Here--courtesy of Professor Brian Greene--are 20 of these vital signs of the Universe.

The 20 Universal Constants of Nature.


Figure 157

Since the QF-theory is producing a parallel view of quantum reality, incapable of producing any measurements and magnitudes of its own accord, it has to draw the information from theoretical and experimental physics who decide the units of measure. This lack of any numerical values or constants in the QF-theory's analyses of creation means that consequently there is no comparison between the Standard Model and the QF-theory in this respect.

However, the QF-theory produces the complimentary view to that of mathematics and experiments, or insights and understandings into the "why" causative side of reality and can thus produces suggestions for the causes of the "how" constants that physics has determined.

The consequence of this is that the QF-theory is offering--as applicable--its light on the reasons for the sizes of these constants and how they came into being. Where this is fitting, the constants will be noted with references to the part, chapter and page where the decisive creation event took place.

The first born fundamental particle is the electron fermion with its size being determined in the Plank Energy Big Bang disintegration (see part II, ch. III, pages 227-231 and 255-259). The electron is a triplicate brane-shell (lepto-quark) particle with two of its brane-shells so small that they have escaped detection, but it is in the "rhythm memory" interactions between the W±-waves and the spatial V-poles that determine its size.

The second born fundamental particle are the virtual massless matter frames (IRHG) for the baryon hadron fermions and its size is determined in the Plank Energy Big Bang disintegration. These virtual particles are then “mass topped-up” during the exponential inflationary phase of the Universe (see part II, ch. III, pages 236-240 and 315-339). The fundamental baryons of protons and neutrons are triplicate brane-shell (hadro-quark) particles whose brane-shells sizes are determined at the same time as the particle was created, but it is in the "rhythm memory" interactions between the W±-waves and the spatial V-poles that determine its size.

It is during this same time that the photon is created and it is the previous creation of the electron that determines its size on the same grounds. Once the neutron baryons have appeared the electron neutrino is born with its size being determined by the excess energy of the neutron (see part III, ch. IV, page 437), but it is with the birth and sizes of these particles that the character and size of the rest of the bosons are determined. The same then applies to the four fundamental forces of nature, whose strength is determined by the sizes and character of the W±-waves of the fermions. The two additional higher mass generations of hyperons, the muon, muon neutrino, the tau, tau neutrino, the charm quark, the strange quark, the top quark, the bottom quark, which all but the Muon, exist only for a fraction of a second, are all “brane-shell memories” from the initiation of creation, prior to Big Bang disintegration. The only other constant of interest here is the week coupling constant whose reasons are explained here prior on pages 409 to 412. -- This is the magic of the two human brain’s hemispheres observing the creation process in unison.

The QF-models and the Fabric of Space.
As we started these analyzes of the physics part of the QF-theory with the oldest quantum experiment, it is fitting to conclude it with an other oldie, or the early nineteenth century experiment by the British physicist, physician, and Egyptologist, Thomas Young, (1773-1829). This is Young's double slit demonstration of the interference of light, through which he definitely established its wave nature and which would become the experiment that would take physics deeper into the bizarre mysteries of quantum mechanics than most any other. In the QF-theory this experiment involves some of the greatest mystery of physics and biology revealed in the nature of the vacuum, which at our level of perception is commonly known as nothing.

In physics this is given many terms such as the "structure of the vacuum at the quantum level," or the "zero negative energy of the vacuum", or the "fabric of space". It is out of this structure of infinite nothing, which the material Universe has come from in less than a second, but this "nothing" is that which has been referred to in the
QF-theory as the: vacuum quantum potential virtual matter/energy of space. This infinity is in the QF-theory represented by its 6th and 5th dimensions, which are produced by a multitude of infinities composed from the V-negative and the V-positive virtual matter/energy poles (closely related to Cantor's Absolute).

This is saying that in addition to Einstein's 1916 General Relativity description of space that "nothing is curved, not straight", this leads to the
QF-theory being forced to regard the infinity of the vacuum--relative to the quantum particles moving in it--as being a twofold reality as shown in figure 157 on page 417. This notion in turn leads to the QF-theory's explanation as to why the fundamental particles move in the manner of the quantum leaps and what becomes of the leaping particles when they are not "here" in the experiments. In the QF-theory the W±-brane-shell waves are jumping the particle they form, between its matter and antimatter states and in and out of the spatial V±-poles. This is the only way they can move since they are an extension of the spatial V±-poles and are in fact trying to return into the infinity of the vacuum, but as their antimatter opposite is missing, this fails and they are returned into the 6th/5th dimensional spatial realities we are occupying.

The Wave-Particle Duality in the Double Slit Experiments.


Figure 158

This spatial foundation of reality becomes observable in figure 158, which proposes to present the simplest and the most mysterious of the famous double slit experiments. In both experiments the wave crest and through cancel each other out when the waves are out of phase and reinforce each other when they are in phase. In the first--steady light flow--experiment we become aware of the dual particle/wave nature of the quantum particles, but it is in the second--individual particle interrupted emission--experiment where the mystifying nature of the twofold QF-space becomes conscious to us. This experiment has lead to may physicists becoming convinced that we are living in a parallel interconnected universes, where as the QF-theory only needs the twofold infinity of twofold space.

The QF-fundaments of Reality; Twofold Vacuum of Space.


Figure 159

This insight may be the most important in the QF-theory's analyzes, since it becomes the foundation for the theory's analyzes of the structure of DNA-molecule of life, consciousness and the human brain structure, functions and malfunctions. Without this insight the QF-brain models become impossible to fit to the reality of the Observer and without the theory including the reality machine of the human brain--which is creating the theory and making the analyzes of reality--these theorizations become practically useless and thus worthless and the QF-theory thus just a Theory of Something, not Everything.

This then is the end of the
QF-theory's comparison to the Standard Model of physics and we turn to the QF-theory's spin properties comparison and verification, but it was during the author's interpretation of the vision and his writing the interpretation in THE LITTLE SCROLL, that he came across another equally remarkable approach to the problem of particle model creation by a Russian American, Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg. Dr. Ginzburg is using a mathematical and graphical approach in which he has come up with a similar form called Helicola and which he presented in 1993 in a science paper, His description for a triplicate spin structures in the energy flow of the magnetic field, is quite similar to that of the triplicate membrane bosonic flow described by the QF-theory and which becomes quite an important insight in the understanding of the functions of the consciousness of the human brain.

In 1999 Dr. Ginzburg published a book on the subject titled, UNIFIED SPIRAL FIELD AND MATTER, but in it he proposes models that are conceptually similar to the QF-Venn triplicate-brane models.

This then makes us ready to look at:

                                      The QF-Theory's
                                                Physics Conclusions.

Part Three, Chapter Four


The QF-Particle
Spin Verification


QF-Concepts for Matter-Antimatter
Verification Parallels to Experimentally
Established Spin-Characteristics
QF-Concepts for the Force Carriers

"Quantum theory forces us to see the universe not as a collection of physical objects, but rather as a complicated web of relations between the various parts of a unified whole... All particles are dynamically composed of one another in a self-consistent way, and in that sense can be said to contain one another. In (this theory), the emphasis is on the interaction, or inter penetration, of all particles."

                                                                                                          Fritjof Capra


"The remarkable feature of all the leptons is that they have never revealed
any interior structure. They appear to be pure point particles even
at the highest energies. This suggests they are truly elementary
and not composite particles–a rock bottom to the levels of matter,
a feature which compounds the puzzle of the leptons."

                                                                                                          Heinz R. Pagels

C-06 Questions of:
The Spin-nature of the Permanent Fermions


Can Experiments verify the QF-theorizations?
Is Particle Spin a Clue to Unification of the Forces?
Although it is not possible to make any definite verifications in works such as this, several confirmations of the QF-simpleton-theorization may however be possible. These may possibly come in the first line through its connection to the DNA and Life, the Human Brain and Consciousness. In the second line, the most important physics verification will in all probability come through the particle spin characteristics. The author’s faith in his work comes not so much through the symmetries alone, but through the special feature of predictions for the spin directions. This is the feature that is shown in details in figures 083 on page 261 and in figure 117 on page 341.

In the QF-diagrams this shows how the direction of the particle-spin, spins into the direction of the particles’ travel, or spins against the direction of the particles travel. This is dependent on which of the W±-waves is dictating the spin. The published experimental findings of this parity-spin feature for each permanent fermion are shown alongside the appropriate QF-diagrams for that particle. These graphs show the spin properties relative to the particles direction of travel. This may prove to be the QF-theorizations main experimental verification. This is further in line with the prophecy of Professor Paul Davies, who, in his book SUPERFORCE, has suggested that: “...the curious geometrical nature of spin could prove to be the key to unifying physics.” This is precisely the case with the direction of the spin. The whole of the chapter is thus dedicated to the listing and the show of this feature in the fundamental particles. The chapter is thus divided into three sections, two for the fermions and one for the bosons. Each of these is preceded by an overview graph that is, as before, presented in two versions. One in point particle images by SCSC in explicate mode, the other in QF-Venn diagrams of the SCSC implicate mode.

The QF-Symmetries Manifesting the
Fermions in Explicate Reality: The Leptons.
The words by Professor H. Pagels, on the opposite page, were written in 1982. Six years later Dr. F. David Peat (1988) tells us about the string concepts changed view: “Many physicists felt uncomfortable with the idea of a dimensionless point as the fundamental building block of space-time and quantum theory. There was already evidence that the elementary particles had to have some form of internal structure and could not be treated as points. Now Schwartz and Green were showing that the most fundamental entities in the universe are not points but extended objects like strings that can spin, rotate, and vibrate.”* This does indeed tell us about the changing situation regarding the leptons but figures 160 and 161 present the introductory overviews showing the most important family members presenting the three generations, both in point-particle and Venn diagram forms. These include the antimatter particles which have the same mass, but opposite 1/2 integer spin, electrical charge and magnetic field, whose reality is spatially transformed with the W±-wave co-ordinates switching places, and the Z-open wave reversing its direction relative to the W±-waves. This introduction is helpful before considering the particle spin-diagram comparison in figures 162/163 details of the QF-symmetries for the three-in-one brane-shells of the lepton family that show their internal gravitons in the background.

The Leptons.
Stable, Meta-stable and Unstable.

Electrically Charged/Spinning Point Particles in
Explicate Reality. – Explicate Presentation.

Figure 160

The Leptons.
Stable, Meta-stable and Unstable.


Electrically Charged/Spinning Particle Symmetries in
Explicate Reality. – Implicate Presentation.

Figure 161

The QF-Symmetries and Parity-Spin Diagram
Verification for the Neutrinos and the Electron.

The neutrinos are the ghost particles of physics, about which Wolfgang Pauli made the famous remark: “I do not believe that God is a weak left-hander.” Experiments show that this is indeed so; neutrinos are always left-handed and the statistical methods indicates that it would require about eight solid light-years of lead to stop a single neutrino. Consequently questions regarding the neutrinos abound. Why does it only exist with a negative/left handed chirality of 1/2 half-integer spin, never a right spin? Why do they interact so poorly with other charged particles? Possibly the most important question regarding the neutrino has now been settled, but this is question whether it has mass. The QF-Venn diagram analyzes disclose that the neutrino’s symmetry is that of the Planck Time, which suggest that due to the neutrinos Z±-open brane-shell wave being the same size as those of the W±-brane-shell spiral-twistor waves, the Z±-waves must be slaved onto the spin of the W-negative spinnor-twistor-spiral wave pointing in the same direction as they. Therefor the QF-estimated electric charge distribution for the neutrino is the same as for the nucleons, or = -1/3 -1/3 +2/3 = 0 (charge not depending on mass). The QF-models further suggests that it is in this that the gravitational effects of the neutrino are enormous in relation to it size, thus making it a prim candidate for the bulk of the dark, none-baryonic galactic matter that is puzzling astronomers.

Next in our scrutiny are the J. J. Thomson 1897 discovered electrons (negatrons), but the fact that the antimatter counterparts, the positrons, are not much about is a riddle which the QF-theory solves. Man has been studying its behavior, which is manifested in a freedom of action that allows it stunts that defy our everyday concepts of reality. The next two
QF-Venn diagrams suggest an eventual base for their explanations. The electron and the positron interact with all electrically charged particles and their modus operandi is through the exchange of photons. They further interact with space/gravity through their W±-brane-shell spiral-twistor waves extension and space/gravity interacts with these entities as it does with everything else. The amazing feature of the QF-Venn diagram expression for the electron is that when combined with the positron, it expresses the photon, the carrier of the electromagnetic force.

The Neutrinos.
Explicate Reality QF-Venn Diagram Symmetries of Matter
and Antimatter: ERLS #1MA+AM.


Figure 162

The Electrons.
  Explicate Reality QF-Venn Diagram Symmetries of Matter
  and Antimatter: ERLS #2MA+AM.


Figure 163


"If a hadron was smashed apart, all that emerged was more hadrons created from the energy supplied by the smashing. The answer to the riddle of the hadrons came when…  the hadron family could be explained if one imagined that the hadrons were built out of more fundamental particles called quarks...  We now see that nuclear physics is the physics of trapped quarks."

                                                              Heinz R. Pagels.


The QF-Symmetries Manifesting the
Fermions in Implicate Reality: The Baryons.
The process for the creation of the leptons was reversed for the creation of the 3-quark baryon-hadrons. In the QF-models they were created out of antimatter lepton quanta and photons, with their sizes being decided by the quantification of space/gravity surrounding the Special Singularity. As before with the leptons, we examine whether the QF-models are describing the material Universe as physics observes it. For this end we have taken the most important family members which represent the first of the three generations. In figures 164 and 165 a QF-overview is offered, but the compositions of the electric charge spin-state symmetries for the protons and neutrons are in focus here. This includes the antimatter particles, which have the same mass, but opposite 1/2 integer spin, electrical charge and magnetic field, but whose reality is spatially transformed with the W±-waves switching places and the Z-open wave switching its charge. As with the leptons, this introduction is helpful before considering the particle spin-diagram comparison in figures 166/167 details of the QF-symmetries for the three-in-one brane-shells of the baryon family that show their internal gravitons in the background. – Next: Baryons explicate and implicate overviews.

The Baryons.
Stable and Meta-stable (Unstable not shown).


Electrically Charged/Spinning Matter in
Implicate Reality. – Explicate Presentation.

Figure 164

The Baryons.
Stable and Meta-stable (Unstable not shown).


Electrically Charged/Spinning Matter in
Implicate Reality. – Implicate Presentation.

Figure 165

The QF-Symmetries and Parity-Spin Diagram
Verification for the Protons and the Neutrons.

Figure 165 shows us how the nucleons are created out of the triplicate waves of explicate reality, which the physicists call quarks. The IN-(up)-quarks and OUT-(down)-quarks. These designation have no specific meaning, and like J. Gribbin suggests: “The names have no significance; physicists could just as well–if they wish–call one quark Alice and the other Albert.” Rather than up and down, the QF-models describe the quarks as IN and OUT quarks, but to prevent creating confusion, the QF-theorizations use both the down/out and up/in designations. The rainbow stuff’s unifying effects between the Z±-open brane-shells and the W±-brane-shell spiral-twistor waves has been found by physics and is known the internal color gluon field of the hadrons, which is the explanation and manifestation of the internal-SNF, through the quanta called colored gluons. In the QF-models the reality of these three waves is one and the same: They are one in all, and all in one, and cannot exist independently, which is verified in Man’s inability to produce free quarks. The nucleons that we consider here are those of the First Generation of quarks or those with Chocolate Flavor.

The QF-Venn diagrams see the neutron as an over-charged proton, with the excess rainbow stuff mass/energy reversing the direction of the Z-negative-open part of the triplicate membrane. It thus waves OUT and acquires negative charge (opposed to the Z-positive wave of the proton), thus rendering the neutrino electrically neutral. This excess energy can be “discharged” via the outer-left spinning W-negative spinnor-twistor-spiral wave, since it is this wave which is not only the outermost wave of the three, but also the out waving wave. This is how and why the existence of the neutrinos is being started in a left handed spin spiraling into the direction of travel. This is the manifestation of the decay of the neutron into a proton, and accounts for its isotropic spin characteristics. The contents of the discharge depend then on whether the neutron is going through its metaphors alone (β-decay), or with a group of other neutrinos (α-decay) in the nucleus. It is this decaying process which is the manifestation of radiation, the manifestation of the WNF. It is this attribute of the nucleons, which is responsible for the burning of the suns, and thus for the ignition and maintenance of life.

The Protons.
Implicate Reality QF-Venn Diagram Symmetries of Matter
and Antimatter: IRHS #2MA+AM.


Figure 166

The Neutrons.
Implicate Reality QF-Venn Diagram Symmetries of Matter
and Antimatter: IRHS #2MA+AM.


Figure 167


"We can imagine that quantum reality is like a sealed box out of which we
receive messages. We can ask questions about the contents of the box but never actually see what is inside... The principle of complementarity asserts that in describing reality we must invoke complementarity concepts that exclude each other–they cannot both be true. The road to quantum reality may go on far into the future,,, and new insights may be found. Perhaps quantum theory is experimentally wrong or incomplete, something that is not logically impossible."

                                                           Heinz R. Pagels  

  The QF-Symmetries Manifesting Forces of Nature.
The Force Carriers in Paradox Reality: The Bosons.
The simplistic presentations of the QF-Venn diagrams showing what is taking place during the First Second of Creation, should most naturally have a further follow-up comparison to physics description of the interactions of matter/energy. The physics approach is through the force fields and the carrier quanta for that field. This is the same for the QF-approach with the additional defining of the different realities and dimensions for these fields and the carrier quanta. The only difference is in the QF-theorizations refusal to consider independent force carriers between particle that do not have independent existence such as quarks. In other words, although the QF-theorizations offer an existence explanation for the quarks and the gravitons, they do consider analyzes of an independent existence for the colored gluons and the gravitons as being meaningless. Neither of these was ever detected in experiments, only the gluons indirectly in the form of “gluon-jets”, which is really a “quark-jet”. Next the QF-theorizations view the forces of nature.

The Bosons.
The QF-Symmetries of the Force Carriers of Nature


Electric Charge/Spin of Energy in Dualistic Reality.
Explicate Presentation.

Figure 168

The Bosons.
The QF-Symmetries of the Force Carriers of Nature.


Electric Charge/Spin of Energy in Dualistic Reality.
Implicate Presentation.

Figure 169

The Photon-Quanta:
The Electromagnetic Force Boson.
The first of the forces of nature in the QF-classification is the electromagnetic force with its field quanta of the photon. The QF-suggestion is that this is the most fundamental subatomic particle in existence. In the atoms the photon quanta have an important function energizing the atom through its storage in its energy steps. In these energy steps the photon is stored through the Z-negative wave and the twofold W±-waves holding it in grips. – This fact becomes very important when it comes to the human brain, since it is the photon-electron quanta, which not only presents its basic construction program, but also stores its information in a holographic form in the energy steps of the atoms in the DNA's nucleotides.

The Photon. The Fundamental Quanta of Nature.


Figure 170

The W±-waves of the photon are symmetrical and sized in relation to the spatial field V±-poles whose interaction provides for the speed limit of light in the Universes matter/antimatter dance. This gives it the attribute of waving both IN and OUT at the same time and places it electromagnetic field in both of Natures fundamental realities.


The W± Quark Waves: The Weak Nuclear Force Bosons.
The QF-view of the weak nuclear force in the threefold rainbow stuff quantum-wave of the W-negative boson begins by review of the physics theoretical/experimental information on the carriers of the weak nuclear force.

The β-decay of the Free Matter Neutron.


Figure 171

The CERN experiments produced the W-negative, W-positive and Z-zero bosons in the electro-weak unification, but the α-decay part of EWU is one manifestation of WNF. In the QF-theorizations this event takes place between the two different fundamental Fermion realities; the Explicate Reality of the Leptons and the Implicate/Explicate reality of the Baryons. In this event, which has a 50/50 chance of taking place every 918 seconds in a neutron, that is not bound-up in a nucleus with other baryons, is one of "excess destabilizing energy" mass/energy being spit out of the neutron via the outermost W-negative brane-shell, turning the neutron into a proton. In the Explicate Reality it is then the W±-wave-memory of the "rainbow-stuff" that decide what particles will be created.

The Colored Gluons and Mesons Quanta:
The Internal-External Strong Nuclear Force Bosons.
The way the QF-theory looks at the Strong-force interactions is considerable different from the Standard model, but this is a view that solves all the unification riddles in a beautiful and simplistic manner. This is a view that sees the SNF as being manifested through the W±-waves, which at the same time produce the magnetic poles in matter and thus the EMF, as well as the GTF through the fact that they represent the graviton, which through its V±-poles interaction produces the curvature of space. From figure 171 we can deduct that the W±-waves produce also the WNF. In the perfection of simplicity, the two types of matter and the four types of forces of the Universe, are different manifestation of these two waves depending on their location and consequential interactions. Einstein was indeed right; it is gravity that holds matter together, but this is telling us that gravity is both the strongest and the weakest force manifestation, depending on which of it sides we are looking at. This means that the QF-Venn models have already sorted out these facts in this book and all that remains is to briefly review how this compares to the Standard model.

The Physics Strong Nuclear Force inside of Nucleons.
The Standard Model suggests that this is an interaction between the quarks by the quanta of 8 colored gluons, forming a field holding the quarks together in the bound of “asymptotic freedom”. There are even physics presentations where colored gluons are created in one corner of the quark soup and quarks in another, they then meat by chance and unite to form nucleons.

The QF-Models Strong Nuclear Force inside of Nucleons.
In the QF-view the colored gluons are fractions of the QF-rainbow stuff whose and triplet-wave components have no independent existence.

The Physics Strong Nuclear Force outside of Nucleons.
In physics the strong interactions between the nucleons are carried by momentarily existing hadrons that go by the name mesons and pions etc.
The QF-Models Strong Nuclear Force outside of Nucleons.
The QF-view is essentially the same as that of physics except that it does not consider the quarks in the mesons and pions to be held together by colored gluons, but by their internal graviton field.

The Graviton Quanta:
The Internal-External Gravitation Bosons.
This interaction is the subject of the theory of relativity and it is best reflected in the words of John Wheeler: “Matter tells space how to be. Space tells matter where to go.”  In other words, it is the V±-poles curvature of space that sends matter “falling” towards the center of the spatial curvature, but in turn it is the presence of the W±-waves in matter that causes the curvature of space. It is the last part of this statement that constitutes one of the main problems of physics. This is the riddle of how matter goes about curving space. What is it in matter that gives rise to the space-time curvature? Einstein was aware of this and suggested that this part of his general theory of relativity equations was; “...built out of straw”, meaning that this side of the equation was an arbitrary statement. This is the reason that conventional mathematics come up with infinities in their attempts at solving the connection between quantum physics and general relativity. Matter is an extension of space which is instantaneously curved everywhere by the presence of matter. The graviton particle has not been found and will never be according to the QF-models, this since the QF-graviton is an inseparable part of all permanent particles. They produce the SNF and the GTF and are the extreme opposite strengths in Nature's forces, representing different manifestations of the same force.

End of the Physics Analyzes.
This is where we come to the end of the pure physics contemplations on the meaning of the spiritual visions suggestions offered by the QF-theorizations for the First Second of Creation. The last three chapters of the theorizations in this book, will be dedicated to making the initial connection of the QF-models to life and their second connections to the human brain, which was begun in Part Two, Chapter Four Extra. However, before the theorizations continue into this most mysterious realm, there is an important insight which we need to consider regarding the connection between dead material reality and living material reality. This involves making the reader–if he is not so already–aware of the fundamental relationship between the mirrors in the matter reality and the mirrors in the biological and psychological reality of neuro-systems. The dual nature of space-time and matter and the fact that both display a mirror side to themselves. Matter has its antimatter side that manifests in the reversal of CPT, or charge, parity and time, which is shown here in figure 172 metaphorical form of “The Matter Mirror”, but this property is carried over into the biological reality into the DNA, Life, Brain and Consciousness part of the QF-theorizations.

The All embracing Mirror Nature of Nature.


Figure 172

Here the remark of Eugene Wigner once again rings out “Man will never understand the Universe before he understands the self-reflecting properties of consciousness,” but this is portrayed in “The Consciousness Mirror” of figure 172, but the most important part of the QF-theorization are its mirror holistic model of the human brain. – The theorizations now turn to the DNA and Life riddles where the author ventures to connect the findings of the QF-modeling to the structure and functions of the DNA molecule.

Next we then get to the core of all riddles:

                                         The QF-Reality DNA and Life.

The next part of the

08 : Part Three 2.
The Initial Connection of  the
Venn-set QF-Theory of Everything to
Human Brain and Consciousness.


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