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The Contents of the Prophesied Book:

Following are the contents of a seven part book presenting the worlds first models for a complete quantum mechanical and molecular biological theoretical paradigm of unification. This is claimed as:

"The Ultimate Theory of Everything"

Although the Subject of the Book takes References in Religious Prophesies, it is not Religion Oriented.
The Interest in--and the Connection to--the Religious Prophesies, is Purely on the basis of Physics and Neurological Theoretical Considerations regarding Man's Perception of the Phenomena of Time. This is explained throughout the Book in it's following 7 Parts:

00 : Introductions The Presentation of the Book.
01 : The Preface The Introduction of the Book's Foundat- ions.
02 : The Premises The Spiritual Justification for the Book.
03 : Part One 1 Introduction to the Cutting Edge of Theo- retical Physics and its Approach to the Theory of Everything.
04 : Part One 2 Introduction to the Venn-set Theoretical Approach to the Theory of Everything.
05 : Part Two 1 The Venn-set Theoretical Models for the  Process during the Creation of Time and the Quantum Wave of the Universe.
06 : Part Two 2 The Venn-set Theoretical Models for the Creation of Mass during the First Second of Time.
07 : Part Three 1 The Initial Connection of the Venn-set QF-Theory of Everything, to the Standard Model of Physics.
08 : Part Three 2 The Initial Connection of  the Venn-set QF-Theory of Everything to Life, the Human Brain and Consciousness.
09 : Epilogue The Initial Philosophical Conclusions and Bibliography.

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you have been permitted the
First Ultimate Insight into Reality.
Insight into the Greatest of all the
Mysteries in Human Existence.
An Insight into all Mysteries.

The Epilogue


"I cannot believe that God would choose to play dice with the Universe."

                              Albert Einstein


"God not only plays dice with the Universe, but sometimes
 He throws the dice where we cannot see them."

                                Stephen Hawking


"God does not play dice with the Universe; it is Man who plays the dice.
It is Man who throws the dice in such a manner that he can only see one of them
, the dice being the two hemispheres in Man’s brain."

                                 Apallo Aquarian

"At some point in his life, every scientist begins to be interested in his work and what his findings mean. Then he has to choose. -- If he starts to ask questions and tries to find answers, to understand what it all means, he will look foolish to his colleagues. On the other hand, he can give up this attempt and he won’t look foolish, and he’ll learn more and more about less and less…  You have to decide to have the courage to look foolish."

                           Karl Pribram

   We have come to the end of a most unusual presentation of a unique and simplistic Theory of Everything. The title may appear rather pompous, but here it is of advantage to be aware that the word “theory” really means; “an explanation which is not proven”. Once a theory has become verified, it ceases to be a theory and becomes a “Law of Nature”. This is certainly the first such theory that an individual of average education can understand in its details and complicated mathematical theories on this subject do not achieve this. Professor Steven Weinberg’s remarks regarding simplicity thus become relevant here: “The more you learn about nature, the simpler it looks. That’s why I think we will find a final theory. Because, although I can imagine things getting infinitely more complicated–complication without end–I can’t imagine simplicity without end. The whole progress of physics has been towards a simpler description of nature.* And, how simple can things get?” This is true enough for the QF-theory, which does represent a finite simplicity. However, the novelty of the subject and the symbolic presentation may appear as complexity to some of our readers. This should dissipate with time and–without it being intended as an excuse of some kind for the author– it is his believe, that the reader will eventually accept the QF-theory as a theoretical presentation in the simplest form conceivable. That it portrays the composition of the fundaments of reality with the minimum of connections into the complexity and diversity that ensue from it. More detailed connections would have to be presented in other books, either by the author of the QF-theory, or by someone else. Whether the QF-theory will ever be recognized, the author can of course not know, but it is none the less his personal conviction that the theory represents the truth. This he feels confident about on the same basis as Albert Einstein, in 1916, was convinced of the valididty of his Theory of General Relativity on the basis that it was "too beutyful not to be true". This he did on the basis of his undisturbed sencing of beuty, but he never drank alcohol (neither did his immediate ancestors) and had a profound spiritual experience at the tender age of 18 years. Most of do not understand that Einstein did not have any filter in his brain, and thus had an undisturbed sence of beuty and truth. This is something that the author has a personlised experience with, but he knows both sides of the coin; being with a depreaved sence of beuty and truth, then recovering this and talking about "seeing reality in colours such as never before." Should this appear as arrogance, then it cannot be helped.

Whether the reader is a pure empiricist, a pure spiritualist, or lucky enough to be equally of both, it is not unlikely that this book will have a profound impact on her/him. Whether the impact is in a positive or a negative sense, may depend upon what kind of a view the reader has. The main question in most reader’s minds seems to be the one of the usefulness of these theorizations. For what may they be good? Here, the 1984 remark by John Boslogh quoted on page 32, renders a clear description of this dilemma, but such questions keep popping up in physics. At the end of the twentieth century the physics Professor Michio Kaku offers this reminder to us that in their search for the Unified Field: “Theory of the Universe and the understanding of all the four fundamental forces of nature–the physicists are prisoners of experiments and mathematics.” On what the Unified Field Theory may do for humanity he has this to say: “Will it give me a better color television? The answer is no. It is not going to give you a better sliced bread. It is not going to give you a bigger toaster. But what it will give you, is a theory that will effect the future course of human civilization. Your great, great, great, great grand children will one day live to harness the power of the Unified Field Theory.”* This fits the author’s prognostic and in his mind it justifies the grandiose efforts Man has made attempting to achieve the Unified Field Theory. Here it is appropriate to mention the efforts that are made at researching how “peace” may be achieved in humanity, but the findings of the
QF-theory certainly have to do with that subject.

Whatever the readers conclusions of the
QF-theory may be, the conclusions of the author are clear. They are in line with the projection of Professor Gerald D. Fischbach of Harvard University, quoted on page 31. The ultimate conclusions of the author are, that the QF-models of creation of matter and space and the fundamental order in the reality of the Universe, composed by these, is indeed the fundamental “order of our own minds”, as Dr. Fred Allan Wolf puts it. The first and foremost insight made by the author following his comprehension of the fundamental reality-program of the human brain and its self-regulating reality perception properties, was the comprehension of the self imposed functional disorder he created in his central nervous system by his use of alien neuron-inhibitors. With this came the realization why the disciplines of psychology/psychiatry have such difficulties in coming up with a final theory of Man and his consciousness. This also granted him the realization why the scientists have been unable to come up with a Final Unification Theory of Everything in physics. This was due to the utter inability of the pure mathematical approach, to include the Observer’s Consciousness in any meaningful form.

Professors Hawking’s suggestion that it would be through mathematics that Man would find the ultimate unification–stating that he feels sure that “God speaks that language”–turns out to be in error. The Little Scroll shows us the reasons for this. While the author assumes that the reality Man calls God, “speaks the language of mathematics”, the
QF-theory shows us why it is not the language He uses when it comes to the expression of the most fundamental properties of reality, and its composition. This language being in a form of symbolism derived from Isaac Newton’s calculus, through it’s development by George Boole, John Venn and the author of this book. To the author, the access to this can only come to an individual who has made the experience of knowing the extremes of the two poles in Man’s reality perception, and survived this. Such an individual can only be found amongst the addiction survivors of the planet. The ultimate conclusion must therefor be related to this fact, which states that there is only one problem involving Man and life here on earth–not many. This is Man’s pollution of his brain with alien compounds replacing the natural neuro-transmitters.

These toxic chemicals are degenerating life’s DNA homeostatic regulatory programming, which is the source problem of all Man’s problems. Of the great variety of toxic chemicals consumed by Man, none is worse than the alcohol. This is the “True King of the Evil Spirits which has 7-other Evil Spirits accompanying him.” These are the root causes for all the functional disorders of Man’s brain. They are truly labeled “The Seven Deadly Sins.” However, the QF-theorization have shown him that the phenomenon Men are calling “sin” is in essence a malfunction of the human brain, manifesting in the function of consciousness. This in the form that Man, without being conscious of it, loses his natural free will to select proper actions according to his true nature.

The main shocker in the conclusion of the analyzes into the QF-theory's nature of reality and of life, is that the malady that was threatening the life of the author, is indeed the same degenerative malady that is threatening Man’s survival. Threatening the destruction of planet Earth’s troposphere, biosphere and the collapse of Man’s life-systems and organizations, through the steady progression of Life away from the centerfold of biological reality, caused by Man’s pollution of his brain. Our slow perception of the errors and the slow reactions to them, is also a consequence of this malfunction. The damages to the biosphere, the degeneration of our genes, and life in general, are much more severe than we are aware of and the progression may even reach proportions of irreversibility before we even know it ourselves. The lauded mapping of the ACGT nucleotide biochemical letters of the human genome and that of the 20-25.000 genes will not solve the problems of humanity. The human degeneration will not be stopped by “genes-repair”, or through new drugs. The origin of this is spiritual (quantum mechanical) and no drugs will ever cure this degeneration. Current visions of increasing DNA manipulations and of Man’s psyche through drugs will continue to backfire on us, as will believes in the creation of the superman through genetic engineering. Of all the grandiosity madness in the sciences, these visions are the looniest. The problems of humanity are problems of unmanageability in our thinking and our psyche. These are quantum mechanical-displacement problems, embedded in the intron nucleotides of the DNA, about which our sciences know almost nothing. These degenerative problems have risen through our cheating on the natural reward neurotransmitters. We cannot solve the problems caused by our pollution of our brains in the same manner we created them, or by increasing the pollution.

Some complain that we do not know what a psychologically natural, normal, healthy and perfect human being thinks, acts and looks like. The
QF-TOE models begin to show this, but their first suggestion may be that it is possible that Descartes was wrong. That he should have said; "I think WE, therefore I am", instead of “I think, therefore I am.”

Many speak of the technological advances made in war and suggest that they are the fruits of war. This is not true. They are the fruits of Men working together, even though brought about by an evil necessity. Much of what may be considered healthy behavior is forced upon Man, such as his social behavior, which has to be put into law. The
QF-TOE suggests that we are writing into law-books the laws lost within us, already written in our genes. A program, which through quantum pollution is overshadowed by the failed re-uptake produced super-ego filter, and which in turn makes many believe, as did Thomas Hobbs and Sigmund Freud, that at the core we are nothing but ego-beasts, worse than wild beasts. The human brain is the ultimate frontier in Man’s search for knowledge and understanding. Its complete comprehension is the ultimate understanding. It is the only key we have to our survival and the survival of life on the planet. We can forget about all possible natural catastrophes and turn to the imminent catastrophe of the erroneous program in our introns. Otherwise, the arrogance that this program produces will wipe us out. In line with these analyzes the author comes to the conclusion that when Karl Marx declared: “It is not the consciousness of Men which determines their existence; it is, on the contrary, their social existence which determines their consciousness.” he was indeed wrong. There are no external social forces that can compensate for the malady of Man’s thinking. The correction must come through the seeking of unification in humility with the implicate reality within. This is impossible if we use so much as an aspirin, harmless though it might seem. A successful achievement in cleaning out the introns in the implicate-side of the brain will mean freedom from all headaches, which are caused directly or indirectly by the use of the counterfeit neurotransmitters.

We now have scientific proof  that we have been swigging beer for at least 6,000 years. There is chemical evidence for this in the 6,000-year-old Sumerian trading post of the Godin Temple, in the Zagros mountains of western Iran, but  this trading post later became a fortress on the Silk Road. In 1991 in one of the rooms of the trading post, archaeologists found chemical evidence left by wine and in 1992, in other jars in the same room, they found chemical evidence that beer had been stored in these jars. We can thus be certain that the neuronal addictions have started to appear in the neuron's of humans and have been gradually growing for the past 6000 years with the first scientific investigation into these sicknesses and the accompanying denials being made around 1920. In the the 80 years from 1920 until the year 2000 when these had increase fivefold. Currently it is estimated that about 25% of the population of the western cultures are directly effected and about 50% indirectly.  addiction sicknesses and the accompanying denials have increase fivefold in the 80 years from 1920 untill the year 2000, and currently it is estimated that about 25% of the population of the western cultures are directly effected and about 50% indirectly. Of this is is 15% in alcohol, 5% in abused medication and 5% in illeagal drugs, but here the “war on the illegal drugs” has already been lost, according to those who have an insight in the situation. In Europe, the authorities are not even aware of the fact that much of the illegal designer drugs are now being produced by university educated chemists. They are currently alarmed over the suggestions that about 50.000 youngsters die yearly from alcoholism. To those knowing the addictions (only those who have recovered from such a sickness) this figure would have to be multiplied at least 4 times. Still, the administrators persist in deluding the public and them selves, believing that preventive measure and control is achieving results. They do not know how alcohol effects the increase in psychiatric illnesses and personality disturbances, which is comprehensible in light of the
QF-TOE. All this puts a bad label on alcohol, the holiest of the psychiatric drugs Man uses, but it are its varied effects on individuals which makes it the worst toxicant in Nature and worst endocrine disrupter chemical in our entire environment. Something our noble environmentalists and brilliant scientists currently do not fully understand, and even if they did, would not have the courage to speak of publicly, since it is not a popular complaint. Here again, the author is not talking about alcoholism, but is suggesting that the so-called “safe” alcohol consumption may be the most harmful.

Of course, most of us neither want to hear, or are capable of believing it, but the arguments on this are as old as our written records. All preaching on the evils of alcohol have gone out of style a long time ago, but never the less, millions of people who suffer from direct, or indirect ills of the neuro-tranmitter cheating, still as questions such as: What will be the future progression in the increase of alcoholism on the planet?

Here the
QF-theory offers a new and in its outlines, reality true views on the prevailing situation and progression regarding the pollution of the human brain, and gives us a new base for an “educated prognostics” for what we may expect in the future. The future can of course not be predicted with any precision regarding the freedom from the bondage of the alcohol and other mind-altering drugs. However, what the QF-theory offers us is an assurance that the situation is going to get worse through the accumulative filter alterations in our genetic programs and that in all likelihood, this progression will accelerate at an ever-increasing pace, before the situation begins to recover. This has already become our bitter experience of the twentieth century, where the addictions have multiplied five times, with the consumption alterations in the DNA-programs bringing us numerous wars, which we--until now--have erroneously, believe to be politically caused. This is now, through the findings of the QF-theory, claimed to be caused through alcohol use malfunctioning “mirror neuron centers”, or “empathy faculties” in the spatial hemisphere of man.

At the end of the 20th century alcoholism had reach 25% of the population in the Western cultures but about 70% of the population now try alcohol (30% are either children or those who never try alcohol). Of the 70% that tried alcohol, 36% become alcoholics today, regardless of what kind of drinking culture they are in. Of these 36% only 56% ever get to know about the only none chemical AA spiritual-solution to the deadly addiction, 44% never do. Of the 56% only 5% to 10% recover, but this is largely do to the psychology, psychiatry, and pharmaceutical competition to the spiritual solution.

Here next we have two graphics in one, showing the two most likely progression curves and their projection, for the past and future progression of alcoholism in the Western societies. Of these two, it is the “exponential curve” that is considered the closer to reality, both past and future, rather than the one with the “linear curve”. The basis for both curves are based on in-accurate/in-exact past information and should thus be seen as a best approximation. However, what these gaphs are suggesting is that with this progression un-checked, it will mean the brakedown of civilisation--manifestin through the collpase of law and order--in not too distant future, or more pricizely, in this century.

Projected Addiction Progression in the 21st Century.


However, the QF-arguments for this are a totally new angle on the subject throwing light on hitherto unseen and unknown effect of Man’s use of alien neuro-transmitters, and the author sees no point in the QF-theorization if he does not have the courage to present their findings. The author suggest, that it is Man’s consumption of alien compounds replacing the natural neuro-transmitters, that it present the core of, if not the sole cause for, all of Man’s problems. He further suggests that it is the alcohol that is the worst of these. When he says this, he is not talking about the 25% or so of the population of the western cultures, that become addicted alcoholics or drug addicts, with up to 6% being in the fourth stage of the addiction. What he is talking about is the fact that these chemicals produce the quantum mechanical functional disorders in the spatial hemisphere of Man known as: Super-ego, Filter, Karma, Devil etc, etc. The author is not talking about the psychological disorders that are caused by this functional disorder, such as: psychosis, psychiatric illnesses, phobic-neurosis, and the brain’s degenerative sickness such as: MS, ALS, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s etc, etc.

What the author is talking about is the collective interference with, and alteration in, the reality perception and functions of the spatial hemisphere of Man’s brain. This interference the QF-theorizations trace all the way into the intron nucleotides in the DNA. It is this that is causing all the mischief in the Time/Life evolution of Man’s existence and consequently of the biosphere of the planet Earth. It is this disturbance effect in the function of the spatial hemisphere that has written the history of humanity. Yes, it is so subtle that it is almost impossible for anyone to become conscious of its collective effect. It is this disturbance that serves to effect such diverse phases of our existence as the alteration of our collective thinking. Alterations that produce the collective aggression of the wars and the genocidal holocausts that go with them, to the undetected collective decrease in the efficiency of our immunity-system now visible in the acquired immunity-system deficiency syndrome (AIDS). It is this alteration in the collective reality perception of Man that prompted Jiddu Krishnamurti to leave humanity with this reminder: "Man has to doubt everything," this without him knowing the causes behind this conviction of his.

Of the
QF-theory insights, the findings regarding the subtle addictions are the most important. They suggest that there is no difference between legal alcohol consumption/addiction, legal psycho-pharmaceutical medication consumption/addiction and the illegal drug consumption/addictions. They also show that those who say, “We have already lost the war on drugs” are talking facts. That the billions spent on what authorities believe to be preventive measures, and on apprehending individuals in the illegal drug production and trade, is to no avail. Humanity will have to learn how the consumption/addictions work and how Man can produce, through his thinking, natural neuro-inhibitors. Learn how this is the only correct source of recovery of addicted individuals, which is currently at the tragic low of 3%. The science and education systems of humanity would have to begin to learn and teach the quantum mechanical DNA functions behind the addictions. Until now, these have only been available in the form of spiritual instructions, which are poorly accessible to most modern brainstates. Humanity would have to access these in the language of science that matches the spiritual explanations. Parents, who are loosing their teenage children to the addictions, will have to start looking at themselves in the light of the QF-theoretical findings. People, who want to do something for their mental health, or to improve on the efficiency of their consciousness, or their intelligence through meditation and other mental techniques, are severely hindered if they so much as consume the occasional beer. Many yogis warn their disciples not to dabble with the quantum flow forces in the human nervous system known as the “Kundalini energy” or "Quantum Change energy", the energy of consciousness, without having guidance by a guru (teacher) with first hand knowledge of this. Such novice experimentation is fraught with the danger of unexpected and not understood states of consciousness. Unfortunately the sciences of man are not aware of the fact that the consumption of counterfeit neuro-transmitters is the worst kind of interference with life and the environment of the planet. This dabbling with the "Kundalini force" is not  just a gamble with the individual’s sanity and life, but since the medical practices in the western cultures do not understand this phenomena, their attempt to treet the consequnces makes the situation worse.

The final conclusion is that if the
QF-theory is correct in its overview analyzes–as suggested in the discussion on the effects of the pollution of the human brain–that as Man pollutes his brain, he will pollute his environment both physically and mentally. This further suggests that it has now become viable to accept the prophesy of the Book of Revelations as being a implicate reality projection of Man’s final understanding of himself and the causes for all his problems. If in reality this prophesy is interpreted to indicate the final days of Man, and it has not to do with the issues presented in the QF-theorizations, then it is almost certainly a worthless message. According to the QF-theory, any final days suggestions in the prophesy have to do with the days when the brain switches from out of balance (filter) dominant explicate realty perceptions and guidance functions, to balanced explicate, implicate reality perception and guidance functions. This can only takes place through the removal of the implicate hemispheres intron filter which represents the true spiritual rebirth of Man.

Apallo Aquarian


Psychosis, or semi-psychosis, drug induced or not, does not represent such a rebirth. The drawing of Apallo Aquarian, The Slayer of the Python represents a spiritual metaphor for the victory over the addiction showing the individuals victory over him self. The victorious knight in shining armor is the natural and healthy part of the self, or ego. In this metaphor, the dragon represents the addiction malfunction of the central nervous system, through the penetration of the reptilian complex, limbic system, into consciousness. The saved damsel is the soul, which in spiritual concepts is often represented by a young maiden. The ugly Cloak of the Evil Spell, the spatial hemispheric addiction filter, or super-ego (karma), is being laid up by the soul, and removed through biofeedback. The sword then represents the 12-Steps and the shield the 12-Traditions of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). These are also represented by the 12-foundations stones and 12-gates of the “New Jerusalem” in the 21st chapter of the Biblical prophesy in the Book of Revelation.

The author, who had fully recovered six months after stopping his consumption of alcohol and painkillers, has now for the past 23 years been “clean and sober” and been living in “The Utopia of the Future.” The six-month recovery was achieved through the methodology of the 12-Step program of AA, which has since kept him in a constant state of high and free of all emotional swings. Something, for which people pay anything from a small fortune, to their lives, trying to achieve with chemicals and in the process ruin their access to “The Kingdom of Heaven within” or the “Nirvana state of Bliss”.

After the author showed the findings of the QF-theory to some of his friends, one of them begin to speculate what an abandonment of the brain pollution would mean in humanity. His first realization was that if humanity would suddenly stop consuming alcohol and other neuron-inhibitory and excitatory chemicals, without doing something to get rid of their filter, this would mean that all would go insane. Become mad. The other option was that humanity stopped consuming alcohol and other neuron-inhibitory and excitatory chemicals, and would return to natural production of these through the restoration of the Jamais vu (faith) and Déjà vu (compassion) brain faculties. This would result in the collapse of all of Man’s economic and social structures. Economically this would be felt from every corner of the brewing and distilling industry, to every branch of the military industrial complex. In the arena of the social services, this would eventually mean drastic reductions in law enforcement and judicial sectors. The nursing, medical and pharmaceutical establishments would shrink enormously, with psychology and psychiatry, as we know it today, disappearing. The teaching and learning establishments would be self-enhanced. Accidents would be drastically reduced. The dream of “economic shrinking” instead of “economic growth” would become realizable. Humanity would become able to correct the genetic degeneration and gain control over it’s self-generated problems form overeating to over populating.

The author’s friend realized that this list was very long and that it was what the founders of the religions had been aiming for with their teachings. Utopia would be at hand. He and the author realized further that all such speculations represented humanity’s dream for the future of Earth. They also realized on the other hand that the QF-TOE might end up on the bottom of the sea, in a sea level raised by a man-made global warming, as shown on the next page by the artist
Andrew Anenberg.


Can humanity be saved from it-self? Is there an answer to the 1989 question posed by the former US CNN tycoon, Ted Turner, who offered a 500 thousand dollars price for anyone who "find ways out of the abyss which humanity has gotten into, so it may succeed in surviving.” This is still the issue and now we have the US Senator Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. as the prime champion of this difficult task. Here are some of the major experiences he has made on this journey: "I have been trying to tell this story for a long time and I feel as if I have failed to get the message across...... "There are good people who are in politics in both parties, who hold this at arms length, because, if they acknowledge it and recognize it, then the moral imperative to make big changes is inescapable..... Ultimately this is really not a political issue so much as a moral issue. If we allow that to happen, it is deeply un-ethical..... I had such faith in our democratic system, our self government, I actually thought and believed that the story would be compelling enough to cause a real see-change in the way the congress reacted to that issue. I thought they would be startled to. Yet, they were not...... Now we have to use our political processes in our democracy and then decide to act together to solve all those problems, but we have to have a different perspective on this one. It is different from any problem we have ever faced before..... Earth... it is our only home and that is what is at stake. Our ability to live on planet earth, to have a future as a civilization, I believe this is a moral issue. It is your time to phase  this issue. It is our time to rise again to secure our future.... The questions: Are you ready to change the way you live?”

Here the democratic processes may fail us since the election of our governmental representatives is based on their doing what we want, otherwise we don't elect them. In a revision of our ideas of population and economic growth, the democratic system may not function and to change peoples thinking and way of living, it may be totally useless. The issue is thus clearly "to change our thinking", and that no one knows how to accomplish. To change the thinking of a human, the individual will have to want to change his thinking him self and for that, he must know him self. This is thus all about our knowledge of our sub-conscious programming and functions, but the key to that is with the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

As difficult as the comprehension of his visions and the writing about them has turned out to be for the author, that effort is dwarfed in the light of the victory over his terminal neuron-inhibitor addiction. If the undertaking was at first “...sweet in the mouth and sour in the digestion,” the victory over the addiction turned out to be the anticlimax. Initially “...sour in the mouth, then sweet in the digestion.” The author most certainly did not know anything when he came into the world, and to this day, he has no idea of how one should write a book such as this. There are simply no instruction manuals available. In the end he has only had his "inner voice" to guide him as it has bee given to him to perceive that voice.

The author has thus executed the writing of this book with the best of his ability and carried out the instructions of his
"inner voice", or that of his soul- or higher-self will, to the best of his ability. He has thus done what so many others “spiritual experience transcendent state” information receiving individuals before him have done; to pass on to his fellows the information received in their vision experience. How they will regard the information or whether they will be instrumental in having this information taught to humanity, of what ever his fellows then do with the information, is not his concern. That is solely the business of the “collective, cosmic consciousness will” that passed the information to the author in the first place.

                                               May the force be with you. – It is already within you.

"But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets."

                  The Book of Revelation; Chapter 10-7


                         End or fin -
                                - Endorphin.





“The deeper we penetrate and the more extensive and embracing our theories become,the less empirical knowledge is needed to determine those theories.”

                                    Albert Einstein

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which have been used as
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