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Part Three, Chapter Five

The QF-Models
DNA and Life


QF-Theorizations and Questions of Life
and Reality of the Genome

"It is known that the natural sciences have arrived at the boundary of the
objectively knowable. They recognize a boundless mysterious field behind
all life, a transcendental and autonomous order, to which the psyche of the
observer, as well as that which can be observed are sub-ordinate."

                                                                                                          Aniela Jaffé


"Living things are composed of lifeless molecules. When these molecules
are  isolated and examined individually, they conform to all the physical
and chemical laws that describe the behavior of inanimate matter."

                                                                                                          Albert Lehninger

C-07 Questions of:
Connections to the DNA Structure and Life

The QF-theorizations, DNA,   and Life.
As the analyzes of the QF-theorizations gained through the author’s transcendental vision became more complete and the initial simplified comparison to the Standard Model of physics and cosmology showed the author their viability, the next target became the possible connections of the QF-theory's physics models to life itself. This meant that they had to fit to the findings of molecular biology at the level of the DNA whose functional fundamentals are in these theorizations considered to be largely in the terms of quantum mechanical reality. The primary question in these analyzes being the simplified version of the riddle; what constitutes the difference between living matter and non-living matter? As suggested by Professor Stephen Hawking and many others, this is to be discerned through the Quantum Wave of the Universe, which is the formulated in the state of the creation process at the End of the Birth of Time, which in the QF-theory is Second 10-36.

The quotation of Albert Lehninger taken from John Gribbin's writings, IN SEARCH OF THE DOUBLE HELIX, suggests that the fundamental human understanding of the functions of the genome in molecular biology is in essence an understanding of quantum mechanics. This is further found in Gribbin’s analyzes of the work of Linus Pauling: “Pauling’s explanation of the chemical bounding in terms of quantum physics... is a phenomenon of quantum physics." An additional reminder of the quantum connection to life is Bohr’s 1932 statement presented in part one, chapter six.

The solving of the construction and replication mystery of the DNA-molecular structure was made possible through the preparatory work by the British chemist Dr. William Astbury, Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins. From 1943 until 1953 they produced the roentgen information which in that year culminated in the discovery work of the physicist Dr. Francis Crick, and the chemist, Dr. James Watson Nobel Prized in 1961. Since this discovery an enormous advance in technological abilities in investigating the DNA has been gained, with accompanying gain in information. This progression lead to the 20th Century’s millennium completion of the counting and mapping of the entire human genome containing nucleotides of which 1% produced initially the mapping of 30-35.000 human genes in 2001, later reduced to 20 to 25.000 genes in 2004. This made possible the solving of the last phases of the second mystery of the DNA; the management riddle.

The Subject of the QF-theory's Investigation
into the DNA, the Human Brain and Consciousness.
In Part Two, Chapter Four Extra a simplistic and rudimentary correspondence between the QF-theoretical models, the DNA functions and the human brain constructions was established. Through the QF-theory's suggestions for a holographic construction arrangement and properties of the human brain and its field of consciousness, the seemingly hopeless riddles of how these function and malfunction, began to become transient. This became possible through the even distribution of the DNA-nucleotides into two quantum field realities; implicate and explicate. A part of this search was the author's personal search for the answer to the age-old question, “Did God create Man, or did Man create God?”, but for this riddle he needed a non-bias answer for a specific faith-faculty in the human brain.

The QF-quantum models did thus from the start indicate a distinct possibility for the solving of the fundamental enigmas of DNA functions and malfunctions, but in the initial phase this had to be dealt with in the simplest possible scope. Figure 173 on the next page is intended to provide the reader with a simplistic overview of the main subjects at hand.

From the Whole to the Microscopic and Atomic Parts.


Figure 173

The graphic offers an overview of the 20th Century’s sciences grand performance through the reductionist method, but this progression has led to the marvelous technology for investigating the DNA, that now is holding out the hope for Man’s mastery of life itself. In this the most important are the solution to the riddle of the numerous statistical sickness of Man, where the psychiatric and psychological sicknesses are in the forefront. The statistical sickness are the maladies where there is no virus, bacteria or accident causing the ailment, but where the management of the genome fails, other than mutations in the gene's nucleotide sequences.

The deceases of the DNA have to do with management of genome or the homeostasis of the cells and thus affect its morphogenesis, integration and specialization. These are DNA-properties whose whereabouts are not known and whose functions are not understood. They have to do with the management of the master regulatory genes, or homeotic genes, or hogs genes and the mysterious properties of the spliceosomes, but these management attributes are the focus of the questions about life it self. Needless to say, they are situated at the quantum level of reality, but where and how is the question we now pursue through the QF-theory’s insights into this realm.

The Temporal Arrow of Time and Entropy.
The Spatial Arrow of Time and the Enigma of Life.
The explanations for “The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics”, the Universal Arrow of Time and Universal Entropy (ever increasing disorder amongst atoms in the Universe), which were developed by James Clerk Maxwell and Ludwig Boltzmann during the nineteenth century, essentially involve ideas that have an important bearing on the question of what life is. A question which the quantum pioneer, Erwin Schrödinger, asked in his 1944 book WHAT IS LIFE? This fascinating question may be presented in two ways. We can ask whether the innate electro-chemically-reacting atoms are, of such “nature” that they–given enough time–will through “dead electro-chemical reactions” arrange them selves into the complex molecules of life. Or whether there is an additional force at work forming the “Missing Arrow of Time.” Here the QF-theory provides us with insights into the two arrows of time, but before we start discussing this relationship, we look at its graphical expression.

QF-version of the Universes Two Arrows of Time.
Arrows of “Positive Entropy” versus “Negative Entropy.”


Figure 174

Figure 174 presents a simplistic diagram indicating how in the QF-modeling, the two arrows of time correspond to the two observed order progressions in the Universe. Here the Temporal Arrow of Time (TAT) represents the expansion of the Universe and the ever-increasing disorder amongst its atoms, which is known as “entropy”. This is the heat-death
of the Universe direction in which the commonly recognized arrow of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, the arrow of time, points. In the QF-theorizations this corresponds to the Z-negative matter-manifesting wave which in turn manifests entropy through its measure of heat energy dissipation while creating ever-greater disorder amongst the atoms. It points from the higher to the lower energy states. It is this overall collective trend in the expansion of the Universe which is seen everywhere, with one exception, and that exception is life. The life functions present another system that demonstrates a systematic atomic progression into a direction opposed to the arrow of time. This progression is creating an ever-increasing order in the conglomerates of atoms (complex molecules) of the Universe, not only in biological terms forming living molecules, but life (humans) is also found to organize non-living environmental atoms (construction material) in order to serve its survival ends. The process that is accomplishing this complex order amongst what is essentially “lifeless molecules… of inanimate matter” is certainly something taking place at the quantum level. The observation of what was labeled by Schrödinger as “negative entropy” in living systems, has thus lead to the search for what is variably referred to as “The Missing Arrow of Time.” In the QF-models the only other arrow is the Z-positive antimatter manifesting wave which has been dubbed the Spatial Arrow of Time (SAT), but it is certainly not obvious how this arrow can be the cause for the order in the chaos. Oddly enough, the principal explanations for this are not readily visible in the "GUT-era" QF-Venn diagrams, although the fundamentals are present in the equation equivalent of Frame 11A, Figures 081 and 082. The cause is the QF-theory's suggestion that not much antimatter, nor photons, exists at this time prior to the Inflationary Leap in the creation process, but this has to do with the appearance of the Spatial Arrow of Time (SAT) embedded in the implicate reality of antimatter, but never the less the "mother of this arrow" is embedded in all matter and energy from the start of creation. In part two we saw how the Z-negative wave of the Temporal Arrow of Time (entropy), is always aligned in the matter leptons with the W-negative wave, though not necessarily spinning with it. In the antimatter leptons this is reversed and the Z-positive wave is aligned with the W-positive wave, though not necessarily spinning with it. This is the connection to the “self-organizing properties” of the apparently “lifeless molecules… of inanimate matter”, or in “dissipative structures”, into which the theoretical chemist and 1977 Nobel laureate, Professor Ilya Prigogine with Dr. Isobelle Stengers has given fundamental insights in a 1984 book ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. The fundamentals of these attributes of nature are also explained in the writings of James Gleick’s 1987 CHAOS, MAKING A NEW SCIENCE, Paul Davies’s 1988 THE COSMIC BLUEPRINT, and Ian Stewart’s 1989; DOES GOD PLAY DICE?

Since there is no antimatter laying about on earth, the self-organizing or disorganizing properties of ordinary matter have to be manifested by the W±-waves, accompanying the Z±-waves. This  brings into focus the QF-photon--the most fundamental particle of the Universe--as it is at the same time a matter and antimatter particle and thus the only particle (boson) that carries both the time arrows. This means that the IN and OUT waves are situated in both explicate- and implicate- reality at the same time and the QF-photon may thus be redrawn to highlight the properties that present the key to the enigma of life and consciousness!

The two Arrows of Time appearing in the QF-Photon
the Quanta of the Brain’s Wave of Consciousness.


Figure 175

Nature’s two fundamental realities and its four forces are represented in the QF-Photon, which includes the root causes for the extremely subtle functions that manifest the self-organizing abilities of inanimate matter. The QF-suggestion is that the SAT is responsible for life's exclusively uses of left handed or L-enantiomers amino acids with left spiraling structure offering a connection to ideas for a spatially extended virtual reality morphogenesis fields through the W-positive wave. This suggests logical explanations for the unsolved riddle of such diverse phenomenon as the DNA-management or expression, the functions of consciousness and the relation of these to the statistical sicknesses.

The W± waves Constructive/Destructive Properties.
The suggestions for the photons’ two kinds of homogeneity (figure 170, page 440), with the TAT side negative, are not sufficient verifications for the existence and properties of the two W±-waves. However, it is in the nucleons where further verification of the QF-models suggestion for the W±-waves homo genetic and self-organizing attributes must be sought. Here is a modified copy of a neutron experiment that is considered to verify the QF-models.

The creation description suggestions in Part Two, Chapter Two (page 191); The Second Division, for the two W±-waves connecting to the fundamental dimensions of nature, ascribes the "entropy" property to the singular-reality W-negative waves and the "negative entropy" property to the plural-reality W-positive waves which may be traced all-the-way to the photons’ two kinds of homogeneity (figure 170, page 436). A further highly supportive verification for the properties of the two W±-waves is found in the QF-model’s interpretation of a classical neutron experiment modified with the W±-waves identifications.

Quantum Forces Entangled Wave-functions.


Figure 176

The QF-interpretation of this experiment suggests that a split neutron beam will be divided into streams representing the neutrons W-negative waves and W-positive waves (quarks), but the beams give an indication of their interactive permutational (change making) properties. The QF-suggestion is that the W-negative wave manifest increasing disorder (entropy) and the W-positive wave increasing self-organizing order, which is a part of the holographic principle. It is the foundation of the W±-waves role as the graviton inside the particle where it regulates its size and holds it together through non-independent existing colored gluons. This has been described as “...people in rowboats throwing a medicine ball back and forth between them and recoiling at each toss...”, or as “...balls flying back and forth between jugglers, the translation holding the jugglers together while exchanging energy between them.”

Composition of the QF-Physics Reality Versus
the Composition of the Biological Reality of the DNA.
The QF-equation equivalent in Part Two, Chapter Four, The Fourth Division, Eleventh Frame diagram, describing the End of the Birth of Time, or the Birth of the First Quantum Wave of the Universe is the QF-theory's explanation for everything, with "life itself included" as Hawking suggests this reality description of electrons’ field must be. Since in the spiritual vision the author experienced on the 12th of the 12th 1984, the description of this moment in the creation of the Universe had been accompanied by a Venn-diagram that described the fundamental organization of a eucaryotic DNA-molecule, which at the same time seemed to fit the fundamental organization of the brain of the Observer, this seemed to represent the all-encompassing claim some physicists were making for this creation event.

At the time this question would be the main factor in the author's decision to read all he could find on the subject in order to find-out whether the vision represented some sort of a delusional hallucination, or whether it might represent the ultimate truth regarding the Universe and life. For this it seemed at the time too simplistic to have such a grand meaning. As he became convinced of its validity the author would be making initial graphic connection to the Observer, which eventually lead to Part Two, Chapter Four Extra, The First Observer Connection, part of this book. This was then–in an initial overview form–boldly related to the apparent fundamental order of the human brain, producing most fittingly, one material hemisphere, one spatial hemisphere.

The outcome of this was the powerful suggestion for the composition of the chemistry of life being founded in the quantum reality for the electron and its connection to the 5th dimension in the vacuum through the W+-waves. This eventually suggested that it was the antimatter site of the photon that then transcribes the chemistry of non-living molecules into manifesting animate organic living atoms in complex molecules. This meant that the mechanics of molecular biology are at its fundamentals the mechanics of quantum physics as sages like Bohr and Schrödinger and others had predicted, but somewhere in this a fundamental human understanding of quantum reality was missing. Here the QF-theory suggested that the problem lay in the one sided left hemispheric mathematical approach of physics, but once this had been overcome through the Venn-set logic approach, it became clear that the QF-electron and the atom fields associated with it, were the guiding principle in the ignition of life and the creation of the prokaryote DNA some years ago.

When the author initially began to apply the QF-reality suggestions to the DNA, he expected to find two asymmetric fields corresponding to the two fundamental dimensions of the Universe; the explicate reality and the implicate reality, perhaps with overlapping function between the two. This was not the case and he had to satisfy himself with waiting for the completion of the Human Genome Project and the Institute for Genetic Research genome mapping in 2001 before he could complete the First Edition of THE LITTLE SCROLL in 2002. With its nucleotides and initial 30 to 30.000 genes using only about 1,5% of these, the results of the mapping were nowhere close to any thing that resembled any form of symmetry required by the QF-model. The remaining 98.5% of the nucleotides consisted of useless none coding inter genetic DNA-junk and the genes that provided the instruction sequences which the RNA transcribed for the protein production, were laced with none-coding--apparently also useless introns--nucleotides which had to be excised from the RNA by specific spliceosome molecule. Nowhere was anything representing a comprehensive management system for the DNA's function--the gene expression--in sight.

The comments of some IGR scientists working on the project were: “Because of the relatively low number of genes, it will be necessary to look elsewhere for the mechanism that generates the complexities in human development and the sophisticated signaling systems that maintain homeostasis. These include non-gene regions of the genome containing regulatory elements that moderate gene transcription and the molecular activity that leads to alternative start and stop sites for the transcription of DNA.”

In the end the symmetry of the electron and the photon, plus the symmetry of the W±-waves along with the symmetry suggested by the WE-reality part of the Eleventh Frame "Observer Venn-set" would convince the author that his intuitive sense of a symmetrical nucleotide distribution in the DNA was correct. This was founded in the insight that the DNA represented an explicate quantum reality field and an implicate quantum reality field which the evolutionary history of life verified in its evolution from procaryotes to eucaryotes. In this arrangement the implicate field would contain the causative (expression regulation) side of the DNA and the explicate field the executive field of which the genes were a part. There might be some redundant genetic information but for the most part all of the nucleotides would be used as the functional management information were kept in the form of holographic photons in the quantum orbits of the nucleotide atoms.

From his 1984 unique spiritual experience insights and until 1994, when the author began his model creation of the human brain, no knowledge of any sort of a "specific WE-reality". or "specific empathy perception" in the human brain was being suggested anywhere. Neurologists were not even looking for any such brain faculty. In order for the author to be able to convince himself that the hints for an even distribution of the DNA's nucleotides into two quantum field realities were realistic in the face of molecular biology's 1% genes v. 99% junk DNA organization, he would have to find realistic evolutionary confirmations for his model. His brain model development was thus begun in 1994 with the creation of evolutionary models proving the existence of the "WE-reality" suggestion in his Venn-diagram spiritual insights. This was the search for the "pluralistic-quantum reality" of the DNA which would verify both its organization and that of the brain.

It was then in 1999 that the author came across information  that IGR scientists were picking apart living organisms as small as a single cell bacteria in the hopes of understanding exactly what genes are needed for the most basic life forms by identifying the purpose of each gene through the process of elimination. In this organism that contains just over 500 genes, they had a much better chance of understanding how all of these genes worked together to create a living cell and found that about 350 were absolutely essential for life. The surprise came when they discovered that 103 genes have a function that is a complete mystery, leaving at least a third of the picture missing. What turned out to be extremely disturbing was that if you knock out one of these 103 genes, the cell died, but some scientists suggested that discovering the purpose of the mystery genes might present a blueprint for the essence of life on a molecular level. This 1999 findings of the IGR thus represented major support for the author's DNA/Brain organization models, since it is generally believed that single cell procaryote bacteria has changed little in spite of the eons of time it has been thriving here on earth.

The QF-model for the Developmental
History of Life from Asexual Single Cell Pro-
caryote DNA into a Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote DNA.
As indicated in the LIFE-CLOCK in figure 177 on page 455, some 1.500.000.000 (1.5 billion) years ago the earth's single cell procaryotic organism inhabiting the water goes through the process of inventing sex, but previously self-replication had taken place through simple cell division. This evolution takes place through the procaryotes becoming eucaryotes through the evolving of a membrane-enclosed nucleus (left), where genetic material is stored, allowing eucaryotes to evolve more rapidly and to replace self-replication with the union of two cells. Since each contributes material to yield a third unique cell, genetic variety is increased dramatically. Procaryotic cells without nucleus (right) continue existing but evolve much more slowly, if at all.

It is thus about 1.5 billion years ago that life makes the giga-leap from being a simplistic asexual single cell organism without an encasing around its DNA developing into a more complicated sexual replication single cell organism with an encasing around its DNA. During the previous 2.500.000.000 years however, this organism had single-handedly transformed the Earths barren volcanic environment to a fertile garden ready for the biological transformation of life to a higher evolutionary state. As single cell organism now become protists-eucaryotes by aquiring the encasing around its DNA, they diversify into a variety of more complicated forms of life like tiny plants and animals such as amoebas, algae and plankton, some of them acquire lashing wriggling tails that enhance their mobility. Throughout the next years the evolving single cell eucaryotes continue to develop in preparation for the leap into the multi cellular plant and animal organism.

It is then some 700.000.000 years ago that some of the single cell eucaryotes make the giga leap into producing the multi cellular eucaryote organism which eventually lead to a branch of them developing into man. In order to understand better how life accomplished this gigantic developmental leap required of the DNA, the 1999 findings of the Institute for Genetic Research regarding the organization of the single cell procaryote's DNA (P1-figure 177), really come in handy. This information triggers some important developmental insights where the first is the singular-organic DNA-reality it portrays, opposite to the plural-organic DNA-reality, which the multi cellular organism will eventually manifest. The QF-physics theory terms for these realities are explicate-organic reality and implicate-organic reality, corresponding to the terms QF-exon and QF-intron in the description of the functions of the DNA nucleotides, although they do not correspond to the molecular biology current descriptions and classification of the nucleotides.

According to the QF-theory, this means that the primary functions of the single cell DNA's nucleotides is to give it the life-functions and to manage the DNA's gene-expression, a part of which is its secondary function to provide the proteins for its structure, sustenance and biological functions, including the replication through the simple cell divisions. This means that the first steps in the alteration in the single cell DNA organization will have to be to create developmental promotion changes in it self, which in turn enhance its ability to store acquired evolutionary information in its DNA-nucleotides, through the creation of a "chromosomal container" around the DNA and the nucleolus. This is the cell's nucleus. It is then through the DNA-nucleotides producing a twofold holographic electromagnetic field in this container, within witch the management of the DNA is carried out. Through this, the organization of the DNA is now upgraded to the self-replicating "Double Helix".

This nucleonic container is what will turn some procaryotes into eucaryotes. Through the twofold holographic electromagnetic field in the nucleus, the DNA will follow-up these changes with the production of the two sexual realities for procreation in the single cells, creating the "anima eucaryotes" (QF-theory term) for the female biological entity, and the "animus eucaryotes" (QF-theory term) for the male biological entity. However, the basic nature of the asexual single cell procaryotes is masculine-negative as opposed to the feminine-positive nature. This is accomplished by the self-organizing abilities of the living organism, which are contained in about one-third of the single cell's DNA nucleotides (1/3 or 103 genes in the 1999 findings of the IGR).

Evolution of life and the QF-DNA-Fields evolution.

Figure 177

The details of how these nucleotides, which contain the cells life-giving and life-management teleological functions (purpose), go about this, will not be dealt with here other than to state that the DNA alterations are created through its use of ribonucleic acids created from copying the DNA itself, in similar manner as viruses use these acids to take over cells. The part of the DNA that is "responsible" for this evolutionary leap corresponds to the human brain's spatial hemispheric faith/spiritual faculties, which has been called the Jamais vu centers and which is contained in the QF-intron nucleotides. This is what molecular biology--in lieu of any explanations--calls "non-coding inter genetic DNA-junk" but the fact that single cell procaryotic organism does not contain this DNA-junk in its DNA, made the 1999 IGR single cell research findings serve to convince the author of the validity of his ideas.

In the QF-Venn set theorizations the suggestion is thus that this "self-organization properties of the DNA" production of a second sexual entity, or a primitive "sexual-WE-reality" DNA-function towards the opposite sex kind of sexual single cells. is the first evolutionary motion of life into a "pluralistic reality" and the development of the multi cellular organism, even though this may take years.

As has been explained here prior, the W-positive Waves of the photons in the electron orbits of the atoms are quantum connected to the Positive V-poles (V for virtual) in the vacuum, which carry the self-organizing properties of negative entropy (increased order). This is what gives the organism life and is its life-force, but it is through the dualistic holographic electromagnetic field inside the nucleus that this force exerts its management influence in gene-expression. This is the 5th dimensional spatial reality which men are calling God and which gives life its evolutionary purpose, so it is not strange that the bacterial cells die when some of these nucleotides are removed.

After the author had become aware of the relationship between quantum-mechanical biological processes and many of the religious-mystical myths of man, the parallels in this story to the creation of Eve (anima eucaryote) from a "rib" (ribonucleic acid) taken from Adam (animus eucaryote) by the creation reality (God or the DNA's corresponding Jamais vu centers 5th dimensional connection) in the Book of Geneses, the QF-Venn set creation story of the sexes becomes another amusing research coincidence.

The DNA Developmental History of Single
Cell Eucaryotes into a Multi Cellular Eucaryotes.
It is then a consequence of the development of the Sexual Multi Cellular Eucaryote DNA's nucleic container that the DNA will be forced to put a limit on the duration of the existence of the organism through the creation of the chromosomal telemerases. This is called death through aging and without it the developmental advantages of the changes in the DNA and its surroundings come to nothing. With this reshaping of the Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote DNA some 1.500.000.000 years ago, the next years will see this organism develop until it reaches the stage that the next "evolutionary jump" can be made into the creation of the Multi Cellular Eucaryote DNA and the birth of the multi cellular creatures of the planet, of which we are one species. This is achieved through a full development of the plural-organic DNA-reality (spatial hemisphere in humans) alongside the singular-organic DNA-reality (matter hemisphere in humans) of the changing single cell eucaryote.

Well, we are now ready to have a close look at what changes will have to take place in the DNA of the Sexual Single Cell Eucaryote in order for it to become Sexual Multi Cellular Eucaryote. The requirements of these changes are in their fundamental nature quite simplistic, but we need not go into their details and the questions of how much of them are brought about through mutations and how much is conjured up by the DNA's 5th dimensional spatial creation reality nucleotides; all we are after are the properties of the changes.

We now have a DNA encased in the nucleus container and has made its sexual transition, but this is the first major development in the direction of a pluralistic biological reality of the Multi Cellular Eucaryotes. With these evolutionary alterations and improvements the Sexual Single Cell Eucaryotes are now, through the evolution of the ""sexual-WE-thinking reality" DNA-programs, capable of evolving at a much faster phase than life had known until now. As the Single Cell Eucaryotes--some years ago--begin to join-up with other cells or to create copies of them selves that become a part of them as an individual organism, this "joined venture program" of co-operation between the different individual DNAs', will have to produce a program that contains the collective construction and functional instructions. These new multi cellular eucaryote individuals will, through their rapidly increasing developmental capacity of the "WE-thinking management programs", evolve at a time-phase hitherto unknown on the planet. As the initial sexual nucleotide program was, and still is, in conjunction with the DNA's 5th dimensional spatial creation reality nucleotides, the QF-theory's implicate plural reality is obviously going to be labeled as the QF-intron program.

This was then the final argument for the QF-models suggestions that the DNA for the eukaryotes (multi-cellular organism), would have to be constructed to show molecules representing explicate quantum reality (singular-reality of separate matter units), and others that represented implicate quantum reality (plural-reality of unified matter units and all of space). Of the diverse ideas spawned by the QF-DNA field model the prime suggestion was that the non-coding inter genetic DNA-junk and the introns were the part of DNA that contained the control programs for its differentiation, integration, epigenetic and morphogenesis information. This meant that the QF-DNA model suggestions required that the DNA nucleotides be divided into two even reality groups, the QF-exons and the QF-introns where the genes nucleotides would be in the QF-exon group along with the nucleotides that commanded the executive actions and the QF-intron group would contain the commanding actions. The results of this was that the findings in figure 177 represented the approximation for the human DNA-reality basic organization that would eventually be the QF-distribution which would permit modeling of the human brain that gave answers to all its riddles. Figure 178 on the opposite page offers the comparative analyzes between molecular biology exons/introns and the QF-DNA theoretical models QF-exon/QF-introns.

This Theoretical Developmental History Model for the neuronal WE-reality evolved from ideas acquired in 1984 and were then developed from 1994 until 2002 with their main boost being acquired through the 1999 IGR single cell research findings. The ideas for the existence of a neuronal WE-reality were then verified in 2004 through the Italian Rizzolati/Craighero MIRROR NEURONS Experimental Discovery Information. With the now emerging discoveries in the epigenetic research, the validity of these ideas is now becoming even further verified.

The QF-model's and Molecular Biology's DNA-Fields.

Figure 178

The Ancient Spiritual Views of the Human Being.
The ancient religions in the Orient have known the quantum mechanical ideas presented here for centuries and have expressed these in spiritual terms, accessing this reality in their QF-exons and QF-introns via meditation. Using terms from Hindu and Buddha religions, via the summary of all religions made in Aldous Huxley’s perennial philosophy, figure 179 verifies the QF-theorizations’ kinship to these findings of the Yogis.

The Spiritual Composition of the Human Body
and it’s different Stages of Consciousness.


Figure 179

In figure 179 is the first presentation for the arguments that the fundamental expression and understanding of missing internal quantum reality in living organism may be accessed through spiritual techniques, but whose messages may be quite difficult for modern man to understand.

The Living Cell and the DNA, the Molecule of Life.
The human body is composed of about 70 to living cells (70-100 trillion), but each of these microscopic cells--figure 180--contain a nucleus that stores its construction information. This information is in the form of the DNA Double Helix, which consists of 46 strands forming the chromatin which arranges itself into 23 pairs of chromosomes during the cell's meiosis and mitosis division processes.

Cutaway Showing Main Components of Living Cells.

Figure 180

The chromosomes are tightly coiled strands of DNA that create the chromatin that contains the DNA's nucleotides of which less than 1% form the nucleotide segments that form the 20.000 to 25.000 genes that constitute the hnRNA copying instructions--templates--for the cell to make proteins, the building blocks of the physical body. – Simple!

In 1977 Pierre Chambon et al (Strasbourg), and the Roberts’ & Sharps’ Laboratories made the first discovery that the genetic information for copying the amino acids, was only carried in a small part of all DNA nucleotide basis. The nucleotides that carried the protein production information are known in molecular biology as the “exons” and those in the genetic template that contain no known copying information are known as “introns” or called “junk genes”. In addition to the introns, 98% of the DNA nucleotides are the non-coding intergentic-DNA junk as they are believed to be ‘leftover evolutionary’ nucleotides? This has produced numerous questions such as: What is Nature doing with such a mass of apparently useless molecules? Why is Nature going to all the copying trouble of the redundant genes from evolution? These questions are approached in the next chapter.

The Chromatin Packing and Replication of the DNA.

Figure 181

The cells generation and regeneration is an interaction between two kinds of large complex molecule: The nucleic acids and the amino acids. In this exchange 4 types of nucleic acid molecules--the nucleotides (ACGT)--put together proteins from 20 different kinds of amino acids. The nucleic acids are the DNA and RNA, with the DNA containing the genetic information in its double helix strands and two kinds of RNA molecules forming the templates for the protein construction and one transporting the amino acids.

Overview of the Cell's Generative Work.


Figure 182

The second stage RNA goes to the ribosomes, the cell’s “protein factory” outside of the nucleus. These RNAs are called hnRNA and mRNA (m= messenger), to differentiate them from the third kind, the transport RNA, or tRNA that brings the amino acids to the ribosomes. In figure 182, we have a model overview of these miraculous workings inside and outside of the cell’s nucleus. The nucleotides are arranged in segments that constitute the gene sequences for RNA protein transcription, with the human genome containing 20.000 to 25.000 such transcripts. The cell has to employ millions of special ‘removal molecules’ called “spliceosome”, to clear (excise or slice) the 50% introns from the genetic transcript known as the hnRNA before it connects to any of the cell’s 10 million ribosomes, as shown in figure 182. The spliceosome is one of the most mysterious features in all of the unexplained functions of the DNA, but through the interplay of exon copied hnRNA with the spliceosomes cutting and splicing, a multitude of combinations for proteins is achieved. The situation is not one gene for one protein, but the organism has evolved to a point, where only a few active genes are required for copying and cutting to produce a multitude of different proteins. In this process it has been shown that from just one gene as many as 38.000 copies may be produced, which in turn helps explain the small number of genes, or only 20 to 25.000.

Looking at the work of the spliceosome the question as to how and from where this molecule gets it instructions, enters the mind, but not lesser is mystery how it knows the exons and introns apart. To the biologist all the nucleotides look the same--they all appear the same, the ordinary CGTA-- and the genome in our big toes and eyes are the same. The question of how the appropriate genes are selected for the protein production is still not resolved as is the riddle of how the functions of the DNA are managed, but this may be humanity's most important research goal. Now in the first years of the 21st century researchers have been making most important new discoveries regarding the gene-expression; the epigenetic markers that regulate the switching OFF and ON of the genes. These are in agreement with the QF-theory's suggestion that all the statistical sickness in humanity are caused by faulty programming in the QF-introns, and consequently in these markers, but before we look at this, we shall first look at the homeotic genes.


The Discovery of the Homeotic Regulatory Genes.
After working for 30 years with the fruit flies, Dr. Edward Lewis of the California Institute of Technology published his findings in 1984. This was the first breakthrough discovery of a master regulatory gene. Later Dr. W. McGinnis and his colleagues found further such regulatory genes.

The Master Regulatory Homeotic Genes Segmentation.


Figure 183

The fruit flies go through a generation in 10 days and are thus exceptionally well suited for such genetic research. The research of Dr. Lewis was aimed at finding explanations for how the DNA was regulated in its copying of hnRNA/mRNA for production of the appropriate proteins for the type of cell that was to be created. Almost nothing was known about this. His research findings showed how the generation of the fly was divided into 8 segments (figure 184) witch in turn were regulated by a specific regulatory gene for each segment. These were called “homeobox” or “homeotic-genes” and they in turn created “homeotic-proteins” that functioned as “master regulator genes”.

After Dr. Lewis’ announcement, many were of the opinion that this solved the “Riddle of the Master Builder”, but these beliefs were shattered in 1990. The enlightening work on this was by Dr. William McGinnis and his colleagues, working at the research lab of Professor Walter Ghering in Swiss. They made experiments where homeotic genes for the eyes of a mouse and a fruit fly were swapped. The outcome was that the fruit flies grew normal fruit fly eyes and the mouse normal mouse eyes. This indicated that the selection commands for the DNA were not carried in the homeotic-gene but came from some place else. The overriding suggestion in this is that the homeotic-genes and the stoppers functioned as command courier.

The Ancient Mysterious Kundalini Ascension.
The QF-Quantum Biofeedback Resynchronization.
Further research on diverse insects and animals showed that the same 8-fold set of regulatory genes is at work in all evolved creatures. Later it was discovered that more primitive creatures such as insects had a set of two such regulatory genes and the higher evolved ones had four. Many had expected to find an even higher numbers of such sets in the evolved creatures, however, this was not the case. These 4 sets of 8-homeoboxes were found both in fish and in Man and are believed to account for the taxa diversity. – An amazing and amusing serendipity here is in the fact that the Hindu and Buddha meditation and Yoga-practitioners have for millenniums been saying that the human body was divided into 7 or 8 psycho-energy sections called “chakras”. On reflection, the author has come to the conclusion that the meditaters or the Yogis have been approaching this DNA-intron management reality–of which the hogs-genes are a part–“internally” via the perception of the spiritual side of their consciousness. In the QF-theoretical language, this would be via the implicate reality of the brain’s spatial hemisphere. The molecular biologist on the other hand is approaching this “externally”, via the perception of the physical chemical side of their consciousness. In the QF-theoretical language, this would be via the explicate reality of the brain’s material hemisphere. The apparent discrepancy in the number of “chakras” (usually 7) to the number of “homeoboxes” (8), may be caused by the fact that the yoga practitioners are making their discovery via the reality of the eighth chakra, and thus do not count it as such. This is only an educated guess, but the main point in all this is the correspondence between reality and the QF-theorizations.

The Natural Quantum Biofeedback Resynchronization of
the Human Body’s Implicate and Explicate Fields.


Figure 184

Neuroscientists have observed this temperature difference in biofeedback patients but are unable to explain it since New Physics of quantum mechanics are incomplete. A faulty “Kundalini-Quantum Change” process is the root cause of all the epileptic and psychiatric illnesses “about which psychiatrists are still groping in the dark”, as Gopi Krishna suggests.

As fate would have it, the author himself became a part of the experimentation involved, as was indicated on pages 502, 505 and 509, but he became a test object for the QF-models theorizations, as these concern life and the function of the intron nucleotides. He would not fully comprehend how fortunate he had been in his OOBE on the 22nd of November 1984, before he had read Gopi Krishna’s 1973 book, THE SECRET OF YOGA.   It was 21 days after his OOBE that he had began experiencing the mysterious spinal quantum-biofeedback re-synchronization flow, known in the ancient Indian yoga-science as the Ascension of Kundalini. This is a triplicate spinal flow of life’s “quantum energy of consciousness” called in Sanskrit Sushumna (Z--waves), Pingala (W--waves) and Ida (W+-waves) (figure 137). It is this intron molecular counter flow of the W--waves versus W+-waves that renders the body warmer on one side, colder on the other.

Cells Morphogenesis and Differentiation Programs?
Studying the numerous still open questions in molecular biology, one of the most interesting is the enigma of biological teleology, or teleonomy, and morphogenesis (form creation management). This is the riddle of how the cells produce their co-operating and integrating individual work into a coherent form-shaping order. It is ’The Riddle of the Master Builder’. In the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC June 1995 issue article ’Quite Miracles of the Brain’ presents a brilliantly elucidating clarification. “Looking at an eight-cell human pre-embryo in the microscope, it resembles a bubble floating in space. Each cell is rounded, the cell walls are thick lines, and dark smudges are the cells nuclei. But why does each of the eight cells look exactly the same? Some will grow into brain, others into heart and skin. Maybe the microscope is not strong enough to reveal differences. Geneticist Yury Verlinsky explains, ‘They are the same. From each of these cells every cell in the body will grow. The differentiation begins once the cells have divided into about a hundred, about three days after the egg is fertilized. No one knows how it happens. There is no master builder cell’.”

The grand authority of physics and biology, the astrophysics Professor Paul Davies, reminds us in his 1989 book, THE COSMIC BLUEPRINT, that most biologist are strongly mechanistic and reductionist, regarding living organism as complex machines. This means that they believe the functions of the cell to be purely blind, mechanistic electro-chemical reactions. Davis’ book is an excellent presentation of the riddles that face molecular biology showing how the ultimate questions regarding life remain unanswered. How biological organism is still utterly perplexing to scientists, especially what regulates and orders the whole assembly of complex molecules and cells into operating collectively, in a coherent and co-operative order of form-shaping goals. The two projection of the application of the QF-reality to the DNA, the projected eukaryotes exon application, and the projected numerous nucleotide basis without any observable function, serve to indicate that the QF-life theory is on the right track. The current main molecular biology explanation for the intron molecule nucleotide basis is that this is evolutionary residue that Nature for some reason did not “cancel”. In mitosis (division forming two new cells), and meiosis (creation of whole DNA cells, by unification of two halves of DNA from two different individuals), all the DNA’s nucleotide bases are copied. This means that eukaryotes carry their evolutionary history in their genome, and is by many explained as Nature’s facilitation of the cells’ evolution. It may also represent some form of simplification keeping the bulk of the genes smaller. This by allowing a multitude of proteins to be synthesized through the work of the spliceosome molecules (about 10.000.000 in each cell), making pure mRNAs, before it transports the message to the ribosomes, which then produce the proteins, outside of the nucleus. The DNA has obviously evolved away from the supposedly original one gene to one protein arrangement. This would justify what may seem as enormous “extra” work. The discovery of the low number of genes and consequential low total number of exons in the genome is oddly enough offset by the fact that the exon-segments in the genome are by far more numerous than the intron-segments. The intron-segments containing huge numbers of introns, in comparison to the exon-segments having relatively few exons.
An amusing coincidence is found in the scientists giving the nucleotides basis names that match the QF-labeling. The QF-models label for the introns (red) was implicate reality (subjective reality) nucleotides, the exons (blue) was explicate reality (objective reality) nucleotides. The labels originating in the late Professor Dr. David Bohm’s “Implicate Order” concept.

A British molecular biology research fellow from Cambridge and Harvard universities, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, gained attention when he began publishing books dealing with the subject of an “unseen order”, or “invisible management” in Nature. His first in 1981, A NEW SCIENCE OF LIFE earned him widespread notoriety. Then the 1989 book, THE PRESENCE OF THE PAST, Morphic resonance and the Habits of Nature, which touches on the majority of these phenomena. The author of the QF-theory acquired special interest in the suggestion that the “hidden morphogenic information in nature” came from space itself, where it was stored. Even though arrived at by a totally different route, this was what the QF-models were saying. Although materially manifested, the intron nucleotides were situated in the reality of space. The introns were in implicate-reality and space was implicate-reality.

Gene-expression through the Epigenetic Markers?
The word “epigenetic” literally means “in addition to changes in genetic sequence” and is used for the imprint markers in the DNA structure which were first identified in 1910 in corn and in 1991 confirmed in mammals.  With the completion of the mapping of the DNA and the acceleration of the search for the management of the genome and the untangling of the clues that suggested that the gene function could be altered by more than just changes in nucleotide sequence the epigenetic marks have provided the explanations. Many types of epigenetic processes have been identified--they include methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation, ubiquitylation, and sumolyation, but of these the best known is DNA methylation. Epigenetic processes are natural and essential to many organism functions, but if they occur improperly, there can be major adverse health and behavioral effects.

Today, a wide variety of illnesses, behaviors, and other health indicators already have some level of evidence linking them with malfunctions of the epigenetic mechanisms, including cancers of almost all types, cognitive dysfunction, and respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, autoimmune, and neurobehavioral illnesses. Known or suspected drivers behind epigenetic processes include many agents, including heavy metals, pesticides, diesel exhaust, tobacco smoke, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hormones, radioactivity, viruses, bacteria, and basic nutrients, with the alcohol consumption of man being the worst according to the findings of the QF-theory and which is explained in Part Three, Chapter Seven.

The two main components of the epigenetic code.


Figure 185

In the past five years, and especially in the last two, several groundbreaking studies have focused fresh attention of molecular biologists on epigenetics. Interest has been enhanced as it has become clear that understanding epigenetics and epigenomics--the genomewide distribution of epigenetic changes--will be essential in work related to disease etiology and basic mechanisms in toxicology and evolution not previously appreciated and this has already become apparent in relation to cancer as well as many other topics requiring a thorough understanding of all aspects of genetics, such as stem cells, cloning, aging, synthetic biology, species conservation, evolution, and agriculture. One startling aspect of the epigenetic research so far are the reports that the epigenetic changes may endure in at least four subsequent generations of organisms.

According to the QF-theory the healthy gene-expression is regulated by the QF-intron-side of the DNA-structure (See Figure 179 lower part, and figure 183 on page 459) which means that the correct epigenetic markers are regulated by the "survival programs" which according to the QF-theory is contained in the QF-intron nucleotides. This means that any toxic chemical interference with these programs are in turn causing the improper DNA epigenetic markings to be deposited in the DNA-structure, in particular in the human brain, from where these errors are quantum mechanically transmitted to the corresponding body organs, primarily the glands. This is being further discussed in Chapter Seven where the brain's functional disorders--called "filters" in the QF-theory--are highlighted.

A future of a comprehensive epigenetic research in relation to the multitude of diseases the faulty markings produce is a lot more complicated than the Human Genome Project which was a worldwide effort that took more than a decade and billions of dollars.

The Mysterious Fundamental Life-energy Field?
In the QF-models for quantum reality, the constructive life-order in the Universe arises through the W-positive constructive wave in everything. The wave that programs the Z-positive wave in the antimatter leptons, with the W-negative destructive wave programming the Z-negative wave (figures 174 to 175). This is the reason for; ‘The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics’ arrow of time’s entropy. Since there is no antimatter around, then the functions of the W-positive waves constructive actions are not through antimatter. However, the field where the W-positive wave dominates the Z-positive is in the photon, the quanta of the electromagnetic field. This suggests that life be pre-programmed into the Universe. When any planetary conditions anywhere in the Universe have evolved in the right manner, life will be self-ignited. It will not commence as a result of some sort of a coincidence. Of the two W±-wave, the W-positive constructive wave is a part of the implicate reality of space over which Man has no power. Man having only indirect power over the explicate-realities destructive W-negative wave. The very subtle effects of the W-positive constructive wave have of course not been detected. A part reason is the fact that no physics theorizations have portrayed the ultimate existence and source of this force of Nature. This suggests that the dual reality connection of the W-positive constructive waves, to the V-positive pole virtual energy of space, constitute the source of the mysterious life field. For the author personally this means that he must be getting close to the answer to the question that is to present him with the solution to his problem. Is it the suggestion of the QF-models that the spatial implicate reality has to be the reality, which Man is calling God? Is it in this part of quantum reality that life has its origin and its sustenance through the DNA? Is it this reality that is commonly associated with the moral conscience in the human psyche, which the personal-will is not empowered to regulate, or control directly or indirectly?
The dual
V±-poles 6th and 5th dimensions of space are active in matter through the W±-waves, and it is the W-positive-left-chiral, constructive wave that is the trigger in creating the order of life. The existence and the source of a “separate life-force” are questions which one cannot deal with unless the enigma of the brain and consciousness is also resolved. The physics side of this cannot be solvable without prior application of this to the complex findings of brain-research. The QF-suggestion is that there exists in nature a fifth force that is another side of the weak nuclear force. This is nothing new, but any such propositions are viewed with suspicion in the physics community, since its history is littered with unsuccessful would be discoveries of an additional fifth fundamental force. Since this force is primarily in the form of “virtual spatial energy,” it is only perceived on individual basis. It is then given various names of which the better known are: Prana, Holy Spirit, Life Energy, Élan Vital, Chi, True Light, Bio-induction, Orgone Energy, Reiki. The advocates, who have discussed this on the premises of physics, rather than purely on religious or mystical grounds, have in many instances all ended up being ridiculed. Especially since humans in psychosis quite often talk of such mysterious energy. However, all living things, from bears to bacteria, are made up of Left-handed geometrical structured amino acids (L-enantiomers) and are said to be “homochiral.” Right-handed amino acids (D-enantiomers) called “heterochiral” also exist, but life cannot use them. This is one of the many mysteries of molecular biology, but the QF-solution of this riddle suggest that the W-positive constructive (figure 176, page 453) electron wave connection to Implicate Reality and the V-positive virtual energy of space, is “responsible” for life. This has to be the “dead matter” connection to the life giving reality Man calls God.

A further consequence of this virtual life-force of space is the multitude of individuals, called spiritual healers, who claim to have the power to “channel” this virtual energy to others for healing purposes. However, the most part of these claims represent very poor channeling abilities and falsification are rampant since this depends on whether it takes place in a healthy manner, through clean and sober neurons, or pathologically, through drug using neurons. The QF-theorizations suggest that it is the lack of understanding this phenomenon that represents the gravest failure in Man’s scientific endeavors. It being the source of Man’s failure in his attempts at understanding the brain and consciousness by failing to understand the consequences of replacing of the natural neuro-chemicals that gives access to this reality, by the use of alcohol and various other chemicals. What constitutes an even more serious error is the failure to understand the alteration of the collective consciousness in humanity. Indeed, it is the question of consciousness which is the first and last question in all the sciences, but this is the riddle of the human brain, but that is what the QF-theory engages itself in next.

One of the most remarkable twentieth century long term physiological-functional studies of the human brain was conducted by the American-Canadian brain surgeon Wilder Penfield MD, who presented his findings to the general public in a 1975 book: THE MYSTERY OF THE MIND. In the book Dr. Penfield expresses his belief that the brain is a “mystery that science will solve some day. In that day of understanding, I predict that true prophets will rejoice, for they will discover in the scientist a long-awaited ally in the search for Truth.” He also quotes the Nobel laureate Sir Charles Sherrington regarding the mind/brain dilemma: “...we have to regard the relation of mind to brain as still not merely unsolved, but still devoid of basis for its very beginning.” In that same book William Feindel MD also reminds us of the words of the Spanish histologican, Ramon y Cajal: “As long as the brain is a mystery, the Universe, the reflection of the structure of the brain, will also be a mystery.” With these reminders we now enter into what may well be the boldest part of this book, where the author claims the key to the mysteries of the fundamental understanding of Reality, the Human Brain and the Universe, to be in the
QF-fundamental insights into Quantum Mechanics. This is a separate chapter dedicated to the basic programming, consciousness and reality perceptions of the human brain:

                                    QF-Reality and
                                                the Human Brain.




Part Three, Chapter Six

QF-Reality and
the Human Brain


The QF-Theorizations Human Brain’s
Basic Programming, Consciousness and
the Fundamental Reality-perceptions


"Nothing is more important about quantum physics than this: it has
destroyed  the  concept of the world as ‘sitting out there.’
The Universe will never afterwards  be the same."

                                                                                                                                                              John A. Wheeler


"Quantum mechanics appears to describe a universal order that includes
us in a very special way. In fact, our minds may enter into nature in a
way we had not imagined possible... Perhaps the appearance of the
physical world is magical because the orderly processes of science
fail to take the observer  into account.The order of the universe
may be the order of our own minds."

                                                                                                                                              Fred Allan Wolf


C-08 Questions of:
Observers Consciousness/Reality-Perceptions
The Numerous Enigmas of the Human Brain.
The organ, through which our species have survived the harsh selection process of evolution, and which makes us different from other animals and places us above them in the hierarchy of life, is what we now scrutinize here in the light of physics and biology. It was not by claw and tooth or a swift foot that we survived, it was our brain that made our evolution and spectacular mental growth possible. An organ that is in reality so enormously complex that we have to take all that we know in the Universe, should we wish to compare it to something. It is thus not strange that many brain researchers say that all that is found in the brain can be found in the Universe and all that which is found in the reality of the Universe may be found in the brain.

As a guide to the proper questions regarding this organ, the writings of Dr. Richard M. Restak have proven most valuable, but the first of these was his 1979 book, THE BRAIN, THE LAST FRONTIER. This marvelous book Dr. Restak begins by a quotation from Dr. Paul MacLean. “An interest in the brain requires no justification other that a curiosity to know why we are here, what we are doing here, and where we are going.”* He then ends the book with this profound remark. “Since the brain is unlike any other structure in the known universe, it seems reasonable to expect that our understanding of its functioning–if it can ever be achieved–will require approaches that are drastically different from the way we understand other systems. This is not a call for nihilism, but humility. Our most striking recent conceptual advances in psychobiology–micro circuitry and holography–are the result of having the courage to relinquish traditional and no longer rewarding viewpoints in favor of bold, imaginative, and innovative conceptual schemes… After all, are not our brains a part of the same physical universe whose nature remains, after thousands of years of speculation, essentially mysterious.”

'The Arbitrator of all Things'


Figure 186

In the book Dr. Restak fires of a number of burning questions at the reader: “How do we know what we know?”, “What is the real world?”, “Who am I?”, “What is truth?”, “What is the nature of reality?”, “What is the nature of the reality that our brains are capable of experiencing?”, “Why am I here?”, “What is life’s purpose?”*. Restak reminded his readers that these questions were in former times arbitrarily answered by philosophers and logicians.

The second reference is to Dr. Restak’s 1984 book, THE BRAIN, where we find him highlighting still more prominent brain questions that neurologists are asking. Here are some of the mysteries the Dr. describes: “For some reasons no neuroscientist fully understands, we have two brains. Or… our cerebral hemispheres look almost as if someone slipped a mirror down the center of our skulls so that one hemisphere reflects to other… What could be the purpose of such an arrangement?” The good doctor also shares with us his philosophical sentiments: “The workings of an organ capable of creating Hamlet, the Bill of Rights, Hiroshima, remain deeply mysterious. How is it constructed? How did it develop? If we learn more about the brain, can we learn more about ourselves? Indeed, are we anything other than our brains?” Of the flood of questions and profound remarks being uttered regarding this organ that is the focal point of the life of the human being, none are more paradoxical than the claim that Man will have to solve all these riddles soon or humanity will not survive this organ. Here we make a repeated reference to the words of Harvard Rector and Professor emeritus, Dr. Gerald D. Fischbach, quoted on page 31, Part One, Chapter Two.

The other half of the paradox is the suggestion of Professor Hawking that the riddle of life itself be hidden in the GUT-era of the First Second. This suggests that the riddle of consciousness should be taken through the DNA and all the way into particle physics. Did the author’s approach to these questions require extraordinary courage or a state of utter madness? No; only humility acquired through the need to stay alive and a desire to help others afflicted in the same manner as the author. Throughout the endeavor of achieving an understanding of the QF-visions, the author’s personal motto has been the famous advice of the biologist T. H. Huxley. “Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss nature leads, or you shall learn nothing."

This is what this book is all about; the solving of the riddles of the human brain, but it is the contention here that this riddle cannot be solved before certain missing parts in our quantum mechanical knowledge, are first gained. This is saying that we are not capable of creating the proper models that explain the functions and the malfunctions of the human brain, before these insights are achieved. This missing knowledge was contained in the author's insights of the 1984 transcendental vision that spawned the QF-theorizations the reader has been reading about here in this book. The brain models that these theorizations produce and which are being presented here, are for the most part aligned to accepted physics and biological knowledge. However, these models produce some major differences to the generally accepted ideas, but it is through these differences that the QF-brainmodels claim to produce the key to all the missing answers regarding the mysteries of the human brain.

The new quantum mechanical insights that make possible and are responsible for the QF-brainmodels, are the following:

1.)  A twofold holographic even-distribution of the DNA-nucleotides into explicate-exon and implicate-intron realities, producing a holographic information storing reality. This is the subject of Part Three, Chapter Five, page 452-453 and figure 188 on page 475 of this part.

2.)  A twofold holographic electromagnetic photon field of consciousness where the matter-explicate side is waving out and the antimatter-implicate side is waving in, producing a holographic consciousness reality. This is the subject of Part Three, Chapter Four, page 436, figure 170 and page 474, figure 178 of this part.
3.)  A twofold holographic photon modulation system of consciousness that utilizing the two kinds of microtubules tubulins--explicate and implicate--as FS-mirrors producing holographic photons.

The QF-physics insights, of which the “I self-perception” and the “WE others-perception”, along with the mysterious Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers insights, are the most important ones, asking Nature’s reasons for these faculties and their true basic functions. In the QF-brainmodels, the suggestion is that their functions are in the neurotransmitter production and the self-regulating reality perception, but this is a part of the question how the self-aware analytical functions are produced and further, their causes and functions in the brain’s psychotic illnesses, in particular their involvement in producing the great variety of pathological “egoism” in humans. A major part of these riddles had to be solved by the author in order for him to retrieve the answer to the age-old question: “Why does Man have the concept of GOD?”, but a concept of a personalized GOD was what the he had been told would be the only thing that could save his life. To the author at the time, this was indeed a paradoxical concept, since it  seems to be something, which some peoples could live without, others seem to grow affectionate about, and yet others became insane with. What is behind this mysterious power concept and how could it affect the author’s recovery from his deadly neurotransmitter deficiency terminal ailment? How is Man’s concept of GOD related the Jamais vu and Déjà vu faculties in the brains QF-implicate spatial hemisphere? These fundamental riddles of the brain were solved by the QF-theory in 1993 and first published in 1998. It would then be at the millennium and in 2004 that experimental neuro-science would begin to verify the QF-brainmodels in its analyzes of these faculties.

The only thing that the author has to go on is the fact that he has seen others recover from the same malady he suffers from, through a personalized GOD concept. At the outset of this search the author could not know that the answer to this question was dependent on knowing the answer to Man’s spiritual conceptions of the Devil. This would turn out to be the greatest surprise in all of the author's experiences with his interpretation of the transcendental visions that started all this, where Man's search for the truth would become the search for the lies and their eventual destruction.

A View of the Anatomical Outlines of Man’s
Brain and the QF-brainmodel's Holographic Reality.

As far as the author knows, as far as it concerns the planet Earth, Man is a unique living entity, but that which makes Man unique is first and foremost his brain. In contrast to other living creatures, it is primarily by his extraordinary brain that Man survives. It is this 1400 gram female, 1500 gram male organ that is the prime object of the author’s effort at understanding his visions and it is therefor fitting that we begin by scrutinizing the outlines in the anatomy of the human brain and it's EM-wave-field of consciousness.

The Eight Main Sections of the Human Brain


Figure 187

The human brain is most fittingly divided into eight main function-clusters of neurons, but the angle from which this becomes best viewable is from behind. Figure 186 shows how the eight main sections of the human brain's systems are composed, but its most prominent part is its twofold neo-cortex seat of consciousness incorporating its unifying electro magnetic field, which--in a properly functioning brain--unites the 24 to neurons in the seat of consciousness into one holographic reality

The Quantum Nature of QF-Consciousness.


Figure 188

The QF-electromagnetic-field of consciousness is based on the QF-theory's model for the photon, which is a twofold reality or two waves in one; a matter-out-waving-wave and an antimatter-in-waving-wave, which do not interfere with each other. It is thus possible for the consciousness to recall information in the DNA-nucleotides and manifest them, while simultaneously storing information in the DNA-nucleotides. The IN/OUT wave feature of the photon are new QF-ideas acquired through the Venn-set and not known in physics. Through the even distribution of the DNA-molecular nucleotides into the two realities of the explicate-exons and implicate-introns, and their interaction properties with the wave of consciousness, the brain becomes holographic as is shown in figure 188.

The QF-Holo-symmetric Brain.


Figure 189

This twofold arrangement of the brain, accomplished through the two types of reality molecules in the double helix; the introns representing implicate-reality, and the exons representing explicate-reality, in unison with the twofold wave of consciousness, explains both the healthy and the malfunctioning brain functions. Figure 189 on the next page presents the QF-theorizations explanations for the interaction of the wave of consciousness with the DNA-nucleotide quantum-field memory-banks. In this the cerebral cortex has to be basically considered as the equivalent of one sphere containing a twofold holographic field reality in one, where each is independent of the other.

QF-EM-fields of Conscious-thinking and Interacting
with the Environment and the DNA’s Memory-fields.


Figure 190

These are the description of the constructions outlines of the quantum mechanically founded holographic QF-brainmodels, but the general census in physics and neurology has for several decades been that the fundaments of the brains’ construction can be traced to the fundaments in physics. This was pointed out by Max Planck as early as 1931, when he said: “It is impossible to obtain an adequate version of the laws for which we are looking unless the physical system is regarded as a whole.” Planck, which was referring to the inclusion of the observer in the quantum mechanical investigation into reality, also put this in another way: “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of Nature. And it is because in the last analysis we ourselves are a part of the mystery we are trying to solve.” This was further revitalized with a book published in 1982, THE HOLOGRAPHIC PARADIGM AND OTHER PARADOXES by Ken Wilber, which contributed much to summarizing the developments in brain research and verifying the holographic ideas.

Apart from the lack of functioning fundamental brain models, the main mysteries of the brain remain with the spatial hemispheres Jamais vu, Déjà vu centers in the temporal lobe, the brain's Implicate Quantum Creation Reality in Man, the brain’s faith, or GOD-reality centers. Malfunctioning, these brain centers become the brains strange hallucination centers. This is not suggesting that GOD is a specific nerve center, rather that the brain requires a specific part to be working properly in order for it to be conscious of, and be able to handle the mystery of the
GOD-reality. This is essentially the part that contains the “self reflecting properties of consciousness” as Eugene Wigner so smartly labeled our inner voice, or “Wisdom, the mirrored shield...” as Shelly phrased it.

At this stage it is of importance to realize that the QF-models holographic suggestions are telling us that the two W±-waves of the vacuum quantum potential virtual energy of space are represented and functioning in every individual DNA, in every individual neuron in our brains. That these dimensions are also represented and functioning in every individual cell's DNA in the body as well, but this suggestion becomes a conspicuously suggestive connection to the--still unexplained--mysterious phenomena of the OOBE (Out Of Body Experiences), and numerous other mysterious phenomena. It certainly reminds us of the "double body" concepts of the mystics.

A View of the Fundamental Programming of Man’s
Central Nervous System in Terms of the QF-Reality.
After having come through the forgone construction discussions presented in this chapter, we should be prepared for the second major application of the QF-models in its analysis of the brain; it's fundamental programming. As in all brain research here the questions are in-numerous, but those leading in the QF-brain modeling are regarding the memory storage, the reason for the two brains, and the location of the analogical I. The memory storage question has for the most part been cleared in the last sub chapter, as have the reasons for the two brains, but these are answers which here are traced all the way to the matter-space division of reality, as the QF-theory explains it through the symmetry of the electron.

Of these three QF-brainmodels questions, the most important one has primarily to do with the brain's reality perception regulation, but this is in the QF-brainmodels insights regulated through the two opposite poles in the brain. These are the “I self-perception” center, which is actually located everywhere in the material-exon hemisphere, with a focal-point around the Brocka speech centers, while the “WE others-perception” center, which is also located everywhere in the spatial-intron hemisphere, with a focal-point around the mysterious Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers (figure 085, page 270). This is simply so, since you, relative to me is located in space.

Here the QF-brainmodels insights are that Nature’s reasons for our possession of the Jamais vu and Déjà vu faculties are their functions as centers for the regulation of the brain's neurotransmitter production and through this, the self-regulating reality perception of the brain as a whole. In these analyzes are the eventual answers to the brain's self-awareness functions, and the causes for, and the functions in, the brain’s psychotic illnesses, in particular their involvement in producing the great variety of pathological “egoism” in humans.

The insight into this arrangement and programming of the human brain was not something which the author was looking for, but something that was given to him through his transcendental vision. However, later he would see the logical reasons for this arrangement as traceable all the way back to change in the DNA-programming at the start of the eukaryotes some 1500 million years ago. These simplistic, but superbly vital analyzes, are represented in figures 189 and 190, but they were first published in books by the author in 1998 and 2002.

Temporal Lobes Reality Perception’s regulation Poles
of the Symmetry States of Consciousness.


Figure 191

In neurology the “search for the mind’s ‘I’”, in the form of specific nerve centers, has been unsuccessful and no one was looking for any specific “YOU-WE” functions, when through a coincidental chain of events, the WE faculty was discovered experimentally in Parma, Italy. In July 2004 Dr. Giocomo Rizzolati and Dr. Laila Craighero, published in the Annual Review of Neuroscience, their findings of what they called the MIRROR NEURONS or EMPATHY NEURONS. A year later these findings were hailed as a sensational discovery and some even went as far as equating them with the discovery of the DNA, but most claim them to be most promising for future understanding of the human brain. For the author of the QF-theory’s physics unification models and the QF-brainmodels, this is a vital verification of his theoretical--vision inspired--insights, made 20 years prior, or in 1984. It verifies the existence of the human brains second most important fundamental reality program--after the matter/space division one. Through this it becomes clear that the temporal lobes are the brains’ manifestations of the W± waves, and that they, in conjunction with the limbic system, house the primary programs for the regulatory functions of the brain’s reality-symmetry. This through the neurons own individual production of neurotransmitters augmented by the hypothalamus-pituitary glands.

The Functional Programs of the Two Brains.


Figure 192

Here in figure 191 we have the functional program from Rodger Sperry's Nobel Prize research, which triggered the thought processes that lead to the author's progression into the mental state that brought about the spiritual vision which this book is based on. These graphics are self-explanatory, but the cone of vision with its Venn-set and the neuronal paths, have been added.

In the mid 20th century the American-Canadian neurosurgeon, Professor Wilder Penfield researched extensively the programs of the motor and sensory cortexes of the brain. It is through these neuronal bands that in the wave of consciousness come together, all perceptions from the environment via the Sensory Cortex, while the wave of consciousness provides impulses into the motor neurons in the Motor Cortex. Figure 192 shows this programming.

The Brain's Interaction with the Environment.


Figure 193

Towards the end of the 20th century, research into the faith faculties of the human brain, had seen an increasing amount of technological research data being publicized by researchers–sometimes called neuro-theologians– regarding the brain's spiritual and compassion centers, or the spatial temporal lobe area, the Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers. In this research Professor Michael Persinger of Ontario’s Laurentian University is the most prominent one, since he is generating “artificial spiritual experiences” in his research subjects by applying magnetic field waves over the spatial hemisphere.

Millennium Insights into the Brain’s Spiritual Faculties:
Spatial 6th/5th Dimension Faith and Compassion Centers.


Figure 194

This is in perfect agreement with the QF-theory findings. Here the reference to “artificial spiritual experiences” owes it origin to the fact that the research subject individuals personalities do not change like those who experience a “natural spiritual experience”. In spit of all this, the question still remains; “Is the God-reality created by these neuro-circuits, or did the God-reality create them?” Along with the technological research, psychological research is also progressing into this field, but here the research and the writings of Melvin Morse, MD into the Near Death Experience is one of the most remarkable. His last book: WHERE GOD LIVES, published in the last year of the twentieth century, truly corroborates the QF-theory.

The Basic Consciousness Programs and Instinct Effects.


Figure 195

Figure 194 presents one of the more subtle insights of the QF-brainmodels, but this pertains to a major part of the old mystery of the brain’s “Binding Problem”, but this has to do with a famous brain function experiment identified with the neurosurgeon Benjamin Liped who first carried it out. This is an experiment where the activity in the motor cortex of a person's brain is being scanned while that same person is making a time-controlled conscious decision and action on it. The results show that the motor cortex has been building up activity in preparation for the decision as much as 2500 milliseconds before the individual makes the conscious decision. This in turn raises the question, what we mean by the concept of "free will", but this is perfectly in accord with the QF-brainmodels, which insist that the brain contains two independent wills. One subconscious "causative will" in the dominantly spatial hemispheric introns and another conscious "execution will" in the dominantly material hemispheric exons, but it is in the former that all thoughts are originated.

This is a continuation verification of the QF-theory's even distribution of the exon-explicate reality and the intron-implicate reality in the DNA's nucleotides and has its origins all the way back to the fact that the nerve cells have given up their ability for mitosis, or the ability to recreate themselves. Cells, other than neurons, have this ability (telomeres permitting) to a certain extend, which means that when a living organism gets damaged, the cells around the damage can rebuild the missing part, or parts of them, or grow together parts cut or broken. The nerve cells cannot to this. Once a nerve cell is damaged or dead, it is not replaced through regenerative mitosis, but this is the reason for the paralyzes in the central nerve system of organism. Neurology tells us that the neurons have the ability for mitosis up-until the moment of first light at birth, at which time all the neurons have all been created. After the moment of birth, it is as if the neurons take the program for the mitosis and throw it away, delete it or destroy somehow. From this day on (with extremely few exceptions known), no more neurons are grown, but those existing grow and mature.

This tells us that the neuron's abandoned management programs must have been where the "causative will" is now housed, or in the intron side of the DNA's nucleotides, and when we consider the role of the neuron in the living organism, it becomes obvious that it is the part that undertakes to manage the whole of its bodily functions and actions. It may even be considered the central organ of life, since it is through this that the individual organism experiences life, but in turn we can see the brain as being organized in the same manners as the DNA, which stands to reason. The QF-suggestion here is that in order for the introns to function as memory banks in some quantum reality form, they cannot at the same time be functioning as containers, or conductors, of some complex morphogenesis program to manage mitosis. It would therefore be logical to assume that the neurons would have to abandon this function as has just been described.

A rather amusing anecdote to this is found in the Yogi and Mahayana Buddhist teachings that claim the idea of "free will" to be a myth.

The final brain program discussed here is a conceptual one, but its terms come from both philosophy and psychobiology and apply to figure 194.

The Brain's Contrasting Programs and Instinct Effects.


Figure 196

A View of the Fundamental Functions of Man’s
Central Nervous System in Terms of the QF-Reality.
It is the QF-brainmodels suggestion that it is in the twofold holistic standing wave electro-magnetic field of consciousness that the thinking takes place. A continuation of this is that the firing of the individual neuron's action impulse is a secondary action caused by a neuronal reward and switching system for the storing and retrieving of information, but this is serving as a continuously ongoing adjustment of the brain's reality perceptions. It is in this that everything comes together and it is from this field that the brain's reality perception is regulated through the neurotransmitters. Figure 196 endeavors to give an overview of this arrangement.

The Management Triangle of Consciousness.


Figure 197

The neurotransmitters production in the seat of consciousness is triggered by the standing wave of consciousness through the brain's homeotic genes, which select the hnRNA copies in the DNA. Through this production the participation of the neurons in the collective reality perception is regulated, as well as flow and condition of the wave of consciousness it self. The brain’s ability and efficiency in storage and retrieval of information and memories, is in turn regulated by the state of the standing quantum wave-field of consciousness and the number of neurons participation in the perception and thinking processes. This means that the DNA, the field and the seat of consciousness, its neurons and neurotransmitters, should be regarded as one and the same reality.

The other important view of the seat's of consciousness neurotransmitter production is how the QF-theorizations suggests that the contents of the wave-field of consciousness and the neuronal action impulse firing is a function of its holistic arrangement. This is what figure 197 is showing us.

The Brain's Holographic Neurotransmitter Production.


Figure 198

The crucial insight here--not commonly known--is that the neurotransmitter production in the neurons themselves is something, which the contents of the two-waves of consciousness decides, but the QF-models suggestions for this complex process are relatively simple in the overview. Depending on the individual's mental state, the excitatory “uppers” neurotransmitters are being triggered through the contents of the “ultraviolet side” of the wave-field of consciousness and produced in the primary explicate matter hemisphere, or the corresponding secondary holistic field. The inhibitory “downers” on the other hand are being triggered through the contents of the “infrared side” of the wave-field of consciousness and produced in the primary implicate spatial hemisphere, or the corresponding secondary holistic field. This means that in a healthy brain--without functional disturbances--can be produced any kind of neurotransmitters anywhere.

The effects of the contents of consciousness are focused in the temporal lobes from where they, through the homeotic genes, trigger the corresponding neuro-transmitter production in the seat of consciousness. This may also be transmitted through autonomous functions of the thalamus and hypothalamus that further produces neurotransmitters through the pituitary gland.

The flow of the energy for the wave of consciousness is regulated through the hypothalamus, via the reticular area of the pons, (the rhythms that effect sleep are regulated this way). In exceptional circumstances the 6th and 5th dimensions, via the
Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers in the intron field, regulate the energy flow to the wave of consciousness, but this is the brain’s greatest mystery. When this specific process malfunctions, it spells a grave danger to the individual's life, through phenomena ranging from seizures to psychosis or other major psychiatric disorders.

In his 1984 book, Joel Davies published an account of the discoveries of the endorphins, THE ENDORPHINS, NEW DISCOVERIES IN BRAINWAVES, but recent research of the functions of the
Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers indicates that they are heavily involved in the production of extremely powerful endorphins called “dynorphine” during the process of dying, as suggested in the movie FLATLINERS. If we accept that evolution takes place through the alternative occurrences of mutations and selections (Darwin), then this ability would have to be explained by an absurd evolution that continues through death. On the other hand, this ability serves as a small step for the verification of the QF-physics theory, since it suggests that the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers are not altogether evolved faculties, but originally parts of the fundaments of Nature corresponding to the V±-poles of space.

In their exchanges of neurotransmitters, shown here in figure 198, the neurons present the two kinds of proteins or peptides that they or the glands produce. Those with excitatory properties (work energy), and those with inhibitory properties (sustenance reward), which are respectively the natural uppers and downers. The picture shows the basics involved in this exchange, but here it seems as if in this the neurons were doing business with each other and the neurotransmitters were the goods, or the currency exchanged. In the analogy, the neurotransmitters can also be seen as merchandise vital to the function of the neurons’ reality perception.

The Brain's regulation of its Symmetrical Realty Perception
through its Neurotransmitter Exchanges.


Figure 199

It thus follows that any amount of alcohol and other extra neuronal mind altering chemicals would be acting as counterfeit currency. The neuro-transmitter production for the regulation of the brains reality perception and rewards producing a state of well being depends on the individuals inner collective attitude and state of mind, plus the amount of failed reuptake-quanta in his brain, which we shall look at in the last chapter. This means that it is WE, ourselves–through our thinking–who are solely responsible for regulating what kind of neuro-transmitters are being produced and how they are spent, which is actual stress management. Of course this is what the sages through the ages have been saying, but modern Man prefers to regulate this by consumption of chemicals that cross the brain-blood barrier and replace the brain’s natural neuro-transmitters. The author did this until it threatened his life while it shut down the Jamais vu field-center in his brain; the spiritual, intuitive and creative insight center and possibly it’s most important faculty. Many researchers have investigated it and currently the University of Californian in San Diego and the Laurentian University in Ottawa are leading in this research. The QF-suggestion is that the spatial hemispheres Jamais vu and Déjà vu centers are in essence a form of a copy of the original nature of the Special Singularity, encompassing infinite possibilities. This is the positive implicate side of space out of which the Universe has come and which must indeed be the subject of the last chapter of this book.

What is commonly called “stress” is in essence lack of neurotransmitters in some form, usually on the inhibitory side. Such shortcomings for protracted periods invited a chain-reaction in the functions of the bodies endocrine system, which in turn produces the psychosomatic disorders. The lesser know effects of neuro-transmitter shortcomings are in the asymmetry in the flow of the wave-field of consciousness, resulting in a “split wave”, which manifests in poor concentration and absentmindedness, but this is a frequent cause for accidents. The individual can do much to enhance his nighttime, hypothalamic neuro-transmitter production by securing “good nights rest”, however, with the use of alien chemicals; this may not be possible. This nighttime neuro-peptide production is mostly for the nerve system’s autonomic functions, and there is not much which we can ordinarily do to enhance it, except perhaps through some yoga-techniques.

It is the brain's balance in the neuro-transmitter production which is of the greatest importance in deciding the life of the individual and consequently collectively human society. The balance in these functions in the reality distribution for the brain's DNA programs and through them, of the standing wave of consciousness, are commonly disturbed through mans pollution of the brain by alien chemicals, mainly alcohol, with major problems for the individual's survival as we shall see in the next chapter. In 1976 the Princeton psychologist Julian Jaynes produced THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAKDOWN OF THE BI-CAMERAL MIND, whose opposite findings by the QF-brainmodels reflect this important insight. Had the good psychologist understood this, he might have decided to call his book: THE BREAKDOWN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE ORIGIN OF THE BI-CAMERAL MIND, but the meaning of this will become clear in the last chapter of this part.

The Storing of Memories.
Of all the brain’s complex processes, the creation and the storing of the memory quanta is no doubt the most complex one and difficult, both to comprehend as well as to explain, but in its nature is comprises the equivalent of several doctoral thesis. However, a brave attempt will be made at presenting an overview of these processes, but they involve the phenomena of a holographic modulation process in the photons of consciousness and their storing in the atomic obits of the DNA’s nucleotides. Figure 199 on the next page shows how the components of the information storage system that can store more information than all the libraries of the world put together.

Here is the information processing side of the brain, which is the most efficient storage system arrangement anywhere in the known Universe, but the graphic shows the main components of the information processing order. The arrangement handles both, with enormous efficiency, the storing and retrieval of holographic modulated photons which are the binary digit equivalent units, but this process can by no means be explain in terms of the action impulses. The action impulses are for the brain’s reward system exchange of the neurotransmitters and through them, the switching off and on of the DNA’s information memory storing spaces.

For comparison, the graphic shows a holographic laser photograph arrangement on the left and the comparative arrangement for the central nervous system in humans in the center. The right side then shows how the electromagnetic field flow through the spine to the brain, is split in the limbic system’s hippocampus and is then rejoined in a multitude of interference regions through deflections by the two different types of microtubules tubulins--explicate and implicate-- which act as FS-mirrors.

The Brain's Holographic Information Storage.


Figure 200

This process is so complex that no further attempt will be made here in this book to describe its details as this would require a separate book similar to this one in size. A part of this phenomenon is the collapse of either of the hippocampus beam splitter functions during severe intoxication, or withdrawals from toxic chemicals. One of these cases results in the so-called “black-out” of memory storage, the other in the individual “passing-out” in an intoxication loss of consciousness.

The forgone have been the foundation of the QF-Venn diagrams’ suggestion for the neo-cortex’s basic programming being a twofold program with one side superimposed on the other, as in the YIN/YANG model, but this construction is essentially holistic. That is, each part contains the whole, both in the form of programming and long term memory. Here at last are the ultimate explanations for the startling 1844 findings of Dr. A. L. Wigan published in THE DUALITY OF THE MIND. They further provide the explanation for the science proven fact that the spatial orientations are functions that are being handled by both left and right hemispheres, with most people using the right hemisphere dominantly.

QF-brainmodels for the storage of memories are essentially the same conclusions as Professors Karl Pribram made in his late seventies Orange Park Project research. He progressively removed parts of rat’s neo-cortex but they still found their way in the maze, but requiring longer time. He concluded that memory was distributed over the whole of the cortex, but that could only be explained by a holistic memory-deposit arrangement. The QF-conclusions are the same but arrived at via totally different analyzes.

The QF-reality of the atoms that make-up our bodies, is described in simplicity in chapters one to three of this part. In Part Two, we saw how implicate reality at the moment of creation, divided itself, manifesting into explicate reality, and then how it returned again parts of explicate reality, into implicate reality in the production of the nucleons. The end product of this is the atom. This is how the QF-equation equivalent program for the electron became the basic program for the atom in figures 158 and 159. After these analyzes of the electrons and the atom, we are now engaged in the ultimate analyzes of the fundamental relationship of Man to the QF-Venn diagram equation equivalent models. An analysis of the basic realities of the human brain and its consciousness is here the key to the understanding of its fundamental functions, but the goal of these second analyzes is to establish whether the QF-models have a natural in-built ability to explain the construction of the organ that is only comparable to the whole of the Universe. This then is the central object of the author’s endeavor at understanding the visions that the implicate reality, the creation reality, the God-reality, passed on to him in his transcendental experience. This experience manifested as a response to his “meditation and prayer” for an answer to the question of the existence of God and His role in his recovery.This is thus the focal point of the QF-quest to acquire an insight into a non-polluted, non-functionally disturbed version of the fundamental program for the human brain, and to answer Dostoevsky’s question: “Did Man create God, or God create Man?”

This chapter is not intended as a detailed description of the QF-theory’s models for the brain programming and functions, only as an overview description of the results of the model creation that the findings of the
QF-theory produce. These are primarily the DNA’s nucleotide reality distribution and the functions of the electromagnetic field based on the QF-photon models.

In his 1979 book, THE BRAIN, THE LAST FRONTIER, Dr. R. M. Restak had this to inform us, “Two former Nobel Prize laureates in physics were recently asked to guess what area of research would win the Nobel Prize for physics in the year 2000. Both of them, without prior consultation and with hardly a hesitation, said brain research. The brain is humanities ultimate intellectual challenge they concluded.”

To the author this prognosis are correct except for the allotted time, but in his view the riddle of the brain cannot be solved until the conundrums of quantum mechanics have all been conclusively solved, but this is what this book is endeavoring to present; the rudimentary outlines in the solution of these riddles as they appear to one man. Whether then anyone can understand what a colossal undertaking it is to present such a paradigm is another thing, but such a presentation has nothing to with the Nobel Prize, but involves the questions regarding the future of one man, hence the future of all men. That then is the subject of the books the last chapter;

                                The QF-Theory's
                                                Observer Conclusions

Part Three, Chapter Seven


The QF-Theory's Conclusions


The Mysterious Malfunctions of
the Human Consciousness.
The Unification of Man’s Physics and
Spiritual Concepts.

"It may seem bizarre, but in my opinion science offers a surer path to God than religion. Right or wrong, the fact that science has actually advanced to the point where what were formerly religious questions can be seriously tackled, itself indicates the far-reaching consequences of the new physics."

                                                                                                                                                        Paul Davies

"Our normal waking consciousness, rational consciousness as we call it,
is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from
it by the filmiest  of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness
entirely different. We may go through life without suspecting their
existence; but apply the requisite stimulus, and at a touch they are there
in all their completeness... No account of the Universe in its totality can
be final, which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite
disregarded. How to regard them is the quest- ion... At any rate,
they forbid our premature closing of account with reality."

                                                                                                                                                        William James


C-09 Questions of:
Malfunction in Man's Reality Perception

The QF-Observer's Discrepancies
and the QF-Theory's Conclusions.
As we now come to the conclusions of the QF-models we are once again reminded of Huxley’s question of “Man’s place in Nature and his relation to the Cosmos”. If there is any sense in the author’s interpretation of his vision and the consequential relation to the Book of Revelation description of the receipt of The Little Scroll, then this is surely a message from the collective/cosmic reality for all of humanity. This message, which that transcends all religions and their dogmas and which should not be classified with reference to any specific form of philosophy, has not just to do with each of us individually, but life and all of us humans on this planet. The reason for this makes this message the most important information in humanity ever, but it is here in this chapter that this information is presented.

The analyzes so far here in Part Three of the creation process described in Part Two has shown us that this theoretical construct, the QF-theory is offering us what may be described as the First Law of the Universe’s suggestion for reality. This being in all simplicity that reality is originated by, composed of and sustained in the two higher dimensions of space, the 6th and the 5th. In other words, the theory shows us how all of the matter and the space we observe about us originated in these two V±-pole spatial dimensions and that the matter part is extended out of them into the W±-waves in the matter and energy particles, organic or inorganic. It is then in the organic side that the V-positve poles and the corresponding W-positve waves produce the phenomenon of life, but this side of reality is the one that Men generally describe with the term God. This is the DNA-management reality in every cell in our bodies and additionally the Implicate Creative Reality in our brain's DNA, which extends to the Implicate Reality of Space. This reality--the QF-intron spatial hemispheric side of our brains--is by its very nature the primary side of Man’s brain and consciousness, is gravely malfunctioning with a most subtle malfunction that is exponentially growing. This malfunction--a brain asymmetry which destroys humans--has now reached such proportions that it is becoming a grave concern to scientists and authorities who have no power over it and never will. The malfunction may eventually destroy humanity and all life on this planet, this even without Man ever knowing of its subtle destructive progression.

From the theoretical suggestions in the last two chapters, we now come to the comparison of these, to the actually observed programs of the Observer’s cerebral and consciousness functions. This is where it becomes obvious that Man is not generally thinking along the lines suggested in figures 191, 194 and 195, but a little reading of psychology for high school students and the daily news, verifies this. The reason for the conclusion here above is that the author’s personal brain functions was afflicted with the claimed malfunction threatening humanity. However, the author recovered by going through a “restoring quantum biofeedback change” recovery process, which is mysterious but natural. This process corrected the terminal asymmetry in his brain caused by functional disturbances in its QF-intron nucleotide programs, but this fact makes him a personalized research subject/object.

In the name of relaxation and stress management, the author had for nume­rous years--been doing what hundred of millions of other humans do--regularly consuming chemicals that replaced the primary neuro-transmitters in his brain; mainly alcohol. This had resulted in what is known as failed re-uptake in the synaptic clefts as shown in part B of figure 201 on the opposite page. Here we need to be conscious of the fact that normal such exchanges--shown in part A of figure 201--take place during normal awakening hours, billions of times every second in the 24- neurons in the brain's seat of consciousness, regardless whether it is intoxicated or not.

Biology knows that this will polarize the electrical charge in the receiving or postsynaptic neuron in opposition to the charge it would otherwise have been polarized. Here it is the wrong polarization between the two neurons that rejects the re-uptake neurotransmitters, but unfortunately science does not know what the consequences are for the brain's programming due to the failed re-uptake wrong polarization. This is obviously impossible to understand without the an understanding of the functions of the twofold-wave of consciousness (figures 188-9 on pages 474-5) and the twofold QF-exon-QF-intron (figure 178 on page 453) even reality distribution of the DNA's nucleotides program and information storage.

The QF-brainmodels explanation for this is complicated to the extreme and an arbitrary overview explanation will have to suffice at this stage, but this explanation is that the QF-intron-implicate reality nucleotide molecules in the DNA structure of the author’s brain, became “stuffed” with photon information quanta--known in the QF-brainmodels as the filter--that belonged to the QF-exon-explicate reality nucleotides. The consequence is that it resulted in the reduced ability of the spatial QF-intron-implicate reality, in both hemispheres (primary spatial hemisphere, secondary bacground material hemisphere) to produce natural inhibitory neurotransmitters, which in turn means a progressively increases state of addiction to false, or counterfeit, alien neuro-inhibitory chemicals that confound by radical filter caused program alterations in the individuals psychological composition and character traits. This accumulation of functional disturbances does not only take place in the addicted brain, but as well in the individuals in his environment as is shown in figures 202 and 203 in the next page spread.

Failed Re-uptake in Synapse Exchanges.


Figure 201

These changes manifested in the emotional side of Man mainly in the form of stress-pains, along with unmanageability and social alienation and in its extremity produce the addictions an the psychiatric illnesses. In ALL cases it produces the variety of bodily disorders in the form of statistical sicknesses. This filter disturbance in the QF-intron nucleotide molecules in the DNA of the human brain's neurons in the spatial hemisphere alters the inner “voices of the conscience”, the “voices of the creative intelligence”, the “voices of faith and compassion”. His inner eyes, ears and tong becoming blind deaf and dumb, as Helen Keller would have put it, corresponded to the blinding of “...the self reflecting properties of consciousness,” as the Nobel physicist, Eugene P. Wigner so eloquently labeled this function.

Humanity's Worst Epigenetic Disruptor.


Figure 202

The prime filter consequences for the consciousness of Man is that he becomes someone who “consistently acts against his better judgment”, which represents an age-old enigma about Man, that philosophers and psychologists have been wrestling with ever since antiquity.

The Failed Re-uptake Filter in the QF-intron Spatial Side.


Figure 203

Man gradually acquires a decreased selective free will and the eventual development for him if he wants to live is the suggestion that only “God” could correct this situation, but this means a big problem for him since the individuals with an extensive failed re-uptake filter have a great difficulty making any sense out of any God concepts whatever. This is caused by the filter being deposited into the part of the brain's spiritual and faith faculty in the QF-intron side but the recovery from the filter depending on the individual's conscious contact gained into the implicate reality, or the Creation Reality or the God-Reality, which is combined with the brain's WE-reality empathy center. A major difficulty in understanding the filter--primarily psychologists and psychiatrists--is in the fact that the filter sufferer may not drink at all having inherited the filter via the genetic inheritance from his ancestral addictions and the addiction in his childhood environment. This is the most frequent cause for the start of an early consumption of alcohol in teenagers; deteriorate them into alcohol and drug addiction.

The theoretical description of an Observer in figures 190, 191 and 192, compared to the actual Observer represented in figures 197, 198 and 199 elucidate these suggestions. For the author the only way to correct the situation was through the revitalizing of his brain's spiritual faculties through prayer and meditation. This would cause a corrective quantum biofeedback flow-process, via the corpus callosum 200.000.000 neurons, which would entail the moving of the “misplaced” photon quanta deposited in the spatial hemisphere QF-introns, back to the material hemisphere QF-exons.

The process involved in this corrective quantum biofeedback is further highlighted and explained in the later part of this chapter, but before we engage in the scrutiny of this, we shall be looking at the threatening horrors the filter is producing in humanity and how it is now growing at an accelerating rate. We shall as well be looking at the reasons for the lack of general public alarm and lack of information about this threat in humanity, but without such an explanation this book and its conclusions are obviously going to look ridiculous and meaningless.

The Contradictions of the Super-Ego, the Sub-
Conscious and the Cosmic- or Super-Consciousness.
Humanity has now polluted the QF-intron nucleotide fields in its brains for so long that Man does generally not know any other way or reality than the on this produces. Ancient Sanskrit Yogi writings discuss this pollution in spiritual metaphorical terms, which represent the quantum level of neuronal reality, but they describe the individual and collective, functional malfunctions as the great “Maya”, or the “Wail of Deception”, which is said to be caused by “Mara”, the “Deceiver”. For the same reasons the spiritual terms in the Middle Eastern Jewish, Christian and Islamic cultures is the “Evil One”, “Devil”, “Rex Mundi”, or “The Anti-Christ”. The “filter”  which is also known as “Sins of the Fathers”, in the Old Testament, has in modern times gained popularity as the "Super Ego" describe by Sigmund Freud and claimed by him as a natural part of the human psyche about which nothing can be done but to talk with a psychoanalyst or to drink alcohol.

The QF-intron's Primary and Secondary Filters.


Figure 204

The difference between the QF-suggested basic program for the human brain, and the one generally observed, should not be a shocker. The author is personally satisfied that the QF-theory for the brain/consciousness program is correct, but this conviction comes from his personal experience with both programs. He has experience of the Freudian school for the spatial hemisphere through his experience with the super-ego and what is more, he is in the possession of the first fitting explanations for both of these program phenomena. The long standing arguments whether this kind of sub-conscious condition is normal, or whether it represents a malfunction, is here resolved. Man is not the deranged beast that history suggests, nor the monster that the Nuremberg trails prosecutions portrayed. Man is not like this by nature, but suffering from malfunctioning brains and it is the super-ego filter that is the malfunction. This causes the unnatural brain functions that Man is calling: Psychiatric Illnesses, Psychological Disturbances, Character Defects, Devil, Karma, Maya, Filter, or Super-ego, but this in turn causes all the problems Man has been, and is, facing.

The existence of Dr. Sigmund Freud’s super-ego is verified here, but it stands to reason since his addicted brain was being stimulated with alien molecules that could cross his brain blood barrier and replaced his natural inhibitory neurotransmitters. However, with humanity possessed by the super-ego filter, it is logical that Freud's none-corrective psychology would become the most attractive to Western twentieth century civilizations. All suggestions that Freud’s use of alcohol and cocaine was done for the purpose of scientific research, are ignorant of the effects these chemicals have on the human brain. The cynical joke is on the western cultures having the psychology of the twentieth century written by an active drug-addict.

Logically, the opposed kind of psychology or that of Dr. Carl G. Jung, had difficulties in establishing itself in the cultures where the consumption of counterfeit neurotransmitters is the main recreational occupation. No wonder that the world’s most important enigma, the human brain, has been having such a hard time for so long for so long but these difficulties are now finally being resolved. However, the critical question is how long will it take for humanity to accept this truth about itself.

QF-theory’s brain models’ overview suggestions in figures 202 and 203 for the counterfeit neuronal currency pollution that causes its collective errors, is in the form of analyzes achieved through the psychobiology of the Western cultures, including the Binet invented intelligence quotient test results, or the bell-shaped IQ-curve. Obviously this overview has to be a direct reflection of the genetically accumulated and inherited failed re-uptake functional disorders through the generations. Obviously this overview has further to be a reflection of the influence these asymmetrical malfunction effects have in Man’s effort at formulating the intelligence test. Fortunately, these test forms are now at the onset of the 21st Century, finally beginning to being corrected, through the work of the brilliant Harvard psychology Professor, Dr. Howard Gardner, who has written numerous books on psychological evaluations of humans, culminating in his 1993 INTELLIGENCE REFRAIMED.

Figure 202 offers a graphical presentation of a vertical cut of the brain, with the collective super-ego filter and the bell-shaped IQ-curve superimposed with three markers: A, B and C. Our first analyses of the disturbance effects of the filter, is thus reflected in the human brain's performance test.

The Generalized interpretation for B, A and C,
in the IQ Bell-Curve Figure 202 Graph is as follows:

B) Intelligence from 0 to 20 is for the range of totally deformed cerebrums. These individuals cannot be tested simply because there is nothing to be tested. In our classification of the intelligence of each other, we start with IQs from 30 to 60 labeled as imbecile and then those from 60 to 80 as morons. In Man’s investigation into the performance capacity of the human brain, no results are stranger than those for the autistic savants, which are truly baffling, but they do fit the QF-models explanations.

A) Intelligence from 90 to 110 or the range of the average human intelligence test performances. Those in the square box are the proverbial squares: stereotypes in the human prejudicial analysis. The ranges from 110 to 130 are generally those better adapted for learning and the application of knowledge. These are the academics in humanity. Those in the category from 130 to 160 are the super brains, but from 160 to 180 are the “wunderkinder” of creative intelligence and insights.

C) Intelligence ranging from 180 to 200 or beyond is in the range of the ultra superior intelligent individuals. So few of these have appeared since IQ testing began, that extremely few have been tested and the upper limits of this range are not clearly defined. However, estimates for many famous individuals in history have been made for this category.

Individuals in bracket A cannot adapt to all the thinking of the individuals in bracket C. It is for this reason the C bracket individuals have to adapt to the A bracket individuals as Einstein was famous for. Neurological investigations have not been able to find the reason for the much sought after difference in the performance and IQ ratings of humans. Since intelligence is inherited through the DNA-meiosis, so is the super-ego filter, or what is known in the east as Karma. By all indication the individual intelligence is inherited from both parents, just as the physical inheritance. Where is the seat of the intelligence? Dissection of the brains of individuals with greater and lesser intelligence, reveal no appreciable differences.

Modern brains scanners permit insight into the workings of the living brain. They reveal great amounts of work in the brain of the less intelligent trying to answer the same question the intelligent easily answer requiring little brain activity. The QF-suggestion is that this is an indirect indication of functional differences in the individual brains, caused by the super-ego filter, but addicted individuals who have achieved solid emotional stability by going through a powerful biofeedback recovery of the primary filter, score markedly higher IQs than those without such recovery.
University of Georgia group of researchers has compared the functions of human brains to those of Chimpanzees and discovered that monkeys uses both hemispheres in problem solving, where as Man uses only the material hemisphere. This asymmetry of the human brain is unexplained, but the QF-theories suggest that the filter is the cause but may EEC graphics and MRI scans indicate that higher brain performance is associated with symmetrical brain functions.

The Diagnosis of the Root Causes for
All Problems of the Master of Planet Earth.
Obviously, there is an endless number of connecting deductions to be made to the QF-models theorizations, but of all the possible insight connections that may be made through them, the questions about life and human behavior are the most important. In this the Harvard Professor Gerald D. Fischbach, quoted at the beginning of chapter two of part one, focuses correctly on the problem that is facing life on this planet. This is the Malfunction of the most wondrous phenomenon known to Man; his Human Brain and Consciousness. That it is a malfunction of this organ which is threatening all life on Planet Earth, is the second most daring of all the QF-suggestions. The most daring is the one that all of Man’s problem can ultimately be traced to a single malfunction of this organ caused by a single factor. Man’s pollution of it with what he loves more than the truth; We are talking about the alcohol and all other forms of mind-altering chemicals. We are not talking specifically about the addiction sicknesses in any form of alcoholism; they are just one manifestion of the problem. The QF-theorizations show that the addictions are not caused by any natural ego-centric intent of Man but represent a naturally occurring event, or phenomena, which came into being long before any surviving written history. Prior to the QF-quantum theorizations, it has been impossible to see the mechanism in the neuronal alcohol pollution functional disturbances and we have thus been incapable of seeing their causes. Much the less their subtle gene-carried long term effects.

As has been shown without going into stern details, these "asymmetric functional disturbances" created by the filter are created by the alcohol caused failed re-uptake and erroneous polarization of the post-synaptic neuron. These gradually grow in the individual's brain, creating tolerance to the substance and rendering him even less aware of the changes taking place in his brain, but this is further accentuated by the failure of the brain’s self reflecting properties caused by the filter. The extremities of this progression are the different forms of alcohol and other chemical addiction, towards which the social consequences are collective ignorance and consequently, collective prejudice with religious moral condemnation of it as “sin”. The societies treatment of the consequences manifested in the addiction maladies are legal criminological punishment, which may socially isolate the problem temporarily through prison internments and remove it's appearance through capital punishment, does not serve to diminish its progression but speed it up if anything.

Not many who read this are capable of appreciating its validity and most cannot even read it; it is too alien to their thinking. The study of Man and his history and culture--anthropology--has sought the explanation for the rise and fall of human cultural societies for hundred and fifty years without realizing that it is caused by the effect of the alcohol and other mind altering chemicals. This is yet another manifestation of the denial that surrounds Man's use of alcohol and our scientist tend to think that the 1950 published alcohol caused brain alteration research findings of Dr. E. M. Jellinek are not significant. This progression is shown in figure 205 on opposite page and it represents the investigation carried out on 2200 recovered alcoholics, from 1945 until 1950. In this presentation the 2000 year older Biblical Book of Revelation metaphorical description of the same progression is incorporated into the graph, but this is verification that the higher reality behind our subconscious, our soul, has been and is trying to warn us of this in its own specific language. Again it is the alcohol that renders us incapable of understanding this.

The fact here is that no matter how much we talk about this pollution interference in our basic nature and all the suffering it causes and which are duly described in the annals of our history; we do not want to know about it. Through the creation of the filter disturbances in the DNA's “homeostatic field” or “management field” in the cells DNA's QF-introns, this is causing humanity’s ever-increasing physical and mental degeneration and poor health, through disturbances in the functions of the cells management systems, endocrine and immunity systems. It causes the random collapse of the genome’s expression through faulty epigenetic markers, thus the ever-increasing maladies we classify as statistical sicknesses and syndromes. The individual effects of this pollution are then passed on--in the QF-introns--through the generations, in accordance with the laws of genetic inheritance discovered by Johann Gregor Mendel. However, the mental part of this inheritance are so subtle, that we are only just beginning to see its manifestation in the research on twins and epigenetic research, which both show that behavior is inherited.

The QF-suggestions for the primary functions in regulating the balance of the brain’s reality-perceptions are shown in figures 191, 194, 195 and 197, presenting a simplistic overview of the neurotransmitters regulated focal point of consciousness, through its interplay with the neurons DNA. This function is seriously disturbed by the presence of the “filter”, and in turn produces the innumerable unnatural negative/egoistic “states of mind” that Man experiences. These are then the mental illnesses and the psychotic psychiatric illnesses and criminal mentalities that plague Man, but their extremities are shown in figure 206 in the next spread. There the malfunctions surround the true healthy state of the human brain: The Enlightened State (No 1)

In the figure the colored symmetry-lines for the balls in each picture represent the summary effects of the brain’s neurotransmitter availability in different states of reality-perception. The collective nerve fields producing the Jamais vu, and Déjà vu centers, are the main centers that are commonly malfunctioning in the everyday thought processes of modern Man. They are the nerve centers that go completely awry during psychosis and also the ones that shut completely down in the deepest depressions.

When malfunctioning--either through over-excitation or under-inhabitation--the Jamais vu and Déjà vu collective field-centers produce irrational hallucinatory thoughts, visions, or audible contents of consciousness. With the introduction of bio-chemicals--isolated from plants or man-made chemical signals--into the central nervous system, these centers become active. In the QF-equation equivalent for the twofold basic programs of reality, these collective field-centers represent the human brain’s faith- and compassion-reward centers. Cheating on their rewards produces the addictions in the human nerve system. This in turn provides a possible verification of the previous suggestions, that the function of these collective field-centers may be primarily responsible for the production of the natural neuro-inhibitors such as the endorphin and dopamine families. C. H. Li first isolated the
endorphins about 1960 and their function was Nobel Prize explained by John Hughes and Hans Kosterlitz in 1975.

Spiritual-Physical Progression of the Addiction.


Figure 205

Extreme Variations/Malfunctions in Consciousness States.


Figure 206

Currently some 60-70 different versions have been found and shown to co-ordinate the functions of the central nervous system, immunity system and endocrine system. They are the primary neurotransmitters of the brain’s positive implicate reality side and their production is triggered by the thinking of thoughts which bring Men together to survive. Thoughts that are commonly called love, empathy or charity and which are often misunderstood. The same is true for thoughts that bring Man closer into harmony with his environment and the 5th and the 6th dimensional fundamental spatial reality of the Universe.

The QF-suggestions are thus saying that the human degeneration is not caused by the overprotection of civilization, preventing the natural selection to regulate our gene pools, but by the pathological neuro-transmitter pollution of our genes. This pollution is causing our entire psychic and mental disorders, as well as the unmanageability on personal and national levels, which in turn causes the overpopulation of the planet and the economic mismanagement. The awesome continuation of this suggestion is that the steadily growing functional neuronal disturbance this causes, results in what we then call ignorance, arrogance and foolishness, which in turn is the root cause of all the unhappiness and pain in humanity and is the reason why we seem forever to act against better judgment. Worst of all, it renders us incapable of dealing with the growing problems facing humanity.

The other side of the coin is just as awesome, but it is the colossal amount of human brain potency. Potency that is even greater than we have ever imagined and which is lost in our collective addiction to neuronal pollutants. The actual rapid learning ability of the billions of individual human brains that are being lost due to this is not quite comprehensible but all this is due to Man’s cheating on the natural neurotransmitters. In the metaphor, this is due to the “filter” which presents the evil in humanity, which in the spiritual concepts is known as the “Devil”. No wonder that in some religious groups the talk is of the Devil as being an evil being situated some where in space but the spatial reality of the human brain is where he is sitting.

However, this is not the main danger this pollution filter is threatening humanity with. The main danger is produced by the progressive collective genetic program alteration (thinking) and faulty epigenetic DNA markings (deceases) the legal social consumption of alcohol is gradually manifesting through the filter deposits in the human brain's fundamental survival programs, located in its QF-intron half. Added to the alcohol filter creation is the filter creation through illegal drugs, as well as the controversial MD pharmaceutical prescribed drug consumption of modern Man--mainly psycho reactive--intended to reduce the painful malfunction effects of the alcohol and illegal drug filter. The filter these MD pharmaceuticals produce are also active in the collective consciousness of Man.

The alcohol filter produced psychological program alterations have in the past centuries produced the multitude of wars in the history of Man, with the latest peak during the first half of the twentieth century. It is therefore no wonder that they peak-out in the generation following such episodes in Man's history, in the form of psychiatric illnesses such as hyperactivity, sex-addiction, gambling-addiction, anorexic-addiction and obesity-addiction syndromes, as well as the psychosomatic disorders.

In these maladies the chemical imbalance of the brain is created through the filter's interference with the neuro-transmitter production by its creation of erroneous epigenetic markers. The aggressiveness and psychiatric sicknesses are now growing at an ever accelerating pace to the extent that scientists are becoming aware of this, but are yet without knowing its causes. The increasing breakdown of law and order accompanied by increase in mental and physical violence, Man's inhumanity to Man and Nature, are the main signs of this negative progression, which has been going on for the past 7000 years.

In addition to the increase in aggression and insanity, the other sign in humanity of the catastrophic effects of the filter is the steady increase in statistical sicknesses, primarily in the western cultures, but these are sicknesses where no virus or bacteria are the causative agents, but failure of the DNA-management. Here we need to be reminded that in the finely tuned world of the nucleus, even the slightest misstep can produce devastating results and this is where the filter becomes most harmful to our health, since it is the prime agent in producing erroneous epigenetic markings in the DNA. It has been and is the cause for sicknesses such as: Alzheimer's, Autism, Cancer (200 types), Depression, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Parkinson's, MS-Multiple Sclerosis, but here the list is much longer to include all the degenerative phenomenas. Our scientist's failure to learn the truth about the collective long term effects of alcohol has manifested in their denial of the harm alcohol is causing in humanity and that there is no such thing as harmless consumption of alcohol for humanity. Any such claim amounts to the most harmful of all lies in humanity.

How can Cancer Originate in some
Thought-programs of the Human Brain
and then be Transferred to the Bodily Organs?

The QF-claim that the organization of the DNA and the human brain are closely related and that the DNA's nucleotide information are functioning in a similarly organized exon/intron symmetrical order as the brain's information, fits the QF-claim that deceases such as cancer are originated in the brain. This symmetrical exon/intron organization is the one that logically produces the filter in the fundamental survival programs in association with the QF-electromagnetic wave of consciousness where the neurons are wrongly polarized. The most encouraging factor in this is that this arrangement produces answers to all functioning and malfunctioning QF-brainmodels hitherto created.

What is decisive in the creation of the cancer-filter is the thoughts being thought while under the influence of false neuro-inhibitors, but they decide where the wrong deposit takes place in the brain. Most human's in the western cultures start their alcohol consumption while going through later stages of puberty and this overridingly while thinking sexual thoughts in interaction with the other sex, but the sexual drive is one of the brain's prime survival programs. This practice continues through life and we may find middle age couples sharing a bottle or two of wine, before their Friday retirement, but this they do to enhance their sex-life not knowing that while thinking sexual thoughts under the influence produces the filter in the sexual part of the neocortex programs. The false program of the sexual-filter creates amongst other, false epigenetic markings in the sexual reward producing neuro-inhibitor genes resulting in the lack of the sex-drive inhibition in accordance with the ideal of Freud's libido complex. The cancer threatening filter can in turn be quantum-leap transferred to the DNA of the bodily sex-glands to produce the most common forms of cancer; the cancer of the female’s breasts and male's prostate glands, where the filter distorts the gene-expression in such a manner as to revert a cell to the state of the single cell QF-exon programmed procaryote who has no collective-plural QF-intron management program and no "self-destruct malfunction death program", or no death-program whatever for that matter (for review see pages 453 to 459) . In the QF-theory's calculations this false program will now shut of about 70 genes of the cell by wrong epigenetic markings pertaining to the previous collective interactions of the cells eucaryotic origin but this only possible if the DNA and brains organizations are in agreement with each other through a similarly organized exon/intron symmetrical order. This is thus an additional verification for the QF-exon/intron symmetry brainmodel.

A 2007 alcohol/cancer study by a Danish scientist, Dr. Lina Mørch investigated the breast cancer related health records of 17,647 Danish nurses in relation to their alcohol drinking habits. These findings showed that the risk of breast cancer was doubled if the women drank what amounted to two bottles bear or vine a week or the equivalent of 22-27 glasses, compared to those who drank 1-3 glasses. The risk was found to be the greatest if the alcohol was drunk in a short time. The women participating in the survey were all considered to be tempered drinkers. The amount of alcohol consumed appeared to have considerable effect on the likelihood for the women developing breast cancer, but the investigation showed that the risk was considerably increased if the drinking was of the weekend type, where a extensive amount of alcohol was consumed in a relatively short time span and as little as four to five bears in one evening could have a negative effect.

This is seen as an indirect verification of the QF-cancer model and a rejection of the suggestion that breast cancer in women is caused by drinking milk or eating grapefruit for breakfast. The QF-cancer model further rejects any claim that any exon nucleotides discovered in England and in Iceland in the genetic template are the cause for breast-cancer unless they carry wrong epigenetic markers. This brief explanation may be hard to swallow by many biologists, but the fact that researchers are constantly producing all kinds of biological findings which we quite easily interpret in a wrong manner due to the lack of the proper interpretation model.

The negative effects of Man's use of alcohol and its alteration to his brain's survival programs have in addition to causing incalculable harm to Man, further caused Man to become less capable of producing the natural neurotransmitters that give him the full access to his brain's capacity and make him experience happiness independent of his circumstances. A part of this is Man's increasing inability to be aware of the effect his filter thinking is having on the environment and what damages it is producing for the future generations.

The sum total of the accumulative effect of Man's alcohol consumption through the generations, on the life progression of Man, is that it is now--on top of all else--producing a climate change that threatens to release the methane-hydrate in the sea-bed of the oceans and through that, start a planetary death that has not been seen on earth since the Permian extinction. An extinction, which would be likely to wipe out all life, except at the bacterial level, but which would come about gradually and painfully for Man over several decades.

The other side of this threat is the believe of politicians that such a catastrophe may be averted through legislature, but that believe is another alcohol caused collective delusions of Man created by the alterations in his brain. As the pressure on Man's survival increases, he will be more and more pressed into abandoning the national based law and order and create an individual based survival order in his own "war-lord" enclaves, until all order brakes down and the individual armed survivors will roame the earth. An extensive rise in sea level would accelerate such a progression enormously.

Throughout the centuries, since Man started brewing beer 7000 years ago he has benn trying to overcome the alteration that take place in his brain through the filter creation in its QF-intron side. This has been without any success what ever until in 1935 when an American alcohol addicted stockbroker succeeded in finding a sustainable recovery correction for the filter; but not a permanent cure. Our scientists are working hard trying to figure out a chemical solution to the addictions without realizing that this is impossible and most are unaware of the fact that to understand this brain-problem, Man must first solve the riddle of the brain conclusively. This enigma is yet not resolved and not many scientists are aware of the fact that to solve it, Man must first solve the quantum mechanical creation and unification riddle in physics, which is also the riddle about God. Einstein famous remark fits here: "The most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible."

The Biblical Prophetic Metaphorical
Description of the Phenomenon of the Filter.

It would come as a major shock to the author when he, through an extraordinary chain of events, came to be reading a magazine where the 13th chapter of the Biblical, Book of Revelation was being discussed. In it he recognized--in spiritual metaphors--his first Venn-set description of the alcoholic syndrome, which showed how through the initiation of the use of alien neuro-inhibitors, the natural spatial hemispheric functions were reduced. This was in the metaphor; "Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea..... One of the heads of the beast seemed to have been fatally wounded...." The matter hemispheric functions were then partially copied into the spatial hemisphere and the result was insufficient production of neuro-inhibitors, resulting in unnaturally strong influences of limbic system/reptilian complex in cortical functions. This again was; "Then I saw another beast, which came up out of the earth.... and it spoke like a dragon." The line that made the author take a hard look, was the one that seemed to deal with the creation of the filter; "This second beast performed great miracles.....  which it was allowed to perform in the presence of the first beast. The beast told them to build an image in honor of the beast that had been wounded..... The second beast was allowed to breathe life into the image of the first beast...." These bizarre metaphors in the 13th chapter of the Revelation were reminiscent of the dual morality of the super-ego filter and the poorly inhibited instinct drives and an unmistakable resemblance to the QF-addiction-model’s. This insight, in all its simplicity, is graphically expressed in the terms of the Venn-set diagrams in figure 207 on the next page.

The Spiritual Riddle in Chapter 13, Book of Revelations.


Figure 207

The Question of the Existence of God.
Did God Create man, or did Man Create God?

The authors experience with the Book of Revelation insight would lead him to a further reading of the prophecy, which he found, much to his surprise, he could easily interpret. In his writings, Sir Isaac Newton, who tried all he could at understanding the prophesy, concluded that it was intended that Revelation would only be understood by very few until near the end of history as we currently understood it and Thomas Jefferson, "considered it merely the ravings of a maniac, no more worthy nor capable of explanation than the incoherences of our own nightly dreams.” However, this prophesy could be interpreted on the basis of an under standing into the quantum mechanical functions in neurology and the appropriate insights into the addiction syndrome and recovery from it.. This would fit the QF-theory's insight into the functions of the brain's Jamais vu centers timeless reality of the cosmic life giving consciousness and the understanding that if this reality did not know all about the failings and misgivings of men's actions, it would not be commensurate with men’s ideas of an all loving God.

The QF-theorizations have shown us that the Universe, at its creation, had to progress with the waves riding on the W-negative Temporal Arrow of Time, exactly through the tunnel that lies between the two realities. Else it would either collapse into itself, or be senselessly scattered in expansion. The same thing is true for the phenomenon of life. It will collectively have to ride on the Spatial Arrow of Time, to pass through the same tunnel of reality, or it will not manifest the spirit that creates living/thinking matter. The ancient religions in the Orient have known these quantum mechanical truths for centuries and have expressed these in spiritual terms, accessing this reality in the introns via meditation.

St. Paul discusses this in his 1st Corinthians, 1540: “...and there are heavenly bodies and earthly bodies; the beauty that belongs to heavenly bodies is different from the beauty that belongs to earthly bodies.” This has to do with the OOBE or Out Of Body Experience, which has been experienced by so many and which is vividly described by the renowned British physicist, Sir Arthur S. Eddington. This phenomenon is explained by the QF-theory in figure 209 where it is in agreement with the intron-DNA-reality suggestions by the theorizations. On the 22nd of November 1984, the consciousness of the author was transcended through the Jamais vu reality in his brain, manifesting his consciousness hovering above the physical body in a separate spatial-body. It was his initial recovery of his brain’s Jamais vu centers.

The Reality of the Jamais vu Center in Consciousness.


Figure 208

This experience was a consequence of the author's work on the so called 7th step in the 12-step recovery program of the fellowship of AA, but it was also his "rupture of the seventh seal", as it is described in the prophesy of the Biblical Book of Revelation. He had been praying to the creation reality, being convinced that a conscious contact with this reality in his brain's, as a separate part from the ego-self of his being, was possible. He had come to believe that an appeal through his Jamais vu brain centers, he could be the beneficiary of the removal of his character defects. Although he knew nothing at the time about the functional disturbance the filter in his brain, this is what he was asking to be removed. After the prayer he turned to his meditation and it was then, about an half an hour later, that he experienced his OOBE, which in turn meant that the biofeedback process had begun in his brain.

This biofeedback process would then grow rapidly for the next three weeks when it then on the 12th of the 12th, culminated in his transcendental spiritual experience in the hotel room in Fairbanks Alaska. This not only gave him the Venn-set vision of creation, but started his withdrawals from the painkiller and alcohol addiction and thus his life was saved. This was the moment that the Great Magician of Creation whipped his ass with the broom, just like Walt Disney portrayed the end of the Mickey Mouse THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE cartoon in his classical 1940 master peace, Fantasia. This was the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s 1779 poetry, “Der Zauberlehrling”, to the 1897 music by Johann Paul Ducas. This indeed was the story of the author playing the Great Magician of Creation and could not find the magic formula to stop the magic of the alcohol gone awry. He had been spared ever growing mental misery and anguish, as well as the treat of insanity and premature death.

He had been given the grace of recovery and his personality and life had been transformed through the Kundalini Ascension, or the Touching of Hermes by his Staff, or what the American University of New Mexico, psychology and psychiatry Professor, Dr. William R. Miller calls QUANTUM CHANGE in his 2001 excellent book by the same name. However, towards the end of the book the professor laments that the sciences are not in the know-how of these mystical healing functions within the human body. This process is shown in its two versions in figure 208 on page 217.

Indeed, both the QF-theory and the personal experience of the author verify that the creation reality--the God-reality--exists as an independent causative reality and that it is the reality that governs the life in every cell and the life of all living beings. That this reality is active in the thought processes of humans of humans but that this part of the consciousness is severely disturbed in modern man through his consumption of false neuro-transmitters. This in turn renders this
God-reality an individual experience.

After the author recovered his spatial hemispheric reality perceptions and achieved the QF-model explanations for the human psyche, psychology has become all physics to him. The mysterious Kundalini Snake is thus a quantum mechanical resynchronization EM-field-flow-vibrations in the spine of those who have managed to get their Jamais vu, Déjà vu brains centers functioning in a healthy manner. It is in this that the final explanations for all psychic phenomena will be found; from ghosts to alien encounters. Here are the ultimate explanations for all the phenomenology and functional disorders of the human brain, from psychics to psychosis. This is going to appear quite absurd to many, but the knowledge of the functions of quantum mechanics and the knowledge of the nature of the functions of the positive implicate reality side of the human brain, gives some startling answers to this apparent absurdity. In the year 1600, one Jacob Böhme of Görlitz in Germany had a profound transcendental experience after which he declared that the word God was written into everything. This of course caused him all sorts of trouble and got him run out of town by his fellows. The Portuguese-Dutch-Jewish philosopher, Barchus de Spinoza declared God to be in everything and was promptly excommunicated, declared heretic and a black mass sung to facilitate his condemnation. When Einstein was asked: What does Einstein believe?, he replied: "Einstein believes in the God of Spinoza."
The author then--after going through the lifesaving biofeedback--asked the 6th and 5th dimensions about Professor’s Isidore I. Rabi’s question; “Who ordered this?”, meaning the Universe. The reply was to recheck the QF-Venn diagram for figures 066 and 067, Frame #08A and translates into figure 209/210 on pages 518/519 representing Second 10-43, the beginning of the Big Bang, but the moment evokes Man’s spiritual contemplations. Professor John D. Barrow is indeed right when he suggests that an ultimate Theory of Everything will be something quite different from anything we have ever seen before. This is certainly true for the QF-Theory of Everything, which the author personally finds most logical, but to envisage such a theory independent of the total human experience, including all extremities, is absurd.

The Two Types of Quantum Change Recoveries.


Figure 209

C-10 Questions of:
The Unification and Theory of Everything

With the clarification of the discrepancies between Chapter Six description of Homo Sapience and his reality as we know it, we come to a satisfying conclusions of these analyzes. This applies in particular to figures 190, 193 and 194, which represent the spatial hemispheric living implicate reality, 6th and 5th dimensions, via the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers. This then takes us to the answer tot he authors question which also gives him an insight into the famous declaration: “I’m in the father and the father is in me”.

The Question of the Venn-diagram’s Spiritual Meaning,
at Second 10-43, the Plank Energy of the Big Bang.


Figure 210

This is the QF-Venn diagram expression for the beginning of the Universe’s manifestation out of the implicate reality; the spatial V±-poles created Special Singularity and its infinitely curved surrounding space. The spatial timeless-dimensions of infinity and eternity and the vacuum quantum potential, virtual energy V±-poles dimensions which are still with us. After meditating this coan-like hint for a while, the author came up with the answer that is expressed in a variation to the QF-diagram Frame #08A, which is present here in the hope that it will not appear too blasphemous, or heretic. The spatial W±-waves in the matter which become the Jamais vu and the Déjà vu centers in the brain are its primary disturbed parts, but after going through the biofeedback, the author ceased having Déjà vu experiences, which agrees with QF-ideas of a healthy spatial hemispheric collective compassion and cosmic consciousness. This is the indication of the Déjà vu centers (mirror neurons) malfunction, but it should be consistently at work, not just occasionally.

Image of the QF-Venn-diagram for Complete Unification.
Beginning of the Big Bang, Planck Energy at Second 10-43.


Figure 211

Obviously it is St. John’s declaration that comes here first to mind: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Since the Wave Function of the Universe is represented in the symmetry at the End of the Birth of Time, at Second 10-36, it thus represents the program for all consequent wave function for as long as the Universe exists. It also represents the field of the brain’s program and consciousness while suggesting the answer to the question posed by the yogi Paramahansa Yogananda in his 1944 lecture: “In the Bible we read: ‘For in the image of God made he Man.’ No one has fully explained in what ways Man is the image of God.”

The Conclusion’s Summary for the
QF-Theorizations Theory of Everything.

In the final overview analyzes of the CUT/TOE equation equivalent appearing at Second 10-36, Frame #11A, in the QF-Venn diagrams, we come to the conclusion that the reality of the Special Singularity is still present in everything. This is the omnipresence of implicate reality, God if you like. To get a clear overview of what all this is saying, we go back to the graphics on pages 64 to 70, but here in figures 211 and 212 are the appropriate graphical expressions for the QF-Complete Unification and foundation of everything.

The Five Sides of the 6-dimensional Top-stone at the
Summit of the Pyramid of Man’s Knowledge.


Figure 212

The interpretation of the author’s vision suggests the four forces of nature to be originated in, not just one force, but two. The two V±-poles of the virtual matter/energy of a twofold (negative/positive) infinite space, into which Man’s consciousness has no access, except through individual, but not-provable, spiritual experiences. It suggests that these two V±-poles have through, a previous not-knowable evolution out of initial quantum fluctuation, condensed into the massive W±-waves that collectively produce the third Z-wave, manifesting matter. It further suggests that Gravity is manifested through the collective reality of the V±-virtual poles and the W±-waves producing the equivalent of an invisible attaching connection.

The QF-Venn Diagrams Theory of Everything.
“First Law of the Universe.”


Figure 213

In physics the W±-waves are alternatively seen as manifestation of the Strong Nuclear Force internally in the Nucleons, or spatially in the Pions and Mesons, or the Weak Nuclear Force where the action of just one of the W±-waves is observed. The interrelation of the two W±-waves with the Z±-waves and the V±-poles of space produces two different realties that manifest matter and forces where the Leptons and the Baryons form matter. The third reality of the interactions then manifests between these two. The interconnectedness of the matter waves to the spatial poles produce gravity as well as the “smeared out” appearance of the particles, particularly the Leptons, whose, Electro-magnetic Interaction is manifested by the Photon. The initial Lepton QF-expressed manifestation then represents the prime Quantum Wave of the Universe, which thus expresses its First Law. This indicates the fundamental program for the brain and consciousness of the Observer where the W±-waves manifest the Jamais vu-faith and the Déjà vu-compassion consciousness regulation centers, which are the reasons for the teaching of the Christ, who in the light of what here has been presented, change him into a neurological- and neurotransmitter production specialist, in addition to what ever else he was. These brain-centers--whose malfunctions were explained in this chapter--fit his commandment: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depends all the law and the prophets.” -- It is all really very simple.

This concludes the placing of the final Top-stone at the summit of the pyramid of knowledge. It thus remains to be seen whether the stone will last? Whether it will weather with the tooth of time? Whether this
Top-stone is in fact made out of the everlasting material of truth? Whatever the future may hold, the QF-Theory of Everything has turned out to be the author's life saving Lapis Philosophorium and is possibly the same stone that Newton sought, this, since it contains the “Crown Jewel of Creation”, Man himself, but through that fact it deserves the title of Theory of Everything.

                                                        Better stop short than fill to the brim.
                                                                    Retire when the work is done.

                                                                                This is the way of heaven.

                                                                                                                                                                  Lao Tzu; Tao Te Ching IX

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The Initial Philosophical Conclusions.


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